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September 2016


Red Shoes Billiards World 14.1 Qualifier

We had a full field of 16 for the World 14.1 Qualifier at Red Shoes Billiards in Islip, IL yesterday. Many of the usual suspects showed up and a few people new to straight pool decided to see what all the fuss was about and give it a go. The participants were: 1. Robert Crawford, from Madison, Wisconsin who has a high run in straight pool of 132. Robert is retired from working on aircraft electronics and works on vintage audio equipment now. He drives about 3 hours down to Red Shoes every other week to play in our straight pool league. 2. Rich Klein, a native of Chicago, graduate of the University of Chicago, and retired Actuary, has a high run of 50 and has been a member of the 14.1 leagues at Red Shoes and at the Illinois Billiard Club for many years. In fact, he is the guy who keeps track of all of the matches, does all of the scheduling, figures out all of the money in both leagues. In addition, he is a sponsor of the Derby City Straight Pool Challenge and works the tables down there every year. He also is a contributor to the World 14.1 and has been known to help players defray expenses to go to the Worlds. 3. Peter Hull, an attorney from Cleveland, Ohio drove all the way to Red Shoes again to compete. In 2011, he was a World 14.1 Qualifier winner out of Cleveland and he is a member of straight pool leagues there. 4. Toby Crosier, a former firefighter from Lincoln, IL , is new to straight pool but has been spending some time at Red Shoes lately and wanted to help support the event and give the game a try. 5. Brian Davis, operates a life insurance and mortgage protection service and is from Lebanon, Indiana. He just learned the rules of Straight Pool this week, but wanted to give it a try. 6. Tom Karabatsos of Chicago is the self described best Greek player in the Midwest. He has a High run of 205 and is a Multiple World 14.1 Qualifier Winner. A student of Hall of Famer, Dallas West, he can often be heard supplying commentary at different Straight Pool events throughout the country. 7. Ron Dobosenski is another great straight pool player who hails from Madison, Wisconsin. His high run is 212 and he was away from pool for many years until he retired from the USPS a few years back. He has been working on his game since then, travelling down to Red Shoes in Chicago to find a game, and even going back to his mentor of many years ago, Sailor Stellman, to help get back in stroke. 8. Jim Colling, a native of the Chicago area who is living in Dallas Texas where he works as an Electrical Engineer. He comes up to Chicago 2 or 3 times a year and Red Shoes usually arranges to have a straight pool tournament going when he gets here. He played in the 2015 75th World 14.1 and would love to go back. 9. Bob Cozzolino is a Chicago native. A former restaurant owner, he still manages to do a lot of cookin and, in fact, he is the exclusive caterer to special events at Red Shoes. His high Run is over 200, and he has Played in 4 World 14.1s, so far. 10. Ed Latimer, a native of Chicago with a high run of 100 on the nose is a retired product tester for Sears. If he cannot beat you in pool, he can probably beat you in chess. In his 70s, he is still teaching chess at some of the local schools, playing in two straight pool leagues, going for bike rides twice a week when weather permits, and teaching anyone who asks some of the finer points of pool and 14.1. He is a Red Shoes treasure. 11. Ed Dienethal from Kenosha, Wisconsin came down to Red Shoes for the first time. He has a High run of 84 and has been playing the game since the ‘70s when he used to come down to Marie’s Golden Cue in Chicago. 12. Dean Markoshan is a Chicago native and a recently retired Chicago Police


September 2016


Officer who hopes to now be able to devote more time to his straight pool habit. 13. Kevin Deane is a Chicago native who works for the Chicago Public Schools and has been playing in both straight pool leagues for years. He has gone to the World’s several times as a spectator and his game has been improving quite a bit this last year. 14. Ted Antle lives in Carol Stream, Illinois and is a great supporter of the Straight Pool Scene in Chicago and elsewhere. He has contributed to the World 14.1 and is a sponsor for the Derby City Straight Pool Challenge and worked tirelessly down there for us last year. 15. Joe Klein is a native of Chicago, who works for UPS and has been a straight pool player forever, it seems. He has been in all of the 14.1 leagues in the area for years, and whenever there is a tournament, he is there. His high run is 76. Usually on the weekends you can find him playing 14.1 all day long on table 11 at Red Shoes. 16. Dennis Walsh lives and works in the Chicago area. Since getting back into pool 10 or 12 years ago, I gravitated to 14.1 asa quickly as I could find it and have been in the Illinois Billiard Club Leagues and the Red Shoes leagues since then. When Bob Jewett opted out of the Derby City Straight Pool Challenge, I was approached by Greg Sullivan who asked if I could try to run the event. With Bill Maropulos helping me, and other volunteers added each year, we have grown that event to a very nice venue for players looking to stretch their straight pool wings. When Charlie needed an extra body to fill in, I was lucky enough to play in the 2009 World 14.1, where my first match was with eventual winner Stephan Cohen. So, those were the players. Bob Cozzolino took the winners side, beating Rich Klein, Bob Crawford, Ed Dienethal, and Tom Karabatsos. Ron Dobosenski took second beating Joe Klein, Dennis Walsh, then losing to Tom Karabatsos the first time. On the loser’s side, Ron beat Ed Latimer and Tom Karabatsos. Taking third, Tom Karabatsos beat Jim Colling, Peter Hull, and Ron Dobosenski before getting beat by Bob Cozzolino. On the loser’s side he was beaten by Ron Dobosenski. Ed Latimer got beaten by Ed Dienethal in the first round. He then had to fight it out on the loser’s side to get to fourth place, beating Dean Markoshan, Dennis Walsh, Peter Hull, and Ed Dienethal, before losing to Ron Dobosenski. Jim Colling took 5th, losing a close match to Tom Karabatsos, then winning against Brian Davis, Bob Crawford, and Joe Klein before he ran into the determined and experienced Ron Dobosenski.

Big Dog Billiard’s Year End Events! Bonus Tournament Results and Payouts 1st $390 Jim Case 2nd $285 Jonathan Guy 3rd $190 Phil Tindrell 4th $95 Clint Hutchinson Phil Tindrell and Jason Reeves

Here are the final results from the Main Event and also the Bonus Tournament, from the Weekly Tuesday Handicapped 8-Ball Tournament Year End Event held at Big Dog Billiards in Des Moines, IA. Congrats to our winners Phil Tindrell (Main Event Champion), and to Jim Case (Bonus Tournament Champion)!!!! Well done fellas!! Big Dog Billiards wants to thank everyone for their participation throughout this last year!! Main Event Results and Payouts 1st $380 Phil Tindrell 2nd $280 Jason Reeves 3rd $180 Paul Baker 4th $70 Lucas Smith 5/6th $40 Anthony Ludwig Jonathan Guy Jonathan Guy and Jim Case

Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11AM-Midnight Fri-Sat: 11am-1am

121 E Cherry St Mankato, MN


Weekly & Monthly Tournaments

14 Diamond Pool Tables - Leagues Full Menu - Gourmet Burgers - Beer

All Ages Welcome

Wednesdays 9-Ball FREE entry $100 added 7:30PM


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Sundays Rated 9-Ball $15 entry Break Challenge 1PM

741 W 6th St - Junction City, KS 785-579-6465

Chris’ Billiards A Chicago Classic Weekly Pool Tournaments @ 7pm Wed: 8-Ball & Sun: 10-Ball

41 Pool Tables - APA Leagues 4637 N Milwaukee Ave - Chicago, IL



September 2016


SUMMER SLAM at Big Dog Billiards

The SUMMER SLAM Junior Tournament at Big Dog Billiards, Des Moines, IA was a huge success!! Watching these great kids compete this weekend reminded us all of the passion, spirit, dedication, and sportsmanship that we must have to succeed in pool!! We all need to hold ourselves to a higher standard!! Results from the Singles portion of the Big Dog Billiards Junior Summer Slam: *14 & UNDER Division* 1st Joshua Goodknight 2nd Justin Nichols 3rd Chase Stumfoll 4th Jamison Gall 5th Bobby Raines

On Day 2 of the event we held the Junior/Adult Scotch Doubles tournament! Here are the results: 1st Alex Booth/Ron Graham 2nd Trista Ingham/Orion Hamilton 3rd Colby Case/Jim Case

*15 - 18 Division* 1st Richard Evans 2nd Jeffrey Tonahill 3rd Zane Smith 4th Alex Booth 5/6th Trista Ingham/Dustin Smith


September 2016

Thank you to Rex Yoder and his team at for this great system we have been using for all of our tournaments!! If you aren’t using it, you should check it out!



Top Ten 1st

Point Standings as of September 1, 2016




MORRIS Rodney 186






249 186 179 161 147 115 97 97 91 90 86 79 70 62 56 51 42 41 40 39 38 37 35 33 30 30 28 28 27 27 26 24 23 23


MCMINN Shane 97

LOMBARDO Hunter 91

WOODWARD Skyler 147


THORPE Billy 90

ng St DC one C I Te 9b xa s O a ll Ja y S pen w an 10ba Em son l M l pi em re St o Ch ria at in l oo e 1 0ba Do k W l i Pr l of n Co nds es 8sio ate ba s ll na M lP em Ch l or uc aye ia k M rs Ch l ar am ku pi li Gi on nk s M y M em ship or e M m ia W l or id w es es ial tC t9 oa -b st Ch all al US le ng Op en e 1 10 0-B US al W Op -ba l PA ll en W 8 -b or a l Ea d Ch ll st a m er pi n on St a sh W ip PA te 1 0 Ch -b al in l a US TB Ope n C 10 US -b a TB ll C 9US ba ll BT C 8Tu ba rn ll in Te g S t on xa sO e pe II n 4 9Be ba ar ll s8 To -b rn al l a Ch do in O oo k W pen Go in d th am s 1 0 -b Ci al ty US l Op 9-b a en ll W 9PA Ku ball w ai t9 ba TO ll TA L






rn i


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34



BERGMAN Justin 97 WILKIE Shaun 115 Mosconi Cup 2016 Team USA Rankings

Top 30


50 33 18 35 28

24 20 3 9

3 30

30 11

7 18 6 28 15

17 9 23

14 11 11


9 3

6 40 22 14 4 22 28

10 15

24 2 16 5 5 8

5 8

35 28

32 20 22

18 26

19 23



9 19



12 9

13 22

21 8 28

18 17



21 4

21 17

7 2


14 11

14 16





10 10 26 6







7 14

35 12 19 9

9 11 16

16 23 12






35 14


8 9


33 26

13 3




September 2016





10 8 5

12 5

9 5

11 9

3 30

5 8

28 3

10 7

4 4

11 11



5 11

16 10

16 10


14 23


249 186 179 161 147 115 97 97 91 90 86 79 70 62 56 51 42 41 40 39 38 37 35 33 30 30 28 28 27 27 26 24 23 23


September 2016


TESTOSTERONEOUS SHOTS by Tom Simpson © September 2004 – All Rights Reserved –

Tom Simpson

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson


September 2016

This is primarily a guy problem. As guys, we are sometimes driven by our testosterone to do the “manly” thing, whether that manly thing is a smart thing or not. We may know better and do it anyway. In pool, players at every level feel compelled to take the hard shot. We want to “go for it” and try for that low percentage shot. We are pulled by our desire to make the great shot, and at the same time, we are pushed by our fear of looking like a wuss for not taking the shot. In many places, defense (safeties) is viewed as “dirty pool” – definitely not the manly play. Taking the tough shot, we have a chance to pull it off and look good. At the same time, if we miss the tough shot, hey, it was a tough shot. We have an excuse for the miss. Missing with an excuse might be better than just missing, but is this the way we should play? I don’t think so. How many times will you have to shoot that table length super-thin cut shot on the 9-ball and hang it in the pocket before you decide it’s time to play smarter? Our testosterone makes us want to take the dumb shot. How do we overcome that? Is missing shots enough? Is losing enough? Realizing that the players who beat you all the time don’t make these mistakes – is that enough? Here are some ways to begin to avoid testosteroneous shots: 1. Catch yourself. When you’re about to go down on a difficult, low percentage shot, stop and look at the situation again. Re-evaluate your plan. Is there a simpler, easier shot or a good safety? Could you play this shot as a two-way (if you miss, the other guy has nothing good to shoot at)? 2. Consider your priorities. Top Pro Buddy Hall has a terrific way of thinking about any game situation: “How do I win from here?” This is strong because it focuses you on the desired end result – winning. Is making that manly shot more important than making the smarter move that could win the game? It’s your call. If you get more out of celebrating the amazing shot you occasionally make than you do out of winning, well, that answers the question. 3. Consider the situation. Assuming you really do want to win, there is more to consider than just the layout of the moment. To play strategically and give


yourself every chance to win, you’ll need to consider: Your opponent. What are your opponent’s strengths & weaknesses? Can they kick decently if you hide the cueball? Are they afraid of long straight-in shots? Are they playing well? What can you do to make it difficult or impossible for them? Can you demoralize your opponent with strong defensive play? • The layout. You’re playing 8-Ball and your opponent only needs the 8 and you need to pocket all of your balls. Several of your balls are tied up with the 8 and you don’t see a good way to break them out. Should you try to run out anyway or should you play safe and try for the smart win? • The game. If you’re playing 9-Ball and all of the balls are on the table, playing a tough combo on the 9 may be a reasonable risk. If you’re playing One Pocket and your opponent needs one and you need six, you probably should consider playing defense over taking a low percentage shot that will give the game away if you miss. • The match. Where are you in the match? If it’s a race to seven in 9-Ball, and you’re up 6-1, you might consider taking more risk than if the match was close. • The equipment. If you know the balls tend to roll off on this table, but the shot calls for a slow roll, what should you do? • Your self. Be realistic about your ability and how you’re playing right now. If you can make this shot one time out of three on your best day, should you attempt it right now? Play the right way. There is something to be said for playing the way a good player would play. Taking the right shot, at the right time in the sequence, with the right position plan, is rewarding in itself. This is what all great players do, assuming it makes good pool sense in the situation. My personal approach is to ask myself “What would Willie do?” I have good images of Mosconi playing smart shots & patterns. Use whoever you want, but try having a great player as your imaginary coach. •

Use your testosterone to give you the courage to do the right thing. Excuses don’t win.


STEFANO PELINGA Stefano Pelinga (born 1964) hails from Rome, Italy, where he has served since 1985 as a police officer for the Italian government (Polizia di Stato), until his retirement in 2011. He began to play pool at the age of 12, drawing inspiration from his favorite singer and actor, Dean Martin. Stefano, currently a 5-time World Champion in Pool Trick Shots, won several titles in Italy in straight pool and nine-ball throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. In 1990, he devoted himself entirely to “Artistic Pool,” commonly referred to in its practice as “Trick Shots.” Due to his outstanding achievements, Stefano is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest Trick Shot champions in the history of the sport, and has earned a spot in ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic Hall of Fame. Most importantly, on November 17, 2012, Stefano was inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. In the presence of approximately 500 VIP guests and many sports stars such as Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Tony Esposito and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Stefano was awarded this honor, becoming a member of this group of legendary Italian Americans.

Sticking to useful trick shots, this time I want to show you a very unusual shot that I borrowed many years ago from my 3-cushion billiards friends. Later I did use it on a couple of occasions, ending up even winning a game. In the diagram I set up a 9-Ball or 10-Ball situation where the lowest ball on the table is the yellow one and the 9- or 10-Ball is the blue ball by the corner pocket A. If we are not too sure about our “safety” skills and therefore prefer to play aggressively since the 10-Ball is hanging so close to a pocket, we can consider a few options. The first, and more feasible one, will be to shoot a 3-rail billiards shot by hitting the left half of the Yellow Object Ball with one tip of left English on the Cue Ball. The Cue Ball would travel three rails (long, short, long) and possibly pocket the 10-Ball in pocket A. The position of some other balls on the table, such as the Brown and the Orange ones, will not make this shot possible though. We could then try to hit the Yellow Object Ball 3/4 full to the right using a lot of top English (12 o’clock, 2 tips) and a 2.5-3 speed stroke and have it “hug” the long rail, bouncing a few times off of it until hitting the 10-Ball and likely pocketing it. Unfortunately also this option won’t work considering the position of other blocking balls on the table. In this scenario, the only shot we could try to pull off would be to hit the Yellow Object Ball a hair to the right, almost full, using a 10 o’clock, 2 tips of English hit on the Cue Ball, and a soft follow through with a 2-speed stroke. After the initial double-kiss, the Cue Ball will come back towards us at a narrow angle, because we did not hit the OB full, slightly curving because of the combination of left and high English. Once the CB will contact the rail, the left English will make the CB open up the angle further to the right, making it head towards pocket A with good chances of making the 10Ball. Remember that using too much top English, let’s say an 11 o’clock hit, will slow the CB down and the CB will also not have enough side spin to come off the long rail at a wide enough angle. If we used a 9 o’clock hit, besides having to compensate for the higher deflection while aiming at the OB, the CB will not curve before hitting the long rail and its side spin will not suffice to make it come off at a wide enough angle. For any problem on this shot, feel free to email me via my website:


September 2016


San Francisco Billiard Academy

PBIA certified instruction is available for all levels from beginners to instructor training.


Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett

If you need to work on using spin off cushions to get position, here is a drill that has a lot of variation in what you need to do so there’s less chance you’ll get bored. It is like the training game Target Pool that was promoted by pro player Kim Davenport about 20 years ago. This home-brew variation only requires a deck of cards to create the targets. The idea is that you begin with a simple shot like the 1 ball and take the cue ball in hand. You pick one of 32 squares on the table as shown and try to get the cue ball into that square at least two different ways after going to the nearby cushion. To pick the square, get a deck of cards. Take out the ace through 8 of hearts and the ace through 4 of spades, and use them to mark the rail numbers as shown. (After you get used to the layout, these won’t be needed, but they help at first.) Now take the ace through 8 of diamonds and ace through 4 of clubs and shuffle them together. Take the first card, say the 4 of diamonds. That sets how far up and down the table the target is, even with the heart 4 (both red). Take the next card of the other color, say the 2 of clubs. That sets how far across the table the square is, even with the 2 of spades (both black). Put the two cards face-up in the middle of the corresponding square (4,2 in the diagram). Now that you have your target, try to get there using different paths off the cushion by the 1 ball. Path A uses follow and left side spin to give the cue ball speed out of the corner. When you first try this, experiment with the angle and amount of spin to find the most reliable, easy way to get to the target. For this particular shot, I like about a 30-degree cut angle, and equal follow and left English. Path B is just the opposite -- right side spin and draw on the cue ball. I would probably take a little less cut angle for this path.




September 2016


B Square



5 6 Hearts 7 8,4


Path C is without any spin but still comes off the cushion. The challenge with C in this case is to keep the side spin off the cue ball so it isn’t deflected left or right off the cushion. When you’re ready to go for a score, take up to five tries at each possible path to leave the cue ball in the designated square and give yourself a point if you succeed. Next, pick a new square by shuffling your micro-deck and picking two new cards of opposite color.




Some squares, especially those by a side cushion, may have only two real paths. For example, to go the lower-right corner (8,4), path A is roughly the same but there is only a sort of combination of B and C for the second way with a little right side spin. And some targets, such as the




Spades 1





upper-left square aren’t much of a challenge. You can also play this as a game with a friend to see which player can get to the target square in the fewest tries. If you are working this drill alone, be sure to see how wide a range of cut angles you can use on a particular shot and still get to your target. That will make the drill a lot more valuable when you have to play from the position you leave yourself rather than from ball-in-hand.


Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his pool-playing career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

Competition is an important part of the game of pool. For most of us, winning is a lot more than just winning, and losing means more than just losing. There is a lot of mental and emotional baggage attached to both sides of the coin. If you’re a pro player, you are often admired, respected, and looked up to. Losers, on the other hand, well, they’re losers for a reason, and what do we usually call someone that we want to insult? A loser. Needless to say, the fear of losing wreaks havoc with a player’s ability to perform. According to many experts, “The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT—also known as “tapping”) was created by Gary Craig and works like emotional acupressure to quickly, gently, and easily release negative emotions and beliefs that are the root of all our problems and pain. EFT heals emotional problems by literally undoing damage from the past.” EFT Basic Recipe: 1. Select the Problem that You Would Like to Address - Often, many of our mental game weaknesses are due to unhealed painful experiences that we have had in the past. One way to effectively remedy “negativity” is through the application of EFT to the painful memories that are at the root source of the problem. In addition, it is also possible to use EFT to relieve negative in-the-moment emotions (e.g., anxiety, anger, sadness, discouragement, a fight with your teammate, etc.) that could be negatively affecting your game. 2. The EFT “Reminder Phrase” - Come up with a short phrase used to refer to the painful memory or problem—the more specific, the better. We call this the “reminder” phrase because we will use it during the tapping process to stay focused on the memory or current problem. The way to create a reminder phrase for a memory is to give the memory a title, like the title of a movie. Examples: • I’m furious at my

opponent for sharking me during our last match (recent memory) • Dad called me a “loser” when I lost the match (eight-yearold memory) • I’m afraid of losing (current feeling) • I do not trust my stroke (current feeling—though memories may need to be addressed) 3. Rate the Intensity Level Assess on a 0 to 10 scale how painful the memory is or how intense the emotion is, where 0 is no intensity at all and 10 is the maximum intensity. 4. Perform the “Set-up Affirmation” - You do the set-up affirmation by saying a selfacceptance affirmation three times while tapping on the karate chop point. The self-acceptance affirmation has the following form: “Even though ______________, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.” The blank is filled in with the reminder phrase that you came up with in step two. For example: “Even though I do not trust my stroke, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.” 5. The EFT Tapping Sequence - Perform two passes through all ten points: Say the reminder phrase while quickly tapping on each point. You will say the reminder phrase once per point. This is just the reminder phrase without the “even though” and “I deeply and profoundly accept myself.” 6. Reassess the Intensity Level - Reassess the negative level of the memory or negative feeling on a scale of 0 to 10. If the tapping is working, your negativity level should come down around 1 to 3 points per basic recipe. It may come down even more. 7. Repetition - Repeat steps four through six to apply another EFT Basic Recipe to the memory or painful emotions. Keep repeating the EFT Basic Recipe until there is zero pain associated with the painful memory or the negative emotion. If you try this on your own, you may experience complete relief in around ten minutes of tapping and see a big improvement in your game! You may also experience partial results or no results at all. People attempting EFT for the first time tend to have around a 50 percent success rate, which is actually pretty amazing when you think about it. On the other hand, half the people will experience little or no benefit on their own initially. However, if you work with an experienced EFT practitioner, your success rate will likely be near the 90th percentile.


September 2016



Justin “Iceberg” Bergman double-dipped Skyler Woodward in the finals of the 10-Ball Division at the 23rd Annual US Bar Table Championships taking place this week at the Westgate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Justin Bergman

The 10-Ball Division began Monday with 74 players and by Wednesday the field had whittled down to just three young rising stars in the U.S. billiard scene: Bergman, of Fairview Heights, Ill.; Woodward, of Paducah, Ken. and Billy Thorpe of Dayton, Ohio. Bergman’s path to the finals included wins over Miguel Batista, 7-6; Jason Klatt, 7-1; Jesse Piercey, 7-4; Dale Stanley, 7-2; and Vilmos Foldes, 7-1; before he was sent to the B side of the bracket by Woodward, with a score of 3-7. But being on the loser’s side of the bracket didn’t appear to slow Bergman’s energy or determination. Bergman, who celebrated his 29th birthday Friday, beat Shane Van Boening, 7-6, in the loser’s bracket and then went on to beat Larry Nevel Jr., 7-2 and Thorpe, 7-6, before facing Woodward in the finals for the $3,800 first place prize. And Bergman knew he had his work cut out for him. Woodward had posted solid wins over Manny Perez, 7-5; Mo Salamah, 7-4; Bret Huth, 7-0; Chris McDaniel, 7-2; and Thorpe, 7-4, to take the hot seat. The finals match was a study in opposite styles of play. Woodward showed off his relaxed confident free-wheeling game while Bergman was cautious and methodical, visualizing each detail of his game plan at the table before executing a single shot. And Bergman’s meticulous play coupled with controlled and successful break shots led to his victories over Woodward. Bergman beat Woodward by a score of 7-5 in the first match and 7-6 in the second. Bergman took home Sky Woodard

Men’s USBT 10-Ball Results and Payouts 1st $3800 Justin Bergman 2nd $2200 Skyler Woodward 3rd $1600 Billy Thorpe 4th $1100 Larry Nevel Jr. 5/6th $650 Can Salim, Shane Van Boening 7/8th $400 Roberto Gomez Jr, Chris McDaniel 9-12th $250 Sal Butera, Vilmos Dadian, Josh Roberts, Tyler Styer 13-16th $150 James Adams, Bret Huth, Mike Massey, Jesse Piercey


September 2016


Justin Bergman

US Bar Table 10-Ball Titles Jessica Frideres

$3,800 for the win and Woodward collected $2,200. Thorpe, who finished third, won $1,600. In the Women’s Division, Jessica Frideres, of Fort Dodge, Iowa, was waiting in the hot seat when Rebecca Wagner, of Las Vegas, returned for revenge. Frideres had wins over Grace Nakamura, 5-1; Heather Cortez, 5-3; and Adina Pelletier, 5-0, before sending Wagner to the loser’s bracket in a hill-hill match. Wagner posted wins against Trinh Lu, 5-3; Kimberly Whitman, 5-4 and Mary Coffman, 5-0 before losing to Frideres. Wagner faced Nakamura in the loser’s bracket and beat Nakamura, of Ontario, Can. in a hill-hill match to reach the finals. Both women showed solid skills and depended on plenty of safety play to keep the score tight. But in the end, it was Wagner who would make the final mistake, allowing Frideres to win the hill-hill match and the 2016 USBTC 10-Ball Champion title. Frideres earned $725, Wagner, who got second, received $425. Nakamura finished third for $275. The US Bar Table Championships continue through Aug. 28, with the 9-Ball Division underway and the 8-Ball Division to start Friday. In addition, players who place in the top 32 of each open division receive Mosconi Cup USA Team points on a sliding scale. The top three American players with the most points at the end of the year will be selected for the USA Mosconi Cup Team. Sponsors include: OB Cues, the Official Cue; Kamui, the Official Tip; Diamond Billiard Products, Cyclop Balls, Simonis Cloth, BadBoys Billiard Productions, FargoRate, Magic Ball Rack and Matchroom Sport. Rebecca Wagner

Women’s USBT 10-Ball Results and Payouts 1st $725 Jessica Frideres 2nd $425 Rebecca Wagner 3rd $275 Grace Nakamura 4th $175 Kimberly Kirk 5/6th $125 Mary Coffman, Adina Pelletier

Jessica Frideres

The 2016 US Bar Table Championships are produced by CueSports International, the parent company of the BCAPL and USAPL. CSI also produces independent events, such as the US Open 10-Ball Championship, the US Open 8-Ball Championship and much more. For more information, or call 702-719-POOL.


September 2016



With cool determination, Justin Bergman iced his opponents to win the 9-Ball Division of the US Bar Table Championship (USBTC) Friday at the Westgate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, beating Shane McMinn in the finals by a score of 9-7. It was a perfect follow up to his victory Wednesday when he won the 10-Ball. Bergman, aka, “Iceberg” pocketed $4,100 for the win and locked up the $1,500 All-Around Bonus, making it a $9,400 week for the 29-year-old from Fairview Heights, Ill. Bergman faced a touch field in the 9-Ball Division, posting wins over Billy Thorpe, 9-6; Donny Branson, 9-6; Chris Stanfield, 9-8; Max Eberle 9-3; Ryan DeBerg, 9-2; and Edwin Garcia, 9-1, before sending Shane McMinn to the loser’s bracket after a 9-7 win to take the hot seat. McMinn, a former Oklahoma State champion, beat Roberto Gomez Jr., 9-6; Josh Roberts, 9-5; Julio Burgos Torres, 9-5; and Mike DeWitt, 9-6, before losing to Bergman, 7-9. Then McMinn beat Jason Klatt to meet Bergman in the finals. The finals of the 9-Ball Division, which had an alternating break format, started with each of the players breaking and running a rack. In the third rack, McMinn, who had won the lag, jawed the seven ball, giving Bergman the rack and an advantage that McMinn was unable to overcome. Bergman is also still undefeated in the 8-Ball Division, which began Friday, so he has the opportunity to win the USBTC’s Triple Crown, a feat that has never been accomplished by any player. In addition, he’ll receive Mosconi Cup points for his wins — a fact that is very important to him. Before the start of the USBTC,

Justin Bergman

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th 7/8th


Shane McMinn

Men’s USBT 9-Ball Results and Payouts $4100 Justin Bergman $2500 Shane McMinn $1500 Jason Klatt $1000 Billy Thorpe $650 Skylar Woodward, Hector Saez $450 Gary Onomura, Donny Branson

September 2016


9-12th 13-16th 17-24th


Keelan McCullers, Roberto Gomez Jr, Dale Stanley Jr, Sean King $200 Roger Goodman, Stan Tourangeau, Rodrigo Geronimo, Max Eberle $125 Chris Stanfield, Sal Butera, Jeremy Fedkenheuer Wesley Nemmers, Chris Byers, Larry Nevel Jr, Chris McDaniel, Josh Roberts

Wagner Wins Women’s 9-Ball Bergman was 14th on the Mosconi Cup rankings. “I want to make the Mosconi Cup (team) so bad,” said Bergman, who represented the USA as part of the Mosconi Cup team in 2015 and 2014. “So that’s my main goal this year.” Rebecca Wagner of Las Vegas, who placed second in the Women’s 10-Ball Division, found her way to another finals and was able to capture the 2016 USBTC Women’s 9-Ball Champion title early Friday, beating Susan Williams of Chandler, Ariz. in the finals posted wins against Mary Coffman, 7-4; Debra Aarens, 7-1; and Tina Larsen, 7-1. She beat Williams in the hot seat match, 7-4 on Thursday and repeated that feat in the finals. Williams tournament included wins over Sierra Reams, 7-5; Grace Nakamura, 7-6; Anne Carmona, 7-5; and 10-Ball Champion Jessica Frideres, 7-5, before being sent to the B side of the bracket by Wagner. Then Williams beat Frideres again, 7-3, to secure her spot in the finals. The US Bar Table Championships continues through Sunday with the 8-Ball divisions in full swing. The Open 8-Ball Division has 101 players and there are 26 players in the Women’s Division. Players who place in the top 32 of each open division receive Mosconi Cup USA Team points on a sliding scale. The top three American players with the most points at the end of the year will be selected for the USA Mosconi Cup Team. Sponsors of the $20,000-added tournament include: OB Cues, the Official Cue; Kamui, the Official Tip; Diamond Billiard Products, Cyclop Balls, Simonis Cloth, BadBoys Billiard Productions, FargoRate, Magic Ball Rack and Matchroom Sport.


REBECCA WAGNER Women’s USBT 9-Ball Results and Payouts 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th

$775 Rebecca Wagner $475 Susan Williams $300 Jessica Frideres $200 Tina Larsen $125 Grace Nakamura, Heather Cortez


September 2016


Van Boening 2016 US Bar Table 8-Ball Champion ARTICLE AND PHOTOS BY: MARY COFFMAN/CSI

“Finally!” That was Shane Van Boening’s reaction to winning the 8-Ball Division at the 23rd Annual US Bar Table Championship, which concluded Sunday at the Westgate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. There are few titles in the sport of pool that Van Boening hasn’t captured. Many he has taken in multiples — including being a three-time USBTC 9-Ball champion as well as a three-time USBTC 10-Ball Champion. But when it came to the 8-Ball division, the title was elusive and the closest Van Boening had gotten was second.


Until today, when Van Boening bested Jason Klatt in the finals by a score of 5-3 and captured the title as the undefeated winner. Van Boening’s path through the 101-player field included wins over: David Espinoza, 5-2; Sal Butera, 5-1; Ronald Solgot, 5-0; Manuel Perez, 5-3; Chris McDonald, 5-3; Hector “Robb” Saez, 5-3; and Klatt. Klatt’s tournament trail included wins over: Bret Huth, 5-4; Ronny Park, 5-2; Justin Bergman, 5-3 and Roberto Gomez Jr., 5-4 before losing to Hector ‘Robb’ Saez, 1-5. In the loser’s bracket, Klatt beat Sal Butera, 5-1, and Billy Thorpe, 5-0. Then he faced Saez again and beat him 5-1 to earn his place in the finals, where he lost in the first set. Van Boening earned $4,400 for the win and Klatt received $2,700. The $20,000-added 23rd Annual US Bar Table Championship concludes today with the finals of the Men’s 8-Ball Division. Sponsors include: OB Cues, the Official Cue; Kamui, the Official Tip; Diamond Billiard Products, Cyclop Balls, Simonis Cloth, BadBoys Billiard Productions, FargoRate, Magic Ball Rack and Matchroom Sport. Men’s USBT 8-Ball Results and Payouts 1st $4400 Shane Van Boening 2nd $2700 Jason Klatt 3rd $1650 Hector Saez 4th $1100 Billy Thorpe 5/6th $725 Sal Butera, Chris McDaniel 7/8th $500 Manuel Perez, Roberto Gomez Jr. 9-12th $300 Justin Bergman, Stan Tourangeau, Dan Louie, Monte Thayer 13-16th $200 Sean King, Edwin Garcia, Ronald Solgot, Alejandro Rodriguez 17-24th $125 Skylar Woodward, Glen Collins, Michael Deitchman, Jesse Piercey, Roger Goodman, Joe Cannella Jr, Dustin Wilgus, Larry Nevel Jr.


September 2016



Wagner Captures Triple Crown at USBTC Rebecca Wagner of Las Vegas had the hometown advantage and made the most of it, earning the Women’s 8-Ball, Women’s 9-Ball and the All-Around Titles at the 2016 US Bar Table Championships at the Westgate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Not bad for a woman who has only played one tournament since having her son, Lincoln, in October. In 2015, Wagner won the Chinook Winds Open 10-Ball tourney, beating world champion Allison Fisher twice in the finals to win. She also posted three first place wins in Arizona Women’s Billiard Tour stops throughout the year. In 2013, Wagner was the USBTC 9-Ball Champion and took second place in the 8-Ball Division.


“The only tourney I played was an AWB stop and I won that,” she said. In fact, Wagner was so unsure about playing the USBTC that she waited until the very last minute to enter. She was at work and asked a co-worker to cover for her so she could go to the bathroom and enter the tournament 18 minutes before entries closed. “The (USBTC) is in my backyard, so I felt stupid not playing,” she said, even though she was not prepared and hadn’t been practicing. Wagner, who is sponsored by Tony Hargain, owner of Hustlin USA Clothing Co., used her experience on the table to send opponent after opponent to the loser’s bracket. She beat Heather Cortez in the first round, 4-1, and followed that win up with wins over Bo Bowman, 4-1; Kimberly Whitman, 4-2; Tina Larsen, 4-1; and finally beating Jessica Frideres in the hot seat match, 4-1. Frideres beat Juliana Goodman, 4-0; Sierra Reams, 4-0; and Melinda Huang, 4-0; in the winner’s bracket before losing to Wagner, 1-4. In the loser’s bracket, Frideres beat Tina Larsen, 4-1, to earn her way back to the final’s arena. In the true double-elimination tournament format, Frideres had to beat Wagner twice and she knew it, jumping out to capture the first set quickly and decisively, 0-4. But in the second set, Wagner played smart and careful, keeping Frideres from the table and an opening shot as often as possible. The strategy worked and Wagner finished Frideres off in the second set by a score of 4-2. Wagner said her only regret in the tournament was not playing better in the 10-Ball Division, where she placed second to Frideres. “I did not capitalize on the opportunities given to me in the 10-Ball,” she said. The $20,000-added 23rd Annual US Bar Table Championship concludes today with the finals of the Men’s 8-Ball Division. Sponsors include: OB Cues, the Official Cue; Kamui, the Official Tip; Diamond Billiard Products, Cyclop Balls, Simonis Cloth, BadBoys Billiard Productions, FargoRate, Magic Ball Rack and Matchroom Sport.


Women’s USBT 8-Ball Results and Payouts 1st $800 Rebecca Wagner 2nd $500 Jessica Frideres 3rd $300 Tina Larsen 4th $200 Mary Coffman 5/6th $125 Melinda Huang, Bo Bowman 7/8th $75 Trinh Lu, Susan Williams


September 2016


ACS Back Alley Billiards in McAlester, Okla., would like to congratulate the top finishers in the men’s open singles 9-ball division of the ACS Oklahoma State Championships. Pictured from right are Champion Terry Evans, of Langley; runner-up Douglas Kirby, of McAlester; 3rd Place Steve Chambers, of Ada; and 4th Place John Shawnee, of Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma State Back Alley Billiards in McAlester, Okla., would like to congratulate the top finishers in the men’s standard singles 9-ball division of the ACS Oklahoma State Championships. Pictured from right are 3rd Place Kenny Deatherage, of McAlester; Champion Tony Pipino, of McAlester; runner-up Adam Baker, of Oklahoma City; and 4th Place David Bush, of Henryetta.

Championships Back Alley Billiards in McAlester, Okla., would like to congratulate the top finishers in the ladies singles 9-ball division of the ACS Oklahoma State Championships. Pictured from left are Champion Sharon Stanton, of McAlester; 4th Place Kristy Rohr, of Langley, runner-up Alana Tackett, of Eufaula; and 3rd Place Stacy Chappell, of Atoka.


September 2016


The Color of Summer On August 13, 2016, Sharky’s Bar and Grill in Davenport, IA had 43 players show up today for a summer event that broke in our fresh off the truck Diamond tables! The matches were action packed with lots of Hill-Hill thrillers. Once the dust settled Dave Parkins came out on top of all the good players. We’ll do it all again on August 27th in the $1,000 Added “Summer Sizzler” Open 9-Ball. Congratulations to all the top finishers!

“The Color Of Summer” No Master 9-Ball Results 1st Dave Parkins (Davenport, IA) 2nd JD Prestegard (Neekoosa, WI) 3rd Tommy Fuller (Davenport, IA) 4th Travis Frazelle)(Moline, IL) 5-6th Jason Welker (Dixon, IL), Dean Fuller (Davenport, IA) 7-8th Adam Thomas (LeClaire, IA), Josh Ray (Davenport, IA) 9-12th River Burke (Andalusia, IL), Harold Gruhlke (Rock Island, IL) Charlie Wolfe (Rockford, IL), Little Joe Villalpando (Davenport, IA)

Summer Sizzler Sharky’s Bar & Grill in Davenport, IA thanks all the participants and spectators for joining us for our Annual Summer event. This one saw local bar box champ Jesse Bowman return to the winners circle, and runner up Adam Thomas played a stellar event beating the likes of Tim Krouse, Shawn Gelo and Josh Johnson en route to the finals to succumb to Jesse for the second time. See everybody when we do it again on Sept 10th for “Pick Your Poison” Coin Flip”

T’s Billiards Gunslinger Pool

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Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-2am Sun: 6pm-Close

15 Pool Tables Tournaments Coldest Beer Sandwiches Pizza

8155 East 21st St - Tulsa, OK - 918-622-7747

1st Jesse Bowman (Moline, IL) 2nd Adam Thomas (LeClaire, IA) 3rd Josh Johnson (Moline, IA) 4th James Vroegh (Clinton, IA) 5-6th Blake Baker (Moline, IL), Shawn Gelo (Iowa City, IA)

SHARKY’S BAR & BILLIARDS 2902 E Kimberly Rd - Davenport, IA


26 Pool Tables - 6 Flat Screen TVs Weekly Tournament at 7PM Sun-Mon-Thurs-Fri $100 added for every 16 players

Daily Food Specials - Happy Hour: 4-6pm M-F See the Tournament Trail for Upcoming Tournament Dates


September 2016


Bolding & Hawthorne Sweep Scotch Doubles League Back Alley Billiards

8525 Cottonwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585

Watch for Upcoming Tournamnts

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Sponsored and payout tournaments Pool leagues every Monday - Thursday

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Kansas Hold ‘Em Keno AMI trivia Dart leagues

601 Kasold Dr, Lawrence, KS (785) 749-7699

(256) 686-3171

First Sat at 7pm Monthly 9 ball $35 entry Players Auction $500 added.

9 Ball Fri & Sat 8pm-$13 entry

22 Diamonds (16-7ft and 6-9ft) 1819 Bassett Ave SE, Decatur, AL 1-5x10 Snooker



Weekly Pool Tournaments 525 S Glenstone Ave Springfield, MO

After 22 weeks of league play, Ed Hawthorne & Trenton Bolding swept the Friday Scotch Doubles League at Back Alley Billiards in McAlester. Not only were the pair named Scotch Doubles League Champions, they also won all 4 special league awards – most 8-Ball Breaks (they had 4); most break & runs (they had 9); most errorless run-outs (they had 7); and most 8-0s or undefeated matches (they had 5). They won 1572 points out of 1760 possible points and finished the season

with a nearly 90% winning average. Ed Hawthorne has been on the winning scotch doubles team for 3 full seasons. He won his first season with Cody Davis and with Rachel Petersen his second season. Back Alley Billiards in McAlester, Okla., hosts numerous weekly tournaments and leagues all year long. For more information, contact the pool hall at 918916-CUES (2837).

Hours: M-F: 2pm-2am Sat: 11am-2am Closed Sunday

6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK

122 1/2 E Carl Albert Pkwy - McAlester, OK Open 7 days a week opens at 2pm M-F Noon Sat-Sun

8 Valley Pool Tables - (1) 9’ Brunswick - 1 Snooker Jukebox - Video Games - Sports on the Big Screen


September 2016


918-779-6204 Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am



2013 Nelson St Shreveport, LA 318-425-8112

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21 Bar Boxes 2-9’ Diamonds 4 Reg. Dart Boards 2 Electronic Darts 2 Golden Tee 2 Full Bars

Best Bar Food in town

Turning Stone Classic XXVI 9-Ball Open from: Mike Zuglan Here is the complete order of finish for our Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour’s, “Turning Stone Classic XXVI 9-Ball Open”, which was held on August 2528, 2016. The event was $25,000 added with a total prize fund of $41,400. There were 128 players (full field). 1st $8,000 Jayson Shaw (Scot) 2nd $5,000 Karen Corr 3rd $3,600 Earl Strickland 4th $2,600 Donny Mills 5/6 $2,000 Mike Dechaine & Ernesto Dominguez 7/8 $1,600 Danny Hewitt (Can) & Maxsim Dudanets (Rus) 9/12 $1,200 Joey Cicero (Can), Brandon Shuff, Shaun Wilkie & Samoth Sam 13/16 $850 Hunter Lombardo, Nelson Oliveira, Kevin Guimond & Dan Heidrich 17/24 $550 Alain Parent (Can), Jeremy Sossei, Jarrod Clowery, Rick Scarlato, Cleiton Rocha, Redgie Cutler, Rodney Morris & Sourith Thammavong 25/32 $300 Sean Morgan, Bruce Nagle, Norm Pomainville, Ivaylo Petrov, Dave Fernandez, Erik Hjorleifson, Tom D’alfonso & John Moody Our Sunday second chance event results are: 1st $500 Jean Therriault 2nd $300 Kevin Ketz 3/4th $200 Mike Toohig & Tom Zippler 5/8th $100 Stephen Motilal, Nick Coppola, Steve Fleming & Dave Shlemperis

w a h S n o s y Ja Photo by: Don Akerlow



September 2016


2nd Annual KCC OPEN 15 Teams signed up this Saturday, August 27, for the 2nd Annual KCC Open! 18 holes of Golf in the morning and Scotch Doubles 8-Ball in the evening! Field was limited to 16 Teams. Golf was delayed a little bit this morning, but players still enjoyed themselves waiting out the weather! Congratulations to Jeff Spanier/James Whittle for winning the 2nd Annual KCC OPEN today with a -3 in golf for 9 holes! 2nd place goes to Todd Mickelson/Kris Brenke and 3rd to Charles Noren/Matt McCabe.

2016 Summer Open 8-Ball On August 13, Kato Cue Club hosted the 2016 Summer Open 8-Ball Tournament in Mankato, MN. Congratulations to Michael Perron Jr.(Middle) for winning the 2016 Summer Open 8-Ball! Great shooting by runner up Morgan Hutchins(Left) and 3rd place finished Kyle Anderson(Right)!


9-BALL CLASSIC October 29th & 30th $2,000 Added Guaranteed Entry fee $100 - $120 after Oct 21st

L-R: Morgan Hutchins, Michael Perron Jr., Kyle Anderson

Limited to first 64 paid entrants Double Elim - Race to 9 - Loser Breaks Texas Express Rules - Rack Your Own Doors open 9AM - TD Mac Ashby 317-858-0637

The Premier Pool Hall and Sports Bar in Round Rock, TX

6445 W Washington St - Indianapolis, IN 317-248-0555

Hours Mon-Sat: 10:30 am-2:00 am Sun: 12:00 pm-2:00 am

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Tuesday Night 9-Ball at 8PM 10-Ball Break & Run pot

Hours: Mon – Fri 11am to Midnight Sat – 11am – 1am Sun – Noon to Midnight

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9638 Jones Rd - Houston, Texas



September 2016


Friday 9-Ball, $12 entry, 8pm, Races 3/3 (last woman standing wins cash prize) Saturday 9-Ball, $12 entry, 8pm, Races 4/3 (plus 9-ball break contest) Sunday 10-Ball, $12 entry, 2pm, Races 5/3 (plus 9-ball break and break & run contests) 300 Hester’s Crossing, Ste A1 - Round Rock, TX 78681 512-733-1111


(l to r) Mark Haddad, Todd (Owner of Fat Toad Billiards), Norman Smalls Fat Toad Billiards in Junction City, KS hosted an Open 9-Ball and One Pocket Tournaments August 27-28, 2016. The field of players for both events was fill with “heavy hitters”. Congratulations to Mark Haddad for going undefeated in the 1-Pocket tournament this weekend and coming in 2nd in the 9-Ball! ONE POCKET 1st Mark Haddad (Denver, CO) 2nd Norman Small (Fort Worth, TX) 3rd LV Abernathy (Salina, KS)

$620 $430 $190

$310 $170

Pool Table Sales Installation, Moving Service and Repair PRO SHOP CUES & ACCESSORIES

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40 POOL TABLES - FOOSBALL DARTS - LARGE SCREEN TV Weekly Tournaments: Sun-Mon-Tues-Fri 1st & 3rd Saturday Tournaments

COLORADO Full Service Bar - Great Food!!

9-BALL RESULTS 1st TK Anderson (Bonner Springs, KS) $760 2nd Mark Haddad (Denver, CO) $510 3rd Glenn Atwell (Clay Center, KS) $380 4th Michael Beeler (Wichita, KS) $250 5/6 LV Abernathy (Salina, KS) $125 Melissa Little (Denver, CO 7/8 Alan Huelsmann (Hays, KS) $90 Jake Santora (Bonner Springs, KS) 9-12 Raphael Munoz (Topeka, KS) $55 Rick Milleson (Salina, KS) Rodney Guthrie (Independence, MO) Sam Cole (Kansas City, KS) TOP NON PRO WOMEN $70 Fabes Young (Fort Riley, KS) $30 Krista Trusty (Salina, KS)


570 N. Main St - Oshkosh, WI 54901

Full Bar and Grill HOURS: 11:00am to 1:30am Monday thru Thursday. 11:00amto 2:00am Friday & Saturday. 1:00pm to 1:30am Sunday

$1450 $1050 $680 $320 $195

(9) 9' Diamond Tables (12) 7' Diamond Tables

Jamaica Joe’s Billiard Bar & Grill

Full Service Bar & Grill Pro Shop - Leagues Weekly & Monthly Tournaments Wednesday Night 9-Ball at 7:30PM - $15 entry - House matches $5 per player 5920 S.E. 15th. Midwest City, OK - 405-736-0590


September 2016



New Viking Cue GM Randy Schmidt has joined Viking Cue Manufacturing in Middleton as General Manager. Randy will oversee the daily operations, marketing, promotions, sales and customer service. With a background in cabinet manufacturing, business administration, sales, marketing and being a lifelong pool player, this is a natural fit for both parties.

Iowa’s Diamond Dealer! 4510 East 14th St - Des Moines, IA 50313

PH: 515-266-6100 Contact Randy Hanson 218-234-9393

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September 2016

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DEALER FOR: • Gameroom Furnishings CUES: • Big Dog • Jacoby • McDermott • Viking • Diveney Custom Cues • Purex • Action • Elite • and more .... • Kamui tips

Medals Awarded at 23rd Annual BEF National Junior “Artistic Pool” Shootout

All Results Verified by: Tom “Dr. Cue” and Marty “Ms. Cue” Rossman, Artistic Pool Event Directors.

On July 13th - 16th, 2016 the 23rd Annual BEF National Junior “Artistic Pool” Shootout was held alongside the 28th Annual Junior National 9-Ball Championships. This year’s event drew one of its largest fields of participants this year with the following final results. GOLD MEDAL WINNERS: 18U BOYS BRANDON VAN OVEBEKE, 18, MARSHALL, MN 18U GIRLS TAYLOR HANSEN, 17, MANKATO, MN 14U BOYS TRISTAN HANSEN, 13, MANKATO, MN 14U GIRLS ASHLEY FULLERTON, 13, LAKE PARK, MN SILVER MEDAL WINNERS: 18U BOYS DALTON ADAMS, 16, RUSSELLVILLE, AR 18U GIRLS KARSYN TERRY, 17, CHICAGO, IL 14U BOYS LAZARO MARTINEZ, III, NEW BRAUNFELS, TX 14U GIRLS TATUM CUTTING, 13, DIAMOND, OH Special Note: 3rd place finishers (in division order listed above) were: Ethan Shafer (Decatur, IL); Chase Stumfoll (Independence, MO); Michelle Jiang (Harvard, Ma); and Aryana Lynch (Allen, TX) – each received a Mike Massey Trick Shot DVD donated by BEF Volunteer and Referee, John Taylor of Houston Texas.

Photos Courtesy of: JP Parmentier, Billiard Education Foundation

The Billiard Education Foundation proudly recognizes the industry leaders who helped make this year’s event possible. Event Sponsor: Billiard Congress of America. Official Table: Diamond Billiard Products. Official Cloth: Simonis. Official Balls: Aramith. Official Tip Sponsor: Kamui. Official Jersey: Ultimate Team Gear. Jersey Sponsors: Kamui, Masters, Tiger, PoolDawg, Presidential Billiards and BRAD Scuffer. Official Goody Bag Sponsor: Kamui. Official Media Sponsors: Pool & Billiard Magazine, Professor Q Ball, Billiards Digest and BEF also gives special thanks to the individuals who give countless hours during this week and throughout the year to help make this event happen: Tammy Jo Leonard (Assistant National Director), Earl Munson (Junior Nationals Tournament Director), Rick Doner (Head Referee), Justin Ballou (Assistant Head Referee), John Taylor, (National Senior Referee), Melvin Leonard (National Senior Referee), Angie Williams (National Referee), Roger Garnsey (Volunteer), “Dr. Cue” Tom Rossman (Junior Artistic Pool Championship Director), Johnny Archer (Guest Speaker), Ra Hanna & Beau Runningen for providing live streaming/scoring/brackets through On The Wire Creative Media, Angel Levine, Jim & Spencer Ladin and the Wolford Family.


September 2016


Jennifer Kraber Scores Birthday Win A stellar field of 48 women came to CK Billiards in Dallas on the weekend of June 25-26 for the $2000 added OB Cues Ladies Tour 4th stop. This is the first time that the OB Tour has stopped at CK Billiards and the event attracted several players from other regional tours, as well as other states, who came to experience the great fun of the OB Tour and the wonderful hospitality of CK Billiards.

Jennifer Kraber, Nicole Keeney,Belinda Lee

Shayla and Ricki both finished in 5/6thplace, which required a raceto-seven battle to determine who would win the qualifier for the next NAPT Tour stop, as they were the last remaining candidates out of 11 qualifier contenders and both finished in the same position. The two NAPT Qualifier winners were Ricki and Belinda. Unfortunately for Belinda, she will not be able to make the

Thank you to Jennifer Sherman, General Manager of CK Billiards, for her hospitality and service to all supporters, fan, players and general public. Also special thanks to event sponsors Starwoodmotors and Barisita Brothers. Starwoodmotors caters to an automobile style which is unique and luxurious for their custom/handcrafted vehicles. Be sure to check them out at to see all about their specialized services and offerings. Barista Brothers strives to provide the utmost in coffee service like no other. They have a passion for absolute excellence with their coffee products and services. You can read all about their passion and products at Enjoy!

Grayslake NAPT Division 1 Pro event, so Shayla will be taking the invite. We wish all OBCLT representatives best of luck at the Shooter’s Sports Bar and Billiards, Grayslake, IL - $21,000 total purse event August 18-21, 2016. The final four players were Nicole vs. Belinda for the hot seat match, and Tara vs. Jennifer K. on the other side. Nicole, who in recent years has won the OB Tour stops she has attended, won the hot seat, sending Belinda to the B-side. Jennifer managed to capture a hill-hill win against Tara while she then continued to defeat Belinda and meet up with Nicole in the finals.

As the tournament day progressed, Saturday was indeed a long day with so many ladies and many interesting upsets. The Freight Train that is Tara “Firecracker” Williams (Ft. Worth) was derailed by Nicole Keeney (Colorado), and former tour stop winners Orietta Strickland, Amanda Lampert (both of Dallas), Terry Petrosino (Houston), Jennifer Kraber and Michelle Cortez (both of Austin) all suffered at least one loss by the end of Saturday’s play.

Right before the finals match was about to commence, the raffle drawing for the two beautiful OB cues donated to support the tour followed an unbelievable trend, sending both cues home to Terry Petrosino and Richard Holstein, who now own an arsenal of OB cues!

Sunday brought back 12 ladies. On the winner’s side, Nicole emerged victorious over Ricki Casper (Houston), and Belinda Lee (Pearland) won a hill-hill battle against board member Shayla Neris (Austin). The four B-side matches saw up-and-coming player Yvonne Asher (Houston) defeat Amanda; two-time tour champion Tara beat Jennifer Pavlovick (Irving), new tour member Toby Stogner (Amarillo) won vs. Tera Saunders (Dallas), and Jennifer wound up on the winning side of a hill-hill battle against Terry.


September 2016


As in a true double elimination format, Jennifer would have to beat Nicole two sets to win the tournament and that is exactly what she did. In the first set, Nicole made a couple uncharacteristic errors which Jennifer was able to finish each game all the while giving her confidence and strong momentum with full steam ahead. Jennifer was truly on a roll and playing in near flawless fashion, caught a gear and finished the first set 7-3. They began the second set almost immediately, and while Jennifer still couldn’t miss a ball, Nicole played strong herself, fighting back with absolutely beautiful shot making and finesse of her own, with several break and runs during the final set. Jennifer reached the hill first and

3040 FM 1960 East Houston, TX 281-821-4544 Happy H had a chance at 6-5 to finish out the tournament win with a break and run, but made the nine-ball and then scratched, thus making it a nailbiter and tense game, set and match for the eventual winner. In the final game, Nicole had the same opportunity and shot as Jennifer did in the previous game, but just barely missed pocketing the nine giving Jennifer the win. It was Jennifer’s birthday, so it was probably meant to be. There were a few June birthdays that weekend, including the Tour angel Carter’s birthday, so there was much celebrating all weekend. The ladies presented Carter with an Edible Arrangement, cupcakes and his own personal figurine with our undying love and honor to have Carter as part of this tour family always and forever. We love you Carter! Thank you to the OB board members, who go out of their way to make the events fantastic even when tournament play lasts past midnight and then they have to be back early the next day. Thank you again to Carter for all the support, chocolate, energy goodies and love of the game and the ladies. Special thank you to all the players who traveled from near and far to participate and make the tour the fun experience that it is! And last of all thanks to OB Cues, our title sponsor since 2008. They have the best products and are the best sponsors ever---bar none. Check them out at and be sure to get the Digicue….one of their newest product offerings……you can’t go wrong with this one. Main Event Tournament Payouts 1st $770 Jennifer Kraber 2nd $600 Nicole Keeney 3rd $450 Belinda Lee 4th $340 Tara Williams 5th/6th $190 Ricki Lee Casper Shayla Neris 7th/8th $120 Yvonne Asher Toby Stogner 9th-12th $80 Amanda Lampert Jennifer Pavlovick Terry Petrosino Tera Saunders

POOL - DARTS - FREE POKER Weekly Tournament:

8-Ball Bar Table Every Friday Night at 8PM ADDED MONEY - $10 entry fee - Race to 3/2 - 13 tables Winner Break - Rack your own - BCA Rules

FREE POOL on 8’ tables Mon & Thurs 7pm to 2am 1/2 PRICE POOL on 9’ tables Midnight to 10am

Home of the Young Guns. . who’s next? • 4 - 9’ Diamonds • 15 - TV’s • 14 - 7’ Diamonds • Full Bar Watch Monday Night Matchup on the FREE stream at LIVE STREAMING BY:

Tour angel Carter Nakashima

Best of the Rest Tournament Payouts ($100 added monies) – 14 players 1st $100 Michelle Cortez 2nd $70 Teresa Garland 3rd $45 Kathy Knuth 4th $25 Melissa Smith Free Giveaway Winners $50 Gas Cards (5) – Yvonne Asher, Monica Anderson, Tam Trinh, Lori Maples, Tina Malm Our next stop is September 17-18 at Slick Willie’s in Austin, TX. Good Pool, Good Friends, Good Times – we are the OB Cues Ladies Tour!!!!! Check us out at or stay up to date with instant news by adding us on Facebook/obcuestour.

our: 3-7pm everyd ay OPEN 24 hou rs

open late

3611 N St Peters Pkwy St. Peters, MO 63376 (636) 441-9964

12009 S Pulaski Rd Alsip, IL 60803



“Now offering LEGAL VIDEO GAMING (slot machines)”

Monthly Tournaments

Sept. 24th: One Pocket $5DD0ED0 Oct 8th: 8-Ball A full field) na (based o Nov 19th: 9-Ball Dec 3rd: Bank Pool $50 entry (g. f. included) One Day “IRON MAN” events Double Elim. - Sign-up 12 PM (NOON)


September 2016


WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS If you have any changes to your weekly pool tournaments EMAIL: DATE CITY Mondays Davenport, IA Houston, TX Des Moines, IA Green Bay, WI Tuesdays Lawrence, KS Des Moines, IA Houston, TX Wednesdays McAlester, OK Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA Midwest City, OK St Peters, MO Houston, TX Alsip, IL Oshkosh, WI Thursdays Oshkosh, WI Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA Lawrence, KS Fridays McAlester, OK Houston, TX Coon Rapids, MN Des Moines, IA Farmington, MN Tulsa, OK Poplar Bluff, MO Midwest City, OK Davenport, IA Round Rock, TX Oshkosh, WI Mankato, MN Green Bay, WI St Peters, MO Olathe, KS Olathe, KS Olathe, KS Olathe, KS Saturdays Houston, TX Tulsa, OK Olathe, KS Des Moines, IA Round Rock, TX Houston, TX Tulsa, OK St Peters, MO Springfield, MO Sundays McAlester, OK Des Moines, IA Olathe, KS Davenport, IA Lawrence, KS Round Rock, TX Oshkosh, WI Springfield, MO

LOCATION Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Bogies Billiards Big Dog Billiards KK Billiards Astro’s Big Dog Billiards Bogie’s West Back Alley Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Big Dog Billiards Jamaica Joe’s Teachers Billiards Bogies Billiards Red Shoes Varsity Club Varsity Club Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Big Dog Billiards Astro’s Back Alley Billiards Bogies Billiards CR’s Sports Bar Big Dog Billiards Farmington Billiards Q-Spot Billiards Smokin’ Aces Jamaica Joe’s Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Skinny Bob’s Billiards Varsity Club Kato Cue Club KK Billiards Teachers Billiards Shooters Billiards (1st Fri) Shooters Billiards (2nd Fri) Shooters Billiards (4th Fri) Shooters Billiards (5th Fri) Bogies Billiards T’s Billiards Shooters Billiards Big Dog Billiards Skinny Bob’s Billiards Bogie’s West Q-Spot Billiards Teachers Billiards Shooters Billiards Back Alley Billiards Big Dog Billiards Shooters Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Astro’s Skinny Bob’s Billiards Varsity Club Shooters Billiards

PHONE (563) 359-7225 (281) 821-4544 (515) 266-6100 (920) 432-0059 785-749-7699 (515) 266-6100 (832) 912-4432 (918) 916-2837 (563) 359-RACK (515) 266-6100 (405) 736-0590 (636) 441-9964 (281) 821-4544 (708) 388-3700 (920) 651-0806 (920) 651-0806 (563) 359-7225 (515) 266-6100 785-749-7699 (918) 916-2837 (281) 821-4544 (763) 780-1585 (515) 266-6100 (651) 463-2636 (918) 779-6204 (573) 712-2900 (405) 736-0590 (563) 359-7225 (512) 733-1111 (920) 651-0806 (507) 388-7665 (920) 432-0059 (636) 441-9964 (913) 780-5740 (913) 780-5740 (913) 780-5740 (913) 780-5740 (281) 821-4544 (918) 622-7747 (913) 780-5740 (515) 266-6100 (512) 733-1111 (832) 912-4432 (918) 779-6204 (636) 441-9964 (417) 315-8340 (918) 916-2837 (515) 266-6100 (913) 780-5740 (563) 359-7225 785-749-7699 (512) 733-1111 (920) 651-0806 (417) 315-8340

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME 9-Ball $12 $100 every 16 7PM 9 Ball on 8’ tables-Race 4/3 $7 $100 w/20 8PM Open 8-Ball $10 Call 7PM 9-Ball-Race to 4-Alt Break-DE $10 $50 w/16 7PM BCA 8-Ball $5 Matching Call Handicap 8-Ball-DE $10 Call 7PM 9 Ball-Limit 32 $12 8PM 9 Ball Open - Race to 3 $5 $$$ 7:30PM 8-9-10 Ball Coin Toss $10 (incl g.f.) $100 every 16 6:30PM Call Pocket 9-Ball $10 Call 7PM 9 Ball - 10 & under $15 $5/player 7:30PM 5,6,7 9-Ball - Race to 3+ $13 $5 side pot 7:30PM 8 Ball on 8’ tables-Race 2/1 $7 $100 w/20 8PM 10 Ball $15 Call 8PM 9-Ball Beginners $8 Call Call 9-Ball Intermediate $10 Call Call 8-Ball $5+$3 g,f, $100 every 16 7PM Short Rack 8-Ball-Race to 3 $10 Call 11PM BCA 9-Ball $5 Matching 7PM 8 Ball Open - Race to 3 $10 $$$ 7:30PM 8-Ball-on Bar Tables $10 Call 7PM 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds $16 Break Pot 7PM Open 10-Ball-Race to 6/5 $10 $3/player 7PM 8 or 9-ball rotation $15+$5 g.f. $50 w/16 6:30PM 8-Ball 7 & under $5 Call 9 PM 9 Ball $10 $200 7PM Open 8-Ball - Rated Call Call Call 9-Ball on 7’ Valleys $10 $100 every 16 7PM 9-Ball Race 3/3-Last Woman $ $12 Call 8PM 9-Ball $15 $50 7PM 8-Ball Progressive - Hdcp $16 Call 6:30PM 8-Ball Race to 3/2 $5 $50 w/16 8PM 3,4,5 8-Ball - Race to 2+ $13 $5 side pot 7:30PM 8-9 Ball (even-odd months) $10-Limit 32 $300 Guar 7PM APA 4’s & under 8-Ball $10 $200 Guar 6PM C rated 9-Ball - KC 6 & below $10 $200 Guar 6PM B rated 9-Ball - KC 8 & below $15 $200 Guar 6PM 8-Ball on Bar Tables $10 $$$ 8PM Alt 8/9 Ball - Vegas Style $25 $100 every 8 1PM B Rated 9-Ball-KC B & below $12 Call 6:30PM Bank Ring Game $1/rail Call 8PM 9-Ball Race 4/3 9-Ball Break Pot $12 Call 8PM 8 Ball-Limit 32 $11 $100 w/20 4PM 9-Ball 7 & under $10 (incl. g.f.) Call 9PM 9-Ball - Race to Hcp - DE $15 $5 side pot 1PM 8-Ball $5 $100 7:30PM Scotch Doubles - Race to 3 $10 $$$ 5:30PM 8-Ball / 9-Ball $10 Call 6PM 8-Ball / 9-Ball Big Table Open $12 Call 3PM 10-Ball $12 $100 every 16 7PM 3-Ball Rounds - Winner take all $1 10AM 10-Ball Race 5/3 9-Ball Break Pot $12 Break&Run Pot 2PM 10-Ball on 9’ tables-Race to 5 $15 Call Call Majority Rules $5 $100 6PM

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice


September 2016


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September 2016


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE Sep 1 Sep 1 Sep 2 Sep 2 Sep 3 Sept 3 Sep 3 Sep 9-11 Sep 10 Sep 10 Sep 10 Sep 10 Sep 10-11 Sep 10-11 Sep 15-18 Sep 15-18 Sep 16-18 Sep 17 Sep 17 Sep 17 Sept 17-18 Sep 23-25 Sep 24 Sep 24 Sep 24 Sep 24-25 Sep 25 Sept 24-25 Sep 30-Oct 2 Oct 1 Oct 1 Oct 8 Oct 8 Oct 8-9 Oct 15 Oct 22 Oct 22-24 Oct 27-30 Oct 29 Oct 29 Oct 29 Oct 29-30 Nov 5 Nov 5 Nov 19 Nov 19-20 Nov 25 Nov 26-27 Dec 3 Dec 3

CITY Round Rock, TX Round Rock, TX Round Rock, TX Round Rock, TX Round Rock, TX Decatur, AL McAlester, OK Des Moines, IA Davenport, IA Tulsa, OK McAlester, OK Beloit, WI Cape Girardo, MO Manor, TX New Town, ND New Town, ND N Little Rock, AR McAlester, OK Breese, IL Breese, IL Arlington, TX Beloit, WI McAlester, OK Davenport, IA Alsip, IL League City, TX League City, TX Tulsa, OK Mt Sterling, KY McAlester, OK Decatur, AL Beloit, WI Alsip, IL Manor, TX McAlester, OK McAlester, OK Alsip, IL Chattanooga, TN McAlister, OK Alsip, IL Beloit, WI Indianapolis, IN Decatur, AL Davenport, IA Alsip, IL Lafayette, LA Davenport, IA Davenport, IA Alsip, IL Decatur, AL

LOCATION Skinny Bob’s Skinny Bob’s Skinny Bob’s Skinny Bob’s Skinny Bob’s 6 Pockets Back Alley Billiards Big Dog Billiards Sharkys Billiards T’s Billiards Back Alley Billiards Carom Room Blue Diamond Sports Bar Ramo’s Four Bears Casino Four Bears Casino Krome Billiards Back Alley Billiards Big Stix Big Stix Speed’s Billiards Carom Room Back Alley Billiards Sharkys Billiards Red Shoes Billiards Legends Billiards Legends Billiards T’s Billiards Billy Mack’s Billiards Back Alley Billiards 6 Pockets Carom Room Red Shoes Billiards Ramo’s Back Alley Billiards Back Alley Billiards Red Shoes Billiards Chattanooga Billiard Club Back Alley Billiards Red Shoes Billiards Carom Room Brickyard Billiards 6 Pockets Sharkys Billiards Red Shoes Billiards White Diamond Billiards Sharkys Billiards Sharkys Billiards Red Shoes Billiards 6 Pockets

PHONE 512-733-1111 512-733-1111 512-733-1111 512-733-1111 512-733-1111 256-686-3171 918-916-CUES 515-266-6100 563-359-RACK 918-622-7747 918-916-CUES 608-365-1811 573-837-1148 512-272-4495 701-421-9880 701-421-9880 501-771-0968 918-916-CUES 618-526-7706 618-526-7706 817-640-7675 608-365-1811 918-916-CUES 563-359-RACK 708-388-3700 281-332-7716 281-332-7716 918-622-7747 606-495-7275 918-916-CUES 256-686-3171 608-365-1811 708-388-3700 512-272-4495 918-916-CUES 918-916-CUES 708-388-3700 423-499-3883 918-916-CUES 708-388-3700 608-365-1811 317-248-0555 256-686-3171 563-359-RACK 708-388-3700 337-989-9889 563-359-RACK 563-359-RACK 708-388-3700 256-686-3171

EVENT / RULES Scotch Doubles 9-Ball-Limit 32 9-Ball Single Elim - Limit 128 Ring Game Limit 16 9-Ball Limit 128 Ladies Division 9-Ball-Limit 32 9-Ball Progressive 8-Ball Open No Master 8-Ball Pick Your Poison 8-9-10-Ball 9-Ball one foul - 8 & under 7 & under 8-Ball Open 8-Ball Open (T W Y M) 9-Ball Bar Table Classic 9-Ball 8-Ball Open Men’s 8-Ball Open Women’s 9-Ball Open 9-Ball Open 8-Ball Women’s 8-Ball-Limit 16 9-Ball limit 80 10-Ball 6 & Under 8-Ball Open 9-Ball-Only Diamond Duel One Pocket Houston 9-Ball Open-Limit 128 Women’s Tournament Open 9-Ball Open 10-Ball-Limit 64 Progressive 8-Ball Open 9-Ball No Master 9-Ball 8-Ball 9-Ball Open 9-Ball 6 & Under 8-Ball Nick Varner World Champion TN State 8-Ball Open-Limit 64 Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles NAPT Women’s 9-Ball Open 9-Ball 35th Midwest Bar Table-Limit 64 9-Ball Open 8-Ball-Only Diamond Duel 9-Ball Super 9-Ball-Limit 128 Black Friday 9-Ball 8-Ball Throw Down-Limit 96 Bank Pool 9-Ball

ENTRY $125 team $25 $100 $125 $75 $35 $20 $40 incl g.f. $40 incl g.f. $20+$10 g.f. $20 $50/$40/$30 $60 $45 incl gf $130 incl gf $75 incl gf $45 $20 $25+$10 g.f. $25+$10 g.f. $50 $150 $20 $40 incl g.f. $50 incl g.f. $100+g.f. $35 $20+$10 g.f. $60 $20 $35 $40 $50 incl g.f. $45 incl gf $20 $20

ADDED TIME $1,000 11AM Call 8PM Call 3PM $8,000 8:30PM $2,000 6PM $500 7PM Call 2PM $2,000 w/128 6PM $1,000 Noon $100 every 10plyr 1PM Call 2PM $1,000 w/64 Call $5,000 Guar Noon $500 w/ff 1PM $25,000 w/Calc Call $10,000 w/Calc Call 2,000 Guar 6PM Call 2PM $400 w/50 11AM $100 11AM $1500 10:30AM $8,500 Guar Call Call 2PM $1,000 Noon $500 w/ff Noon $7,500 w/128 Call $1,000 Call $100 every 8plyr Noon $3,000 7:30PM Call 2PM $500 7PM $1,000 w/64 10AM $500 w/ff Noon $500 w/ff 1PM Call 2PM Call 2PM Specialty Clinics Call 4 info $150+$25 fees $5,000 Guar Call $30 Call 2PM $50 $20 per player 11:30AM $40 $1,000 w/64 10AM $100 $2,000 Guar Opens 9AM $35 $500 7PM $40 incl g.f. $1,000 Noon $50 incl g.f. $500 w/ff Noon $40 $1,000 Call $50 incl g.f. $1,000 Noon $50 incl g.f. $1,500 Noon $50 incl g.f. $500 w/ff Noon $35 $500 7PM




September 2016

September 3-5 - Texas Open 9-ball Round Rock, Austin, TX Level 2, Grade 2 October - Gotham City Billiards Pro 9 BallClassic Brooklyn, NY Level 2, Grade 3 September 15-184 Bears 8 Ball ClassicNew Town, North Dakota Level 3 Grade 1 October 7-9 - Chinook Winds Open 10 BallLincoln City, Oregon Level 3, Grade 2 October - US Open 9 BallNorfolk, Virginia Level 1 Rack’em


June/July 2016






MULTI-TOOL MAGNETIC CLIP CHALKER In black, burgundy, purple or white

Features a tapper, shaper, trimmer & burnisher In black, blue, gold or red




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Profile for Rackem Magazine

Rack'em Pool Magazine September Issue 2016  

Justin Bergman captures 2 titles and the all around at the USBTC ... get the very latest Mosconi Cup Points .... more upcoming tournaments ....

Rack'em Pool Magazine September Issue 2016  

Justin Bergman captures 2 titles and the all around at the USBTC ... get the very latest Mosconi Cup Points .... more upcoming tournaments ....