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Launched in 2009 to critical acclaim and rave reviews, Ragley have not rested in their quest to make the best hardball (yes, hardball) frames on the market. The Piglet is a more “normal” trail friendly frame, featuring advanced manufacturing techniques and new features, but designed for a shorter 120mm fork and a little steeper head angle and seat angle geometry. This produces a fast trail frame for people who like going up and along as much as they like going down. Tubeset:


Frame Details:

Tooling up for your own tubing isn’t cheap or easy. But in order to push what was possible, it’s what we did. Using the world’s first internally and externally butted chromoly steel main tubes, Ragley have added strength and stiffness to the main frame, while reducing weight at the same time. Gussetless FATHEAD tubing keeps the frame tracking straight and true.

Designed to have a 68.5deg head angle at ride height, coupled with a long top tube, these frames are meant to be run with a short stem (between 50 and 80mm) to give fine control but amazing stability, with handling that will work at both high and low speeds, through rock gardens and drops.

• “ Three Finger” chainstay bridge is exclusive to Ragley, and improved for this year, being made from a single investment cast piece. This allows for massive tyre clearance so you can fit 2.5in rubber, along with huge chainring clearance that is happy with 36t middle rings, and resilience to any attempted chainsuck/derailment. • Bridgeless seatstays give awesome ride and significantly better mud clearance. • Bolt on cable guides give multiple options for cable routing and replaceability. •E  D coated inside and out for rust protection. •P  owdercoated for enhanced durability.

No scary weird headset standards here. The Piglet features a standard 1.125in headset allowing easy upgrading from your standard frame. However, our seat tube gets another custom butted tube, allowing a 30.9mm post – so it’s compatible with the “dropper” models that are out there.

A seat angle that puts the rider central on the bike, whatever their size, and a chainstay length that balances tyre clearance, traction and hill climbing ability. Oh, and if you measure the other way – using “static” settings, that head angle sits at 66.6deg.

Frame Specs: • Front Derailleur: 34.9mm Top Pull • Seat Post: 30.9mm • Seat Collar: 34.9mm • Chainline: 50mm • BB Shell: 73mm • Headset: 1.125in Standard • Rear disc size up to 203mm • Fork length: Optimised for 120mm

.99 £299.99 £269 UK RRP UK RRP Piglet Geometry - based on a 120mm Fork with 25% sag. Seat Tube 14” 16” 17” 18” 20”

TT (Effective) 588 mm 601 mm 607mm 613 mm 625 mm

Head Tube (Length) 23.2” 23.6” 23.9” 24.1” 24.6”

115 mm 115 mm 115mm 115 mm 125 mm

4.5” 4.5” 4.5” 4.5” 4.9”

Head Angle

Seat Angle

68.5˚ 68.5˚ 68.5˚ 68.5˚ 68.5˚

73.5˚ 73.5˚ 73.5˚ 74.0˚ 74.5˚

BB Drop 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm

Chainstay Length 0.98” 0.98” 0.98” 0.98” 0.98”

425 mm 425 mm 425 mm 425 mm 425 mm

16.73” 16.73” 16.73” 16.73” 16.73”

piglet2011_01 copy  

Geometry: Frame Specs: • Front Derailleur: 34.9mm Top Pull • Seat Post: 30.9mm • Seat Collar: 34.9mm • Chainline: 50mm • BB Shell: 73mm • He...

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