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The vessel RAND Boats has created a unique Picnic boat that is true to the company vision: offering innovative, user-friendly and easy to maintain motorboats built and driven with minimum environmental impact. The RAND Picnic introduces a brand new approach to leisure time activity at sea. The elegant 18ft open day-cruiser is an affordable, low-key luxury boat that offers a new way of experiencing social interaction with friends and family, while sailing due to the unique interior design, the high usability, and the electric engine system. The RAND Picnic is sustainably produced in Denmark at RAND Shipyard with the focus of optimizing hydrodynamic efficiency, and optimal environments for pleasurable sailing.

Practical design Through its near-to-the-waterline body, and the spacious flat upper deck, RAND Picnic embodies an easily usable platform for interaction with nature. Unlike most boats, RAND Picnic can be sailed by all regardless of experience, and will provide many hours of joy through easy canal rides, family picnics on the lake, or full-speed sailing up the coast. Free movement is another unique feature that RAND Picnic has uncompromisingly integrated into the interior layout. Boarding and moving around the boat should be easy regardless of age and ability. The unique hull insures an impressively stable boat that makes moving around the full size picnic table an easy task.

Efficient propulsion RAND Boats’ goal of constantly pushing the boundaries within design, technology and sustainability is also found within the Picnic’s wavepiercing hull that is optimized for electric propulsion to achieve better performance, deliver higher speeds and longer battery life. The lightweight hydrodynamic construction makes the ride much more efficient resulting in the Picnic consuming less electricity or gas than traditional motorboat designs. The electric engine and solar power option makes it a silent and ecological sailing experience. There is no gas or fumes, and it’s almost zero cost to operate.


S Cruise speed

Max. speed

Torqeedo Cruise 2.0

08:00 (6 km/h)

02:00 (10 km/h)

Torqeedo Cruise 4.0

10:00 (6 km/h)

01:20 (12 km/h)

Torqeedo Cruise 10.0

20:00 (6 km/h)

01:00 (25 km/h)

Cruise speed

Max. speed

Mercury 9.9 HP

0.6 l (6 km/h)

3.8 l (13 km/h)

Mercury 25 HP

1.0 l (10 km/h)

9.0 l (35 km/h)

Mercury 40 HP

1.5 l (12 km/h)

15.0 l (45 km/h)


Details & options The elegant design is minimalistic with a true Scandinavian feel and has social interaction deeply embedded into its core functionality. Integrated into the aesthetic lines and engaging expression, the RAND Picnic is perfectly suited for on-the-water leisure or dining with a built-in adjustable table and seating for up to 10 people. The table can be lowered to serve as the base for a relaxing sundeck when the table is not in use. The easily accessible bathing platform makes Picnic a great way to take a dip in the sea or a nearby lake. This low maintenance motorboat also provides ease of ownership with its sink-free and self-bailing design.

Ready to board? RAND Picnic can be acquired trough your local dealership or by contacting RAND Boats through the information below. Visit our website to learn more about the RAND Picnic and view our customizable colors and options. We hope your RAND Picnic will provide many joyful and rewarding experiences at sea for yourself, and your dearest.


CE Category:


Maximum load:

900 kg

Maximum crew:

10 persons

Maximum power:

60 HP

Hull length:

535 cm

Hull width:

210 cm


18 cm


390 kg

Engine & battery:

Engine size and battery capacity is adjusted to your personal needs

Starting from â‚Ź 14.999.(excl. VAT)

CONTACT +45 3151 3030

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