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Then and Now... It’s that time, once again, to creak open the door to the vault of our Armadillo Archives, blow off the dust, brush away the cobwebs and uncover another photographic treasure from our past. This image hails from an ancient era we like to call “The Eighties” and depicts the Campus Store in its original location (where the Coffee Xchange and Armadillo Room currently reside in the cafeteria). Our heroine in the picture, attired in the latest plaid fashions, appears to be browsing a bountiful supply of pens that range in price from 29-69¢...what carefree living! Notice the antiquated cash register with its lack of laser scanners 58|ARMADILLO ARCHIVES

and network connected credit card-swiper. This was during the time that our institution was known by the moniker “Randolph Technical College.” Fast forward to today where our Campus Store continues to serve our institution with a variety of merchandise, from computers to coffee mugs. In fact, did you know that sales of RCC apparel help fund student scholarships? While much has changed in the decades between this photo and our current cutting-edge, freestanding Campus Store, if we’re truly getting “technical,” then our commitment to community and education is a value we’ll never have to dust off.

Profile for Randolph Community College

Randolph Community College Magazine - Fall 2016  

Randolph Community College Magazine - Fall 2016