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Men’s s/s trends

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f O R W H E N I T ’ S TO O Q U I E T Editor in chief

RAFAELA DURAL Creative director

executive photo director

rafaela dural

rafaela dural






SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FAMILY gr10: Sarah O. Hannah o. emily n. danica c. jacqueline l. lauren b. selena n. Gabriella anderson TATE PETERSON JEREMY BONDOC NASREEN BACLAY MOZART JEREMY HWANG BRANDON VU areeba ahmed

“It’s amazing how far you’re willing to go when someone believes in you” -Katie Kacvinsky, First Comes Love


A Letter From Rafaela

I poured my soul into producing a heart-satisfying final product. This magazine contains anything from lifestyle, fashion, to life itself. Originally my goal was to create content that satisfied the reader, but I found that my best work showed when I used my own strengths. I am so blessed to have several people supporting me and cooperating with me to make my visions come to life. I’m not sure if I will ever have the chance to do anything like this again, so I hope you peruse through this magazine and feel as content as I do. I created this in a comfortable spacce, a cozy ambient, with sweet music and an earnest heart; happiness. I wish for all this happiness to be by your side at the final page.

Rafaela Dural Editor and Creative Director Lively Magazine Vol. 2




L I V E LY | 0 1

MOZART Bakery and Cafe

L I V E LY | 0 2

3420 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074

t h g i N e m a G y l i Fam 4 / 0 1 / 18

How well do you really know each other?

L I V E LY | 0 3

n a t u r a luxu ry L I V E LY | 0 4

Photographed by LRafaela I V E LYDural |05

L I V E LY | 0 6

L I V E LY | 0 7

L I V E LY | 0 8

Model Brandon sporting the Gucci Vinrage 18k Gold Plate Quartz

L I V E LY | 0 9

Top: Brandon stunting the Grand Seiko SBGR097 Limited Edition Bottom: Look llike a million bucks in the Movado Swiss Museum Classc Gold

L I V E LY | 1 0

L I V E LY | 1 1




L I V E LY | 1 2











Hannah Omamalin’s

Claytoons They’ll make you say Omama!”

L I V E LY | 1 3

D a i l y



Only you can deal with issues that affect you. It’s time to stop and smell the roses; look at the bigger picture.

Look behind you. Now to the left. Now look right. Right! The trajectory of your life is always shifting; prove to be you.




Continue as much as you can to that someone. You won’t get any less of it. It will feel great!

Watch something scary with the one you like. The same hormone will produce and, perhaps, love?

People don’t know your feelings? Don’t be saddened by it. It’s natural. They think of you a lot though~




If you feel that your life needs more meaning, phone a friend who feels the same way and help them.

Your moon is engorging. Or your Sun. Think of a Scorpiu you trust and is loyal to you.

The knight of your dreams is coming. PREPARE. But focus on your personal matters too!




Take care of your routine. You’re going overboard. Don’t overdose on self-pampering. You’re still required to get work done.

One part of you is procrastinating, the other wants to share yourself. Harmony between personal life and work is crucial.

L I V E LY | 1 4

Aries Stop stressin’! You can’t win every battle to exist. Just do your best and peace will come.

You’re feeling a little social, but also wanna stay in your shell. Comfortable with new possibilities? Today will be a turning point; make the decision.


L I V E LY | 1 5

Straight to The Art Interview and Article by Rafaela Dural

Passion comes naturally. When you are being your authentic and happy self, no doubt, you are unstoppable. Get to know Gabriella Anderson who’s diligently masteriing her craft and how it has come to define her genuine self. Whether the days were good, bad, or just right; every moment shined, is what I would think when looking at Anderson’s photographs. Anderson has the ability to take any ordinary moment, and make it, well, extraordinary.

L Itaken V E LYby| 1Garbiella 6 Photos Anderson

Gabriella swiftly sums up the meaning of photography to her with a quote from the novel The Book Thief , “If your eyes could speak, what would they say?”To Anderson, photography is “being able to express your soul through visualizations. It is an unspoken communication between the photographer and their audience.” She finds photography as second nature to her thanks to her father’s influence. They say technology has got everybody missing out on life, but to Gabriella her camera “makes [her] more intune of [her] surroundings” and that there is beauty in all thngs. When people see eye-catching photos like Anderson’s, they are usually inspired to take similar ones. Luckily, I got to know the process and tricks behind Anderon’s art. How do you educate yourself to take better pictures? “I took a photography course my sophomore year which really helped me build up my basic photography skills (thank you, Mrs. Luter).

After that, I took it upon myself to really study--I actually have numerous research pages of word documents that I put together from videos, books, and anything I thought I could put forth in my photography! However, I think the most important way to educate yourself to take better pictures is to experiment with the camera and the environment around you. If you do not practice, how will you know what you need to work on?” What is something you wish you knew when you first started taking photos? “I wish I knew how to get out of my comfort zone when I first started taking photos because I always felt so awkward in public with a camera .Now, I just shoot away--nervous or not.” Any challenges encountered? “One of my funniest challenges was this location around Lucas, TX. I was shooting for a project grade and I had researched the area really well--I planned on taking a photoshoot at this abandoned barn. I arrive around the vicinity, but I couldn’t seem to find the barn. Then, I saw the bulldozer and read a sign posted nearby that they had tore it down. I was frantic because my location had disappeared, but luckily there was a smaller old building nearby so I ended up shooting there instead. It taught me that I don’t have to have everything planned out...and to adapt!” Favorite photo? “My favorite picture I’ve taken is when I went on a trip to Austin, TX to visit close family-friends. We ate at a beautiful restaurant that overlooked the water. It was foggy that day so my younger brothers and I were watching the rain fall before being seated, and I thought it was a great opportunity to take pictures! I really like the atmosphere the photo creates and the memories it holds when I see it. From my perspective, the fog feels like the unknown. You can see outlines of hills, but you aren’t quite sure what’s out there. And I feel like it’s the same way with life.” L I V E LY | 1 7

What type of equipment do you use? Do you think the type of camera matters? “I use the Nikon D5100! I have three lens as well: No, I believe the photographer and what the photographer is shooting is the most important.” Is there something you always ask to yourself just before you push the button? “If I am shooting a model I think: ‘are they wearing a hairband/chipped nail polish?’, ‘is their hair/clothes in the right places?’, and finally, ‘do they look at ease?’. One of those questions is what I am usually thinking about before I snap a shot. Right now, what do you do with the photos you’ve taken? In the near or far future, what do you hope to do with them? “I have a journal of some of my photos and I love writing snippets leading up to and after each moment. In the future, I hope I can inspire people. That’s the ultimate goal: for someone to feel something when they see my photo. I hope, as I progress, my photos speak to someone.” I think when a person begins something new, their aspirations push their desire of immediately wanting quick and perfect results. Any tips for beginner photographers? “I know everyone always wants to achieve perfection, but I think that perfection does not exist because everyone defines it differently. Although I’m no professional, if I had to give tips to someone recently starting photography, I would say to appreciate the journey of becoming a photographer rather than focusing solely on the destination. Moreover, I would advise new photographers to allow themselves to mess up. In order to find out what you like to photograph and what you do not, you have to be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and experiment. By experimenting, you expand your perspective and allow yourself to grow by building upon your successes and your failures.”

L I V E LY | 1 8

Follow Gabriella Anderson on: IG @gabriellaephoto

Areeba Ahmed



3AM HEARTBEAT|Lucky Strike cover|City of Stars|Memories|Talking To The Stars|Intro:Dream|Wonder|BeFoUr cover|Fallen Angel|Rise Tonight L I V E LY | 1 9

Men’s S/S Corduroy

The return of corduroy might be the most

sophisticated and functional trend yet this season. Boxy corduroy jackets are where it’s at. Turn a casual outfit into a spiffy one with a colorful corduroy jacket, and you’re sure to fit in with the spring ambience.

Tonal Dressing

What better way to look put together than

an outfit that literally appears to be put together. Tonal dressing is the best all-black outfit to wear during spring and summer. Tonal suits, tonal pastels, tonal knits, almost any color and texture works. Three tonal items is the perfect number to wear in your outfit.

L I V E LY | 2 0


Trends Stripes

Stripes are never out of fashion. Wearing

stripes can immediately make any person look good on a bad day; it’s trying hard without having to try hard. Retro stripes and short-sleeve shirts are all the buzz in menswear this season!

Dad Denim

Simon Cowell? No, but he’s been rock-

ing the dad denims a lot longer. What makes a dad denim? Light-washed, pin-rolled (maybe cropped), straight jeans. It’s laid-back and stylish comfort. Go ahead and take a break from those tight skinny jeans!

L I V E LY | 2 1

L I V E LY | 2 2

We Are

Article by Rafaela Dural Photographed by Rafaela Dural, Tate Peterson L I V E LY | 2 3

Who are the millennials? A millennial is

We can argue about which genera-

anyone born between 1980 to 2000, also known

tion is more entitled than the other one....

as Generation Y and Generation Z. According

but the internet has spoken: Millennials are

to Google’s top searches though, Millennials

the entitled ones! Being born in an era of

are: killing, screwed, lazy, and entitled. In that

rising and advancing technology, apparently,

order. These are just some of the negative ste-

generalizes the entire millennial population

reotypes that are attached to millennials. More

into being entitled and pompous. Should we

often than not, the word millennial comes

not all feel entitled to express our opinions

along with a negative connotation.

and mindsets? The chances just happen to

be that millennials are becoming more vocal

Millennials are supposedly killing indus-

tries. Avocado toast is most definitely not the

and determined about theirs and, thus, it has

reason behind millennials opting out of buy-

been stereotyped as negative entitlement. An

ing a home. We binge-watch TV shows more

instance is social media. It is one of the many

than watching a movie in the theaters. These

things that are negatively connected back to

all have one thing in common and that is that

millennials, but to Bondoc, it is a great “outlet

they are trends. Such trends cannot necessarily

for news sources and informing the public in

be blamed for the the killing of industries. If

a way that has never been displayed before.”

trends are affecting businesses negatively, it’s

not the millennials’ fault. If a business cannot

of all millennial stereotypes is that millenni-

adapt to what’s in and what’s out, perhaps the

als are lazy. Entitlement, technology, lack of

problem begins with them. Millennials are not

sunlight; these factors have literally become

buying the moment. They’re just

determinants of the lazy and indifferent

saving up and buying them bigger later [1]. In

millennial; how millennials don’t have much

another sense, Millennias seem to be a lot more

going for them.

supportive of local businesses in comparison to

previous generations, and “see the rise of those

joring in Business Marketing at the Univer-

who have the opportunity to start their own

sity of Texas in Dallas, “I’ve been interested

small, more meaningful business”, Tate Peter-

in business my whole life,” he says. Peterson

son claims.

wants to “ get [his] business education and es-

But the most antagonizing stereotype

After high school, Bondoc will be ma-

tablish [himself] as a knowledgeable, profes

Millennials are screwed. Financially?

sional presence” in his field. He already plans

Soon-to-be-college-freshmen Nasreen Baclay,

on living in New York to pursue a photogra-

Jeremy Bondoc, and Tate Peterson believe so.

phy and art career! He may not be buying a

Student debt seems to be their biggest financial

house right now, but he sure is saving up for

worry right now.

one worthwhile. Nasreen Baclay will also be

L I V E LY | 2 4

L I V E LY | 2 5

L I V E LY | 2 6

attending UTD to major in Neuroscience, “I

brain and all of its functions and capabilities.

enjoy challenging myself academically and felt

The entirety of the neurology is very compli-

like going to this schoool under this major was

cated and complex and something that’s not

a good way for me to always stay on my toes.”

so black and white, which is something I like.”

Bondoc’s an important member of his high

Millennials aren’t lazy; They just want to

breathe in the goodness of life. Today’s gen-

school band and the business club DECA,

eration are truly some of the most vocal and

“[They’re] insanely fun because of the people

motivated people in the nation. Good enough

and I simply find joy in those things,” he tells.

is not good enough. “ I’m making millions with

my art after college. It’s ambitious, but I’m not

different. They are being their genuine selves.

going to be happy with my life until I achieve

“I love fashion,” Peterson exclaims, “Fashion is

just that,” Tate stresses. Millennials want to

another form of expression that I’ve found my

breathe in the goodness of every day, and the

place in.” Baclay finds pride in her optimisim.

happiness of every moment. The three all have

She has built many relationships with unfor-

things they are passionate about or dedicated

gettable people and embarked on new oppor-

to. Nasreen tells me why she got into neurosci-

tunities thanks to her optimism. She notes

ence! “Recently I’ve been very interested in the

that her positive energy has saved her through

Millennials want to be original, unique,

L I V E LY | 2 7

L I V E LY | 2 8

L I V E LY | 2 9

L I V E LY | 3 0

L I V E LY | 3 1

many tough situations.

I asked: What do you want

to tell people with views about the “stereotypical millennial”? Bondoc: Not everyone is the same and having the fixed mindset of a millennial is unfair to who are different. Complete the sentence: Millenials are.... Bondoc: Innovative. Baclay: Powerful Peterson: Making the world a better place.

L I V E LY | 3 2

1. Taylor, Kate. “‘Psychologically Scarred’ Millennials Are Killing Countless Industries.” Business Insider, Business Insider, 31 Oct. 2017, www.

L I V E LY | 3 4

L I V E LY | 3 5

L I V E LY | 3 7

L I V E LY | 3 8

L I V E LY | 3 9

Founder and Baker Jennifer Dural

L I V E LY | 4 0

What’s In Your Bag? Hand Lotion

Jo Malone Cologne

Glossier Generation G Balm and Boy Brow

Rayban’s Sunglasses

Fujifilm Instax Neo 90 Banila Co Facial Mist Power Bank

Coach Wallet

Glossier Stretch Concealer


L I V E LY | 4 1

Fit Bit Charge 2

Hand Lotion Wallet

Jo Malone Cologne

Scent-free deoderant

Beats Solo Headphones


L I V E LY | 4 2

to run ch ic


didas Su 4. A pe

ike Revo 5. N lu

ose cho

Retail price of $60


2. C

er, L , Smo o t h ront li n in

b ng oi

ack to the basic s


e essentials” bar

ike Air H 3. N u

Mesh upp

ef ac

Lightw eig ht ,

aker stripped sne to “a

e ach r a

n sneaker c u l t ur cs i e

wrong w it


Retail price of $38

3 it on

e flu

go n’t ca



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h e icon T ic s he

are a majo r

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ars t s r

s hoe ll s

ith any ou ct w tfit Retail price of $65

Retail price of $55

Retail price of $110 L I V E LY | 4 3

Based on


e erf

ike Tanj un 1. N

ple, breathab Sim le,

T he B e s t S e l l in g s n e a k er s o f 20 1 7



Article by Emily Ndhioko

Emily Ndiokho of Phillips Academy Andover Massachussets highlights the bonafide meaning of the BLM Movement. It is not an action against other lives, nor an anti-police movement - the BLM movement is simply an effor for colored people to attain the truthful justice that they rightfully deserve. With this mindset, Ndiokho hopes to get her words across the nation starting with her very own campus.

THE Black Lives Matter

movement was created in 2013, after George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the shooting death of Trayvon Martinin - an unarmed Black teenager. Trayvon’s death and the lack of accountablity towards his killer, was the first of many that sparked national outcry and protests from Black people and allies. BLM continued to stay prevalant as each year, a new face was at the front of the movement with a cause of death that was similar to the previous. The narrative of an unarmed Black teenager being killed by White person with some form of authority - typically a police officer - because they “fit the description of a suspect” or because they were L I V E LY | 4 4

“deemed threating,” turned into a pre-recorded soundbyte. The repeated acts were a renewal slip that the BLM movement needed to continue since it was and is constantly reenforced that our lives didn’t matter. But, whenever I turned to various forms of social media or tried to have conversations about most recent incident of a killing done by the police, I’m often met with a response that can be summed up as, “Don’t all lives matter?” I, like most supporters of the BLM movement, am a firm beliver the live of one human being isn’t any more or any less valuable than another. That being said, the message and purpose of BLM

isn’t to say lives from other races don’t matter, but it to state that our lives matter as well, which is not being shown in the American justice system. For example, Black people make up 12% or roughly 13 million people of the United States population; however, we made up 40% of the reported people that were killed by the police. This completely unproporitional number is not because Black people commit more crimes, but because of the centuries of systemic and instutionalized racism that still plauges soceity. The demoization and racial profilling of Black people in the media and by other people creates a multitude of toxic idealogies which have a dead-


It’s a movement that shines a light and acts as a

ly effect on the lives of Black people. The BLM movement is trying to spread the notion that the lives of Black people deserve the same respect, dignity, and justice as our White counterparts and whenever our lives are ended by police offiers who are swore to protect and serve us - they should be held accountable.

remind that Black lives are important as well.

“anti-police” it would be an example of how the justice system is suppose to work. I belive that the BLM movement isn’t trying to hold every single police officer as a murdered, but instead wants police officers who have taken another life to be put on trial and properly punished as a judge or jury deemed fit. Advocating for the lives of Black people is anti-police. Police officers Now, wanting police officers are suppose to be protecting who, in some cases, were caught the lives of all people, not just on camera ending the life of White lives, and asking them to a Black person, to be held do their duty shouldn’t be out accountable for their actions of the ordinary. is not the same as the BLM movement being “anti-police.” As Andover students, our Wanting the police officer that understanding and outlook on killed 12-year old, Tamir Rice, the world is greatly shaped durto be tried before a jury is not ing our time here on campus.

Having a true understanding on one of the most widespread activist movements within our generation through discussions on campus is crucial for us to be the proper leaders our world needs. While having conversations or self-educating oneself about race relations can be hard or time-consuming, they’re necessary in order to combat racism and police brutality. Being at Andover is a prime time to listen, understand, and empathize with the BLM movement, regardless of one’s race.

L I V E LY | 4 5

The Dorm Life Chef Who? Dash Mini Maker knows what’s up. Take your pick: mini griddle or mini waffle maker?

Ice Box Your own mini fridge is a must have! Don’t trust your roommates (or people) with food! This is a definite must-have especially if the whole building shares one kitchen.

Wallpaper Is Everything Ya’ll, college is hectic. Rooming alone? Take up the wall space with a nice, giant agenda aand keep up with deadlines. Not rooming alone? Well, your roomie better hope they’re taking the same classes as you.

L I V E LY | 4 6

Do Not Disturb Black, for extra privacy. One room, but two people? Instead of drawing a line, how about drawing the curtains?

Bean Bag Toss For the days where you don’t make it to your bed. Go ahead and comfortably toss yourself onto the floor.

Lights Out Light wedges are for when you don’t want to be that roommate. Stay up and study (you’ll probably have to) without disturbing anyone else!

Ballin on a Budget Too broke for cable? Too broke for a TV? A mini projector will easily take your netflix -and-chills to the next level.

L I V E LY | 4 7

LOCA FOR BOBA Milk tea, the most basic tea of all teas, but the tea of all teas you could order. Always ask yourself when trying a new boba place: Is their milk tea good? If they can perfect their milk tea, then the rest of their drinks shouldm’t disappoint. So far, the best milk tea in the area is Kung Fu Tea. They’ve perfected the balance between milk and tea.

It’s no surprise that even creams are just one other sugar to add to your drink. Each place differs; sea salt cream, whipped cream, and even cheese foam! For you cheese addicts, rush on over to Fengcha. It tastes great with black tea!

Lots of boba cafes have their own specialty drink, a drink unique only to them. Bobaland’s specialty are specialty teas! Their Red Galaxy is not one to miss! It is their special mix of black tea with basil seeds, strawberries, and lychee jelly. Go ahead and add some boba to it, too. Ahh.... so refreshing. This drink is surely to hit the spot.

L I V E LY | 4 8

L I V E LY | 4 9

King’s Hawaiian Pinoy Burgers Ingredients King’s Hawaiian rolls 1 pound ground beef 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 small onion 1 egg 1 teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 garlic cloves 1/4 cup bread crumbs Mayonnaise Ketchup Serves 6-8 L I V E LY | 5 0

1. Mince the garlics and onions 2. Add garlic, onions, salt, pepper, egg, soy sauce and bread crumbs to beef and mix until well combined with beef. 3. Shape the ground beef mixture into small patties that fit nicely on the rolls. 4. Toast the Hawaiian rolls and cut in half. 5. Pour just a little oil on a pan. Fry the patties to your liking. 6. Mix mayonnaise and ketchup. Spread on roll. 7. Assemble your burger! *Half-cook patties and refigerate. Fry again when desired.

Delhi Butter chicken Ingredients

1. Season chicken chunks with salt, pepper, garlic, and ginger. 2. Sautee onions, garlic, and tomatoes in medium heat with oil. Set aside. 3. Slightly fry cashews in small pan.

1 1/4 cup cashews 2 cups chopped tomatoes 2 cups chopped onions 2 sticks butter 3 minced garlic cloves 2 pounds chicken thigh cut in chunks Chili powder 1/2 cup heavy cream salt pepper ginger

4. Blend sauteed onions. garlic, and tomatoes with cashews in blender. Add water if needed. Set aside.

Serves 12-15

8. Eat with rice or naan.

5. Heat large skillet. Using butter, brown the chicken in batches. It doesn’t have to be thoroughly cooked. Set chicken aside. 6. Simmer the blended sauce in the skillet. Add heavy cream. Simmer for 5 min. 7. Add chili powder to taste. Add the chicken now and simmer for 10-15 min.

L I V E LY | 5 1

ch e e se w i t h m aca r o ni Ingredients 1 16 oz package of pasta shells 1/4 cup all purpose flour 1/4 cup butter 2 1/2 cup milk 8 oz cheddar of choice 6 slices white American cheese 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1/2 teaspoon hot sauce 1 teaspoon kosher salt

Serves 5-8 L I V E LY | 5 2

1. Prepare pasta and set aside. 2. Slice American cheese into strips and cube the cheddar. 3. Melt butter in pan on low heat. Whisk flour in and whisk constantly. 4. Gradually whisk in milk and change to medium heat; whisk until mixture bubbles and thickens. Turn off heat 5. Add the cheeses gradually as you stir; mix until smooth 6. Add pasta to cheese mixture and cook over medium heat until thoroughly heated. 7. Serve immediately OR put mac n cheese in baking pan, top with breadcrumbs, and bake for several minutes.

STRAWBERRY KISSed COOKIES Ingredients chopped strawberries white chocolate chips 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup butter 2 eggs 1 1/2 cup sugar 8 oz cream cheese 2 teaspoons vanilla Serves 6-8, sometimes 1

1. Make sure butter and cream cheese are softened. 2. Mix dry ingredients together, excluding sugar 3. Mix softened cream cheese, sugar, and butter together 4. Add the eggs and vanilla to mixture. 5. Mix thoroughly then gradually add dry ingredients mixture while mixing. 6. Fold in the chopped strawberries and chocolate in batter. 7. Make 1 inch balls on pan. 8. Bake for 350F for 10-15 minutes, or until lightly brown. Best enjoyed hot! L I V E LY | 5 3

Show Prominence. Show Support.

#ENOUGH April 20th, 2018 10 A.M. Allen High School, let’s march with the rest of the nation. L I V E LY | 5 4

L I V E LY | 5 5

For Your Ever Changing Turn It Up Best I Ever Had Drake

ThrowBOP Club Can’t Handle Me Flo Rida, David Guetta


ScHoolboy Q, 2 Chainz, Saudi


N.E.R.D, Rihanna

Drunk In Love

Dumb Love

Sean Kingston

Pop Princess The Click Five


Beyonce, JAY Z


We Can’t Stop

Sneaker Night

Miley Cyrus

Vanessa Hudgens

vibes Elevate

St. Lucia

The Weeknd - Funk Wav Remix SZA, Calvin Harris

Cool Down James Reid

The Ways

for staying up Ship And The Globe Kae Sun

Eternal Sunshine Jhene Aiko

Somebody Else The 1975

Khalid, Swae Lee

Emotional Crank

9 Willow, SZA


Take Me

Aly & AJ L I V E LY | 5 6


Childish Gambino

g Mood Bcuz of You

JobBro’s Best

Can’t Get Enough



Jonas Brothers


Burnin’ Up


Jonas Brothers

Slow Motion

Pushin’ Me Away

Trey Songz

Jonas Brothers

New Flame

Hello Beautiful

Chris Brown, Usher, Rick Ross

Jonas Brothers

You Rock My World

Your Biggest Fan

Michael Jackson

Jonas Brothers, China Anne McClain

Cater 2 U

Hold On

Destiny’s Child

Jonas Brothers

Happy dayze Happy

All I Wanna Do

Sleep All Day




Unbreakable Smile

Kiss Me Thru The Phone


Bodak Yellow

Squareheads Jason Mraz BTS

Tori Kelly

Earth, Wind & Fire

Jay Park

Dua Lipa Calvin Harris, Future, Khalid Soulja Boy, Sammie Cardi B

L I V E LY | 5 7

L I V E LY | 5 8

LIVELY Vol. 2  

Senior Independent Study Project for GT

LIVELY Vol. 2  

Senior Independent Study Project for GT