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RADAR Highlights from SL Pro! Featured Fashions: G Sloane Couture Glam Affair *FIR* Orage Creations Live Artist Mapoo Little

Relic Starbrook

Dear Readers Our Journey continues, as we find our steps in second life Radar has hit the grid. I am surprised daily on comments and admiration. We are looking to expand and become more entertaining to our readers with parties and fun events. Looking forward to spring and lots of new developments. In this Issue we have some great Male and Female Fashions. A great Interview with our cover model Relic Starbrook owner of Royal Properties. Our writer Kylie Brings another great editorial you must Read. March Is a Great Month, I am happy to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary. Peace & Love

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Table of Contents

21. ASK Amyann 26. Box of Secrets 34. Mapoo Little 40. SL PRO! Highlights

44. Club Dera

50. Cover Story: R brook

58. Geryn Slo G Sloane Co


Relic Stark

oane & outure

72. FIR 80. Orage Creations 86. Glam Affair


Question: How do I make Rice Pudding? Answer: well this is a rather strange question – not sure it relates to second life lol but I will go ahead and share my personal Recipe. Enjoy!! Ingredients •

3/4 cup uncooked white rice

2 cups milk, divided

1/3 cup white sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 egg, beaten

2/3 cup golden raisins

1 tablespoon butter

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Directions In a medium saucepan, bring 1 1/2 cups water to a boil. Add rice and stir. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. In another saucepan, combine 1 1/2 cups cooked rice, 1 1/2 cups milk, sugar and salt. Cook over medium heat until thick and creamy, 15 to 20 minutes. Stir in remaining 1/2 cup milk, beaten egg and raisins. Cook 2 minutes more, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, and stir in butter and vanilla. Serve warm. Nutritional Information Amount Per Serving Calories: 367 | Total Fat: 6.8g |

Cholesterol: 71mg Question: Yo Amy My question is easy. How do I pick up a chick and dumper her the next day? I just want to have fun with her and leave. Help! Answer: Sounds like someone needs to prioritize, its activities such as this that make a bad name for SL relations in the first place. If you are seeking a one night stand – you may want to consider an “escort” there are many agencies that would be happy to help you fill your “needs” – At least this way there are no expectations and you hurt no one. Please realize that there will more than likely be a cost for this. If you do not have the financial means for something like this what the heck are you doing here in the first place? Question: What if someone annoys me in Second Life? Can I “mute” or report them? Answer: Yes. Like real life, you may encounter people in Second Life that you wish to ignore. Unlike real life, in the Second Life virtual world there is a simple button that you can click to mute them. (If only real life were that easy). Should you decide to un-mute them you can simply send them an IM and this would reverse your muting. As far as reporting the person who annoys you if you feel that they are in breach of the TOS or actually HARASSING and Abusing you, the following steps can be taken to report them. There are several ways to reach the abuse reporting tool, each of them convenient for its purposes: From anywhere, go to HELP > REPORT ABUSE from the menus at the top of your Viewer Window. To directly report another avatar, right click the avatar and select REPORT from the pie menu. Its always a good idea to take a snapshot of what’s onscreen at the moment, and in cases of reporting an avatar directly, relevant identifying info is pre-filled in the Abuse Report window’s text fields. After you’ve reported a person, the ABUSE REPORT window appears, presenting you with

a number of options: 1. If the snapshot helps clarify the issue, check INCLUDE SCREENSHOT to show what you see. Screenshots can be very helpful visual evidence. 2. If you did not report the avatar directly, click the button showing a cursor on the box, then click the offending avatar. Its information is then auto-filled into the report. Click SELECR CATEGORY and choose. If you don’t see what you are looking for, you can use >OTHER and explain in the DETAILS field. Fill in the LOCATION OF ABUSE field. If there are multiple locations you can add them in the details field. In the SUMMARY field, write a concise, one line summary, much like an email subject line. Be brief yet precise: “XYZ is a complete #$#@! And I can’t stand them” wouldn’t be advised – more along the lines “JOHN DOE has been firing an exploding gun, shooting particles and me, and swearing non-stop.” Would be more along the lines of what they are looking. Making sure you provide as much information as possible in your DETAILS field. Question: Hi AmyAnn I recently started talking to this guy and he told me he is married in rl and I feel a bit uncomfortable about it. I am single in rl and I would want something in rl as well,do I let this one go? Answer: The good news is this guy actually came out and was honest with you and TOLD You he was married. You would be surprised at how many people out there will NOT tell you, and you end up getting hurt. Listen to your instincts – would you pursue a married man in RL? This is a fine line here in SL – many married people come out here to fill voids that they have in their marriage and they consider this to be a safe. You need to establish your boundaries and decide whether or not you want RL-SL or BOTH. You say “what if I would want something in RL” – given this situation – would you want to be the person responsible for breaking up a marriage and possibly a family? I would

tend to stay on the side of caution and move on. Question: Hi AmyAnn I have a friend who just talks about her ex, all the time . Its quiet annoying and I don’t want to hurt her feelings by saying move on. What do you recommend me telling her? Answer: Sounds like we’re back in high school. Heh – we always have ONE of those friends who just can’t seem to move on. Its possible she doesn’t realize that she is actually obsessing and doing this. I find that honesty is the best policy, if you don’t say something you continue to put strain on the friendship as you now have this little voice inside your head that is annoying the crap out of you – and you find yourself getting edgy and at some point, you will blow up. Just sit down with her, maybe over lunch, or a girls day out, and tell her – that life goes on. You understand the pain, but it’s time to move on. If you dwell in the past there is no room for the future. MR RIGHT is just around the corner waiting for her – and she will miss it because she remains preoccupied. If she still doesn’t get it, that was the polite way of going about it – then just come out and tell her its getting old and boring hearing the same thing over and over again, and that its starting to annoy you – let her know you want to be there for her, but you simply CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE! A friendship is a two way street! Question: How many peanuts are in a snickers bar? Answer: There are 27 to 28 peanuts in a regular sized Snicker bar. It is also 271 calories and 13.6 G of fat.


Box Of Secrets With Kylie Sabra It calls—taunting me. Its voice is cloaked in red velvet. I remove the box from my drawer and lift its lid. A glimmer of light catches my eye and I reach inside, pulling my hand back with a yelp of pain. I lick the blood from my finger and carefully pick up a mirror—the silver worn from its back. I haltingly hold it to my face, my reflection broken by the mirror’s aged imperfection. No. It was my imperfection revealed. A low keening emerges from within me. “No-o-o-o.” ****

On November 15, 2009 the Second Life gods placed him in my path not five minutes after they birthed him. Eyeing his freebie avatar and jerky little walk, I smile and ask if he needed help. The connection we felt that first day strengthened—a sinuous binding, tightening with time. A couple of days later a plea for help hits my IM, and he teleported me to

him. I land in front of a cartoonish female avatar. “I lost my body,” he whispered, panic piercing his written word. “I just quickly grabbed this avatar,” he said. I couldn’t help but laugh and gave him some landmarks to some good skin shops. He is a quiet man; something that would usually drive me to distraction in a world dominated by language. He chooses his words carefully and I find the nuggets of gold well worth the wait. One evening he took me to what remains our favorite spot. Two wooden rockers sit on a rickety front porch where we’ve passed many hours. That first visit he took my hand and whispered, “Hayduke and Kylie on an adventure together.” And my life with him began. Pixel sex was not something he was rushing to experience. Besides, both of us are married in First Life and although my husband knows of my SL relationship, his wife did not, and he struggled with the duplicity. The intimacy was sweet, intense; the electrical current of emotion palpable-leaving an aching in my heart. I knew on one level that he cared for me, that he likely even loved me. I’m a woman, though, and I desperately needed to hear it. Without those confirming words or the sex, I became restless and opened the door to let another in—an affair that lasted all of a week. Every day that passed, the ache I felt grew and I told my new lover I’d made a dreadful mistake.

The object of my affection (or affliction) was offline when I rushed to tell him. Unable to wait I left my message. “I know you can’t forgive me. I know I’ve made a terrible mess of things. Just know that I love you and I never stopped. I’d rather have you with no sex than anyone else with sex.” It was nearly four hours before I heard from him. “Wow--that’s some timing,” he said and took a slow, deep breath. “I’ll have to digest a little.” He paused. “So he is gone, eh? Is it me? Or is it him? Because I would much rather it is him—the reason you left him.” My hopes slide down a steep ravine. “I told him I couldn’t stop loving you.” Without even a moment’s pause he said, “I think I fell head over heels this morning. That’s what I mean about timing. It could be nothing. But you sure are throwing me for a loop here.” I knew I’d just lost something precious and I was broken. “I’m sorry I screwed everything up. Oh god. I’m just so sorry. I’m crying. I just need to go.” “Please don’t cry. We’ll talk later,” he said. It was another eight hours with no word. “What are you doing?” he asks with a smile. “I’m sorry I cried on you today--unfair. I’m happy for you. I’m the one that screwed everything up,” I said. “ You haven’t screwed anything up—not with me anyway.” “I lost you, baby. That’s a pretty major screw up.”

“ How did you lose me? I’m right here.” Now I’m the confused one. “You told me you fell head over heels for someone else. Not that I’d blame you.” “ I met someone this morning and had an awesome time. That’s it. Where are you?” “I’m at Omega Point. I feel connected to you here and I couldn’t go back to our place.” He joined me and jokingly threw himself into a pool of blood on the walkway and I joined him. “Was it wrong for me to stick around?” he asked. “I couldn’t let you go.” “I thought you could,” he said softly. Looking down at us he said. “This is how I felt a week ago—covered in blood.” He doesn’t say anything for a few moments. “I was wrong in every way a person can be wrong,” I whispered, inching closer to his bloodied body. “You should be taking pictures of this. It’s Shakespearian.” Silence subdues him again. “Can we have this conversation somewhere else?” he asked, pulling himself up from the bloody pool.” “I know some rocking chairs.” I look down at my hands as they continually knit themselves in knots. I whisper, “I couldn’t go there without you.” He smiles. “Neither could I.” We find our rockers, waiting as if they had missed us, and rock quietly for a time.

I look over at him. “Do you want to run?” “I’m going to stay and see where it goes.” “I prayed I’d have a second chance.” Tears won’t stop. “I prayed so hard, all the time believing it would not be.” He whispered. “I never left.” “So from here? A day at a time? To rebuild trust? “I’ll take that.” He took my hand in his and his eyes held mine. “Hayduke and Kylie go on an adventure.” I smile through my tears. “I think that’s where we started.” *** Red splashes over my paper and draws me back to my writing desk. The box of secrets hisses haughtily. “You’ve not yet told the best or the worst it. I’m not finished with you.” I throw the mirror back inside, slam the lid shut and suck the last drop of blood from the tip of my finger. Kylie Sabra

Radars Artist of The Month: Mapoo Little – A Healing Touch Like the sound of a bow being drawn across the strings of a Stradivarius violin, her voice holds not just one tone, but is a blending of sound that caresses like a silken scarf. The vibrations are a fine blend of Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Macy Gray. When asked why she sings she responds, “ heal people.” To

heal people? I pause mid-note taking. I have to wonder. People who care about healing others usually do so because they themselves are wounded. I look at her curiously, realizing that behind that smile-clad exterior lay something hidden, and that she would not release it so easily. Mapoo started singing when she was just two years old and now in her mid-twenties, she wields her powerful instrument with a grace and finesse that belie her age. An ache bleeds through that you just can’t shake off. Mapoo proves herself to be the perfect hostess, escorting me around her private home on a magic carpet ride. She shares her paradise with her manager and partner of nearly three years, Mick Sporleder. Being in any relationship for three years in Second

Life is a testament to both loyalty and love, but she draws the curtains closed on that part of her life as she does with much of any questioning that invades her privacy. She’s spends hours working on her tropical paradise. Tucked amidst homes and large commercial buildings, it rests like a jewel among cheap imitations. You can’t help but get lost in its beauty. Mapoo surrounds herself with all manner of wildlife; from elephants to macaws to exotic sea life. Her joy, though, is an adorable monkey that fills the roll of doting child, giving her love without contingencies. There’s no doubt that Mapoo tends to be a loner pursuing her

own path. She’s the sole musician in her family. She sings pop, soul, dance and jazz, but when Mapoo Little takes the mic and sings Motown, you find yourself reliving the zenith of Detroit’s music scene. She sizzles. Being a writer doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to reveal everything I know, and I admittedly struggled with this issue for this story. What I will say is that we all have pain and that pain shapes who we are. You’ll hear it in her music and if you try to venture too close you may have to break through that pain to see the real Mapoo, but it’s so worth the effort. Kylie Sabra

SL PRO! Written by Tracy Rubble

When I first heard about SL Pro I can honestly say I just scanned and ignored it. $99USD seemed a lot of money for an in-world event, especially when information is usually free. Then I was asked to interview Glenn and Pink (see last issue) about the event, and was forced to read more. Between the interview and lots of reading I can admit that

my interest was piqued. Would this event REALLY be as special as I was hearing? I just had to find out. The conference began with a bang. T Linden threw us bags full of information on future projects that were announced that same day, along with another bag full of Viewer 2.0 information. Then along came the speakers, each one with another bunch of “trade secrets� about how they approach their own sl business. From a 45 minute talk on building techniques from CJ Carnot, to an amazing look at virtual aircraft with Cubey Terra, each and every section was jam packed with useful advice, tricks and tips. Kim Anubis brought out her crystal ball, showing her take on the future of SL. Rachel Darling showed us how to run a business on a budget, and Peter Harlander talked us through the legal aspects of SL business. All of this alongside scripting presentations, marketing advice and of course, the advertised contests for builders and scripters alike. Then finally, on day 3, we met Jonty Glazer (AKA Feather Grizot), who took us on a

journey through Stiletto Moody. And Jonty didn’t hold ANYTHING back. We were given advice on planning, what programs to use and tips on getting ahead in business. Jonty broke down the Stiletto Moody business and what is involved in the day to day running, and he gaves us some valuable advice to use ourselves. He also showed us what was planned for the futre with Stiletto Moody, Skins! After 3 days (and 60 double sided pages of notes) I went away exhausted, but ready to start putting what I’d learnt into action. Then I realised something... My first impression was wrong. SL Pro was worth a million times what I thought it was. SL Pro will change my business. And if anyone was unsure if they’d want to go to the next one I’d tell them to not only go for it, but to count it as essential to their SL. Because information may be free, but SL Pro is much much more.

Club I have decided to spend a whole week sitting in at Deranged. I have checked the traffic, the djs, the spoders and how much of a party is going on. So I thought, what better of a time to do this, then the week of the two year anniversary of Deranged’s opening day! DJ Achilles launches off the event here at Deranged with Combichirst, setting the perfect mood for the event that is about to take place. The event is Jeans and T-Shirts, almost everyone here is dressed for it. The sploder is filling up quickly, with a pot of L$ 200 and the event has barley begun. At a fourth of the way through, there are twelve different avatars here ,and the DJ is busting out

wonderful tunes left and right. The event eventually tops out with a total of fifteen avatars, and slowly dwindles back to twelve. DJ Achilles ends his set with Life Burns by Apocalyptica, a nice ending for this fun event. DJ Wulfman launches off my second event here at Deranged with Kyuss. It’s a pleasant day for the Furry/Fantasy avatar contest that is going on now. If you don’t have an avi, the host has a box of outfit’s/accessories that you can get, that way no one was left out. Just like the event before, the sploder is filling up faster then I can count! The event started out with thirteen people, and most of them are furs. By the time the event was half way over, there were so many people, I kept losing count!

Today it’s DJ Euth taking the stream tonight for the Vampire Ball at Deranged. The event just started about three minutes ago, and there is already over twenty people here! Shockingly enough, there isn’t much lag! Everybody is quickly changing clothes as the place packs and the sploder becomes full. Half way through, the parties’s still a rocking, and at the end, you couldn’t even tell the party was over! Another fun day at Deranged, this time it’s not as crowded as normal, but you would never know from the conversations going on in local chat. It’s another fine time with DJ Wulfman, and he’s just rockin’ this place! What started out as a semismall party suddenly grew. In thirty minutes we went from ten people to fifteen, it’s never a small party here. The party ended up with the same people it had in the

beginning! Even though I missed yesterday, I am back in full swing to day and I am listening in on/partying with DJ Pad. Already from the beginning its a huge party, I think I am going to scout out and see if it ever is a small party here! As it come’s close to the end, even though the tunes were jamming and the sploder sploding, there is only fourteen avis here, the second lowest I have ever seen! In hope’s of trying to find an event with less then ten people here at Deranged, I have showed up for the 10am event. Shockingly enough, even in this early hour, there is still sixteen people here! So, I have given up my search for a time where hardly anyone is here, so I decided to just sit back and enjoy the music coming from the awesome DJ Kalypso! This club has fully shocked me! I don’t think I have ever seen a place where there has been so many people stayed in one club all in once! I don’t think I have ever seen a place where the sploder is always hopping, a place where there isn’t a bad dj that I saw, a place where it seems as if everyone is having a good time! I suspect Deranged will be open until Second Life ends forever. -Devante Zeplin

Photography by Amerique Silverspar

Cover Interview: Relic Starbrook And Royal Properties Written by Arielle Millet Have you ever wanted to learn about Real Estate? What do you look for in a Management Team? Radar went out on a mission to find quality property management -- and Royale Properties -- was a step ahead of many of the Real Estate Teams out here. Meet Rellic Starbrook! This gentleman has over 100 regions currently and is still expanding. Lets see what he wants to share with all of you! Radar: How long have you been involved with SL? Relic: I have been in-world since December 2006 (my avatar is starting to form Radar: What made you choose to get into property rental/ownership? Rellic: Back in 2006, I was living on a region called Royal Tropical, at the time owned by a really great land owner who went off to college, and he had to make the difficult decision of selling his region. At that time I purchased the region from him and setup a free ownership plan for people. Quickly, I found this offer to be very popular and filled the region within 24hrs of owning it. I was amazed by the response and the growing waiting list, so i decided to get a 2nd region having the same results, and then a 3rd and kept growing from there.

Radar: How Many Properties do you currently Own? Relic: Currently I own almost 100 regions and growing. Radar: What Makes you Better than the rest? Relic: 1) Long-term Partnership with each land owner My goal is to help people have a really positive experience with land ownership in Second Life(tm). I want to see each succeed with what they’re after with land ownership, from owners of a small 100prims island to hosting multi-region setups for other land holding companies. 2) My Passion is real and genuine I absolutely love what i get to do...I have a passion for helping people find a home in Second Life(tm) and consider it a privilege to host many with their land needs. 3) My Pricing is competitive I keep my rates as low as i can go. I’ve always considered Royal Properties more like a co-op

experience, with all of us sharing the benefit of bulk buying discounts. (hint. ever notice that regions owners that attract buyers with insanely low rental rates to then turn around and close their region after a couple months when they figure out they have more expenses than they realized? Hmmm... in RL we use the term.. ‘too good to be true’ lol) 4) Positive Attitude! :D Helping each succeed can result in some conflicts in certain regions. The reality is that everyone in SL is not here for the same reasons. With as many regions as I have, I am able to help relocate those to regions with similar interests. Instead of kicking someone off, I help them get to where they need to get to. My #1 rule on my covenant agreement regions is ‘have fun’! If you’re not enjoying your time with land ownership then something is seriously 5) Continued Pursuit for improvements I’ll be the first to say, there are many great region owners on the grid, yet there are some not-sogreat ones too. A lot of people who come to me, seem to be coming because their other region they were on was closed by that land owner (which i just can’t understand why someone would sell land to someone to then turn around and close the region) I strive to improve the products that I have am privileged to offer. 6) Royal Properties is a high Priority for me Many region owners are here with different priorities. I am in Second Life(tm) for the long term and I love it! :) Radar: What do you mean FREE ownership? Why do others charge? Why don’t you? Relic: Great question. My goal is to help people get started and since the beginning until now, I found the biggest hurdle for land ownership was the initial cost that people have always kept them restricted. My overall philosophy on Second Life(tm) Land reselling is that all private estate regions really hold no ‘ownership value’ if they are blank/empty, verses mainland regions which actually

should hold value. Radar: Do you have any interesting rental horror stories your willing to share with us? Relic: YES, LOL! Recently one of my land owners with their own full homestead region completed their project and it was amazing! They hired landscapers, decorators, terra-formers and when it was all completed, They had a exciting open house planned with live performers scheduled and in preparing for people’s arrival thought it would be wise to secure the land by turning the ‘auto-return’ feature on. Disaster! Thirty minutes before the event, when they set the ‘auto-return’ timer on the land. *gasps!* Hours and hours of work and thousands of lindens invested and ‘poof’ gone. With their open house ready to start, I was offline at

my son’s basketball game, and my blackberry was buzzing like crazy with IM’s with “hellllllllpppppppp!”. Happily, I was able to fulfill a rollback request, restoring the region content before the event began, as if the disaster had never happened. Needless to say, they were thrilled! Radar: How many people are on the Royal Properties Team? How do I know I will get good customer Service? Relic: There are dozens of people who help out at Royal Properties. I think that is one aspect of Second Life(tm) as a whole that I have enjoyed, people helping people. Radar: What can we expect from you as a management team? Relic: I know that you can expect us to respond to each need as they arise in a realistic timeframe. Radar: Any plans for expansion in the future? Relic: My growth will be really depending on the market, as Second Life(tm) continues to be known (I’m still waiting for Linden Lab(tm) to produce a decent quantity of advertising without relying on simple press release articles and word of mouth.) Radar: What are your typical rates? Relic: My rates vary based on the percentage of the region that one holds and the type of region. Radar: How do I contact you if I want to see what properties you have available? Relic: has a real-time list of SULRS. As well as notecard givers in-world at my welcome center (see my profile picks) Wow that was insightful! Thank you Relic for taking the time to share yourself with our readers! We wish you continued success!

Geryn Sloane Owner of G Sloane Couture Written by Krystanna Wycliffe

I was privileged to meet with Geryn Sloane of G Sloane Couture at her sim, aptly named Cedarwood. Filled with tall trees, lush greenery, secret paths and meandering waterways, the home of both her flagship store and her personal home is a serene and beautiful setting. As we walked, Geryn pointed out places of interest along the way. She built the majority of the buildings, and did the landscaping as well. It was clear to see that this is a lady with a flair for creativity. Sitting down in her comfortable living room, we began chatting about her origins in SL. Rezzed on August 14, 2006, Geryn came into this virtual world at the suggestion of a real life friend. It didn’t take long before she began creating. Geryn remembers, “...I tried to learn all I could fast, and started out by building things, furniture mostly. Then one day I decided to attempt a flexi prim skirt. Back in high school I had wanted to be a fashion designer, but never pursued it. Now, here in SL, I have made that dream come true.” Her creativity is not confined to second life either. An art major

in graphic design and photography, she has been drawing since the age of 3. Inspiration comes from a myriad of venues for Geryn. “I try to keep up with current trends by reading Elle and Vogue, but also I get inspiration from looking at fabrics as well. Cloud Nine was totally hand drawn; I get a lot of raves about that dress.” Other designers from RL also prove inspiring. “I had fun recreating a Zac Posen original.” Geryn says. “It was sort of a personal challenge to myself…I have it up for sale for only 100L and have made sure to credit him.” As giving as she is creative, Geryn is actively involved in the RFL team with the Designers in Seclusion group, and has participated in Breast Cancer Awareness, and her one of a kind gown made for the Maseno Project last year auctioned for 17,000L. G Sloane Couture will be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of its grand opening on June 6, and while she’s not sure what she will do in celebration, it’s sure to be exciting! This year has already been a whirlwind, with several big shows featuring her creations, as well as being invited to be on Moda Fashion Spotlight on TreetTV late January. Currently, G Sloane Couture has a space at the Accessory Fair through March 27th. So what does the future hold for G Sloane Couture? “My newest and favorite design right now is High Society, a pink with black and white polka dot accented dress with a black straw hat. I’m working on spring things, and I am going to try to start planning my own show.” If you desire to wrap yourself in high fashion at fabulous prices, be sure to visit her main store at Cedarwood (233,45,23)-G SLOANE COUTURE flagship store and Nature Preserve, and her shop at the Accessory Fair 2010 (175, 227, 21)-ACCESSORY FAIR BY GIA.

Photography by Erioxa Sosa

(Left to Right) Amber Quinzet wears: GSC Sultry Sun Imani Enzo wears: GSC Nostalgia Rose Dani Hanly wears: GSC Tethered

Krystanna Wycliffe wears: GCS Cloud 9

Arkaine Cazalet (left) wears: GSC Valentine’s Vision Petitelittlegirl Pinklady wears: GSC Mine!

Raine McCellan (left) wears: GSC Night Iris with violets & bows shoes Valeria Endrizzi wears: GSC Supper Club & GSC Sequined Shrug

*FIR* by Amerique Silverspar Rob1977 Moonites was drawn to Second Life after being lured here by the promise of a new commercial world. “I’d heard that people like Adidas had stores here, and I just couldn’t imagine how it all worked... selling things, an economy... it intrigued me”, he tells me when I sit down to have a chat with him. The first time he joined Second Life, Rob didn’t make it very deep into the world, “ I’d heard some stuff about it a few years back and I came to check it out. I didn’t make it off help island though.” Thankfully he gave it another go and finally made it to the mainland! It took Rob a little while before he got into designing, “it was something I worked into, I got interested in the clothing side of things pretty early, but

I knew nothing about photoshop and was kind of in awe of how people made stuff, it took me about 6 months I’d say before I even rezzed my first prim but I decided to try it out one day, got some templates and read some tutorials.” He was able to get hints and tips from a designer friend of his but had a lot happening at that time in his Second Life, owning a sim and running a club. Around April 2009, Rob sold his sim and began dating his partner, Lexie Jansma, who encouraged him to do more building. “Once I got a taste for that I started to create my own and then I decided to try the clothing again,” Rob tells me. When I ask about the his first creation, he laughs, “the first piece of clothing I made was a tee shirt. The shading and wrinkles were awful, but the cut of it was decent as was the texture. So I spent a while working on drawing better wrinkles, just hours and hours of trial and error, and WAY too many Lindens on uploads!” The inspiration for *FIR* designs come from Rob’s Real Life fashion sense, “Well my designs initially came from stuff I wear in RL and I had trouble finding in SL. Then when I started to get a little bit more adventurous Lexie would give me ideas, she comes up with a lot of the concepts and I’ll go from those.” He also likes to read Real Life blogs about male fashion to get ideas for new designs. Rob and his partner Lexie came up with the inspired idea of a Male Fashion Week which became the talk of the Second Life Fashion world in Jan-

uary. With amazing set design, it was clear that a lot of thought had been put into it. He gives credit to Lexie for the idea of the event, “That was all Lexie’s idea really, she was the real mastermind behind it, we’d done a latex fashion week back in August and I’d done all the building for that. We decided to do another one, this time for men, which was definitely something I could get on board with...” And of course the week was a huge succes, “The sim was very busy, as were the shows, a lot of unknown designers did very well out of it, had their outfits blogged. It definitely had them pushed into the spotlight, for the week it seemed it was all anyone was talking about, women included.” That would include myself but I wondered just how much work had gone into everything, “About two or three months of work, and a whole lot of sleepless nights”, he laughs. So what are Rob’s ambitions and future plans for *FIR*? “I’ve been doing a lot of work learning how to sculpt and I’ve just started to feature them in my designs. That’s the direction I’m going now that I have the basics down there will definitely be some more original, fun pieces coming out of FIR. Hopefully working some more in accessories too and shoes.” And how would Rob definite *FIR* in just 3 words? After giving me 3 unprintable words he responds, “classic, understated and manly!”

Photography By Emy Aker

Jennaa Loire wears: *OC* Black Soiree

Dancer Dallagio wears: *OC* Red Plumes

Raine McCellan wears: *OC* Legeresse (turquoise)

Leisha Nitely wears: *OC* Blue Summer Lace

Naiya Kazyanenko wears: *OC* Beyo

Glam Affair by Amerique Silverspar When a notice was sent out announcing that Beauty Avatar was to be closed immediately, it sent shockwaves through Fashionistas across the grid. Female avatars wondering where they would now get their fashion fix were left stunned by the sudden closure. So when the announcement that Beauty Avatar was to be reborn under a new name, Glam Affair caused a spark of excitement through the fashion world. Aida Ewing and Amberly Boccaccio were to re-open with an expansion of the creativity with which Beauty Avatar had been conceived. The first releases from Glam Affair didn’t disappoint and included the stunning Leona skin with make ups that provide a colour pop for any outfit. Select bright lips to allow you to stand out from the crowd or a smoky eye and pale lips for Ice Princess chic. With couture inspired outfits featuring edgy shoulder pieces and creatively shaped skirts, the designers have created a unique brand. This is a store that know how to keep the fashion-conscious avatar on their toes!

Amerique Silverspar wears: Agata - Red Skin - Leona Tan 03 Ella Quinsette wears: Sally - Black Suit Skin - Helena Pale 05 Krystanna Wycliffe wears: Zory - Cream/Red Skin- Helena Natural 06

Photography by Clyde Saunders

Shoot 2 (Left) Tonya Coppola wears: Fringe Leather Vest Black/ Green Ross Leggins 05 Skin- Leona Pale 07 Petitelittlegirl Pinklady wears: Fiona- Ice Skin- Helena Natural 10

Shoot 3 (Left) Imani Enzo wears: Kenya- Emerald Shirt Metal Leggings Skin- Helena Tan 07 Jennaa Loire wears: Sura Suit- Purple Skin- Leona Pale 04

Shoot 4 (Left to Right) Leisha Nitely wears: Zae- Purple Skin- Helena Natural 09 Dancer Dallagio wears: Jayle- Amethyst Skin- Leona Tan 06 Annette Himmel wears: Kara Blue Skin- Helena 03

Radar Magazine March Issue # 3  
Radar Magazine March Issue # 3  

Featuring Relic Starbrook Glam Affair Orage Creations and Our SL Pro wrap up