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November 3, 2012 • Vol. 133 No. 44 514 S. Kalamazoo Ave. in Marshall, MI • Phone 269-781-5444 and FAX 269-781-7766 •

In The News: Mar Lee Superintendent Bill LeTarte retires after 28 years Two days before he would work his final day as Mar Lee School District superintendent, Bill LeTarte was at his desk working on what needed to be done, much like he had done for the past 28 years. Still, the days leading up to his final day, Oct. 31, didn’t feel like all the others. “It does feel very strange after being here 28 years and working with an organization and knowing that you’re coming to an end,” said LeTarte, who arrived at Mar Lee in 1984 after being an assistant superintendent and principal with Caledonia Community Schools. “After 41 years in education, it’s time to move on. I’ve worked on the things that I’ve wanted to work on and have been effective to some degree, I believe.” See story on page 44

Honolulu House recognized for beautification efforts Marshall was one of 38 award recipients statewide for beautification efforts at the 50th anniversary of “Keep Michigan Beautiful, Inc. Awards Program” on Oct. 19 in Dearborn. The award, “The Michigan Plaque,” was given for the beautification efforts at the Honolulu House Museum. “It is a great honor to have our efforts recognized, and we are very proud of the Honolulu House and what it stands for,” said Historical Society Board President Linda Rasher. See story on page 14

All you need to know about elections Calhoun County Chief Deputy Clerk of Elections Teri Loew discusses the ins and out of election time in a Q&A. Loew tackles questions about election preparation for the Nov. 6 election, tips for voters and challenges of the job. I enjoy the challenge; I do enjoy helping candidates, clerks and electors understand the election process and to seek ways to make the process more efficient,” said Loew. See story on page 50

Marshall’s Matt Crowle to be ‘singin in the rain’ The Franke Center for the Arts is offering a Jan. 12, 2013 trip to Chicago to see Marshall's Matt Crowle in "Singin’ In The Rain." Matt will make his choreographic debut and star as Cosmo Brown in Drury Lane Oakbrook's production of the classic musical. See story on page 29

Chamber seeks 2012 parade Grand Marshal Preparations for the 34th Annual Christmas Parade are underway by the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce and its Christmas Committee. The parade (Nov. 26) has a theme of “Christmas Paradise.” The committee is in process of selecting the Grand Marshal for the season and would like assistance. See story on page 54

Marshall United Way supports MACS, Inc. The Marshall United Way, whose annual fund drive is currently underway, supports Marshall Area Community Services (MACS) “Without United Way and the generous giving of the Marshall community we would not be able to continue the work we do,” said MACS President Harriet Carroll. MACS is now gearing up for its annual Christmas gift and food baskets programs for families in need within the Marshall area. See story on page 28


t's time again for the annual Redhawk Elementary Carnival which will be held Nov. 3 from 1 - 5 p.m. at Walters School. This annual carnival, sponsored by all three Marshall Public Schools’ elementary schools PCOs, raises funds that are shared between the schools to fund extracurricular school events as well as providing monetary support for area teachers’ classroom needs. See story on page 42

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Word on the Street Who will win the 2012 presidential election? Editor’s Corner

On Nov. 6, millions of Americans will go to the polls to vote for the next president of the United States. We asked these six people to predict who will win the presidential election and why.

by John Hendler I get asked at least once every election cycle why this publication doesn’t endorse candidates for office. Ever since I was a teenager, I always wondered why newspapers made it a point to tell their readers who to vote for as if their readers were incapable of making their own decisions. Allegedly, these publications covered all candidates fairly and without bias, so I thought choosing one candidate over another somehow skewed their reporting and made me question their impartiality. Ah, so young and so innocent. I think the job of this publication and all newspapers for that matter, is to inform the reader on who the candidates are and what they stand for and then let the readers decide for themselves. That’s what we strive to do here at the ad-visor&chronicle. In the Oct. 27 issue, we had a slew of candidates’ profiles, side-by-side, written by the candidates themselves. We feel that our readers know what’s best and are fully capable of making up their own minds. Last week, I came across a piece written by Edward Morrissey on Why Newspaper Endorsements Don’t Matter. In his column, Morrissey stated: It's not even clear why newspapers would want to endorse candidates, especially for national office. Instead of influencing their readership in the election, these endorsements tend to serve as little more than red flags to those readers who disagree with them — and undermine their credibility thereafter. Morrissey concludes: Perhaps the time has come for everyone to admit the obvious: Newspaper endorsements are at best meaningless anachronisms, and at worst damaging to the newspapers themselves. Maybe they'd be better to stick with reporting, and let voters figure it out for themselves. I completely agree. Besides, who am I or who are we to tell you what’s best for you? I am so glad that Election Day is finally here. The past few weeks leading up to the election have felt similar to the hustle and bustle that takes place between Thanksgiving and Christmas. On Tuesday, Election Day, just like on Christmas Eve when everything closes down, we will finally be able to catch our collective breath (hopefully). Voter turnout is expected to be high and all indications are that the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will go down to the wire and into the wee hours of the morning. Who will win is anyone’s guess and those who think they know, newspapers included, don’t know what they’re talking about. One thing is certain: There won’t be any lack of drama Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Just make sure you vote to play your part in the drama. Until next week, may the good news be yours.

Gary Fouts, Marshall

Donnel Huddleston, Marshall

Robert Rodgers, Marshall

“It’s hard to tell, but maybe Romney. You don’t really know who to believe, but we don’t need another four years of the same.”

“Obama. It’s not who I want to win, but I think he will with all the stuff he’s done already for the country. He was the first African American president so, I think he’ll be elected back in.”

“I would say Romney. I usually vote Republican, but last time we had an old Republican and if he died, I didn’t want Sarah Palin to take over because she didn’t know anything about politics, so I voted Democrat for the second time ever. But Obama hasn’t helped me at out at all.”

Rodney Stone, Marshall

Nancy Dohn, Gainesville, Fla.

Delores Weiss, Marshall

“Obama because Romney doesn’t know what he’s doing.”


“I’m undecided; it could go either way. Enough people are realizing that Romney has not told the entire truth, but Obama was elected for the racial issues; not because he was a good president, but a novelty, unfortunately.”

“I’m hoping that Romney wins because he’s pro-life.”

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Dyer: proven, tough and trusted for Marshall

To the Editor: Election time is full of choices. After months of information overload, Election Day, and the temporary end to this madness, is at last upon us. The good news is that we as Americans have choices. The bad news is we must cut through the media barrage and make these tough,

well-educated choices. In Marshall we are fortunate to have two well-qualified candidates seeking to serve as our mayor. This will force you to make a tough choice. As I look at these two gentlemen and their positions on the issues that face our community, it is experience that differentiates the two.

Our Mayor Jim Dyer is our clear choice for another term. Jim Dyer has a vision for Marshall and a plan to get us there. He has an excellent rapport with our council, our city manager and our city management team. He has paid his dues, dealt with tough issues and led our community with honesty and integrity.

Of all the choices facing us on Election Day….this one is clear and easy. We urge you to support and reelect Jim Dyer for mayor of Marshall. He is proven, tough and trusted. Jim and Marlene Pardoe, Marshall

Cast your vote for Johnny Cash for water commissioner To the Editor: I have lived and worked in Battle Creek my whole life and I am a woman voter. I work with Johnny Cash on the neighborhood planning council and I have seen him in action. I will be voting for Johnny Cash for Water Resources Commissioner because I know he is the person for the job and is the best-qualified candidate. We need a commissioner like Johnny Cash getting elected to be the new Water Resources Commissioner. He listens to the needs of the people and then does what he needs to, to help

the residents. His years of service to his community should certainly speak for itself. Johnny Cash has his own ideas on how the Office of the Water Resources Commissioner should be run. He has talked with many of the local farmers, and went to look at a few places, that are already in need of repair. Johnny is very qualified for this position and understands the need for teamwork from his office as well as meeting with staff and seeing what will need to be done in the office. His opponent and her

LETTER DEADLINE: Wednesday at NOON The ad-visor&chronicle reserves the right to edit letters for content, length, grammar and clarity.

friends push water quality. Johnny is also into the quality of water but also understands that his job is more rural areas and keeping the drains clean in the county. In a previous article, it was pointed out very clearly by the farmers and former drain commissioner Blaine VanSickle that Johnny’s opponent is not the best qualified candidate for the job and yet she still continues to push for “water quality.” That’s why Johnny Cash has been endorsed by the Calhoun County Farm Bureau and by the Battle Creek Area Association of Real-

tors. They believe that Johnny Cash has the same ideals they have and they will work well together. You have to wonder if his opponent knows where her food comes from. We go to the grocery store and buy our food, but does she know that it takes a farmer to raise it or grow before it gets to the grocery store? I urge all voters to come out to the polls Nov. 6 and cast your vote for Johnny Cash, Water Resources Commissioner. Diana Quigg, Battle Creek

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Letters ... continued Vincent - a unifying voice for Marshall To the Editor: When my husband and I came to Marshall seven years ago I became interested in local politics. Reading the ad-visor&chronicle I sensed that our warm and charming community also had many issues that divided it. In an attempt to become more informed I attended several Marshall City Council meetings. One was in August. The room was filled with citizens concerned about the Oaklawn Hospital Overlay District. It was billed as an open meeting. I went hoping to hear a discussion with input from those whose homes would be most affected. That did not happen, but finally a report from the Downtown Development Authority was presented. A man and woman sat down and presented a very interesting report. The man who addressed the City Council spoke very

intelligently. With great purpose he explained the DDA’s concerns and its vision for the future. What he presented was a viewpoint that looked at our community as a whole; not from a single perspective, not as a pro or con argument. That man was Eldon Vincent. I had not met him before that night, but I vowed to find out more about him. Many now know his credentials – he is a Marshall retailer on Michigan Ave. who is also a lawyer and a CPA. On a personal level I have found Eldon to be a warm, compassionate man who cares deeply about his family and this community. During listening sessions around town I have seen him talk with hundreds of Marshall residents – listening to their concerns for the future of our town. Now it’s time to for us to make a choice. Do you

want a man who is a good communicator because first he is a good listener? Do you expect the mayor to treat all citizens and fellow council members with dignity and respect? Do you expect elected officials to protect the community’s future? I feel Eldon Vincent is our best choice. He says he wants to represent “all of Marshall” and shows a clear devotion to the idea of a balanced approach to working through issues. Representing the full community is far more than just a slogan to him. He is the right person to bring our community together. And only though unity and a balanced approach to development can Marshall grow, prosper and preserve its irreplaceable heritage. Terri MacNevin, Marshall

Jase Bolger is committed to Michigan To the Editor: Just two years ago, Michigan ranked at the top of many lists of negative indicators and at the bottom of most positive ones. Today, those rankings have largely been reversed thanks to the positive work by Gov. Snyder and legislative leaders like Rep. Jase Bolger. Having served with Jase as a member of the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners, I know first-hand his commitment and leadership in taking on difficult issues and seeing them through. It’s the same leadership his colleagues saw when they elected him Speaker, and the same commitment that has helped this state implement long-needed reforms

crucial to getting our state back on track and prepared for the future. I’m not perfect. None of us are. We’ve all done or said things we’d like to take back, which is why I try to look at the sum of a person’s actions and whether they learn from their mistakes. I know Jase to be a dedicated community leader, successful business owner, thoughtful public servant and passionate reformer who is committed to restoring the luster of our great state. I encourage you to join me in supporting Rep. Jase Bolger. Greg Moore, Athens

Make decisions for a greater community To the Editor: I have watched for 30 years the struggle between the Oaklawn Hospital’s need to expand and the historic preservation interests in our community. Both have an impact on our economy as well as quality of life in our community and therefore are valuable assets. The effort by past Mayor Bruce Smith in promoting/creating a Hospital and Neighborhood Committee was a worthwhile effort, hopefully resulting in a plan to meet both parties’ needs. A plan was developed at great cost (Oaklawn’s) and effort by all parties. The hospital did make some compromises and a plan was approved by the committee. The Marshall Planning Commission and Marshall City Council subsequently voted to amend the plan with a final vote anticipated in November. The amendments as I see them have basically boxed in the hospital to the point of dramatically reducing the hospital’s potential future need

to expand and meet the medical needs of the greater Marshall area. I would like to suggest to the City Council that they reconsider the amendments as they do not speak to the need for flexibility in meeting future hospital expansion. Those who suggest moving facilities outside the city are unrealistic from an economic perspective. As to the economic impact of the hospital versus neighborhood/historic homes, it is no contest. The hospital generates more revenue in one day than all preservationist activities do in a year, not to mention the 900+ jobs Oaklawn provides. While local manufacturers close or reduce employment, Oaklawn continues to grow and hire. Some of those employees buy homes here and many patronize local retailers. The City Council’s job is to make decisions which are in the best interest of the greater community. Sometimes, such decisions are difficult and controversial but appeasement is

not the proper legislative role of a council. When a similar controversy erupted several years ago, in opposition to hospital expansion, voters overwhelmingly approved a zoning ordinance change to allow expansion which was recently completed to the benefit of the communities’ medical needs. It is time for the City Council to do what is in the communities’ best interests and dissolve the amendments to the HCOD. As a related matter, I would like to commend Mayor Dyer for his leadership on this matter in spite of the preservationists’ efforts to intimidate him by recruiting an antihospital expansion candidate, Eldon Vincent, to run against him. Those supporting reasonable hospital expansion, leading to more jobs, better medical care and a positive impact on our community should vote for Jim Dyer. Louis Giannunzio, Marshall

A critical moment in Marshall’s history To the Editor: When you drive the streets surrounding Oaklawn Hospital, you will notice over 75 yard signs supporting Mr. Eldon Vincent for mayor. What does this tell you? To me it states loud and clear that some members of the community have made this is an election about Mayor Jim Dyer’s stance regarding Oaklawn Hospital, rather than on what Mayor Dyer has accomplished with City Council and the record he has brought to city hall. And what about his vision for Marshall? A vision where Marshall can thrive as a

charmingly historic, yet progressive community. Mayor Jim Dyer has stated publicly that he supports the Hospital Overlay District; he has a pro-business mindset and understands what is vital for the economic health of our community. Yes, there are more businesses in Marshall, and all very important to our city. Have you ever heard or read Mayor Dyer state that he didn’t believe that to be true? The hospital is important to the community for many reasons; it provides excellent care to people in need from our community and sur-

rounding communities as well as over 1,000 jobs, dozens of talented physicians and their employees and spin off economic benefits which are critical to Marshall’s economy. This is a critical moment in Marshall’s history, it is important for Marshall to keep the ground we’ve gained and continue the momentum that our current council has started. I believe under Mayor Jim Dyer’s leadership, Marshall will continue to flourish. Christine Schuette, Marshall

Matt Saxton for Sheriff On bicycles and elections To the Editor: To the Editor: When I started driving, I had to take a test on road signs and use signals to turn right or left and obey all laws. I had to buy insurance and plates for my car and have a driver’s license. Bicycles should do the same. They run stop signs and red lights. If they had to be tested on rules and laws before they can ride a bike. Also, we love joggers that run across traffic. They should stop at any signs. Also, I’ve seen couples with strollers run stop signs. If I don’t obey road laws, I would get a ticket. So why not bicycles also? On a separate note, to Michigan voters: It seems if the GOP wants to win an election, they have to lie and cheat, like Jase Bolger and Roy Schmidt in trying to switch party lines at the last minute or the senator with a drunk driving ticket or Pete Hoekstra’s ad with a Chinese woman against Debbie Stabenow. Vote for Democrats. EJ Beard, Marshall

Residents of Calhoun County have the opportunity to vote for an honest, trustworthy man of integrity for the office of sheriff. That vote should be for Matt Saxton. I worked with Matt for 13 years at the Calhoun County Office of the Sheriff and have known him for 18. I always found him to maintain the highest degree of professionalism. He has worked in all aspects of the sheriff department and understands the complexities of running this department Matt’s honest character is a credit to his parents and he continues these with his own family and his career. Please join me by voting for Matt Saxton for Calhoun County sheriff Nov. 6. Duane (Dewey) Damon, Marshall

John La Pietra is For the People To the Editor: Elect me Calhoun County clerk, and I’ll run elections For the People. I have the legal training and experience needed to make sure all voters know their rights. And I’m committed to informing everyone and treating everyone fairly. Elect me Calhoun County Register of Deeds, and I’ll manage public records For the People. I know how to make county records easier to use effectively, while protecting people’s life, liberty and property rights. And I’ll help all communities access

this vital information. Elect me Calhoun County Clerk and Register of Deeds, and I’ll make government work For the People. I’ll build on my private efforts to benefit the public through freedom of information. I’ll listen to my fellow citizens and my fellow county workers. And I won’t run for any other office while I’m your chief election official. I’ll just do the job you elected me to do – For the People. John Anthony La Pietra, Marshall

Art Kale is truly the needed leader To the Editor: This letter is submitted to reiterate the well-deserved support already documented to re-elect Art Kale to the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners. Art can legitimately run on his record, having as budget chair directed the completion of a balanced 2012 budget in unprecedented time, and he was also elected County Board Chair in a bipartisan unanimous vote. I know Art smiles to see his lawn sign planted right next to an Obama sign in my lawn. In my opinion, Art’s capacity to find common ground and shared goals across party lines, and lead the county forward in a collaborative spirit are very valid reasons for support. His list of priorities includes but is not limited to, squeezing every bit of good out of every county dollar, making sure county seniors have a strong advocate, and working to improve county roads and public safety initiatives.

Not content to rest on his laurels and make assumptions about re-election, Art has pounded the pavement like no other to ask for and explain why he deserves our support. That energy and passion have served him well; not only has he effectively done the job we asked him to do, but he has also been there at almost every possible community function to tell us about it. I hope Art hasn’t been adversely affected by the carbrich diet he has maintained the past two years, as I don’t think he has missed a spaghetti dinner/fundraiser or pancake breakfast in the county, and the ensuing chance to connect with those he serves. He is truly the leader Calhoun County deserves and needs in these times. Join me in supporting and voting to reelect Art Kale. Kimberly Frick Arndts, Albion

DEADLINE: nesda ay by NOON Submit letters to the Editor Wedn for following Saturday publication Letters should be 500 words or fewer. The ad-visor&chronicle reserves the right to edit letters for content, length, grammar and clarity.

Letters ... continued Why risk the old days of dysfunction? To the Editor: It wasn’t too long ago the city of Marshall was governed by a “New Direction.” It was a time of much internal and external strife, bickering, and micromanaged decision making that left us without a quality city manager, loss of top long-term management employees, outright contempt for a top business and a City Council arguing over leaf blowers, magazine subscriptions and cell phones. There was absolutely no teamwork or room for opposing viewpoints among the council. It was the essence of dysfunction. Thankfully, the community got fed up with the nonsense and came together with one voice to recall the heart of the council that was

causing harm to our citizens and was used as a platform to render vicious personal attacks for self gain. Subsequently, Bruce Smith was elected mayor, and with the help of a fairly green, but eager City Council, positive bridges began to be built. A sense of teamwork and cooperation emerged from the ashes of the new direction and a level of professionalism, teamwork and mutual respect finally rose to a place we can all be proud of. One of those team members elected in the wake of the recall was Jim Dyer out of Ward 1. Jim distinguished himself with years of working on the Zoning Board of Appeals and other volunteer activities, and when Bruce decided not to

run for re-election, Jim beat one of the former new direction members to become our mayor. The last two years have been a continuance of those first three. An excellent city manager from our own ranks was hired, tough budget decisions were made without increasing taxes and relative calm and stability has become the way of business for the City Council. Significant progress is being made toward economic development collaboration and success. Do we want to go back to the old days of dysfunction? Why risk it? Re-elect Jim Dyer for mayor Nov. 6 and keep Marshall moving in the right direction. Velma Weston, Marshall

Honesty, integrity best describe VanSickle To the Editor: I am encouraged that Blaine VanSickle is again running for County Commissioner for District 6. His proven experience and judgment is absolutely necessary at this time in local government. Over the years I have known Blaine, I have been impressed with his dedication to actively assisting his local community. He served 40 years on the Mar Lee School Board, 28 years on the Marengo Township Planning Commission, 14 years on the Michigan Farm Bureau State Board and two terms as County Drain Commissioner. Blaine knows how to operate under the confines of balancing a budget. He has been a successful farmer for a lifetime. And

has demonstrated to me that any organization he has been associated with must live within the confines of available revenue. In recent County Commission Board decisions, he has shown his willingness to find the best possible solution to some difficult challenges. Not the least of which was the decision to change the organization of the Road Commission. I feel comfortable in giving my support and vote to Blaine VanSickle in the upcoming election. Honesty and integrity best describe this man’s character. Ben F. Lark, Marshall

Support David Gilbert for Prosecutor To the Editor: On July 2, 2008, my family and I unfortunately became victims of a violent act. Our mom was killed by a drunk driver and our dad was critically injured. My family experienced way too much of the Calhoun County Justice Complex with court proceedings. Once we were to the point that we had a sentencing date in sight, I wrote to the current prosecutor on Oct. 9, 2009 begging her to please do everything in her power to see that the sen-

tencing date would not be postponed for the defendant as we had already experienced several postponements during the course of the ordeal. Apparently she did not feel my letter warranted a response because I did not hear anything from her. In fact, I informed her that my dad and I are registered Calhoun County voters but that apparently didn’t have any impact either. As an elected official, I would think you would make a concerted effort to appease the people that pos-

sibly voted for you. With it being an election year and my disgruntlement with the current Calhoun County prosecutor, I contacted her opponent David Gilbert and requested yard signs to show my support for him and he personally brought the signs. He intently listened to my story and agreed there is currently a lack of communication from that department. As a voter, I support David Gilbert for prosecutor. Jolene K. Boody, Burlington

Cash for Water Resources Commissioner To the Editor: Calhoun County will have several new elected officials following this election. Among these will be a new Water Resources Commissioner. As a former chairman of the County Board of Commissioners I can tell you that the job of Water Resources Commissioner is an important one, especially given the heavy rains and flooding we’ve experienced over the last few years. That is why I’m supporting John Cash. I’ve known John for many years and believe he has the proper mix of technical experience and common sense that will serve the citizens of Calhoun County well. The primary responsibility of the Water Resources Commissioner is to administer Michigan law related to flood protection, storm water management, lake levels and agricultural drainage; areas where technical and mechanical expertise would be useful. Having volunteered on numerous com-

munity boards and committees, John has a demonstrated commitment to serving the public as well as genuine empathy and compassion for others. Since the Water Resources Commissioner is the only local elected official with the power to establish and levy direct taxes on the citizens, it’s important that the Water Resources Commissioner properly balance the need for various projects with the ability of the residents and local governments to pay for them. I believe John will keep the interests of the citizens foremost in his mind as he goes about deciding which projects to take on and the most cost-effective ways to accomplish them. Please join me in supporting John Cash for Calhoun County Water Resources Commissioner. Mike Nofs, State Senator 19th District

Eldon Vincent will unite our community To the Editor: My husband Shannon and I have had the privilege to know Eldon Vincent for almost 10 years, ever since he and his wife Carrie and their family moved to Marshall. Like many who meet and get to know the Vincents, we have come to consider them good friends. Beyond that friendship, however, is a great respect that we have developed for them both. We respect Eldon for his willingness to participate and for the expertise he has displayed while performing civic and

professional responsibilities. For example, Eldon and I have worked together on the Downtown Development Authority for more than five years, and we have used him as both our attorney and accountant. His financial and legal experience has proven invaluable on the DDA, and those skills will stand him in good stead as he helps lead the city and the council during challenging financial times. Eldon and Carrie are totally invested in our community, with their home and businesses on our main

street. Eldon has a positive, inclusive personality and is always ready to listen and eagerly looks for creative and equitable solutions to problems. His firm belief in truly collaborative approaches will be essential if we are to unite our community and move forward in positive ways...for all of Marshall. Please vote for Eldon Vincent for mayor on Nov. 6. Sue and Shannon Damron, Marshall

Bethel Page recall is not appropriate To the Editor: On Nov. 6, the voters in the Olivet Community School District will be asked to decide the outcome of a recall petition concerning Bethel Page, the Olivet School Board president. This recall petition came about over a hiring decision made by the school board, as a whole. The signers of the recall petition obviously did not agree with the hiring decision that was made by the Board. However, at this time, no one, including myself, knows for certain whether that was the correct hiring decision, or not. Time will tell if that was a “good” decision. I do not feel that it is appropriate to recall an elected official, just because there are those that “don’t think” it was a

good decision. Again, time will tell. Mrs. Page has 30 years of dedicated service to the Olivet Community School District, and I had the honor, in the past, of serving with her for twelve of those years. I do not know of a single instance, during those twelve years, of her not considering and endorsing only what she felt was best for the school district community, it’s students and it’s employees. I’m sure that was what led to her affirmative agreement with the decision that was made by all seven of the school board members. Judd P. Knaup, Bellevue

David Gilbert is not the right choice To the Editor: I live in Barry County and see you have one of two choices for Calhoun County prosecutor. What you need to know is David Gilbert is not the person you want. He is endorsed by former state police officer Steve

Deboer, who was also sheriff of Barry County. Deboer lost an election due to an alleged accident from drinking and driving while driving Barry County’s car and wearing a side arm. Deboer went back later to fix it and alleged not to report it.

The “Good ole’ boy” system is alive and well, not just only in Barry County and Calhoun County, but in the whole state of Michigan. Elden Shellenbarger, Hastings

Road commission finances explained To the Editor: In the last couple days, I reviewed a statement from County Commissioner and Board Chair Art Kale’s opponent regarding the financial status of the Calhoun County Road Commission under the direction of its former Chair, Scott Brown. The following data is directly from the auditor’s reports for the Road Commission and is available from the Road Commission website. 1. Despite Brown’s claims of $2 million in payables when he took office, the audit shows that number to be actually $936,815. At the end of his fifth year, it was almost double from where he started at $1,720,896. 2. He started with a General Fund balance of $1,892,277, and again, after five his years, it was a negative $183,858. 3. Spendable fund balance as a percentage of operating expenditures should be at 10-15 percent for a government entity the size of the Road Commission. He started with 15.5 percent and took it down to negative 1.1 percent. 4. And, he claims to have run a “balanced budget every single year.” That’s a bold statement, considering the fact they ran a deficit budget four out of five years, and spent more than $2 million more than their

revenues during that time period. 5. This just verifies we need someone that knows how to manage a budget and read a financial statement. Finally, Scott and the rest of the road commissioners had every opportunity to address the concerns of the Task Force (of which I was a member) for the last five months or so. All, but Road Commissioner Doug Wildt refused two formal requests to meet, but also had the opportunity to speak of their concerns during eight Task Force meetings, two public hearings, two public informational hearings and 11 County Commission meetings. It’s interesting that he now speaks out with flawed data. This is exactly why the Task Force unanimously recommended disbanding the road commission to the Board of Commissioners and they, in a bipartisan decision, voted to dissolve the County Road Commission due to financial and operational concerns. The citizens of Calhoun County simply can’t afford any more of Scott Brown’s “leadership.”

Want to voice your opinion? Send Letters to the Editor to Submit letters Wednesday by NOON for the following Saturday publication

Dick L Sweet, Marshall


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David Gunnerson, MD Special interest in cardiac care, diabetes and preventive medicine

Amanda Henry Minor, DO Special interest in women’s health

Mehmet Ismailoglu, MD Serving only existing patients

Bronson Internal Medicine — Oakridge 391 South Shore Drive, Suite 214 Battle Creek, MI 49015

Internal Medicine Oakridge

We’re asking our Friends and Neighbors to a season of Prayer for the survival of America as we know it. Show your faith during this critically important Election season. Let us stand up and be counted. Now is the time for Victory because there will not be another moment like this in History. The upcoming election in America this November 6th will determine the future of the United States for your children and grandchildren forever. On the 6th of November we will decide if we are going to be a socialist country or if we will continue to embrace the principles of the personal work ethic that has produced the greatest economy in the history of the world. Two things can change America’s destiny! The first is the power of prayer. In the dark days of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln called upon the Congress of the United States to issue a solemn declaration of fasting and prayer for the survival of America. Shortly after this time of fasting and prayer, the long and bitter Civil War ended and the Union was preserved. Our prayer is to confess that we are still “One Nation Under God” and that we need Him to direct our nation in achieving His divine destiny for us. America needs God a lot more than God needs America! The second ingredient to changing our nation is for every person who’s tired of an imperial Congress, of judges and future Presidents who do not believe in God’s word as outlined in His commandments and who tramples the will of the people to storm the voting booths this November 6th and vote out of office those who have ignored the voice of “We The People” and God. Get organized! Take your friends and family and vote. Encourage every American to vote! This is the most important election in our history. WE CAN TAKE AMERICA BACK! Vote the Bible instead of Political convenience. Respectfully,

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6 mo. Premium $323.19 $317.24 $322.41 $344.95

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269-789-2900 Fax 269-789-2903 122 S. Grand, Marshall

Aaron E. Pietila Agency E-Mail:


Experienced Leadership 31 years of criminal law experience Served as the elected prosecutor for 8 years Victim Advocacy Working with the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Council, the Child Advocacy Center, and the Elder Abuse Coalition to aggressively prosecute crimes committed against our most vulnerable citizens. Supporting Education Addressing truancy through collaboration with schools and the Courts to ensure all students have the opportunity to succeed. Combating Gang Violence Working with law enforcement to address the issue of gang violence in our community.











Paid for by Susan Mladenoff for Prosecutor P.O. Box 4156, Battle Creek, MI 49016-4156


Welcome Dr. Toweh Medicine that Moves You

Oaklawn Hospital and Oaklawn Medical Group – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation would like to welcome Pedro Toweh, MD to its staff. Dr. Toweh is a physiatrist, specializing in treating patients with disabilities ranging from sore shoulders to spinal cord injuries. He works with his patients to develop programs for treatment of injury or disease, without surgery, for a quick and successful recovery. Dr. Toweh earned his medical degree in 2006 from Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Ark., where he served as resident physician from 2007 to 2010. Oaklawn Medical Group - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is located at the Oaklawn Life Improvement Center, 13697 15 Mile Rd., Marshall. For more information, please call 269.789.8298.



Our children and grandchildren deserve a better future than most politicians are providing them now by saddling them with debt and government control. Put a common sense problem solver back on the County Commission! ENDORSED! Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Calhoun County Farm Bureau Senator Mike Nofs • Battle Creek Enquirer • POAM




Paid for by the Committee to Elect Steve Frisbie, 148 Pheasantwood Trail, Battle Creek, MI 49017

Fighting for You!


att Saxton Republican For County Sheriff


“Respect the Law.

Partner with the People.”

My Administration Team – Tim Hurtt, Undersheriff - “I’ve received many questions regarding whom I would select as Undersheriff if elected and I am thrilled to have Tim on my campaign team. Not only is he a hard worker – but he is a tough cop who will bring necessary skills to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office,” Saxton said. “Tim Hurtt is respected by police officers and citizens throughout this county as being honest, hard working, and tough on crime. He’s just what we need.” Jim McDonagh, Chief Deputy – "I am also pleased that, if elected, Jim McDonagh will join my administration. Jim brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about jail management. He will be a great asset to the Office of the Sheriff and will manage the jail with professionalism." My Mission – "My mission is to provide protection for the lives and property of every citizen in Calhoun County, to faithfully follow the laws of our State, and to operate the county jail in a fiscally responsible manner." -Matt Saxton

ENDORSED BY SHERIFF AL BYAM “Matt has experience in corrections and he has the experience of running what is a medium size police agency effectively with the day-to-day operations,” Byam said. “I think he is suited for the job so I am supporting him for it. I look forward to Matt having the same attitude I had - having the position be a trust of the people. I think he will continue in the same way, with the integrity and honesty that I hope I’ve had.” Al Byam, Calhoun County Sheriff

ENDORSED BY … • Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff's Association • Police Officers Association of Michigan • Calhoun County Farm Bureau • Battle Creek Area Association of Realtors • Battle Creek Enquirer • Mike Nofs, Michigan State Senator • Jase Bolger, Michigan Representative/Speaker of the House Calhoun County Commissioners • Art Kale, Chair • Steve Frisbie • Kathy Sue Dunn • Blaine VanSickle • Terris Todd • Julie Camp-Seifke Calhoun County Law Enforcement Leaders • Scott Kipp, Albion • Jackie Hampton, Battle Creek • Mike Olson, Emmett Township • Steve Fisher, Homer • James Schwartz, Marshall • Robert Coles, Springfield

Community Endorsements Fred Saxton Mary Jane Saxton Don Wright Sheila Smith Troy Pope Kris Douponce Rick Ozzello James McDonagh Andrea Morrison Nola Batch Joan Bowers Berens Laura John Godfrey Richard Lindsey, Jr. Pres Kool Rodney Gordon Shirley McFee Marge Kool Randy Hazel Mic Farchone William Lindsay John Townsend Barbara Townsend Perry Beard Tommy Mrozinski Robert McFee Catherine Yates Judy Robinson Jennifer Johnson Greg McComb Dana Mrozinski Alexis Tabaka Jean Godfrey John Johnson Barbara Phillips Richard Knox Jennifer Weers Walt Swyers Troy Swope Craig Kempf Terry Arnold II Alison Yarger Glenn Yarger Rhonda Siegel

Roger Graves Rob Behnke Ann Acker Art Farmer Edith Smith Ben Lark Brian Wensauer Christopher Miller Les Mallery Chuck Weiss Marianne Guthrie Marcia Wilson Andrew Erard Amy Ratliff Andrew Weyer Mark Klacking John Gayda Richard Barnes John Bizon Dawn White David Schintzius JoAnne Miller Jeff Adams Curtis Whitaker Ron Ivey Ryan Cascarelli Dan Strowbridge David Revore Jane Mallery Ron Ratliff Durk Dunham George J Petredean Michael DeBoer William Huff George Petredean Dale Jenks Richard Folk Jerilyn Estep Dan Buscher Mike Irons Henry Noller Sherry Swann Ron Di Salvio Larry Douville Mary Eddy Nancy Chapman

Robert Cascarelli George Wytko Sally Anderson Steve Eddy Dede Ford Buscher Ann Noller Doreen Vansickle Jay Larson Carol Petredean Di Salvio Kevin Wildt Dennis C Wilkins Nancy Douville Wayne Chapman Gordon Rosberg Kathleen Barton Judy Cascarelli Missy Irons Marlene Pardoe Sally Miller Sandra Smith Terance Lunger Lonny McCone Rusty Bonnell William Burkwalt James W Nash Jim Pardoe Lynn Smith Richard Schrader Sally Wytko Terry Anderson Marilyn McCone Rose Mary Berry Tom Miller Mary Blashfield Timothy Brutsche Stan Swope Gary Bonnell James Everett Robert Hinspeter Tom Gunning Bryan Gandy Jonathan Pignataro Jacob Washburn Ron Ratliff

Paid for by Vote Matt Saxton, 9647 Bellevue Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49014


Vote November 6 %DFNLQWKH¶VWKH.DODPD]RR 5LYHUZDVWKHEHVWODUJHPRXWK EDVV stream in the United States. People came from all over to enjoy that resource. In my youth, I waded almost every river and stream in Calhoun County. That knowledge of the topography of the land will always be in my memory. Throughout my life I gained knowledge that is advantageous for the Water Resources Commissioner. My welding background is valuable for the building of screens, to protect drains from debris. The Mechanical Repair education and experience I received while working for Consumers Energy gave me the ability to build and repair piping on an industrial scale. The greatest asset I would bring to the office would be my education in the Environmental Sciences. I am running for the office of Water Resources Commissioner because I am very passionate about the environment. My priorities for the office are to maintain proper drainage, budget and environmental safety. I have always been an environmental champion as I campaigned to protect our rivers and streams. My predecessors said the office had nothing to do with water quality. After events of recent years and the change of offices title, I say it does. 7KH (DUWK LVQ¶W VRPHWKLQJ \RX WDNH IURP ZLWKRXW HYHU WKLQNLQJ DERXW giving back. The Earth is something you protect every day of the year. A river is something you defend every inch of its course. And we have to look to the past and get back to some basic principles if there is going to be any future worth having.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Post Franklin neighbors creating change Resident Leadership Coalition Regularly attend Calhoun County Tea Party Meetings Yellow Ribbon Committee Member of Crime Watch Fort Custer Cemetery Committee Member of Fredonia Grange Calhoun County Industrial and Agricultural Society Assisted with removal of register company Attend Calhoun County Fair regularly 20 year past President Comp-U-Link Bowling League Worked on the renovation of Hamilton Park EXPERIENCE 5 Years Planning Council Chair Vice Chairman Rental Property Board of Appeals Community Development Advisory Council Vice Commander Disabled American Veterans

QUALIFICATIONS Familiarity with Roberts Rules of Parliamentary Procedure As a planning council chairman I have a proven history of representing the interests of the community Ability to remain impartial and fair Knowledge of issues facing Calhoun County By working on the various committees and with different organizations I have the open lines of communication necessary. Life long resident of Calhoun County WORK HISTORY Consumers Power - Mechanical Repairman Nuclear Kellogg Community College - Welding Instructor Bayship Building Corp - Mechanic Specialist EDUCATION

U.S. Army A.P.G Maryland Welding Diploma Mechanical Repair Degree from Delta College Attended University of Wisconsin, Green Bay± Environmental

Endorsed by

Calhoun County Farm Bureau Battle Creek Area Association of REALTORS Paid for by the Committee to Elect Johnny Cash. 121 Academy, Battle Creek, MI 49014



In anticipation of long lines and inclement weather for the Tuesday, November 6th General Election, the entrance/exit has been reversed at the St. Mary’s Church polling location. Instead of using the east door, you will now enter by either the north or south doors and exit into the east parking lot. Signs will be posted to help with this transition. Handicap accessible parking will be available on the south side of the building. Thank you for your cooperation. Trisha Nelson, Deputy Clerk

MHS girls cross-country competes at state First trip for Marshall team at state finals since 2008

photo by John Hendler

From left: Lauren Feasel, Abbey Ufkes, Anyah Preston, Tristan Tobias, coach Steve Wissink, Brianna Kalisz, Maya Williams, Breanna Morgan and Kilee DeBrabander show off their season’s hardware. On Oct. 27, the team qualified for today’s (Nov. 3) Div. 2 state meet after finishing third at the regional meet in Jackson. The trip to state is Marshall’s first as a team since 2008 and fourth time overall in the past seven seasons. Marshall High School girls cross-country coach Steve Wissink knew that his team was feeling the pressure prior to the Oct. 27 regional race in Jackson. “We knew that we should make it to state, so the pressure was on,” said Wissink. “I had told the girls that we didn’t need to run our best to make it, we just had to run well, and that’s exactly what we did.” Marshall finished third at the regional to qualify for today’s (Nov. 3) state meet at Michigan International Speedway Wissink said that he’s had a lot of really good teams over the years, and experienced a lot of success, but he's not sure if he’s ever been “prouder” of a team. “We didn’t run our best, but they came through under a lot of duress and got the job done,” he said. “There

were a lot of tears of joy when we found out we had made it, and that affirmed my belief that these girls had given it their all.” Brianna Kalisz (19:43, 8th) qualified for state for the fourth consecutive year, but Wissink said that because she didn’t run as well as she’d hoped, she felt she had hurt the team’s chances of qualifying, and was “devastated.” “She is the first girl in school history to qualify all four years as an individual,” said Wissink. “Lauren Feasel (20:32, 17th) ran another strong race, as she has all season, and missed qualifying as an individual by only five seconds.” The top 15 individual runners qualify for state along with the top three teams. Abbey Ufkes (20:33, 19th) took 30 seconds off

her best time. “Maya Williams 21:03, 26th) and Anyah Preston (21:29, 38th) both ran very well and clinched the third spot for us,” said Wissink. “It was a great team effort.” Tristan Tobias had a time of 22:26 for 60th place and Kilee DeBrabander was 63rd with a time of 22:47. “The girls have had a great year,” said Wissink. “Four invitational championships, three runner-up trophies, an overall record of 124 wins and only 19 losses, and a trip to the state championship meet. We’re going to give it our best shot, and we hope to continue to represent our school and the city of Marshall as we have all season – with dignity, class and maximum effort.

photo by Lisa Ragan

Brianna Kalisz was eighth overall at the regional meet with a time of 19:43. It was the fourth straight year she qualified for state, finishing in the top 15 at the regional.

photo by Lisa Ragan

Lauren Feasel had the second-best Marshall time at the regional, 20:32, to place 17th overall.

photo by Lisa Ragan

Tristan Tobias had a time of 22;47 at the regional meet in Jackson Oct. 27.

Redhawks shutdown by Williamston, 29-8 Playoff loss ends Marshall’s season at 6-4

photos by John Hendler

Marshall head varsity football coach jim Hendershot shakes hands with Drew Maisner during the final moments of the Redhawks’ 29-8 home playoff loss to Williamston on Oct. 27. The loss ended Marshall’s season at 6-4. At right, Hendershot talks with players after the game. Down 6-0 at halftime and then 14-0 in third quarter, Marshall made it 14-8 after quarterback Dan Welke connected with wide receiver Lucas Blanchard for the touchdown and Welke ran in the two-point conversion. “Our defense kept us in the game,” said Hendershot. “Williamston stifled our passing game while holding our backfield in check. The positive we should take from this experience is that it should be something we strive for and are capable of every year- it is our expectation and our expectations never change.”

Quarterback Dan Welke just gets into the end zone for the two-point conversion that cut Williamston’s lead to 14-8 in the third quarter.

Left: The Marshall High School Marching Band performs at halftime.

Right: Marshall varsity cheerleaders during the first quarter.

Marshall captains at the pre-game coin toss. From left: Dan Welke, Conner Vincent, Chase Bennett and Tony Wimberly.

Marshall volleyball reaches district tournament final Redhawks battle Harper Creek for district trophy, regional spot

photos by John Hendler

The Marshall High School varsity volleyball team advanced to the Nov. 2 district tournament final versus host Harper Creek after defeating Pennfield on Oct. 29 in straight sets and Comstock on Oct. 31 in straight sets. Left: Sarah Huffman at the net in the second set versus Comstock. Right: Grace Crawford with the point in the first set against Comstock. Crawford led Marshall with 14 kills and also had nine digs.Carmen O’Dell led Marshall with 21 digs. Morgan Benham had 20 assists and eight digs and Logan Kiessling had12 kills and eight digs.

MHS boys cross-country place 7th at regional meet

photo s by Lisa Ragan

The Marshall High School boys cross-country team placed seventh out of 14 teams at the Oct. 27 regional meet in Jackson. From left: Mike Pachan, Cam Ragan, Josh Turner, Dakoda Laupp, coach Mary Hovarter, Quinn Hovarter, August Tierney, Weston Herman, Kurt Swaton and Stuart Murch. Far right: Swaton, who led Marshall with a time of 17:09 and placed 21st. Herman placed 24th with a time of 17:19. Third for Marshall was Ragan, who had a time of 18:40 and was 52nd. Hovarter placed 53rd in a time of 18:41. The final scoring runner was Laupp who placed 60th with a time of 18:50. Rounding out the team was Turner, 72nd with a time of 19:08 and Tierney, who had a time of 19:25. “This is the first season that I will not have to rebuild the varsity seven as all the runners are underclassmen and will return to the team next season,” said coach Mary Hovarter. “I am excited to see what next season holds for the team as all of these young men are dedicated runners who work hard at practice each day and who are looking to make great improvements.”

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ad-visor&chronicle – October 27, 2012 – Page 64


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