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will feature four distinct hubs dedicated to its fastening solutions, its aluminothermic welding, its range of track equipment, and a hub dedicated to the latest product innovations. The “innovation hub” will feature Pandrol’s latest developments designed to maximize railroad uptime and extend the life of rail infrastructure including:

The Pandrol stand at Railway Interchange will feature four distinct hubs dedicated to its fastening solutions, welding, track equipment and innovations.

released 2019 Models of our KSF940 Snow Fighter, KKA1050 Kribber Adzer, and the KTR450 Tie Replacer. Pandrol Track Systems, Inside Booth 2351

The Pandrol stand at Railway Interchange

In addition to the main booth, an outdoor run of track will showcase Pandrol’s efficient and ergonomic track machinery and welding equipment.

Photo Credit: Pandrol

shoulder profiled. The insulated broom box has excellent service life, and the standard reversing valve allows ballast to be swept away from switches and road crossings. Other machines that will be displayed in the Knox Kershaw Inc. booth are the newly

• Pandrol Q Track, which is a continuously supported and fastened-embedded ballastless track system; • The Rail Clamp, an innovative temporary rail joint clamp used prior to welding and to safeguard rail defects prior to repair; • Under-Ballast Mats, which are continuous resilient mats for ballasted tracks; • The Vortok Measure and Detect System, recently deployed as part of a track condition monitoring system for Metro North and Long Island Railroad.

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