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Cover RTK 2015: Competitors in the Mini Raglan Karioi Trail burst off the start line.

Jo’s Takeaways. Te Kopua Domain......................................................825 8761

The Shack. Dine in or Takeaway. 19 Bow Street..................................825 0027

The Raglan Club. Dine in or Takeaway. 22-24 Bow Street.................. 825 8278

The Raglan Social Club/RagBurger. 23 Bow Street............................825 8405

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Swim Club seeking greater pool use

T encouraging more use of its he Raglan Swim Club is

pool to prevent a disaster from happening.

When no-one is around, children are jumping the fence and swimming under the pool cover, says club committee member Hinemoa Rossi. Just recently, six kids were caught in the pool, with their skateboards, underneath the pool cover. “The next time it might be someone floating underneath the cover when we take it off,” she says. The club wants more members so people don’t swim in the pool illegally and to help protect the property. It also requires more volunteers to take swimming lessons, lane swimming sessions and play sessions to keep the pool open more often and so that the community can swim in it responsibly. The club recently lost Mel Brydon, who “single-handedly ran the swim club and lessons,” says Hinemoa. Currently there are just seven committee members who take care of the organisation and swim sessions. “It would be really nice if we didn’t Dear Editor, I am angry and rather than rant and rave to little avail in the Raglan District Council Office, I am putting my concerns on paper. After being away for a week, I arrived home to see that my road had been sprayed. This was obvious as the grass on the berne and in the drains was burnt by the poison. This ugly sight is a feature of roads throughout the Waikato District (great for our "Clean Green" image??) and it concerns me. On the one hand, we pay rates to have a contractor spray the road verges with poison that enters our waterways and ocean, and on the other hand we pay rates to the Waikato Regional Council to clean up our waterways and protect the bio-diversity, the fauna and flora of the region. Does that make any sense to you? This was going through my mind as I pulled up to my house, to discover that not only had the road verge been sprayed but also the drain on my property berne.

have to be here five days a week.” If the pool isn’t open due to a lack of volunteers, children jump the fence. “We are figuring out how to police it,” says Hinemoa. Last season the covers had been ripped, beer bottles thrown in the pool and impromptu parties held there in the weekend. A CCTV camera is due to be put up – the signs have already been ordered. No-trespassing signs will also be erected. “The public liability is huge. It costs $25 to join the club, which allows you to have $2 swims from November to April. All the revenue goes back to the club. The club also hosts the annual bridge to bridge swim as a fundraiser. It is also looking at other ways to keep the pool occupied and earning money, such as hiring it out to fitness groups or learning scuba diving. Anyone who can help out with the swim club can contact the committee members by email: raglanswimclub@ Volunteers are required to know first aid and be reliable. Inger Vos Despite having two signs that state "No Spray Zone" that were put up by the District Council when I requested that my berne not be included in the spraying free-for-all frenzy. Both signs are visible from the road.This is not the first time that this has occured, despite the signs. I am angry. I grow an organic garden and have done so for thirty years. I feel that my life style is compromised. That despite being a rate payer, despite doing the right thing and contacting the District Council that I do not want to be sprayed, despite having signs on my property that indicate this, I am not being heard by the Waikato District Council. I am at my wits end and do not know what else to do. Is there anyone else who has similar concerns? Perhaps a solution would be that we can opt in to being sprayed rather than the present system of having to opt out--which is not working? It may even save rate payers some money. Gillian Marie, Raglan.

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Sunny and clear skies


S 35 am SW 45 pm



03:50 09:50 04:10 10:40

am am R 05:56 am pm S 08:36 pm pm


Sunny and clear skies


SW 20 am SW 35 pm



04:50 11:00 05:20 11:40

am am R 05:57 am pm S 08:37 pm pm


Mainly fine with possible showers


SW 10 am SW 30 pm


H 06:00 am R 05:57 am L 12:10 pm S 08:38 pm H 06:30 pm


Sunny with some cloud


NE 10 W 20

am pm



12:40 07:10 01:10 07:30

am am R 05:58 am pm S 08:38 pm pm


Sunny with some cloud


W 15 W 25

am pm



01:40 08:10 02:10 08:30

am am R 05:58 am pm S 08:39 pm pm


Cloud with possible showers


SW 35 am SW 35 pm



02:40 09:00 03:10 09:20

am am R 05:59 am pm S 08:39 pm pm


Sunny and clear skies



L 03:30 am R 05:59 am H 10:00 am S 08:40 pm L 04:00 pm

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