RAF News Edition 1541, 29 July 2022

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Royal R oyal a Air F Force orce N News ews Fr Friday, iday, JJuly uly 29, 2022 P10


Just what the doctor ordered

PIONEER: P IONEER: Dr Suki S ki SSira Suk ira will wiill serve with with BrizeBrizeserve based based No. No. 4626 A romedicall Aer Aeromedical Evacuattion SSqn qn Evacuation

or fiirrst ffo l ne fi Frontli i t Suki pharmacis

Simon S imon Mander Mander MILITARY MILIT AR RY LIFE is the b best est me medicine dicine for for the R RAF’s AF F’s first fiirst ever ever p pharmacist. harmacist. IIn n ci civilian vilian life liffe 36-year-old 36-year-old Fl Fltt L Ltt SSuki ukii Sira Sira spends spends h her er d days ays prescribing prescribing for for a group group of of London London GP p practices. ractices. IIn n unif uniform form she she is is on on standby standby to to fly fly anywhere anywhere in the the world world to to provide provide healthcare healthcare for for British British Service Service personnel personnel aafter fter sig signing ning up up w with ith Brize Brize i N Norton-based orton-based N No o 4626 A Aeromedical eromedical E Evacuation vvacuation Squadron. Squadron. SShe he ssaid: aid: ““I’ve I’ve always always had had scinatio on w ith aaviation viation a fa fascination with and felt felt quite quite attracted attracted to to the the and military. military. It It was was aalways lwaayys tthe he RAF I was was more more dra awn to, to, RAF drawn and eeventually ventually I decided decided to to and take tthe he plunge plun u ge and and have have take not not lo looked oked back back since. since.” Fl Fltt Lt Lt Sira Sira is is no no new new recruit tto o tthe he A ir F orce. recruit Air Force. She sserved erved for for two two years years She with 4624 Movements Movem e ents with Sqn w hile completing completing Sqn while her m edical degree, degree, then then officer officer i her medical training, before bef efore moving moving to to her her training, pioneering new new post. post. pioneering SShe he ssaid: aid: i ““II tthoroughly horoughly en njoyed officer officer i ttraining raining aand nd enjoyed

you tend you tend tto o le learn arn a lo lott aabout bout yyourself ourself at at Cranwell. Cra nwell. I made made some some ffriends riends ffor or lif life, fe, aand nd iitt wa wass a rreal eal p privilege rivilege tto o ggraduate raduate ffrom rom there. there. Being Being in the the medical mediccal reserve reserve iiss sslightly lightly dif different ffeerent tto o tthe he ci civilian vili l an world, world, bbut ut yyou ou are are recognised recognised for for what what you you ccan an do, do, and and there there iiss sstill till that that sense sense of of ccamaraderie. amaraderie.” ““I’m I’m sstill till new new to to myy job job in 4626 SSquadron, quadron, bbut ut es essentially sentially tthere here iiss a n need eed for for a pharmacist pharmacist tto o ooversee versee tthe he set-up set-up of of a hospital hospital staging staging unit, unit, which w hich ttreats reats personnel personn nel bbefore effore Aeromedical A eromedical Evacuation, Evvacuation,,” she she said. said. RAF R AF Medical Medical Services’ Services’ mission mission iiss tto o en ensure sure personnel p ersonnel aare re m medically edically ffit it tto o go go wherever whereverr they they are are needed n eeded and and offers offer e s lots lots of of rroles oles ffor or doctors, doctors, s dentists, dentists, nurses, n urses, p paramedics aramedics aand nd medical m edical support support officers. offiicers. 4626 E Executive xecutive Officer Offfiicer Sqn Sqn Ldr Ldr Craig Craig Staniforth Stanifforth said: said: “The “The recruitment recruitment of of an an RAF RAF military military pharmacist pharmacist is is a great great step step forward forward in the the development developmen nt of of the the operational operational capability capability of of RAF RAF Medical Medical Services. Serrvices.”