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A Brilliant Space Of Business VHR Winsten Park The major real estate group VHR presents Winsten Park A commercial project is locating in Noida and offering ace studio apartments, office spaces and IT Business plots. VHR Group the most reliable and famous for its innovating residential and commercial developments after completing its tremendous projects in North Indian regions like Meerut, NCR and other parts has come back with most astonished commercial project Winsten Park, it has been set in a huge 10.5 acres land which has been covered in avenue style trees and exotic plants, the offering the best eco friendly environment.

The project VHR Winsten Park is presenting three major segments with brilliant divisions IT Business Plots, Studio Apartments and office Spaces, the all divisions are divided well according to best of their nature of work the project has been marked as one most magnificent work of architecture and robust structure. The location for this project VHR Group has smartly searched in Asia’s largest well planned city Noida, VHR Winsten Park Noida Extension, the location provides tremendous connectivity and most of the major areas under the proximity, for an instance it has roads like, DND Flyway which directly connects it with Delhi, National highway which connects it to Ghaziabad, even the places such Holy Sai Temple, cross Republic, major hang out zones like Atta market all are in the proximity area. Winsten Park Studio Apartment has been fully loaded with all amenities and comforts of the it is a quite unique example how should nature blended in modernization and he best part is on buying of a studio apartment of 595 square feet which cost is rupees 22 lacs in special discount, get 100 square feet cubical space absolutely free this offer is valid for few more days.

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VHR Winsten Park Location Map:-

Winsten Park IT Business Plots the project is full of miracles in this modern world it is very hard to find plots at this kind of productive land from business point of view, offers various sizes of lands from 107 square yards to 214 square yards and the price are very low in comparison of deal it is only for rupees 31000 per square yard. Winsten Park Office Spaces it is also great divisions of project, this division has been made in light of providing all important equipments and best place to boost output. The price of this 5.5 lacs or 5500 square feet on buying of 100 square feet is also providing assured return. The project has been marked best project in the list of all developments in India so far because of its unique arrangements even it is known as the best commercial project in Noida. Hurry!! VHR Group has announced a great offer for the buyers of Studio Apartments in the same project get an office space Absolutely free!!!!

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A Brilliant Space Of Business VHR Winsten Park  

VHR group has announced on buying of a studio apartment get a Cubical office space fully free, in its newly launched commercial project Win...

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