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Rackem is a monthly publication, dedicated to the advancement of the sport of pool and to promoting enthusiasm and encouragement among the players at all levels, regardless of their league affiliation, in addition to recognizing those businesses who support them all. Covering the midwest. Look for Rackem by the 10th of each month. The opinions expressed are those of the author or advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rackem or its staff. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material submitted for publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the Publisher. © 2009 Rackem

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Ray Ray’s Pockets 613 SW Sheridan Rd Lawton OK, 73505

$200 added

9-ball tournament

Saturday August 15th @ noon

$25 entry - Race to 7 winner’s side - Race to 5 loser’s side Alternating Breaks - Played on 7ft diamonds - Finals 9ft diamond Check us out or call 580-248-6162

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D&R/Star Pool and Dart Leagues

Rochester, MN and Southeast MN Leagues forming for the Fall Season Check the website for a meeting nearest you. Sanctioning for D&R/Star (Pool & Darts), MOMA (Pool & Darts), NDA & VNEA International tournaments. Now is the time to have some fun with your friends and enjoy a night out!!


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Evelyn Dysart

Open: Chip Compton, Evelyn Dysart, Mike Durbin (sponsor) Jr. Davis

Ladies: Brittany Colbert, Evelyn Dysart, Michelle McDermott

Gabe Owen, house pro at Magoo's, Tulsa, Oklahoma, came from the elimination side to defeat Danny Harriman, Grain Valley, Missouri two sets (3-0 and 3-1) to take top honors in the OnePocket event at Shooters, Olathe, Kansas. A total of 52 players from New Mexico to Tennessee and Texas to Minnesota participated in this event. Brittany Colbert, Tulsa, Oklahoma captured her first win on the Midwest 9-Ball Tour. Brittany went undefeated through the field of 15 players, defeating Michelle McDermott, Tulsa, Oklahoma 7-6 in the first set of the finals. Chip Compton, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma defeated Mike Bennett 9-4, Jr. Brown 9-4, David Matlock 9-8, Shane McMinn 9-8, Nick Hickerson 9-4, Dustin Gunia 9-4 and won the hot seat match with Jr. Davis, Austin, Texas, 9-6 to win the winner's bracket. The open division had a total of 128 players. Jr. Davis, after his loss

semi-finals and earned another shot at Chip. Chip was determined

Pool League Software

Comprehensive Affordable Fast & Easy To Use Online Software


to Chip in the hot seat match , defeated James Baraks 9-7 in the

Tournament Results: Shooters - Olathe, KS July 16-19, 2009 One - Pocket -52 players 1st Gabe Owen 2nd Danny Harriman 3rd John Gabriel 4th Beau Runningan 5-6th Jeremy Jones, Joey Gray 7-8th Jr. Davis, Chip Compton 9-12th Mickey Brandt, Dan Olson, Brian Jones, Calvin Lawton hot seat: Danny def John 8-2, semi: Gabe def John 3-0, 1st set of finals: Gabe def Danny 3-0, 2nd set: Gabe def Danny 3-1 Ladies - 15 players 1st Brittany Colbert 2nd Michelle McDermott 3rd Jessica Frideres 4th Julia Gabriel hot seat: Brittany def Jessica 7-2, semi: Michelle def Jessica 7-6 1st set of finals: Brittany defeats Michelle 7-6 Open - 128 players 1st Chip Compton 2nd Jr. Davis 6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK


Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am


3rd James Baraks 4th Gabe Owen 5-6th Dustin Gunia, Jeremy Jones 7-8th John Gabriel, Joe Johnson 9-12th Dustin Dunham, Chad Vilmont, Steve Rector, Nick Hickerson 13-16th Jody McLaughlin, Mike Henderson, David Matlock, Gary Lutman 17-24th Jon Hennessee, Beau Runningan, Jeremy Fournier, Shane McMinn, Joey Gray, Bob Ferguson, Kim Thompson, Demetrius Jelatis 25-32nd Randy Enlow, David Heinonen, Lawrence Meek, Dan Olson, Jerrod Frideres, Shawn Turner, Ryan Cobb, Jon Williams hot seat: Chip defeats, Jr. Davis 9-6, semi: Jr. defeats james Baraks 1st set of finals: Chip defeats Jr. 9-5

to win his first Midwest 9-Ball Tour Stop and defeated Jr. Davis 9-5 in the first set of the finals. Room owners, Dan Tull and Kerri Morrison, provide one of the premier places in the Midwest to host our event. The pool tables roll straight, the food is great and the air conditioning and beer are the coldest in the country. With a room full of pool players and spectators,what more could you want? Special thanks to all the Midwest 9-Ball Tour sponsors. Sponsors in attendance included Bob Owen (Shurtz Custom Cues), Vicki and Andy Gilbert (Gilbert Custom Cues), Mike Durbin (Durbin Custom Cues), Pat Diveney (Diveney Custom Cues), Doug Patrick (Patrick Custom Cues), Ken Thiemann (QB Custom Cues) and new sponsor Jim Buss (Buss Custom Cues) The next event at Shooters, Olathe, Kansas is October 1-4, 2009.

Playing to Win or Trying Not to Lose? © 2009 Mike Fieldhammer,

It is no secret that pool played at its highest level is very offensive in nature. Aggressive play is key to keeping your opponent in the chair and staying in control of the match. If you can win a few games without your foe getting a shot, he won’t have a chance to get in stroke or develop some confidence that he can use to win the match. Obviously, one does not want to attempt a run-out every chance at the table. You must know your abilities and gauge your chances to complete the run-out. If you believe you’ve got better odds of winning if you duck and wait for a better chance, then you must play safe. This doesn’t mean you have to play passively. You can select safeties that keep the pressure on your foe. Some safeties are more aggressive than others. Weak, conservative safeties don’t accomplish anything but increasing the games inning total. When a safety is part of a plan, it can almost be considered an offensive shot. For example, you can hide the cue ball while driving your object ball to break out a cluster that will hamper your run-out success rate. You could also position your object ball in a favorable location to be used as a key ball or as a break out. Some players consider tying up opponents’ balls or blocking a pocket to be good safeties, but I might argue that these are passive safes where they are trying not to lose. It is a fact that failed run-outs leaving the table wide open for your opponent to cherry pick a run-out can be disheartening. Matches can be lost by coming up a little short on a few aggressive outs that end up as ‘gimmies’ to your foe. On the other hand, it is very likely that if, in a race to five, you complete three excellent run-outs and miss one attempt resulting in a gimmie, you could very well win the match convincingly. For example, if your rival makes one run-out and gives you a gimmie, all you’ve got to do is win one game that is a back and forth battle to win the match. Don’t you think you’ve got the edge when it comes to confidence and skill to take that last game for a 5-2 match win? Staying on the attack and playing to win will defeat opponents and keep your game and game plans improving. Back and forth games where you and your opponent bunt balls around without accomplishing a high quality safety can lead to losses because the outcome may be the result of chance, such as a lucky kick, bank, or jump shot. Have a meaningful goal in mind when shooting a safety. It may not be the correct shot if you cannot answer the question: “What do I mean to accomplish by shooting this safety?” Playing safe may be the right choice if your answer is one of the following: • I need ball in hand to run this table. • My opponent is on one foul and I can win this game with two more great safes. • I need him to kick into that cluster so I can get to my trouble ball. In a tournament setting, long defensive matches can be draining. They take longer to play so you don’t have time to rest between matches. Sure they can be satisfying to win, but grinding them out doesn’t necessarily cause your confidence to skyrocket. Challenge yourself to be a player who’s got the firepower to run racks, even very tough ones! You’ve got to be a complete player to win tournaments; be judicious and duck when it is prudent, but get out when you have the chance. Your mental attitude is at least as important as shot selection, execution, and strategy. A key point in the match such as the hill-hill game can create pressure on a player to turn a well played aggressive match into a whimpering final game. I’ve witnessed matches that seem like both players were hoping their opponent would give away the match rather than (continued on page 15)

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A Bad Plan is Better than No Plan By Samm Diep, © July 2009

I don’t even need to explain the title of this article because I’m sure you know exactly what I’m referring to. When we don’t decide what we want to accomplish or if we don’t fully commit to the outcome, it is more likely that we’ll miss or get bad position. How can we expect to achieve something when we don’t even know what we’re trying to achieve? How many times have you played position for “oh, somewhere in the middle of the table,” and ended up with a bank shot, the cue ball frozen to the rail with a tester, Samm Diep or even hooked behind the only possible ball on the table? If you have no idea where you’re going, chances are you‘ll get there. What is a bad plan? A bad plan is a bad decision. Maybe you chose the wrong pattern and were left snookered on your last ball. Perhaps you’re playing 8-ball and you carelessly got too straight on your key ball. Now you have to find a way to get through traffic back to the other end of the table for the 8. These are all examples of poor decisions. In these instances, you had a bad plan. Regardless of how your bad plan occurred, if you address a shot with no plan whatsoever, you’re just as doomed from the beginning. Even the most beginner player that has yet to learn cue ball control has a plan. Their plan: Make the ball. Make the ball. Make the ball. They may not play perfect patterns, but if their alignment and mechanics are sound, they will most likely pocket the ball. Once they discover rails and English, they graduate from simply making the ball to also controlling the cue ball. Their new plan becomes: Make the ball and draw the cue ball three diamonds. Whatever position is required of the cue ball, this new element now becomes part of their plan. The point is that there is a plan. At a certain level, our abilities have strengthened and the challenge becomes putting it all together in a good plan. We know where to aim and what speed we should use to accomplish what we want. The part we often neglect is to develop a plan that takes advantage of all our current skills. Having a plan means that BEFORE we get down and address the cue ball, we make a decision on exactly what we would like to see happen. We’ll do our best to make it happen, but the only way to give ourselves the best chance is to have a full plan of attack, regardless if the plan is good or bad. You may think, “Let’s just make this ball and see what happens” is a plan, but it’s actually no plan at all. Establish a plan and give yourself the best chance at the shot. Commit your mind to the full picture. If it’s a bad plan, embrace it and have a better plan next time. Having no plan teaches us nothing.

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Vardaman On Top

Beautiful skies, 75 degree weather, barbeques and swimming pools couldn’t keep the 38 players away from the $300 Added July 18,

2009 Tour Stop at Shooter’s Sports Bar in Centralia, Illinois. As usual, Shooter’s Sports Bar drew a good crowd from local players. We added 8 new members to the Viking Cue Gateway Amateur Tour roster this month as well as drew players from Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky! Lars Vardaman (A) has been playing well lately and it showed today! This win for Lars Vardaman moved him to the A+ level. Congrats to Lars Vardaman, David Fitzgerald, Will Freeman and Chris Whitaker for coming in the top 4! Thanks to those that participated this month and we hope to see you in August.

#10 SHOOTER'S- JULY 18, 2009 - 37 players participated 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6 7/8

$660 $350 $180 $100 $40 $20 $1,410

Lars Vardaman (A) David Fitzgerald (B) Will Freeman (A) Chris Whitaker (B) Chris Brown (B+), Mike Keller ( C ) Jake Timmerman (B), Jason Phillips (B+) Total Prize Money

Ochoa and Bryant Split By Skip Maloney - AzB Staff - 2009-07-15

When it got Mason on the to be 4:30 a.m. one-loss side. on a Monday J.P. Lopez m o r n i n g , had gotten by the final two Adam Maloney contestants in 7-5 and James the Fast Eddie’s Davis, Sr. 7-3 Olhausen to meet Mason. 9-Ball Tour stop Chen had on the weekend defeated Rick of July 11Stanley and 12 decided Sylver Ochoa (File photo courtesy of Sean Black by to forego a Melinda Bailey) the same 7-4 deciding match score for the and split the top two cash prizes. right to square off against Dordek. Sitting in the hot seat, Sylver Lopez and Chen advanced to the Ochoa was the event’s de facto quarterfinals; Lopez defeating winner, with Charlie Bryant as Mason in a hill-hill match, as the runner-up. The $1,750-added Chen got by Dordek 7-3. Chen event drew 128 entrants to Fast advanced to the semifinals Eddie’s in Austin, TX. against Bryant with a 7-3 win over Bryant and Ochoa had faced Lopez. each other in the hot seat match, Both Chen and Bryant had after Bryant had defeated Corey been sent to the one-loss side by Dordek9-5 and Ochoa had sent Ochoa, so both were looking for a Al Mason west 9-4. In the hot rematch. Bryant turned out to be seat match that followed, Ochoa the more determined of the two, prevailed 9-6 and waited for a defeating Chen 7-4 and deciding finals match that never happened. with Ochoa, moments later, to J.P. Lopez and Jui Lung Chen pass on a dawn-approaching final were waiting for Dordek and matchup. Teams up with Shooting Star Classic

Billiard Retailer Supports Labor Day 8-Ball Tournament

Minneapolis, July 23, 2009: The Shooting Star Classic 8-Ball Tournament has teamed up with PoolDawg to offer drawings for $50 gift certificates to early entrants. The tournament will be held Labor Day weekend, September 4-7, 2009 at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, Minnesota. Three individual $50 Gift Certificates will be randomly drawn and awarded to players who are paid and signed up for the event from now through July 31, August 1 to August 15, and August 16 to August 29. “We don’t want to penalize players for signing up at the last minute, but reward the ones that sign up early.” said tournament director, Mike Fieldhammer.

“We’re always excited to find new ways to support the billiards industry. Samm [Diep, co-tournament director] has been extremely helpful and valuable to PoolDawg over the years with her support of us and we’re very happy have the opportunity to support what’s shaping up to be a fantastic inaugural event,” said Mike Feiman, Director of Marketing for PoolDawg., Inc. is recognized as one of the web’s largest billiards retailers. For more information regarding the Shooting Star Classic or to register online for the event, visit SHOOTINGSTARCLASSIC.COM Tournament info see ad page 15


All American Billiards in Muskogee, Oklahoma qualified Mark Dimick and Don Stanford for the NCS 14.1 Continuous Championship held July 31 - August 2 at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, New Jersey. Be sure to come by and play in the 9 and 10-Ball Qualifiers August 8th and 9th at All American Billiards.

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Eastern US Qualifier Information For more information call 702-719-7665 / email

Qualifiy for The NCS 9-Ball & 10-Ball National Championships at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Sept. 3-7, 2009.

Visit for more information In Addition to Cash & Prizes at the Golden Nugget, The Top Two Finishers at Both Tournaments will win a paid spot to the $25,000 Added U.S Open 10-Ball Championship May 2010

9-Ball Qualifiers August 1 ~Fat Willies ~ Murfreesboro, TN (615) 848-1801 August 2 ~ X & O Billiards ~ Stoughton, MA (781) 344-1800 August 8 ~ First Break Cafe ~Sterling, VA (703) 444-2551 August 8 ~ New Wave Billiards ~ Hialeah, FL (305) 557-4222 August 9 ~ Blazes Billiards ~West Warwick, RI (401) 615-7677 August 15 ~ Clicks Billiards ~ Orlando, FL (WOMEN ONLY) (407)275-6064 August 15 ~ Starcade Billiards ~ Ft. Walton Beach, FL (850)244-2349 August 15 ~ Gate City Billiards ~ Greensboro, NC (336) 856-8800 August 15 ~ The Obelisk ~ Newport News, VA (757) 874-8588 August 16 ~ Ultimate Billiards ~ Ft. Pierce, FL (772) 370-9184 August 22 ~ Strokers Billiards ~ Palm Harbor, FL (727) 786-6683

10-Ball Qualifiers August 1-2 ~ Big Daddy’s Billiards ~ Glen Burnie, MD (410) 760-1332 August 2 ~Fat Willies ~ Murfreesboro, TN (615) 848-1801 August 8-9 ~ Jordan Pool Hall ~Whitehall, PA (484)554-9397 August 8-9 ~ Red Shoes Billiards ~ Alsip, IL (708) 388-3700 August 9 ~ First Break Cafe ~Sterling, VA (703) 444-2551 August 9 ~ New Wave Billiards ~ Miami, FL (305) 220-4130 August 16 ~ The Obelisk ~ Newport News, VA (757) 874-8588 August 22 ~ Ultimate Billiards ~ Ft. Pierce, FL (772) 370-9184 August 23 ~ Strokers Billiards ~ Palm Harbor, FL (727) 786-6683 Please contact the qualifier host room for registration and start time. For the full nation-wide listing please visit the NCS Calendar at

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D&R/Star For 34 years, every April, the annual migration of pool players come to the Graham Arenas in Rochester, MN to play in the largest and longest running Operator gathering in the World. With 412 teams, 856 Singles, 3 Hockey Arenas to hold the 200 Valley pool tables, and a party that last 4 days, this is one great event!! The five levels of play in the "Open" divisions and four Ladies divisions, your nerves and skill are tested at its best against fellow players from Southeast MN. Bar Owners ... THANK YOU!! Your support for the leagues and your teams, paying full or part of their entries, has been fantastic! Players ... THANK YOU!! Your Sportsmanship, putting yourselves in correct divisions and helping with placement, has made me proud to be your League Director. Congratulations to all the winners and near winners!! You have represented your League and division with due respect for the great game of pool! Our 35th year is right around the corner. League meetings have been scheduled and posted on the website. We will celebrate the 35th year by giving away an additional $5000 in cash and prizes at the Year End Party! This one you can't

miss. The MOMA State 8-ball Championship marks its 30th year and will be giving away an ATV in Duluth, MN to a lucky participant and hopes to bring OTBnTV to cover our great players. VNEA Youth International Pool tournament comes to Rochester, MN for its 20th Anniversary. These kids are good!! Get them involved in your local youth program! And if you can handle "one more" party ... Come to Las Vegas for the VNEA Internationals, 30 years strong and growing, and challenge yourself on the World stage! You just got to be there once to be hooked. IT'S TIME!! It's time to grab your buddies, get on a team, and have a fun night out playing pool. You know what "they" say ... If you are not playing ... mmm ... maybe I should let the pool players finish that one! Thanks everyone! Have a GREAT year playing pool!!

August 2009 page 9

Iris Ranola Captures Championship The OB Cues Ladies Tour and Magoo’s in Tulsa, OK hosted the Second Annual Oklahoma State Women’s 9-Ball Championship on July 25th & 26th. Thirty-five women were in attendance for the event, with 15 ladies competing for the 2010 US Open qualifier. The diverse field that arrived to play proved very tough when the doors opened Saturday morning, as this event is the only OB Cues stop that allows WPBA professionals to participate. Notable players on hand were WPBA Pros Iris Ranola, Janet Atwell, and Heather Pulford, 2009 OB Cues Ladies Tour Champion Lisa Marr, 2009 BCA Women’s Open Champion Cristina De La Garza, 2009 BCA Grand Master Runner-up Julia Gabriel, 2008 BCA Grand Master RunnerUp Bonnie Blowman, and former WPBA professional Julie (Mason) Comitini. There were some key matches early in the event, knocking many tough opponents to the B-side of the bracket earlier than expected and from there, knocking several out of the main event on Saturday evening. Twelve players returned for the main event on Sunday, with four players remaining undefeated: Theresa Wilson, Janet Atwell, Julie Comitini, and Iris Ranola. The first round of the B-side eliminated Laura McDermott, Tara Williams, Shayla Neris, and Natalie Starr in a tie for 9th. Lisa Marr and Kathy McMinn finished a respectable 7th. The 5th place matches pitted the four remaining qualifier contenders against each other, each vying to remain in the running for the spot in the 2010 US Open. Heather Pulford and Julie Comitini were able to keep their qualifier dreams alive, while Theresa Wilson and Ginny Keeler had to settle for a paycheck and a 5th place finish. After all was said and done, Julie Comitini took the 4th place finish and Heather Pulford walked away with the spot for the 2010 US Open event and a chance to improve her standing in the tournament. On the winner’s side, Iris Ranola was matched against fellow professional Janet Atwell. Iris came out on top in a hill-hill match and had to wait for the 3rd place match to see whom she would face in the finals. Janet came out on top against Heather 7-4. Congratulations to Heather Pulford for her 3rd place finish

event as usual and we appreciate all the hospitality we received from you and your staff! In addition to OB Cues and Tiger Products, the tour would also like to welcome Ozone Billiards as a fellow tour supporter. They donated a cue case to raffle at this event to one lucky player. Be sure to come out and support the ladies at the next OB Cues Ladies Tour stop at Fast Eddie’s in Waco, Texas on August 29-30th. From left: Janet Atwell, Iris Ranola and Heather Pulford

and we wish her good luck next year in the 2010 US Open. In a repeat of the hot seat match, Iris and Janet would face each other once again to see who would be crowned the 2009 Oklahoma State 9-Ball Champion. Before the finals match could begin, two cues donated by OB Cues were raffled to support the event. The lucky winners were regular OB Cue Tour members, Tara Williams and Sandy Rodermund. After the raffle drawing, the finals of the main event followed shortly. The atmosphere was light early on as the two friends had all the pressure off since they had whittled out the competition. After being tied up at three games apiece, the match became tenser as Janet took a commanding 6-3 lead. Iris managed to get one more game before Janet closed out the first set at 7-4. In the true double elimination format, Janet had forced the second set. After a quick break, the final showdown occurred. Iris took control early

in the second match, but it was obvious that the day was wearing on both players as more safeties than run-outs were attempted this time around. However, at 6-2, Iris broke and ran to take the match and the title of the 2009 Oklahoma State Women’s 9-Ball Champion. Congratulations to both players for a spectacular finals match to end a great weekend of pool. In the second chance event, sixteen players arrived early on Sunday morning to compete. Monica Anderson and Borana Andoni took the 5th place spots. Elissa Jordan finished fourth, and Catherine Naes finished 3rd. In the finals, Julia Gabriel and Bonnie Plowman battled for the win and a little extra cash to fill their pocket. Bonnie just barely got ahead of Julia in her first second chance event, getting some good rolls to come out on top in that match. Thank you again to Jim & Laura McDermott for hosting the Oklahoma State 9-Ball Championships; it was a great

Tournament Payouts – 35 Players - $2000 Added – Total Purse $2850: 1st $750 2nd $550 3rd $400 4th $270 5th $160 7th $100 9th-12th $55 12th-15th $35

Iris Ranola Janet Atwell Heather Pulford Julie Comitini Theresa Wilson, Ginny Keeler Lisa Marr, Kathy McMinn Laura McDermott, Tara Williams, Shayla Neris, Natalie Starr Cristina De La Garza, Elissa Jordan, Connie Gallego, Bonnie Plowman

Second Chance Event – 16 players - $100 Added – Total Purse $260: 1st $100 Bonnie Plowman 2nd $75 Julia Gabriel 3rd $50 Catherine Naes 4th $25 Elissa Jordan 5th $5 Monica Anderson, Borana Andoni

m a h C r o i n u J A E N V l a u n n

19th A

by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow

The 19th Annual VNEA Junior National Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska started on Friday June 26, 2009 and ran through the weekend. The event was held at the Pershing

1st Major Teams: Hustlin’ USA (IA)

Center in the heart of downtown Lincoln. I was impressed with the set up once we walked onto the tournament floor. The pool tables occupied the entire floor space with stadium bleacher seating lining each side. Everyone had a great view of what was happening on the floor. Besides the main tournament floor, the lower level had pool tables set up and play was happening there as well. The VNEA brought in over 100 pool tables, hosted over 400 junior pool players from over 30 Charters from the United States

Billy Thorpe (OH)

and Canada. The Pershing Center is set up to hold sports events of all kinds complete with refreshment stands which seemed to do a lot of business with hungry teenagers playing pool

all weekend. these juniors could play so well. OTBnTV was There were their to film all the action and you can view their 3 divisions matches online at of play, Youth (9You too will be impressed. 13), Minors For those people in the billiard industry that (14-17) and believe pool is in trouble, let me categorically Majors (18state, “No we are not”. If this is any example, 20) for both Singles and Teams. First up for OTBnTV to film on Friday evening was the Singles Finals in the Boys Kayli Dabicci (MI) and Girls divisions, play continued on Saturday and Sunday as OTBNTV filmed. After the tournament ended Friday night, we walked back to our hotel, the Cornhusker Marriott (host hotel), Ben Parduhn (WI) and enjoyed a typical Midwest Friday night downtown. We saw people walking the streets, these juniors acted like ladies and gentlemen sitting at sidewalk with respect for each other cafes, couples handand the game. I was proud in-hand enjoying the to be there and watch them beautiful but humid play. There were runouts, evening that brought safeties and table length shots back memories of a that would make the average small town, no matter league player envious. What how large. struck me most unusual for a What a treat for league player was the courtesy myself and co-host and respect they had for the Ed Borgia from Erie, other player when they lost. Pennsylvania to be Don’t misunderstand me, they able to commentate weren’t happy about it but they on the play of these weren’t throwing fits, pouting, talented juniors. throwing their cues around or Kids ranging in anything that you might see on age from 9-20, that any league night. These kids executed their game acted like professionals should. during the finals of Final results are available at 1st Minor Teams the Junior World Three Muskateers (IA) Championships. They shot with knowledge, perception but most of all confidence. I was impressed but sorry to say surprised at their abilities. I never thought that

c . V T n B OT

s p i h s n mpio

showdowns. The famous “Pocket” featuring only 6 tables housed the coveted finals of each event. Both singles and team competition for the weekend were broken down into 3 divisions: Youth - Ages 9-13 Minor - Ages 14-17 Major - Ages 18-20 Male singles events recorded 300 entries while the female singles edged 100 entries. In total, over 400 shooters would square-off in a double elimination format that would lead to some great shooting and refreshing sportsmanship. The Team competition, consisting of 3-player s q u a d s , would reach 117 teams this year. These great numbers represented an incredible 28 Charter Holders from an impressive 12 states and 2 Canadian Chandra Campion (MN) Provinces. This made up for a total of over 500 ENTRIES in the team and singles events. State Representation Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania,

The 19th Annual VNEA Junior Pool Championships Invade Lincoln With A Flood Of Excited, Youthful and Talented Pool Shooters The Pershing Center • Lincoln, Nebraska June 25 - 28, 2009 The VNEA and host operator V.V.S. put on another “incredible” Junior Championships with everyone in attendance boasting about the event! With a total of 80 Valley Pool Tables layed out in a split level design, the VNEA To u r n a m e n t Committee prepared a perfect setting for pool! On Thursday afternoon, the VNEA opened its tournament doors early, as usual, to hundreds of Rachel Byrket (IA) juniors lined up outside to begin their practice routines and play in one or more of twenty-seven singleelimination mini-tournaments. As the young shooters entered the center you could see their faces light up with excitement and fascination. For most of these players, they have never seen 80 pool tables set up under one roof, not to mention an impressive control stage and a mountainous trophy display which was beautifully displayed. Early on Friday morning, the youthful and excited shooters arrived at the center ready to battle it out in Singles competition. Each player was trying to make it into the finals bracket of their division where they would begin their final surge toward an international VNEA title later that evening. After a great 1st Youth Teams: Shooters Sharpshooters (KS) day of awesome pool, the tables were set for the final

South Dakota,Wisconsin and Wyoming International Representation Ontario & Manitoba, Canada After playing all day Friday, the pool playing group was treated to a fun-filled Players Reception that evening at 6:30. Players were able to relax, grab a slice or two of pizza and a soda. Those top j u n i o r s who found themselves still in the thick of the singles tournament action, would prepare to battle it out in the finals brackets of the regular Dan Olson (SD) competition. When the dust finally settled on the arena floor, the following young shooters were crowned the 2009 Int’l VNEA Singles Champions: MALE SINGLES Youth Division: Billy Thorpe Gold Coin Amusement - Bellbrook, OH Minor Division: Dan Olson Great Amusement - Sioux Falls, SD Major Division: Benjamin Parduhn Modern Specialty • Madison,WI FEMALE SINGLES Youth Division: Kayli Dabicci Kalamazoo Amusement - Kalamazoo, MI Minor Division: Chandra Campion D & R Star • Rochester, MN Major Division: Rachel Byrket Ries Amusement • Denison, IA Beginnning at 8:30am on Saturday morning, the VNEA welcomed the Teams to the “Big Show” with its traditional and one-of-a-kind Opening Ceremonies which includes an impressive “Parade of Flags” featuring all of the states and countries involved. As in years past, VNEA Director of Marketing & Promotions Brian Elliott welcomed the hundreds of players and family members to the team tournament. Starting by thanking the parents who play a

n o i t c A e h T l l A d e m l i F com

19th Annual VNEA Junior Championships major role in getting these players to the internationals, Brian continued by complimenting the Charter Holders and the junior players themselves for making this year a special event. Brian also thanked the junior teams for wearing terrific team uniforms this year and applauded the players for their classy attire. Elliott continued by announcing the previous evening’s Singles winners and recognized several of the weekends dignitaries. There was a total of 36 beautiful Ginger Wizard (GW) cues that were given away to the Top 4 Mark Dimick, Manny Pere, Braedon Schaefer places in the 3 divisions of team play. There were also 27 incredible Valley, 2-piece cues and GW cases that were given to the winners and runner-up’s of the competitive mini-tournaments throughout the weekend. Tom’s Q-Stix, Viking Cue and Steve Schoenfelder representing Schuler Cues also donated a number of gorgeous cues. High Country Promotions did a terrific job with table set-up and tear-down as well as daily maintenance. Co-Head Junior Referees Jim “Woody” Woodside and Nils McConnell ran a remarkably smooth tournament with the help Mark Dimick, Skyler Banfill, Austin Osterloh of Dot Cyr, Todd Smith, Jeff Scroggins and Scott Hoffecker who did a great job at this awesome event. Next, sixteen anxious youths participated as flag bearers in the annual “Ceremony of Flags” and the U.S. and Canadian anthems were proudly played. This part of the ceremony is very important to the players as they all take great pride in their state, province and country. An informative Control Stage kept the players updated with critical tournament information and was led by Junior Tournament Director, Mike Fowler fromWK Music & Vending in Columbus, Ohio. Mike’s staff worked diligently to get through the enormous amount of matches that were played throughout the weekend. The Tournament Committee Staff consisted of the following... Brian Elliott - Bay City, MI, Gregg Elliott - Bay City, MI Marshall Kohtz - Lincoln, NE, Wayne Herron - Rochester, MN Ed Borgia - Erie, PA Other volunteers included... Rhonda Reinarz, Kim Carnes, Nic Hitz, Larry Siebe, Lucy Down, Chris Foster, Alan Burbach, Kelli & Haley Finke, Tammy McConnell, Julie Luedtke and Brenda Burcham Other features of the tournament room included side competitions and instructional zones. Artistic Pool Arena: Mark “Dr. Popper” Dimick ran Artistic Pool competitions non-stop throughout the weekend. Everyone wanted to test their skills

against the challenging shots that he had mapped out. All these skills were put to the test as the “International Junior Artistic Pool Championships”would determine who was the best of the best. Again, hundreds of the juniors took part with the event climaxing with the following 2009 Champions: Youth Division: (1st & 2nd) Manny Perez: M & M Amuse. - KS Braedon Schaefer: C & N Sales - MN Minor Division: (1st Mark Dimick, Chad Palmer, David Townes & 2nd) Skyler Banfill: Apollo Amuse. - FL Austin Osterloh: Games Unlimited - SD Major Division: (1st & 2nd) Chad Palmer: All Amer. Auto. - MI David Townes: Coin-Op Specialist - MI Saturday evening saw the Junior/Junior Scotch Doubles Competition. A giant number of Scotch Doubles teams competed in the 3 divisions and all striving for beautiful Valley Cues. Beautiful cases from GW Cues were awarded to the second place teams. The evenings competition was great with the following outcome: Youth Champions: 1st Dane Reinke & Alex Dominique: Coin-Op Specialist • Adrian, MI 2nd Willy & Shaquille Houle: Aactive Coin, Manitoba, Canada Minor Champions: 1st Dan Olson & Lukas Cason: Great Amusement • Sioux Falls, SD Gold Coin Amusement • Bellbrook, OH 2nd Nate Atkinson & Blake Mattson: Ries Amusement, OH Major Champions: 1st Blake Peterson & Mitchell Brunick: Great Amusement • Sioux Falls, SD 2nd Jesse Engel & Chad Plumley: D & R Star, Rochester, MN Team Uniform Competition Every team at this years championships looked terrific and a lot of squads wanted to take home the Team Uniform Award. The Tournament Committee, with the help of the Referees, chooses a team who dresses consistently, with style and charter representation. The competition is fun and the kids do a great job with their outfits. This years award went to three different teams just proving that this competition is fun yet fierce as many teams strived for the title of “Best Team Uniform”. The stylish winners were as follows: V.V.S. “Dizzy Blondes” - V.V.S. Charlotte Bertram, Andrea Hays, Ashley Hays GRLZ - Coin-Op Specialist Courtney Stoddard, Emma Mohr, Gary Harley Brite Shots - Top Score Games Ashley Haas, Kourtney Ryan, Jasmine Hunter Stansfield’s Sharpshooters - Stansfield Vending Scott Tyler, Derek Olson, Brandon Tyler, Rich Burch The Ultimate Team Competition Sunday morning produced some of the most incredible junior pool action ever experienced as the top teams went head to head for international junior titles. When the team competition finished around 2:00pm, the following 19th Annual VNEA International Junior Team Champions had been crowned. Youth Division: Shooters Sharpshooters: M & M Amusement - Gardner, KS Minor Division: Three Muskateers: Ries Amusement - Denison, IA August 2009 page 12 Filmed All The Action Major Division: Hustlin’ USA: Ries Amusement Denison, IA Highest Female Team Youth Division: Top Score Team #2: Top Score Games - Columbus, NE Minor Division: Top Score Ladies: Top Score Games Columbus, NE Major Division: 3 Corners: D & R Star - Rochester, MN Highest Mixed Team Youth Division: Triple Threat: Kalamazoo Amusement - Kalamazoo, MI Minor Division: The Domin8tors T-1: BMW Billiards - Ft. Collins, CO Major Division: Hustlin’ USA: Ries Amusement Denison, IA GRLZ: Courtney Stoddard, Emma Mohr, Gary Harley Congratulations to everyone that competed to make this team event a spectacular thrill ride and also a very special thank you to all of the magnificent Sponsors who donate prizes, money and time to make this event the greatest Junior Pool Tournament in the world! Youth Team Division (Ages 9-13) 1st Shooters Sharpshooters - M & M Amusement, Gardner, KS • $1,500 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 2nd Triple Threat - Kalamazoo Amusement, Kalamazoo, MI • $1,050 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 3rd Adrian’s Finest - Coin-Op Specialists, Adrian, MI • $600 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 4th The Challengers - Town & Country Amuse., Ontario, Canada • $300 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 5-6 VVS Killerz - V.V.S., Lincoln, NE El Diablos - Top Score Games, Columbus, NE • $225 Savings Bond, 3 cue cases, individual trophies 7-8 Triple J’s - D & R Star, Rochester, MN Dead Stroke - Apollo Amusement, Naples, FL • $150 Savings Bond, 3 cue cases, individual trophies Minors Team Division (Ages 14-17) 1st Three Muskateers - Ries Amusement, Denison, IA • $1,500 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 2nd Shooters-Blue - American Amuse. Arcade, Minneapolis, MN • $1,050 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 3rd Ebb & Flow Crushers - Aactive Coin, Manitoba, Canada • $600 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 4th The Pro’s - M & M Amusement, Gardner, KS • $300 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 5-6 8-Ballers - Top Score Games, Columbus, NE Taylorsville Rack Busters - Gold Coin Amuse., Bellbrook, OH • $225 Savings Bond, 3 cue cases, individual trophies 7-8 Boneheads - D & R Star, Rochester, MN The Domin8tors T-1 - BMW Billiards, Ft. Collins, CO • $150 Savings Bond, 3 cue cases, individual trophies Majors Team Division (Ages 18-20) 1st Hustlin’ USA - Ries Amusement, Denison, IA • $1,500 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 2nd The Deathriders - D & R Star, Rochester, MN • $1,050 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 3rd Madsen’s #1 - Top Score Games, Columbus, NE • $600 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 4th Team Seyberts USA - All American Automatic, Flint, MI • $300 Savings Bond, 3 two-piece cues, individual trophies 5-6 Everything Goes - Town & Country Amuse., Ontario, Canada Triple That - C & N Sales, Mankato, MN • $225 Savings Bond, 3 cue cases, individual trophies 7-8 Nickel Spot #1 - Great Amusement, Sioux Falls, SD 3 Musketeers - C & N Sales, Mankato, MN • $150 Savings Bond, 3 cue cases, individual trophies

August 2009 page 13

Youth Female Singles (9-13) 1st Kayli Dabicci: Kalamazoo Amuse., Kalamazoo, MI $150 Savings Bond & trophy 2nd Jacqueline Cassidy: Town & Country Amuse., Ontario $100 Savings Bond & trophy 3rd Keisha Roberts: C & N Sales, Mankato, MN $75 Savings Bond & trophy 4th Mariah Gilleland: V.V.S., Lincoln, NE $50 Savings Bond & trophy Minors Female Singles (14-17) 1st Chandra Campion: D & R Star, Rochester, MN $150 Savings Bond & trophy 2nd Ariana Hampton: Apollo Amusement, Naples, FL $100 Savings Bond & trophy 3rd Amy Lacanne: D & R Star, Rochester, MN $75 Savings Bond & trophy 4th Katie Robson: Town & Country Amuse., Ontario $50 Savings Bond & trophy Majors Female Singles (18-20) 1st Rachel Byrket: Ries Amusement, Denison, IA $150 Savings Bond & trophy 2nd Angela Tonjum: D & R Star, Rochester, MN $100 Savings Bond & trophy 3rd Shaunda Flett: Aactive Coin, Manitoba, Canada $75 Savings Bond & trophy 4th Kristen Ryan: D & R Star - Rochester, MN $50 Savings Bond & trophy Youth Male Singles (9-13) 1st Billy Thorpe: Gold Coin Amuse., Bellbrook, OH $500 Savings Bond & trophy 2nd Blake Mattson: Ries Amusement - Denison, IA $300 Savings Bond & trophy 3rd Landon Cason: Gold Coin Amuse., Bellbrook, OH $200 Savings Bond & trophy 4th Bronson Kidwell: M & M Amusement, Gardner, KS $150 Savings Bond & trophy 5/6 Manuel Perez: M & M Amusement, Gardner, KS Dakota Carmer: Kalamazoo Amuse., Kalamazoo, MI $100 Savings Bond 7/8 Derek Sarazin: Town & Country Amuse., Ontario Garrison Muth: Kalamazoo Amuse., Kalamazoo, MI $75 Savings Bond 9/12 Alex Dominique: Coin-Op Specialist, Adrian, MI Kenneth Greenwood: M & M Amusement, Gardner, KS Nigel Ellis: Top Score Games, Columbus, NE Ronnie Rasmussen: River City Amusement, Sioux City, IA $50 Savings Bond Minors Male Singles (14-17) 1st Dan Olson: Great Amusement, Sioux Falls, SD $500 Savings Bond & trophy 2nd Jesse Engel: D & R Star, Rochester, MN $300 Savings Bond & trophy 3rd Taylor Anderson: M & M Amusement, Gardner, KS $200 Savings Bond & trophy 4th Ezequiel Ramirez Jr.: Top Score Games, Columbus, NE $150 Savings Bond & trophy 5/6 Pahdahsung Shognosh: Town & Country Amuse., Ontario Nathan Burpee: All American Automatic, Flint, MI $100 Savings Bond 7/8 Buddy Skrutsky: Warner Coin, Erie, PA Cale Coffey: Top Score Games, Columbus, NE $75 Savings Bond 9/12 Tyler Steinhaus: American Amuse. Arcade, Mpls., MN Ian Kobler: Top Score Games, Columbus, NE Randall Weedman: Top Score Games - Columbus, NE Ernest Dalton: Apollo Amusements, Naples, FL $50 Savings Bond Majors Male Singles (18-20) 1st Benjamin Parduhn: Modern Specialty, Madison, WI $500 Savings Bond & trophy 2nd Brandon Heldenbrand: Ries Amusement, Denison, IA $300 Savings Bond & trophy 3rd Nicholas Marsolek: D & R Star, Rochester, MN $200 Savings Bond & trophy 4th Mitchell Brunick: Great Amusement, Sioux Falls, SD $150 Savings Bond & trophy 5/6 Patrick Friedman: Apollo Amusements, Naples, FL Chad Palmer: All American Automatic, Flint, MI $100 Savings Bond 7/8 Dustin Roach: Ries Amusement, Denison, IA Blake Peterson: Great Amusement, Sioux Falls, SD $75 Savings Bond 9/12 Cody Dunagan: Top Score Games, Columbus, NE Chad Plumley: D & R Star, Rochester, MN Nate Jackson: C & N Sales, Mankato, MN Adrian Tonche: D & R Star, Rochester, MN $50 Savings Bond

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BEF Junior National Champions

Tough Economy = Easy Sale?

By Joanna, League Coordinator

2009 BEF Junior Nationals Top Finishers (L-R) Bryce Lepak, Jesse Engel, Brendan Crockett, Landon Shuffett, Billy Thorpe, Nick Tafoya, Skyler Woodward, Briana Miller, Taylor Reynolds, Chelsea Hardwick, Liz Lovely, Jauslinn Arnold

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) crowned four winners in the 2009 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships. A total of 92 junior pocket billiard players gathered in the Bone Student Center at Illinois State University on July 23-26 to compete for the title in 4 divisions. In the 19-and-under boys’ division, Landon Shuffett of Greensburg, KY, sailed through the winners’ bracket, while Liz Lovely of Centerville, OH, went undefeated in the 19-and-under girls’ division. Brendan Crockett of Bell Canyon, CA, thrived in the 14-and-under boys’ division and Briana Miller of Allentown, PA, won her third consecutive title in the 14-and-under girls’ division. In addition to trophies and prizes, the winners of the four divisions were awarded $1,000 in academic scholarship funds and earned a trip to represent the U.S. in the upcoming World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) Junior World 9-Ball Championships, which will be held in Nicaragua this November. Second-place finishers in all four divisions received $500 in academic scholarship funds, trophies, and prizes. In addition, second and third-place finishers in the 19-and-under boys’ division will also represent the U.S. in the Junior World 9-Ball Championships. The Billiard Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization committed to furthering the standard of excellence and leadership within the billiard community by engaging in activities related to the education and cultural advancement of tomorrow’s leaders. For more information about the BEF, please visit www.BilliardEducation. org or contact Laura Smith at 303.926.1039 or e-mail LauraSmith@ 2009 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championship results: 19 & UNDER BOYS’ DIVISION 1st Landon Shuffett Greensburg, KY 2nd Jesse Engel Columbia Heights, MN 3rd Nick Tafoya Albuquerque, NM 4th Skyler Woodward Ledbetter, KY 19 & UNDER GIRLS’ DIVISION 1st Liz Lovely Centerville, OH 2nd Jauslinn Arnold Bakersfield, CA 3rd Chelsea Hardwick Evansville, IN 4th Nicole Jaynes Albuquerque, NM 14 & UNDER BOYS’ DIVISION 1st Brendan Crockett Bell Canyon, CA 2nd Billy Thorpe Dayton, OH 3rd Bryce Lepak Winter Springs, FL 4th Chad Behnke Farley, IA 14 & UNDER GIRLS’ DIVISION 1st Briana Miller Allentown, PA 2nd Taylor Reynolds Waterville, ME

There is little doubt the past year brought forth some true challenges for businesses abroad. Individuals may be strapped for cash but one thing still rings true; people need to have an outlet for fun. Tough economy means an easy sale for leagues. For $8.00 our players are guaranteed a good time; this cost covers league fees and quarters! We are cheaper than a night at the movies or even diner for two at White Castle. Selling fun for a living has never been easier. The fact of the matter is the economy boosts cheap entertainment. Many families have found paradise at home instead of vacationing abroad. The increase in gas prices showed little affect on a families ability to find entertainment. Home improvement sales increased last summer as homeowners spruced up their backyards to meet their need for respite. This philosophy of finding cheap entertainment has passed over to other venues as well. Businesses around town are still feeling the crunch of the economy, but now is the time to look outside the box. People still need to have a night out; they just can’t afford every option. We have not heard from our league members that the $3 membership is killing them financially, or that a few bucks in quarters is too much. Certainly we’ll never hear them complain about a league that pays back all of their league fees. Businesses that sit back and say poor me may not survive crucial times like we have today. Other’s that look at these times as an opportunity to sell clean fun dirt-cheap may find leagues as the answer. Keep Racking!

Hilbilly Earns Another “Star”


August 2009 page 15 (continued from page 5)

relish the chance to grab the victory. It is understandable that a player doesn’t want to make a silly mistake and lose the match on a scratch or an easy miss, but one must not change the style of play that got him to the hill. It is acceptable to take a little extra time on a shot, but it should be played with the same confidence and manner in which it would have been played in any other game during the match. In the diagram below, many players would prefer to play position for the 9 ball by going forward 2 cushions with high left English to get position in area A.

Under the pressure of a hill-hill score, a player might opt to play more tenta2 tively and play position using only one 3 cushion in hopes of getting to the position area labeled B. This would be a A B mistake. The player’s logic may be that she hopes not to miss the 8-ball because the one rail position shot requires less spin and she doesn’t have to stroke it as firm. In reality, the position area is smaller and requires a finer touch to get the speed correct for optimal position on the nine ball. A better mental approach would be to examine the shot and shoot the shot with 2 rail position knowing that you have the perfect chance to put away the match and you know it is the right way to run out the remaining balls. © 2009 Playing scared is a sure way to slip into a passive game. To become a fearsome tournament player, you must learn to thrive on pressure and expect to play your best pool at key moments. Don’t use stress as an excuse to make mistakes. Players who are feeling timid often think “Gosh, I hope I can just run these balls out before I break down from the pressure.” Or go for a difficult one-nine combination shot instead of a table run just to end the match quickly. This is similar to playing an entire tournament and then splitting the prize money in the final match. You’ve competed all day to reach the finals, so don’t give up now! This is what you’ve come for -- a chance to push yourself as a player and see what you are made of. Demand more of yourself, not less, in these situations. Play confidently and with poise.

On July 18th & 19th it was another huge success for the Lone Star Billiards Tour as 89 players turned out for the Rose Country Club 9-Ball Bar Table Open III in Houston, Texas . Top players battled it out for two days and for over 20k in cash. Lone Star regulars included Charlie Bryant, Sylver Ochoa, Raul Escobedo, Lanny Herrin, Nick Hood, Cliff Joyner, Manuel Ayala, Bobby Pacheco and defending champ Dennis Strickland. Newcomers on the scene were Barry Emerson, Sparky Ferrell, David Gutierrez, Rene Rendon, and Gary Abood. It was a star studded weekend that yielded a strong field on Sunday. Emerging on the winner’s side we had Charlie Bryant vs. Sparky Ferrell and Bobby Pacheco vs. Gary Abood. The conclusion of theses matches yielded Bryant vs. Pacheco for the hot seat match. It was a real thriller with Charlie Bryant and Bobby Pacheco trading games until it was hill-hill. On the final rack Bobby broke, made two balls, and had a road map to glory. Unfortunately after pocketing the one ball, he nearly froze himself on the two which led to a short lived shot trade off where ultimately Charlie gained ball in hand with five balls left on the table. As Hillbilly waited in the wings, 89 Players, 32 Places Paid 1st $1,280 2nd $750 3rd $550 4th $400 5/6 $325 7/8 $160 9-12 $100 13-16 $80

the one loss side produced Dennis Strickland vs. Sparky Ferrell, after both suffering a defeat at the hands of Hillbilly. Ferrell defeated Strickland to earn a match up with Bobby Pacheco. Bobby succumbed to Sparky’s unwavering consistency 7-3. In the final match, Sparky’s exceptional tournament play was put to the test after Charlie hit him with seven games in a row during the first race to nine in this true double elimination format. Sparky answered back with four in a row, but it just wasn’t going to be enough to shake the Hillbilly as he put him away 9-4. Congratulations to Charlie and to Christina De La Garza who earned herself $195 for the top lady finisher in the main event. It was such an exciting tour event and we would like to thank Rose Country Club and our sponsors Cue Reach, McDermott Cues, and the Delta 13 Rack for their support of the new Lone Star Tour. We can now look forward to hosting an added money ladies event at each tour stop in addition to LIVE STREAMING by Cue & A Promotions. Our next event will be at BOGIES BILLIARDS & GAMES in Houston August 15th-16th. See you on the Lone Star Tour Trail!!!

Charlie Bryant Sparky Ferrell Bobby Pacheco Dennis Strickland Gary Abood, Manuel Ayala Cliff Joyner, Barry Emerson David Gutierrez, Sonny Bosshamer, Nick Hood, Ishmael Ramirez Gustavo Correa, David Thomas, Danny Lee, Dalton Riley



Don’t try not to lose, PLAY TO WIN!

August 2009 page 16

What’s Happening in the Little Wooden Shed

In July, we drove out to Marietta, GA to display some of our cues at the Southern Cue and Case Show that was held in conjunction with the Gem City 10 Ball Classic. The event was a great success, with many top players, cuemakers, case makers, etc.. We enjoyed meeting everyone. We plan to be a part of next year’s show, as well. We are adding a couple of new pages to our website. One is for our customers who want to show off their Crown Cues and share their stories. The other is a sort of index with pics and links to artistic poolers who would like to be easily located in one place. Look for these pages to be added in August. If you would like to know more, and/ or be listed, write towebmaster@ Crown Cues Aug. - Sept. Events: During the whole month of August, we will be offering 15% Off all cues, including custom orders, during our annual Summer Melt Down Sale! Check it out! August 9th, we plan to be at

810 W 56 Hwy - Olathe, KS 913-780-5740

Cue Sales & Repair

21-Valley Bar Tables 3-Diamond 9’ 1-Gabriel Billiard

4-Diamond Bar Tables 9-Brunswick Gold Crowns 1-Antique Billiard

Fri & Sat Pool Tournaments

Gene and Renee of Crown Cues.

Rusty’s Billiards in Fort Worth, TX for their anniversary bar box 8 ball tournament. Otherwise, Gene can usually be found at Q-Spot Family Billiards in Tulsa on Friday or Saturday nights. We are currently working on some possible plans for the fall and winter months, so be sure to look for our next article in October and watch our website athttp://www. for the upcoming changes!

Red Shoes Billiards

The "big boys" were well represented at both the NCS 9 Ball (July 11th) and Bank Pool (July 25th)held at Red Shoes Billiards in Alsip (Chicago) Illinois in the month of July. The 9 Ball Tournament was dominated by Jamie Baracks who went through the field undefeated to claim the tournament's top prize of an entry into the NCS 9 Ball National Tournament. This was not a easy task considering (in order) Ken Lee, Riley "Jet" Johnson, Bobby Hunter, Jeff Carter and finally Ike Runnels stood in his way (don't think that boy missed a ball since Clinton was President). The Bank Pool Tournament brought out the most of "Chicago's" best bankers in the race to 23 balls double elimination format. The field included such noted players as Freddy "The Beard" Bentivegna, John Zaksas, "Big Pat" O'Sullivan, Glenn "Piggybanks" Rogers, Neal Jacobs, Riley "Jet" Johnson, Jeff Carter, Ike Runnels and Mark Jarvis (to name a few). How would you like to try to bank through that field. When all was said and done Riley "Jet" Johnson claimed the losers side and Glenn "Piggybanks" Rogers owned the winner's side of the brackets at 2 AM. The finals were set to be a single race (full racks) to 23 balls for the title and MONEY. what is turning out to be a "Red Shoes tradition" a "chop" was arranged so "Pig" and "Jet" could still get at some of the eliminated contestants for "action" before they exited the room. The results of the "action" will be reported later. Needless to say it was "banks" the way "Bugs" (Leonard Rucker) would of liked it. As a side note, the Red Shoes Family sends its condolences to the families of "Papa Gene" Stewart and Virgil Zanders who both lost their long battles with serious illness earlier this month. The room won't be the same without you boys, Rest in Pe ace. NCS 9 BALL (JULY 11TH) 1st ) Jamie Baracks 2nd) Ike Runnels 3rd) Jeff Carter 4th) Mark Jarvis 5th-6th Neal Jacobs & Jeff Carter 7th-8th Mike Eck & Gary Johnson

BANK POOL (JULY 25TH) 1st & 2nd split Glenn “Piggybanks” Rogers & Riley “Jet” Johnson 3rd) Ike Runnels 4th) Bobby Hunter 5th-6th Sergio Perez &Tony Sarna

RED SHOES ONE POCKET TOURNAMENT Red Shoes Billiards in Alsip (Chicago) Illinois kicked off their Summer Tournament Schedule with a compact but awfully tough field of 16. The double elimination field included such notable Midwest players as Jeff Carter, Willie Munson, John Zaksas , Ike Runnels, Mike Eck , Sergio Perez , Riley “Jett” Johnson and Glenn “Piggybanks” Rogers. Play Started at noon on Saturday and continued until well after midnight. By that time only one player remained on the winners side (Jeff Carter), with Sergio Perez and Ike Runnels remaining on the loser’s side. Play was suspended until Sunday afternoon for the finals. The Sunday afternoon semi-finals started at 1 PM with Ike Runnels and Sergio Perez playing to see which one would face Carter in the finals. When all the “chalk dust” settled it was Perez over Runnels which set the stage for a single race to 4 for the tournament

August 2009 page 17

title (and more importantly the “CASH”). The two finalists (Carter & Perez) have had many previous “sessions” with each other at Red Shoes in the last few years. So armed with this knowledge of each others “fire power”, they decided to “CHOP” 1st and 2nd place. I can’t say that I blame them although it would have been a great match. The classic “mover” (Perez) against the “shooter” (Carter) which makes the game so dam interesting. Who knows maybe we will see them play each other in the August 22nd One Pocket Tournament at Red Shoes. After all its all the “luck of the draw”. 1st/2nd place split (Jeff Carter $450…Sergio Perez $450), 3rd place Ike Runnels $200 and 4thplace Riley “Jett” Johnson $100.


Classic 08-01-2009 10:00 am 1999 WPBA Classic Tour 08-03-2009 9:00 am 1999 WPBA Classic Tour 08-04-2009 9:00 am 1999 WPBA Classic Tour 08-05-2009 9:00 am 1999 WPBA Classic Tour 08-06-2009 9:00 am 1999 WPBA Classic Tour 08-07-2009 9:00 am 1999 WPBA Classic Tour 08-08-2009 10:00 am 1999 WPBA Classic Tour 08-10-2009 9:00 am 1999 WPBA Classic Tour 08-11-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-12-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-13-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-14-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-15-2009 10:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-18-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-19-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-20-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-21-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-22-2009 10:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour

08-01-2009 6:00 pm 4:00 pm 08-01-2009 2009 Great Lakes Classic 2009 Great Lakes 08-01-2009 7:00 pmClassic 5:00 pm 08-01-2009 2009 Great Lakes Classic 2009 Great Lakes Classic 08-02-2009 10:00 am 08-02-2009 9:00 am 2009 Great Lakes Classic Finals 2009 Great Lakes Classic Finals 08-24-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-25-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-26-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-27-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-28-2009 9:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 08-29-2009 10:00 am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour THIS LIST IS PACIFIC 09-01-2009 9:00TIME am 2000 WPBA Classic Tour 09-02-2009 9:00 am ADJUST FOR RACKEM + 2 hours 2001 WPBA Classic Tour 09-03-2009 STROKE + 3 hours 9:00 am 2001 WPBA Classic Tour 09-04-2009 9:00 am 2001 WPBA Classic Tour 09-09-2009 10:00 am 2001 WPBA Classic Tour 09-12-2009 10:00 am 2001 WPBA Classic Tour 09-14-2009 9:00 am 2001 WPBA Classic Tour 09-15-2009 9:00 am 2001 WPBA Classic Tour

All times are Central Time - These schedules have been provided by ESPN. These are tentative dates and are subject to change

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DATE Aug 1-2 Aug 1 Aug 2 Aug 1 Aug 2 Aug 8-9 Aug 8 Aug 8 Aug 8 Aug 9 Aug 8-9 Aug 14-23 Aug 15-16 Aug 15-16 Aug 15-16 Aug 15 Aug 15 Aug 16 Aug 22 Aug 22 Aug 22 Aug 22-23 Aug 29-30 Aug 29-30 Sep 4-7 Sep 3-5 Sep 5-7 Sep 12 Sep 12 Sep 19 Sep 19 Sep 20 Sep 19-20 Sep 26-27 Oct 1-4 Oct 10 Oct 17 Oct 18 Oct 24-25 Nov 7-8

CITY Livonia, MI Murfreesboro, TN Murfreesboro, TN Dallas, TX Dallas, TX Lafayette, LA Amarillo, TX Sedalia, MO Muskogee, OK Muskogee, OK Alsip, IL Reno, NV Kokomo, IN Amarillo, TX Houston, TX Lawton, OK Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Oshkosh, WI Alsip, IL Ft. Pierce, FL Livonia, MI Cahokia, IL Waco, TX Mahnomen, MN Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV Centralia, IL Amarillo, TX Alton, IL Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO San Antonio, TX San Antonio, TX Olathe, KS Amarillo, TX Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Arlington, TX San Leon, TX

LOCATION The Rack Fat Willies Fat Willies Click’s Billiards Click’s Billiards White Diamond Billiards Old Busters Lounge Sharky’s Billiards All American Billiards All American Billiards Red Shoes Sands Regency Ryno Room Landsharks Bogies Billiards & Games Ray Ray’s Pockets Billiard Center Billiard Center Varsity Club Red Shoes Ultimate Billiards The Rack Break Billiards Fast Eddie’s Shooting Star Classic Golden Nugget Casino Golden Nugget Casino Shooter’s Sports Bar Old Busters Lounge Riverbend Billiards Billiard Center Billiard Center Fast Eddie’s Bradley’s Billiards Shooters Old Busters Lounge Billiard Center Billiard Center Rusty’s Billiards Casper’s

PHONE (734) 422-7665 (888) 385-9018 (888) 385-9018 (469) 371-7520 (469) 371-7520 (337( 989-9889 (806) 379-8100 (660) 826-5855 (918) 682-4035 (918) 682-4035 (708) 388-3700 (702) 719-7665 (765) 868-8171 (806) 352-3864 (281) 821-4544 (580) 248-6162 (573) 335-9955 (573) 335-9955 (920) 651-0806 (708) 388-3700 (772) 370-9184 (734) 422-7665 (316) 371-5805 (254) 399-9300 (888) 282-8869 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (618) 532-9931 (806) 379-8100 (618) 462-4435 (573) 335-9955 (573) 335-9955 (210) 545-1086 (210) 520-5295 (316) 371-5805 (806) 379-8100 (573) 335-9955 (573) 335-9955 (817) 468-9191 (281) 559-1400

EVENT / RULES NCS 9-Ball Qualifier NCS 9-Ball Qualifier NCS 10-Ball Qualifier NCS 10-Ball Qualifier NCS 9-Ball Qualifier Bar Table Tournament 8-Ball

State Fair Fairly Fun Boy Meets Girl

NCS 9-Ball Qualifier NCS 10-Ball Qualifier NCS 10-Ball Qualifier Shootout at the Sands NCS 10-Ball Qualifier 9-Ball Amateur Lone Star Billiards Tour 9-Ball on 7’ Diamonds 8-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Handicap 9-Ball One Pocket NCS 10-Ball Qualifier NCS 10-Ball Qualifier 9-Ball Midwest Tour OB Cues Ladies Tour 8-Ball 4 Divisions NCS 9-Ball Championship NCS 10-Ball Championship Gateway Amateur Tour 8-Ball Gateway Amateur Tour 8-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Handicap Fast Eddie’s 9-Ball Tour 9-Ball Open I (8’ tables) 9-Ball Midwest Tour 8-Ball 8-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Handicap OB Cues Ladies Tour 9-Ball Big Table Open II

ENTRY ADDED $60 $60 $60 $60 $500 w/32 $60 $500 w/32 $40 $1000 w/128 $5 $300 Call $60 $200 $60 $200 $60 $500 w/full field Varies $15,000 $60 $1000 w/64 $50 (incl g.f.) $1000 Guar Call $1000 $25 $200 Call $200 Call $500 $40 (incl g.f.) $500 Guar. $75 (incl g.f.) $500 w/full field $60 $60 Call $2500 Call $2000 Call $5000 Guar Call Call Call $5 $300 Call Call $200 Call $500 Call $1750 Call $1000 Call Call $5 $300 Call $200 Call $500 Call $2000 Call $1000

TIME Call Call Call Call Call 9 AM 8 PM Call Call Call Call Call Call 11 AM Call Noon Noon Noon 11 AM Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call 8 PM Call Noon Noon Call Call Call 8 PM Noon Noon Call Call

= LIVE Streaming with Big Truck on

Wednesdays Wright City, MO

Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

Oshkosh, WI Gravois Mills, MO Oshkosh, WI Cape Girardeau, MO Tulsa, OK Oshkosh, WI Gravois Mills, MO Tulsa, OK Fridley, MN

Dano’s Hillbilly Heaven Varsity Club Flamin’ Nine Billiards Varsity Club Billiard Center Q-Spot Billiards Varsity Club Flamin’ Nine Billiards Q-Spot Billiards Two Stooges

(636) 745-8020 (920) 651-0806 (573) 372-5557 (920) 651-0806 (573) 335-9955 (918) 779-6204 (920) 651-0806 (573) 372-5557 (918) 779-6204 (763) 574-1399

8-Ball - pays top 3 places $10 $100 9-Ball Beginners $8 8-Ball $10 9-Ball Intermediate $10 9-Ball Handicap Call $200 8-Ball 7 & under $5 9-Ball Open - Break Pot $15 $5/player Guar. 9-Ball $20 9-Ball 7 & under $10 (incl. g.f.) 9-Ball Open on 7’ DE Race to 5 $15 (incl g.f.) $75 w/16

7:30 PM Call 7 PM Call 7 PM 9 PM Call Noon 9 PM 6:30 PM

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Championship Series Coming This Fall Information in the September Issue of Rackem All Events Will Be Free LIVE Streaming Shedules TBA Fall 2009

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Rackem Magazine - August Issue 2009  

The August Issue of Rackem Magazine for the Midwest Pool Players is now online featuring the results and photos from the VNEA Junior Nationa...

Rackem Magazine - August Issue 2009  

The August Issue of Rackem Magazine for the Midwest Pool Players is now online featuring the results and photos from the VNEA Junior Nationa...