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A LETTER FROM OUR PUBLISHER Dear Land Investor, This year marks the publication of our fourth edition of Land Investor. Our goal from the outset was to help landowners maximize the utility and enjoyment of their land and connect potential buyers with their perfect property. Purchasing land is a highly personal decision, as is the stewardship of it. Our brokers and industry experts have written about everything from conservation easements to understanding water and mineral rights, and we hope the publication increases knowledge and provides value and perspective for everyone who reads it. The four pillars Fay Ranches was founded upon 26 years ago remain the same: Family, Conservation, Investment Value, and Sporting Pursuits. While they are all important and at the core of everything we do, there is a reason that family comes first. When I think about my home in Montana, all of my best memories there are with my wife and kids, whether we are fishing, hiking, or just hanging around a fire in the winter. Most of our clients echo the same sentiment, and many of our buyers look, first and foremost, for a place to create great memories with their own families. Our network of properties continues to grow, and we truly broker land from coast to coast. One thing that hasn’t changed since our humble beginnings over a quarter century ago is our adherence to the four pillars, and our effort to treat everyone—from our clients to our colleagues—like family. I hope you enjoy this edition of Land Investor. I appreciate everyone who has worked hard to make this issue the best yet, and I hope you find it informative and valuable. Sincerely,

Gregory W. Fay Broker/Owner Fay Ranches, Inc.

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HOW MUCH SHOULD I ASK? WHO DO I TALK TO? WHAT SHOULD MY STRATEGY BE? By Greg Fay, Broker/Owner, Fay Ranches & Jeff Boswell, Partner/Broker, Republic Ranches


ne of the most challenging aspects of selling your land is knowing how to price it. The process of selling land is more often derailed by poor pricing strategy than any other factor. Pricing land is not an exact science. It is fraught with subjectivity and emotion, and therefore inaccuracy. And by inaccuracy, we mean overpricing. In over 25 years of selling land, we can’t remember ever seeing land that was underpriced. In addition to our own observations, we interviewed several successful land brokers and sellers and asked them for their opinions on the proper process to price land accurately. We also asked their opinions on strategies that most often result in the highest sale price for your land. There was remarkable consistency in the comments we heard from both agents and sellers who had gone through the process of selling land. First and foremost: find an honest, competent and experienced land broker to help you value the land, and listen to them. There is nothing wrong with asking two or three recommended land brokers to provide a valuation. However, most landowners cannot help but fall into the trap of listing their land with the agent that gives them the highest valuation.

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That agent is almost always your worst choice, for a couple of reasons. The most successful agents will provide accurate valuations because they have enough business that they don’t need to ‘buy the listing.’ Those agents invest a substantial amount of time, effort and money into marketing and selling the listing, so it is a waste of everyone’s time, effort and money if the land does not sell. Inflating the recommended list price to get the listing is a common practice amongst real estate agents. Falling into that trap is like hiring the builder who gives you the lowest bid. This strategy almost always turns into a nightmare and ends up costing you more money in the long run. It is extremely difficult for a landowner to turn away the agent that provides the highest valuation. If you can do this, you will sell your ranch for more money. Real estate pricing 101 dictates that your land listing will never have as much interest as it does when you first put it on the market. You can only do this once. If you don’t take full advantage of this initial offering period, you will likely have a long road ahead of you, and will ultimately sell your land for less money than if you had priced it accurately from the start.

For land, this initial offer period is the first year the ranch is listed. If you haven’t sold your land once it is over, you will inevitably enter a period of price reductions (if you still want to sell). During the first year your land is listed and is new to the market, you have leverage as a seller if you have priced the land correctly. Potential buyers will believe that they will have competition for buying your ranch. Further, buyers of ranches can fall in love with a place and let emotion help the seller keep the price up. If they never come to see the ranch in the first place because it was overpriced, that opportunity is lost. If you have not correctly priced the ranch from the beginning, you may never have such leverage again, and it is the eventual buyer who will. At some point, your land will reach a price point at which the market decides it is a value. At this point, you will likely only have one interested party, because you’re not getting many showings. That potential buyer will low ball you. If you’re not interested in selling at their price, they’ll just back off and wait, because time is on their side. You don’t get a ‘do over.’ You’ll never get another chance to introduce your land to the market. You can change the name of the listing, change companies, but the market knows. This scenario plays itself out over and over in the land market. We know several sellers who would love to go back in time and price their land accurately right out of the gate. Part of the reason land so often ends up overpriced is that most landowners (including us) feel that their land is the best land there is. And for them, it is. Land is a very personal and emotional asset for many people. Every landowner can tell you why his/her land is better than his/her neighbors’ land. This is what makes land wonderful, but it is also what skews our perception of value when it comes time to sell. If you find yourself overpriced, one of the most common and weakest selling strategies a seller can have is refusing to lower the price but saying they will consider all offers. Many times, these are otherwise accomplished businessmen and women who think this strategy is somehow in their best interest. But instead, they’ve just taken away any leverage they may have had. You are always better off lowering the price and generating interest. The ranch market has changed substantially over the past 15 years. Land investors have more market information available to them and have become much more educated and, consequently, the need for accurate pricing has become more important.

The bottom line: if your goal is to sell your land for the most money possible, you must put your emotions aside, and get advice from knowledgeable land agents. Resist listing with the company that may be providing an inflated value just to get the listing, and price your land accurately from the outset to take advantage of the leverage you have as a seller during the first few months you have it on the market. It will work out much better in the long run.

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MONTANA “I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.” - John Steinbeck,


Travels with Charley: In Search of America

Date Designated as a State: Nov 8, 1889 Nickname: The Treasure State, The Big Sky State, The Last Best Place Size: 147,000± square miles

Stats are approximates only.

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BIG TIMBER, MT • 5,556± ACRES • $16,900,000

Located along 3.5± miles of the Yellowstone River, one of the world’s greatest fly fishing rivers, is the Engwis Ranch. Positioned conveniently between the towns of Livingston and Big Timber, the ranch’s 5,556± diversified acres have been managed meticulously for 37 years, enhancing wildlife and range productivity. From its northern boundary, the ranch feathers down toward the Yellowstone River. Multiple coulées and drainages lined with cottonwood, aspen and willow trees serve as excellent wildlife corridors. As the ranch drops in elevation the lush rolling grasslands and meadows splinter into productive pivot-irrigated fields. The ranch is surrounded by “Big Sky” views in all directions, with the Gallatin Mountains to the west, the Absaroka/Beartooth range to the south and Crazy Mountains to the north.


AVON, MT • 9,818± ACRES • $14,900,000

Little Valley Ranch is a historic mountain ranch in Western Montana. Located in the scenic Avon Valley, about 50 miles from Helena, the core of the ranch’s 9,818± deeded acres is comprised of mountain meadows and timbered hills. The majority of the ranch’s 6,873± leased acres reach higher elevations in the Garnet Range in the west. Strickland Creek and Davis Creek water the ranch’s wildlife and livestock. With a resident elk herd that numbers several hundred during the fall, Little Valley is a dream for the sportsman. The ranch facilities are functional and updated, and good stewardship demonstrated by the condition of the range and timber resources. Little Valley is picturesque, lush, productive and loaded with wildlife. The contiguous Garrison Mountain Ranch is also for sale.

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HAMILTON, MT • 662± ACRES • $9,600,000

The Bitterroot River Valley Ranch is an exceptional 662± acre ranch situated on the banks of the Bitterroot River, offering boundless recreational opportunities as well as close proximity to amenities of downtown Hamilton. The property features irrigated pastures that slope toward the river bottom with ponderosa pines and deciduous trees along the river. Healthy populations of elk, deer, pheasant, quail, turkey, waterfowl, and other wildlife are abundant. As the mornings become crisp in the autumn, mother nature displays an impressive palette of colors, and at twilight it is common to hear the majestic bugle of a bull elk in rut. The river bottom is very secluded and private, almost like being in a different world away from civilization.


BIG SKY, MT • 1± ACRES • $5,950,000

Diamond Hitch Ski Chalet is one of the finest private homes in the Big Sky/ Moonlight Basin area. This is where you will find one of “America’s Biggest Skiing” areas right out your back door. Completed in the Summer of 2017, this spectacular slope-side 7,211± SF home sits right on the ski trail. Sitting on a little over an acre located in the heart of Moonlight Basin, this cozy new mountain modern lodge with exceptional ski-in/ski-out access to both Big Sky and Moonlight Basin is a rare find. This tasteful chalet is the ideal place to spend time with a large family or friends. Offered fully-furnished ‘turn-key’, this home makes for a wonderful vacation home or rental property for all seasons!

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BIG TIMBER, MT • 1,560± ACRES • $6,950,000

Located along 1.4± miles of the famed Yellowstone River is the Mountain Views Ranch. Perched on the northern side of the valley the ranch enjoys total seclusion and privacy while being conveniently positioned between the towns of Livingston and Big Timber. The level of detail and pride that has gone into this ranch cannot go unnoticed; the ranch’s 1,560± diversified acres have been managed meticulously for the past 37 years, enhancing both wildlife and range productivity.


BIG TIMBER, MT • 1,261± ACRES • $8,500,000

The ranch is one of those rare properties that combines fine architecture, wildlife, agriculture, and aquatic features, creating a setting like none other. Positioned along the banks of Big Timber Creek with the snow-capped peaks of the Crazy Mountains to the west and the Absarokee Mountains looming to the south the views are powerful and act as your backdrop throughout the ranch. The ranch offers 1,261± diverse acres with excellent trout fisheries, upland bird hunting and big game hunting. The ranch also has one of the rarest of amenities for a western ranch, an amazing 3,800± square foot modern masterpiece surrounded by four spring-fed ponds and the creek.

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BOZEMAN, MT • 735± ACRES • $10,294,895

Bridger Shadows Farm is a beautiful 735± acre ranch that has been in the same family operation since the early 1940s. The Bridger Mountains provide a stunning melodic backdrop with 360-degree views of the entire Gallatin Valley. Located just 5± miles north of Bozeman in the productive and striking landscape of Montana’s Gallatin Valley, this property offers endless possibilities to the new owner, including exquisite hunting, ranching and farming, equestrian possibilities, cross-country skiing, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, hiking and land development or conservation easement potential. Within minutes of downtown Bozeman and Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport and a short 15± minute drive to Bridger Bowl Ski Area, this historically agricultural area is a rare find.


BOZEMAN, MT • 443± ACRES • $7,750,000

Positioned at the base of the Bridger Mountains, the property sprawls from the forest covered hills and contiguous forest service lands down to lush, productive meadows with mountain streams laden with aspen groves. Numerous building pockets are perfectly positioned to take in the mountains above or the valley below. Wildlife abounds with an elk herd that frequents this ranch along with whitetail, mule deer, pheasant, turkey as well as a variety of other alpine inhabitants.

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BOZEMAN, MT • 894± ACRES • $6,700,000

The Aspen Canyon Ranch consists of five parcels totaling 894± acres, located in the Trail Creek area, placing it between Bozeman and the Paradise Valley. With amazing views of the Absaroka/Beartooth Mountains to the east and Chimney Rock and the Gallatin Mountains to the south, the serenity and privacy radiates throughout the property. Rolling grass hills and pastures give way to aspen- and willow-lined draws which lead up to timber-covered mountains. The property is full of wildlife including elk, moose, whitetail and mule deer, turkey, bear and many other species common to the area. The road system that accesses most of the ranch proves to be a major asset, leading to many powerful building sites. Due to the size and location of the ranch, possibilities for the property are endless.


MISSOULA, MT • 8,013± ACRES • $5,700,000

This large, contiguous tract of land is located in the foothills of the Bitterroot Mountains along the western fringe of Missoula, Montana. The Wild Horse Mountain Ranch would make a great property for a recreational retreat or possibly a year-round residence, and the land has conservation easement potential. Highlights include live water flowing through varying terrain with beautiful views and adjacency to US Forest Service lands. Numerous riparian corridors enhance the ranch and quality wildlife habitat abounds. Wild Horse’s location just west of Missoula offers a unique opportunity for large parcel ownership with excellent proximity to urban amenities.

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ALDER, MT • 317± ACRES • $5,800,000

This scenic ranch located along the tailwater stretch of the Ruby River offers incredible fishing, a productive agricultural operation and a blank canvas to build your dream home. The ranch is one of the few remaining properties on the Ruby River that does not have an existing conservation easement. The ranch owns .5± miles of both sides of the Ruby and an additional mile of one side providing a total of 1.5± miles of angling. The Ruby is widely-considered one of the finest wild trout fisheries in the United States.


EMIGRANT, MT • 1,345± ACRES • $5,400,000

Located along the banks of one of Montana’s greatest fly fishing rivers for over 1± mile, the Yellowstone River Ranch is conveniently placed midway between Yellowstone National Park and the town of Livingston. The property consists of 1,345± diversified acres and is one of the last large ranches left in the valley. As the name suggests, the Yellowstone River forms the western boundary for over 1± mile providing excellent access. The rolling bluffs above the river provide the largest of ‘big sky’ views with the Gallatin Mountains to the West and the Absaroka Beartooths to the East and glimpses of the Crazy Mountain range to the North.

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CHOTEAU, MT • 6,799± ACRES • $4,975,000

Few places are blessed with the natural beauty, diverse ecological resources and cultural and historical significance of the Blackleaf Cattle Company. A masterpiece of nature, the ranch cascades from the top of the magnificent Rocky Mountain Front towards the expansive grasslands to the east. The ranch is a fantasy land of ponds, streams, wildflowers, prairie and towering mountain faces, offering the broadest range of outdoor recreation. The neighboring Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex and Blackleaf Wildlife Management Area, coupled with extensive preservation efforts along the Rocky Mountain Front, preserve much of the area from future sale or development. The ranch’s history of plant-eating dinosaurs, nomadic Mongols, Blackfoot lore and multi-generational ownership contribute to its distinction as one of Montana’s finest legacy ranches.


ALDER, MT • 292± ACRES • $2,150,000

The Ruby Valley Vista is just 5± miles from the quaint Montana town of Alder, in the famed Ruby River Valley. Nestled against the Ruby Mountains, within the rarest assemblage of 292± deeded acres of rolling meadows and mature trees bordering State and BLM land, it offers the ultimate retreat for those seeking privacy and scenic beauty. Towering above it are the Ruby Mountains to the west, the stunning Tobacco Roots over the Ruby River and valley floor to the east and the Gravelly’s to the south. Less than 3.5 miles from the residence, the Ruby River is a treasure, offering challenging fishing and serenity. The ranch is the quintessential getaway, perfectly complemented by an architect-designed 4,389± SF, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home, built with incredible detail and awe-inspiring views.


ENNIS, MT • 95± ACRES • $4,950,000

Nestled against the Madison Range and sitting 750± feet above the Madison River Valley floor is the Shedhorn Ranch, boasting 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains and Madison River Valley. The ranch encompasses 95± majestic acres and a stunning 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 7,500± SF custom-built log home. It is located 15± minutes from Ennis. Fish the small on-property stream of Jack Creek, or drive under 10 minutes to the Madison River. The ranch has private access up Jack Creek road to Big Sky Resort, Spanish Peaks Resort and the Yellowstone Club. The property is only 19± miles from the Six Shooter lift and the Nicklaus Signature Golf Course at Moonlight Basin/Big Sky. It has grassy cover and mature trees, creating an excellent habitat for wildlife. This is a rare opportunity to own a gorgeous property with staggering Madison Valley views.

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BOZEMAN, MT • 53± ACRES • $3,895,000

The Preserve at Bridger Creek Ranch blends luxury and privacy to create a spectacular recreation-oriented property. Improvements include a 4564± SF custom home with 3 bedrooms, an office and 2.5 bathrooms, barn and separate caretaker’s quarters above a standalone 2-car oversized garage. It is situated on 53± acres of sun-drenched recreational paradise with exquisite Bridger Mountains, Bozeman’s Gallatin Valley and Spanish Peaks views. It is in one of the most coveted areas in the Gallatin Valley area, Bridger Canyon, under 10 minutes to the amenities Bozeman affords, and just 10 miles from Bridger Bowl Ski Area. It is also convenient to US National Forest, home to abundant elk and other wildlife. Even when compared to other Bridger Canyon properties, The Preserve at Bridger Creek Ranch is unmatched.


DEER LODGE, MT • 1,200± ACRES • $2,950,000

The Winter Range Ranch is between the Flint, Garnet, and the John Long Mountain Ranges. It is currently managed as a cow/calf operation. One mile of the Little Blackfoot River delineates the northern boundary and offers great fishing opportunities for brown and rainbow trout. The ground along the river is lush and flood-irrigated, producing quality grass hay. Water is diverted upstream on the Little Blackfoot River and flows via irrigation ditches onto the property. The terrain on the upper bench has rolling grassy hills with patches of timber creating a great habitat for ungulates. Whether you’re enjoying a hike, horseback ride, hunting, or fishing one of the trout streams in the area, you’ll find yourself in paradise and will quickly realize why you’ve chosen to live in Montana.


CAMERON, MT • 20± ACRES • $995,000

Nestled over 400 feet above the clear waters of Wade Lake sits the Wade Lake Overlook. The 360-degree views of the surrounding mountain ranges and Madison River Valley are breathtaking. The retreat encompasses 20± acres and includes a two-year old 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1,500± SF custom-built home. Drive less than five minutes to the famous Madison River and fish from a very private 55± acre common area park that boasts 5± miles of private water within Madison River Ranches. Hikes, excellent hunting, horseback riding, wildlife viewing and other recreational pursuits abound, as the property borders the largest National Forest in Montana which connects to over 2 million acres of Yellowstone National Park. This is a rare opportunity to own a gorgeous piece of land and spectacular custom home.

YELLOWSTONE BASIN RANCH WEST YELLOWSTONE, MT • 294± ACRES • $3,990,000 The Yellowstone Basin Ranch is less than ten minutes from West Yellowstone, Montana. The ranch is the first private land upstream from Hebgen Lake on the South Fork of the Madison River and is adjacent to the two million acre Custer-Gallatin National Forest. One paved road separates the ranch from Yellowstone, and wildlife pass back and forth, making this 294± ranch its own private version of Yellowstone National Park. On property, two springfed reservoirs totaling 8.5± surface acres, 4.4± miles of Denny and Ditch Creeks, and 1.4± miles of the South Fork of the Madison River are perfect for fishing and watersports. The ranch also offers a variety of winter activities. The property is teeming with wildlife such as elk, moose, antelope, mule and whitetail deer, bears, eagles, wolves, and waterfowl.

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BELGRADE, MT • 126± ACRES • $975,000

This private farm currently sits in four parcels offering outstanding building sites overlooking the Gallatin Valley and surrounding mountain ranges. There are great opportunities for big game and upland bird hunting, as well as cross country skiing, evening strolls, and quiet relaxation, all within close proximity to Bozeman, Montana.


PLAINS, MT • 393± ACRES • $1,649,000

A true Western Montana riverfront retreat property with privacy and seclusion, easy access, and proximity to the charming western Montana mountain community of Plains. Adjacent to the Clark Fork River and surrounded by literally hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest lands this property would serve as an ideal home base for a wide variety of unlimited recreational pursuits. This retreat is a desirable location with a little over an hour drive to both Missoula and Kalispell for major services, commercial airports, shopping and more.


LIVINGSTON, MT • 120± ACRES • $1,200,000

The Shields River Ranch is an approximate 120± acre, idyllic river bottom ranch with towering cottonwood trees, dense riparian habitat, beautiful hay meadows and spring fed sloughs, nestled along the banks of the Shields River with frontage on both sides of the river for .6± mile and an additional 4± miles of one side. The new owner could be fly fishing for wild rainbow or brown trout in the afternoon and within minutes, be sitting down to a gourmet meal at one of the many wonderful restaurants in Livingston or Bozeman, Montana. Shields River Ranch is a synergy of recreation, agriculture, beauty, and convenience.


LIVINGSTON, MT • 514± ACRES • $2,500,000

The Visions West Ranch consists of 514± acres and is conveniently located between Bozeman and Livingston, Montana. The ranch offers commanding views of four surrounding mountain ranges while providing diverse topography and native vegetation for wildlife. It’s common to see elk and deer throughout the ranch’s timber covered hillsides and meadows. The property has dramatic changes in elevation, ranging 650 feet from the lowest to highest point, rising and falling through stands of trees, wildflower meadows, natural springs and rolling grassy hills. Ideal for a hunting retreat, conservation easement, family compound or development. The protected, private setting makes it an ideal wintering ground for herds of elk that gather each season. Licenses are available over the counter for elk and deer, ensuring the owner’s ability to hunt with family and friends.

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MCLEOD, MT • 20± ACRES • $2,399,000

This beautiful home lies in the West Boulder Reserve, a pristine environment offering a 1,300± acre ranch community that features 2.5± miles of both sides of the West Boulder River and access to the adjoining National Forest and the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area. The West Boulder River Valley, where this classic freestone stream descends from the majestic Absaroka Mountains, is considered one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in Montana. The Angling Retreat is sited across the river, gazing at the snow-capped peaks of the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountain range. In this natural landscape, just 35± minutes from Livingston, Montana and 45± minutes from the quaint town of Big Timber, Montana, grand adventure awaits your family, friends and of course, your fly rod.


LOMA, MT • 203± ACRES • $750,000

The Teton River Retreat consists of 203± acres of lush riparian bottom. Approximately a half mile of the Teton River runs through the property and the Missouri and Marias Rivers are just a short walk away. An additional 160± acre BLM lease combines the total acreage to 363± and adjoins an additional 5,000± BLM non-motorized acres, providing miles of country to roam. White-tailed deer, mule deer, antelope, upland birds and waterfowl call the area home. The comfortable two bedroom off-grid home is in the middle of the retreat and is a perfect vacation rental for summer and fall guests visiting the area. The ranch has a very private setting, with beautiful views of the Highwood and Bears Paw Mountains and the surrounding canyons and foothills on the ranch.


RED LODGE, MT • 30± ACRES • $869,000

3 Creeks Retreat consists of approximately 30± acres and is strategically located just 5± minutes from the quaint Montana town of Red Lodge. In addition to being within minutes of town and the Red Lodge Ski Area, the property boasts end of the road privacy and incredible views of the Beartooth Mountains. A trifecta of live water flows through the property, and there is also a large pond that is full of wild and reproducing trout. This property is also set up as the perfect horse ranch, with all of the infrastructure needed to be the perfect property to ride, relax and enjoy.


GLEN, MT • 382± ACRES • $1,700,000

The Big Hole Vistas Ranch on the Big Hole River consists of 382± acres and is legendary for its fishing, especially the salmon fly hatch that occurs each June. This incredible ranch is located on the river between Glen and the “Notch” fishing access and offers incredible views of the surrounding mountain ranges and the Big Hole River. The diverse landscape includes lush river bottom with approximately 1± miles of river frontage and side channels, as well as rolling hills and draws. The Big Hole Vistas Ranch provides privacy and room to roam in a location that is easily accessed by paved road, yet has few lights to dim the stars at night. The ranch is only 20 minutes from the university town of Dillon, Montana and 45 minutes to a commercial airport.

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LIVINGSTON, MT • 152± ACRES • $1,450,000

Elk Haven Ranch, just 25± miles from the historic town of Bozeman and 8.5± miles from beautiful downtown Livingston, consists of 152± unencumbered acres and has been surveyed into seven 20-24± acre parcels, providing a future owner with many options, including a conservation easement. This private yet convenient location offers diverse topography, privacy and spectacular views. The amount of elk that gather on the property each season is a sight to see. The ranch offers stunning views of several surrounding mountain ranges, along with diverse topography that ranges from dense covered coulees with standing trees to rolling grassy hillsides with wildflower meadows and two natural springs.


BIG TIMBER, MT • 40± ACRES • $1,250,000

The Boulder River Valley is one of the most sought-after areas in the Northwest. Closely held and rarely available, the Boulder Riverfront Homestead provides an opportunity to live in one of Montana’s most beautiful and scenic river valleys. Bordering the Boulder River for .25± miles and encompassing almost 40± riverfront acres, the Boulder River Homestead includes a remodeled home built around the original homestead cabin with well-maintained historical improvements including barns, outbuildings and corrals. Located just 9± miles south of Big Timber, Montana and with easy year-round access, this secluded Boulder River Frontage is a wildlife epicenter with excellent fishing opportunities.


PHILIPSBURG, MT • 146± ACRES • $2,500,000

146± deeded acres and accommodates up to 60 guests. The property has the potential to be a fabulous private estate, lodge, outfitter destination, corporate retreat, or bed and breakfast as it is an expansive campus of cabins, homes, entertainment venues, and a commercial kitchen/dining/bar combo. The property is move-in ready for horses, with barns and large, irrigated pastures. The original homestead is a 1900s log cabin on the edge of the meadow overlooking the creek. Nestled between the Pintler, Flint, and Sapphire Mountain Ranges, this gem is surrounded by public land and is located 25± miles from the small town of Philipsburg. There are multiple sources of live water on the ranch, and the Middle Fork of Rock Creek meanders through it, offering excellent fishing.


POLSON, MT • 80± ACRES • $1,999,000

Fare Thee Well Farm is a historic farm located in secluded Finley Point. This special property boasts 80± acres along the eastern shores of Flathead Lake. The wildlife zone along the lake lures waterfowl year-round. A 2010 custom home with great craftsmanship sits on the upper bench overlooking the lake. Animal lovers will appreciate the barn with five stalls, fenced horse runs, heated water troughs, hay storage and deck with views of the lake. The barn has an insulated and wired second story. It could be easily converted into an office. This property is made up of two parcels and has plenty of incredible building sites for additional residences, all of which have views of the lake.

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BELGRADE, MT • 190± ACRES • $1,520,000

The Ranch at Dry Creek is tucked away in a private setting in the northern Gallatin Valley in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains. The views from the property are stunning. The Bridger Mountains loom to the northeast encompassing an expansive view of the lights of Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley, the Spanish Peaks rise to the south and the Tobacco Root mountains to the west. Take in the views from this 190± acre ranch that is within proximity to one of the most celebrated small towns in the western United States; Bozeman, Montana.


DILLON, MT • 241± ACRES • $2,650,000

The Mussard Ranch on the Beaverhead River provides all the ingredients our customers look for in a recreational property. It has frontage on one of the finest trophy trout streams in the world, good water rights with irrigated ground, spring-fed wetland, mountain views, and proximity to a nice town. We are seeing fewer and fewer of these properties for sale each year and, indeed, we are not aware of any that have all the attributes of the Mussard Ranch.


ENNIS, MT • 102± ACRES • $2,890,000

The O’Dell Spring Creek Saunders Ranch lies within Montana’s Madison River Valley, which is recognized for its trout fishing and comprises hundreds of miles of some of the finest dry fly water in the country. The ranch is just minutes from the quaint town of Ennis and is surrounded by beautiful views of the Madison Range to the east, the Gravelly Mountains to the south and Tobacco Roots to the west. The property consists of 98± acres and has 1± mile of both sides of O’Dell Spring Creek, as well as .45± miles of Bear Creek, both world-class fisheries known for productive trout waters, mild temperatures, and series of riffles and pools. The property is directly adjacent to the west with state land that leads directly to the Madison River.


BIG TIMBER, MT • 840± ACRES • $2,000,000

Located minutes from Big Timber and the Yellowstone River and totaling 840± acres with 640± acres positioned conveniently north of Big Timber while another 200± acres is located 20 minutes to the east along the Yellowstone River. The Otter Creek parcel provides 2.3± miles of Otter Creek, 140± acres of irrigated ground, and multiple draws leading into the rolling hills on the ranch. The multiple coulées and drainages are lined with juniper, sage brush, and willow trees which serve as excellent wildlife corridors. As the ranch drops in elevation the rolling grasslands and meadows splinter into productive flood irrigated fields, then onward to the riparian zone along the creek teeming with a multitude of birds, deer, and antelope. Offering also includes 200± acres located 20± minutes to the east on the Yellowstone River near Reed Point.

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BELGRADE, MT • 115± ACRES • $1,650,000

Nestled in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains with Ross Peak serving as the backdrop, the Springhill 115± acres consists of two parcels being sold together. The larger parcel consists of approximately 95 acres and is protected with a conservation easement, while the other parcel consists of 20± acres, providing outstanding building sites. This property is part of the historic farming community of Springhill located in the Gallatin Valley. The rural, private location of the property lends itself to a slower, relaxed pace, yet also provides easy access to Bozeman via a short 20± minute drive over wellmaintained county roads. In addition to Bozeman being right down the road, the property also enjoys easy access to the National Forest Service which is less than a mile up the road.


THREE FORKS, MT • 779± ACRES • $2,499,000

The Three Rivers Rod & Gun Club is located in Three Forks, Montana and lies along the west bank of the Madison River within the least-developed river valley within 30± miles of Bozeman. The ranch varies from thick cottonwood galleries along the river corridor to sub-irrigated meadows with meandering creeks. The views are equally diverse and dramatic with the Bridgers to the east and the Spanish Peaks and the Tobacco Root Mountains to the south and southwest. Due to the plethora of water amenities and lack of development, wildlife like waterfowl and other migratory birds such as ducks and geese thrive in the lower Madison Valley, making this an optimal location for hunting.


BOZEMAN, MT • 161± ACRES • $2,100,000

The Trail Creek Ranch consists of 161± acres and is located at the top of the Trail Creek Pass, placing it 16± miles from Bozeman and the 24± miles to Livingston and the Paradise Valley. Mature aspen groves and pine covered hills make up the landscape before giving way to lush meadows. The perfect building site offers amazing views of the Absaroka/Beartooth Mountains to the east and Chimney Rock and the Gallatin Mountains to the south – the serenity and privacy radiates throughout the property. The property is full of wildlife including elk, moose, whitetail and mule deer, turkey, bear, and many other species common to the area. The property is easily accessed off a county road and has power run to the building site.


BOZEMAN, MT • 161± ACRES • $2,000,000

The Trail Creek Ranch consists of 161± acres and is located at the top of the Trail Creek Pass, placing it 16± miles from Bozeman and 24± miles to Livingston and the Paradise Valley. Beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges and multiple species of wildlife including elk, deer, moose, and bear call the property home. The diverse topography and vegetation offers many private building sites which take advantage of the natural surroundings. The property is easily accessed off a county road and has power run to the building site. Privacy and proximity to town make this offering desirable.

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BOZEMAN, MT • 240± ACRES • $3,540,000

Aspen Draw at Bridger Shadows Farm is a beautiful 240± acre property in the Gallatin Valley. Numerous building pockets are perfectly sited to take in the mountains above or valley below. The Bridger Mountains provide a stunning backdrop with 360-degree Gallatin Valley views. Located 5± miles north of Bozeman, this property offers endless possibilities, including hunting, ranching/farming, riding, cross-country skiing, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, and hiking. This historically agricultural area is also known for good pheasant, Hungarian partridge and deer hunting. This property boasts rolling grassland and fields currently raising wheat and barley. There is a beautiful draw of heavy brush with a spring providing small pools of water for livestock and wild game. The terrain offers many possibilities for secluded, rural living.


BOZEMAN, MT • 308± ACRES • $4,241,600

Valley Views at Bridger Shadows Farm is a stunning 308± acre parcel near the base of the Bridger Mountain Range, minutes from downtown Bozeman. The Bridger Mountains provide a stunning backdrop with 360-degree views of the Gallatin Valley. This property offers endless possibilities, including hunting, ranching/farming, riding, cross-country skiing, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, hiking and land development or conservation easement potential. Within minutes of Bozeman’s Airport and a short drive to Bridger Bowl Ski area, this historically agricultural area is also known for pheasant, Hungarian partridge, deer and occasional elk hunting.


BOZEMAN, MT • 186± ACRES • $2,513,295

Lookout Point at Bridger Shadows Farm is 186± acres configured in five contiguous separate parcels. Two of the parcels (78 acres) are zoned Agricultural Suburban while the rest of the farm is unzoned. You can’t beat the location, minutes from downtown Bozeman. The Bridger Mountains provide a stunning backdrop with 360-degree views of the Gallatin Valley. Located just 5± miles north of Bozeman, this property offers endless possibilities, including hunting, ranching, farming, riding, cross-country skiing, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, hiking and land development or conservation easement potential. This historically agricultural area is known for good pheasant, Hungarian partridge and deer hunting.


DARBY, MT • 11± ACRES • $779,999

Situated on the banks of the Bitterroot River, this retreat offers amazing views, incredible fishing, and a wildlife observation point, all from the private deck. Approximately 11± acres, this property provides those weary of city living with a chance to escape and step back into nature for a weekend, vacation, or full-time living. Swaths of irrigated, green pastureland blend with stands of ponderosa pine along the stream, transitioning gradually into a vibrant riparian corridor created by the Bitterroot River. Gazing across the river from the deck, one can see the Triple Creek Ranch; thousands of acres of lush wildlife habitat that attract wildlife, namely moose, elk, deer, bear, and waterfowl. Looking west, the grand Selway-Bitterroot mountain ranges beckon to outdoor enthusiasts with endless recreational opportunities.

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MANHATTAN, MT • 390± ACRES • $3,995,000

Strategically located 25± minutes from downtown Bozeman and only an 8± minute drive to the Interstate 90 interchange, the Spaulding Brook Farm offers 390± lush acres and incredible views of five mountain ranges including the dominating Bridger Mountains to the east. The property includes a 100± acre pivot, lush sub-irrigated hay fields, two large ponds, and potential to develop more aquatic resources into productive wetlands or potentially fish ponds. Any aquatic improvements would be excellent habitat for the ducks, geese, and other migratory shorebirds that routinely fly through the valley each fall. The property is also home to pheasants and whitetail deer. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of ground with some of the most dramatic views in the valley. A country setting yet still close to all the amenities of Bozeman.


NYE, MT • 11± ACRES • $1,350,000

Enjoy some of the best fishing and the best views that the Stillwater River has to offer. Situated on 11± acres encompassing both sides of the Stillwater River near the small town of Nye, you will find the Castle Rock Fishing retreat. The magnificent 4,400 square foot log home was featured on the cover of Log Home Illustrated Magazine in the February/March issue of 1996. Bordering over 650± acres of public land turns this fishing retreat into a year-round recreational playground.


LIVINGSTON, MT • 238± ACRES • $1,799,000

The 238± acres encompassing Red Star Ranch include beautiful changes in topography and vegetation along with the confluence of two year-round fisheries: Trail Creek and Pine Creek. To the north and south you have spectacular views of the Gallatin Mountains, with views of the stunning Paradise Valley to the south and east. All these amazing transitions make for not only appealing viewsheds but also cover, travel corridors and access to food and water, which entices multiple species of wildlife. Red Star Ranch has excellent big game hunting for elk, deer, black bear and mountain lion. Simply put, this much variety packed into only 238± acres is exceptional.


OVANDO, MT • 20± ACRES • $899,000

The Blackfoot River Retreat is a beautiful property situated in a true Montana landscape. Whether you’re enjoying a late afternoon hike, an extended horseback ride, an evening of hunting, or fishing the early morning hours on any one of the many trout streams in the area, you’ll find yourself in absolute paradise on this property. No matter how you choose to enjoy these wideopen spaces and inspiring panoramic views, you’ll soon realize why you’ve chosen to live in Montana.

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PHILIPSBURG, MT • 10± ACRES • $849,000

The Rock Creek Fishing Lodge offers a rare opportunity to own 10± acres and a well-appointed home situated on the Upper Rock Creek. Tucked away along the Lost Horse Creek Drainage, this lodge offers fantastic fishing, wildlife observation, plus access to almost unlimited recreational activities year around. Known as a blue-ribbon trout fishery and excellent habitat for bull, brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout, this particular stream and section of Montana are truly special.


HAMILTON, MT • 320± ACRES • $999,000

Situated in the rolling mountains just east of Hamilton is a 320± acre parcel of land that will exceed your expectations. Incredible views of the Bitterroot Mountains and the valley and panoramic vistas to the east, west, north and south make this a very special property. Multiple springs dot the hillside and provide greenery well into the hot summer months. Large deer and elk herds roam these hills throughout the fall, winter, and spring months.


FISHTAIL, MT • 205± ACRES • $750,000

Beartooth Mountain Meadows Ranch is positioned with the breathtaking Beartooth Mountains visible from most vantage points on the ranch. The mountains are especially striking as they feature Granite Peak, which at 12,799 feet is the highest peak in the State of Montana! Capped with snow, the Beartooth Mountains create a memorable backdrop and the ranch features many ideal locations for the construction of a cabin or home to enjoy ultimate privacy and spectacular surroundings close to the quaint community of Fishtail, Montana.


HALL, MT • 580± ACRES • $1,455,000

Gird Creek Retreat is a Montana compound with a private trail system that traverses across the property. The awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains are breathtaking and often stop visitors in their tracks. The only sounds that can be heard from the cabin home are those of nature: the breeze through the aspens, the chirping of birds, and distant call of a cow to her calf. The scenery provides a perfect backdrop for someone in search of an idyllic Montana retreat to get away from it all. It is unique in that it has been enjoyed as a year-round residence but beckons those looking for the most remote property as it offers scenery and privacy, typically found at only the most remote of properties available on the market.

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DRUMMOND, MT • 638± ACRES • $861,000

The Edwards Gulch Ranch is located just minutes from the agricultural and ranching town of Drummond, Montana. With beautiful Flint Creek Valley views, easy year-round access and power to the property, this ranch is an ideal location to construct a full time residence or recreational cabin. Edwards Gulch runs through the eastern portion of the ranch providing consistent water for cattle and wildlife alike. Adjacent to a section of State Land located off the northeast corner of the property and surrounded by larger ranches the area supports a healthy big game population including both elk and deer.


ETHRIDGE, MT • 1,469± ACRES • $3,420,000

North Marias Farm in Ethridge, Montana features productive farmland and is positioned between the agricultural communities of Cut Bank and Shelby. The farm is located in the region just south of the Canadian border graced with prairies, productive wheat fields, and an abundance of wildlife including whitetail and mule deer plus upland game birds, migratory birds and pheasants. Nearby Glacier National Park is also home to a variety of wildlife, with over 70 species of mammals and 270 species of birds. Heading west from the farm, the Rocky Mountain Front rises abruptly where the mountains meet the prairies. The farm has also become known for its value in energy production with windmill towers located on the farm, creating an intriguing opportunity for an investment-minded buyer.


HARLOWTON, MT • 640± ACRES • $2,608,000

The Cross Six Ranch, located approximately 4± miles northwest of Martinsdale, Montana, is nestled in the valley between the Crazies, Castles and Little Belt Mountains. The North Fork of the Musselshell River flows through the ranch for 1.3± miles and provides a private fishery as well as water for stock and irrigation. The additional section of pasture available to the north provides more opportunity for productivity. The property provides upland bird, waterfowl and deer hunting, with additional fishing, hunting and snowmobiling opportunities minutes from the property in the National Forest. With paved access just 25± miles east to Harlowton or 30± miles west to White Sulphur Springs and three of Montana’s hub cities within a few hours drive, the ranch offers a getaway in the midst of a largely unaltered western ranching community.


HUSON, MT • 620± ACRES • $1,750,000

This beautiful and secluded 620± acre ranch is situated in the upper reaches of the Ninemile Valley. It offers year-round, live water from Pine Creek, and it backs up to the Lolo National Forest. Located roughly an hour from Missoula, Montana, the Last Chance Ranch could be the perfect location for a year-round residence or weekend retreat. There are minimal improvements and the land is ready for a custom home. Mature pine forests engulf much of the foothills, providing excellent cover for wildlife, including elk, mule deer, whitetails, moose, bear, lions, and wolves. There is a great sense of privacy on this ranch and yet there is easy access to urban amenities found in the great city of Missoula.

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GARRISON, MT • 2,930± ACRES • $3,635,000

The Garrison Mountain Ranch is situated in the rolling foothills of the East Garnet Range in the Brock Creek and Warm Springs drainages, overlooking Deer Lodge Valley. The entire ranch encompasses 2,930± deeded acres and an additional 2,029± acres of leased lands. The grassy hillsides, ridges, and timbered draws with intermittent riparian habitat define the ranch. The elevation of this country ranges from 5000’ to 7000’ feet, providing ideal habitat for elk, whitetail, mule deer, moose, and antelope. There are spectacular views of the Flint Range. While just an hour from the university town of Missoula, Montana, the ranch provides a remote and tranquil setting. It has close proximity to some of the best fly fishing waters in the country including the Clark Fork River, the Big Blackfoot, and Rock Creek. The contiguous Little Valley Ranch is also for sale.


GARRISON, MT • 1,570± ACRES • $1,885,000

Brock Creek at Garrison Mountain is situated in the rolling foothills of the East Garnet Range overlooking Deer Lodge Valley. The entire ranch encompasses 1,570± deeded acres and an additional 124± acres of leased lands. These hillsides are prime habitat for elk, whitetail, mule deer, moose, and antelope. There are spectacular views of the Flint Range. While just an hour drive to the urban amenities available in the university town of Missoula, Montana, the ranch provides a remote and tranquil setting. The ranch is close to some of the best fly fishing waters in the country including the Clark Fork River, the Big Blackfoot, and Rock Creek. The contiguous Little Valley Ranch is also for sale.


LIVINGSTON, MT • 240± ACRES • $799,000

The proximity of Fleshman Creek 240 to Yellowstone Park, along with Livingston and Bozeman, contribute to the attractiveness and value of the ranch coupled with a plethora of wildlife on the property. To the north and south you will find spectacular views of the Gallatin Mountains and to the south and east is the stunning Paradise Valley. For these reasons, it is difficult to imagine an investment that will provide more enjoyment while at the same time remain one of the most sought after and finite products in the real estate investment world. Simply put, this much variety packed into only 240± acres is unusual and exceptional.


TOWNSEND, MT • 1,709± ACRES • $1,665,530

Greyson Canyon Ranch consists of 1,709± acres of very well managed mountain summer pasture. The ranch is divided into four newly fenced pastures with excellent water and grass throughout. In addition to outstanding summer pasture, the ranch offers a variety of recreational pursuits, including exceptional hunting for species such as elk, mule deer, black bear, turkey and mountain grouse. Greyson Creek bisects the property for 1± miles and is teeming with trout. Listed at about $975.00 per acre, one would be hard pressed to find such a superb summer pasture with endless recreational pursuits at this price point anywhere in Southwest Montana.

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OVANDO, MT • 314± ACRES • $1,799,000

Just downstream from the Bob Marshall Wilderness lies the Ovando Mountain Ranch. Its footprint encompasses nearly a half section of land in the desirable Blackfoot Valley. The custom home is well-appointed and ideally situated in a special setting with sweeping views of the surrounding Scapegoat Wilderness and valley below. The ranch has quality improvements that include a large shop with living quarters and a competition skeet field. This is all located in the middle of exceptional wildlife habitat for numerous species found throughout the Rocky Mountains. Privacy abounds and the location offers easy access to the spectacular Montana backcountry, the legendary Blackfoot River and the vibrant city of Missoula.


GARRISON, MT • 1,360± ACRES • $1,750,000

Warm Springs at Garrison Mountain is situated in the rolling foothills of the East Garnet Range. This mountain ranch overlooks the expansive Deer Lodge Valley. The entire ranch encompasses 1,360± deeded acres and over 1,900± acres of leased lands. There are spectacular views of the Flint Range. The land hosts a wide variety of wildlife and is consistently inhabited by good numbers of elk, deer, antelope, and an occasional moose. The high density of animals and quality habitat translates to excellent big game hunting on the property. The ranch is near some of the best fly fishing waters in the country including the Clark Fork River, the Big Blackfoot, and Rock Creek. It is near Missoula, Helena, and Butte, which have all the amenities you need.


PLAINS, MT • 4,715± ACRES • $3,300,000

The West Combest Ranch encompasses nearly eight sections of contiguous land, nearly all of which are accessible and usable because of the extensive road system throughout the ranch. The property surrounds the Glade Ranch on three sides and backs to US Forest Service and State of Montana lands. There are several springs that feed the three major creeks: Combest, West Combest, and Miller Creek. Headwaters begin in the southwest portion of the ranch and flow northeast to the Flathead River. The ranch is located just minutes from town and ideally situated in the middle of the recreationally abundant Clark Fork Valley of Northwest Montana.


NORRIS, MT • 3,350± ACRES • $4,495,000

Cold Springs Ranch is a sprawling 3,350± acre Montana ranch that sits only a stone’s throw away from world-class fishing on the Lower Madison River and conveniently located equidistant to Bozeman and Ennis, MT, both less than 25 minutes. The ranch consists of rolling topography with numerous coulees and draws and is bisected by Cold Springs Creek and includes several developed springs for grazing cattle and resident wildlife, most notably the resident elk. The ranch borders hundreds of acres of state land and thousands of acres of BLM land. Along with being one of the finest elk properties currently listed, solid consideration to agriculture and being a stone’s throw from the famed Lower Madison River, this property provides the opportunity for buyers of all criteria.

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NORRIS, MT • 101± ACRES • $973,000

Welcome to Bear Trap Canyon Fishing Ranch, located in Montana’s legendary Madison River Valley. Due to its unmatched insect hatches, the Madison River is known as one of the greatest wild trout fisheries in the U.S. and has some of the best dry fly fishing in the country. In the Angler’s Guide to Montana, the Madison is described as “in many people’s opinion, Montana’s river of superlatives, with a list including highest trout density, most consistent action, best dry fly fishing, and most spectacular scenery.” The ranch is 101± acres and boasts Madison River frontage, enabling many days of excellent fishing out the back door. Outstanding views of the river, mountains, prairie habitat and the historic Bear Trap Canyon provide a beautiful setting and an exquisite piece of Montana.


WHITEHALL, MT • 317± ACRES • $1,100,000

Located on the eastern slope of the Highland Mountain Range with commanding views of the Tobacco Root Mountains and the beautiful Jefferson River Valley, the 317± acres have endless opportunities. Being flanked by larger ranches and nearby forest service lands makes you feel like you are in the wilderness when in fact you are striking distance to Whitehall, Butte, and Bozeman. The topography and vegetation that the ranch provide are old growth coniferous trees as well as mature stands of aspen trees and willows lining the Dry Creek drainage that runs through the property for approximately .65 miles. The hunting for elk and deer on this property is excellent.


POLARIS, MT • 71± ACRES • $975,000

Nestled between the East and West Pioneer Mountains, Grasshopper Creek Farmstead consists of 71± acres north of the cowboy town of Polaris in the Grasshopper Valley of Southwest Montana. Located on the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway minutes from Maverick Mountain Ski Area and Elkhorn Hot Springs, it offers unparalleled access to mountain wilderness. Out the back door is the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Montana’s largest, a true sportsman’s and nature lover’s paradise. Horseback riding, ATV’ing, snowmobiling, hiking, cross country skiing and hunting are just down the road.


WATERLOO, MT •120± ACRES • $1,250,000

Jefferson Riverbends Preserve is located between Twin Bridges and Whitehall, outside of Waterloo, MT. The property is accessed by a shared gravel driveway off Waterloo Road. It is bisected by the Jefferson River and its tributary sloughs and enjoys a natural slough-fed pond at its southern boundary. The Jefferson River is one of many world-famous trout streams in Southwest Montana and is formed by the confluence of the Ruby, Beaverhead and Big Hole Rivers. The Jefferson meets the Madison and Gallatin Rivers downstream near Three Forks where it becomes the Missouri River. The greater Ruby Valley is a ranching community with some of the finest big game hunting and fishing in the country. The proximity to great rivers and surrounding mountains with ample public land access enhance the popularity of the valley.

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BELGRADE, MT • 58± ACRES • $1,150,000

Strategically located 20 minutes from downtown Bozeman, Montana and only a 15-minute drive to the Interstate 90 interchange, the Reese Creek Farmstead consists of 58± acres and is located in the shadow of Ross Peak, one of the most dramatically beautiful peaks in Montana. In addition to Ross Peak, the farmstead has wonderful views over the Gallatin Valley and five surrounding mountain ranges. Bill Smith Creek forms a portion of the easterly boundary. This beautiful little creek is lined with grassy cover and scattered willows, creating excellent habitat for the pheasants, Hungarian partridge, elk and whitetail deer that call the property home. This is a gorgeous piece of ground with some of the most dramatic views in the valley and a wonderful country feel, yet is still close to Bozeman.

CASTLE MOUNTAIN HOMESTEAD CHECKERBOARD, MT • 600± ACRES • $1,299,000 Quality ranch properties in this area of Montana have historically been tightly held and hard to come by. The Castle Mountain Homestead is a rare offering in this remarkably beautiful and genuinely Montana setting. The 600± acres lie within the Lewis and Clark National Forest on the northeastern slopes of the Castle Mountains. The ranch offers hunting for elk, deer, black bear and mountain grouse. With improved access just 7± miles south of Checkerboard and 95± miles northeast of Bozeman, the ranch offers a convenient getaway, loaded with recreational flair right in the midst of a very special and largely unaltered western ranching community.


CHOTEAU, MT • 580± ACRES • $5,200,000

The unencumbered Deep Canyon Ranch is located along the coveted Rocky Mountain Front and Teton Canyon River Valley, boasting landscapes that inspired America’s greatest artists and authors alike. Private and incredibly historic, the ranch sits just south of spectacular Glacier National Park. Deep Canyon Ranch consists of 580± deeded acres and 360± BLM leased acres. Sitting on the brink of over 1.5 million acres of National Forest and Wilderness Lands, this ranch provides incomparable acreage for hunting, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities that define a true Montana lifestyle. Stunning landscapes and ample room for recreation make this property the pinnacle of what a great American West ranch represents.


BELGRADE, MT • 32± ACRES • $1,595,000

This 32± acre property features two private ponds, with Dry Creek traversing through for over .4± miles. Access to an additional .1± miles of Dry Creek provides an exclusive opportunity in the northern Gallatin Valley. Excellent vegetation lines the creek and surrounds this exceptionally-landscaped home, adding to the beauty and privacy. The property is located 20± miles to Bozeman, 10± minutes to Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, near Big Sky Resort and Ski Area and less than 35 miles from Bridger Bowl Ski Area. The house and creek setting, views of the Bridger Mountains and Gallatin and Madison Ranges, and confirmed water rights make this property exceptional.

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THREE FORKS, MT • 795± ACRES • $1,290,250

The Medicine Ranch is just north of Three Forks, Montana along the south bank of the Missouri River. The ranch varies from deep canyons to a lush riparian bottom along the river, which spans over 1± mile. The river braids offer abundant wetland habitat for wildlife. The views are equally diverse and dramatic, with the Bridgers to the east and the Spanish Peaks and the Tobacco Root Mountains to the south/southwest along with the Elkhorn and Big Belt Mountains to the north. Because of the water amenities and lack of development, wildlife thrives in this valley. The Missouri River and its side channels support nesting waterfowl. White-tailed deer congregate along the river bottoms during the day, with mule deer, antelope, and elk finding cover in the canyons.


RED LODGE, MT • 360± ACRES • $1,620,000

Mountain View Ranch on Clear Creek is comprised of 360± acres, of which 280± acres are irrigated. Approximately .8± miles of Clear Creek flow through the east side of the property, providing an excellent water resource and habitat. There are several possible home sites on the property that would provide tremendous views of the Beartooth Mountains, Red Lodge Mountain Resort, Crazy Mountains, and Pryor Mountains. On clear days, one can see all the way to the Snowy Mountains. Mountain View Ranch would make a great place for a vacation home or a small horse or cattle operation. There is also excellent fly fishing on the ranch and in the surrounding area.


ROBERTS, MT • 1,612± ACRES • $1,539,000

Rockin 99 Ranch consists of 1,612± acres of very well managed pasture and highly productive hay ground. The ranch is divided into 8 fenced pastures with excellent water and grass throughout. In addition to outstanding pasture and water, the ranch also has 542± acres of excellent dry land hay ground producing 1.5± tons per acre. Rockin 99 Ranch also embraces a plethora of recreational pursuits including exceptional hunting for species such as elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, pheasant, sharp-tailed grouse, Hungarian partridge and mourning doves. Listed at $955.00 per acre, one would be hard pressed to find such a superb year-round ranch with endless recreational pursuits at this price point anywhere in southwest Montana.


BOZEMAN, MT • 7± ACRES • $899,000

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and that’s certainly the case with the West Gallatin River House. Family fun, fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure are what the “River House” is all about. What’s not obvious, unless you are familiar with the Bozeman area, is how exceptional the location along the West Gallatin River is. There is a scarcity of river property in the vicinity and the convenience of being just 15± minutes from downtown Bozeman and only 10± minutes to the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is unbeatable.

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fter the snow melts and the grass begins to green, a renewed sense of optimism fills the air as newborn calves dot the Montana landscape each spring. Producers across the state consider their previous breeding decisions while busying themselves planning and preparing for the next calving season. With a gestation period of 283 days, give or take a few, planning for the following calving season often begins well before calving has completed for the year. Bull selection is a critical component of the planning process to meet goals with a cowherd and to complement the genetics of the cattle on the ranch. During Spring 2018 I had an opportunity to accompany a client and friend to the Leachman Angus Ranch bull sale in Toston, Montana and assist in his selection of bulls to complement his cows. Montana bull sales always seem to offer high-quality options for buyers from across the state and the nation, and the 2018 Leachman Angus Ranch bull sale did not disappoint. After the sale, I was able to visit with Kurt Kangas, Regional Manager for the American Angus Association in Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska. I first met Kurt several years ago when he was hired by a ranch client of mine to evaluate the range component of a ranch that my client was working to buy. With a degree from Montana State University in range management, I have found Kurt to be a straight shooter who always has an ear to the ground and significant knowledge to share. According to Kangas, who has attended a good majority of bull sales across the state, 2018 figures represent a notable increase in prices, with bulls up almost $450, and replacement bred heifers nearly $250 higher per head than one year ago. As a real estate broker specializing in working cattle ranches, I appreciate the enthusiasm in the cattle market, which in turn creates buyer demand for ranch properties in the West.

Agriculture is the number one industry in Montana, where there are 2.55 million head which equates to roughly two-and-a-half times more head of cattle than people. With that in mind, it is no surprise that Montana ranchers take great pride in their cattle and strive to provide high-quality animals to buyers both nationwide and internationally. In fact, cattle and calves are currently the number one commodity in Montana, followed by wheat and hay respectively. These figures are representative of a state where agricultural roots run deep, and the landscape reflects the history of land use. Approximately 64% of Montana land area is dedicated to agriculture, including both ranches and farms. According to the Montana Wilderness Association, another 29% of land statewide is preserved for public enjoyment and use and includes US Forest Service, National Park, BLM, state and Fish, Wildlife and Parks lands. Agricultural and public lands make up a combined total of 94% of the land across the state. This makes Montana a unique, desirable, and largely untouched landscape for people seeking a laid-back, outdoors-focused lifestyle in a location where you can get away from the big city and get in touch with nature. As land brokers at Fay Ranches, we each have a personal appreciation for the land, and enjoy working with buyers and sellers of some of the finest agricultural properties throughout the West. Several Fay Ranches brokers also raise livestock and have firsthand knowledge of the agricultural industry, and serve as excellent resources for buyers searching for production properties. We can recommend a variety of excellent resources available for those new to the livestock industry who wish to own a ranch and begin an adventure in agriculture. And Montana is the perfect place to do it. To learn more about farm and ranch properties for sale throughout Montana and the West, please contact a Fay Ranches broker today.

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t is unusual for two adjacent world-class ranches to come to market at the same time, but that is just what happened with the West Boulder Ranch and the Burnt Leather Ranch-Steen Place, nestled side-by-side at the base of the Absaroka Mountains in McLeod, Montana. Together, they comprise three miles of the West Boulder River and are remarkable sporting and recreational properties. They are equally scenic, one-of-a-kind properties on their own. But Greg Fay, owner of Fay Ranches and listing agent for both ranches, knew that together they would make one of the finest sporting properties on earth. He hoped that one lucky family would find and fall in love with them both. The West Boulder Ranch has been in the family of famed journalist and author Tom Brokaw for the past 30 years. The 4,128± acre ranch is one of the most beautiful and productive sporting properties out there: it boasts a private, mile-long stretch of the West Boulder River, excellent hunting for trophy elk, mule and whitetail deer, upland birds and antelope, full equestrian facilities, remarkable scenery, adjacent access to the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, and more. Over the years the Brokaw family gave considerable attention to the conservation and stewardship of the magnificent ranch, and the recent decision to sell was a challenging one. It was important to them that the buyers were conservation-minded and would appreciate and care for the land as much as they did. And they needed agents who were attentive to that. The smaller but equally beautiful neighboring Burnt Leather Ranch-Steen Place is a historic property comprised of numerous parts that formed a balanced and recreationally-diverse ranch, and the Steen Place listing included the headquarters of the ranch as well as its most valuable recreational resources—most notably, two miles of both sides of the famed West Boulder River. “I would characterize the West Boulder as the template for the perfect trout stream. The classic riffles, pools, and runs help make an incredible dry fly fishery. The beauty of both the stream and the surrounding area always make the day a success,” said guide Lee Kinsey, who has leased the fly fishing on the Burnt Leather Ranch for the past several years on a handshake agreement.

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much to their family over the past 30 years and I know it was a tough decision to sell.” Tom Brokaw noted that it was difficult to sell a property that had been in his family and a part of so many memories for such a long time.

“Greg Fay and Branif Scott were pitch perfect in how they marketed and completed the sale of the WBR. We left with great memories from the time of purchase to the day of sale.” - Tom Brokaw Fay and Scott were pleased to have found the right buyers to bring these two great ranches together, knowing the new owners would continue the legacy of land conservation and thoughtful management. “I’m very glad we were able to find such nice folks with young families to continue the tradition of family and land stewardship into the future,” said Fay. “It is wonderful to see these two properties joined together, and I know the new owners will love and enjoy their new ranch for generations to come.”

The owners of the Burnt Leather Ranch-Steen Place were also conservation-minded in their approach to land management, placing the entire 623± acre property under a conservation easement. Thus, the perfect buyers would have to appreciate the recreational and conservation value of the land. The hunting in the area is also world-class. Longtime West Boulder Ranch manager Doug Campbell notes, “Every year there’s the potential to harvest a 350-plus bull elk. Six years ago, we harvested a bull that scored just over 400. We also have big whitetails, antelope, and Hungarian partridge. It’s an amazing ranch for wildlife. Damn pretty, too.” Fortunately, the right family soon came along and decided that they had to have both the West Boulder Ranch and the Burnt Leather Ranch-Steen Place. Greg Fay represented the sellers and Branif Scott, also of Fay Ranches, represented the new buyers. “It was a pleasure working with Tom and Meredith Brokaw,” said Fay. “The ranch has meant so

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OREGON “Oregon welcomed me like a beloved child, enfolded me in her cool arms, shushed my turbulent thoughts, and promised peace through her whispering pines.”

- Colleen Houck, New York Times Bestselling Author

Date Designated as a State: Feb 14, 1859 Nickname: The Beaver State Size: 98,466± square miles

Stats are approximates only.

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ANTELOPE, OR • 29,268± ACRES • $ 17,750,000

You will never tire of the expansive horizons of this amazing ranch, which has been in the same family for 90+ years! Marvel at the majestic cliffs towering above the rolling plateaus and lonely canyons that lead down to the John Day River. The ranch boasts 29,268± deeded acres, plus BLM grazing permits covering an additional 11,000± acres and 320± acres of State of Oregon lease. The John Day winds along and through the ranch for approximately 15.5 miles, including 8± miles of deeded frontage, with the balance of the frontage predominately along BLM lands which are grazed by the ranch! This is one of the few ranches that boasts the rare combination of quality upland gamebird, waterfowl, and big game hunting, plus fly fishing for steelhead and smallmouth bass.


MITCHELL, OR • 8,200± ACRES • $11,500,000

Approximately 1.5 hours east of Bend, Oregon, at the north end of the Ochoco Mountains, lies the secluded Bugle Mountain Ranch, which holds a significant portion of the South Fossil Unit Rocky Mountain elk herd in Oregon’s Blue Mountains. Bugle Mountain Ranch has a 150-year history as a cattle and hay ranch with a 300 AU’s capacity and 800 acres of irrigated or sub-irrigated hay fields. The ranch is surrounded only by large ranches focused on cattle and wildlife. Bugle Mountain Ranch’s wildlife resources are exceptional. The canyons attract large herds of Rocky Mountain elk throughout the year. The ranch has a history of producing 180-200 inch mule deer, and has a growing herd of wild bison. This area contains extraordinary trout, steelhead and smallmouth bass fisheries, including existing ranch reservoirs holding large rainbows. The ranch also has antelope, black bear, cougar, turkeys and more.

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PRINEVILLE, OR • 2,257± ACRES • $8,085,500

This could be the largest development potential in one of the fastest-growing counties in the US with five tracts of land totaling 2,257± acres zoned for fiveacre residential lots. Growing at an annual rate of 4.6% per year, Crook County was 2017’s 8th fastest growing county in the U.S. Developer can choose any of five parcels ranging from 163± acres to the entire 3,442± acres. 798± acres of RRM-5 zoned property offers the opportunity for five-acre subdivision development. Each of the four RRM-5 tracts adjoins paved county roads. 2,664± acres of EFU-2 (farm-zoned property) has a number of potential uses (1,459.67± acres if this parcel are in the RRM-5 zoning overlay).


FOSSIL, OR • 473± ACRES • $1,295,000

Complete with endless recreational possibilities, this property is located in one of Oregon’s best hunting units (Fossil-45) with 2 LOP tags (buyer to confirm with ODFW) and an abundance of wildlife. The property features a custom home, a two bay shop with living quarters, bunkhouse, and a private lake. Hubbel Meadow Ranch is located just 10± miles from the John Day River. This is the private mountain retreat you’ve been looking for!


PRINEVILLE, OR • 454± ACRES • $2,200,000

Here’s an amazing Central Oregon Ranch that offers everything, including a great location! 454± acres of wide open spaces, 104± acres of irrigation, brand new cattle-handling facilities, hay shed, shop and horse barn, and your own private reservoir! This well-equipped ranch also includes an updated 2 bedroom/2 bath ranch-style home, a 2 bedroom/2 bath ranch-hand home and LOP tags (buyer to confirm with ODFW). Johnson Creek Ranch is beautiful, private and the perfect family ranch! (This offering is subject to a new county partitioning or boundary line adjustment.) Looking for more acreage? Check out our other listing, Debaca Ranch, offering an additional 313± contiguous acres (for a total of 767± acres).


PRINEVILLE, OR • 767± ACRES • $3,425,000

Debaca Ranch is the perfect combination—a ranch rich in history with an excellent Central Oregon location! Debaca Ranch sits on 767± acres, 327± of which are irrigated, and has all new steel working corrals, a pivot, shop, two hay sheds, two homes and private lake. This ranch has been a successful working cattle and hay ranch and offers one of the best locations for convenience and privacy. Located just a few minutes from Prineville and about 45 minutes to Bend, Debaca Ranch offers all of the necessities. It has a nice, newer 2 bed/2 bath home and 2 bed/2 bath ranch hand home, excellent fencing, working corrals and scales and more. A ranch like this doesn’t become available every day.

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PAULINA, OR • 2,667± ACRES • $3,999,000

This spectacular Central Oregon mountain ranch is the gateway to the Ochoco Mountains. With roughly two miles of Wolf Creek frontage, 528± acres of wild, irrigated meadows, USFS (9,142± acres) and BLM permits, jawdropping views of Wolf Mountain and Tamarack Butte (Ochoco Mountains), the Miller Ranch is one-of-a-kind. For decades, the Miller family has successfully operated this ranch, well-known for production of high quality cattle. Elk, deer and antelope are seen on a daily basis and the big game hunting is as good as it gets in the very popular Ochoco Hunting Unit. The Miller Ranch qualifies for four Rocky Mountain elk and four mule deer tags (buyer to confirm with ODFW). Just 100 miles east of Bend, the Miller Ranch is truly breathtaking.


SENECA, OR • 4,586± ACRES • $6,500,000

You won’t find a better cattle ranch than the Bear Valley 96 Ranch in Seneca, Oregon, offered to the public for the first time. It currently summers 500 cow/calf pairs and produces 1,200-1,500± tons of hay annually. With approximately 1,500± acres of meadows, 3,000± acres of rangeland and a 25,000± acre private forest permit, the Bear Valley 96 Ranch is a dream. Miles of mountain streams, grassy meadows and pastures and timber stands are home to Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, antelope and other wildlife. Bear Valley offers four Rocky Mountain bull elk and four mule deer LOP tags. The view of the Strawberry Mountains and Bear Valley are incredible!


LAPINE, OR • 683± ACRES • $1,950,000

With roughly 2± miles of the winding Little Deschutes River running through it and views of Paulina Peak and Mt. Bachelor, this is an amazing, conveniently-located river retreat in Central Oregon’s recreation-heaven. This undeveloped Little Deschutes River property is ready to be shaped into a retreat or development with a total of 15 tax lots. 683± acres of paradise, 2± miles of river, timber, meadows and wintering ground for a large herd of Rocky Mountain elk and mule deer. Fishermen will find brown trout and rainbow trout in the Little Deschutes River. It’s just 30 minutes to Bend, a quick drive to Mt. Bachelor ski resort, minutes to numerous Cascade Lakes, 45 minutes to the Bend/Redmond airport, and three hours to Portland. The No Bad Days River Retreat is sure to delight.


BAKER CITY, OR • 1,560± ACRES • $1,295,000

Rising from the Baker City Valley floors to elevations exceeding 9,100± feet the Elkhorn Mountains are an incredible Northeastern Oregon range. In the very center is the 1,560± acre Pine Creek offering, home to some of the state’s best big game hunting and fishing. A road less traveled (four wheel drive only) winds its way through the heavy timber and brush along the rushing water, leading to mountain tops and vistas where elk and mule deer spend much of the summer and fall. The Pine Creek listing adjoins public lands and offers owners opportunities for hunting, hiking, fishing (including access to Pine Creek Reservoir), snowmobiling, and horseback riding. Less than 30± minutes from Baker City, Pine Creek is a true getaway, and a wonderful location for a cabin or summer home.

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MITCHELL, OR •1,391± ACRES • $2,300,000

Everything you could dream of and more! Rock’n A Ranch offers 1,391± acres of great privacy, outstanding elk, deer and upland bird hunting and 115.9± acres of fertile irrigated hay/farm ground. It boasts outstanding views and is just minutes to the John Day River. It also features a beautiful, completely updated, 5,000± square foot custom home, amazing landscaping, incredible water features, a private backyard pond, and fruit trees. It also has great cattle working pens, a feedlot, scales and indoor arena, plus a cattle/horse barn. This remote North Central Oregon location offers seclusion and privacy only 90 minutes from the Bend/Redmond Airport. Seldom can we check every box of amenities requested by buyers but with Rock’n A Ranch we can, and it’s also an excellent value.


FOSSIL, OR • 5,030± ACRES • $4,995,000

A classic Central Oregon mosaic of mature stands of ponderosa pine, fir and juniper trees interspersed with open, grassy meadows and rocky rims. It comes with five mule deer buck and five Rocky Mountain bull elk LOP tags. With possible direct access to the John Day River via BLM, this truly exceptional property which ranges in elevation from 2,600± feet to over 4,200± feet offers year-round recreation – hunting, fishing, river floats, rock climbing and snowshoeing – virtually right out the front door of the high-quality, custom log home featuring tamarack construction. For those looking for additional acreage, we are also offering the immediately adjacent Dedman Springs property of 3,986.9± acres.


BEND, OR • 285± ACRES • $1,650,000

Here’s an amazing opportunity to build the ranch or farm of your dreams, with 285± total acres and 203± acres of irrigation. All 203± acres of water are delivered from three Valley pivots. County Line Pivots has several excellent building sites that feature highly sought-after Cascade Mountain views. This property also has a small feed lot, a livestock well and adjoins thousands of acres of BLM land. Currently all three pivots are in very good seeding of grasses that are highly productive for both hay and/or pasture. At County Line Pivots, the hard work is done, and now it’s time to build your dream!


MADRAS, OR • 160± ACRES • $1,995,000

Central Oregon’s Sunnyfield Farm, adjoining public lands, is a high-value weed seed free (no herbicides or pesticides) horse hay farm/ranch. Located under an hour from Bend, this property has 125± acres of irrigation from a private well with potential to add another 32± acres of irrigation. This groundwater right currently appears more secure than other irrigation rights. Along with a great full circle pivot, you’ll enjoy the beautiful 2,400± square foot custom home. This outstanding farm is well-equipped with two large hay sheds, a shop/barn combo and a machine shed. If that’s not enough, the amazing Cascade Mountain views, great privacy and location will dazzle you. Seller is also willing to share horse hay clientele information that has been developed over the years. Owner terms possible with 50% down.

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POWELL BUTTE, OR • 257± ACRES • $2,250,000

This 257± acre farm ground in the highly desired Powell Butte, Oregon features a private lake, two beautiful homes, and more with 142± acres of irrigation. This excellent Central Oregon ranch is conveniently located between Redmond and Prineville, less than an hour to Bend, with amazing views of the Cascade Mountains.


EAGLE POINT, OR • 279± ACRES • $1,399,000

This 279± acres in Eagle Point, Oregon is a ranch-dream come true. It features two site-built ranch homes, a covered arena with stalls and a tack room, equipment shops, paddocks, steel pipe fencing for cattle, Little Butte Creek frontage, pond, and miles of contiguous BLM for riding!


PRINEVILLE, OR • 333± ACRES • $1,750,000

This excellent farm/ranch property features 333± total acres with 147± acres of irrigation and is comprised of two legal parcels (one at 167± acres and one at 166± acres). The current owner uses this fertile ground for cattle grazing but it could be converted to farmland. Farm or ranch, the location is excellent, just 15 minutes to Redmond or Prineville from O’Neil Hwy. There is potential to build two homes from the many great, private building sites with valley views. Valley View also offers some of the area’s best big game hunting, as numerous mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk inhabit the foothills and rimrock bluffs. Land Owner Preference tags are available (buyer to confirm with ODFW). Build your dream today at Valley View!


BEND, OR • 440± ACRES • $1,595,000

This excellent ranch sits at the base of Pine Mountain and adjoins thousands of acres of public lands. With extreme privacy, an excellent equestrian barn and indoor arena and big game hunting out your back door, this is the perfect match for any outdoorsman, horseman or hunter. Enjoy stunning views and complete privacy at this conveniently located Central Oregon ranch.

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BEND, OR • 124± ACRES • $4,800,000

Enjoy the privacy and tranquility of your own river paradise! Centrally located and in close proximity to everything Central Oregon has to offer, this one of a kind Deschutes River property is an angler’s dream! With almost a mile of river frontage, Cascade Mountain views and minutes to downtown Bend and the Redmond Airport. Access to the river is unusual and not typical to the area and contains an easy access road to the park-like beach at river level. The 2,631± square foot home with an additional 1,152± square foot apartment above the 3-car garage has a unique location and setting along the canyon rimrock, which is no longer allowed along this wild and scenic corridor. This is your opportunity to make your own legacy family retreat!


PENDLETON, OR • 865± ACRES • $2,999,000

Located on the western flank of the beautiful Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon, this property offers beautiful rolling hills that face the west, creating a fantastic habitat for cattle grazing, deer and elk, and upland birds. This land is well known for being the heart of Oregon cattle country. Mild winters and early spring grass make this range ideal for grazing. During the warm summer months, the US Forest Service Allotments provide cooler temperatures and ample grass for the cattle. Fantastic turkey and pheasant hunting can be found all over the ranch. There are several vistas to be discovered on horseback and/ or ATV while touring the ranch. The ranch is very private, though it is only a few miles southeast of Pendleton, OR.


RITTER, OR • 9,382± ACRES • $6,150,000

The Lower Middle Fork Ranch boasts 5± miles of the John Day Middle Fork River and deeded lands in both Desolation and Northside Hunting Units. Both are some of Oregon’s very best big game hunting areas and offer outstanding steelhead, trout and bass fishing on the John Day River. From the timbered draws, rimrocks and outstanding rangeland, big mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk are abundant. The Lower Middle Fork Ranch also offers six months of summer grazing for 400± cow/calf pairs. An out the gate USFS Permit of 17,000± acres coupled with nearly 9,382± acres of rangeland and meadows produce plenty of summer feed and water for 400± pairs. Rugged and beautiful with private hunting, fishing and cattle grazing, there are not many ranches that compare to the Lower Middle Fork!

DRY CREEK HUNTING RESERVE OR • 1,741± ACRES • $2,900,000 CATTERSON RANCH LAWEN, OR • 3,431±PRINEVILLE, ACRES • $2,050,000 Dry Creek Hunting Reserve is a one-of-a-kind ranch in Oregon, offering 1,741± acres in an excellent big game hunting area. Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer and other wildlife will thrill the hunting enthusiast. Dry Creek Hunting Reserve has easy access to thousands of acres of public land that is barely accessible to the public. The secluded reserve has not been on the market in over 60 years. Situated between two large alfalfa farms, the Reserve has spectacular views, active springs, and one seasonal stream. LOP tags are offered for the healthy population of Rocky Mountain bull elk and mule deer. Coyote, cougar, upland birds and antelope are also found. Dry Creek Hunting Reserve offers easy access, Cascade Mountain views, hunting, hiking, public land access, and a buildable home site.

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IRONSIDE, OR • 4,723± ACRES • $2,300,000

The Danens Ranch is on Rose Creek and is part of the tiny town of Ironside, OR. Located 120 miles east of Boise, ID, and 46 miles northeast of Vale, OR. The ranch consists of farm ground that is irrigated with wheel lines with water that is pumped out of Rose Creek at two diversions for the first part of the year then well water for the remainder of the irrigation season. The soil is productive and alfalfa, corn and seed potatoes are grown in the area. The rangeland is in one block with draws, rims and sage brush canyons offering good spring and summer pasture while providing excellent mule deer and antelope habitat.


HEREFORD, OR • 1,328± ACRES • $2,600,000

The Hereford Valley Ranch is set in the valley below the Unity Reservoir about 36± miles from Baker City, Oregon. The property consists of 1,328± acres. The ranch is on the Burnt River and runs south up into the hills. The water rights are excellent and the cattle handling facilities are first class. Mule deer and elk are continuously on or near the property, making for excellent hunting conditions. This is a very nice family ranch located in a well-established ranching community. Flood irrigation, out the gate BLM, and great improvements make this place the kind people dream about.


MILTON-FREEWATER, OR • 3,541± ACRES • $3,250,000

Saddle Mountain Ranch is an investment-grade piece of real estate. It is located in an exclusive area in terms of the wildlife and rugged beauty of the Blue Mountains of Oregon. The property is located about 20 minutes from Walla, WA where owners will benefit from the amenities offered by the Walla Walla Valley. It is not a one-dimensional property. Opportunities exist for conservation, hunting, wildlife viewing, privacy, timber, and agriculture, all of which are easily accessible. This is a property that will offer many years of enjoyment while providing a steady inflation hedge combined with value appreciation. This is truly a legacy property that can be passed from one generation to the next.


CANYON CITY, OR • 14,471± ACRES • $8,900,000

The Flying S Ranch has been owned and operated for over 75 years by the Schnabele Family and offers 14,471± contiguous acres of Oregon’s best, just 90 miles east of Prineville on the breaks of the South Fork of the John Day River. Nine creeks run for 20± miles through heavy timber and across high mountain meadows. Headquarters include a single level 2,564± square foot house built in 2012. Bunkhouse, shop, barn, corrals and more all privately located inside the property, well off the paved county road. There are no public or private roads or access within the boundary of the Flying S Ranch. This ranch is versatile enough to run cow/calf pairs and/or yearlings. Come fall this ranch is unbeatable for mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk hunting.

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REDMOND, OR • 19± ACRES • $995,000

This horse property with a 2,700± square foot ranch-style home on 19.87± acres and 700± feet of Deschutes River rim, plus Cascade Mountain views, is minutes from Redmond and Eagle Crest Resort, Bend, Tumalo, and Sisters, in the heart of central Oregon. An extensive wrap-around patio and covered entertainment areas offer outstanding pastoral views. The large attached garage provides additional sleeping areas, office, exercise room, shop and vehicle storage. Outbuildings include an enclosed equipment storage with attached guest studio and storage shed. The Estate adjoins Cline Falls State Park, so the Deschutes River is a short walk, and BLM lands are just across the road.


UMPQUA, OR • 39± ACRES • $3,750,000

39± acres overlooking the majestic Umpqua River, where privacy and luxury greet you at the security-gated entry to this beautiful estate. Two homes, shops, paved drive, and truly the most amazing views. The property has plenty of room for storing toys with a 22x54 RV garage and a 24x24 shop.


FLORENCE, OR • 49± ACRES • $1,350,000

This riverfront farm is truly magical with many thoughtful and creative details throughout the 50± acre estate. Lovely 3,488 square foot main home, 1,867 guest house/music studio, shop and other auxiliary buildings, livestock fencing, irrigation rights, and spring water, along with river frontage near the quaint town of Florence on the scenic Oregon Coast!


POWELL BUTTE, OR • 118± ACRES • $1,490,000

An easy to operate and highly productive ranch, conveniently located in the highly desired Powell Butte. This ranch includes a single level custom home, second dwelling farmhouse, a nice shop and more. Almost fully irrigated with 111± acres of water from Central Oregon Irrigation. All this and the highly sought after views of the Cascade Mountains! This is a must see.

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JOHN DAY, OR • 621± ACRES • $995,000

The Hall Field is property that would provide private, mountain living while remaining close to town. The property has county road access less then a mile from the pavement. The property changes with the elevation from open grass land with some pine to heavy timber, with a lot of yellow pine and some fir. There are springs, a small pond and Dissel Creek is located on the property. Electrical power has recently been buried through the middle of the property. This would be a great place to live quietly in the forest with plenty of room and feed for some cattle and/or horses. No buildings, but perimeter-fenced and cross-fenced. Current owner has been using the property as summer pasture.


BEND, OR • 42± ACRES • $1,550,000

The Tumalo Cascade View Estate features a gorgeous 3,112 square-foot ranch style home on 42± irrigated acres with phenomenal Cascade Mountain views just minutes from Bend, Tumalo, Redmond and Sisters, right in the heart of Central Oregon and its many recreational amenities. Enter under the arch and continue down the paved, tree-lined drive as you approach the beautiful home, which features 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and an open living area that includes the entry, great room with gas fireplace, spacious kitchen with breakfast bar, and formal and informal dining areas. The extensive outside patio-entertainment area is easily accessed off the living area and the master suite, perfectly situated to enjoy the outstanding Cascade Mountain views!

WILLIAMS RANCH PRINEVILLE, OR • 362± ACRES • $1,950,000 This is an excellent opportunity to own a large, irrigated farm just minutes from Prineville, Oregon, with excellent visibility and access from U.S. Highway 26! Williams Ranch on the Crooked River has been in the same family for many years. Excellent soils and irrigation district water rights provide the capability to grow all crops common to the area. The farm has four homes, hay storage, a large shop, granary and other outbuildings. With 5,000± feet of Crooked River frontage, you can hunt ducks, geese, and quail right on your own property! Farming and residential tenants are in place.


SUMMERVILLE, OR • 165± ACRES • $1,275,000

The Frizzell Creek Ranch is a beautiful 165± acre ranch in northeast Oregon at the base of the Wallowa Whitman National Forest (10± miles north of La Grande, Oregon). The ranch is at the end of a county road on a private drive, providing privacy and coveted access into the Blue Mountains, which border the ranch to the west. The home is situated overlooking the 15± acre meadow and the Eagle Cap Wilderness to the east. Lush forest and meadows create a wonderful habitat for elk, mule deer, turkey and much more west of the property in the National Forest. The Ranch offers wonderful country living with stunning scenery and infrastructure. Northeast Oregon has amazing outdoor recreation available to all, whether it’s hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking or just roaming the mountains.

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BIG GAME HUNTING IN OREGON By Jerry Hicks, Broker, Fay Ranches


t was a beautiful day in early November 1983. The day before, my hunting partner Clark had taken a beautiful six-point bull that was in the 300-plus scoring range. It had been traveling with another big bull and we were back on his track. Clark was behind him and I was parallel to Clark ranging from 200-400 yards and always up the hill from this big bull’s trail, methodically looking under every tree and bush ahead, trying to catch a glimpse of this elusive animal. Big bulls are like that; they’ll circle up and around a high point and bed down so they have a great view of incoming danger. Sometimes it’s almost as if the hunter is being hunted. A couple of hours into this slow and steady tracking, suddenly there he was. I could only see him from the neck up, but he was another big six-point bull, and I got to take home my own trophy that day. I’ve had the very good fortune to have dozens of hunts much like that in Oregon. It may be the most underrated big game hunting treasure in the western United States. If you are not familiar with the state, only the western third of the state is dense, brushy, steep, rainforest-like hunting habitat. The eastern two-thirds of the state is primarily made up of what is called the Blue Mountains ecoregion. This is the portion I like to focus on. The land and climate are very similar to much of Montana, Colorado and Wyoming. It is comprised of high-elevation pine and fir covered ridges, and canyons and mountains featuring plentiful rivers, creeks, springs and streams. There is significant cover for wildlife, yet wide meadows, open grazing patches and scab flats or breaks among the timber and brush allow for significant opportunities to spot and stalk some of the best trophy-class elk, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and more.

Oregon has experienced remarkable success in growing both the herds and animal quality for elk, bighorn sheep and mountain goat, while maintaining good numbers and quality for mule deer, antelope, black bear and cougar. If you truly have an appetite for outstanding fair-chase big game hunting, if you want to teach your children and grandchildren to hunt and fish and appreciate the outdoors, or if you need to leave your cell phone behind and clear your mind, Oregon is a wonderful place. You owe it to yourself to dig a little deeper into big game hunting and fishing in Oregon, and the joys of owning property in this great state. Being a native of 60 years and big game hunting myself as a guide and outfitter, I have been fortunate enough to experience some of the most exciting, fun-filled outdoor and hunting times anyone could ask for. At Fay Ranches, we have studied and are very familiar with Oregon landowner rights and how to to hunt big game within your own property. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is also a great resource, featuring unit by unit breakdowns of management objectives, wildlife counts, hunting outlooks and projects, tag numbers, and much more. You will quickly realize that Oregon is the perfect hidden gem for big game hunting in the West. Fay Ranches currently has one of t he best selections of sporting properties on t he market, in Oregon and around t he country. Contact a broker today to learn more.

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VINEYARDS & WINERIES NORTHWEST The pioneering spirit that paved the way to the vast and diverse California market also blazed the trail for the wine industry in the Northwest.

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NORTHWEST FRAZIER-ELLIOTT FARM & VINEYARD CORVALLIS, OR • 246± ACRES • $3,995,000 Equestrian Estate Farm & Vineyard just minutes to Corvallis, the hospital and in the Willamette Valley AVA! Gorgeous estate home in manicured, park-like setting with swimming pool, pool house, fishing pond, garden and water feature! Grass airstrip and hangar for your airplane! Plus, potential building site with phenomenal views of Mary’s Peak and the Cascade Range; historic, updated home dating to 1896 and three additional residences, two on a separate, saleable tax lot, presently rented. The equestrian facility, currently operated as a boarding facility, features an 11-stall barn with two tack rooms, feed storage area, attached indoor riding arena measuring approximately 70’ x 120’, plus paddocks and turnout areas. A shop/machine storage structure complements the facility. The farm features excellent quality soils suitable to most crops common to the area.

FRAZIER CREEK FARM & VINEYARD CORVALLIS, OR • 142± ACRES • $2,199,000 The productive Frazier Creek Estate Farm & Vineyard offers private, elegant country living, with multiple recreational opportunities and sources of income, all in the heart of the Willamette Valley AVA! This property also features woodland with private duck pond, and the balance of the farmland is planted to grass seed crop. Hunt geese, ducks, and doves, plus catch rainbow trout and catfish, all on your own property, or just enjoy the beautiful lifestyle this region has to offer. Your own private airstrip, hangar and vineyard are just the “icing on the cake!” Also available from same ownership: the adjacent Elliott Equestrian Farm.


CORVALLIS, OR • 101± ACRES • $1,425,000

The Historic Elliott Equestrian Farm & Vineyard offers a rare opportunity to own a historic farm, horse property and established vineyard minutes from Corvallis in the Willamette Valley AVA. A potential building site has phenomenal views of Mary’s Peak and the Cascade Range! The 1896 home has been updated, and additional housing is presently rented. The equestrian facility (currently for boarding) features an 11-stall barn with two tack rooms, feed storage area, attached indoor riding arena measuring approximately 70’ x 120’, plus paddocks and turnout areas. A shop/machine storage structure complements the facility. The farm features excellent quality soils. The vineyard includes 4± acres 2016-planted, 9.5± acres established, 8± acres ready to plant Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir varieties. The balance of the farmland is planted to grass hay and grass seed. Also available from the same ownership: the adjacent Frazier Creek Estate Farm & Vineyard.

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GLENNS FERRY, ID • 43± ACRES • $2,400,000

Crossings Winery, located along the banks of the Snake River in south-central Idaho, has all the aspects of a beautiful, award-winning vineyard along with great infrastructure and recreation. It is up to your imagination to decide where you can take it. The property is comprised of 43± acres, 11.5 acres of grapes, restaurant/bar/wine making facility, a nine-hole golf course, RV park and just minutes to the Snake River Three Island Crossing State Park. It was voted Idaho’s Winery of the year in 2017, with two bold reds winning Platinum medals. From the grapevines located on the south facing slopes, to the tasting room and restaurant, The Crossings Winery has everything that it takes to live up to its slogan “Wine, Dine, and Nine!”


SELMA, OR • 134± ACRES • $2,200,000

Deer Creek Vineyards consistently produces premium award-winning wines. Located in the Illinois Valley, Deer Creek’s estate vineyards rest in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley Appellation. With strong brand recognition the 40+ acre mature vineyard’s current level of production stands at a sustainable 120+ tons, which translate to production potential of 8,000+ cases. With direct consumer wine sales from the well-loved tasting room, wholesale wine sales, event venue, & room for expansion, this vineyard estate is ideal as a family business or an addition to a corporate brand. The property is comprised of 134+ rolling acres, year round creek & spring-fed ponds, with vineyard & mountain views in every direction.

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ROSEBURG, OR • 142± ACRES • $2,750,000

The Lookingglass Vineyard Estate features 142± acres with 76± acres planted in Pinot Noir, a historic barn, plus a lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the Umpqua Valley’s wine region. The property has neighboring farms and is located near other vineyards and tasting rooms. This is an ideal estate property for the wine country lifestyle! Also available from the same ownership: Lookingglass Ranch & Vineyard.

LOOKINGGLASS RANCH & VINEYARD ROSEBURG, OR • 128± ACRES • $1,750,000 The Lookingglass Ranch & Vineyard consists of 128± acres with 53± acres planted in Pinot Noir, 41± acres of one-year-old vines, and 12± acres of new plantings. It features high-quality infrastructure, including plumbing and filtration systems for the vineyard. There is additional arable ground, or new owner can continue use as a cattle ranch. The property also includes irrigation ponds, a historic 4 bedroom home, two mobile homes, new metal shop, feeder barn, all in the Umpqua Valley AVA. Also available from the same ownership: Lookingglass Vineyard Estate.

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“A head and to the west was our ranger station - and the mountains of Idaho, poems of geology stretching beyond any boundaries and seemingly even beyond the world.” ­  ­-Norman Maclean

A River Runs Through It and Other Stories

Date Designated as a State: July 3, 1890 Nickname: The Gem State Size: 83,642± square miles

Stats are approximates only.

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• 4,100± ACRES • $5,100,000

Champagne Creek Ranch is a beautiful turn-key operation with a lodge, yurts for rental and a residence. Located only 1.5 hours east of Sun Valley and one hour west of Idaho Falls, there is nothing here that is out of reach. The property has great mountain views and large numbers of large wild game year round. It can handle approximately 300 cow calf pairs, with hay ground in the valley making it the perfect full-time operation. Champagne Creek Ranch offers seclusion with easy access from county maintained roads, and is less than 10 minutes to Highway 33.


OREANA, ID • 3,800± ACRES • $4,900,000

The Boulder Creek Ranch – Owyhee Mountain is located south of Oreana, Idaho, in the high plateau region of one of the most uninhabited areas in the Lower 48. The ranch is comprised of 3,800± deeded acres, along with 7,880± acres of leased land. Boulder Creek flows through the property for 2± miles, along with Mammoth Creek and numerous other springs and creeks that bisect the property. The ranch has ideal grazing for cattle, running from May through October. The habitat and nutrition of the Owyhee grazing lands produce some of the best quality bull elk and mule deer Idaho has to offer. Located deep in the Owyhee Mountains, the Boulder Creek Ranch allows total privacy and wide open views that encompass what is truly cowboy country.

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INDIAN VALLEY, ID • 3,330± ACRES • $4,850,000

Twin Sisters Ranch consists of 3,300± deeded acres, situated in Indian Valley, adjacent to the West Mountains in south-central Idaho, just north of Boise and south of McCall. The Ranch has three year-round creeks and the Little Weiser River running through it. The Payette National Forest borders to the east, creating some of the best mule deer, elk and turkey hunting the state has to offer, and all tags are over-the-counter. Twin Sisters has a new log cabin, shop, garage, corral and tack room, all located in a beautiful setting on the banks of the Little Weiser River. It is an ideal hunting ranch, along with the possibility of grazing cattle on 7,800± acres of deeded and leased land.


CAREY, ID • 998± ACRES • $3,495,000

The Sparkes, Ellsworth Ranch is comprised of 998± acres of deeded land with 543± acres of irrigated crop ground and pasture. The ranch is located just to the northeast of Carey, overlooking the Carey Lake Wildlife Management area. What makes this ranch special is the gravity flow irrigation water flowing out of the High Line Canal. At present the ranch runs 125 head of black angus cows and calves on the irrigated pasture and some dry land pasture. Located close to many of the wonderful outdoor activities Idaho has to offer, this could serve as fantastic income-producing ranch headquarters. The additional 203± acres with water rights are located just west of the property, separated by 40± acres belonging to an adjacent land owner. 998± Acres $3,495,000 203± Acres $495,000

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ST. ANTHONY, ID • 110± ACRES • $1,450,000

The Henry’s Fork Riverview Ranch is legendary Idaho fly angler, guide, author, tyer, and outfitter Mike Lawson’s personal homestead and recreational property located on the banks of the Lower Henry’s Fork River near St. Anthony, Idaho. Replete with a large, custom-built family home and convenient detached garage shop, the 110± riverfront acres offer excellent dry fly fishing for large brown and rainbow trout amidst a network of islands, in addition to excellent waterfowl and whitetail deer hunting in its river bottoms.


GARDEN VALLEY, ID • 160± ACRES • $2,190,000

Black Bear Creek Ranch consists of 160± acres at the very end of a gated five mile private road, completely surrounded by Public Forest Service land and over a mile of South Fork of the Payette River frontage. It has excellent hunting or wildlife viewing of elk, deer, black bear, turkey, quail and grouse. It also has 100± acres of meadows with 225± acre feet of storage water rights and 60 acres of timber, including ponderosa pine, douglas fir, and aspen. The ranch has virtually private access to thousands of acres of public land. Owning this property will put you in the middle of the Payette River Valley with everything the system has to offer, from world class rafting, hunting or wildlife viewing. This is an exceptional property!

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DRIGGS, ID • 151± ACRES • $2,416,000

The Teton River Headwaters is situated in the valley between Driggs and Victor, ID and located only 20 minutes from Jackson Hole, WY. The property is surrounded by full views of the Big Hole Mountains and the Grand Tetons. Access from county roads in the north and east makes getting into the compound extremely easy. Teton River Headwaters features private access to Trail Creek and the Teton River for fishing, with open space and ponds for waterfowl. This property also owns both sides of the river with no access for public use and includes great water rights. With great potential for a conservation easement, this property will make someone’s dream come true.


MOYIE SPRINGS, ID • 701± ACRES • $2,900,000

This property is truly a wildlife estate and embodies a lot of great improvements that enhance habitat. Thunder Mountain Wildlife Estate is perfect for someone who enjoys the expanse of the wilderness and seeks adventures on and off their property. The property is centrally located to Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Troy, and Libby, Montana.

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ISLAND PARK, ID • 10± ACRES • $750,000

Pintail Point is on the shoreline of 6,000± acre Henry’s Lake. Surrounded by mountains, Pintail is an ideal setting for your dream home. It’s perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, with year-round recreational activities including; fishing, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling, and horseback riding. This high mountain lake is considered one of the finest trout fisheries in the West. Nearby, horseback riding on the Nez Perce Trail makes for a relaxing day. Pintail Point offers endless recreation for all seasons! Downhill skiing is a short drive to Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole, and Big Sky ski resorts. There are music festivals, antique/craft fairs, golf courses, and parks; including West Yellowstone National Park, Red Rock Refuge, Teton National Park, Henry’s Fork State Park. The nearby Henry’s Fork and Madison Rivers offer world-class fishing.


POLLOCK, ID • 604± ACRES • $750,000

Every once in a while, the ideal big game hunting property becomes available, allowing for virtually private hunting, without having to own thousands of acres. The 604± acre Dempsey Flat Property is such a place; a sportsman’s paradise surrounded by vast acres of the Salmon Mountain Range in the Payette National Forest. The property is six miles east of HWY 95 and the Little Salmon River, with Hat Creek flowing along the southern edge of the property. A slow drive into the property is worthwhile. The wildlife in the area consist of elk, mule deer, black bear and the occasional moose along with a variety of small game and predators that thrive in “hard to get to” mountain terrain and the high mountain lakes in the Payette National Forest.


CAMBRIDGE, ID • 760± ACRES • $850,000

The Grizzly Creek Ranch consists of 760± acres with Grizzly Creek flowing through the property from north to south. The property is located to the south of Cuddy Mountain in a private setting overlooking the Rush Creek drainage and the Grizzly Creek drainage. The property borders BLM to the south and smaller tracts of BLM to the north. The Payette National Forest is 3± miles to the north. The habitat and terrain is ideal for wildlife, including mule deer, turkey in the bottom grounds, and quail and chukkar throughout. Traditionally, this property has been used for hunting and grazing, and it offers a beautiful setting with mountain views and lush vegetation just a short two hour drive from Boise, Idaho.


DONNELLY, ID • 337± ACRES • $842,500

Finlandia Mountain Ranch is a beautiful, completely fenced, timbered property overlooking the Payette River Valley. It is located just south of McCall and three miles east of Donnelly. Willow Creek flows through the property from east to west. Whether you want a getaway property or a beautiful building site with lots of room for horses or kids, the Finlandia Mountain Ranch presents a wonderful opportunity.

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LAVA HOT SPRINGS, ID • 970± ACRES • $1,390,000

The Lava Hot Springs property is a 970± acre ranch split in two parcels – 650± acres and 320 acres, divided by state ground. Beautiful views extend across the valley and the property is seemingly endless! Lava is located on the east side of the Baldy Mountain and only three miles south of the Lava Hot Springs Recreation Area. It offers a great buy for this sized property, with diverse habitat and productive grazing land. The Caribou-Targhee National Forest covers thousands of acres and offers plenty of access trails for outdoor entertainment. This is a valuable and private sportsman’s paradise.


KOOSKIA, ID • 347± ACRES • $2,500,000

Occasionally an outstanding property like the Clearwater River Place becomes available, with approximately 347± secluded acres on the scenic Clearwater River. Ponds, meadows, and abundant wildlife make every day spectacular. The apple orchard and meadow along the river are home to deer, turkey, quail, and waterfowl. The large custom home overlooks the upper pond, where elk and deer are constant visitors. The custom-built cable tram provides secondary access and a safe way to entertain and impress even the oldest guests. Slowly moving across the river from an elevated platform is a memorable experience. Excellent hunting and fishing opportunities are available all over the ranch. Catch massive Chinook salmon in the spring and beautiful trout all summer, and fish for steelhead just below the ranch.


LEMHI, ID • 140± ACRES • $850,000

This 140± acre mountain ranch is situated along the banks of Basin Creek in the Lemhi Valley. Rolling grassy hills and snowcapped peaks provide the finishing touches to an inspiring canvas. Elk, deer, and antelope are frequent visitors on and off the ranch. The 140± acres have an array of habitat including willow-lined river banks and irrigated pastures of alfalfa and grass. There is access to federal lands to the west and east. Watersheds flow out of the Lemhi Range, which is in the Salmon National Forest. The habitat is a wonderful draw for elk, mule and whitetail deer, and chukkar. The property features conservatively-designed living quarters, an equipment shop, and a barn.


MONTPELIER, ID • 870± ACRES • $2,850,000

This ranch is a unique, clean, turn-key ranch with gravity-fed irrigation in the secluded Bear River Valley, surrounded by foothills. The property offers a multitude of outdoor recreational activities as well as ideal cattle and production ground. This ranch truly has it all, including a great price.

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WASHINGTON “Where ever I may roam; This is my land, my native land, Our verdant forest green, Caressed by silvery stream; From mountain peak to fields of wheat. Washington, my home.” — Helen Davis Date Designated as a State: Nov 11, 1889 Nickname: The Evergreen State Size: 71,362± square miles Stats are approximates only.

FLATIRON RANCH TONASKET, WA • 860± ACRES • $1,198,000 The Flatiron Ranch consists of 860± acres of superb recreation conveniently located 5± miles west of Tonasket in Okanogan County and overlooking Aeneas Lake. The property boasts excellent topography and year-round access with breathtaking ridge tops and isolated canyon creek bottoms. Flatiron Ranch has been professionally managed for wildlife and wildlife habitat for the last 20 years and is home to mule deer, Hungarian partridge, quail, mountain grouse, black bear and many other wildlife species. Furthermore, the ranch has an excellent road system for a new owner in search of adventurous four-wheeling and horseback riding. • 860± acres, made up of 53 deeded parcels, each ranging 5± to 20± acres, offering the owner an excellent opportunity to put a conservation easement in place • Located in the highly desired North Pine Creek Area • Within minutes to the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area, Loomis State Forest and Pasayton Wildlife Area • Professionally managed for wildlife over the last 20 years • Excellent upland game bird and big game hunting • Great trail systems for horseback riding or ATV’s • More than 300 days of sunshine per year with a comfortable 15± inches of rain • Golf, skiing, swimming and British Columbia all within a 1± hour drive

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THE LAW OF PRIOR APPROPRIATIONS Why its History is Important when Investing in a Ranch

By John Anderson, Broker Associate, Fay Ranches


here are two main types of water right systems actively used in the United States today: the Riparian system and the Law of Prior Appropriations. Many eastern states utilize the Riparian water rights system, which states that an owner whose property abuts a waterway has an inherent right to use that water in allocated amounts. Western state property owners don’t have that fundamental right and must establish a water right to utilize any water. Residential users are generally exempt and can use water for domestic purposes. The history of western water rights is surprisingly colorful and exciting. John Wesley Powell, born in New York in 1834, enlisted in the Union Army in 1861. He served and fought in the Civil War and was eventually promoted to a rank of major. After the Civil War, American society was eager to assert itself on the world stage. People from all societal levels envisioned a nation that extended from sea to shining sea. Rumors of mystical beasts, substantial gold deposits, and fertile soil were rampant in everyday conversations. These daily conversations eventually became a movement with a name: Manifest Destiny. The majority of Americans believed that it was the destiny of the nation to expand all the way to the Pacific Ocean, and a vast political movement focused on making this happen. In 1869, Congress sent John Wesley Powell and his expedition to map and inventory the natural resources available in the western part of North America. Powell and his comrades became legends, as they were the first Europeans to build rafts and float the Colorado River. Imagine taking on a rogue river in the middle of the wilderness with no prior knowledge of it. Those men showed uncommon grit and the will to survive in unimaginably challenging conditions. John Wesley Powell became an acclaimed scientist and provided Congress with a detailed assessment of the natural resources of western North America. The report highlighted the lack of water for establishing large settlements and outlined recommendations on how to deal with the arid landscape. One of the primary suggestions was that the United States government should own all water rights. Powell was so concerned about the lack of water that he suggested the boundaries of any new western state be based upon geographical watersheds. History tells us that Congress listened to some of his recommendations, but political pressure

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wouldn’t allow a methodical approach to western settlement. The law of Riparian water rights, if enforced, would be a complete disaster, so there had to be a better way. Benchmark court cases can give birth to new rulings when there is a loophole in the law or no legal precedent, which is what occurred in 1855 when the California Supreme Court listened to arguments in Irwin v. Phillips. The case, in a nutshell, is as follows: Matthew Irwin diverted a stream for the benefit of his mining operation. Later, Robert Phillips started a mining operation further downstream from Irwin. Phillips wanted more water and tried to divert the stream back to its original streambed course. An intense argument ensued. The court found that Irwin was the first person to use the water for beneficial use and therefore had priority over future users. Courts across the western landscape began basing their decisions on the logic employed in the California Supreme Court ruling, and the Law of Prior Appropriations was born. The law is fundamental and reflects the no-nonsense demeanor of the western frontier. Four elements comprise the Law of Prior Appropriations: intent, diversion, beneficial use, and priority. Essentially, first-in-time, first-in-use established a priority over all future users. To this day, the California Supreme Court decision continues to impact water rights disputes throughout the western United States. Although the cases are much more complicated compared to the Irwin v. Phillips case, the basic legal concepts are still in play. Ranch brokers are knowledgeable regarding water right issues in their communities, but it is always the best policy to hire an expert. Water rights experts professionally research water rights, frequently testify in court, have a grasp of the current political trends, and are knowledgeable about issues that may affect your water rights in the future. These experts are essential to any real estate investment involving water rights. Their reports typically provide an outline of your water rights history, points of diversion, delivery and potential non-compliant issues, and they can be critical in helping you maximize your land investment.

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INVESTING IN RANCHES By James Esperti, Partner/Ranch Sales, Fay Ranches


eople pursue ranch real estate in the Intermountain West for many reasons. Some are looking for that perfect hunting and fishing property with big mountain views, live water, and a variety of wildlife. Others may want a large, productive cattle ranch with abundant water rights and agricultural components. Some people value the proximity of the property to a sizable town that offers amenities such as fine dining, cultural events, shopping, airports, and music venues. When considering the purchase of a ranch, it is also important to consider its investment value. There are many approaches to how one manages their ranch assets, but some ranches lend themselves to extracting and realizing value more than others. The ideal ranch is one that checks all the desired boxes for the buyer while also providing financial benefits. Many properties have apparent potential sources of income and investment opportunities (existing features like cattle or timber production), and some are less obvious but still have potential value if you know what to look for. One potential opportunity is purchasing a property that is deeded into multiple separate parcels, providing options when considering exit strategies or ways to recoup some of the initial investment. You can sell the parcels independently or reconfigure them to fit your specific goals and usage of the ranch. Also, it is best if there are no current covenants or zoning restrictions that would prevent you from creating more parcels of record and subsequently more value.

State, or local governmental conservation policy, and will yield a significant public benefit; • The preservation of a historically significant land area or a certified historic structure.

Another aspect of some ranches is their conservation easement value. Many of the large legacy ranches in the West are already encumbered with conservation easements that run with the land and can prohibit future owners from managing their investment as they please. Conservation easements, when placed on a ranch, give the landowner an enormous income tax benefit. In order to qualify, a property must meet one of these four tests of conservation purpose: • The preservation of land areas for outdoor recreation by, or for the education of, the general public; • The protection of a relatively natural habitat of fish, wildlife, or plants, or similar ecosystem; • The preservation of open space (including farmland or forest land) where such preservation is for the scenic enjoyment of the general public or pursuant to a clearly delineated Federal,

Another consideration if you are in the market for a ranch is that some of the intermountain states do not implement a sales tax. This can be particularly beneficial if you are purchasing large items for your ranch like tractors and other equipment, as the cost savings can really add up.

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There are still plenty of properties available that would be ideal for implementing a conservation easement. The Montana Land Reliance website ( is an excellent resource if you are considering placing a conservation easement on your property or are looking for the ideal property on which to do it.

With some thought and planning, you can maximize the investment value of your current ranch, or find the ideal property that will provide that value, and potentially additional income. You just have to know what to look for.

Who wrote wht is a ranch manger Link for picture

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By Dan Leahy, DL Resource Management, LLC


here are many different potential roles on a property. Your exact needs will be determined by the type of property you own and its features and uses. The successful operation of a property, whether it’s a farm or a ranch, starts with making sure you have the right people for your property’s particular requirements. The ranch hand typically has a collection of duties such as checking herds, fence building, some equipment operation, hand irrigation, mucking out stalls and landscaping. This is a task level worker who can cover many of the basics. A herdsman has specific skills that are acquired with years of learning and doing. Purebred stock operations benefit most from a dedicated herdsman. Some smaller or commercial cattle operations will not require a dedicated herdsman. This is a very specialized position, which means the person may not be qualified or available for more general management duties. Ranches require electricians, equipment maintenance and repair, plumbers, welder-fabricators, and even ‘chemists’ who are responsible for the use of herbicides (which are regulated). A busy and productive operation will require all these trade skills. If subcontractors are not readily available (or are too costly), a ranch mechanic must be employed. It is possible to find one person with basic or better skills in each area, but the true ‘jackof-all-trades’ is not common these days. Mechanics are task level employees that may not be able to work as a general ranch hand or with livestock. A good mechanic is best with his hands and tools, and general management may not be his strong suit. Let’s not confuse farming with ranching. They often go together, but they are distinctly different activities. Can a ranch hand drive a swather? Of course. But will he also know what crops to plant and when? Or when to harvest or market them? A farmer may have a very specific set of skills and knowledge that many ranch hands will not have and vice versa. Of course, it is ideal to find someone with a multitude of skills if your property is being managed for multiple uses. There are endless possible needs for these types of workers, and what you may need is dictated by the way a property is put together, what it includes, and how it is organized to operate. Consider that managing for wildlife and environmental stewardship requires additional knowledge and experience to reach goals set by the owner or by regulatory agencies with interest in your land and operation.

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A foreman excels at one thing: getting things done. He is an effective supervisor of all the types of workers discussed above. Workers need leadership and direction and a good foreman can provide this. The most effective foreman works right alongside his ranch team and will do anything you need. A smaller or less complex property simply might not warrant a true ranch manager. If you prefer to refer to your foreman as ‘ranch manager,’ that’s fine. Just don’t let title lead you to make a mistake in hiring someone who is underqualified or overqualified for a job when someone with a different skill set is better suited to it. A true ranch manager has the unique ability to comprehend the needs of the land in their care and implement the vision of the owner. A good manager assesses, plans and designs, then executes. This is possible because of the reputation and experience he or she brings. A measure of their success is not the absence of challenges on a property, but rather how the manager overcomes those challenges. Hoping that an individual will ‘rise to the challenge’ without the clear evidence that they have done it before is not a good bet in any profession. If you have a large and/or complex property, you likely need a ranch manager (especially if you don’t spend much time there). It is important to identify what roles you should have on your property, and find the right people with the right skill sets to fill those roles. Don’t hire a foreman when a manager is needed, and on the flip side, don’t hire a manager when all that is required is a decent foreman. Your property will run much more smoothly if you have the right people working there. Dan Leahy has managed lands from Texas to Alaska. He specializes in ranch assessments and manager placements. He can be reached at


NORTH DAKOTA “Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.” - George Washington Date Designated as a State: April 30, 1812 Nickname: The Peace Garden State; The Flickertail State; Roughrider State Size: 52,271± square miles

Stats are approximates only.

FLAT TOP RANCH SQUAW GAP, ND • 4,867± ACRES • $3,900,000 Flat Top Ranch offers 4,867± pristine acres in one contiguous block and has been operated as both an established historic registered Quarter Horse operation and registered Angus operation. The property has excellent grass cover and is well-watered throughout. Rich in wildlife, this ranch boasts incredible habitat, and is home to mule and whitetail deer, elk, moose, antelope, huns, grouse, pheasant, turkey, and ducks. Marketed in conjunction with Hewitt Land Company, Listing Agency.

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COLORADO “A crystal clear Colorado sky opens above us, a blue so deep it makes you dizzy. The occasional bright white wispy cloud dances across the firmament, punctuating the deep blue vault of heaven stretching over this paradise.” - Neil M. Hanson,

Pilgrim Wheels, Reflections of a Cyclist Crossing America

Date Designated as a State: August 1, 1876 Nickname: The Centennial State, Switzerland of America Size: 104,185± square miles

Stats are approximates only.

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COLORADO BULL BASIN RANCH MONTROSE/CEDAREDGE, CO • 864± ACRES • $13,850,000 This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of the world’s best, top-rated, and turnkey hunting operations. Bull Basin Ranch began operation in 2003 with the goal of becoming the best private elk hunting ranch in North America, and after 15 years of hard work and dedication, nowhere else can offer the quality of elk or the experience of the hunt like Bull Basin Ranch. The scenery, the quality of the lodging, the amenities provided, and the number of giant elk taken are second to none. Bull Basin Ranch consists of three parcels located in the heart of Western Colorado. The upper ranch and lodge are nestled in the high country between Montrose and Gunnison, while the lower Red Bluff ranch is near Cedaredge below the Grand Mesa.


CRESTED BUTTE, CO • 35± ACRES • $3,595,500

The River House At Danni Ranch is a hidden treasure possessing all the beauty and majesty that Colorado has to offer; a recreational wonderland throughout all seasons of the year. In the summer, step outside the door of the magnificent log home to relish in world-class fishing on the East River or saddle your horse to ride out your gate through millions of acres of the surrounding Gunnison National Forest. With an abundance of aspen groves, fall is a breathtaking season to take a hike through the historic Danni Ranch, where large herds of elk roam the hills. In the winter, a short fifteen-minute trip up the mountain presents exceptional downhill and Nordic skiing, or you can ice skate on the lake just steps from your fence line. Co-listed w/ Bluebird Real Estate.


PAGOSA SPRINGS, CO • 88± ACRES • $3,300,000

Tucked away in a mountain meadow yet only eight miles to the quaint town of Pagosa Springs, this equestrian property is absolute perfection. Surrounded by the majestic San Juan Mountain range, the 88± acre ranch offers a diverse terrain of valley and hilltop with breathtaking views. The improvements are exquisite, with a gorgeous custom home sitting at the upper elevations of the ranch and a fantastic indoor arena in the valley.

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GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS By Rick Kusel, Broker Associate, Fay Ranches


ean-Jacques Rousseau said, “The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said ‘This is mine,’ and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society.” Growing up with my grandparents on our grain and livestock farm in Iowa, my grandfather had many sayings, but one that stuck with me that he consistently said was, “good fences make good neighbors.” I remember many long, hot days of walking the fences of our farm with a tin bucket filled with fencing staples, wire ties, fencing pliers, and a claw hammer, making sure that the fence was secure enough to keep our livestock in and keep the neighbor’s livestock out. Today, “good fences” are hard to find, considering many are decades old and often neglected. Mother Nature and her harsh elements, livestock, wildlife, and trespassers have all taken their toll on the fences over the years. In the western United States, many states are considered “open range,” meaning that livestock roam freely regardless of who owns the land, and you must put up a fence to keep animals out rather than to keep them in. Since the 1980s, many western states have passed laws that require landowners to fence roads and highways. The degree to which a landowner is responsible or liable for his or her livestock can vary from state to state. As a landowner, it is essential to familiarize yourself with your state and local fence laws. “Good fences make good neighbors” is more than just a saying, it is a reality in many places. Fences probably date back as far as prehistoric man and were typically a protective barrier of sorts. As livestock became domesticated, fences were used to contain animals in a relatively enclosed area. The invention of “barbed wire” or “barb wire” in the late 1800s forever changed the western United States, converting open range and free grazing to private pastures. Ranchers also hoped that fencing would slow the growth of settlers moving west looking for farmland.

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Fences have been constructed in various ways and with many different materials over the ages. Stone fences were built in the Bronze Age, indicating that the builders weren’t planning on leaving their land any time soon. Anglo-Saxons were known for growing dense hedges for fences that were beneficial to the surrounding ecosystems, including crops, soils, and wildlife that lived within. Today, we construct most farm or ranch fences with either wood or steel posts placed at a reasonable distance apart, depending on the lay of the land. They typically use barbed wire, and in some areas, high tensile smooth wire. We tend to build yard or corral fences with sturdier wood or steel rails. The type of fence you choose will depend on your personal desire and what uses it will have. There are many reasons to have a good fence. Nothing dresses up a farm or ranch better than an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional fence. It can change the landscape for the better and increase the property value. On the other hand, a broken or run down fence can make the property look abandoned, can be a safety hazard to livestock, and can decrease the property value. A solid fence is essential to any livestock operation. It helps keep animals contained, and is beneficial in keeping livestock near water sources. Also, cross-fencing helps with rotational grazing and better utilization of grasses or crops; all of which will increase your bottom line when owning an operating farm or ranch. Having proper fencing will also make your property more secure. It places a definite border between your property and your neighbor’s, discourages trespassing, and ultimately gives you peace of mind. If you are a current farm or ranch owner or contemplating becoming one, you should heed my grandfather’s advice and make sure you have a good fence. It is worth it.



“Another glorious Sierra day in which one seems to be dissolved and absorbed and sent pulsing onward we know not where. Life seems neither long nor short, and we take no more heed to save time or make haste than do the trees and stars. This is true freedom, a good practical sort of immortality.”

- John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra

Date Designated as a State: October 31, 1864 Nickname: The Silver State Size: 110,567± square miles Stats are approximates only.

MOSER RANCH DENIO, NV • 1,113± ACRES • $ 2,850,000 The Moser Ranch is an old time Nevada/Oregon desert ranch that lies next to Denio, NV. The deeded land and the BLM permit are in both states. The permit is out the gate both for summer and winter. The irrigated ground has water rights from Denio Creek for early spring and amazing wells for the remainder of the year. The Cow Lakes shares allow for another 200± cows and the ranch can put up enough hay for 450± cows. This is an opportunity to own a productive cattle ranch at an attractive per unit price. This is a true desert ranch out in big country.

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WYOMING “But if they ever saw a sunrise on a mountain mornin’ and watched those cotton candy clouds go by then they’d know why I live beneath these western skies.” - Chris LeDeoux Date Designated as a State: July 10, 1890 Nickname: The Equality State Size: 97,814± square miles

States are approximates only.


POWELL, WY • 455± ACRES • $1,450,000

Chalk Road Ranch represents a diversified farming and livestock operation with the benefit of hunting accessibility throughout the beautiful scenery. The property consists of working assets which make it a very profitable agricultural operation located in a beautiful setting along the east side of the Yellowstone Eco-System, near the world-famous Cody, Wyoming.


POWELL, WY • 980± ACRES • $2,400,000

VEO Irrigated Farm and Ranch is a high-quality irrigated operation with an excellent location in northwestern Wyoming near Cody, Wyoming. The property features irrigated land with a custom home, as well as a state grazing lease and agricultural improvements. This property consists of 980± acres (640± state grazing permit), excellent improvements, and great hunting opportunities. VEO Irrigated Farm and Ranch offers both lifestyle and livelihood elements. The irrigated lands are largely planted to alfalfa, and the grazing lease offers good grassland, backed up with functional improvements.

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TENNESSEE “Rocks and the rills deep tinted hills, There’s no spot so dear to me, Where’er I roam still it’s my Home Sweet Home, My own, my Tennessee.” -Willa Waid Newman Date Designated as a State: June 1, 1796 Nickname: The Volunteer State Size: 42,143± square miles

Stats are approximates only.

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SUNBRIGHT, TN • 9,000± ACRES • $13,050,000

The Pemberton Tract is a first-class investment-grade, upland timberland offering on the Northern Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee, as its arrangement of income-earning and return-based components is diverse and strong. Raw, undeveloped, and spread across Morgan and Scott Counties near Sunbright, Tennessee, the property consists of approximately 4,300± acres of vast stretches of upland pine plantation and natural hardwoods traversed and bordered by live-water creeks and streams. The property also features pre-merchantable loblolly pine and strong portions of other merchantable hardwoods, as well as many producing oil and gas wells which provide attractive income and future return. Additionally, the property includes miles of attractive road frontage, an exceptional interior road system, many accesses, attractiveness to solar farm developers, abundant wildlife, and multiple hunting leases.


SOMERVILLE, TN • 1,227± ACRES • $8,475,000

A wonderful West Tennessee country estate consisting of approximately 1,227± acres, a luxurious 5,000 SF house, indoor swimming pool and spa, guest house, golf green, top-of-the-line nine-stall horse barn, covered riding arena, equipment shops, pole barns, hay shed, seven paddocks with four-rail fencing, three horse loafing sheds, 9-acre lake, stock ponds, interior roads, extensive riding trails, tremendous wildlife, excellent hunting, wetlandscypress natural area, and recently installed pivot irrigation and grain bin storage. With an agricultural base of 714± cultivated acres generating grainproduction revenue and an equestrian developed farmstead, this property is a unique rural retreat 40± miles east of Memphis, Tennessee.

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ONEIDA, TN • 212± ACRES • $975,000

A beautiful property on the Cumberland Plateau, located near the popular Station Camp Horse Camp of the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area (NRRA), offering fenced pastures, a beautiful residential building site, four car garage, infinity pool, mile-long paved driveway, and a nature-preserve-like gorge with creeks, old growth trees, wildlife, miles of horse and ATV trails, caves, and amazing rock formations. An actual natural rock arch formation called Rainbow Rock is a highlight of the property. Rainbow Rock Farm is an exceptional opportunity to own a property where improvements abound. The property serves as a private nature reserve of extraordinary rock formations, creeks, woods, trails, and wildlife.


DAYTON, TN • 950± ACRES • $6,900,000

Consists of 950± acres located along the banks of the Tennessee River in the town of Dayton in southeast Tennessee. Almost three miles of shoreline of Chickamauga Lake make this one of the largest privately-held, undeveloped, waterfront properties remaining within 45 minutes of the Chattanooga area. Hay production, managed cattle, and row-cropping are the current agricultural operations in the level acreage while large stands of older-growth hardwoods and pine dominate the hillier portions of the property. Whitetail deer, duck, and wild turkey hunting are exceptional on the property, as well as fishing with access to largemouth bass waters of Chickamauga Lake around Dayton. Current revenue is generated from agricultural and hunting leases, in addition to rental houses on the farm.


BRISTOL, TN • 49± ACRES • $2,650,000

Riverview Ranch is a secluded property you would envision in a place like Montana or Wyoming, yet it is here in the Southeast in Tennessee. The property is host to a sizeable main house and guest cabin to accommodate family and friends and is situated along a substantial, continuous riverfront of a productive blue-ribbon trout river. The trout fishing doesn’t get any better than the South Fork of the Holston River. Additionally, the property features plenty of turkey and deer for hunting. This kind of investment doesn’t become available often.


WINFIELD, TN • 408± ACRES • $1,543,000

Roaring Paunch Cattle Farm is a rare, well-constructed, high-capacity cattle operation property in Scott County, Tennessee. This property borders the state line of Kentucky with an abundance of water sources and hay pasture. In addition, Roaring Paunch has two fishing lakes, a multi-tiered waterfall in a miniature state park grade gorge, and spectacular views of the Chitwood and Cumberland Mountains.

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DECATURVILLE, TN • 1,004± ACRES • $3,250,000

Whites Creek Ranch is a cattle farm with gently sloping hills and level valleys. The ranch is well-equipped with suitable barns for cattle, ponds in each of the ten cross-fenced pastures, and creek bottom land, perfect for producing high-quality hay. The owner’s cattle have been recently removed due to the retirement of the owner. Approximately 250 of the over 400± acres of open land are being leased for row cropping. The remaining pasture land is currently leased for running cattle. This farm could double as a fine hunting property for whitetail deer, Eastern turkey, doves, and quail. The land is also perfect for establishing an upland bird hunting preserve. Excellent building sites are available to build a suitable residence or family compound.


TAFT, TN • 214± ACRES • $2,250,000

Boone Springs Farm is a wonderful country estate of approximately 214± acres consisting of beautiful pastures, upland hardwood stands, year-round springs, streams, livestock operation infrastructure, and bountiful game. Located in Lincoln County, TN, only a 35-minute drive from the bustling city of Huntsville, AL, this farm also has a tremendous residence with pool, pool house, sauna, large utility shop building, two barns, and a substantial driveway.


TRACY CITY, TN • 34± ACRES • $755,000

Anderson Falls at Raven Point Farm is a wonderfully secluded retreat tucked away in the rugged natural beauty of the Southern Cumberland Plateau consisting of a magnificent two-tiered 105-foot waterfall with a swimming hole, charming 1900s farmstead with an approximately 1,800 square-foot farmhouse and outbuildings, fields and pond for horses or livestock, a private campground with Adirondack bunk shed and outhouse, live-water creek, abundant whitetail deer and wild turkey, and direct access to the amazing Fiery Gizzard Trail system of the South Cumberland State Park. What makes the property even better is that all of it is just minutes away from the small-town amenities of the historical railroad and mining town of Tracy City, Tennessee.


FRANKLIN, TN • 126± ACRES • $3,775,000

Harpeth Pass is a well-appointed, residential property with substantial acreage located in Williamson County, Tennessee, just minutes from Downtown Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville. There is an impeccably built log cabin constructed from materials dating to the 1870s. An additional, conventionally-constructed home was built in 1994. Land features include: old growth timber on the back ridge, an approximately two-acre stocked lake, open fields of about 18 acres, and a dead-end location that provides wonderful solitude without being far from town. Limited only by your imagination, this property could serve as a retreat, second home, event center, family compound, hunting headquarters, or primary residence. Your family is sure to enjoy the serenity of the outdoors with this property for years to come.

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MOUNTAIN CITY, TN • 2,096± ACRES • $2,730,000

An undeveloped, upland hardwoods timberland tract on the western slope of the mountain ridge running along the border of Tennessee and North Carolina in Johnson County, TN, very close to the Cherokee National Forest. Vantage points and possible cabin-sites throughout offer scenic views towards Mountain City while overlooking the pastoral Roan Creek Valley. This tract provides all the beauty, privacy, and seclusion one might expect in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whitetail deer, ruffed grouse, and wild turkey hunting on Stone Mountain are excellent considering the abundant wildlife. Stone Mountain is in close proximity to Redtail Mountain Golf Course & Resort, Watauga Lake, and South Holston and Watauga Rivers, providing a plethora of outdoor activities.


HUNTSVILLE, TN • 1,052± ACRES • $1,210,333

An investment-grade, beautiful Tennessee mountain property of raw land on the Northern Cumberland Plateau consisting of hardwood timber, mineral reserves, exceptional viewsheds, and wildlife including elk, deer, and turkey. The Dean Tract is unique as it is one of the very few large, privately held tracts in Tennessee with a frequency of an elk population. The income/return opportunities of its timber and mineral reserves are considerable.


SOMERVILLE, TN • 602± ACRES • $2,200,000

This picturesque and peaceful tract of land with good fencing, quality improvements, and extensive water supply offers a wide variety of recreational and income-producing options for the buyer. This well-maintained property provides a multitude of investment opportunities, while also allowing for savoring and enjoyment of this serene, rustic landscape.


TEN MILE, TN • 285± ACRES • $795,000

An approximate 285±-acre property consisting almost half of fenced cattle pasture and cultivated fields and the other half of mostly upland hardwood timber which has been managed for decades in the beautiful, pastoral Ten Mile Valley of Tennessee. With several year-round springs and great wildlife habitat, whitetail deer and Eastern wild turkey are prevalent, and mourning doves are abundant. This tract also boasts having the highest peak in Meigs County where an old historical, accurate compass is engraved in a rock at the summit.

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GEORGIA “Way down in the blue ridge mountains Way down where the tall pines grow Lives my sweetheart of the mountains She’s my little Georgia rose” -The Seldom Scene,

Little Georgia Rose

Date Designated as a State: Jan. 2, 1788 Nickname: The Peach State, Empire State of the South Size: 59,425± square miles Stats are approximates only.


CLOUDLAND, GA • 47± ACRES • $795,000

Cloudland Blufftop is a unique property consisting of a well-built cabin, three spectacular waterfalls, amazing rock formations, designed trails, true bluff frontage, a gin-clear lake, beautiful rhododendron and mountain laurel thickets, and pine-hardwood mix woods. Sitting at the head of Tatum Gulch on the western escarpment of Lookout Mountain, Cloudland Blufftop looks out over spectacular and protected views of the gorge down through to the pastoral valley in Rising Fawn, Georgia. It is the epitome of a secluded, mountain cabin retreat in a state-park grade setting. This property is truly a unique and valuable investment. • • • • •

True bluff location at the head of Tatum Gulch Approximately 2,200± to 2,300± feet of bluff-line Spectacular mountain gorge views Approximately 1,250± SF cabin with 325± SF covered back porch 3 waterfalls, 3 streams, 1 lake

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Sportsmen share a deep connection with the land they hunt. Join us each issue as we celebrate the land, the hunt, and the upland lifestyle.

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“There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy and its charm.” - Theodore Roosevelt

26th President of the United States

Date Designated as a State: Mar. 3, 1845 Nickname: Sunshine State, Everglade State, Gulf State Size: 65,755± square miles

Stats are approximates only.

TRAFFORD LAKE RANCH IMMOKALEE, FL • 1,001± ACRES • $6,900,000 Located approximately 45 minutes from both Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, this prolific sporting property provides world-class hunting and fishing just minutes from some of the finest beaches, shopping and restaurants in Southwest Florida. With approximately 1.5± miles of frontage on one of the finest largemouth bass fisheries in Florida, the property also provides tremendous hunting for the legendary Osceola turkey, whitetail deer and American alligators. The property has an excellent mix of uplands, wetlands, and swamp land, and seasonal duck and dove hunting. Lake Trafford Sporting Ranch is also a wildlife-viewing paradise, and has diverse resident and migratory birds. There are also Florida panthers and black bear on the property. The property is bordered on two sides by the Pepper Ranch Preserve, which further enhances the wild aura of the ranch. This is a rare opportunity to own one of a few ranches this size in Collier County.

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MISSISSIPPI “To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi.” -William Faulkner

Date Designated as a State: Dec. 10, 1817 Nickname: The Magnolia State, The Hospitality State Size: 48,430± square miles

Stats are approximates only.

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WEBB, MS • 4,453± ACRES • $18,000,000

Located 90± miles south of Memphis, TN in the heart of the Mississippi Delta next to the Tallahatchie River is the renowned waterfowl hunting property called Mallard Rest. With over 4453± combined acres of seasonal row-cropping, specialized hunting food plots, lakes, swamps, and creekbottom woods, Mallard Rest has been meticulously developed and maintained specifically for the ardent duck hunter while also providing exceptional whitetail deer and mourning dove hunting. On the market for the first time after 40 years of private use, this turn-key farm also includes a main lodge, manager’s residence, large farm shed, farming equipment, and multiple wells. • 3663± deeded acres • 790± leased acres • 4453± acres total

HICKORY CREEK FARM CARRIERE, MS • 1,401± ACRES • $4,903,500 Hickory Creek Farm is a classic Southern gentlemen’s property just over an hour north of New Orleans. The farm and family retreat is a terrific mix of towering pines and hardwoods, creek bottoms, impoundments, agricultural fields, and open grasslands. Traditionally operated as a private quail hunting plantation, the farm also boasts quality whitetail deer, turkey, dove, waterfowl hunting, and bass and brim fishing. The charming plantation home overlooks a lake and has a pool, tennis court, barns, horse stalls, dog kennels, manager’s house, and other improvements. Hickory Creek Farm can easily become a family’s favorite getaway retreat, just as it has been for the current owners for three generations. Entertaining family and friends and making memories while enjoying quality outdoor sporting experiences make Hickory Creek Farm a special and unique property.

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MINERAL RESOURCES & MINERAL RIGHTS IN THE SOUTHEAST By George “Mac” E. McGee IV Principal Broker, Fay Ranches Southeast


he vast mineral resources of the southeastern United States are wide-ranging and have a long history of discovery, development, and economic benefit. Mineral rights, which may or may not have been “severed” throughout a chain of ownership and title, continue to be an essential component in the discussion of southeastern land real estate. Some regional mineral resources date back to before the American Revolutionary War when, for instance, iron ore and lead were first mined in the early 1600s in Virginia, or when gold was first reported in 1774 in North Carolina.

When considering minerals in the southeastern United States, most people think of coal. Coal is and has been a significant resource developed throughout the mountainous and foothill regions from West Virginia through Tennessee down to Alabama since the 1800s. Historically, the area has also garnered attention for its mineral deposits like iron ore, copper ore, gold, silver, and limestone. Many folks these days have either forgotten or never knew there were and are many other southeastern mineral “plays” in crude oil, natural gas, mountain stone, clays, zinc, lithium, barite, cadmium, mica, sand, salt, phosphate, and more. Because of economic interest in hydrocarbon discovery and speculation, crude oil and natural gas development have a surprisingly substantial history within the Southeast. Crude oil is currently an important commodity in West Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana, which are three of the top 15 producing states in the country. Additionally, areas like Tennessee’s Northern Cumberland Plateau, while less significant in the broader sector, have been in oil production since 1916. With natural gas prices still very low, development in the more costly or speculative areas of the Southeast has slowed dramatically in recent years. Nonetheless, southeastern natural gas production and development opportunities exist in much of the region. Marcellus, Chattanooga, Black Warrior, and Tuscaloosa shale basin areas are examples of some of the well-known plays. Depending upon the area in the Southeast, mineral rights can be or have been severed in different ways to delineate surface versus subsurface or to specify the type of minerals by name. Within the very historically mined and timbered area of the Cumberland Plateau stretching from Kentucky to Alabama, there have been many transfers in ownership and different exploitations of mineral resources going

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back to the 1800s. There is great variation in severed mineral title-work terminology such as “coal-specific” or “surface only mountain stone and flagstone,” or “subsurface hydrocarbons.” There is also general, all-encompassing terminology suggesting complete severance such as “any and all mineral rights surface and sub-surface” or “all mineral rights.” As a result of the long history and vast array of mineral development throughout the Southeast, it is no surprise the issue of mineral rights has become increasingly important in real estate transfers. Throughout the Southeast, mineral plays have or continue to have a significant impact on local economies and real estate such as the niche-market kaolin clay in South Carolina and Georgia or broad-market phosphate in Florida. Investment into mineral rights and responsible development can still be very lucrative. For investors looking to develop minerals as a commodity on the market, confirming rightful ownership of mineral rights and access is paramount. In instances that prospective buyers are looking to purchase rural land assets not only to park a portion of their wealth in stable, appreciable investments but also to use for personal enjoyment and recreation, it is just as necessary to understand and confirm a property’s mineral rights. Who wants to invest in land and recreational improvements only to encounter a future announcement from an energy or mining company of intent to access, build infrastructure, and execute long-term contracts of production? Nonmineral-developing investors are smart to look for “peace-of-mind” by pursuing fee-simple properties, or by purchasing severed mineral rights from third parties, or by pursuing properties in areas of the Southeast where currently “severed” mineral rights situations present no or very minimal concern of undesirable resource development and access. At Fay Ranches Southeast, we always recommend you make every effort to understand your current or prospective southeastern land asset’s mineral rights. This is where real estate title attorneys who have significant experience in mineral rights can be worth every penny spent in trusted title research and opinion. Minerals can be a great asset, providing responsible, substantial income and return to an investor, or peace-of-mind to a recreational landowner. Don’t be scared of them, just research and understand them so you can make informed decisions.

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We have agents spread across the United States with a variety of hobbies and industry knowledge of everything from vineyards to working ranches and farms, to sporting properties.  We have agents that have won prestigious fly-fishing competitions and others that are successful team ropers. Most importantly, we are all dedicated to being knowledgeable and highly competent. We don’t have a lot of agents because we are selective, hiring talented people who don’t cut corners. Our clients are successful business people with significant land assets and high expectations, and we want the best agents in the business. It is also vital that we enjoy our work, so we look for team players that we could be in a truck with for two days. If Fay Ranches sounds like it may be a good fit, feel free to reach out to a Fay agent in your area, or call us here at the main office in Bozeman, Montana. We’d be happy to visit with you.

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FA R M S • T I M B E R • R A N C H E S • P L A N T A T I O N S


TEXAS ”I must say as to what I have seen of Texas, it is the garden spot of the world. The best land & best prospects for health I ever saw is here, and I do believe it is a fortune to any man to come here. There is a world of country to settle.” - Davy Crockett, letter to his children, 1836 Date Designated as a State: Dec. 29, 1845 Nickname: The Lone Star State Size: 268,597± square miles

Stats are approximates only.

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TEXAS CIRCLE E RANCH GRIMES COUNTY, BEDIAS, TX • 2,096± ACRES • $16,000,000 The Historic Circle E Ranch is a high-fenced hunting ranch located in one of the most sought after areas near Houston and College Station. The ranch is one of the more unique properties in the area, and is a perfect combination for the outdoorsman, conservationist and cowman alike. The ranch consists of 2,096 manicured acres with a water feature around every corner. There are fertile coastal fields mixed in with thick brush: ideal cover for whitetails and exotics. There is a 60-acre lake located in the middle of the property that is home to outstanding fishing and duck hunting. The entire ranch is high-fenced with multiple cross sections for managing the cattle and exotic hoofstock. There is an exceptional road system on the ranch that includes roads along every fence for easy maintenance. Full turn-key property with all animals and rolling stock being sold and ready for move in.


WALLER COUNTY, WALLER, TX • 381± ACRES • $13,950,000

El Corazon is a 381 acre park-like setting with highly improved grass pastures, many exotics, live oak tree lined roads and a beautifully designed 15,000 sq ft main house. The house has 4 bedrooms and 5 full baths overlooking a beautiful 21 acre lake. The ranch has a total of 4 homes and a barn apartment, 2 large lakes and manicured pastures. It will be hard to find a better place with unlimited possibilities within the outskirts of Houston. The ranch has been under a game management program for genetically improved whitetailed deer as well as numerous exotics including black buck, axis, red deer, barashinga, fallow deer, impala, sables, gemsbok, red lechwe, zebras, blesbock and Pere David deer. The area has very good dove hunting, and also has a barn for raising chukar and pheasant for hunting. The lakes have excellent trophy bass fishing as well as seasonal duck hunting. The ranch has a well-designed high fence along the entire perimeter. Co-listed with Bobby Hunt, Superior Farm and Ranch Realty.

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EL RANCHO CIMA HAYS & COMAL COUNTIES, WIMBERLEY, TX • 2,382± ACRES • $24,500,000 In the heart of the Texas Hill Country, along the edge of the Edwards Plateau, sits the historic El Rancho Cima. This property boasts the iconic Devil’s Backbone ridge line and pristine, deep water frontage along both sides of the Blanco River. The beauty of this area has captured the hearts of all who have passed through it. The Devil’s Backbone and twelve additional mesas on the ranch provide vantage points for unmatched, panoramic views of the Blanco River Valley. For the past 63 years, the Boy Scouts of America have been stewards of this 2,382 acre ranch, not only preserving and enriching its features but using the property to instill the values of character and land stewardship.

HISTORIC VEALE RANCH TARRANT & PARKER COUNTIES, FT. WORTH, TX • 3,790± ACRES • $95,000,000 The Historic Veale Ranch is a very rare offering, available to only the best of land stewards and most savvy investors. This large working cattle ranch is unique because of its size and location in the area, and the ranch gate is only 11 miles west of downtown Fort Worth! Seldom does a ranch of this magnitude come on the market in the DFW area. The vistas are stunning, rolling plains are mesmerizing, and the future opportunities are limitless. The ranch is located southwest of the intersection of Aledo Road and RM 2871 in the City of Fort Worth’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. It presents a future land capacity, after development, of over 33,000 residents.

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BANDERA COUNTY, TARPLEY, TX • 2,234± ACRES • $16,755,000

The Hondo Creek Ranch, in south-central Bandera County, offers prolific live water, developed water features, productive valleys, exceptional topography, forever views and fantastic historical improvements. The stunning O’Neil Ford remodeled historical custom home overlooks valleys encompassing the 1.65 miles of Hondo Creek and 1.1 miles of Spring Creek that are found on the ranch. The extensive water features, rich native grasses, abundant wildlife, stately oaks plus inviting canyons and ridges make this ranch the epitome of the the Texas Hill Country. The ranch is home to thriving populations of white-tailed deer, turkey, dove, quail and varmints plus exotics including Pere David deer, red deer, axis deer, fallow deer, water buck, aoudad and feral hogs. In addition, this area of Texas is a known destination for birdwatchers!


BEE COUNTY, SKIDMORE, TX • 3,238± ACRES • $11,818,700

Lazy A is a fantastic low-fenced ranch with huge neighbors and a less than three hour drive from Houston. The ranch harbors a great herd of managed native white-tailed deer, huge numbers of turkey, ample semi-open country for bountiful quail hunting, and is located in a great dove hunting area. The live water river, Aransas River, runs year-round through the property and there are several large creek drainages running through the property as well. This ranch also has some of the oldest and largest oak trees to be found anywhere in Texas. The main house is a ranch style home that sits nestled among a live oak forest. The house is a 4,000 sf, 4-bedroom/4 bath with several porches and surrounds a nice swimming pool for cooling off during those September dove hunts.

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JEFF DAVIS COUNTY, FT. DAVIS, TX • 17,300± ACRES • $38,925,000 The historic Lion Mountain Ranch is named for one of the many peaks found on the ranch. Lion Mountain is a landmark that can be seen from many places on the ranch and was named by area ranchers for its shape resembling a crouching lion. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire an historic ranch in the revered “sky island” Davis Mountains of Far West Texas. Rarely do ranches become available in these mountains and this ranch is available for only the second time in well over a century. This ranch has the “wow” factor! A unique opportunity offering incredible igneous rock features, flowing springs, creeks, lots of trees, great grasses, wildlife, hunting, over 1850 feet of topographic relief, easy access, good roads and nice improvements. The Lion Mountain Ranch is indeed a unique and special place.



• 6,710 ± ACRES • $12,936,250 The Diamond B Ranch is part of the Historic Welder-Rancho Esperanza. It is approximately 6,500 acres in one high-fenced pasture, with a 50-acre entrance parcel and 160 acres on the northwest side that are transferred by a deed without warranty. The main ranch is an incredible mixture of native brush species perfect for growing large deer. A branch of San Diego Creek bisects the ranch from west to east. This is a deep creek with large trees and a very large water erosion control dam.

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VAL VERDE COUNTY, COMSTOCK, TX • 40,138± ACRES • $30,103,500

A rare jewel in the desert, the Monarch Ranch is located on over five miles of the pristine Devils River, 30 miles upstream from Lake Amistad. Stunning views of the Devils River Basin and deep canyons greet visitors to the ranch as you climb over 300 feet from the river. Fantastic hunting and fishing, miles of paved roads and a 6,000 foot lighted and paved airport runway make the ranch extremely accessible in this dramatic country. The purported largest volume cave in Texas and remains of Fort Hudson are just a few of the amazing sites to visit on the ranch. The Monarch Ranch is found where multiple eco-systems meet, including elements of the Chihuahuan Desert, Edwards Plateau and Tamaulipan Thornscrub along with deep river basin soils containing towering pecan trees and majestic live oaks along the riverbank.



Located on the southern edge of the Edwards Plateau just before the hills give way to the South Texas Plains, Piñon Ranch’s 10,318± acres are a fusion of the Hill Country and South Texas. Dramatic topography, unspoiled vistas, and diverse plant species – including a rare proliferation of extraordinary piñon pine trees – make this recreational paradise unique in its class of elite Texas ranches. Owned and operated for decades by the same family, Piñon epitomizes the larger-than-life Texas ranch culture. The ranch features towering cliffs, hidden caves, countless miles of jeep trails, Native American artifacts, and clear night skies that stretch beyond the imagination. The yearround big game hunting opportunities will occupy your dreams by night, then challenge your wit and stamina by day.

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BLANCO COUNTY, CYPRESS MILL, TX • 1,562± ACRES • $13,950,000 The stunning Pedernales River Valley between Cypress Mill and Johnson City is one of the most idyllic areas in our Texas Hill Country. River Valley Ranch, by all measures, represents the best this area has to offer. With its 1.3 miles of unspoiled river frontage, including a 20-acre natural lake with cascading runs on each end of it, rolling terrain, native grasses, majestic trees, diverse habitat, wildlife and unobstructed views that go on forever, this ranch is ready for its next steward. Less than 20 miles from the Hill Country Galleria, River Valley Ranch is an absolute escape from the crowds in one of the most peaceful settings that can be found in the Texas Hill Country.


VAL VERDE COUNTY, DEL RIO, TX • 12,250± ACRES • $12,403,125 MOTIVATED SELLER! With stunning views, outstanding hunting, star filled night skies and first class improvements, Rock Canyon Ranch is a true gem located where the Trans Pecos, the Hill Country and the Brush Country come together in Val Verde County. At about 12,250 acres with sweeping valleys and awesome ridgelines, Rock Canyon is in an elite group of large, high-quality Texas ranches. This ranch boasts some of the finest native and exotic game hunting in the area, with both high-fenced and low-fenced pastures. The ranch contains approximately 5,150 acres under high fence; divided into several distinct pastures with highly improved whitetail genetics and trophy exotic game. The remaining low-fenced portion of the ranch offers excellent white-tailed deer, other native game and free-range exotic hunting.

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TEXAS SHOOP RANCH WEST WISE & DENTON COUNTIES, NEW FAIRVIEW, TX • 1,807± ACRES • $16,700,000 The Shoop Ranch is a remarkable property with live water and a lot of character just north of Fort Worth. It is a large predevelopment opportunity with a prime location in the heart of one of the nation’s fastest growing economies over the next five years. The Shoop Ranch is north of the Alliance Airport and between Decatur and Denton. Whether it is an immediate development play or a strategic hold for the near future is up to the land investor. The ranch has over 1.5 miles of both sides of Oliver Creek, which is a stunning clear water creek that runs all year long. It has limestone bottoms and is covered with fossils and long stretches of fishable water with bass, perch, and carp. There are about 12 stock tanks scattered throughout the ranch for livestock, and the largest is about 1.5 acres in size.

WEARDEN FARM & RANCH JACKSON COUNTY, GANADO, TX • 5,076± ACRES • $20,100,000 The Wearden Ranch is an exceptional recreational property featuring farming income and prime rice land. Nearly 3,000 acres of live oak woods bracketed by crops and pasture, in an area renowned for its waterfowl hunting, provide for some of the best hunting opportunities within 100 miles of Houston. Sandy Creek, a beautiful white sand bottomed, clear water creek, forms the east border of the ranch for + 1.8 miles. This area is rich in game. Deer and hogs are numerous in the woodlands, along with a good population of turkey. Varmints such as bobcats and coyotes are common, and the area is known to have periodic big cat sightings.

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WINCHELL RIVER RANCH BROWN & COLEMAN COUNTIES, WINCHELL, TX • 4,567± ACRES • $15,961,665 This classic Texas Cross Timbers hunting and agricultural ranch overlooks approximately 2.5 miles of the Colorado River between Brownwood and Brady. The ranch is improved with a 7,000 square foot main lodge and several smaller homes. In addition to the river, the ranch has over 40 lakes and ponds. It is very difficult to find a ranch that offers as much high quality deer, duck, quail, dove, turkey and fishing opportunity in one package; plus agricultural income potential, beautiful accommodations and the majority of the mineral estate with total surface control. The Winchell River Ranch is at the conjunction of the Cross Timbers and the Edwards Plateau regions of Texas. The property is dominated by a mix of live oak stands and expansive grasslands with cedar breaks running along the high country topography coming up from the river bottoms.


VAL VERDE COUNTY, LANGTRY, TX • 14,035± ACRES • $9,122,750 THE FINEST LIVE WATER OPPORTUNITY IN TEXAS! The historic French Ingram Ranch in Val Verde County, Texas has over 7 miles of crystal clear flowing Pecos River frontage. This very private ranch has been in the same family since the 1920s and includes a spectacular cut limestone home, custom built in the 1930s. The headquarters area is nestled in a beautiful valley with live oaks, conjuring up images of famed Texas Ranger Capt. Jack Hays stepping out to greet a visitor on the screened porch. This is an incredible year-round recreational ranch paradise that offers both hunting and fishing, not to mention exploring for Native American artifacts or pictographs and enjoying the stars at night or the daytime views of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains.

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Just 90 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Dallas, this spectacular country getaway on 210 pine-studded acres is a true sportsman’s paradise the whole family will enjoy. The sparkling, spring-fed Lake Athens is home to some of the best boating, skiing and championship bass fishing in all of Texas. Beyond its iron gates and long tree-lined driveway, the white plantation-style estate shimmers in the sunlight with the deep blue lake in the background. The classic two-story home offers wraparound porches with soaring columns on both the lower and second floors. These wide verandas offer gracious Southern style living with abundant shade on all four sides. The location is serene and quiet and easy to access on the south side of Lake Athens. The property is mostly high-fenced and provides sanctuary to a lot of wildlife.


JACKSON COUNTY, PORT LAVACA, TX • 1,600± ACRES • $11,500,000

The Wolf Point Golf Club and Ranch is truly one of the most incredible private ranches and golf courses in the country. It is absolutely one the most exclusive private clubs ever built. There is a lake of approximately twelve acres that provides water for all course irrigation. There is a beautiful clubhouse with his and her locker rooms and a large bar and gathering area overlooking the course. There are also two large maintenance barns for equipment and a cart barn for all the carts. The surrounding property is all low fence except for the 5,000 foot paved runway and the climate controlled airplane hangar. This portion of the property is all high-fenced. The runway was recently built to TxDot specifications and can accommodate almost any size aircraft.



This unique waterfront property is truly one of a kind. Situated on the banks of the Angelina River, just below the gates of the Sam Rayburn Reservoir, this peaceful retreat offers seclusion and beauty in true East Texas style. Eight acres of hardwoods and pine envelop a modern, meticulously designed 1900s-style home with attached guest house and separate log cabin. Expansive decking, illuminated at night, creates a wonderful setting for entertaining family and friends. Walking trails crisscross the property leading to several scenic lookout points high on the banks of the river. Following the trails away from the river you find a screened in deck that provides peaceful seclusion where you can get lost in a book or quietly observe the property’s resident wildlife.



This Aransas River Ranch is part of the famous Rooke Ranch in Refugio County. What a unique opportunity to own 945 to 1,200 acres on the Aransas River. It is a great mixture of river bottom, large trees, thick brush, creeks/ swales and great hunting. The upland portion of the ranch is relatively flat, with Chocolate Swale running through the north and east portions of this part of the ranch. The river portion starts high and gently rolls down to the Aransas River. This river pasture has approximately 2.5 miles of river frontage. The majority of both pastures of the property are low-fenced with good deer and the ever-present wild hogs. The ranch also sets up well to hunt dove and quail.

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KINNEY COUNTY, BRACKETTVILLE, TX • 1,947± ACRES • $2,579,775 Located in the transitional zone between the Rio Grande Plains and the Edwards Plateau, this ranch provides a unique blend of the Hill Country and South Texas. An excellent water system, abundant free-ranging native and exotic big game, turkey, quail and dove make this an excellent hunting ranch. The main roads on the ranch are excellent, with approximately six miles having been improved with a rock crusher and easily drivable in two-wheel drive. The ranch shares over a mile of border with the Kickapoo Cavern State Park. The ranch features the wet weather East Sycamore Creek running northsouth through the property, with hillier terrain on either side. The hills on opposite sides of this drainage provide fantastic views across the ranch. There are numerous great locations to sit and glass from the hilltops.


BRAZORIA COUNTY, WEST COLUMBIA, TX • 841± ACRES • $3,257,185 Looking for a quality cattle ranch with recreational upside? Hundreds of acres of thick bluestem, high quality perimeter fencing, blacktop access, and close proximity to Houston are the agricultural highlights of this property. Recreational potential is enhanced by several existing ponds, an existing building in good condition that would make a great hunting lodge and party barn, and an entryway with mature pecans and oaks in a parklike setting that would make an excellent location for additional lodging or a homestead. The main pasture on this ranch is +475 acres covered in bluestem. An additional +135 acres are utilized as hay meadows, and is part bluestem and part improved Bermudagrass. The balance of the pastures are a mix of native grasses and bluestem.


MILAM COUNTY, CAMERON, TX • 270± ACRES • $1,790,000 Black Diamond Ranch is a great hunting property named for the Blackjack Oaks that you’ll find throughout the high-fenced property. Situated with Harl Creek running through the property, the ranch is heavily wooded with trails and a few open areas with multiple hunting blinds and feeders. The ranch is stocked with genetically superior white-tailed deer, fallow, axis, and blackbuck, and many of these are trophy quality! There are three ponds that are ideal for wildlife and cattle. Conveniently located 45 minutes north of College Station and just 2 hours from Dallas and Houston, the ranch includes a 7 bedroom 4 bath home with an open concept that is perfect for entertaining or for weekend retreats.

BLUE RANCH LEE COUNTY, BLUE, TX • 1,150± ACRES • $6,900,000 Blue Ranch is a breathtaking property ideal for a family hunting/grazing ranch and/or investment as a potential future development 45 minutes from Austin. This amazing 1,150 acre ranch consists of rolling coastal fields, fertile alluvial bottoms with exceptional hardwood forests along with superior elevation perfect for viewing central Texas sunsets. There are two creeks running through the ranch, one of which is the live Middle Yegua Creek. This creek runs through the ranch for two miles. There are large grassy meadows consisting of native grasses such as little bluestem, hooded windmill and many others along with spectacular seasonal wildflowers. The perimeters of the meadows are surrounded with hardwood forests that are loaded with massive oak, elm and hundreds of mature pecans.

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Beautiful ranch/equestrian property located in the heart of Fulshear, Texas and only 40 min from downtown Houston. Driving in, the property’s lush coastal grass leads into a blanket of mature oak and pecan trees allowing for a postcard view from the ranch house located at the end of the road. The home’s deck overlooks Bessie’s Creek which winds around the west side of the ranch offering awesome sunset scenes. Behind the existing ranch house is rolling terrain filled with more oak and pecan. The ranch offers 43 stalls–some with turnout areas; two rounds pens–one lighted 140’ round pen; 100’ x 160’ covered arena; air conditioned tack rooms and multiple cattle pens. This is a wonderful ranch in an awesome location.




Located less than an hour south of the Sam Houston Tollway outside of Sweeny, the Brazoria Oaks Ranch is a working cattle ranch. The ranch is mostly cleared of thick timber and underbrush, but the open prairie is loaded with beautiful, mature, Spanish moss covered oaks. The pastures are some of the most scenic on the upper coast. Native game on the ranch include deer, hogs, dove, and in the winter months, waterfowl. Other than hog control, there has been very little hunting pressure on this ranch. This area is known for excellent waterfowl hunting, and with some additions of wetland units, could make an excellent duck and goose property during the winter months.



• 188± ACRES • $1,500,000

Brazos Long Bend Ranch sits on the Long Bend of the Brazos River just as it pours into Possum Kingdom Lake. Very rarely can you find a ranch in this price range with 2.5 miles of river frontage! The ranch’s 188 deeded acres are surrounded by approximately 225 acres of very private Brazos River Authority land. This is a truly rare and awesome opportunity for sportsmen. The ranch has plenty of lodging for large groups including two extremely unique real log cabins, a small farm house and a finished-out army barrack. Brazos Long Bend Ranch’s terrain is generally rolling with one prominent “sand hill” on the western side of the ranch. The views looking down to the river and back towards the east are excellent. A small amount of clearing would allow you to have a 360 degree panorama. Some minerals with production available.



Caplin Ranch, located in Athens, Texas is a wonderful example of luxury living combined with the outdoor adventures of bass fishing and hunting. This 192 acre ranch includes a beautiful 10,000 sq. foot lodge of 8 bedrooms and 8 1/2 bathrooms, commercial kitchen, wine vault and even a saltwater pool and workout facilities. Along with the trophy bass lakes, this property has a horse stable and other barns for the equestrian interests and a foreman’s home that is located near the tree-lined gated entrance.

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CASA BENDITA RANCH BRAZORIA COUNTY, WEST COLUMBIA, TX • 149± ACRES • $2,100,000 The beautiful Casa Bendita Ranch is located only 50 miles from Houston and is located just south of West Columbia. This is a live river ranch with a fantastic home surrounded by huge live oaks, pecans, rolling pastures and 1,500 feet of the San Bernard River. This recreational ranch includes a boat ramp and a boat dock with access to water skiing and fishing on the bay and gulf. The San Bernard River offers access to a great variety of fishing and hunting. White-tailed deer on the ranch are abundant. There are also doves, a few quail, hogs and plenty of predators.


DUVAL COUNTY, FREER, TX • 1,233± ACRES • $2,774,250 This perfect family sized South Texas Ranch has become available just in time for the upcoming hunting season! Chaparral Ranch exemplifies all that South Texas has to offer from excellent native wildlife and habitat to a top notch trophy deer herd. This ranch has been meticulously managed for years with extreme detail to improvement and enhancement of native species along with producing trophies year after year. This rare find offers both a great place to entertain friends and family combined with a seasonal opportunity for the serious hunter. Centrally located on the ranch is a well thought out gated compound. The 2,000 sf headquarters consist of 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, open living area along with a screened in porch with a wet bar and pool table.


LEE COUNTY, LEXINGTON, TX • 159± ACRES • $1,595,000 Chertoma Ranch offers beautiful rolling pastures with scattered post oaks which then transition into thick woods dominated by large post oaks, water oaks, elms, and white cedar. One of the real hidden gems on the property can be found just inside the woods: two large ravines, which converge at the 3.5acre lake at the south end of the property. Chertoma Ranch offers spectacular fisheries for all levels of anglers. The wildlife species that can be found on the ranch include whitetail deer, turkey, dove, ducks, and other vermin. The ponds and lake are stocked with fish and managed by Lochow Pond and Lake Management, one of the top fisheries managers in the state.


SOMERVELL COUNTY, GLEN ROSE, TX • 410± ACRES • $3,075,000 The Cheyenne Hills Ranch is an extremely versatile property that includes the possibility for future investment and development. Located only 70 miles from Dallas, you can spend more time enjoying this property and less on the road. The topography and landscape provides the feeling of a much larger ranch with access from three sides and just shy of 1.5 miles of frontage on Hwy 67. This property is very scenic and claims over 150’ of elevation change in multiple areas. Approximately 90% is wooded with mostly juniper but also some enormous cottonwood and live oaks. The open areas of native pasture are scattered and mostly on the higher elevated portions of the ranch.

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Choctaw Preserve is a 730 acre turn-key multi-use ranch located just one hour north of Dallas. This high-fenced ranch offers extensive first-class lodging accommodations, horse barns, a large covered arena, over 40 acres of surface water, excellent pasture and convenient access to the Red River. The impressive 10,000 sq ft clubhouse is an awesome venue for weddings, corporate retreats or large gatherings with family and friends. The terrain at Choctaw Preserve is mostly level with a gentle slope towards Choctaw Creek and the Red River. The Red River can be conveniently accessed just a few hundred feet down the Choctaw Creek by canoe/boat. A system of canals on the upper section offers fishermen thousands of yards of fishable shoreline with several piers allowing you to easily tie up and access boats.


JIM WELLS COUNTY, ALICE, TX • 2,331± ACRES • $4,953,375

The Circle A Ranch is approximately 2,331 acres and is the perfect South Texas ranch! The west side of the ranch is thick native brush, perfect for growing big deer. The east side, approximately 800 acres, is motted grass pasture that is well suited for hunting quail or rotational cattle grazing. The Circle A boasts an historic home built in 1884 and moved on to the ranch in the mid 1980s. There are three water wells with water piped all over the ranch. The water wells help to maintain the three small lakes that are perfect for enjoying fall dove hunting. This ranch has a lot of possibilities.


520± ACRES • $3,295,000

This stunning hilltop ranch is one of a kind. It is high-fenced, infused with superior white-tailed deer, and wooded with a mix of hardwoods and pine plantations. The manicured ranch boasts two complementary ranch style homes with far-reaching views sitting on top of the 650’ high peak, and it is located just southeast of Palestine. This ranch has one of the highest peaks in Anderson County, and this substantial hilltop has been groomed to allow for very far views in all directions; absolutely unmatched anywhere in Anderson County. The white-tailed deer population is healthy and abundant across this high-fenced game ranch. Although this ranch is set up well to also be a commercial hunting property, it has only been hunted and used recreationally by the owner.



Price Reduced. Clemens Creek Ranch is an absolutely stunning agricultural and recreational ranch geared for both the hunter and cowman alike. Loaded with a mixture of larger than life old growth oaks and forage rich pasture, it is sure to take your breath away. The ranch is ready to go with a completely remodeled cabin, a water well and distribution, a fishing lake, multiple fenced pastures and much more. The ranch is home to native species found in the area including white-tailed deer, turkey, dove and various predators. The ranch offers both high- and low-fenced hunting opportunities.

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• 1,900± ACRES • $8,268,000

The Cook Ranch is a harmonious dual-purpose ranch for the sportsman and rancher. It has interesting topography, wooded habitat, and clear water in Meridian Creek, and is coupled with improved pastures, well-organized cattle facilities and two ranch homes. This appealing ranch sits in a desirable location near Cranfills Gap and is clean, well-maintained, and very quiet. It has a good shape, semi-live water, and does not have any easements or oil and gas production. It is priced competitively for this area, and it is ready to go! This ranch boasts the top area of Paul Mountain, which runs southeast through the ranch. It offers long vistas for miles in all directions and dynamic views of the ranch prairie ground.


FT. BEND COUNTY, ORCHARD, TX • 406± ACRES • $7,300,000 Cool Acres is a beautiful property just 20 minutes west of the Grand Parkway and 10 minutes south of Simonton. Its 406 acres has a mile of the Brazos River and has one pond and one larger lake. The land rolls along the river with big hardwoods and amazing views of the Brazos and also has big acreage with improved pastures for cattle, farming, or hunting. Other areas of the ranch have been left natural to provide shelter, cover and sanctuary for the wildlife. This property is a wonderful mix of grasslands and huge oaks. There is great potential to create more bird habitat for dove around the water.

COUNTY LINE CATTLE RANCH HARRIS & LIBERTY COUNTIES, CROSBY, TX • 627± ACRES • $5,016,000 Located on the Harris and Liberty County line, this working ranch offers a quality livestock opportunity located in a rapidly growing part of one of the largest MSA’s in the country. Investment prospects are enhanced by the pending construction of the H & I Segments of the Grand Parkway, with the proposed alignment passing approximately 5 miles to the east of the property. The ranch is approximately 2.5 miles east of FM 2100, with paved county road access to the property and fronting the site on three sides. The cities of Huffman, Crosby, and Dayton are within minutes, and George Bush Intercontinental Airport is under 25 miles to the west.


BEE COUNTY, SKIDMORE, TX • 653± ACRES • $2,187,550 Price Reduced. The Coyote 3 Ranch is approximately 653 acres of incredible native habitat that includes a mixture of good brush, a couple of open areas, and huge oak trees. Seasonal wet weather Olmos Creek bisects the ranch from west to east. The creek carries a lot of water and is lined with huge overhanging oak trees, which is a very unusual feature to have in South Texas. The ranch has the ideal environment for deer, turkey, dove, quail and hog hunting. Deer thrive in the thick brush and the seasonal acorn drops from the oak trees. In addition, wild turkey utilize the large trees for their roosts.

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Price Reduced. The Cripple Creek Ranch is an immaculately maintained hunting ranch located in the heart of Gonzales County, providing the serious outdoorsman the luxury of fine accommodations, improved whitetail genetics and summer usage with its exotic species, light fishing and swimming. This is a year round recreational paradise. For years this ranch has been manicured for comfort and aesthetic appeal. The ranch is improved with a 5,000 square foot lodge and neatly kept barn and shop areas. When you enter the gates of Cripple Creek Ranch you will drive down the paved lane to the lodge feeling the comfort and warmth this ranch provides.



The Crowell Ranch is a large river bottom ranch located on the Brazos River between Angleton and West Columbia. The ranch is a mix of improved pastures in rich alluvial soils and stands of hardwoods. The ranch includes paved road access and Brazos River frontage and is only an hour from downtown Houston. This is a great cattle ranch with excellent deer hunting and waterfowl potential. Crowell Ranch is classic Gulf Coast bottomland habitat with areas of thick woods, open pastures and brush. Approximately 40% of the ranch is primarily open improved grass pastures with large live oaks and pecans in very rich dark alluvial soils. The remaining 60% of the ranch is thicker woods and brush with a mix of live oaks, hackberries and cedar elms.



• 7,656± ACRES • $9,570,000

The historic D Bar Ranch is a magnificent 7,656 ± acre property in northern Coke County, Texas that has been owned by the same family since the 1950s. The ranch is located within a unique, transitional area that combines aspects of the central Texas Hill Country, South Texas brush country, and vistas more typical of the West Texas High Plains. The property consists of rugged hills and mesas, thick draws and open meadows, as well as plentiful water features such as ponds, seasonal creeks and windmills. Numerous hilltop vantage points provide stunning views in all directions. The fertile soils support healthy native grasses like little bluestem, hooded windmill grass, buffalo grass, sideoats grama, hairy grama, green sprangletop, white tridens, Canada wildrye, and many others.



• 852± ACRES • $8,480,000

Deer Run Ranch is a gorgeous property ideal for hunting and cattle/horse grazing. The 852 acre ranch includes Brazos River frontage just a few miles southwest of Hempstead with rolling improved pastures and fertile alluvial bottomlands with fantastic hardwood forests including hundreds of pecan trees. It also has exceptional surface waters with several nice stocked ponds and a huge 60 + acre oxbow lake in addition to the 1.5 miles of Brazos River frontage. It is a wonderful mix of grasslands dotted with huge oaks, and thick forests teeming with game. All of this less than an hour from Houston. Water is a major attraction to this ranch, which includes 1.5 miles of the Brazos River, several nice stocked ponds and Perry Lake, a 60 acre oxbow lake.

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DIAMOND D RANCH ATASCOSA COUNTY, MCCOY, TX • 820± ACRES • $4,100,000 Diamond D Ranch is the perfect combination of cattle and hunting land all located only 50 miles from downtown San Antonio. Buckhorn Creek transects the property, providing water for livestock and wildlife. There are 15 pastures used for rotational grazing making this the perfect ranch for anyone wanting to expand their cattle operation. With 3 miles of road frontage the property is also prime for future development. The ranch has two homes on the property, one is perfect for guests and entertaining, the main home overlooks a large pond stocked with fish and the other is used for a manager’s home. The ranch has an incredible set of circular cattle working pens used for embryo transfer and designed to be as stress-free on the cattle as possible.

EASY LIVING RANCH ANGELINA COUNTY, HUNTINGTON, TX • 350± ACRES • $4,550,000 The Easy Living Ranch is a very rare turnkey East Texas offering. This ranch is unique because of its size and location in the area, and the ranch gate is only 20 miles east of downtown Lufkin! This ranch sits on the very northwest part of Lake Sam Rayburn and ties into the Angelina River. Seldom does a ranch of this magnitude come on the market in the Piney Woods area along with the top quality improvements it has. The Lake Sam Rayburn waterfront views are stunning, gently rolling hills are mesmerizing, and the future opportunities are limitless. This ranch is a great opportunity to enjoy the country today. Angelina County is in the heart of the Piney Woods with numerous timber companies and Lake Sam Rayburn.

EL TORO RANCH BRUSH COUNTRY, SAN DIEGO, TX • 533± ACRES • $1,100,000 The El Toro Ranch can be described as a “South Texas Brush Country ranch!” The approximately 533 acres are covered with great South Texas brush species, some open areas, and good roads. There is a nice ranch home, electricity and two water wells. There are also two dove tanks: one has water and the second needs a new water line. The ranch is located approximately 30 miles south, southwest of George West, approximately 10 miles northwest of San Diego, and approximately 60 miles west of Corpus Christi, Texas. It is on county maintained El Toro Road. The soils on the ranch are good sandy loam soils, with darker soils in the bottoms. The ranch is 90% South Texas brush and is lowfenced with good deer.


ANDERSON COUNTY, PALESTINE, TX • 233 ± ACRES • $1,550,000 This outstanding East Texas ranch offers high-fenced hunting opportunities with great whitetail habitat, an enjoyable 5 ± acres of fishing water, and a remarkable home on a hill with a view of it all. The home sits at an elevation of about 610 feet that looks north towards the lake and has a wrap around porch with views in all directions. The area around the home and hill is manicured to offer the best views of sunsets and sunrises. Elevation changes of about 170 feet make for great topographical features, and the property has good roads throughout the pines and hardwoods. The soils under the ranch are from the Cuthbert, Bowie, and Kirvin formations in the western Coastal Plain soil region, which are highly weathered and acidic and support pinehardwood vegetation, typically characterized by loblolly pine.

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This is a rare recreational retreat on the outskirts of Corpus Christi, minutes away from the Crosstown Extension and Weber Road. This 320 acre ranch borders the Legendary King Ranch and is a sportsman’s paradise. It has everything from deer hunting to duck, geese, dove and quail hunting. It includes a 2,300 square foot home with 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms with a Hill Country inspired interior design that has an open floor plan that is perfect for entertaining. Store your adult toys in the 2,700 square feet of attached fully insulated garage with in and out 16’ x 16’ garage doors. There is also over 3,200 square feet of covered patio space situated nicely to enjoy the ranch views.



Price Reduced. The Gazley Hills Ranch sits on the outskirts of Smithville, Texas. Smithville is a quaint country town near the Bastrop/Fayette County line. Located just 46 miles from the state capital, this property would make for a great commuter ranch. The 394 acre property boasts great topography not easily found in these parts. Mature hardwoods line the hilltops and draws, and under the tree canopy lies hours of exploring. Gazley Hills Ranch has over 160 feet of topographic relief, making this 394 acre property feel much bigger. Two high points overlook two deep draws running from west to east. The draws are wet weather creeks lined with tall pines and rock outcroppings.



This ranch in the Lost Pines offers great topography, spring-fed water holes, wildlife, and the mix of loblolly pines and hardwoods unique to this small area of Central Texas. Convenient to Houston and Austin, this ranch makes for an excellent and relaxing getaway, with existing income potential. Game on the ranch includes deer, turkey dove, and hogs, along with various varmints. The lake and tanks are known to hold good numbers of ducks in the winter. This ranch has been only very lightly hunted by the owner’s family for many years. Gravelly Creek features several deep, spring-fed holes that hold water year round and have never been known to go dry. These holes are home to bass, perch, and catfish, and are excellent swimming areas with fairly clear water.



Step back in time with an 11,500 sq. ft. hacienda built in the early 1920s surrounded by a 21 acre grapefruit farm, resaca frontage, and lush landscape minutes from South Padre Island. Hacienda Bayview is located along the resaca running through this tucked away town. The property is primarily a grapefruit farm with hundreds of Rio Red grapefruit trees along with numerous other fruit trees, palms, Texas ebony trees and other lush tropical landscaping. Made with thick adobe brick, the home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter with very little electricity use.

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LAVACA COUNTY, SPEAKS, TX • 984± ACRES • $4,475,000 Price Reduced. Likely one of the best hunting ranches located less than two hours from Houston on the market today, the J Fly Loose Ranch is a turn-key premier property loaded with huge oaks, great surface and groundwater, and outstanding improvements. Hunting opportunities abound for deer, hogs, turkey, duck, dove and predators on this beautiful ranch, plus multiple lakes offer fine fishing for bass, catfish and sunfish. The ranch is located at the fringe of the Coastal Prairies and Post Oak Savannah eco-regions of Texas. This unique location creates a mix of live oaks, post oaks, and burr oaks, along with multiple other hardwoods.


HARRIS COUNTY, HOCKLEY, TX • 266± ACRES • $1,463,000 Jack Road North is a 266 acre tall grass prairie and wetland property that has been operated and maintained by the Katy Prairie Conservancy. This conservation property has great wetlands to attract waterfowl, dove and wetland birds as well as lots of native prairie with huge oaks and plenty of woods for a variety of wildlife. The property is bordered to the west by the historic Warren Ranch which has produced outstanding hunting. In addition to the excellent waterfowl hunting, there are quail, deer and hogs, all within 40 miles of downtown Houston.


CALHOUN & VICTORIA COUNTIES, PORT LAVACA, TX • 1,323± ACRES • $4,392,360 The excellent waterfowl hunting, saltwater fishing, hogs, deer, and dove, combined with rich blackland rowcrop ground and good pastures make the JAG Farm & Ranch an opportunity to own a fantastic combination recreational property/working farm and ranch with unique diversity and income potential. Unobstructed views of the flats and Lavaca Bay and over 3.5 miles of combined bay and creek frontage enhance the value and long term development prospects. There is a great combination of game on this property. The ponds and potholes provide excellent duck hunting opportunities. Placedo Creek is an area known to local sportsmen as a hotspot for speckled trout and redfish. Much of the creek can be fished from the bank and accessed by pickup or ATV, and there is a public boat ramp just down the shoreline from the ranch.


REFUGIO COUNTY, REFUGIO, TX • 930± ACRES • $2,464,500 The “G” Pasture of the Lambert Ranch is approximately 930 acres of good grass pasture, scattered brush and trees as wells as approximately 165 acres of good level black dirt farmland. There are scattered oaks, hackberry and mesquite trees in the non-farm land portions of the ranch. The ranch is located in Refugio County, 3 miles east of US Highway 77 and 4 miles northeast of Refugio. It is accessed via an asphalt paved private road. This is a good combination cattle and recreational ranch. The roads on the ranch are very well maintained, built up roads.

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Price Reduced. Lazy Acres Ranch is a beautiful live water hunting/recreation property ideal for a family getaway. This gorgeous Hill Country retreat boasts a beautiful custom Texas Hill Country style home just above the coveted Llano River. The ranch is full of diversity from the elevation changes and big views to the lower meadows with surrounding hardwoods, including massive oaks and pecans. An excellent perimeter road along with many interior roads and trails make the ranch easy to travel by truck or ATV. The abundance of water, beautiful views, exceptional improvements and overall diversity make Lazy Acres a rare find! This ranch features various terrains including grassy lowlands to gradual higher elevations.


GOLIAD COUNTY, GOLIAD, TX • 201± ACRES • $1,500,000

The ranch is generally level to sloping, with a slope off of 25 – 30 feet over the north third of the ranch toward Manahuilla Creek. Most of the ranch is good pasture, with improved Bermuda and native grasses. There are about 25 acres of hardwoods associated with the creek, including live oaks, hackberry, cedar elm, and willows along the creek. The camp area oaks are manicured and very park-like. There are areas of the property with light to medium stands of mesquite and huisache trees and pockets of thick South Texas browse. The ranch offers lots of whitetail deer, hogs, and javelina. Water features include the wet weather Manahuilla Creek.

LOMA RANCH’S KOCH PASTURE BLANCO COUNTY, SPRING BRANCH, TX • 400± ACRES • $4,600,000 The westernmost pasture of the Loma Ranch is called the Koch Pasture and is situated adjacent to Highway 281. It features beautiful topography, majestic trees, diverse habitat, great wildlife, and native grasses. As close and accessible as the property is, it still offers substantial privacy. This ranch will either make a fantastic close in Hill Country ranch for the new owner or simply a very high quality investment with significant development potential. The ranch is in the famed Texas Hill Country and is dominated by beautifully rolling terrain with native bunch grasses such as little bluestem and blue grama. There are three significant drainages with associated habitat in the southern portion of the ranch that eventually flow into Rebecca Creek.

LONE PALM RANCH KLEBERG COUNTY, KINGSVILLE, TX • 206± ACRES • $1,100,000 The Lone Palm Ranch is an excellent and unique small-ranch recreational opportunity in the heart of the lower coast’s big ranch country. Over 2.5 miles of live creek frontage along San Fernando Creek and a +4 acre tank provide excellent hunting for the deer, turkey, hogs, doves, and ducks found in abundance on this property. This property would make a great place for continued family and friends’ enjoyment, or would serve as a great base camp for client entertainment and hunting and fishing the lower Texas coast. Few small ranches offer the hunting opportunities this ranch presents. The deer herd benefits from proximity to large ranches. The current owner reports outstanding dove hunting, which benefits from the creek, tanks, and grain farming on two sides. Turkeys are plentiful, as are hogs.

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EDWARDS COUNTY, ROCKSPRINGS, TX • 1,073± ACRES • $1,850,925 Price Reduced. Mail Trail Creek Ranch is an ideal hunting property located in western Edwards county. With stunning views, large oak trees, and high density game, this property is sure to grab the outdoor enthusiast’s attention. The ranch is rich with history, once being part of an outfit encompassing some 80,000 acres. Mail Trail Creek traverses the property from east to west creating ample cover, forage, and beautiful views of mature live oaks. The ranch is home to thriving populations of white-tailed deer, turkey, axis, aoudad, dove, and feral hog plus other free ranging exotics. Mail Trail Creek and a tributary of the creek provide diverse riparian habitat benefitting the wildlife. These benefits include excellent forage, thermal cover and a great wildlife travel corridor.


BRAZOS COUNTY, NAVASOTA, TX • 550± ACRES • $8,250,000 Myers Ranch is a true gentlemen’s cattle ranch located just 12 miles south of College Station. The ranch is well set up to continue running as a high end cattle operation, or can be used as a fantastic recreational ranch or investment for future development. The property boasts a classic ranch home overlooking a 20 acre fishing lake, several more large lakes, over 2 miles of Navasota River frontage and almost a mile of frontage on Hwy. 6 between Navasota and College Station. The white-tailed deer population is abundant across the ranch. With miles of both the Navasota River bottom and Jones Creek, the habitat creates excellent conditions for abundant deer on the ranch.


JEFFERSON COUNTY, BEAUMONT, TX • 354± ACRES • $2,340,000 This ranch is a great opportunity to enjoy the country today, with multiple avenues for appreciation possible upon disposition. Jefferson County is in growth mode, driven by expansion in the petrochemical industry. Located minutes from new residential, retail, and medical developments, this property lends itself to numerous ultimate development options. For now, enjoy the more than 30 acres of stocked lakes, excellent dove hunting, turn-key cattle handling infrastructure, and country living close to city amenities. The ranch is primarily level coastal plains. It is a mix of open prairie and wooded sections with several lakes and ponds. Much of the ranch has been planted in improved pastures but there are still native grasses in parts of the property.

OPEN GATE RANCH MEDINA COUNTY, HONDO, TX • 633± ACRES • $5,295,000 Picture yourself relaxing by a cascading pool overlooking your lush, green pastures while the beautiful Texas Hill Country frames the sun as it slips behind the horizon. Open Gate Ranch is an amazing little piece of heaven where the Hill Country meets the Brush Country. This 633 ± acre luxury estate offers a unique chance to enjoy breathtaking distant views of the surrounding hills, an exquisite custom home, beautiful horse facilities and massive whitetail bucks, all on an income producing ranch less than an hour to downtown San Antonio. Delight in the serenity of end of the road privacy while still having valuable highway frontage, enabling you to enjoy the tranquil ranch life yet recognizing the property’s investment value.

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BEE COUNTY, PAPALOTE, TX • 1,303± ACRES • $4,850,000

What an address and what a ranch! Properties in this big ranch country do not come up for sale very often. This unique property is located in Bee County, Texas, between Sinton and Beeville. It has incredible oak trees, large drainages, superb quail habitat, thick native brush, farmland and a small amount of minerals. The neighbors range from large to very large acreage. The soils are good sandy loam soils, some portions have more clay and some portions have more sand. It makes for a unique combination of farmland, large oak trees and thick brush, creating the perfect habitat for whitetail deer, turkey, and quail.

PINE GROVE POLK COUNTY, CORRIGAN, TX • 250± ACRES • $1,062,500 Price Reduced. Pine Grove is a classic East Texas land tract with amazing terrain and views. The front, middle of the tract is open from cleared timber and offers a good driving road. The majority of the remaining portion of the tract is heavy mature timber. A pond sits in the front of the tract and two creeks run through the tract on the eastern and western sides. A mix of trees are heavy along the creeks. The ranch offers great deer hunting, ranching, and beautiful hilltop views to build on. Pine Grove is a stunning Polk County timber tract with rolling terrain and sandy loam soil surrounded by other large land parcels. Trees include a mix of hardwoods and pine. Two creeks run through each side of the property.



Poco Allegro offers a rare chance to buy a large waterfront tract of prime development land along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) in Port O’Connor, Texas. One of the last undeveloped large waterfront parcels in the unincorporated community of Port O’Connor, this property presents a unique and exciting opportunity. Ideally suited for a canal living community, mixed use, or commercial development, this is a diverse investment opportunity. A preliminary master plan has been developed which includes canals, waterfront residential lots, marina with in-water boat slips, boat barns and a 5.8 acre commercial site. Port O’Connor’s proximity to the large metro areas of Houston, San Antonio, and Austin make it an ideal vacation spot or second home destination for over ten million people.

PP FARM BRAZORIA COUNTY, DANBURY, TX • 148± ACRES • $1,250,000 PP Farm is a nice large piece of property in fast growing Brazoria County. This property has great access; just over 1 mile from HWY 35, and 6 miles from HWY 288 and has over 2,000 feet of frontage on paved County Road 46. With its close proximity to Houston - the fourth largest metro area in the country - and to Pearland and Lake Jackson, this property could also be a great investment as a future rural subdivision. PP Farm is also close to great dining in Danbury, including what have been called the best steaks in Brazoria County served up at the Main Street Steakhouse and Bar.

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BURLESON COUNTY, INDEPENDENCE, TX • 284± ACRES • $2,257,800 Location, location, location. When purchasing real estate, buyers are always looking for the best neighborhood. Rancho Espirito is the epitome of the old adage as it is located in one of the most sought-after areas around College Station. Multiple ranches on County Road 434 are well over 1,500 acres and have been owned by the same families for generations. This ranch is uniquely located on a ridge overlooking the Brazos river bottom with College Station lying just on the other side. College Station and Kyle Field are clearly visible from several locations throughout the ranch. The ranch has a nice barndominium that is perfect for a weekend retreat.


LEON COUNTY, CENTERVILLE, TX • 1,390± ACRES • $4,100,500 The Recassa Ranch, located in east-central Texas, is a spectacular example of predominantly natural woodland, exhibiting a mix of Post Oak and East Texas habitats. This very private ranch was part of an original 20,000 acre property put together in the 1930s. A trip to the ranch takes the visitor back to an earlier time with diverse species of towering trees, free flowing streams and great topography. The ranch also boasts the approximately 15 acre Lake Lucy, numerous springs, timber and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Keechi Creek Wildlife Management Area as its southern neighbor. The property supports populations of white-tailed deer, waterfowl, feral hog, dove, turkey, squirrel and swamp rabbit, not to mention varmints and non-game species.


GONZALES COUNTY, FLATONIA, TX • 374± ACRES • $1,678,500 Russell Hill Ranch is named for a hill that is centrally located on the property with an elevation over 100 feet above surrounding countryside, allowing for fantastic views. The ranch is a blank canvas for someone who wants to turn a place into their own, with old growth forest dominating the entire ranch. The property is conveniently located to Austin, San Antonio and Houston. The property is 90% wooded with trails cleared to access the property. Live oak and post oak dominate the fauna on the ranch with the underbrush consisting of mainly youpon and some juniper. The thick habitat is perfect for deer and other wildlife to thrive. The property also has a lot of great topographic relief and several major drainages running through the ranch.

SELKIRK ISLAND RANCH MATAGORDA COUNTY, MATAGORDA, TX • 608± ACRES • $3,154,650 The Selkirk Island Ranch is an historic ranch on the Colorado River just upriver from Matagorda, TX. The ranch is covered in towering oaks, pecans, cottonwoods and hackberries and offers outstanding hunting. With 75 feet of dockable river frontage, it is a unique opportunity for building a combination fishing and hunting property with excellent investment potential. Selkirk Island Ranch is a classic river bottom property with majestic oaks, pecans, cottonwoods, and hackberries. Several sloughs and lakes dot the property with a great mix of heavy brush and grasslands throughout the ranch. There is a 5 acre pecan orchard with mature trees located within the property.

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TEXAS SILVER BIT LAKE RANCH LIBERTY COUNTY, CLEVELAND, TX • 240± ACRES • $1,750,000 Silver Bit Lake is a unique East Texas property that offers great year-round enjoyment. This ranch boasts a fully stocked 37-acre private lake with a 1.75 acre peninsula that offers panoramic views of the lake and surrounding landscape. Located on the peninsula is an open air pavilion with full kitchen and bath. The lake has exceptional fishing for bass, perch, and catfish. The ranch is only 10 miles east of downtown Cleveland off of Hwy 105 and less than one hour from downtown Houston.



The Snyder Ranch is approximately 850 acres of big trees and thick native brush. Large oak trees and oak motes along with huge hackberry and mesquite trees can be found throughout the ranch. The Ranch is located in Refugio County, Texas, along the east side US Highway 77, and between Refugio and Woodsboro, Texas. The ranch has the ideal environment for deer, turkey, dove, quail, and hog hunting. Deer thrive in the oak trees and thick native brush. There is a large lake complex that when full is over 3 acres in size.



Located 20 minutes from the Parkway and 10 minutes from Hempstead and Waller, Spring Creek Ranch East is a beautiful 87 acres with one of the highest points in Waller County on Giboney Road. 360-degree views and big hardwoods on the hilltop create a beautiful building site and plenty of land for cattle, horses, recreation and hunting. A new entrance off of Giboney, new road, and pond have been added. The ranch is only 45 minutes from Houston and 10 minutes north of the Waller Buc-ee’s, a great location!

TATE RANCH WEBB COUNTY, FREER, TX • 1,309± ACRES • $1,832,600 This is a great hunting and cattle ranch! This property consists of 1,309 acres situated in one of the best whitetail deer counties in Texas. There are four stock tanks, a full corral, and seven deer blinds. This is an incredible hunting property with complementary cattle production value, in the heart of some of the best wildlife areas in Texas. All ranch roads are extremely well maintained and surfaced with caliche from the property. Stock tanks 50 by 100 yards, are graded to around 35 feet in depth and are fed by intermittent streams. A focus on land and wildlife management has resulted in improved pastures for cattle and an abundance of quail, dove, Rio Grande turkey, javelina, and South Texas whitetails. A self-imposed eight-year moratorium on quail hunting has current populations flourishing.

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TERRY RANCH BRAZORIA COUNTY, ANGLETON, TX • 96± ACRES • $1,260,480 96 Acre ± major double corner frontage farmland that includes FM 521 and County Road 30. Currently ag exempt. There are two entrances with one off FM 521 and one off County Road 30. Frontage is about 1,300 ft on FM 521 and about 3,200 ft on County Road 30. Prime development for a commercial business or farming operation. This property is on the corner of FM 521 and County Road 30 and also right across the street from County Road 44, so lots of traffic going by. This is very level land which was used as a grass farm.

THE SALT MINES KLEBERG COUNTY, RIVIERA, TX • 121± ACRES • $2,178,000 The Salt Mines provide an excellent opportunity to own significant waterfront acreage on the protected Laguna Salada Finger of Baffin Bay. With roughly 1,400 feet of Baffin Bay frontage, you have excellent wade in opportunities to fish the rocks and grass lines from home. Historically this property was referred to as The Salt Mines as it was used as a commercial salt collection facility in the 1900s. The habitat on the property is consistent with the sandy soils of the southern coastal plains. The waterfront portion of the property is generally open and sloping south towards the bay. In this portion you will find the brush has been cleared for wonderful views of the bay leaving scattered mesquites to be groomed as landscape around a future home site.


BASTROP & LEE COUNTIES, SMITHVILLE, TX • 322 ± ACRES • $1,273,875 The property is mainly wooded with a large open field on the east side. The Triple R ranch is on the western edge of the Post Oak Savannah Region. The forested areas of the ranch are a mixture of oak and a diverse underbrush. Scattered across the property are 6 ponds that during the winter hold a good number of waterfowl. A few of these ponds have bass and catfish. The whitetail deer on the property are abundant with great habitat scattered across the ranch. Ducks utilize the ponds during their migration. Wild hogs can be found in many of the wooded areas and utilizing the abundant water sources throughout the ranch. A diverse number of songbirds are found on the ranch due to the thick wooded areas.

TURKEY DRAW RANCH BEE COUNTY, BERCLAIR, TX • 647± ACRES • $2,490,950 The Turkey Draw Ranch is located south of Hwy. 59 just past Berclair. The ranch is located in the South Texas Brushland and is primarily mixed brush of mesquites and huisache with gently rolling terrain. All of the soils in this area are sandy or sandy clay loam, which are key to providing exceptional wildlife habitat. The creek bottom running along the northern portion of the property has huge stands of various hardwoods as well as large oaks found throughout the property. Deer, turkey, quail and dove are all abundant in this area and have been managed on this family owned and hunted ranch for the past 20 years. Along with the thick brush, there are tremendous live oaks, elms and hackberries along the creeks.

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Beautiful 100 acre property off of Upper Turtle Creek Road, tucked away in one of the most scenic areas of the Hill Country. 20 acres of the ranch are across the county road - this acreage can be purchased separately or with the other acreage. This property has its own well and is accessible from two different roads. It is a very nice subdivision consisting mostly of 20+ acres in each site. The main property has a 5 bedroom, 5 bath home with five wood burning fireplaces. Situated between the party area and the caretaker’s home is a really nice six-stall barn with a tack room. There are several traps and turnouts for your horses. The entire home complex is high-fenced to keep the deer out so you can kep your flowers and landscape, which is a big bonus in the Hill Country.


MEDINA COUNTY, D’HANIS, TX • 2,543± ACRES • $5,531,025

The Valdina Ranch is the house pasture of the historic Valdina Farms, located in the sought after transition country, where the Hill Country meets South Texas. Valdina Farms was an 18,000-acre ranch established in the early 1900s by Mr. E.F. Woodward. The ranch has a rich and colorful past full of interesting stories. Some even include lost mines and hidden treasure. The Valdina Ranch being offered includes rich bottomlands surrounding parts of the Seco and Parker Creeks. The ranch has an abundance of majestic oaks and expansive vistas. The main house, built in the late 1950s, is located on a high point with spectacular views.

VALDINA SOUTH PASTURE MEDINA COUNTY, D’HANIS, TX • 1,112± ACRES • $2,418,600 The southern pasture of the Valdina Ranch is part of the historic Valdina Farms. It is located in the transitional region of Medina County where the Hill Country meets the South Texas Plains. The approximately 1,112 acres have the beautiful Seco Creek meandering through the ranch covered with majestic live oaks. The ecoregion is what locals call “The Transition Area,” land situated between the Texas Hill Country and the South Texas Plains. The habitat is a mix of South Texas brush, persimmon, granjeno, cenizo, kidneywood, mesquite, cedar elm, hog plum, juniper, and oaks. The Seco Creek is a locally famous seasonal creek that has unique rock outcrops and spectacular flash floods. Overall, the land offers a beautiful setting for those who enjoy the outdoors.



Located between the UCC Seadrift Operations (east and south) and the Seadrift Coke LP (north), these 290 acres with 1320 feet of Victoria Barge Canal (VBC) frontage and 3055 feet along Hwy 185 south are extremely well positioned for industrial and/or commercial use. Offered at below recent appraised value this is an exceptional opportunity for immediate use or long-term investment along a rapidly growing commercial waterway. Currently operated as a cattle ranch, the holding costs on the property are extremely low with a 1-D-1 agricultural valuation. The property is flat with considerable huisache regrowth throughout.

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GRIMES COUNTY, NAVASOTA, TX • 52± ACRES • $1,100,000 This +52-acre ranch epitomizes the title of gentleman’s ranch, with “end of the road” privacy. The signature features of the property are the +5 acre lake loaded with bass and the hilltop, and move-in ready, three bed, two bath ranch house. The ranch offers a live oak lined drive up the hill to this beautiful home which features front and back full-length porches with dramatic views from the high point on the ranch. The incredible back porch view through several huge oak and black walnut trees showcases the lake and ranch’s fantastic topography.


TRAVIS COUNTY, SPICEWOOD, TX • 2± ACRES • $3,850,000 This property features a beautiful main home with 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, a loft/ office with amazing views of Lake Travis and an open living concept with generous finish outs throughout the home. The dock automatically adjusts with the water level on the lake and has 2 boat lifts, jet ski platform and an extra lift platform. This property would make a great investment VRBO or corporate retreat. Co-listed w/ Cheryl Fowlkes, Superior Town & Country Realty, LLC.


JACKSON COUNTY, GANADO, TX • 986± ACRES • $3,000,000 The Wearden North Farm is an exceptional recreational property featuring farming income and prime rice land. In an area renowned for its waterfowl hunting, this property provides for some of the best waterfowling opportunities within 100 miles of Houston. This is a predominantly open rice farm and cattle ranch. Longs Branch Creek crosses the far southwest corner of the property, surrounded by approximately 25 acres of scattered live oaks and brush. This area would make a great spot for a hunting lodge or residence. It is hard to find a better location for waterfowl along the Texas Gulf Coast. Within a 10 mile radius of this property are thousands of acres of rice ground, many of which are managed in part for waterfowl. Dove hunting can be excellent, and the ranch’s sandy soils would be conducive to quail restoration.

WILCOX FARM BURLESON COUNTY, COLLEGE STATION, TX • 580± ACRES • $2,871,000 These days, highly productive farmland is difficult to find. We have investors from all over the world looking to invest in US production agriculture property. The only way to describe this farm is the best of the best. The current owners haven’t spared any expense. The land has been GPS leveled to ensure proper drainage. All-weather roads have been put in with GPS equipment to line up with rows and conform the drainage and irrigation. Five water wells, including power plants, supply three pivots as well as some row watered areas. Water is abundant and found at only 60 feet underground. Property is fenced and gated. Previous yields on this farm as well as the water make this one a highly profitable investment.

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LOUISIANA “Oh give me Louisiana, The state where I was born Its woodlands, Its marshes Where humble trappers live Its rivers, Its valleys, A place to always give A state where work is pleasure, With blessings in full measure Makes good old Louisiana The dearest of all states.”

-Doralice Fontane

Date Designated as a State: Nov. 2, 1889 Nickname: The Pelican State Size: 70,700± square miles Stats are approximates only.


ORLEANS PARISH, NEW ORLEANS, LA • 2,189± ACRES • $4,750,000 This property, located at the mouth of Lake Pontchartrain, is a tremendous development opportunity. Lying between Chef Menteur Pass on the south, and The Rigolets Pass on the north, with immediate access to the area’s famous fishing and hunting, re-development prospects are excellent. Approximately 1,900 acres of owned marsh island are part of this property, allowing for private hunting club or mitigation banking opportunity. An existing marina operating on the property on Chef Pass provides additional base infrastructure to speed the development process. All this within minutes of the dining and nightlife available only in New Orleans. Exclusive Agent: William D. Swanson, 3535 Westheimer Ste. 227 Houston, TX 77027 (888) 726-2481

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New Mexico




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NEW MEXICO “I’d never seen anything like it before, but it fitted me exactly. It’s something that’s in the air- it’s different. The sky is different, the wind is different. I shouldn’t say too much about it because other people may be interested and I don’t want them interested.” - Georgia O’Keeffe, 1977 Date Designated as a State: Jan. 6, 1912 Nickname: Land of Enchantment Size: 121,697± square miles

Stats are approximates only.

EL SUENO DEL CORAZON-HUNT RANCH RIO ARRIBA COUNTY, ABIQUIU, NM • 6,151± ACRES • $5,949,250 Republic Ranches is honored to offer this iconic ranch, rich in history and incredible beauty, located just 45 minutes north of Santa Fe. El Sueno Del Corazon – Dream of the Heart – is a tranquil piece of paradise that begins in the lush Chama river bottom and climbs into the rugged, majestic crimson mountain range leading to the Santa Fe National Forest. This sprawling 6,151 acre ranch dates back to the early 1700s when Spanish colonists first settled in the Chama valley. Rarely does an estate of this size and quality become available so close to a major tourist destination. El Sueno Del Corazon offers an investor the ideal palette to paint their very own “Dream of the Heart.” Broker, Republic Ranches, LLC (210) 416-2737


COLFAX COUNTY, EAGLE NEST, NM • 1,769± ACRES • $14,000,000 Majestic. Stunning. Paradise. These words perfectly describe this once in a lifetime offering. With views of Wheeler Peak rising above the ranch to the west and Eagles Nest Lake framed below Touch Me Not and Baldy Mountains to the east; you immediately feel the full depth of the Sangre De Cristo mountains from almost any location on the ranch. Water is key to life in the mountains: 6 Mile and Probar Creeks meander through the ranch providing life to game both large and small. With ponds being fed by the live water flowing through the ranch, the fishing is outstanding. Lying in the center of the Golden Triangle for New Mexico winter sports, the ranch is minutes away from Angel Fire Resort, Red River Ski area, and Taos Ski Valley. Broker, Republic Ranches, LLC (210) 416-2737

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BTT is a membership-based organization,

and our members are our lifeblood. Since our founding in 1998, we have grown to include concerned anglers from over 20 countries, researchers from throughout the world, and guides committed to working with BTT in order to educate anglers and gather data while on the water. The generous support of our members is critical to our mission: Conserve and restore bonefish, tarpon and permit fisheries and habitats through research, stewardship, education and advocacy. We have celebrated many accomplishments, but there is still much more work to do. Please help us in our mission by joining and urging your friends, guides, lodges, and fishing clubs to join. Please go to and click “Join BTT” to become a member today. 800-238-8616 • • 117


MEXICO “The cactus towers, straight and tall, Through fallow fields of chaparral; And here and there, in paths apart, A dusky peon guides his cart, And yokes of oxen journey slow, In Mexico.” —Evaleen Stein Date Designated as a Country: Sept. 16, 1810 Nickname: United Mexican State Size: 758,400± square miles Stats are approximates only.


JANOS, CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO • 160,857± ACRES • CONTACT FOR PRICE It is not often one has the opportunity to purchase a ranch with all the quality characteristics of good weather, large size, quality production, irrigated farmland, and excellent location. Access immediately upon driving across the border from the United States makes it one of a kind. This high Chihuahua ranch lies in a very productive region with gentle valleys and rolling hills and represents some of the most premier grazing country available on the market for the serious cattle rancher. The ranch is located in the municipality of Janos, Chihuahua, Mexico about 167 miles west of El Paso, Texas, 247 miles southeast of Tucson, Arizona, and 97 miles southwest of Deming, New Mexico. While actually two contiguous ranches, El Berrendo and El Palmar, they are marketed and sold as one ranch. Co-listed with James Sammons III, Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty.

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CHIHUAHUAN HIGH DESERT ECOSYSTEM By Bryan Pickens, Partner/Broker Associate, Republic Ranches


tretching from the Central Mexican Highlands to three states in the southwestern corner of the United States and covering nearly 175,000 square miles, the Chihuahuan Desert is the largest in North America. This stretch of land is a defining characteristic of the area around West Texas, southern New Mexico, and northern Mexico. The shrubs, grasses, cacti, and wide open spaces of the Chihuahuan Desert are exactly the land features that come to mind when thinking of this region of the United States. The Chihuahuan Desert is considered a “cold” desert with temperatures averaging around 70 degrees for the year, however, the temperature fluctuates sharply between day and night and different elevations due to the dry, low humidity climate. This is partially attributed to the high altitude with a minimum of 1,000 feet of elevation and an average of between 3,500 and 5,000 feet. Accordingly, the hottest temperatures are found at the lowest parts of the desert, while the coldest areas have the highest elevation. A typical region could see the heat of the summer reaching over 100 degrees, and winter temperatures dropping below freezing. The desert is bordered by the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, which creates a rain shadow effect. A rain shadow is an area of land on the side of a mountain range that is protected from inclement weather. The mountain breaks up all of the incoming rain, so one side of the mountain is typically very lush and green, while the opposite is considered in the “shadow” and is much

drier. There is a short window over the summer when the area receives most of its rainfall for the year, typically between June and early October. The rest of the year is usually very dry with the region seeing an average around 10 inches for yearly rainfall. Although the area is very dry and receives minimal rainfall, life is sustained through different streams, arroyos, and aquifers. The region is host to numerous species of plants, mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds. The animals residing here are very well adapted to the harsh environment and have unique ways of surviving. This large and diverse species population leads to great hunting and fishing opportunities throughout the region. The region boasts populations of mule deer, bighorn sheep, rabbits, Coues deer, foxes, and mountain lions in addition to others. Not only does the region sustain the multitude of native plant and animal species, but it also provides excellent grazing opportunities for livestock. There are a multitude of grasses, native and planted, that are not only drought-resistant, but offer top notch grazing for a variety of animals both domestic and wild. The Chihuahuan High Desert is a special feature of North American geography. Whether it is hunting, fishing, planting crops, or raising livestock, this is an ideal area to own land. With its large variety of wildlife, in addition to the unique climate and terrain, the region is one of immense natural beauty and vast wilderness.

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LEGENDARY GUNS FROM A LEGENDARY OUTFITTER I t might only be just over one-year old, but Texas-based outfitter Gordy & Sons boasts one of the finest collections of guns anywhere in the world, specialising in unique products that help you get the very best from every adventure. Expertise, attention to detail and a deep understanding of the market are what set Gordy & Sons apart from other outfitters, meaning it can offer some of the finest guns to be found or, indeed, help develop new ones. Such is the family-owned company’s passion for hunting and fishing and skill at sourcing such items. It has been drawing customers – and products – from across the globe ever since it opened back in May 2017. Retail manager Mike Burnett guides us through some of the top guns that are in the stunning gunroom or expected in very soon. Rizzini Regal Extra By the time you read this, the first prototypes of this stunning gun will be with us at Gordy & Sons. Such is our desire to offer unique items that we have worked very closely with the Italy brand to develop this exclusive gun, available as both side-by-side and over-and-under option, with hand engraving and a rounded action with side plates boasting a deep-chiselled game scene. Key to its success will be that we have asked Rizzini to scale every frame. We started with Mr Gordy’s favourite calibre – .410 – but from there we will be offering any calibre the customer requires along with a huge range of options, from barrel length to single or double trigger, all designed by us to make it a great custom gun. In addition, we’ve been working hard on a Stephen Grantinspired sidelock, side lever. Although this Rizzini isn’t available just yet we hope to have it in a choice of gauges, including 16 and 20, soon. Rigby Rising Bite Double Rifle One of the most famous double rifles ever made is being manufactured once more after a break of more than 80 years, and we couldn’t be prouder that our relationship with John Rigby & Co allows us to offer such London best guns pretty much exclusively in the USA. Its history alone, not to mention the work that has gone into the new models makes this a truly iconic rifle that is now available to a new generation of hunters. The name comes from the unique vertical-bolt locking system and uniqueness is what Gordy & Sons is all about.

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Rigby Highland Stalker Rifle Few names in shooting are as iconic as British adventurers Jim Corbett and Karamojo Bell and they often favoured smaller calibre rifles during their trips. Rigby’s name is synonymous with larger calibre rifles but the response to its commemorative Corbett rifle encouraged the firm to model the Highland Stalker on the look of the original .275 Rigby. The vintage look and its nod back to the birthplace of stalking in Scotland make this a much sought-after product. Of course, here at Gordy & Sons, we’re not content with just selling a fantastic Rigby rifle and that little slice of history, we want to offer even more so buyers of the Highland Stalker also get a limited edition print from renowned South African-born artist David Southgate. Beretta SO Sparviere When it comes to top quality and stunning workmanship showcasing centuries of tradition, the Sparviere (Italian for hawk) is right up there as an heirloom-quality work of art. Its fantastic hand-engraving and superb finishing, not to mention its unique sidelock action, make this a premium over-and-under which we are delighted to have available. What we really love about this gun is the fact that its design allows the user to not only marvel at the external appearance of the action but also to consider the beauty of the receiver’s inner parts. Gordy & Sons’ passion for shooting and the extensive expertise allows it to not only track down the best guns in the market that discerning buyers will love but also work alongside major manufacturers to produce the next potential icons and heirlooms of the future. To find out more, visit or call us at (713) 333-3474.

“You’re not just another customer. We’re not just another gun store.” Mike Burnett, Store Manager WE KNOW ANYTHING ANYONE BUYS FROM US I S T H E B E S T. We know this because we are as passionate about the outdoor lifestyle as our customers. Our team of seasoned outdoorsmen and women rigorously field test the leading brands, so we only stock products that actually perform. And we just happen to have exceptional taste. Come and visit the finest hunting and fly fishing shop to be found. 22 Waugh Drive, Houston, Texas 77007

The finest shop for hunting and fly fishing to be found.

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By Vinny Delgado, Sales Associate, Fay Ranches


orth-central Montana has always held a special place in my heart. This seemingly endless part of the state fascinated me as a child, and I still have the same reaction to it today. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy hunting and fishing opportunities all across this great state, but my biggest rush has always been loading up the dogs and heading north to chase wild roosters. Working full time in ranch transactions over the last six years, I have helped clients successfully buy and sell property and develop land into their dream ranches. I’ve watched some of the finest sporting properties transform into special places where fish and wildlife thrive, places that owners and their families will enjoy for decades. I’ve always believed in the saying, “If you build it, they will come.” My father and I always dreamed of owning our own place in north-central Montana that we could enhance and appreciate in the same ways. That dream became a reality this spring when a real estate client of mine called and said, “Vinny, I know you have always been drawn to this part of the state, and I think I found your ranch.” While still on the phone, I started going through my process and investigating the property; its location, water sources, cover, wildlife, and everything else that our mapping programs allow us to do from our desks. As my assistant began firing over taxes, water rights, CRP contracts, and easements for review, the rush became very real and exciting. I had shared this moment so many times with clients, and now I was in their shoes, working through the same processes for myself. The next morning, I loaded my two English Setters in my truck and headed north. I hoped this CRP farm was everything it looked like from my office desk. A short two-and-a-half hour drive later and my boots hit the ground. The property was everything I had hoped for and more: great cover, water, food sources on all sides, and a lot more topography than I had expected. The real test: was there enough of a wild pheasant base to build this property into what my dad and I had always dreamed of owning? I cut the dogs loose and spent a few hours walking the property. I smiled like a child on Christmas morning when they both went on point, and more than 20 pheasants erupted from a buffaloberry patch. I stopped and uttered the words I’ve heard so many of my clients say: “This is the one. I am sold.”

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My mind immediately went into the due diligence process. I asked myself a couple of questions: what am I missing and what can I do to make this property even better? This is something I’ve done so many times for clients. On my drive back to Bozeman, I began making calls to trusted upland biologists, Miller Recreation, and a custom cropper. I called my attorney who handles the majority of my client’s transactions to start strategizing the purchase. The majority of our clients are from out of state, and it is the norm for me to set up these meetings with trusted attorneys, contractors and biologists to get their recommendations and then report back. This process was standard practice, but going through it myself as a first-time ranch buyer was a completely different experience. Separating myself from broker to buyer, I was able to truly put myself in the shoes of my clients. I also realized some important things while on the buyer’s side of the ranch-buying process. Buyers look to us for the next steps when they’re ready to move forward in the buying process. It’s our job to get them the information they need to feel comfortable making a decision. As a broker, I already knew what needed to be done in this due diligence process: title review, determining who owns the minerals, terms of the CRP contract, etc. I took myself through the same process, getting the information I needed to be comfortable moving forward. My experience made me realize a few key things that I offer as advice to property buyers: figure out what it is that you’re looking for, don’t make too many compromises, and most importantly find a broker you can trust. Building a relationship with a trusted broker is one of the most important things you can do when considering a ranch purchase. This person should be a knowledgeable partner who is on your side during the entire process, putting your best interest above all else.












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