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About Polo Ralph Lauren’s Involvement Why Polo Ralph Lauren and Veuve Clicquot? Target Market for the Event SWOT People Promotion Product Place Cost Invitation Press Release

To celebrate Ralph Lauren’s brand Polo Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary and Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic the two major brands will work together to elevate the New York Polo Classic by making it a must go event in New York Social calendars. By working together the brand will be able to cater an exclusive event and an unforgettable experience. Exclusive products will be launched for the event for polo enthusiasts and champagne lovers.

ABOUT The fashionable and elegant sport, polo, had lost its presence and exclusivity until Veuve Clicquot in 2008 brought back the Polo Classic. It started as a small event, with only 250 people but today Veuve Clicquot hosts the event for 9,000 guests. Veuve Clicquot provides an unforgettable afternoon and a unique champagne experience with Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty as the backdrop. At the event, Veuve Clicquot provides their different labels as the Yellow Label, Rosé, Rich and Rich Rosé, with the best food trucks. Veuve Clicquot will support “Keep a Child Alive” and “Friends of Liberty State Park,” the official beneficiary.

Polo Ralph Lauren is the proud outfitter and sponsored for Nacho Figuras’ team Black Watch at the Veuve Clicquot Polo match.

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic features the label’s iconic color orange, from the tables to the way the waiters are dressed. The guests, on the other hand, are dressed to impress, considering that it has become one of the must-attend events of the social calendars.

POLO RALPH LAUREN’S INVOLVEMENT Taking into consideration that Ralph Lauren himself, enjoys watching sports and has a connection to polo. He would be attending the event with his family. The brand would provide full attires to the staff working at the event. Also prior to the event Polo Ralph Lauren’s stylists will meet with special guests that would be attending the polo match to provide them with outfits to wear, making them ambassadors of the brand at the event. Polo Ralph Lauren will also provide saddle pads for the players that would have the brand’s logo as well as the Veuve Clicquot logo. The limited edition saddle pads will be sold at the event for the equestrian enthusiasts. The event is already established but it is important that Polo Ralph Lauren has some involvement in the event to make it more special. Each guest will recieve a give away from the limited edition Veuve Clicquot and Polo Ralph Lauren products.

WHY POLO RALPH LAUREN Polo Ralph Lauren should have involvement in the event because both brands have something in common. Veuve Clicquot and Polo Ralph Lauren want to provide their customers the best products and the highest quality of products. The event has already been established, it has the venue, it has gain recognition among the elite and it has become a high-end event. By having Polo Ralph Lauren as a collaborator it will push the event to become more fashionable than it already is. The apparel brand is also well-known and it would bring more guests to the event. Also, the event is on-brand with the apparel brand. Polo Ralph Lauren will stay relevant if it works with Veuve Clicquot. The event provides different activities and has special guests, also young, fashionable and high profiles have attended the event in the past. For example in 2009 Prince Harry played at the polo match. Veuve Clicquot provides an experience for their guests that no many brands are able to do it, therefore, it would be beneficial for the apparel brand to join the event.



TARGET MARKET FOR THE EVENT Demographic Segmentation: Gender: Female and Male Age: 25-40 Social Class: Middle and Upper Class Income: $75,000 + Occupation: Professional Education: College Graduate

Psychographic Segmentation: Customers seek for high-end products and are looking for the next big trend. Also, enjoy a good social event and are looking for new experiences.

VALS Innovators 45% Achievers 35%

-Innovators: Are confident enough to experiment, make the highest number of financial transactions, have international exposure, are future oriented, are self-directed consumers, are most receptive to new ideas and technologies -Achievers: Believe money is the source of authority, are committed to family and job, are fully scheduled, are goal oriented, are hardworking, are moderate, act as anchors of the status quo

Experiencers 20%

-Experiencers: Want everything, are first in and first out of trend adoption, go against the current mainstream, are up on the latest fashions, love physical activity (are sensation seeking), see themselves as very sociable

SWOT - Reach a younger audience - The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic has already gained recognition - The event is on-brand with the label’s aesthetic

- People may get confused on the brand’s intention The event is already established with Veuve Clicquot -Minimum control over the event

- The apparel label’s involvement will make them relevant - The event is a must-go during the summer in New York



- Polo Ralph Lauren has the opportunity to reach new potential customers that will be attending or have an interest in the event - The opportunity to work with another brand that has similar aesthetic and high-quality products - Grow and do something different from what Polo Ralph Lauren usually does

- Confusion on why Polo Ralph Lauren is participating in the event - One brand may get recognition of the event

- The event is opened to the public so Ralph Lauren has limited control over the people who attend the event - Associating the event with too many influencers could have a negative effect

- Promote the brand in an exclusive event -Give the attendees an experience and something to remember (give away products)




PEOPLE The people that are invited to the event are from editors to New York elites. People represent the brand, therefore, it is important to invite the correct target. For the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, Polo Ralph Lauren will provide products as well as a stylist prior to the match to give them outfits to wear that afternoon. For Polo Ralph Lauren it is an opportunity to target younger customers through the event and to become relevant in the market.



New York Elites

Imran Amed Andrew Phillip Bevan Angela Koh Biel Parklee Audra Asencio Connor Stanley Kara Studzinski Emily Mercer Matt Peng Kevin Wong Elana Zajdman Taylor Camp Chrissy Rutherford

Ralph Lauren David Lauren Olivia Palermo Johannes Huebl Romee Strijd Kendall Jenner Yolanda Hadid Gigi Hadid Bella Hadid Pepe Barroso Chiara Ferragni Valentina Ferragni Chance The Rapper Andreea Diaconu Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Hilary Swank Arnaud Valois Rachel Brosnahan Mimi Cuttrell

Hayley Bloomingdale Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis Lauren Remington Platt Nell Diamond Ariana Rockerfeller Indre Rockerfeller Atlanta de Cadnet Kick Kennedy Gaia Matisse Sofia Sanchez de Betak Caroline Veerland Stephanie Nass Tali Lennox Zanna Roberts Rassi Selby Drummond

STYLIST SERVICE Guest will meet with a Ralph Lauren stylist, who will help them select an outfit for the event. It is important that Ralph Lauren provides their guests with outfits because it will promote the brand at the event. Guests will have a deeper connection with the apparel brand. Guest will wear the clothing and if they want to keep the clothing provided then it could be arranged.

PROMOTION In order to promote Polo Ralph Lauren, the brand will give products to the attendees. These products include a silk square cut scarf with limited edition pattern made for the event, a polo mallet bracelet made from 18K white gold that would be engraved with both brands logos on the inside. Attendees will be able to purchase other products at the event such as the limited edition saddle pads, and other equestrian gear. The polo players will be given saddle pads for them to use at the match and each will be embroidered with their last name and number. The classic flower wall that features Veuve Clicquot logo would also have the Polo Ralph Lauren logo. As well as the champagne glasses, champagne buckets, napkins, and even plates. This way it promotes both brands on the event. Social media would be one form of promoting the event as well as the brand. The brand ambassadors who would be wearing Polo Ralph Lauren outfits will be photographed at the event, promoting both the apparel brand and the event. The event will be promoted by word of mouth. Having high-profiles attending the event will benefit both brands. Sending an email blast letting customers know about the live-stream of the polo match and about the limited edition products. After the polo match Polo Ralph Lauren will host a cocktail party to celebrate the polo match winners.




COCKTAIL PARTY After the polo match, Polo Ralph Lauren will host a cocktail party to commemorate the winners and to provide the guests a time to celebrate and enjoy food and drinks. The cocktail party will serve Veuve Clicquot champagne and exotic drinks made with the champagne. Polo Ralph Lauren will hire Chef Marc Forgione to cater the food at the event. Chef Marc Forgione is an up and coming Chef, son of Larry Forgione. Ralph Lauren enjoys the American cuisine, he has opened 4 restaurants (New York, Chicago, London, and Paris) where he offers gourmet American food. The event will be black-tie and the special guest will be outfitted by Ralph Lauren.

Chef Marc Forgione is known for his new approach in the New American cusine. He serves his plates with local and the best seasonal ingredients. He is the son of renowned Chef Larry Forgione. Chef Marc Forgione discovered his passion for food when he was 16 years old and was working next to his father and other renowned chefs. His food is American cusine with bold flavours and a different approach to food. He is the youngest American chef who has won a Michelin star.

Since it is a cocktail party the Chef will serve small plates for the guest. Everything will be prepared for the guest to grab and enjoy with their champagne.

PRODUCTS Samples of the clothing the employees will recieve for the event from Polo Ralph Lauren.

Main color palette


Silk square cut scarf

Saddle pads

Polo mallet bracelet

Scarf Details

Packaging for the giveaway products that the guest will recieve at the event. The cylinder container will have the silk scarf wraped. The box will contain all the giveaway products in place as well as a special note from both brands.


The event will take place at Liberty State Park where the guests are able to admire New York City skyline. The event will be June 2, 2018, and it would be an exciting afternoon followed by a cocktail party.


Costs are calculated for 1,500 guest, 7-hour event duration and 25 team players

Email Blast $1,000.00 Instagram $500.00 Stationary $10,000.00 Invitations $15,000.00 Mailing Service $30,000.00 Stylists $1,500.00 Packaging $350.00 per package PROMOTION Outfits for Guests $2,000.00 Cocktail Food $250.00 per guest Cocktail Drinks $150.00 per guest Cocktail Venue $25,000.00 Cocktail Decorations $100,000.00 Bartender $30 per hour Waiter $35 per hour Average Promotional Cost Bracelet $350.00 PRODUCT Scarf $250.00 COST Saddle Pads $60.00 Men’s Uniform $1,000.00 Women’s Uniform $1,000.00 Team Polos $65.00 Average Product Cost ROUGHLY ESTIMATED TOTAL COST

$525,000.00 $375,000.00 $225,000.00

$210.00 $245.00 $1,311,205.00 $525,000.00 $375,000.00 $1,500.00

$1,625.00 $905,785.00 $2,216,990.00


We are pleased to invite you to Veuve Clicquot X Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Classic In celebration of Polo Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary Where: Liberty State Park When: June 2, 2018

Invitations will be mailed to special guests with the event bracelet and pass.


The press release will be sent to different magazines that will feature the event’s details and will be invited to attend.

Special thanks to Professor Monika Jonevski for her guidance and Clementina Gonzalez for the scarf patterns

Rafaella De Guzman FASM 430 Professional Portfolio Practices

VC x Polo Ralph Lauren  
VC x Polo Ralph Lauren