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May 2012


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January 2012 Edition

January 2012 Edition

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May 2012



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Facebook friend ‘rapes’ Australian girl in Himachal


22-year-old Australian woman was allegedly raped in Kasol village of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh by a man she knew as her Facebook friend.

May 2012 Edition

The woman has lodged a complaint with Kullu police that a resident of Chandigarh, who she knew as ‘Sammy Sidhana’ on the networking site, raped her in a hotel room on Saturday

when she was “unconscious” after attending a party. When she woke up Sidhana, who she had met on that very day, was in the hotel room with her. The victim has told police that she

was in touch with the accused on Facebook for a long time and had messaged him about her location when she reached India.

“Search is on for the accused. We are also verifying rape. A case under IPC Section 376(A) has been made,” Kullu police chief said.




Cheque encashed by fraud?

Picture source: Kolliroes

Bank has to pay, rules consumer forum A

A consumer forum directed a bank to pay up the customer in a fraudulent cheque encashment case.

consumer forum recently held a bank guilty of deficiency for attempting to absolve itself of responsibility in a fraudulent cheque encashment case. Indian Bank was reprimanded for being negligent and allowing the encashment of a cheque which was evidently tampered with. The forum ordered the bank to pay Qatar-based Riyaz Mukdam the enchased amount of Rs 2.81 lakh along with 9% interest from December 2008. This amounts to about Rs 25,000. Mukdam will also get Rs 10,000 as cost of the complaint. Mukdam had an NRI account in the bank’s Wadala branch in Mumbai. On November 24, 2008, he sent five post-dated cheques to his brother Abbutallah in Mumbai. One of the cheques dated November 25, 2009 was for Rs 2.81 lakh. On December 12, 2008, when Mukdam asked his brother about the cheques, he was told that he hadn’t received that one. When Abbutallah checked with the bank, he realized that somebody had overwritten his brother’s name with another name and had encashed it at the bank’s Bandra branch. The cheque’s date was changed from November 25, 2008 to November 25, 2009, and

Mukdam’s signature was forged. He alleged that the cheque was encashed due to the bank’s negligence. Mukdam said the bank filed a police complaint only on December 29, 2010. He alleged that after seeing the overwriting, the bank should have got suspicious about its genuineness and should not have acted carelessly. He filed a complaint with the bank’s branches in Wadala and Bandra. Mukdam also filed a complaint with the Mumbai District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum on December 10, 2010. The bank didn’t file its defence and made no attempt to deny Mukdam’s allegations. The forum held that under such circumstances, Mukdam’s allegations stood intact. The forum stated that from documents presented, it was proved that the cheque was tampered with and the signature was forged. The forum said that when it was clear that there were obvious changes to the cheque, the bank should have checked with Mukdam and conducted investigations. The forum also said the bank’s irresponsible behaviour was evident after it delayed filing the police complaint.


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IPL spot-fixing: BCCI says it won’t tolerate corruption

The five players caught on camera include Team Hyderabad pacer T Sudhindra, formerly of the rebel ICL, who is shown confessing to having bowled a noball in a domestic game at the TV channel’s insistence and boasting that spot-fixing could be done at any level of Indian cricket, including IPL.


pot-fixing and underhand financial dealings seem to be rampant in the world’s richest, glitziest T20 competition, the Indian Premier League, if a sting operation by India TV is to be believed. The TV channel showed five domestic-level players, representing various IPL franchises, apparently

succumbing to the lure of fixing. It showed these players discussing the alleged involvement of IPL captains and even team owners in such activities and engaging in lengthy haggling over the price of bowling a no-ball on demand in the IPL. The players were also seen discussing deals in which IPL own-

ers allegedly pay players sums “in black” well beyond the slabs prescribed by the league. The accuracy of the channel’s claims or the statements attributed to the players could not be independently verified by TOI. A TV sting operation involving IPL players shown discussing “spot-fixing and underhand pay-

ments to players from franchisees” drew a sharp reaction from the Indian cricket board (BCCI). The BCCI - whose president N Srinivasan is the owner of an IPL team - was quick to react, saying it “would not tolerate any violations of regulation or any act of corruption” and that the “complete footage” of the sting op would be sought.

“The (IPL) General Council will meet on an emergent basis to review the footage and take appropriate strict action,” the BCCI said. It is learnt that the BCCI was contemplating meeting as early as Tuesday. The five players caught on camera include Team Hyderabad pacer T Sudhindra, formerly of the rebel ICL, who is shown confessing to having bowled a no-ball in a domestic game at the TV channel’s insistence and boasting that spotfixing could be done at any level of Indian cricket, including IPL. Spot-fixing is common but the rates differ according to the standard of the game, the player apparently insisted. Sudhindra was also shown as saying that franchisees were gifting players cars and flats since the IPL had capped remunerations for first-class players. Team Punjab’s left-arm pacer Shalabh Shrivastava is another former ICL player apparently caught on camera. He apparently said that franchisees, hampered by the Rs 30 lakh cap on domestic players, were paying some players an additional Rs 70 lakh in black money. He is also seen demanding Rs 10 lakh per no-ball for the IPL and claiming women were being used to befriend players before cajoling them into fixing games. Shrivastava added that “two or three” out of 10 players were vulnerable and that “everyone got offers”.

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China may have plotted to poison me: Dalai Lama

Picture source: PTI


ibet’s Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama, fears China may have plotted to kill him by training female agents with poison in their hair and on their clothing, he told Britain’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper. China has ruled Tibet since 1950, and the Chinese government has repeatedly accused exiled Tibetans, including the Dalai Lama, of stoking dissent against its rule. The spiritual leader fled to India in 1959 after a failed uprising. Last year he was warned that Chinese agents had trained Tibetan women to kill him, the Sunday Telegraph reported. Asked about the assassination plot, the Dalai Lama said: “Oh yes. In the hair poisoned and scarf poisoned. So they say they’re sick, supposed to seek blessing from me. And my hand touch. That kind of information we received.” “I don’t know whether 100 percent correct or not. There is no possibility to cross-check,” he added, speaking in broken English in a video posted on the Telegraph’s website. The Dalai Lama’s comments follow a spate of self-immolations and protests against Chinese control in the country’s Tibetanpopulated areas, prompting the ruling Communist Party to tighten security.

China has ruled Tibet since 1950, and the Chinese government has repeatedly accused exiled Tibetans, including the Dalai Lama, of stoking dissent against its rule.


Rupee ends at record low of 53.96 vs dollar


he rupee plunged to close at a new low of 53.96 against the dollar despite intervention by RBI following high inflation numbers. Dealers are now waiting for the currency to test its all-time low of 54.3 seen in December 2011. Dealers said that the currency weakened after high inflation numbers reduced the possibility of RBI coming out with a progrowth policy. There was also a global demand for dollars after it became increasingly likely that Greece would drop out of the euro zone - a development which weakened the euro. The rupee dropped to a low of 53.92 in intra-day trade, sharply lower from its Friday’s close of 53.64, when RBI is believed to have intervened by selling dollars. Although RBI’s dollar sales pulled the rupee to 53.82, the respite was temporary and the domestic currency slid to close at a low of 53.96. “We will probably see the all-time low of 54.3 levels being taken off on Tuesday and this could be the trigger for exporters to come in. It would take a very bearish exporter to expect the rupee to settle below its historic low,” said Harihar Krishnamoorthy, treasurer, First Rand Bank. He added that there was unlikely to be any panic buying by importers as most would have booked their contracts earlier.

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Blown into face, this drug can make you a zombie


hazardous drug derived from a particular type of tree common in Colombia can eliminate free will and can wipe the memory of its victims. The drug, which is currently being dealt on the streets of the country, is called scopolamine, but is colloquially

known as ‘The Devil’s Breath,’ and is often blown into faces of victims or added to drinks. Within minutes, victims are like ‘zombies’ - coherent, but with no free will. Some victims report being raped, forced to empty their bank accounts, and even coerced into giving up an

organ. According to Daily Mail, Ryan Duffy of Vice - a New York City based Canadian magazine - travelled to the country to find out more about the powerful drug. In two segments, he revealed the shocking culture of another Colombian drug world. Demencia

Black, a drug dealer in the capital of Bogota, said the drug is frightening for the simplicity in which it can be administered . He said Scopolamine can be blown in the face of a passerby on the street, and within minutes, that person is under the drug’s effect - scopolamine

is odourless and tasteless. “You can guide them wherever you want. It’s like they’re a child,” he explained. Black said that one gram of Scopolamine is similar to a gram of cocaine, but later called it ‘worse than anthrax.’ In high doses, it is lethal.

Picture source: moonopedia

Images show moon is still growing and shrinking


oon is often considered as a geologically dead fixture in our sky. However, new images returned from Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) suggest that our natural satellite isn’t dead at all. It’s actually pretty active having both shrank and grown fairly recently in its history, Discovery News reported. The first evidence of an active moon came in 2010 when LRO’s camera returned high-resolution images of landforms called lobate scarps. Earlier found only in the

May 2012 Edition

equatorial regions in images from Apollo missions 15, 16, and 17, these lobe-shaped cliffs have now been found scattered across the lunar surface. Less than 10 meters high and several kilometres long, lobate scarps form along thrust faults - inclined fractures where blocks of a body’s crust rise vertically. Most likely they formed when moon’s interior cooled and the rock contracted to force slices upwards . These are common on the geologically active Earth, but finding them on the moon was a surprise.


May 2012 Edition






Woman kills self over ice cream A



Picture source: examiner

38-year-old woman burnt herself at her residence in Thiru Vi Ka Nagar on Sunday night, allegedly after being chided by her husband for buying their children ice creams. Police said Devi told her husband Prakash, 40, after he came home in the evening, about what she had bought and was scolded for giving them something that could harm their health. Upset with this, she doused herself with kerosene and set herself ablaze before Prakash could come to her rescue, police said. She was rushed to the Government Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital where she died. She had sustained 70% burns, police said. The woman’s relatives lodged a police complaint, alleging foul play in the incident and demanding action against Prakash. He often quarreled with her over trivial issues and this could have led to the death, they alleged. A case was registered under CrPC section 174 and Prakash detained for questioning and was later let off on Monday. A Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) probe has been ordered into the incident as they two were married for only six years. The couple had two daughters.

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iluting women’s share in marital property in the event of divorce, the government has sought to restrict the provision for `immoveable property’ to residential assets, a move opposed by women’s rights activists. The marriage amendment bill seeks to amend the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, and the Special Marriage Act, 1954, legislating a women’s right to marital property acquired during the subsistence of marriage. The amendment cleared by the Union Cabinet recently said that the women’s share will be decided by the courts. However, sources said that a new provision in the bill that describes ``immoveable property’’ as ``residential property’’ has raised the hackles of women activists who feel that this will be used to cut off a woman’s share to her rights on other assets acquired by the husband during the period of their marriage. Opposing the amendment, a delegation of women’s rights activists, led by Rajya Sabha MP and CPM leader Brinda Karat, met law minister Salman Khursheed on Monday. Speaking to TOI after the meeting, Karat said, ``This provision will be equal to leaving a woman to the wolves. We have urged the minister to postpone bringing in

the amendments till such time as there is a provision guaranteeing equal share for women in marital property. This must be specifically mentioned in the bill.’’ Sources said that the proviso appeared to have been brought to pander to parties who felt that a woman after marriage will be able to stake claim to her husband and his family’s property. The new marriage amendments include introduction of a new ground for divorce - irretrievable breakdown of marriage. The amendment has met with a mixed response since both BJP and Left parties have demanded that the government bring in adequate guarantees to protect women’s rights if the ``quickie divorce’’ is introduced. Karat, who was accompanied by AIDWA member and former Law Commission member Kirti Singh and others, also pointed out that so far there is no adequate definition for ``marital property’’. She also stressed that there was no urgency to prioritize this legal reform at a time when several pro-women legislations continued to languish. Sources said that Khursheed heard the concerns of the members and said that he would consider all aspects before bringing the amendments before Parliament. The amendments had met with

Picture source: examiner

Govt goes one step back on divorce laws

scathing criticism from BJP leader Arun Jaitley, who had argued in the Sabha, that putting irretrievable breakdown without a financial support system as a ground would result in mostly women as sufferers of matrimonial breakdown. ``Once

a husband uses it for a divorce, courts will give conventional and very conservative maintenance amounts,’’ he had said demanding that provisions like sharing of assets be made part of the bill. The amendments also give

powers to courts to waive off sixmonth period of staying together before divorce can be granted in cases where the separation is by mutual consent. The amendments also give adopted children the same rights as natural-born children.


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Veggie prices surge 61%, fuel 7.2% inflation in April

Vegetable prices, which had shown some signs of easing in the previous months, shot up an annual 60.97% in April compared to a 30.57% rise in March.


oaring vegetable prices pushed inflation higher in April, while fuel and manufactured product prices sustained their pressure posing a fresh policy challenge and announcing the return of price pressures in Asia’s third-largest economy. Data released by the commerce

& industry ministry on Monday showed the annual rate of inflation, based on monthly wholesale price index, stood at 7.23% for April, 2012, compared to 6.89% for the previous month and 9.74% during the corresponding month of the previous year. Food inflation remained stub-

born during the month. It stood at 10.49% compared to the previous month’s 9.94% increase. This was the first time in six months that food inflation has breached the doubledigit mark. Vegetable prices, which had shown some signs of easing in the previous months, shot up an an-

nual 60.97% in April compared to a 30.57% rise in March, while potato prices rose 53.44% year-on-year in April from the previous month’s 11.60%. Price of pulses also shot up an annual 11.29% in April from the previous month’s 10.05%. Egg, meat, fish and milk prices also remained stubborn in April. While vegetable prices are often seasonal, in case of protein-rich items, supply has failed to keep pace with demand, which has exerted pressure. Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee once again reiterated the government’s concern but had nothing concrete to offer to tackle the problem of high food inflation which has been plaguing the economy for a significant period now. Experts have called for increasing productivity and reducing supply side bottlenecks to ease inflationary pressures but the response to the problem has been tardy. “Food inflation is a matter of concern, particularly it has reached double digit...Food inflation can be tackled by creating storage facilities and cold chains and also through institutional reforms in agricultural marketing,” Mukherjee said. “In both these areas state governments have to take appropriate steps, I will also discuss with them,” he said. The acceleration in inflation hurt sentiment in the stock market, and was one of the factors which drove stock prices down on Monday. Growing uncertainty about the state of the economy, the global

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economic situation and the future of reforms have added to worries in domestic financial markets. The index for food articles group rose by 4.9% to 206.4 from 196.8 for the previous month due to higher prices of fruits and vegetables (19%), barley (5%), tea (4%), masur, maize and bajra (3% each) and ragi and wheat (2% each) and fish-marine, gram, rice and milk (1% each). The government also revised upwards the inflation number for February to 7.36% from the previously reported 6.95%, which analysts said showed that inflationary pressures remained strong. The latest inflation data could also force the government to postpone any increase in fuel prices. The easing global crude oil prices could help, but any move to resist raising prices could upset its plans to repair government finances. The index for manufactured products group rose by 1% to 143.6 from 142.2% for the previous month. “Food inflation is set to rise further with the steep hike proposed in minimum support prices (MSP). MSPs of food articles have witnessed a surge over the past three years. For instance, MSP in wheat has risen to Rs 1,120 per quintal in 2011-12, compared to Rs 630 per quintal in 2004-05. Since MSPs tend to set a floor for prices, wholesale price of wheat has also during this period moved higher in tandem,” the ratings agency said in a report.

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Now, generate power from your footsteps I magine generating electricity in your footsteps. Sounds utopian. But, this could soon be a reality, say scientists who have developed a paperthin generator that harnesses the mechanical energy of one’s steps. An international team says these “living generators” use viruses to convert the soles of one’s shoes into electricity. So far, the generators can only create enough power to run a small LCD panel (about a quarter of the power of a AAA battery) - but work in the laboratory simply by tapping a finger on an electrode, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. In the future, the scientists could be used to power everything from portable electronics like phones - powered by footsteps - to lighting systems, powered by similar panels inside doors. The viruses are harmless - built to “harness” physical stress in an object to generate electricity. The technology already works - at least in the laboratory, say scientists at the US department of energy’s

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. They tested their approach by creating a generator that produces enough current to operate a small liquid-crystal display. It works by tapping a finger on a postage stampsized electrode coated with specially engineered viruses. The viruses convert the force of the tap into an electric charge. This generator is the first to produce electricity by harnessing the piezoelectric properties of a biological material. Piezoelectricity is the accumulation of a charge in a solid in response to mechanical stress. The milestone could lead to tiny devices that harvest electrical energy from the vibrations of everyday tasks such as shutting a door or climbing stairs, the ‘Nature Nanotechnology’ reported. “”More research is needed, but our work is a promising first step toward the development of personal power generators, and other devices based on viral electronics” , said Seung-Wuk Lee of the Berkeley Lab.

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Nepal plane crash: 13 Indians die; 2 girls & dad rescued T

May 2012 Edition


pieces, but did not catch fire and that rescuers managed to reach the scene swiftly thanks to its proximity to an army camp. The crash was the second deadly air disaster involving the airline in less than two years and the fifth in Nepal in less than two years. It comes about eight months after 10 Indians were killed in another crash near Kathmandu. Jomsom Airport is among one of the world’s most dangerous airfields due to the mountainous terrain on the approach.

Picture source: deccanchronicle

Kathmandu’s Indian embassy identified three Indian survivors as Tirumala Kidambi Sreekanth, Tirumala Kidambi Sreevardhini (9) and Tirumala Kidambi Sreepada (6). They were airlifted to the tourist town of Pokhara for treatment along with other survivors - two Danes and a Nepalese air hostess. Officials said Sreekanth was admitted to Pokhara’s Manipal Teaching Hospital ICU, while the two children were in a post-operative ward. B L Karna of Tribhuvan airport said the pilot aborted landing at Jomsom airport at the last moment and tried to return to Pokhara, 60km away, due to a technical problem. Officials of Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International airport said the Agni Air Dornier 9N AIG, which crashed near Jomsom airport in Nepal, ploughed into the ground while it was trying to ascend. “The pilot had reported a warning light flashing in the cockpit as he descended to Jomsom. The aircraft seems to have lost balance,” said B L Karna of rescue coordination committee at Tribhuvan airport. Reports said the aircraft broke into

Picture source: deccanchronicle

wo Indian children aged nine and six were pulled out alive along with their father and three others from the wreckage of a small plane that crashed near a tricky airport around 2,600m above sea level in northern Nepal on Monday, killing 15 of the 21 people on board, mostly Indians. Officials said 13 Indians killed in the crash included the mother of the two. Seven of them were from Mumbai and one from Hyderabad. It was unclear where the rest were from and the airline didn’t identify the dead.




May 2012 Edition

Besides, the number of female allopathic doctors (medical graduates with a bachelor’s or postgraduate specialist diploma or degree registered with the Indian Medical Council) is abysmally low. Only 17% of all allopathic doctors and 6% of allopathic doctors in rural areas are women. There is less than one female allopathic doctor per 10,000 population in rural areas (0.5), whereas it is 6.5 in urban areas. Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad informed the Committee that the ministry is giving a special push to nursing education. “During the last two years, the ministry has sanctioned 132 Auxillary Nurse Midwives (ANM) and 137 General Nursing Midwifery (GNM) schools all over the country. These 269 schools will produce an additional 20,000 nurses every year. Six nursing colleges are also being established at the

new AIIMS being set up under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Surakhsha Yojana and these will be functional by next year,” Azad said. A skewed distribution of medical colleges is another big problem. The ministry’s presentation said 45% of medical colleges are located south India, with 47% of the MBBS seats. North India is home to 17% of the medical colleges, with 16% of the MBBS seats. Western India accounts for 21% of colleges and 22% of the MBBS seats. In comparison, central India has 5% of medical colleges and 5% of MBBS seats, east has 10% of colleges and only 9% MBBS seats. Northeastern states are most neglected. It has only 3% of medical colleges and 3% MBBS seats. The Planning Commission recently said geographic and rural-urban imbalance exists in training and availability of human resource. Medical colleges are unevenly spread

Picture source:


round 27% of India’s registered doctors and almost 63% nurses aren’t active anymore. Union health ministry’s presentation to the Consultative Committee, which included several MPs, admitted to some worrying trends in human resources in health. According to joint secretary in the ministry Dr Vishwas Mehta’s presentation, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has 7.5 lakh doctors registered under it. However, Union health ministry’s scrutiny has found that two lakh of the registered doctors aren’t working anymore. Of the 10.7 lakh nurses registered, six lakh don’t exist. At present, there is only one doctor for every 2,000 population. The target is to have one doctor for every 1,000 population. While the international nurse to doctor ratio is 3:1, India’s count stands at 1.5:1.

Picture source: TOI

27% of India’s doctors exist only on paper

across the states with wide disparities in the quality of education. Of the 640 districts, only 193 have a medical college. Azad, however, said that in last three years alone the number of post-graduate seats to produce super specialty doctors has increased by more than 9,100. “The number of PG seats available in this academic year is 22,194 as against 13,043 in the year 2008-09. During 2009-12, 46 new medical colleges have been set up,” the minister added. Under-representation of women in healthcare workforce is seriously affecting women’s access to health care. Now, nearly two-thirds or 66% of all health workers are men. According to the paper “Human Resources for Health

in India” published in the British Medical Journal The Lancet recently, one in five dentists are women, while there is one woman in 10 pharmacists. Against a World Health Organization recommended norm of 23/25 health workers (doctors, nurses, midwives) per 10,000 population, India has 19 health workers per 10,000 (doctors - 6, nurses and midwives - 13). India has 270 medical schools, from which 28,158 doctors graduate every year. The southwestern states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, which together account for 31% of India’s population, account for 58% of all medical colleges - both public and private - in the country.




Picture source: TOI

India rubbishes Pak newspaper report on troop withdrawal plan

India has denied a report in a Pakistani newspaper which held that the two countries had reached an agreement on the troop withdrawal during President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to Ajmer on April 8.


ndia on Monday moved swiftly to rubbish “propaganda’’ emanating from Pakistan that it had agreed to pull back troops from the border as part of a larger agreement between the two countries. The Indian defence ministry denied a Pakistani newspaper report which held, quoting unnamed military and diplomatic officials, that the two countries had reached an agreement on the troop withdrawal during President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to India on April 8. “The report published in The Express Tribune (Islamabad edition) on May 14 that `India may move troops to peacetime locations’ is completely incorrect and without any basis. There are no such plans,” said the terse statement issued by the defence ministry. This is the second time India has strongly countered Pakistan recently. Earlier, New Delhi held there was no change in its stand on the SiachenSaltoro Ridge issue, and that it would

May 2012 Edition

continue to insist on ironclad guarantees and foolproof authentication of troop positions before any disengagement and final demilitarization of the glacial heights. The Pakistani media report on Monday claimed India is likely to thin out troops from wartime positions on the border with Pakistan, where they are deployed after the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai. The announcement about the troop withdrawal, a result of the ongoing backdoor channel talks, is “likely’’ when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visits Islamabad later this year, it added. That the defence ministry, not known for issuing denials on newspaper reports from across the border, reacted promptly is an indicator that the government is unhappy over the “propaganda’’ being floated from across the border. “Despite Pakistan not delivering on our main concerns on terrorism, there seems to be an attempt to build unrealistic euphoria. At another level,

it seems a ruse to portray to the world community that New Delhi is backtracking on agreements it had reached with Islamabad,’’ said a senior official. This comes ahead of the bilateral home secretary and defence secretarylevel talks slated for May 24-25 and June 11-12, respectively, in Islamabad. Defence minister A K Antony, in fact, has declared nobody should “expect dramatic results” on the Siachen issue from the 13th round of the defence secretary-level talks next month. Antony had told Rajya Sabha that India had neither “hardened’’ or “softened’’ its position and was “standing firmly where we were’’. The two sides have to first agree on “authentication’’ of respective troop positions on the 110-km Actual Ground Position Line (AGPL) along the Saltoro Ridge, then “delineation on map and ground’’ and subsequently the final demarcation of the agreed border. “It’s our long-standing considered position,’’

said Antony. Pakistani Army chief Gen Kayani had earlier created a flutter by stating India had “hardened’’ its position on the glacial dispute by asking for “demarcation’’ instead of the earlier “authentication’’ of the AGPL. But Antony said the only way to resolve the long-festering dispute is through the sequential process of proper authentication, delineation and demarcation. The Army, too, is clear that if Pakistani troops occupy the heights vacated by it, then dislodging them from there would be virtually impossible. Indian soldiers control almost all the dominating heights, ranging from 16,000 to 22,000feet, on the Saltoro Ridge that effectively prevents Pakistan from the west and China from the east joining up through the Karakoram Pass to threaten Ladakh. China is fast expanding its footprint in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir and GilgitBaltistan.




Akshay Kumar to endorse Red Label Tea?


kshay Kumar can be called as someone who has not just changed the rules of the game, but has also rewritten it on his own terms. According to Bollywood Hungama’s reliable sources, Akshay Kumar has now been signed up to be the brand ambassador of Red Label Tea and will be shooting the advert today. The official announcement of the same is being awaited.

For Lease Collins Street is centrally located between Queen Street & William Street From $2000 + GST Appox per room Suitable for Office Space or large Consulting Rooms • If a prime CBD location is desired


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18a 18a

technology Bollywood


Motion Simulation offers 180-degree display gaming cockpit for $18,000


with a lot of money burning a hole in their pocket. It’s called the TL1 Simulator from Motion Simulation, and it promises to totally immerse you in your game of choice while adding a futuristic-looking cockpit to a room of your home.Unfortunately, there’s no mention of seat vibration or force-feedback, which makes the $18,000 price tag seem even more expensive. However, you can hook up a PC, PS3, or Xbox 360 to the system making it quite versatile in terms of the games you can play. The seat without the display is also meant to be available for a much lower price in the near future, but for me it’s the wraparound display that makes this a desirable bit of kit.

Picture source: Geek

f you’re serious about PC gaming or productivity, chances are you have multiple displays hooked up to your rig. It works great, but for gaming in particular the break between the end of one display and the start of the next can be a bit jarring to the overall experience. That’s why when the Ostendo curved display appeared in 2009 I got a little bit excited. I haven’t heard much about that $6,500 screen since, though. More recently we saw The Gadget Show create the ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator, and I doubt it will ever be outdone in terms of overall experience, but is totally impractical for a home setting. Now we have a new game enhancement product to present for gamers

Samsung Galaxy S3, next-generation


amsung on Thursday unveiled Galaxy S3, its nextgeneration Android smartphone, at an event in London. The phone is powered by Exynos 4212, a quad-core processor running at 1.4GHz. It is expected to become available in India in the coming weeks. The phone has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 720P, 1GB RAM, 16/32GB storage with a slot for microSD card, 8MP camera with burst mode, zero shutter lag and backlit sensor, 2,100mAh battery, Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. The phone weighs 133 grams and has a thickness of 8.6mm. One of the unique features in Galaxy S3 is its ability to track the eye movement of the user. Samsung calls the feature SmartStay and claims it will make using Galaxy S3 more intuitive. The phone also has S Voice, a feature similar to Siri on iPhone, that will help us-

May 2012 Edition

ers in doing several tasks through voice commands. Galaxy S3 runs on Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android operating software. However, the default user interface of the OS is TouchWiz Nature UX, a custom skin prepared by Samsung. Galaxy S3 is one of the most anticipated phones of the year so far. It succeeds Galaxy S2. In February, Samsung had said that it had sold over 20 million units of Galaxy S2 since introducing it in the market in April last year. Samsung’s official Twitter account said on Wednesday that the company would not launch Galaxy Nexus India but consumers should not feel dejected because new and better phone would be arriving soon, hinting at S3 launch here in May. Samsung, which started selling Galaxy range of phones in 2010, has emerged as the biggest Android phone maker. In fact, helped by the sale of Galaxy Note and

Galaxy S2, the firm recently became the largest phone vendor in the world, ending Nokia’s 14 years reign at the top. According to IDC, a market research firm, Samsung shipped 93.8 million phones in Q1, 2012 compared to 82.7 million phones shipped by Nokia. In smartphone category, the firm ousted Apple from the top position. It shipped 42.2 million smartphones compared to Apple’s 35.1 million iPhones. Apple, however, continues to be the world’s biggest smartphone maker in terms of profit.

Picture source: PTI

Android smartphone to launch in India soon

technology Bollywood

indiantimes indiantimes

19a 19a

Latest Top Ten Music #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10

Chandni O Meri Chandni Pungi Bipasha Tere Bina Anarkali Disco Chali Ishq Sufiyana Rab Ka Shukrana Chikni Chameli Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu Chaahat

CDKC Agent Vinod Jodi Breakers Tezz Housefull 2 The Dirty Picture Jannat 2 Agneepath EMAET Blood Money

bollywood music V

Vicky Donar de”, a soft love song with a nice composition. But yet again, Juhi Chaturvedi’s lyrics are a major lowdown. It is the singers Aditi and Clinton Cerejo who carry the song on their shoulders and make an impact with their melodious voice. The composition adds zing to the song, which is simple yet well crafted. It is “Rum Whiskey” that manages to pack a punch and takes away the dullness from the soundtrack. The groovy Punjabi number has our very own Bollywood hunk John Abraham shaking a leg. My prediction is that even if the movie doesn’t work, the song will surely be a hit, especially at wedding parties for a long time. “Paani da rang” comes as a wonderful surprise with Ayushmann, who seems to have

Picture source: img.xcitefun

icky Donor is a first for many - it not only marks John Abraham’s foray into production, it is popular VJ Ayushmann Khurana’s first movie too and Abhishek-Akshay also start their journey as music director with the movie. They duo impress with the rawness in the album. Donn-Bann, Rochak Kohli and Ayushmann too have contributed in the film’s soundtrack. The compositions are supported by lyrics from five different lyricists, who have done a decent job. Opening track “Rokda” has ordinary lyrics, but the catchy tunes and composer Akshay Verma’s voice make it worth listening. Aditi Singh joins him and together they manage to pull it off well. Next on the list is “Kho jaane

May 2012 Edition

gained a fair bit of experience by hosting music shows, singing it. He amazingly fits the bill. His fresh and soothing voice goes well with the composition, a blend of folk and pop tunes. Ayushmann has co-composed and penned parts of the song and it is an absolute delight. The track also has a female version by Sukanya Purkayastha, which is equally comforting to the ear. What follows is love ballad “Mar jayian”. Composed by newcomers Donn-Bann, the song has elements of both Sufi and rock. The lyrics are by Swanand Kirkire and mesmerising voices of Sunidhi Chauhan and Vishal Dadlani do justice to the song.

This is a perfect song, so just lay back and enjoy it. It also has a sad version sung by Bann, which has a rustic feel and would be a good listen for those facing heartbreak blues. Last but definitely not the least is “Chaddha” where Mika delivers the perfect ending track. It has funny lyrics like “Kismat ke lag gaye pakode, peeche pad gaya Chaddha” and catchy beats pointing to the character of Dr. Chaddha played by Annu Kapoor, who is chasing sperm donor Ayushmann. Overall “Vicky Donor” turns out to be surprise donor of a reasonably good sounding album, an engaging surprise that should bring smile (if not cheers) to lis-

Picture source: 3.bp.blogspot

Music Review :

teners and producers. AbhishekAkshay composing skills are at par with market demands and delivers the needful (a rollicking “bhangra” number, couple of impressive Sufi-rock ballads and a decent unplugged version). As far as the commercial viability is concerned, fun-loving “Rum Whisky” is the brightest of the lot followed by “Pani da Rang” while soft numbers like “Kho Jaane De” and “Mar Jayian” should impress urbane listeners. It would be really difficult to predict a grand musical success but music is surely a positive feature this time, all thanks to the combined team efforts of musicians, technicians and singers that connect well together as a unit.

Contact: 13000 22225, 0433 676 636




Samsung’s mobile unit boss lauds Indian engineers J

6000 people at the two centres. “The technology industry is growing very quickly and it is too much of a burden to try to do everything inhouse,” Shin Told WSJ. He said the Korean company is also looking to acquire firms to bolster its capabilities. “There are small companies that we can acquire that have good research and development capabilities... If the opportunity allows, we will do mergers and acquisitions. There is something in the works right now.” Samsung launched its flagship Android phone - Galaxy S3 at an event in London.

Picture source: PTI

K Shin, president of Samsung’s mobile phone unit, praised software engineers in India and said the company was hiring more from the country to maintain edge in its fight against Apple. In an interview with Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Shin said, “There are many qualified workers from India that are very skilled in software.” Samsung has two research centres in India. The centre in Noida focuses on software solutions for hi-end televisions and digital media products while the one in Bangalore works in the area of telecom, wireless terminals, networking and SoC (system on chip). The company employs around

harti Airtel has launched broadband wireless access (BWA) services based on 4G technology in Bangalore followed by the recent inaugural launch of the services in Kolkata. Airtel has also introduced ‘Smartbytes’ for 4G -- thus allowing customers to buy these add-on packs and use 4G services even after exhausting their monthly data limits. “As seen the world over, the total data usage is exploding and is doubling each year to grow to nearly 3.6 hexabytes by 2014. With the launch of 4G, India will move from being a follower in technology to matching the world in this domain,” said Sanjay Kapoor, chief executive officer (CEO) - India and South Asia, Bharti Airtel. The service was inaugurated by Karnataka Chief Minister DV Sadananda Gowda. A successor to the 3G and 2G families, 4G is expected to be five times quicker than 3G services. It would offer services such as

May 2012 Edition

high-definition mobile TV and video conferencing. Airtel, which had bagged BWA spectrum in four telecom circles -- Kolkata, Maharastra, Punjab and Karnataka -- for Rs.3,314.36 crore in 2010, selected Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE to manage its services in Kolkata. The other players are yet to announce plans to rollout 4G services. As part of an introductory offer by Airtel, customers subscribing to 4G services will now be given a cash back for the dongle -- thus bringing device-cost to customers zero and paving way for mass adoption of 4G services. Airtel 4G is now also available in an all new 30 GB pack priced at Rs 2,999.

Picture source: PTI


Bharti Airtel launches 4G services in Bangalore




Satyamev Jayate


he much-awaited television show “Sataymev Jayate” has turned out to be another masterstroke from Aamir Khan. The star evoked a range of emotions as he dealt with the sensitive topic of female feticide and its repercussion on the society in the first episode of his maiden TV venture that went on air Sunday. There were many moist eyes among those in the TV audiences and many more at homes and offices across India as people tuned in to watch the programme, which Aamir said in his ads he wanted to replicate the phenomena created by the epic “Mahabharat” and “Ramayana” teleserials of yore on Sunday mornings. “My ammi (mother) was not here, she was in Pune. She liked the show and messaged, ‘Dil pe lag gayi aur baat ban gayi’. It was very overwhelming that she liked the show. I had tears in my eyes. I am really happy,” Aamir told reporters here Sunday. “I was watching the show with my wife,the core team of the show and son Azad. I don’t know how much Azad understood. I had tears in my eyes. I got good response for the show May 2012 Edition

through industry people, various people, twitter reactions. Even our website crashed because of the traffic,” added the 44-year-old. Equipped with well-researched instances and case studies, Aamir’s one-and-a-half hour programme was simultaneously beamed on Star Plus and Doordarshan, a first. Not only that, in a bid to reach out to everyone, special screenings of the show were held in some villages in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat where people do not have access to televison. The maiden episode highlighted how unethical medical practitioners are hand in glove with families wanting to kill the female unborn baby. Aamir also dispelled the perception among people that female foeticide is practised by rural people or those living in small towns with Mitu Khurana, a Delhi-based doctor being asked by her orthopaedic surgeon husband and in-laws to abort her girl twins just after 20 weeks of conceiving. Finally, she left home to save her twin daughters from death. Viewers have given the thumbs up to “Satyamev Jayate”, saying it is a gutsy,

hard-hitting and sensible programme that strikes an emotional chord with the audiences. “What Aamir Khan is doing is fantastic. He has shown all aspects of the issue - the minuses and what could be done to prevent it. He has not left it hanging in the middle. He has shown the total picture. He has done it in a way that it will touch the hearts of people,” said Ranjita, a Delhi-based counselor. The show’s success can be estimated from the fact that it occupied the “top five trends” on the social networking site Twitter. Even before Aamir could wrap up the episode, 2,254 tweets were notched up. If that’s not enough, “Satyamev Jayate” received such an overwhelming response that its official site crashed within minutes of the end of his programme due to huge traffic. In terms of business too, Aamir has managed to draw big brands and loads of moolah to sponsor a reality show that puts the spotlight on the invisible people in the country. Airtel is the title sponsor, while Aquaguard Axis Bank, Berger Paints, Skoda, Coca -Cola, Johnson & Johnson and Dixcy Textiles paying crores for the show.

Celebrity Twitter reacts Shekhar Kapur: Pity that satyamev jayate needs 2 b supported by commercials, something as powerful as this s/b run as public service free by channels Dia Mirza ?: Our nation needs a conscience cleanse. You think #SatyamevJayate will achieve a miracle?v I always wanted something like this on TV. Thank you Aamir for stirring a people that sundays are ‘lazy’ 4 n ‘others’ problems r not theirs. Pritish Nandy: Aamir Khan has finally integrated the media and entertainment industry with #SatyamevJayate Ameesha Patel: Aamir khan is truly an inspiration n idol.super show.eye opener n deals w such imp social issues.hats off to aamir Sonu Sood: Loved the 1st episode of #satyamevjayte..#respect.. Sophie Choudry: What an eye opener! Tku Aamir & team 4 addressing such a REAL & impt issue with sense,dignity & hope! #SaveTheGirlChild A class apart..Truly believe Aamir can educate, inspire

& create awareness thru Satyamev Jayate! Sad 2 miss it.. Is it avail 2 watch online? Vishal Dadlani: Finally, a major star’s directing attention to serious issues. Maybe the world won’t change right away, but at least it’s a positive step! Shekhar Kapur: That some1 has stopped supporting Cola co’s n dedicated himself to social issues on TV is reason enuff 2 say #wow2Aamir Satyamev Jayate proves tht TV 2 can b a tool of social change. Shruti Haasan: Amir khan just makes sense.simple.loved the show glad to see that level of commitment Madhur Bhandarkar: Now Television will no longer be called an idiot box,the VISION of Television broadens up with #SatyamevJayate !!! Ken Ghosh: Aamir does it again....and this time on TV, Satyamev Jayate touches the heart and opens the eyes to the country around us Kabir Khan: @aamir_khan For an hour this morning television stopped being the idiot box.


Food & Wine


Non-Veg Meal


Ingredients • • • • • • • • •

4 medium herrings (fish) 450 gms / 1/2lb potatoes (boiled, peeled and mashed) 1large onion 1tsp grated ginger 1tsp grated ginger 2 green chilies (finely chopped) 1tsp cumin seeds Salt To Taste 1tbsp lemon juice

• • • • • • • • • •

1tsp vinegar 3/4th cup gram flour (besan) 50gms / 1/4th cup butter 2/3 cup water 1tbsp fresh soft bread crumbs Oil for deep frying For Garnishing : 1tbsp coriander leaves (chopped) 1 lemon (sliced) 4 lettuce leaves

Method • • • • •

Heat the butter in a frying pan and fry onion until golden. Add cumin, ginger, salt, green chilies and coriander. Mix together with the lemon juice, mashed potatoes and vinegar. Clean and cut herrings and stuff with potato mixture. Make a batter by beating gram flour, water and bread crumbs together until

• • • •

smooth. Heat oil in a kadhai / wok. Dip each fish in the batter and fry until golden & crisp on a moderate heat. Garnish bharawan macchli (stuffed herrings) with coriander, lemon slices and lettuce leaves and serve hot. Goes well as a side dish with nonvegetarian menu.

Why drinking alcohol makes you fat one seems to care. Alcohol is a powerful appetizer. An aperitif is often offered in restaurants to stimulate the appetite. Research has shown that there is a definite correlation between the amount of alcohol consumed before a meal and the amount of food eaten and that people eat more when they have beer or wine with their meal. Since alcohol causes the brain to release dopamine, the pleasure and addiction hormone, the result is an often addictive desire for more alcohol and food. This means one is hit with a double whammy when it comes to gaining weight: excess calories come from both the alcohol and the extra food that is usually consumed as a result of a stimulated appetite.


here are many factors that affect weight loss, making the process more complicated than it may seem. The body produces different hormones in response to different types of foods and/or drinks. Losing weight is not only about calorie consumption but also about the types of foods and drinks consumed. Alcohol is one of the worst culprits when it comes to inhibiting weight loss because it disrupts the May 2012 Edition

delicate balance of nutrition, fluid and hormones needed to lose fat. Alcohol boosts cortisol, a fat-creating hormone Drinking heavily or even occasionally increases the body’s release of cortisol - the hormone that breaks down muscle and retains fat. This loss of muscle can mean a huge slowdown in one’s metabolism, making it easier to gain weight. In

addition, alcohol causes a drop in testosterone in men, a hormone which helps burn fat. Alcohol also blocks the body from burning fat. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that fat metabolism can be reduced by as much as 73 percent after only two drinks of vodka and lemonade in a one-hour time period. In effect, alcohol shuts down the body’s ability to access fat

stores for energy. The body needs to be well-hydrated in order to build muscle and burn fat. Alcohol has the effect of dehydrating the body. Drinking often accompanies irresponsible eating Because drinking often puts one in a relaxed party mood, it is easier to indulge in snacks, potato chips and other unhealthy party foods -the more one drinks the less

Alcohol is high in calories Alcohol comes with very little nutritional value but is very high in calories. It is very easy to knock back a 200ml glass of wine but that is equivalent, in calories, to eating 25ml (5 teaspoons) of butter. Seldom do people stop at one glass of wine or one beer, and mixing alcohol with sugary mixers such as lemonade means even morecalories as the drink now contains sugar and alcohol.




Mornington Peninsula


isitors to Melbourne can take an easy one hour drive south from the city to reach Melbourne’s favourite playground, the Mornington Peninsula which forms the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay. The peninsula was the location of the first European settlement in Victoria. The Mornington Peninsula is Melbourne’s favourite playground with ocean surf and long stretches of sheltered bay beaches. With three bodies of water enclosing the peninsula, there is an emphasis on water sports and aquatic activities. The area is renowned for its fine wineries, thoroughbred horse studs, orchards and wildlife areas. After leaving Melbourne, visitors pass through Frankston, the gateway to the peninsula. The town offers beaches, golf courses, public reserves and gardens. A visit to Olivers Hill is recommended for the gracious old period homes and beautifully tended gardens. Westernport Bay is, as the name

May 2012 Edition

implies, on the western side of the peninsula which is also known as The “Coast of Coves”. There are several very scenic golf courses in the area. The town of Hastings is the home port for a large fishing fleet and also boasts an impressive boating marina. A visit to Coolart homestead is suggested for history buffs as well as a visit to the bird watching hides and platforms on Coolart lagoon. Point Leo has a popular surf beach, but be warned, wetsuits will be needed. Walkers will enjoy the trail to Bushrangers Bay on the promintory and the tour of the historic Sorrento residences and guest houses. The same tour is available in horse drawn trams. Charters out on the bay are available to enjoy the fishing or simply take any one of the many motor cruises to see the bay’s population of seals and dolphins. For a change of pace, enjoy a family day out at the picnic races that are held regularly on the peninsula.

[Movie Review]

ISHAQZAADE Parma (Arjun Kapoor) and Zoya (Parineeti Chopra), young members of two opposing political families, fall in love with one another. After they secretly tie the knot and consummate their marriage, Parma abandons Zoya and takes political mileage out of her family’s disrepute. What happens next? Find out in the full review of Ishaqzaade.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars (Three-and-ahalf stars) Star cast: Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Gauhar Khan. What’s Good: The breezy first half; the good performances; the music and the background score. What’s Bad: A few boring portions in the second half; the climax, which will not be liked by a majority of the lay viewers. Verdict: Ishaqzaade makes for an entertaining watch. Watch or Not?: Go for it if you want to watch a love story with a twist. Yash Raj Films’ Ishaqzaade is a love story of two youngsters belonging to two opposing political families. In a small town in UP where muscle powers reigns and politics is conducted through the muzzle of a gun, Parma (Arjun Kapoor) is one of the grandsons of Chauhan, a political leader who is contesting for the post of the MLA. Chauhan’s bête noire, Qureshi, is the current MLA of the area. Chauhan and Qureshi are sworn enemies, whose fight for supremacy often leads to gun battles in broad daylight. Parma, who is one of the ringleaders of the Chauhan family, wants to rise up the family ladder. He brazenly uses his might to do things for the family. On the other hand, Zoya (Parineeti Chopra), Qureshi‘s gusty daughter, is no less than her brothers in her hate for the Chauhans. While canvassing for votes in their college, Parma and Zoya have a tiff and Zoya slaps Parma in front of everyone. As he has orders from the family patriarch to not indulge in violence, Parma stops short of shooting Zoya. Soon, he falls for her and woos her till she reciprocates his love. The two meet secretly and even get married in

the presence of two of Parma’s friends. Immediately afterwards, Parma has sex with Zoya. Then, to her surprise, he abandons her, claiming revenge for the slap. Parma even uses photos of Zoya getting married in the Hindu way – without showing his own face – to rubbish her family’s name. As a result, Zoya’s dad loses the election. Parma becomes his grandfather’s blue eyed boy. Zoya’s father decides to snap all ties with her. Zoya, meanwhile, escapes from her home with the intention to put a bullet in Parma’s head. What happens then? Does Zoya kill Parma and avenge her honour? Ishaqzaade Review: Script Analysis Story writers Aditya Chopra and Habib Faisal take the age-old plot of a love story between members belonging to feuding families and give it a very nice twist. Faisal’s screenplay does full justice to the story. The first half is fast paced and entertaining. All the characters are well-etched and leave an impression the viewer’s mind. The last scene of the pre-interval portion has a surprise in store for the audience, which is shocking as well as engaging. However, the drama loses steam in the second half when the young couple deals with the aftermath of their marriage. Certain portions of the second half seem repetitive and even bore the audience a little bit. The climax, which is very unlike the happy endings the audience is used to seeing in commercial movies, will disappoint a section of the viewers. On the positive side, the emotions will appeal to the audience, especially the youngsters and girls. Screenwriter Faisal also successfully establishes the film’s milieu very well, something that makes the drama completely believable. The angle of Hindu-Muslim rivalry has been exploited very well. Dialogues, penned by Habib Faisal, are earthy and entertaining. Ishaqzaade Review: Star Performances Arjun Kapoor makes a fine debut as Parma. He emotes well, acts with a swagger and dances delightfully. He has a very good screen presence as well. Parineeti Chopra, whom we loved in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, shines again in a complex and intense role. She looks very good and acts like a

song. Arjun and Parineeti’s on-screen chemistry and excellent performances are the highlights of the film. Gauhar Khan, who plays courtesan Chand, does very well. All the supporting cast members provide very good support. Ishaqzaade Review: Direction & Technical Aspects Habib Faisal’s direction is first-rate. The writerdirector treads a very different territory after Do D o o n i Chaar but

manages to make the narrative compelling. Only if he had paid more attention to making the second half crisper, the film would have proved to be a better package. Amit Trivedi’s music is very good. The songs go with the narrative. Lyrics, by Kausar Munir and Habib Faisal, are fine. Ranjit Barot’s background score sets the pace of the drama. Choreographers Chinni Prakash and Rekha Chinni Prakash make the songs a delight to watch. The production design is excellent. Cinematography, by Hemant Chaturvedi, is eyepleasing. Aarti Bajaj’s editing is fine. Sham Kaushal’s action choreography is realistic.

Ishaqzaade Review: The Last Word On the whole, Ishaqzaade is an entertaining fare which works on the strength of its first half and the performances.

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Aamir, Salman

Rakhi Sawant in Bengali remake of The Dirty Picture

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to play charity cricket match

Salman Khan

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Rakhi Sawant


f you are one of those who went ‘ooh-laa-laa’ with the curves and gyrations of Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture, then, be ready for some really hotter-than-hot action, courtesy none other than Rakhi Sawant! The news is that Rakhi has now been signed up to play Vidya Balan’s role in the Bengali remake of The Dirty Picture. The film is being directed by Shatabdi Roy and is being produced by Tapas Paul. Talking about this film, Rakhi said that Vidya Balan has done nothing in The Dirty Picture and that she will do better

and hotter scenes in the Bengali remake, so much so that even Vidya Balan will be surprised after seeing her character! While on Rakhi, Tapas said that they had met her recently and had liked her in the item song in the Bengali film Om Shanti. He also added that the hunt for the male lead is still on. The finishing shot (as always) belonged to Rakhi, who said that the sari is meant to be taken off in films, not worn and that the films become a hit because of this and not because of stars. We wonder what Vidya Balan has to say to this!

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Aamir Khan


star studded cricket team comprising the likes of Aamir Khan and Salman Khan will be playing a Twenty20 cricket match at Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium on May 1,against a team of physically handicap, all bound by one common motive-to prove that disability is no handicap. While some players wear calipers, others hobble on crutches a few are amputees, they have requested the actors not to give them any unfair advantage as they want the match to be a fair one. The event named ‘Junoon’ is a Celebrity Charity Cricket Match supported by EVE Foundation (Empowering Villages Everywhere), Cricket Club of India and Rotaract Club of HR College. The ticket

May 2012 Edition

Photo source: topnews

Victoria & Australia.

proceeds of this match shall be used to provide prosthetics (artificial limbs) to the disabled living in the rural district of Satara, Maharashtra. The event will also see Atul Kulkarni, Sharman Joshi, Sohail and Arbaaz Khan, Prateik Babbar, Rani Mukerji, Aftab Shivdasani, Dilip Joshi, Isha Koppikar, Disha Vankani, Maanav Gohil, H R College principal Dr. Indu Shahani and many more celebrities take the field. There will also be a performance by Shiamak Davar’s extremely talented physically disabled dance troupe and a Blind Band performance with music spinned throughout the event by DJ Shaan.

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Emraan Hashmi


ven though the makers of Jannat 2 have categorically stated that it is a solo hero film with

Emraan Hashmi leading from the front, seems like those close to Randeep Hooda haven’t taken the statement too kindly. After

all, Randeep - who is fresh out of playing a key protagonist in his last release Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster - would have definitely bargained for a better placement in Jannat 2. However statements that convey that ‘it was a conscious decision not to focus on Randeep for Jannat 2 promotion’ are heartbreaking to say the least. “Sometimes what is printed doesn’t quite convey the exact expression with which you had made a particular statement”, says a source close to Kunal, “He had always maintained that Jannat 2 is not a two hero film. In fact Randeep too was aware about this from the very beginning. This is the reason why Kunal had also admitted that Randeep was not in the know-how of the promotional strategy because at the end of the day it is Emraan’s film. This doesn’t mean though that other actors don’t have a role to play. Randeep knows his place in the film; he hasn’t been cheated here and there is no reason for him to feel let down.” Still, since there is lot of misinterpretation in play here and the apparent miscommunication hasn’t gone down well with all involved, there is an instant damage control in play. The first step in this direction is for Kunal to hail Randeep’s presence in the

film. “Randeep is a great actor. Period. When he becomes a part of a film, he obviously adds weight to the proceedings. The


best part about Randeep is that he has been consistent in all his films,” remarks Kunal. Obviously the tone sounds much more euphoric and awe inspiring this



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indiantimes Readers please note that the below predictions are given according to North Indian tradition of Hindu Vedic Astrological methods, using your Lagna as the base.

Monthly Astrology - May 2012 Aries – Mesha You will find improvements in all areas of life and you will have smooth progress. You will have betterment in career and your financial position will considerably improve. You will receive favours from your superiors and you will lead a joyous carefree life. You will be in good health and enjoy a good time with all your family-members who will be very loving and caring. You may have new acquisitions which will make your life more comfortable. You may have some celebrations in the family. Taurus – Vrushabha You will be happy and cheerful. You will have many opportunities and will receive favours from superiors. Your careerprospect and your financial position will also be considerably improved. You will have a pleasant and enjoyable time in company of the people of opposite sex. You will socialize more and form new friendships with joyous people. Your familylife will be happy and enjoyable. You will be in good health and so will be the other members of your family. Your relationship with the people in general will improve and your popularity will increase. The period is now ripe for investing endeavours that will lead to betterment in career. Gemini – Mithuna You must excercise care and caution as your enemies could otherwise ferment troubles for you and make you a victim of slander or disrepute. Time is not propitious for romantic liaisons and extravagant tendencies if not curbed could give rise to

financial problem. Your health also needs more care as you may suffer from minor ailments. You may feel irritated but you should try to diffuse your tensions which will smoothen things for you. By adopting a compromising attitude and dealing in a tactful manner you could be able to tide over domestic conflicts. Cancer – Kataka Your popularity will be at it’s peak and you will wield much influence and in social circles too you will turn heads and become a centre of attraction. You will form many new friendships or relationships and win admirers. Your family-life will be very peaceful and happy. Your sweetheart will be very affectionate and loving. Some of your achievements could become a source of pride. There might be some auspicious celebrations in the family. Leo – Simha You will win the appreciation of your superiors and will be favoured with a lucrative promotion. Your name and fame will be widespread and your social popularity will considerably increase. You will form new relationships and have many admirers in your friends’ circle . You may have new acquisitions which will improve your life-style. Your family-life will be a little problematic as you may become unhappy and may remain anxious on account of your children; Virgo – Kanya You will have all round success and prosperity in all areas of life. You will gain

favours from your superiors and have betterment in career; your earnings will increase and you will have gains from various other sources. A distant journey may prove to be fruitful. Your family-life will be peaceful and comfortable with all it’s members very cordially disposed to one another and remaining in the pink of their health. Time is favourable for forming new relationships, improve the existing ones and also for socializing. Your name and fame will be widespread and popularity will also increase considerably Libra – Tula You will be fortunate in respect of forming good relationships with important people. Journeys to distant places and contacts/ collaborations with foreigners will be fruitful. You will be moving in high circles and become more influential. You will have new acquisitions and precious adornments which will increase your satisfaction. You will have a pleasant time to enjoy the luxury and comforts of life. You may have some costly acquisitions which will increase your satisfaction and raise your social status. All your efforts during the period will bear fruit and contribute to your progress. You will receive favours from your superiors and secure betterment in career. Scorpio – Vruschika You will have success in all your endeavours and receive favours from your superiors. You will form new relation -ships and make new deals. You may have fruitful journeys and pleasure-trips. Some of your cherished desires will be fulfilled and ambitions realised. You will be fortunate in respect of romantic liaisons.

In family-life too you will have a pleasant and enjoyable time-period as your spouse will become very loving and caring. For socializing too the period will be favourable as your relations will be improved and your popularity will also increase. Sagittarius – Dhanu You should take proper care of your health as you will be prone to suffer from minor ailments. Your enemies could ferment some trouble and try to tarnish your image. You should remain alert, avoid all temptations and overcome irritations. You must avoid all conflicts and disputes; being diplomatic and tactful you should handle the situations. The period is not propitious for gaining favours at workplace. In familylife too you should try to avoid disputes and quarrels by retaining your cool. This is not a favourable time for socializing or for forming new relationships. You should take care for avoiding the possibility of separation from your dearest. Capricorn – Makara You should take proper care of your health as you will be prone to suffer from minor ailments. Your enemies could ferment some trouble and try to tarnish your image. You should remain alert, avoid all temptations and overcome irritations. You must avoid all conflicts and disputes; being diplomatic and tactful you should handle the situations. The period is not propitious for gaining favours at workplace. In familylife too you should try to avoid disputes and quarrels by retaining your cool. This is not a favourable time for socializing or for forming new relationships. You should take care for avoiding the possibility of

separation from your dearest. Aquarius – Kumbha You will have a pleasant time to enjoy the luxury and comforts of life. You may have some costly acquisitions which will increase your satisfaction and raise your social status. All your efforts during the period will bear fruit and contribute to your progress. You will receive favours from your superiors and secure betterment in career. Your family-life will be joyous and comfortable with all it’s members becoming very loving and caring. There could be a happy celebration in the family. You may spend money for renovating the interiors of your house by decorations and procuring attractive furnitures while the exteriors may have a face-lift too. Pisces - Meena Your popularity will reach an all-time high and you will form new relationships. The relationships with your co-borns and neighbours will become very cordial. You may have pleasant short-trips and excursions. Your interest in art and music will increase and you may acquire an object of art or a music system. Your family-life will be joyful and happy. In professional sphere the goings-on will be smooth and progressing. You may receive favours from a person of aristocratic background. Your earnings will increase as you may have gains from newer avenues as well. If you wish to knowthe difference between Eastern & Western Astrology you are invited to visit

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Science and spirituality work together to cure insomnia S

cience and spirituality have always been at loggerheads. However, efforts have been on to make the two work together for the larger good of people. City-based Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal and Indian Psychiatric Society’s Nagpur branch would make one such effort by means of a two month-long camp that aims to heal insomnia through yoga therapy. The camp that starts off from Sunday would combine the expertise of the eminent yoga gurus from the mandal and some of the eminent psychiatrists of the city. The mental health of those attending the camp would be documented at the beginning and the end to assess the efficiency of the traditional therapy. “Instead of making tall claims, our mandal believes in proving ourselves. Since the last ten years, we have been conducting annual camps where we call the doctors to evaluate the condition of those attending the camps. Through the camp, we teach them

May 2012 Edition

several lifestyle modifications, asanas, kriyas, meditation, pranayaam and tell them about several dos and don’ts depending on their health,” said Dr Dinesh Bapat, a physician and a senior teacher in the mandal. “Sleep is the protective mechanism for the body and sleep disorders can lead to many problems like cardiovascular diseases and depression among others. Yoga has been a very efficient way to deal with such illnesses,” believed Dr Kausar Abbasi, chairman of the scientific committee of IPS, Nagpur. Psychiatrist Dr Sudhir Bhave said the his fraternity would be grouping the participants of the camp into those who have sleeping disorders due to an underlying mental illness and those who have it due to a physical one. “In the past, we have conducted camps on diabetes, obesity, asthma, headache, menopause, etc” informed advertiser Sanjay Arora, who is also a worker of the mandal.



Rowdy Rathore


Prabhu Dheva

Music :




Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Prabhu Dheva, Paresh Ganatra.

he film is a remake of the superhit Telugu film Vikramarkudu, which was also remade in Tamil as Siruthai, another superhit. The film will see Akshay Kumar back

in his original action avatar, this time under the direction of the maestro of the masala action genre, Prabhudeva. The movie is pegged to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2012.


Upcoming MOvies Mr. Bhatti On Chutti Department Love Lies & Seeta Ata Pata Lapata Love Recipe Rakhtbeej Dhama Chaukdi Yeh Khula Aasmaan Zila Ghaziabad Villa

Release dates are from the genuine sources. At times, the films get postponed for various reasons, hence the list is the latest prior publication.

May 2012 Edition




I will get Katrina’s marriage ‘arranged’: Salman Khan Chulbul Pandey is back with Dabangg 2. Salman Khan talks about his much-awaited film to Sreya Basu What do you have to say about Arbaaz Khan directing Dabangg 2? Yes Arbaaz is directing Dabangg 2 and is doing a very good job with it…we are very happy. He will become a very big director when you will watch the film (jokingly). Sonakshi Sinha will share screen with you in the sequel. How has she grown as an actress? Sonakshi is killing in Dabangg 2. In the first picture (Dabangg), she was slightly, you know, nervous and all. But then she is back with Rowdy Rathore (with Akshay Kunar) and then Dabangg 2…she has gone to a different level altogether. Also she has grown very, very beautiful. You mentioned Rowdy Rathore. Have you seen the promos? Sonakshi knows I liked Rowdy Rathore. She showed me the promo of the film twice on the sets of Dabangg 2. I really liked the romantic and action tracks in Rowdy Rathore. How will Sonakshi’s character be different from Dabangg in the sequel? Mrs Rajjo Pandey (Sonakshi’s character) can do anything. There is a lot of romance in Dabang 2. She had done a brilliant job…tell this to her when you meet and see how she will blush (laughs). Your unique dance steps in Dabangg were highly appreciated by the audiences. Will you innovate further in Dabangg 2? Just wait…itna bhayankar nachunga key sabko bata dunga what is called dancing. You are considered to be one of the best looking men in Bollywood. How often do you visit spas? For the first time I saw what is called a spa when I went to launch my sister-in-law (wife of Sohail Khan) Seema Khan’s Kallista Spa & Salon in Bandra recently. It will be helpful for our Bollywood ladies like Sonakshi (Sinha) and Katrina (Kaif) that they can easily access a good spa in Bandra now on. And since, it’s Seema’s, they will get good discount as well.

What do you do to release stress? I don’t need to any stress reliever. Everybody else gets the stress. Do you three brothers (Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail) spend ‘happy times’ frequently with family and friends? We have get-togethers every day…without any occasion. There are numerous fans across the globe who copy all your mannerisms blindly. What makes every move you make click with the audiences? I don’t know. I never copied or aped anybody. I never idolized anybody. As an actor, I do appreciate all the love that I get from my fans. Do you get free time for yourself being tied up with so many things? Ya, ya. I am always free because I enjoy what I do. I changed my hobby into my profession. I chill in-between shots…listen to music, hang out with friends. I am not into much reading. I only read books when I can’t sleep. No interview is complete without asking Salman when he is getting married…to which he will say? …you asked a brand new question. Okay, let’s put it this way. Katrina said she wants an arranged marriage. Will you support her to find a suitable groom? Ya, sure. I will get her marriage ‘arranged’ with whoever she wants to.

May 2012 Edition


May 2012 Edition






John and Priya

Picture source: PTI

to tie the knot this year

Anil and Bipasha

13th IIFA Awards to be held in Singapore


ohn Abraham, who is currently dating investment banker Priya Runchal, is all set to marry her this year. John met Priya through a common friend, in April last year and there was an instant connection between them. Two months later, John knew that Priya is the ‘one’

May 2012 Edition

Picture source: realbollywood

John and Priya

for him. Their parents have already given their blessings to the lovely couple. Priya and John are yet to decide their wedding date but the actor stated that their wedding will be an intimate affair as they’ll be going for a registered marriage.

to its viewers in a manner that’s unique and entertaining, the IIFA Weekend and Awards have today become an iconic platform that the world respects.” Speaking about this year’s IIFA being held in Singapore, he said, “I am associated with IIFA for a few years now. The attempt is to make the awards the best every year. Being here it becomes easier to hold the awards

as the government is supportive and systematic.” Bipasha Basu also added, “IIFA is the most respected cinema Awards and something I look forward to every year. It’s a great opportunity for me to be here in Singapore personally to represent Indian Cinema on such a global platform. I’m sure that this year’s IIFA will be a phenomenal success.”

Picture source: topnews


n Tuesday, Anil Kapoor and Bipasha Basu enthralled the audiences in Singapore, wherein they announced that the 13th International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Weekend and Awards will be held in the Lion City from 7th - 9th June 2012. At the event, Anil Kapoor said, “With the promise of bringing the best and the biggest of events


For Jacqueline life comes in full circles


acqueline Fernandez has been recently signed as the face of a camera brand The brand she endorses also extends into various other electronic categories that have Ranbir Kapoor

and Katrina Kaif as their faces. What’s interesting is that Jackie started out her association with the brand as a model in her early modelling days and is now its face. Life has truly come a full circle for

the Sri Lankan! Of late camera brands have been signing B-Town females like Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Minissha Lamba.




Eventograph photographs from latest B-Town Events

Jacqueline Fernandez at Latest Issue of Women`s Health Launch

Emraan Hashmi at Jannat 2 Promotion

Shibani Kashyap at Tanha Sa Hoon Album Launch

Esha Gupta at Jannat 2 Promotion

Shaan with wife Radhika at Tanha Sa Hoon Album Launch

Shamita Shetty at Shilpa Shetty`s Baby Shower

Neha Dhupia at Shilpa Shetty`s Baby Shower

Sameera Reddy at Shilpa Shetty`s Baby Shower

Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora at Shilpa Shetty`s Baby Shower

Sonali at Lonely Planet Travel Awards-2012

Neil at Lonely Planet Travel Awards-2012

May 2012 Edition




Eventograph photographs from latest B-Town Events

Kajol at Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards

Raveena at Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards

Ali Zafar at Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards

May 2012 Edition

Dadasaheb Phalke at Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards

Amitabh Bachchan at Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards

Ekta Kapoor at Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards

Dipannita Sharma at Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards




Malaika: One for m y Kid and Hubby I Singapore and Ho ng Kong. There are a lot of recreational options for kids in Singapore, which means th at Arhaan will enjoy a lot. When it com es to summer vacatio ns, he is my priority.” We hope you have a lot of fun with your little one.

Esha Deol


uzz is that Neha Dhupia has been added to the ensemble cast of Karan Johar’s next production which is an action adventure The film to be directed by Qurbaan director Rensil D’Silva features Emraan Hashmi and Kangna Ranaut. The film is slated to roll later in the year as Rensil is currently busy as a writer for Karan’s upcoming directorial venture.

Neha Dhupia to star in Karan Johar’s next May 2012 Edition

Esha Deol


sha Deol, who surprised one and all by getting engaged to businessman Bharat Takhtani on February 12 this year, is now busy planning her monsoon wedding. The couple has not yet set the wedding date, but they will be tying the knot in the next few months. Their wedding will be a grand affair wherein she will be inviting all her industry friends unlike their low profile engagement ceremony, where Jaya Bachchan was the

to have monsoon wedding

Photo source: whitegadget

t has been a he ctic season for Malaika Arora Kh an. The lady’s rece ntly got back from Hyderabad where she did an item song for the Telugu version of Dabangg. And no w it is time for a holiday. She tells CS, “I wi ll be heading for a family holiday with my kids and hubby. Ever y year, we he ad of f to Dubai, but this time we ar e planning to do

only Bollywood personality present. More than the wedding, Esha is very excited about the sangeet ceremony as her family and friends will be dancing together at the event. Not just her wedding but even her work is keeping her busy, as Esha is working on some scripts and projects she wants to produce. She has not yet decided whether she would want to pursue acting after her marriage.




What is giving Bipasha sleepless nights? The actress is unable to have some shut-eye in the nights due to her shooting schedule ‘Raaz 3’


ver since Bipasha Basu has started shooting for director Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming thriller, the actress has barely slept a night. This anomaly can be squarely blamed on her choc-a-bloc shooting schedule. The 3D film, also starring Emraan Hashmi, is being shot entirely during nighttime to maintain the effects. And the shoot begins only post sunset

and wraps up in the wee hours of the morning. The actress, known for being extremely health conscious, is going against her own rules for the film’s sake. Though it’s a professional as well as a personal challenge, she isn’t complaining at all. After all, this is the first time she’s working in a 3D film. Bipasha confirms, “The film is an emotionally-taxing drama.

For the last couple of days, I’ve hardly slept at all because of the workload. But I’m enjoying the experience because I haven’t worked in a 3D film before.” Ironically, the taxing schedule compelled Bipasha to miss an award function where she was named the fittest Bollywood celebrity! Since she was busy shooting, she had to thank her fans and the panel via a video call from the sets in Panvel.

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May 2012 Edition

more recent Blood Money where the backdrops (match fixing, diamond smuggling) were employed childishly and to customised convenience, here the setting is not as immature and the drama is explored more eventfully by director Kunal Deshmukh. Romance intercuts the crime-drama too often but the concentrated confrontation between Emraan and Randeep often makes up for the dilute chemistry between Emraan and Esha. Despite the grave theme, the treatment is more or less perky and devoid of melodrama, which thankfully never makes the proceedings depressing. Unlike the extreme intensity often imparted to Emraan Hashmi’s characters from Awarapan to Murder 2, Sonu Dilli has a frivolous attitude towards life. Randeep Hooda’s brooding character substitutes for it. Thankfully his back-story is never documented beyond what’s necessary. What’s reprehensive, however, is the excessive insertion of expletives in every second line of the film – a blatant machismo showoff! Nothing against use of abusive language but since most of it is forced to get that cinematic impact, it backfires. The writing by Shagufta Rafique has a definite graph which reaches the crescendo by interval point and, despite an intermittent drop, ascends once again in the climax. However what gives Jannat 2 its individuality is a smart epilogue which works as an antidote to the basic essence of the love story. That puts the film a notch above the rest in the league. The dialogues are occasionally effective and the film smartly derives from classics like Don and Naam on the pretext of giving them a tribute. Pritam’s music works well in the film. Bobby Singh’s cinematography, esp. in the chase sequences is spellbinding.

Picture source: PTI


annat 2 follows the basic template of a small-time crook trying to reform himself when he falls in love. So the narrative primarily is a love story playing simultaneously alongside a crime-drama, both consequential of each other. But while the crime backdrop is reasonably riveting, the romance track is dull and deterrent to the drama. Only if the director could balance the two elements appropriately, Jannat 2 could have been a heavenly experience! Sonu Dilli (Emraan Hashmi) is an illegal arms supplier. He falls in love with Jhanvi (Esha Gupta) and decides to reform himself. But ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi (Randeep Hooda) pushes him back into the bad business, using him as an infiltrator to reach the head of the arms trade (Manish Chaudhary). Swinging between the cop and the criminal, Sonu’s love life goes for a toss. While the love story is imperative to the film, it is handled rather clumsily and resorts to old-school romance. It’s the age-old love-atfirst-sight syndrome. After that, the two stumble upon each other in every second scene. He woos her with pedestrian songs and trite pickup lines and she has a perpetual smirk pasted on her face as if giggling on the inbuilt corniness of the scenes. The idea might be to opt for preset procedures and promptly establish the love story but even that seems long-drawn-out. And despite the physical intimacy, the chemistry between the lead pair is strictly peripheral and functional. Where the film succeeds to grab your attention is in handling of its crime-drama. Certainly Jannat 2 isn’t designed as an exposé on the illegal arms trading racket but it’s merely used as a backdrop to the film. But unlike the predecessor Jannat or the

Vidya Balan

Vidya opts out of Shahid’s film due to jealous boyfriend


jasoos from Juhu says that Vidya Balan’s producer beau, Siddharth Roy Kapoor is a very possessive kinda guy Matlab, he doesn’t want her to work with the actors she has been linked with. Apparently, when Tamil director Linguswamy suggested cast-

ing Balan for the Hindi remake of his film Vettai, Siddharth vetoed it saying the role wouldn’t do justice to her talent as an actress. However, our insider reveals that the producer wasn’t comfortable with the idea of casting his actress girlfriend opposite Sasha since they were rumoured

Picture source: topnews

Emraan & Gupta

Picture source: realbollywood

Movie Review: Jannat 2

Parineeti Chopra

henever I meet Kareena, I’ll tell her that you’ve competition’


ctress Parineeti Chopra, who is busy promoting her second release

“Ishaqzaade”, says she is a trained singer and might take up singing seriously in future.

to be an item during the making of Kismet Konnection. Incidentally, she’s believed to have turned down Sanjay Gupta and Ekta Kapoor’s joint venture for a similar reason. “She didn’t want to be paired with John Abraham due to strong reports of their affair while filming SalaamE-Ishq, ” recalls our khabru. “I am a trained singer. My guruji’s name is Nidhi Narag, she is my guruji in Ambala. I had learnt for almost six years. I have done BA (hons) in music, “ Parineeti told reporters here Thursday. “I don’t want to sing right now. I have just started acting. I think after five to six years, when I will feel I have got grip on acting and I don’t need to practice anymore, I will sing, “ added the actress, who made her debut with “Ladies Vs Ricky Behl”. “Ishaqzaade”, which is the launch pad for Boney Kapoor’s son Arjun, is coming out May 11. Multitasking seems to run in the family. Her cousin, actress Priyanka Chopra, too is a talented singer and is working on her debut album. When asked whether she was in love with someone, she said no. But admitted she likes Saif Ali Khan. “No I was not in love, but I have had 300 crore crushes. I like Saif Ali Khan but please don’t tell him. Whenever I meet Kareena Kapoor, I will tell her that you have competition, “ Parineeti said.




Male, 49, Handsome, Graduate, Divorced, Aust. Citizen, in Melbourne looking for a lady who is well settled and not too busy to fall in love and have some happy stable life, a companion to travel around Australia and world. Call 0414705583 or email “”

Yes, its


s e m i T n a i d In Matrimonial Seeking girl for a 32yrs old Jat Sikh handsome boy, very innocent, good-looking. Huge rural and urban properties in Punjab. Boy belongs to well-settled and well reputable family, siblings Australian & UK citizen. Priority Australian PR. Please respond to or Call 0433331493

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“Match for Hindu Punjabi Boy 28, 5’8, Handsome, Athletic Build, Professionall Qualified,  Aust Citizen, Govt Job, Own House looking for Very Beautiful, Qualified Girl preferably PR, Caste No Bar. Please respond to or call 0421 166 045.

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*conditions apply

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residential communities, Central Equity Land, has an excellent range of house and land packages available in 3 outstanding locations that represent great value for first home buyers and others looking to buy into the Melbourne property market. For example, Central Equity is currently marketing brand new house and land in both Point Cook and Truganina starting at just $299,000 for eligible first




Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart reportedly in Vancouver for ‘Twilight’ reshoots

The Avengers’ Smashes Records…$178 million

Robert and Kristen

Taylor Swift celebrates Dianna Agron’s birthday with her Avengers


May 2012 Edition

Taylor Swift

Picture source: dalje


aylor Swift got all dressed up for ‘Glee’ star Dianna Agron’s 26th birthday that ended up being a circus-themed party. Swift dressed up as a tiger while Agron appeared to be wearing a pink trapeze artist leotard with a feather headband in pictures posted on Twitter, states “The most magical night at Dianna Agron’s circus themed birthday party!” Swift posted about the night. Agron’s 26th birthday is officially today.

n the weekend before the official start of the summer season, four new releases, all of which were relatively smaller fare, all debuted to numbers ranging from not awful to genuinely awful (or example 4,321 on why comparing total weekend box office is stupid). The top film this weekend was once again Think Like A Man, which dropped a surprisingly decent 46%, earning another $18 million. The ensemble romantic comedy has now earned $60 million, putting it on track to be among the domestic bigger grossers of the first 1/3 of 2012. If we’re specifically talking ‘black-films’, then the Tim Story picture is a few days from outgrossing every Tyler Perry movie save Madea Goes to Jail, which grossed $90 million three years ago (the second highestgrossing Perry film is the $63 million-grossing Madea’s Family Reunion). With a smaller drop and a larger second weekend off a $8 million-smaller opening

Picture source: celebs101

Picture source: wallpaperswide


o b e r t Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are reportedly back to work together as they are allegedly in Vancouver doing reshoots for the second part of ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn.’ Both stars were reportedly spotted arriving at the local airport as they made their way to work on the last minute details, states E! News. Other crew members are reportedly already there to get working on the final installment of the film franchise. Director Bill Condon has already promised a new trailer in the near future.

weekend, it may pass that mark all the way to $100 million if it can hold onto screens as summer begins. It will soon surpass the $65 million gross of Barbershop 2, the $67 million gross of Waiting to Exhale, and the $75 million gross of Barbershop within the next full week. It’s also out-grosssed and/or will likely out-gross any number of higher-profile ‘white’ romantic comedies or dramas (the $81 million-grossing Dear John, the $84 million-grossing Stupid, Crazy Love, the $54 million-grossing New Year’s Eve, etc). Usually when a $12 million-budgeted film ends up flirting with $100 million, studios respond with sequels and/or star-vehicles for certain higherprofile cast-members. We’ll see if Hollywood again writes off this ‘unconventional’ smash hit as a ‘fluke’ or whether Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, and Meagan Good (among others) get any ‘bumps’ off this film’s unquestionable success.




IPL franchises divided on player retention policy

It is learnt that five teams - Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore - have already started discussions on the ideal number of players to be retained.

Picture source: TOI


t’s the business end of IPL 5 but team owners are already busy discussing player-retention policies for the 2014 edition. According to sources, five teams out of nine are in favour of retaining players - numbering from six to eight - from their present teams. However, the other teams are batting for an open auction. The IPL is yet to deliberate on the issue. An IPL source said, “Some team officials and owners are already talking about how many players should be retained per team in 2014.” It is learnt that five teams - Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore - have already started discussions on the ideal number of players to be retained. The rest of the gang - Hyderabad, Punjab, Pune and Rajasthan - are in favour of open auctions. An official from a team interested in retaining players said: “It’s natural that teams doing well will be keen to retain players as they have invested so much in them.” In 2010, the eight existing IPL teams were allowed to retain four cricketers (with a maximum of three Indian players) despite protests from within the franchises. Player contracts following the 2010 auction were for a duration of two years, with an option of renewal in the third year in 2013. There was no retention policy, just a renewal.

With only four matches to go in the league stage, Sourav Ganguly’s men have their task cut out.

May 2012 Edition

Picture source: p.imgci

Pune have task cut out against Rajasthan A fortnight can be a long time in the IPL. Team Pune know that only too well, because the last time they tasted victory was on April 21 against Delhi. Since then they have lost five games in a row and have slipped to eighth place in the standings. The defeats include the narrow one-run loss to Mumbai and a nerve-wracking game against Kolkata, not to mention the ignominy of being the only team to go down - and twice at that - to this season’s punching bags Hyderabad. After a promising start to the season when they won the opening two matches, suddenly a playoff berth seems a mirage. With only four matches to go in the league stage, Sourav Ganguly’s men have their task cut out. The hype

preceding the tie against Kolkata in Kolkata is bound to take a mental toll on the players. It will require a Herculean effort from the team to bounce back from such a draining defeat. The team’s energetic medium pacer Ashok Dinda sounded upbeat, though. “Anything is possible. We have to win just four matches in a row,” he said in a Steve Waugh-like manner. “T20 is such a format where winning becomes a habit. One win can energize you and give you the momentum.” Rajasthan will be aware of that, having snapped their own four-match losing streak with a convincing 43-run win over Punjab in their last game. “Yes, that win has certainly given us the advantage of having the momentum,” said Rajasthan pacer Siddharth Trivedi. The architect of that victory

w a s Shaun Tait, whose express pace will be a threat to the stuttering Pune lineup. Like last year, the hosts have failed to chase modest totals. Dinda, however, refused to blame the batsmen for the team’s predicament. “For a team to win, all three departments have to do well together. Some of the games we lost we must have won,” he said. But in the same breath, Dinda dealt a blow to the team’s hopes, revealing he was a doubtful starter due to a recurring side strain. Rajasthan’s batting looks comparatively formidable with Shane Watson and Ajinkya Rahane at the top. That could prove to be the difference between the two sides. Throw in the method captaincy of Rahul Dravid and the spontaneous one of Ganguly, the contrast between the teams is complete.




Bookie-pimp nexus to fix Sri Lanka T20 World Cup?

Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of the International Cricket Council (ICC) was in Delhi to probe the role of a well-known pimp due to her proximity to top bookies of the

country, many of whom are her clients. Though neither the ACU nor Delhi Police’s crime branch which arrested the pimp with cocaine allegedly in her possession - refused to comment on the nature of the investigations, sources said there were “specific inputs” that a section of Delhi-based bookies was trying to book prostitutes and fly them to Sri Lanka to try and fix matches in the T20 World Cup to be held from September 18 to October 7. Sources said ACU officials had contacted the anti-extortion cell of the crime branch which had arrested the pimp recently and is also investigating the Hansie Cronje match-fixing scandal. The pimp was scheduled to leave for a Colombo casino along with eight girls on March 31 but

the plan was cancelled at the last moment. “The ACU looked into the pimp’s connections with the bookies and contacted us in the first week of April, just days after we arrested her. They had the names of certain bookies and their telephone numbers and they scanned the crime branch records to find out whether she knew any of these persons. It was then that we found that she had lined up several meetings at top hotels in Colombo. We are trying to find out why these meetings got cancelled and about the purpose of these visits,” said a crime branch source. Top officers in the Delhi police, however, claimed there was nothing to read between the lines. “It was merely a routine round of exchange of notes and no particular match, either in IPL 5 or the upcoming T20 World

Cup, featured in our deliberations,” said an investigator at the RK Puram-based unit. The crime branch has claimed that the pimp was herself running a betting racket in which bookies across the country participated. She charged Rs 30,000 for a call girl and 1 gm of cocaine for a single night. “She was arrested in 2006 and continued her illegal business after her release from jail,” said an investigating officer. The ICC could not be reached for its reaction. The British paper had claimed that Indian bookies used starlets to “lure” cricketers. There were “specific inputs” that a section of Delhi-based bookies was trying to book prostitutes and fly them to Sri Lanka to try and fix matches in the T20 World Cup to be held from September 18 to October 7.

low. After the fight, he bellowed to the crowd, “Hamare andar joh sher basta hai, SFL ne use jagaya hai.” And then he ran amok, even knocking over a cameraman. For most of the crowd, it was the fight of the day. Indian SFL bosses, Raj Kundra and Sanjay Dutt, had more reasons to rejoice when Anup ‘Gujjar Tank’ Kumar defeated Thailand’s Chatmongkhon in the first round with a TKO. The fight, on which most men young and old - had their heart set on, was between the two women, Scotland’s Joanne Calderwood and Ukrainian Lena ‘Hunter’ Ovchynnikova. This fight was a clash where the hunter became the hunted. Calderwood, who’s a kickboxing champion, is an inexperienced fighter when compared to Ovchynnikova. The Scot had

the Ukrainian in a tight cinch all through the fifteen minutes and was declared the winner by decision (30 points to Ovchynnikov’s 26). The evening had more surprises in store. The heavyweight events in Mumbai and Chandigarh were over within seconds but it seemed the fighters had something special in store for the Delhi crowd. James ‘Colossus’ Thompson and Bobby ‘The Dominator’ Lashley sparred for the full three rounds. Lashley, a popular name from WWE, had the crowd’s support and it chanted his name whenever he was down. Thompson finally outlasted his American counterpart and was declared the winner by decision (29/28). Thompson’s words summed up SFL 3 perfectly, “Boom. Pow. Punch-KickWow.”

sional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) league, put together a fightcard that promised action and plenty of entertainment. The nearly 6,000-strong crowd got that and more. Packed with experienced and entertaining fighters, SFL 3 - eight bouts of three five-minute long rounds each -- delivered on all counts. The first bout of the day between Croatia’s Zelg Galesic and American Doug Marshall ended in a flat 34 seconds when Galesic unleashed a series of blows that had Marshall ‘The Rhino’ on the floor. But if one thought that ‘quick’ was going to be the word of the evening, one was quickly proven wrong. Canadian-Indian Gurdarshan

Mangat, who decided to become a MMA fighter on a whim, took little time to get going and quickly had his opponent Liu Si Cong on the ground. Cong, aiming to be the first breakout MMA star out of China, couldn’t deal with the strategy that ‘Saint-Lion’ Mangat had for him and tapped him into submission in the second round. Mangat quickly jumped up on the rim of the cage and waved the Tricolour around to a crowd that had just seen the evening’s first Indian win. That cheer got louder when Lakhwinder Sekhon persevered for a win against Vladimir Byandov. Sekhon, nicknamed ‘The Lightning,’ delivered a flurry of hits to Byandov’s face, who was probably the better fighter of the two but withdrew after two rounds. Bout 4 between Trevor Prangley and Baga Agaev was the bloodiest but Prangley lasted till the third round where he won by a technical knockout (TKO). Halfway through the programme and the air was crackling with excitement. That’s when the ‘Black Mamba’ aka Kultar Singh Gill, carrying a sword and wearing a black silk sarong, made his eye-catching entrance. Gill, who has been the most popular Indian representative in MMA for over a decade, made a comeback to active MMA fighting especially for the SFL. The Black Mamba stung South African Quinton Arendse hard. He knocked out Arendse in 51 seconds with punches so quick that his hands were difficult to fol-

The ACU of the ICC was in Delhi to probe the role of a well-known pimp due to her proximity to top bookies of the country, many of whom are her clients.


ays after a Londonbased newspaper claimed that Bollywood starlets were being used as ‘honey-traps’ to fix matches, the

MMA: Indians steal Super Fight League thunder


ith a packed stadium waiting to get its share of thrills and chills, the stage was set for the third round of the Super Fight League and Delhi didn’t disappoint. If the combined jhatka power of Bollywood starlet Zarine Khan, crooner Anushka Manchanda and Haryanvi bombshell Mallika Sherawat had the Delhi crowd in a tizzy, the punches and chokes that followed had the crowd clamouring for more. In scenes reminiscent to the kind that the Romans were perhaps accustomed to, the crowd cheered every hook and clapped for every bloody eye. The SFL, India’s only profes-

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AYURVEDIC VIEW OF PARKISON’S DISEASE: KAMPA VATAM Dr. C.R.S. Kumar Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of central nervous system. The early symptoms included but are not limited to shaking, rigidity, slowness in the general movements, and difficulty in walking, cognitive and behavioural problems which normally occurs in the advanced stages.

The aggravated VATA disturbs the “RASA” Dhatu (Tissue) which cause the early symptoms of dryness in the skin (Purva Roopam) and then later relocated to other Dhatus, affecting MAMSA (Muscular) and MAJJA (Brain tissue) causing the muscle stiffness, rigidity, alerted behaviour and tremors.

Ayurvedic View: According to Ayurveda Parkinson’s disease is denoted as “Kampa Vata”; by name we can clearly understand the nature of the symptoms such as shaking. The word “Kampa” means Shaking and “Vata” means Bio – Humour which is AIR. Currently this is affecting almost 1% of the population who aged 65 and above. This is fourth most common neurological disorder affecting elderly. Causative factors: (Nidana and Samprapthi ) According to conventional system this condition is idiopathic (No Know Causative factors). But the latest medical research has determined the possible cause of the condition to be a impaired function of

specialized cells in the brain stem which normally stimulates the production of Dopamine (a neurotransmitter). The reason for the function disturbance is not known yet. Whereas, in ayurvedic medicine the

Nidana and Samparapthi (Cause and Pathology) was explained on the basis of Bio- Humors. The aggravation of “VATA” is due to many factors such as excessive physical activity, lack of proper nutrition, severe constipation etc.

Ayurvedic Treatment Main emphasis in Ayurveda is prevention. The main aim of Ayurvedic medicine is First maintain the health state of individual and secondly treat the disease” “ Swastaysa Swatya Rakshanam Aturasya Viakra Prasamanam”. Ayurvedic medicine offers some treatment options in case of Parkinson’s. Ayurvedic treatment for this condition mainly based on the treatment of unbalanced VATA. Internal and External Oleation (Snehanam) and fomentation (Sednam) form the basis of the constitutional treatment. Oleation can be done by internal consumption of medicated oils and Ghee. External Oleation can be done by Massage (Ayurvedic Abhyangam). The important procedure that is mentioned in the

books of Ayurveda for the treatment of KAMPHA VATA is Basti or Vast treatment. Vasti (Anal enema) is the best purification method in order to balance the disturbed Vata. Ayurveda also offers wide range of herbal supplements to help the patients of Parkinson’s. Recently many studies conducted around the world has proven the existence of L-dopa (Which is precursor for Dopamine) is present in some of the Ayurvedic herbs. Moreover, following regular Ayurvedic diet and life style principles and practicing yoga will give be always a best way to prevent further disease progression. You may ask your personal query to Dr Kumar via Email drkumar@ or by phone 0402 282 745/ 03 9440 5091 or 02 6156 0618 regarding any of your health problems. You will be offered authentic Ayurvedic information and an opinion, as to what best can be done pertaining to your ailment. By Dr Kumar CRS BAMS (GOLD MEDALLIST), MPH, MHP, Consultant Ayurvedic Physician and Panchakarma Specialist JEEVA HEALTH PTY LTD

Picture source: 2.bp.blogspot

Add walnuts to your daily diet


esearch has shown that having walnuts daily can reduce the risk of heart disease and can help in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and the CReactive Protein. When you are having a meal that is high in saturated fats, having a handful of raw walnuts can limit the ability of the harmful fat to damage arteries. Walnuts contain less than four grams of saturated fats per 50 grams. However, all nuts are high in calories, so, having them in moderation is essential. Walnuts are rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fats and alpha linoleic acid. Add it to your daily diet

May 2012 Edition

- Begin the day in a healthy way with chopped walnuts in your breakfast cereal. - Avoid meat in your salads and instead, sprinkle a handful of fresh walnuts on it. - Give the sausages, eggs and processed meat a miss. Get your protein from roasted walnuts! Look for the fresh nut - Shelled walnuts should be brittle. Avoid the rubbery ones. Opt for the ones with a darker skin. Store them right - No one likes a rancid walnut. So store them unshelled in the refrigerator for a couple of months.

23 Middlebourough Road Burwood 3125




It’s good to cry your heart out B

Tears kill bacteria Tears work as anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents, fighting off germs we pick up from shopping carts, public sinks, and all the

places these germs make their homes and procreate. They contain lysozyme, a fluid, which can kill 90 to 95 per cent of all bacteria in just 5-10 minutes.

Picture source: 2.bp.blogspot

ut, psychologists recommend that people should cry whenever they feel like. So, don’t shy away from letting out those tears. It’s healthy to do so. Here’s how crying helps:

Tears clear your eyes The most reason why crying helps is that tears is that they enable us to see. Yes, they certainly do. Tears lubricate the eyeballs and eyelids and also prevent dehydration of various mucous membranes.

Picture source: api.ning

Every time your eyes are filled with tears and to trying to pour your heart out, there is someone who makes you hold back those tears.

tributes to diseases aggravated by stress, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and peptic ulcers.

Tears lower stress Just like exercising, tears to help relieve stress. Tears help remove some of the chemicals built up in the body from stress, like the leucine enkephalin and prolactin. Suppressing tears could increase stress levels, and con-

Tears release feelings Crying is therapeutic. It lets the anxiety, frustration out, before it’s creates all kind of havoc with your nervous and cardiovascular systems. Time and again you go through conflicts and resentments and sometimes this gathers inside the limbic system of the brain and in certain corners of the heart. Your feelings are like air. The more you suppress your emotions, the more they are bound to explode some day. Suppressing feelings affects the quality. Crying is all about cleansing your mind and it is considered very healthy and gives you a relaxed feeling. So, let your feelings be felt.

cautioned that their findings might not apply to all groups trying to lose weight.

The study has been published in the International Journal of Obesity.

Tears elevate mood It is believed that the act of crying can lower a person’s manganese level, which can otherwise give rise to anxiety, nervousness, irritability, fatigue, aggression, emotional disturbance, and the rest of the feelings that live inside you.

Wondering how to lose weight without much effort? Don’t stress and get some good sleep. A new Kaiser Permanente study has found that people with the lowest stress levels and who also got more than six hours, but not more than eight hours, of sleep were most likely to lose at least 10 pounds. Nearly 500 participants from Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and Washington took part in the study, which measured whether sleep, stress, depression, television viewing, and computer screen time were correlated with weight loss. Several previous studies have found an association between these factors and obesity, but few have looked at whether these factors predict weight loss. “This study suggests that when people are trying to lose weight, they should try to get the right amount of sleep and reduce their stress,” said lead author Charles Elder. “Some people may just need to cut back on their schedules and get to bed earlier. Others may

May 2012 Edition

Picture source: greenteaweightlossfacts

Lose weight with sleep

find that exercise can reduce stress and help them sleep. For some people, mind/body tech-

niques such as meditation also might be helpful,” he added. The researchers, however,




SPEECH DEVELOPMENT PROBLEMS IN CHILDREN >> The first 3 years of a child’s life are very important. So parents, are worried about their child developing normally, especially when they see other children doing things that their child has not yet done. What is developmental delay? Developmental delay is when the child does not reach his/her developmental milestones at the expected time. (Medically speaking, milestones are certain time-bound developmental goals that a child is supposed to achieve while growing, e.g. learning to walk by the age of 12 or 15 months). Developmental delay is a major delay in the process of a child’s growth. If the child is slightly or only temporarily lagging behind, that is not called developmental delay. Delay can occur in one or many areas for example in motor, language, social or cognitive (understanding) skills. One such developmental delay is in the area of speech. Speech delay has been a cause of major concern among parents. Your son is 2 years old and still isn’t talking. He says a few words, but compared with his peers you think he’s way behind. You remember that his sister could put whole sentences together at the same age. Hoping he will catch up, you postpone seeking professional advice. Some kids are early walkers and some are early talkers, you tell yourself. Nothing to

Raj Kothuru worry about... This scenario is common among parents of kids who are slow to speak. Unless they observe other areas of “slowness” during early development, parents may hesitate to seek advice. Some may excuse the lack of talking by reassuring themselves that “he’ll outgrow it” or “she’s just more interested in physical things.” Speech delay has long been a concern of physicians who care for children. The concern is well founded, because, usually, a delayed onset of speech is accompanied by a number of developmental problems. In addition, speech delay may have a significant impact on personal, social, academic and, later on, vocational life. It can be difficult to tell whether a child is just immature in his or her ability to communicate or has a problem that requires professional attention. There are some COMMONLY AGREED DEVELOPMENTAL NORMS which may provide clues as to how a child is developing: Before 12 Months At around 6 months watch for signs that they’re using their voices to relate to their environment. Cooing and babbling are early stages of speech development. Around 9 months or so, they begin to string sounds together, incorporate

the different tones of speech, and say words like “mama” and “dada” (without really understanding what those words mean). Before 12 months, children should also be attentive to sound and begin to recognize names of common objects (for example bottle, binky, etc.). Babies who watch intently but don’t react to sound may be showing signs of hearing loss. By 12 to 15 Months Your child should be able to understand simple one step directions (please give me the toy – for example). The kid will be able to say a few nouns (like ball, baby etc), begin to imitate words spoken by other family members and have a wide range of speech sounds in their babbling (like p, b, m, d, or n). From 18 to 24 Months Most toddlers say about 20 words by 18 months and 50 or more words by the time they turn 2. However there could be a lot of variability in this. By year 2, most children can combine a few words and make simple, understandable sentences such as “baby crying” or “Daddy big.” A 2-year-old should also be able to identify common objects, common pictures, indicate body parts on self when labeled, and follow two-step commands (such as “Please pick up the toy and give it to me”).

From 2 to 3 Years Parents often witness an “explosion” in their child’s speech. Toddler’s vocabulary should increase (to too many words to count) and he or she should routinely combine three or more words into sentences. Comprehension also increases by the age of 3. A child should be able to differentiate between “please put it on the bed” or “please put it under the table”. Colours should be identified and descriptive concepts should be comprehended (big versus small for example). Normal speech progresses through stages of cooing, babbling, echolalia, jargon, words and word combinations, and sentence formation. Though exact figures are very difficult to obtain, speech delay is a common childhood problem that affects approximately 3 to 10 percent of children. The disorder is 3-4 times more common in boys than in girls. Causes of Speech Delay The causes are varied and sometimes unknown. Mental retardation, Hearing loss, Maturation delay (developmental language delay), Expressive language disorder (developmental expressive aphasia), Bilingualism, Psychosocial deprivation, Autism, Elective mutism, Receptive aphasia, Cerebral palsy or many others.

How can Homeopathy help? Homeopathy encourages a multi modality approach in treating speech and other developmental disorders. Early identification and appropriate intervention may mitigate the emotional, social and cognitive deficits of this problem, and may improve the outcome. Homoeopathy can provide a very effective solution treating developmental delays, although in cases of chromosomal defects or in severe brain malformation, this system may not help. Homeopathy improves the chances of restoring the child back to normalcy, especially if the treatment is given at an early age. Also with homoeopathy, the results in developmental delays can be very fast if causation is clear. Usually, Homeopathic remedies, Speech, behaviour and occupational therapy go hand in hand. Homoeopathy medicines such as Agaricus, Baryta Carb, Calcarea Carb, Cal Phos and Carcinocin are very effective in treating such delays. This is, however, not aimed at advocating self-medication. Medicines should not be used without professional help. You may ask your personal query to Raj Kothuru (Homeopath) via email or phone 0425 761 826 / (03) 9077 5044 regarding any of your health problems. You will be offered authentic information and an opinion as to what best can be done pertaining to your ailment.

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Time for a check-up?


o help live longer your life there are some symptoms you should never ignore, whatever your age. They could be early warning signs of something serious. Pay heed to these so that they can be treated in good time. 1. The appearance of blood, even streaks, in your spit, urine, bowel motions or vaginal discharge must be checked out at the earliest by your doctor to exclude the possibility of a tumour. 2. From the age of 45, consult your doctor if you suffer from a sudden attack of heartburn, indigestion, tightness or chest pain. It could be an indication of a heart ailment that needs urgent attention. 3. A painful red eye with blurred vision or

halos around lights, especially at night or in the dark, is an early sign of acute glaucoma and raised pressure in your eyeball. Permanent eye damage can be prevented with early treatment. 4. Hoarseness of the voice that persists for more than a couple of weeks could be the first sign that indicates the presence of a tumour in the larynx. If the hoarseness or an irritable cough is persistent, it could be lung cancer. 5. A passing paralysis of the face, leg and hands or temporary loss of vision or memory could be an early warning sign of a stroke. These transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) require blood-thinning drugs from your doctor.

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