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Rackem February 2016


Shaw Wins Bigfoot Photo by: Ricky Bryant - RB Promotions

BIGFOOT 10 BALL INVITATIONAL January 22 - 25, 2016 - Elizabeth, Indiana THE FINALS by: Philip Capelle on Facebook MATCH 15: Jayson Shaw 11 - Shane Van Boening 5 The first order of business is to congratulate Jayson Shaw on winning the 2016 DCC Bigfoot 10 Ball Invitational. Now, how did he do it? How did he manage to beat Shane Van Boening, the man who had beaten 11 champions in a row to arrive at the precipice of his third straight in this event? Well, he kicked in a ball to win the first game. Van Boening won a safety battle to take game 2. Shaw then ran 10 and out after Van Boening broke dry. Van Boening executed a precise cluster break to win the next game. But he fouled and Shaw ran out to capture game five. Shaw came up empty on the break and, after a safety battle, Van Boening ran out. So, after six games, the score was tied at 3-3. At this point it looked like these two would remain in lockstep until the end. But then Shaw’s offense exploded. After Van Boening broke dry, Shaw banked the 3-ball into the 10-ball to take a 4-3 lead. Then he broke and ran out two games in a row, made a jump shot on the 2-ball and ran out the next game, then broke and ran out again to zoom into a 9-3 lead. Van Boening won after Shaw missed a routine shot on the 6-ball, and he won the next with a long rail bank after Shaw missed shape on the 10-ball and had to play safe. Shaw rebounded after Van Boening missed the 8-ball, and then ran 8 and out when Van Boening missed again in the following rack. Shaw had reached the hill and he broke and ran out to claim the victory. Shaw’s TPA was .893 while Van Boening’s was .776. 1st $16,000 Jayson Shaw 2nd $8,000 Shane Van Boening 3/4 $4,000 Dennis Orcollo and Efren Reyes


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February 2016 Rackem

Photo by: Ricky Bryant - RB Promotions

John Brumback wins Bank Pool!


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2016 Derby City Classic BANK POOL by: Philip Capelle on Facebook Congratulations to John Brumback on his third win in the DCC Classic Bank Pool Division. Jayson Shaw, who won the Bigfoot 10-Ball challenge on Monday, was his opponent in the finals. Shaw won the first game, 5-4, but Brumback cruised to a quick 5-1 win in game 2. In the third game of this race to three the two players traded safeties, misses, and scratches in a marathon that Shaw eventually took, 5-4. But Brumback, considered by many to be the world’s best bank pool player, dominated the next rack, 5-2, to send the match into double hill. He pocketed a ball on the break and pocketed three banks. Shaw missed and Brumback made another bank, then Shaw missed again and Brumback pocketed an easy cross corner bank for the title. While Shaw did not win, he did stake his claim as the early favorite in the race to win the Master of the Table. 1st $10,000 John Brumback 2nd $4,800 Jayson Shaw 3rd $2,500 Alex Olinger 4th $1,900 Dennis Orcollo, Billy Thorpe, Earl Strickland 7th $1,400 Francisco Bustamante, Jeremy Jones, Corey Deuel 10th $1,000 Jesse Bowman, Shane Van Boening 12th $700 Vincent Vaughn, Efren Reyes, Alex Pagulayan Josh O’Neal, John Morra, Warren Kiamco, Louis DeMarco, Darren Appleton 20th $450 Michael Wong, Danny Smith, Shannon Murphy, Justin Hall, Mike Davis, Shannon Daulton, CarloBiado, Omar Al Shaheen

Rackem February 2016


SHANE VAN BOENING Victorious 9-Ball 2016 DERBY CITY CLASSIC 9-BALL FINALS by: Philip Capelle on Facebook Shane Van Boening 9 – Alex Pagulayan 4 Shane Van Boening won the first game, then broke in the 9-ball, sending a message that perhaps this was his night. He pocketed a bank/combo on a hanging 9-ball after Pagulayan had missed a billiard in game 4. Then in game 5 he made a jump shot on the 4-ball, a crossover bank on the 5, and proceeded to run out. In game 6 Van Boening broke and ran out, won game 7, then rolled in a long shot off of the end rail on the 2-ball and broke and ran game 8 to lead the match 8 games to zip. Van Boening had a chance to make a kick combo on the 1-9, but missed. Pagulayan put together an outstanding run, broke and then pocketed a 3-9 kick combo, and broke and ran two more to trail, 8-4. It looked like his streak would continue, but he missed an easy shot on the2-balll and Van Boening closed out the game and the match. Congratulations to Shane Van Boening!!

Photo by: Ricky Bryant - RB Promotions


2016 8

1st $16,000 2nd $7,250 3rd $5,300 4th $4,000 5/6 $3,000 7-10 $2,100 11-16 $1,250 17-28 $850 29-44 $500

February 2016 Rackem

VanBoening, Shane Pagulayan, Alex Orcullo, Dennis Ignacio, Jefferey Corteza, LeeVan / Klatt, Jason Pa, Pin Chung Ko / Frost, Scott / Chinakhov, Ruslan Bustamante, Francisco Feijen, Niels / Gorst, Fedor / Morra, John / Pin Yi Ko / Reyes, Efren / Stepanov, Konstantin Bautista, Reuben / Bongers, Tobias / Brown, Jason / Chohan, Tony Owen, Gabe / Shuff, Brandon / D’Alfonso, Tom / McMinn, Shane Salim, Can / Wilkie, Shaun / Seroshtan, Andrey / Lely, Alex Baraks, James / Bennett, Keith Gabriel, John / Gomez, Roberto Hjorleifson, Erik / Kiamco, Warren Martinez, Jonny / McDaniel, Chris Niepoetter, Drake / Oneal, Joshua Renteria, Erik / Roberts, Josh Rodriquez, Jorge / Tourangeau, Joseph West, Kevin / Woodward, Skyler

Pagulayan Alex Pagulayan is the DCC 1-Pocket Division Champion for the second year in a row. Pagulayan became the third player to win multiple DCC 1-Pocket titles when he defeated Niels Feijen in the finals, 3-1. He and Shane Van Boening (2010-11) have both won back-to-back titles. In the finals Alex faced Niels Feijen. They traded the first two games. The third game saw an hour long match with back and forth advantages for both players but Pagulayan emerged victorious , score 2-1. The fourth and final game the two traded shots with Niels missing a combo shot and Alex securing the win! Congratulations! 397 entries 1st $12,000 Alex Pagulayan 2nd $6,000 Niels Feijen 3rd $4,000 Shannon Murphy 4/5 $2,700 Jayson Shaw, Corey Deuel 6-8 $1,725 Mike Davis, Dennis Orcollo, Efren Reyes 9-12 $1,150 James Baraks, Justin Bergman, Carlo Biado, Shane Van Boening 13-19 $750 Taylor Anderson, Darren Appleton, Bobby McGrath, Francisco Bustamante, Yu Hsuan Cheng, Evan Lunda, Jose Parica 20-31 $500 Jason Brown, Jesse Bowman Tony Chohan, Justin Hall Jeremy Jones, Ellis Kane Warren Kiamco, Shane McMinn Joshua Oneal, Richie Richeson Ike Runnels, Tommy Tokoph 32-46 $350 Lawrence Everson, Kevin Forgette Scott Frost, Gary Lutman Timothy Orange, Charlie Philippou Gabe Owen, Glenn Rogers Josh Roberts, John Morra David Grossman, Bernie Pettipiece Alex Olinger, Don Branson Alan Rudder

Photo by: Ricky Bryant - RB Promotions

Takes One Pocket Back-to-Back

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February 2016


Big Dog Billiards


DES MOINES, IA Shane VanBoening was here from Wednesday January 14th though Sunday January 17th. On Friday, June 15, Shane VanBoening played in our weekly Friday Night Open 10 Ball tournament, and won, Anthony Ehlers came in 2nd, A BIGFOOT 10BALL match-up between Shane VanBoening and Lee Vann Corteza held on January 17th. Shane won, 3028.

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February 2016 Rackem

Tony Sulsar is Back

Tony Sulsar, (1st) Daniel Herring (2nd), and Devin Poteet (3rd)

ing three OB Cues to the top ranked 3 players at the end of the year! BCAPL/CSI has joined again and will be giving away 5 BCAPL free entry fees the 2017 BCAPL Nationals. Tournament Director Melinda Bailey would like to thank Rusty’s Billiards owners and staff for their awesome hospitality all weekend! She would also like to thank her fabulous team: Heather Farr and Dana Speed. A big thank you also goes out to Michael Hoang, main sponsor of the Tour and owner of Omega Billiards Supply in Hurst, TX. Michael and Omega Billiards Supply are well known for the huge booths at many large tournaments across the country. The next stop will be held Feb 20-21 at The Billiard Den in Richardson, Texas. $1,500 added and limited to the first 80 PAID players (already full). We will have ten stops total again in 2016. Pool is alive and thriving in Texas! Check out the website for more details: And follow the brackets live online at:


On the weekend of January 9-10, the Omega Billiards Tour Season Finale was hosted by Rusty’s Billiards in Arlington, Texas. The staff and owners treated the players well with great service and an amazing atmosphere, and they took care of all us all weekend long covering very long hours and we very much appreciate each and every one of them! We were able to extend the field to 97 players! Highest number so far on the Tour, and it was a great way to open the 2016 Omega Billiards Tour Season! Always a top contender, Daniel Herring had a heck of a tourney with wins over Trent Stith 7-2, Gary Pope 7-0, Thomas Barrington 7-1, Phillip Palmer 7-6, Tony Matthew 7-4, and Friday Abismo 7-2 to make it to the hot seat match. Tony Sulsar was making strides on the top half of the board with wins over Shane Minihan 8-6, Casey Dawson 8-0, a hill-hill thriller match over 18-year-old Devin Poteet 8-7, Eric Hsu 8-2, Larry Land 8-1, and Mike Voelkering 8-3. The young gun Devin made a tear on the one-loss side after he lost hill-hill against Tony Sulsar. He defeated Noreen Moy 8-0, Jamie Welch 8-4, Nick Conner 8-5, Curtis Cardwell 8-4, Chris Ferguson 8-5, Crispian Ng 8-5, and Friday Abismo 8-4. Mike Voelkering would have a GREAT finish - he played with a lot of focus all weekend and placed an impressive 4th after a tough loss against Devin 8-5. In the hot seat match Tony Sulsar and Daniel Herring were battling it out Daniel came on top 7-2. This meant rematch for Devin and Tony in the semi-final match and it was another nail biter and close match with Tony inching out the win 8-6. Congrats to Devin for his fantastic 3rd place! Tony then got another chance at Daniel Herring in the finals. Tony would need to defeat Daniel twice, and twice he did, 8-2 and 8-4. BIG congrats for a hard fight to Daniel for placing an impressive 2nd place! And also to Tony Sulsar who made up for his lack of high finishes last year to start the season out with the FIRST PLACE title! Congrats also to Friday and Greg Sandifer for 5th/6th place, and Tony Matthew and Crispian Ng for 7th/8th places. Congrats to ALL the players and fans for a great event! A HUGE thank you goes out to our sponsors Omega Billiards Supply, Predator Cues, BCAPL/CSI, and OB Cues. We would also like to give a big thanks to our additional sponsors, Irving Ink and Thread,, Pool School, and This year OB Cues is our Ranking sponsor and will be donat-

1 $1000 2 $640 3 $510 4 $455 5/6 $350 7/8 $200 9-12 $100 13-16 $75 17-24 $50 Last Lady $50

Tony Sulsar Daniel Herring Devin Poteet Mike Voelkering Friday Abismo, Greg Sandifer Tony Matthe, Crispian Ng Mike Nagaki, Chris Ferguson, Larry Land, Jack Lynch Eric Hsu, Curtis Cardwell, Phillip Palmer, Bobby Diggs Cory Anderson, Keith Aikens, Nick Conner, Vincent Tovar, Ed Redman, Steve Raynes, Douglas Pitts, Jesse Hernandez Julie Stephenson

Rackem February 2016


SHUT UP AND PRACTICE! © 2015 – All Rights Reserved –

Tom Simpson

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson


Most of us don’t have the raw natural talent to become great players without working at it. If you’re good, you practice. If you want to be good, you practice. You won’t be getting better if you’re not practicing. And meanwhile, somebody else, who may beat you in the future, is putting in that practice time. If you actually want to get better, you’ll make time for practice. 15 minutes of concentrated practice will do more for your game than hours of play. “OK. I practice. I drill a few straight-ins, shoot a coupla spot shots, try a cross-side bank, and I’m ready to play,” you might say. I’d say this is all useful, but it’s not practice. It’s checking out the equipment and your stroke. Many players practice by throwing a few balls on the table and trying to run them out. Other times, they shoot low percentage shots. This is fun stuff. When you succeed, you look good and feel good. When you fail, well, it was a low percentage shot, what the hey? If you only practice what you’re already good at, you’ll look great, but your game will not improve. Practicing what’s easy is too easy. On the other hand, don’t spend your practice time on extremely difficult shots. You’re going to miss them and not know why. You won’t get better, and with all that missing, you won’t be building your confidence. Practicing failure is not a good idea. What types of things should you practice? Practice the things you do worst. This is obvious, but how many players actually do this? How else are you going to get better at them? Improving your worst things will raise your entire game. How about practicing that shot that cost you the match, that angle you always see wrong, shooting softly, shooting hard, getting position when the object ball is hanging in the

February 2016 Rackem

corner pocket, drawing more accurately, remembering to plan at least three balls ahead, checking where your tip is actually hitting the cueball (vs. what you believe), experimenting with controlling sidespin, jumping, curving, rail shots, kicks, banks, etc. There is enough to keep you engaged for a lifetime. So, there’s banging balls around the table, and then there’s practice. BCA Master Instructor Jerry Briesath says “Perfect practice makes perfect.” He means you get better not just because you practice, but because you practice the right things, in an effective way. I say “Practice makes permanent. ” You have to “burn in” your improvements, or they will fade away. Often, the most effective way to practice is what’s called “progressive practice.” Billiard Digest columnist Bob Jewett promotes this method, and I’ve seen it yield wonderful results. Here’s how it works. Pick a shot or skill to work with. Let’s say it’s medium speed spot shots. The usual practice method – setting it up and having a whack at it 5 or 10 times – is not going to help much if you’re only making it 1 time out of 5. The trick to progressive practice is to start with the easiest possible version of the shot , instead of starting where you’re already having trouble. So, for our spot shot example, spot the object ball, and then move the cueball forward along the line to the object ball until it’s only a diamond or so away. Shoot the shot. If you make it, move the cueball back a diamond or a half diamond for the next try (making it progressively harder). Shoot 15 or 20 times. If you miss, move forward to the next easiest shot position. When you make it, make the next one a little tougher. This type of practice quickly shows you where your trouble begins, and keeps you working right near the edge of your current ability. Try it. Make progress.


TEACHING POOL How to Help Players with Their Game

Michael K Glass

Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

How many of you have experienced this? You’re at the local pool room, playing a few sets of 9-ball. At the next table over, you see a young couple playing, both of whom have obviously just picked up a cue for the first time. The young man, although he has terrible form, makes a ball every once in a while, while the young lady is lucky to even hit the cue ball. Even more amusing is that he is “teaching” her how to aim at the ball she’s trying to make. And he’s doing it all wrong! After enduring the pain for a while, you decide that something really needs to be done before they end up ripping the cloth or spilling their beers on the table. Before you do, let me give you some advice. First, consider not giving them any help. There’s a good chance they are on a date, and the last thing they really need is someone intruding on their personal space. Observe them (but don’t be creepy about it!), and try to determine if they are just having a good time while having a drink, or if they are frustrated because they can’t seem to get it right. If they are laughing and having a good time, leave them alone. If they do look like they might need help, engage them in conversation first. Develop a bit of a rapport with them before launching into a pool lesson. Once you have exchanged pleasantries for a while, casually offer some help if they want it. No doubt by now they have probably observed your game, and can see that you are good. Leave it up to them to ask for help, and do not be pushy or aggressive. Assuming that they do want your help, and you’re ready to teach them, what should you tell them? Hopefully by now, you have observed a few things (stance, bridging, aim), and have some idea. If you haven’t, then have him take a few shots, or even play a game against him to observe. Sometimes, he’ll know what he’s having trouble with (“I can’t seem to shoot straight”), so you’ll know what to look for (proper alignment, pendulum swing, etc.). Sometimes they’ll have no idea, and it will be up to you to figure it out for them. I know a guy who absolutely loves to teach people how to play pool. The only problem is that he is very negative. He’ll observe you shooting a shot, then immediately tell you everything you are doing wrong. I believe this is the wrong approach. I’m not here to teach you to be an instructor, and I

don’t have any patented techniques for turning someone into a professional. However, there are right and wrong ways to teach, and I’ll share some of my own ideas with you. I don’t believe in the word “don’t.” When I am teaching one of my students, I try to focus on the positive. For example, if they are gripping the cue too tightly, instead of saying to them “don’t grip the cue so tightly,” I suggest to them that they might have better results gripping with just their index finger and thumb wrapped around the grip, with their other fingers loose. I’ll explain the reason, as well, so they understand why. If they stand up during their shot, instead of saying “don’t stand up during your shot,” I’ll let them know that staying down on the shot helps ensure that they follow through properly, increasing their chance of making the ball. I am also a strong believer in self-evaluation. After a successful shot, I’ll ask my student how the shot felt. I want them to focus on the feel of the shot, so that they remember it, and attempt to repeat it. If they make a mistake, I’ll ask them what they think went wrong. If they are on the wrong track, I’ll remind them to check their grip, or alignment, or not to forget to chalk. I also sometimes will take a video of their shot, from a position that helps emphasize the mistake(s) they are making. I’ll then show them the video, and ask them what they see. Even if I have to point out the mistake, I will be sure to show them what they are doing well, too (“See how your elbow doesn’t drop during this shot? That’s awesome!”). Pool is fun. Sometimes (especially during tournaments and league competition) we can forget that, and be especially hard on ourselves. But for most people, it’s a recreational game that’s fun to play. If your teaching only focuses on the negative, all you are going to do is drive people away from the game. Be positive. Praise your student when they do well, and encourage them when they do not. And learn to recognize when they just want to play. Buy them a round, and go back to your game. If you would like to share some of your success stories (or even the failures), or have suggestions for future articles, please feel free to drop me a line at I can also be found hanging out with fellow billiards enthusiasts at billiards. Come on by and join the discussion!

Rackem February 2016


San Francisco Billiard Academy PBIA certified instruction is available for all levels from beginners to instructor training.


Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett


How consistent is your one-rail kicking with side spin? Suppose you are faced with kick shots like A1-A3 where you need to kick at a ball but obstructions keep you from using the natural angle so you are forced to go straight into the first rail. Do you have any method or system to get to the 1 ball? There are a bunch of systems that help on shots like this, but let’s work on developing your own for your own stroke and your own table. Start with shot A1. Hit the cue ball on the equator with some right side spin. For a start try lining the shot up so edge of your cue stick is right at the centerline of the cue ball. That means that the tip is 1/2 tip diameter to the right of hitting the cue ball in the exact center. Carefully come straight through at that point and see where the cue ball goes. Also be careful to shoot straight across the table and avoid the tendency to shoot along the no-English kick path. Also try reversing the shot so that you are using 3 left English the other way across the table. If the cue ball doesn’t come off the cushion at about the same angle, you have a problem seeing the center of the cue ball which needs to be fixed before you go on. Adjust the amount of side spin so that you pocket the 1 ball. Practice until you make the shot -which is pretty easy for a kick shot -- three times in a row. Next move on to shot A2. You will need to hit the cue ball with about twice as much side spin as A1. Again, practice the shot until you make it three in a row. And again, try it in the other direction (with left English) to make sure your left is the same as your right. Finally, try A3. Have you remembered to chalk and also to check your tip for proper chalking before you shoot? 2 Some people refer to these amounts of English as 1 tip, 2 tips and 3 tips. If the offsets you end up using for these three shots look like some convenient part of a tip, such as 1, 2, and 3 halftip offsets, that’s great but you will probably just have to remember how far from center you have to hit for each shot. For the shots B1-B3 to make the 2 ball you are shooting the long way on the table so the amount of side spin is roughly half of the spin on the corresponding A shots. That is, shot B1 should require half as much offset as A1 since the angle change off the far rail is half as much. These shots are quite a bit harder due to the much longer travel. Also, since the ball has a longer path to the rail, it will tend to lose more of its spin on the trip down. Next, try the shots from the B positions to the

February 2016 Rackem



A1 A2 A3





3 ball in the side pocket. These shots should be the same as the A shots since the cue ball needs to make the same angle off the cushion as those shots. The main difference will be the loss of spin on the cloth. See if you notice a difference from the A shots. Finally, just for fun, kick at the 2 ball from the B1 position, and see how far out on the cushion you can shoot (to your right) and still come back to make the 2 ball. With your best side spin -- and a little bit of draw to multiply the effect of the side spin -- you should be able to shoot nearly out to the X and still come back to make the 2 ball.


Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his poolplaying career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

One of the most A good instructor challenging aspects always returns calls of playing pool is or emails in a timely knowing how to fashion. choose the right They Should be kind of coach to Great Players: get you started There are many on a pathway to reputable instructors proficiency. Your that can be found goal should be online through the to find a teacher American CueSports that has a keen Association (ACS) understanding of or Professional both the mental and Billiards Instructors mechanical aspects Association (PBIA) JERALD CLEM & ANTHONY BEELER of the game. Your websites. However, Photo Courtesy of Kendra Peek & The Advocate Messenger teacher should be there are also many a talented communicator, someone who can help certified instructors that are more than willing to you enhance your own physical and mental playing teach you both the physical and mental aspects of abilities. the game without having taken the time to master The first thing to remember when looking for a the skills themselves. You will want to find an quality pool instructor is that there are no miracle instructor that has at least won a few tournaments. workers. The billiards industry is filled with You will also want to find out if your prospective instructors who advertise how their teachings will instructor has played on the national level and what improve your game by two balls overnight. That’s his or her top finishes were. This will tell you if not going to happen, believe it! they have developed the skills necessary to teach. If A proficient instructor will know how to assess your they can’t defeat players on a national level, chances skills and recognize what areas you need to improve are they won’t be able to help you to improve your upon. They should be able to help you get the most game beyond the local level. out of your game without requiring you to practice They Must Be Serious: When you’re serious about for an unreasonable amount of time. the game of pool, you want to make sure that Coaching Skills: Your instructor should be able to your instructor is just as serious about the game coach you in a way that will help you build both a as you are. Make sure that you research several solid physical and mental game. They should have instructors to ensure that the one you choose has a positive outlook and be easy to work with. An the background and skills necessary to improve instructor that is always focusing on how the pros your game. “do it” without taking into consideration your own 21st Century Instruction: In the past, students were personal limitations may cause you problems over often limited to instruction from pool teachers the long haul. Your instructor living in their geographic area. However, Virtual should be patient and have Billiard Academy has revolutionized the way that an outline of how they plan students learn how to play the game by offering to get you started in the classes over the Internet. If you live several miles direction that you want to from a certified instructor or if you want to learn go. pool from the convenience of your home, you Listening Abilities: You will need to check out We offer also want to find a coach several months of instruction for roughly the same who is willing to listen to cost most instructors charge for one day of face-towhatever you have to say. face instruction. They should be willing No matter which direction you decide to go, the to answer any questions bottom line is a highly qualified instructor will that you might have. Even teach you both basic and advanced skills that when you’re not involved are both physical and mental in nature. A good in a lesson, your instructor instructor will also guide you in the direction should be easy to reach. that you need to be taken. Don’t be stuck with a Many students tend to be negative outlook. Enroll with a quality certified impatient and want answers instructor and begin developing a more positive to their questions right away. and powerful game of pool.

Rackem February 2016



STEFANO PELINGA Stefano Pelinga (born 1964) hails from Rome, Italy, where he has served since 1985 as a police officer for the Italian government (Polizia di Stato), until his retirement in 2011. He began to play pool at the age of 12, drawing inspiration from his favorite singer and actor, Dean Martin. Stefano, currently a 5-time World Champion in Pool Trick Shots, won several titles in Italy in straight pool and nine-ball throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. In 1990, he devoted himself entirely to “Artistic Pool,” commonly referred to in its practice as “Trick Shots.” Due to his outstanding achievements, Stefano is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest Trick Shot champions in the history of the sport, and has earned a spot in ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic Hall of Fame. Most importantly, on November 17, 2012, Stefano was inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. In the presence of approximately 500 VIP guests and many sports stars such as Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Tony Esposito and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Stefano was awarded this honor, becoming a member of this group of legendary Italian Americans.


One of the most traditional and popular trick shots ever is certainly the “Railroad Shot”. There are at least 4-5 different variations of it but for now I am going to introduce you to its classic version. If any of you has the complete DVD collection of Dean Martin’s Variety Show (like I do), you will see Dean attempting this shot in a 1966 episode of his extremely popular TV show. If you wish, you can also watch it on my Facebook page: Start by getting 3 standard-length house cues and lay them on the table as shown in the diagram: all three of them need to have their butts stuck inside the corner pocket. Two cues lay parallel and frozen to each other aiming at the Yellow Ball, while you will need to take the third one apart by sliding it away as much as possible, thus forming a fairly wide funnel. Because of the length of the 3 cues, this shot cannot be done on a 7-foot table and it is pretty tight on an 8-foot one. Place a couple of balls (the Green and the Red Ball in the diagram) frozen to each other, perpendicular to the long rail and in front of the top half of the side pocket, with the left edge of the Green Ball even with the long rail’s edge. Then place the third Object Ball (the Yellow Ball) by the side pocket, using the bottom half of it, and close to its edge. The Cue Ball should be placed behind the first diamond from the side pocket and at about 1/2 ball distance from the long rail. Lean your cue on the rail, between your index and middle fingers and aim the right half of the Red Ball, using 2 tips of left English on the Cue Ball. Basically the only difficulty of this shot is represented by Speed Control. Try using a 2.5-3 speed stroke but it may vary according to different tables, rails and cloth. The Green Ball will be sunk first in the side pocket followed by the Red Ball in the corner pocket. The Cue Ball will travel 3 rails and while heading for the bottom right corner pocket, climb onto the cues which will serve as a railroad. Then the CB, if struck with the right speed, will make a switch in the pocket and come down picking up speed along the two frozen cues until it will pocket the last OB in the side. Needless to say that if you shoot the CB too hard, it will “derail” while making the switch. If you hit it too softly, it will not manage to climb up the cues and will slowly reverse its path. What a great crowd-pleaser!

February 2016 Rackem

Rackem January 2016


MUSIC CITY OPEN Staff Jan. 19, 2016

On the loss side, the casualty list was growing, and it included Archer, Bergman, Josh Roberts, Alex Olinger, and Jason Klatt (again, among others). By the time Woodward and Richeson showed up, the loss-side list was down to Shane Winters, and geographically appropriate Jonathan “Hennessee from Tennessee” Pinegar. Winters drew Richeson and defeated him 11-1. Woodward got Pinegar and took him out 11-4. Woodward ended Winters’ weekend with an 11-9 victory in the quarterfinals and then eliminated Jones 11-7 in the semifinals. Early in the re-match, double elimination finals, it looked as though it was going to be a grind. Woodward and McMinn fought back and forth to a 7-7 tie in the opening set, before Woodward caught a gear and closed it out with four straight. McMinn had dropped his last 9-ball. Woodward shut him out 11-0 in the second set to claim the title. In the Ladies’ tournament, it was the eventual winner, Brittany Bryant and Stacie Bourbeau in the hot seat match. Bryant had sent Stephanie Goins to the loss side 7-1, as Bourbeau was defeating Liz Lovely 7-5. Bryant claimed the hot


On the loss side, Goins and Lovely picked up Samantha Patton and Julie Cone, respectively. Lovely and Patton prevailed to face each other in the quarterfinals, won by Lovely. Lovely took advantage of her rematch versus Bourbeau in the semifinals, winning for a shot at Bryant in the hot seat. Bryant closed it out in the finals to take the Music City Ladies title. In two brackets (A & B) of a Midnight Madness tournament, Justin Bergman went home with the top prize in the A bracket, with Danny Smith in the runner-up slot. Shane Winters took home the top prize in the B bracket, with Josh Roberts in second place.

$4,000/$5,780 $2,630/$4,100 $1,725/$2,455 $1,100/$1,630 $790 $800 7/8 $470 $400 9-12 $275 13-16 $190

Sky Woodward Shane McMinn Jeremy Jones Shane Winters Richie Richeson, Jonathan Vinegar Robb Saez, Jamie Baraks Mike Gann, Jerry Clayman, Bobby McGrath, Danny Smith Jeff Ignacio, Josh O’Neal, Jason Klatt, Matt Bulfin

17-24 $130

ult s

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6


Shane McMinn, who, in a field that included competitors like Woodward, Justin Bergman, Johnny Archer, Robb Saez, and Jeremy Jones (among others), might have been perceived as something of a dark horse at the beginning of the Open event. He was raising a few eyebrows as he moved into his winners’ side semifinal match against Woodward. Jeremy Jones, in the meantime, squared off against Richie Richeson. Jones sent Richeson to the loss side 11-2, as McMinn raised a few more eyebrows with an 11-5 victory over Mosconi Cup competitor, Woodward. McMinn went on to claim the hot seat 11-7 over Jones.

seat 7-2 and waited on the return of Lovely.


MADISON, TN Skyler Woodward took the loss-side route to meet and defeat Shane McMinn in the finals of the 29th Annual Music City Open, held on the weekend of January 13-17. Brittany Bryant picked the undefeated option in capturing the Ladies title, defeating Liz Lovely in the finals. The $6,000-added Open drew 128 entrants, while the $1,000-added Ladies event drew Sky Woodward & Shane McMinn 64 to JOB Billiard Club in Madison, TN. Selected matches were streamed throughout the weekend via the services of PoolActionTV and its host, Ray Hansen. The booth saw Buddy Halltake a turn at the microphone.

February 2016 Rackem

25-32 $100

Alex Olinger, David Styers, Johnny Archer, Josh Roberts, Cory Morphew, Robert Green, Chuck Ralston, Justin Bergman Jerry Harris, Jason Jones, Nick Hickerson, Chase Ruder, James Roberts, James Blacburn, Joe Keith, Cliff Joyner

10-Ball East Coast Cup Feb 19-21, 2016 - $10,000 1st place Call Tony 484-860-5229

1713 Markley Street Norristown,PA 610.278.1595

Diveney Custom Cues P














th 6 2 1 2 June 0 1 6 2



M O I N E S ,

Custom Cues, Inc.











Rackem February 2016



hinook C inds W 8pen O 3



Our Sponsors:

Visitor and Convention Bureau

BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS March 11-13, 2016 Lincoln City, Oregon

Men’s Division $12,000 added/$10K 1st place if full field (96) Race to 7 Alternate Breaks, CSI/BCAPL Rules Mosconi Cup Affiliate

Entry Fee: $175 (includes $25 green fee)

Women’s Division $5,000 added/$4K 1st place if full field (32) Race to 7 Alternate Breaks, CSI/BCAPL Rules

Entry Deadline: March 1, 2016 Entry Forms will be at soon Bud Light WarmUp Tournament: Thursday, March 10 (details TBA) Calcutta: Friday, March 11, 4p Play will begin immediately following Calcutta Questions: Mike Jensen (360-703-4081) or Andrew Monstis (503-422-0623)

2016 Wisconsin Junior State 8-Ball Champs Crowned

14U Boys

14U Girls

January 26, 2016 (Denver, CO): The first annual Wisconsin Junior State 8-Ball Championships boasted 23 players, representing 3 states. The event took place Saturday, January 23 at the Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center during the Badger State Games. This event was not possible without the efforts of American CueSports Alliance (ACS) Executive Director, John Lewis. The winners from each of the three divisions received paid entry into the 2016 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships, including the runner-up from the 14 & Under Boys division. The top three finishers from each division received medals and other prizes, including BRAD Scuffers. Each of the participants also received 2-packs of Masters chalk provided by Tweeten.

For more information on sponsoring, hosting, or participating in a Junior State Championship, visit or call (303) 926-1039. Complete list of nationwide junior events listed here:

18U Boys

-00 59

Tuesday Night 9-Ball at 8PM 10-Ball Break & Run pot

31 8

y, WI .G re en St

wi 3





0) 8





Monday - Friday 5PM - 7PM

to le



., a









0) 43 2


Hours Mon-Sat: 10:30 am-2:00 am Sun: 12:00 pm-2:00 am

18 & Under Boys Medalists: Gold – Brandon Van Overbeke (Marshall, MN) Silver – Dakota Knutson (Green Bay, WI) Bronze – Jared Johnson (Jacob, WI) 14 & Under Boys Medalists: Gold – Kaiden Hunkins (Waukesha, WI) Silver – Ethan Laughlin (Monticello, MN) Bronze – Parker Jakubczak (Grand Rapids, MI) 14 & Under Girls Medalists: Gold – Alice Adams (Eau Claire, WI) Silver – Jayda Resch (Birnamwood, WI) Bronze – Magdalene Jacoby (Nekoosa, WI)

9638 Jones Rd - Houston, Texas


Rackem February 2016



1st $1200 Jason Evens 2nd $615 Roadman Next tournament is February 6th 7pm $500 added with auction. $35 9 ball

FARMINGTON, MN Rider’s Raiders of Farmington Billiards finished 1st in their M-8 Advanced Division and won the playoffs. Team members Dan Rider, Jeff Hasty, DiDi Hoang, Steve Allford, Larry Sunde, Josh Hein, Dusty Egan, and Eddie Hayford.

ONE POCKET TOURNAMENT 1/2/2016 Red Shoes Billiards - Alsip, Illinois 1st Marshall Williams 2nd Tom Karabatsos 3rd Ike Runnels 4th Glen “Piggybanks” Rogers 5-6 Mark Pratico & John Hlava

Press Release

Verviers, Belgium-January 26, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Peltzer & Fils Group, owner of Iwan Simonis S.A. and Saluc S.A., is delighted to announce the acquisition of WSP Textiles Limited, England and its STRACHAN™ and PLAYNE’S™ brands have joined the Group. Iwan Simonis is the leading manufacturer of the SIMONIS™ premium quality worsted billiard cloth and Saluc S.A., home of the famous ARAMITH™ balls, is the global leader in the production of true phenolic billiard balls. WSP Textiles is the leading manufacturer of premium quality billiard and tennis ball cloth. Based at Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, WSP has been making billiard and tennis ball cloth for over a hundred years. Its STRACHAN™ range of traditional snooker and English pool cloth is used at various high profile tournaments including the recent Dafabet Masters 2016 (World Snooker) and its PLAYNE™ tennis ball cloth range is the choice of the majority of leading manufacturers and brands in the tennis industry including the current Australian Open. “This new partnership with WSP enables a diversification of the Group activities by taking a leading position in the tennis ball cloth market. In billiard this combination of high quality iconic brands and products SIMONIS™, ARAMITH™ and STRACHAN™ makes our Group to be the partner of choice for cue sport federations, distributors, retailers and players and will create new opportunities to further develop the business.” Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM Sunday: Noon - 2:00 AM Smoking Allowed Full Bar & Grill Club Membership Required (Must be 21 + $10/year) 810 W 56 Hwy - Olathe, KS 913-780-5740


February 2016 Rackem

Chuck Reed Wins DES MOINES, IA The 1st Big Dog Billiards Handicapped 8-Ball/9-Ball Tournament was a HUGE success!! We had 50 players from all over the midwest, and a strong turnout from our local talent! Thank you so much for coming out and supporting tournaments in Des Moines, and at Big Dog Billiards!! We look forward to seeing you all again very soon!! Keep track of all our future events here by checking out our Facebook page!!

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th 7/8th 9/12th

Results Chuck Reed(5) Eric Benke(5) Randy Hanson(7) Tony Ehlers(5) Mike Schatzke(5), Justin Richardson(7) Mike Feehan(5), Max Zimin(4) Mike Burgett(5), Jim Case(5), Matt McKenna(4), Larry Heck(4)

Highest Finishing Female

MAR 12th: Janet’s Pool Tour open Division

Tracy McKenna(3)


open late

12009 S Pulaski Rd Alsip, IL 60803


$$$ added money ES L TABL


W25644 State Road 35/54 Centerville, WI 608-539-JAIL (5245)

$25 entry & $10 green fee 8-Ball Singles - Race to 3 - VNEA Rules Sign-uP 9am - Auction 10am - start 11am

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-6pm

Full Bar Great Food!!

Awesome Burgers - Homemade Pizza

$460/$680 $345/$510 $230/$340 $115/$170 $75 $50 $20


“Now offering LEGAL VIDEO GAMING (slot machines)”

Monthly Tournaments

Mar 12th: 8-Ball Apr 9th: Bank Pool $500 May 7th: One Pocket ADDEfuDll field) a n

(based o

$50 entry (g. f. included) One Day “IRON MAN” events Double Elim. - Sign-up 12 PM (NOON)

February 20th, 2016 “QUALIFIER” for the 2016 “US OPEN STRAIGHT POOL CHAMPIONSHIP” (April 2016 Windsor Locks, CT) $105 entry fee, 100 pt. games (double elimination), limited to 16 players

Rackem February 2016



Winning Team will Compete UPA IOWA is one of the fastest growing leagues in the Des Moines area. It offers a higher percentage payout than other national leagues. This is the 3rd session singles event they have offered to the league players where they have kicked in an additional 50%. Winning Team also has a chance to compete in the UPA Vegas Nationals in June. This tournament like most matches in UPA IOWA had a lot of hill / hill performances which make the matches very competitive and thrilling. The semi-finals both went down to the wire where Roger Goodwin and new young up and comer Trista Ingham faced off going to the hill. Experience won out this time as Roger Goodwin clinched the victory. UPA IOWA offers both a team and singles event after each season of league play. Come out and give the league a try and win CASH for the top teams every session. Contact UPA IOWA at 515-339-8847 or email or visit us at .

Roger Goodwin - 1st Trista Ingham - 2nd

Eddie Robinson -- 3rd Teams Winners - 1st - Shafted (captain Chris McDannel, ) Pat Hampe, Ron Canaday, Jay Rippey, Kyle Sloan, Jeff Jorgenson

Summer Vegas team winner -- Havoc 8 (captain Dennis Stoddard) Brian Holdeman, Mike Holdeman, Eddie Robinson, Steve Roose, Terry Camp and Ernie Kummer


2nd - Des Moines Allstars (captain Justin Jacobson) Jeff Timmons, Jason Boyers-Liechty, Veda MCullum, JD Hall, Bruce Miller, Mike Slater, Dave Dunlap)

February 2016 Rackem

Rachel & Kevin win Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles After several months of league play, Rachel Petersen & Kevin Boring (pictured top left) won the Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles league at Back Alley Billiards in McAlester, Okla. They won 1278 points of 1520 possible. They had one 8-ball-break, one break-and-run, and one errorless run-out during the league session. They won $177 for their first-place finish.

Tammy and Don Mendenhall took second in the league. They won 1227 of 1520 possible points. They had one errorless run-out, one break-andrun and one undefeated match. They got $165 for second place. RACHEL PETERSEN & KEVIN BORING Doug Kirby and Mandy Lay got third in the league. They won 1224 of 1520 possible points. They had one undefeated match and got $153 for their 3rd place finish.





Back Alley Billiards in McAlester hosts numerous pool leagues and tournaments all year long. To sign up for a league, or inquire about tournaments, call the pool hall at 918916-CUES (2837).


Iowa’s Diamond Dealer! 4510 East 14th St - Des Moines, IA 50313

PH: 515-266-6100 FAX: 515-266-6166 Contact Randy Hanson 218-234-6166

Visit our Diamond Billiard Products Showroom! Factory Direct Pricing

Arkansas Table

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Dymondwood Oak Walnut Cherry Maple Black PRC Finishes available

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Cyclops Ball Sets

DEALER FOR: • Gameroom Furnishings CUES: • Big Dog • Jacoby • McDermott • Viking • Diveney Custom Cues • Purex • Action • Elite • and more .... • Kamui tips

Rackem February 2016


Jai Li Captures 3 Title Photo by: Don Akerlow


Jai Li TALLAHASSEE, FL 64 women in a round robin, 32 women in a final double elimination bracket, 4 days of countless rounds of play and 2 finalists. But there can only be 1 champion! Jia Li does it yet AGAIN to make this her third champion title in a row!!! Congratulations!! Christy Stroud Dickerson was in a proud second place and Gail Eaton a well earned third! All of the women deserve a very well earned commendation, to have even qualified to get to this event was no easy feat! I’ve listed the results below along with their respective payout. A huge thank you to not only the owner, Michael Zingale, but his entire


9-BALL CLASSIC March 19th & 20th $1,500 Added Guaranteed Entry fee $100 - $120 after March 12th

Limited to first 64 paid entrants Double Elim - Race to 9 - Loser Breaks Texas Express Rules - Rack Your Own Doors open 9AM - TD Mac Ashby 317-858-0637

6445 W Washington St - Indianapolis, IN 317-248-0555


staff at Zingale’s Billiards in Tallahassee, FL as well for ensuring that all of our ladies were well taken care of! I can’t tell you how many of the ladies spoke very highly about their experience in this elite pool room! Another hot topic included the quality and professionalism of Gary Patrick and Kyle, with Xtreme Pool Challenge, in producing one of the best live streams I have ever come across. Not only did he have a 5-camera feature table, but he streamed four other match tables as well! Friends and family from across the nation had nothing but wonderful things to say about the stream! So thank you to these gentlemen for helping to raise pool to the standard we all hope it to be one day! 6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK

918-779-6204 Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am



February 2016 Rackem

Chris’ Billiards AC C hicago


Weekly Pool Tournaments @ 7pm Wed: 8-Ball & Sun: 10-Ball 41 Pool Tables - APA Leagues 4637 N Milwaukee Ave - Chicago, IL


Photo by: Don Akerlow

RTC Photo by: Don Akerlow

Christy Dickerson

Gail Eaton

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th/6th 7th/8th 9th-12th 13th-16th 17th-24th


$2000 Jia Li $1125 Christy Dickerson $950 Gail Eaton $800 Taylor Hansen $650 Jeannie Marie Seaver/Stephanie Mitchell $500 Michell Monk/Rosemarie Guarnero $350 Sonja Chbeeb/Nicole Albergaria/Belinda Calhoun/Tam Trinh $200 Nicole Monaco/Cheryl Pritchard/Beth Fondell/Angela Williams $150 Helen Hayes/Kawania Watson/Loretta Lindgren/Kim Hernandez Pierce/Terry Tetrosino/Elizabeth Mitchel/Christy Norris/ Denise Buehler Reeve 25th-32nd $100 Sophia Lopez/Amanda Soucy/Ricki Lee Casper/Suzanne Os borne Smith/Lisa McElroy/Kathy Friend/Cathy Mullikin McDanniel/Kia Sidbury

Debbie Cervantes & Kia Sudbury


The second chance tournament has been finished! Kia Sidbury takes first place for $225, Debbie Cervantes pockets $150 for 2nd place, Ricki Lee Casper leaves with $100 in third place, Lisa McElroy received $75 for fourth place, and Suzanne Osborne Smith earned $50 for 5/6th alongside Kim Housman. Congrats ladies and great shooting! “Day 4 was a quick one for me. I didn’t bring the same level of skill with me that I had last night. I can’t say I’m all that disappointed with my finish. 5th out of the top 64 women from across the country isn’t too shabby. I am definitely not disappointed in the outpouring of well wishes and compliments from friends near and far. Thank you everyone. You all made this a great tournament for me. Samantha Kikuchi did a great job running this tournament. Gary from did a great job with the live stream as always. And Zingales is a great venue.” — Stephanie Mitchell “Congratulations to Rosemarie Guarnero and Michell Monk for finishing 7/8th last night at the 2016 Regional Tour Championship! Also a huge congratulation to Jeannie Marie Seaver and Stephanie Mitchell for taking 5/6th this morning!!! The match for the hot seat is currently being played right now on the feature table of our FREE live stream at!! We also have the match on the loss side for fourth place being streamed on Table 3 between Jia Li and Taylor Hansen. Don’t forget about our second chance tournament either! We currently have streaming the matches on the one loss side for 5/6th; Ricki Casper vs Suzanne Osborne Smith and Lisa McElroy vs Kim Housman!” — Samantha Kikuchi

309-517-1572 Jan 2nd: No Master/Elites/Adv 8-Ball Jan 23rd: Pool 4 Paws 9-Ball

ded 0 ad ayers 0 5 $ l 2+ p w/3 $30 incl $10 g.f. Calcutta at 1PM Rack Your Own Alternate Break

3810 27th St ~ Moline, IL ~ Tourn. Dir: Colin Brandt

POOL TOURNAMENTS Every Fri 933 8th St (Hwy 3 & 50) - Farmington, MN 651-463-2636

8525 Cottonwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585

Watch for Upcoming Tournamnts

Rackem February 2016


‘BULL SHOOTERS’ Win Sunday League

Bull Shooters from left: Lee Riddle, Robert Webb and Marlan Isbell. Not pictured are Jason Chappell, David Westbrook, Todd Barrier, Dale Motley and Darryl Cowan.

League MVP: Ed Hawthorne

Top Lady Shooter: Sharon Stantonn

2nd Place: It’s George: Pictured, from left, are team members Shan Weiher, Ed Hawthorne and George Ross. Not pictured are Trenton Bolding and Don Mendenhall

After months of league play, the “Bull Shooters” were named league champions of the summer Sunday League at Back Alley Billiards in McAlester, OK. Team members include Marlan Isbell, Robert Webb, Jason Chappell, Dale Motley, Todd Barrier, Darryl Cowan, Lee Riddle and David Westbrook. The team won 398 of 512 games played and got $410 for 1st place. “It’s George” finished up in second place with team members Shan Weiher, Ed Hawthorne, George Ross, Trenton Bolding and Don Mendenhall. They won 356 games of 512 played and got $390 for 2nd place. Ed Hawthorne was named League MVP. He won 102 of 128 games played through the league session. He had 8 errorless run-outs, 4 break-and-runs and three undefeated matches. He finished with a winning percentage of 79.6%. He also won an award for the most run-outs in a league session. Robert Webb won an award for most undefeated matches and Sharon Stanton won an award for Top Lady Shooter. TJ Marshall won the award for most improved player and Marlan Isbell finished the session with the highest winning percentage of 85.9% He won 55 of 64 games played, had 2 undefeated matches, 3 errorless run-outs and 5 break-and-runs. Back Alley Billiards in McAlester hosts numerous pool leagues and tournaments all year long. To join a league or inquire about a tournament, call the pool hall at 918-916-CUES (2837).

Most Improved Player: TJ Marshall

Hours: M-F: 2pm-2am Sat: 11am-2am Closed Sunday

Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11AM-Midnight Fri-Sat: 11am-1am

121 E Cherry St Mankato, MN


122 1/2 E Carl Albert Pkwy - McAlester, OK Open 7 days a week opens at 2pm M-F Noon Sat-Sun

8 Valley Pool Tables - (1) 9’ Brunswick - 1 Snooker Jukebox - Video Games - Sports on the Big Screen

Weekly & Monthly Tournaments

14 Diamond Pool Tables - Leagues Full Menu - Gourmet Burgers - Beer

All Ages Welcome

28 February 2016 Rackem

2013 Nelson St Shreveport, LA 318-425-8112

• • • • • •

21 Bar Boxes 2-9’ Diamonds 4 Reg. Dart Boards 2 Electronic Darts 2 Golden Tee 2 Full Bars

Best Bar Food in town

Frideres / Gunia Win The Hangover Scotch Doubles Thank you to all players and spectators!

DES MOINES, IA A big THANK YOU to everyone that came out for a little pool, hungover style!! I appreciate everyone's patience as we dealt with out technical difficulties yesterday morning, and also the late finish! 56 teams was awesome!!

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th 7/8th 9/12th 13/16th

(256) 686-3171

Jessica Frideres/Dustin Gunia(5) $800/$855 Mike Ancell/Andy Bonhaus(4) $590/$630 JT Shively/Shala Cutler(2) $390/$405 Jerrod Frideres/Jeremy Goodner(5) $200/$200 Todd Mulford/JJ(4), Curtis Sellers/Jeremy Bates(4) $100/$100 Steve Kriegel/Paul Waldrun(3), Tim Martin/Tim Zuelke(3) $80 Jason Reeves/Matt Dunst(3), Zach Weidner/Will Chapin(4), Bill Frederick/Jake VW(4), Tony Ehlers/Paula Sparks(3) $60 Tracy McKenna/Matt McKenna(3), Bryan Driver/Andy Rounceville(3), Brian McNeeley/Brad McNeeley(5), Leo Madison/Ron Graham(4) $40 First Sat at 7pm Monthly 9 ball $35 entry Players Auction $500 added.

9 Ball Fri & Sat 8pm-$13 entry

22 Diamonds (16-7ft and 6-9ft) 1819 Bassett Ave SE, Decatur, AL 1-5x10 Snooker


Weekly Pool Tournaments


525 S Glenstone Ave Springfield, MO

February 2016


Leal and Bayaua David Leal, Kevin Nguyen HOUSTON, TX Laredo’s David Leal was the big story at the 2016 Lone Star Billiards Tour 9-Ball Season Opener, decimating a 93-player division and crushing one of the largest amateur fields to date on tour. Runner-up and 2015 Lone Star Tour Champion, Kevin Nguyen, bested Leal the first set of the true, double elimination finals, 7-4, but fell short the second set, 5-4. Former APA Amateur Nationals Champion, Ernesto Bayaua, annihilated the 64-player open 9-ball division, going undefeated and denying Manny Chau in the final match, 9-8. On January 2nd-3rd, 2016, Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar, along with tour sponsors Poison by Predator Cues, Delta-13 Rack, Ozone Billiards, and the APA of North Harris County, facilitated one of the most successful events in the history of the Lone Star Billiards Tour. Bogies added a generous $1,500 to the prize fund and hosted 93 amateur players, 64 open players, and 41 Gulf Coast Tour ladies, for

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a total attendance of 144 players. In the amateur 9-ball division’s 93-player field, all eyes were on David Leal whose path of destruction included wins over Joseph Corona, 7-2, Adam Cooper, 7-5, Tom Welch, 7-4, Keil Perry, 7-4, and Martin Ramos, 7-6. Junior player Jacob Watson took down Randy Wallens, 7-2, Bobby Dominguez, 7-1, Kenneth Price, 7-0, and Jacob Cantu, 7-3, on his way to the final four winners’ side. Kevin Nguyen made an impressive run, besting John Havens, 7-6, Josh White, 7-3, Jeff Chauncey, 7-2, Jack Cavalier, 7-4, and Jesse Langston, 7-4. Abel Lara surged to the final four with wins over Ryan Garcia, 7-2, Jason Galetka, 7-2, Michael Pickering, 7-3, Mike Nguyen, 7-6, and Gerardo Perez, 7-2. On the one-loss side, Erik Renteria won an incredible 7 consecutive matches after losing his first match to Dominguez, 7-5. Renteria’s reign included wins over Daniel Cook, 5-0, Gerald Holland, 5-1, Lester Foy, 5-2, and Jack Cavalier, 5-3. It was Welch over Jose Del Torro, 5-4, and Will Felder over Horacio Cortez by the same. M. Nguyen defeated Chuck Adams, 5-1, Michael Pickering eliminated Price, 5-3, and Anthony Gepayo overcame Doug Gray, 5-1. Senior player Jeff Sparks was eliminated by Perry, 5-3, and Ramiro Martinez sent Chauncey packing, 5-3. As the final 8 shaped up on the one loss side, the final four winners’ side was underway. Leal made quick work of young gun Watson, 7-2, while K. Nguyen narrowly escaped the grip of Lara, 7-6. The hot seat witnessed Leal overcome the former champion, K. Nguyen, 7-4. Back on the west side, Renteria ousted Del Torro, 5-1, and Cantu, 5-2. Cortez eliminated M. Nguyen, 5-2, and Martin Ramos, 5-4, while Price exhausted Gepayo, 5-0, and Langston, 5-2. Perry fell to Martinez, who in turn, fell to Perez, 5-3. Renteria was dominated by Cortez, 5-3, who in turn fell to Lara, 5-1. Price eliminated Perez, 5-2, but fell once again to Watson, 5-4. Lara ousted Watson, 5-1, only to be shut-out by K. Nguyen, 5-0, finishing a respectable third. K. Nguyen was geared up for a rematch with Leal. Nguyen took his revenge the first set, 7-4, but Leal was determined not to let this win slip away. In overtime, Leal narrowly defeated K. Nguyen, 5-4, securing his first Lone Star Tour victory! In the 64-player, open 9-ball division, Ernesto Bayaua began his quest for the hot

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February 2016 Rackem

Lone Star Opener

at Bogies Billiards West, located at 9638 Jones Road, Houston, Texas. The Lone Star Tour encourages everyone who loves to play pool and compete in a friendly atmosphere, to attend an event. For more information and live brackets, visit Please “Like” us at Facebook/LoneStarTour and “Follow” us at Twitter/LoneStarTour09.

Ernesto Bayaua – Photo Credit, Tim Smith seat, defeating Jacob Cantu, 9-2, Bobby Perez, 9-5, Josh White, 9-5, and Sylver Ochoa, 9-4. Manny Chau secured his bid for the hot seat as well, with wins over Aldo Rosso, 9-4, Jantsen Miller, 9-8, Chase Rudder, 9-8, Kevin Nguyen, 9-1, and former Lone Star Tour Champion, Andy Jethwa, 9-2. After a first round loss to Kenneth Price, 9-4, Sonny Bosshamer won 6 consecutive matches, including wins over Keil Perry, 7-2, Bobby Perez, 7-5, Richie Richeson, 7-6, and Viet Do, 7-6. Rudder made quick work of Erik Renteria, 7-2, Will Felder, 7-1, and Bosshamer, 7-5. Lester Foy fell to Jonathan Poon, 7-2, and in turn, Poon was eliminated by K. Nguyen, 7-6. After a second round loss to Jim Walker, 9-8, Jacob Watson bested Joey Bourgeois, 7-3, Kenneth Price, 7-6, and Ricky Hughes, 7-3, but fell to K. Nguyen, 7-2. Rudder eliminated Jethwa, 7-1, while Ochoa ousted K. Nguyen, 7-4. The final four standing yielded little surprise for tournament goers, as Rudder and Ochoa teed off on the one loss side, with Bayaua and Chau facing off in the east. Bayaua and Chau went the distance, with Bayaua finishing ahead, 9-7. Ochoa slid by Rudder, 7-6, but fell to Chau, 7-3. Battling for each ball, Bayaua and Chau took it even further in the final set. At 8-8, Bayaua capitalized, winning the final game, and the first Lone Star open division of 2016. The Lone Star Billiards Tour would like to welcome all the new players who attended this first event! The next LSBT event is slated for February 27th-28th,


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OPEN 1st 600/800 2nd 360/540 3rd 210/340 4th 130/220 5-6 100/100 7-8 80/50 9-12 50 13-16 35 17-24 25 AMATEUR 1st 600/600 2nd 360/360 3rd 240/240 4th 180/180 5-6 130/130 7-8 110/110 9-12 60/50 13-16 40 17-24 25

Ernesto Bayaua Manny Chau Sylver Ochoa Chase Rudder Andy Jewtha, Kevin Nguyen Jacob Watson, Sonny Bosshamer Ricky Hughes, Jonathan Poon, Will Felder, Viet Do Kenneth Price, Erik Renteria, Lester Foy, Richie Richeson Chuck Adams, Josh White, Aaron Vasquez, Jeff Chauncey, Jim Walker, Jessie Langston, Kevin Gray, Michael Pickering David Leal Kevin Nguyen Abel Lara Jacob Watson Kenneth Price, Horacio Cortez Gerardo Perez, Eric Renteria Ramiro Martinez, Jacob Cantu, Martin Ramos, Jesse Langston Antonio Gepayo, Keil Perry, Mike Nguyen, Jose Del Torro Doug Gray, Chuck Adams, Tom Welch, Jeff Chauncey, Jack Cavalier, Will Felder, Michael Pickering, Jeff Sparks

570 N. Main St - Oshkosh, WI 54901

(9) 9' Diamond Tables (12) 7' Diamond Tables Manny Chau – Photo Credit, Eugene Lee

Rackem February 2016


WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS If you have any changes to your weekly pool tournaments EMAIL: DATE CITY Mondays Davenport, IA Houston, TX Des Moines, IA Appleton, WI Green Bay, WI Tuesdays Spring, TX Des Moines, IA Houston, TX Wednesdays McAlester, OK Davenport, IA Midwest City, OK St Peters, MO Houston, TX Alsip, IL Oshkosh, WI Thursdays Oshkosh, WI Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA Spring, TX Fridays McAlester, OK Houston, TX Coon Rapids, MN Des Moines, IA Farmington, MN Spring, TX Spring, TX Tulsa, OK Poplar Bluff, MO Midwest City, OK Davenport, IA Appleton, WI Round Rock, TX Oshkosh, WI Mankato, MN St Peters, MO Olathe, KS Olathe, KS Olathe, KS Olathe, KS Saturdays Houston, TX Tulsa, OK Olathe, KS Round Rock, TX Houston, TX Tulsa, OK St Peters, MO Springfield, MO Sundays McAlester, OK Des Moines, IA Olathe, KS Davenport, IA Green Bay, WI Spring, TX Round Rock, TX Oshkosh, WI Springfield, MO

LOCATION Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Bogies Billiards Big Dog Billiards KK Billiards KK Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Big Dog Billiards Bogie’s West Back Alley Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Jamaica Joe’s Teachers Billiards Bogies Billiards Red Shoes Varsity Club Varsity Club Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Big Dog Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Back Alley Billiards Bogies Billiards CR’s Sports Bar Big Dog Billiards Farmington Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Q-Spot Billiards Smokin’ Aces Jamaica Joe’s Sharky’s Bar & Billiards KK Billiards Skinny Bob’s Billiards Varsity Club Kato Cue Club Teachers Billiards Shooters Billiards (1st Fri) Shooters Billiards (2nd Fri) Shooters Billiards (4th Fri) Shooters Billiards (5th Fri) Bogies Billiards T’s Billiards Shooters Billiards Skinny Bob’s Billiards Bogie’s West Q-Spot Billiards Teachers Billiards Shooters Billiards Back Alley Billiards Big Dog Billiards Shooters Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards KK Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Skinny Bob’s Billiards Varsity Club Shooters Billiards

PHONE (563) 359-7225 (281) 821-4544 (515) 266-6100 (920) 830-0083 (920) 432-0059 (281) 288-0800 (515) 266-6100 (832) 912-4432 (918) 916-2837 (563) 359-RACK (405) 736-0590 (636) 441-9964 (281) 821-4544 (708) 388-3700 (920) 651-0806 (920) 651-0806 (563) 359-7225 (515) 266-6100 (281) 288-0800 (918) 916-2837 (281) 821-4544 (763) 780-1585 (515) 266-6100 (651) 463-2636 (281) 288-0800 (281) 288-0800 (918) 779-6204 (573) 712-2900 (405) 736-0590 (563) 359-7225 (920) 830-0083 (512) 733-1111 (920) 651-0806 (507) 388-7665 (636) 441-9964 (913) 780-5740 (913) 780-5740 (913) 780-5740 (913) 780-5740 (281) 821-4544 (918) 622-7747 (913) 780-5740 (512) 733-1111 (832) 912-4432 (918) 779-6204 (636) 441-9964 (417) 315-8340 (918) 916-2837 (515) 266-6100 (913) 780-5740 (563) 359-7225 (920) 432-0059 (281) 288-0800 (512) 733-1111 (920) 651-0806 (417) 315-8340

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME 9-Ball $12 $100 every 16 7PM 9 Ball on 8’ tables-Race 4/3 $7 $100 w/20 8PM Open 8-Ball $10 no g.f. $/player 16+ 6PM 9-Ball-Race to 4-Alt Break-DE $10 $50 w/16 7PM 9-Ball-Race to 4-Alt Break-DE $10 $50 w/16 7PM 8 Ball $10 Call 9:30PM Handicap 8-Ball-DE $10 Call 7PM 9 Ball-Limit 32 $12 8PM 9 Ball Open - Race to 3 $5 $$$ 7:30PM 8-9-10 Ball Coin Toss $10 (incl g.f.) $100 every 16 6:30PM 9 Ball - 10 & under $15 $5/player 7:30PM 5,6,7 9-Ball - Race to 3+ $13 $5 side pot 7:30PM 8 Ball on 8’ tables-Race 2/1 $7 $100 w/20 8PM 10 Ball $15 Call 8PM 9-Ball Beginners $8 Call Call 9-Ball Intermediate $10 Call Call 8-Ball $5+$3 g,f, $100 every 16 7PM Short Rack 8-Ball-Race to 3 $10 Call 11PM 9 Ball $10 50% 8PM 8 Ball Open - Race to 3 $10 $$$ 7:30PM 8-Ball-on Bar Tables $10 Call 7PM 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds $16 Break Pot 7PM Open 10-Ball $10 $3/player 7PM 8 or 9-ball rotation $15+$5 g.f. $50 w/16 6:30PM One Pocket $10 Call 8PM 8 Ball - APA 5 & under $6 50% 8PM 8-Ball 7 & under $5 Call 9 PM 9 Ball $10 $200 7PM Open 8-Ball - Rated Call Call Call 9-Ball on 7’ Valleys $10 $100 every 16 7PM 8-Ball-Race to 2-Alt Break-DE $5 $50 w/16 7PM 9-Ball Race 3/3-Last Woman $ $12 Call 8PM 9-Ball $15 $50 7PM 8-Ball Progressive - Hdcp $16 Call 6:30PM 3,4,5 8-Ball - Race to 2+ $13 $5 side pot 7:30PM 8-9 Ball (even-odd months) $10-Limit 32 $300 Guar 7PM APA 4’s & under 8-Ball $10 $200 Guar 6PM C rated 9-Ball - KC 6 & below $10 $200 Guar 6PM B rated 9-Ball - KC 8 & below $15 $200 Guar 6PM 8-Ball on Bar Tables $10 $$$ 8PM Alt 8/9 Ball - Vegas Style $25 $100 every 8 1PM B Rated 9-Ball-KC B & below $12 Call 6:30PM 9-Ball Race 4/3 9-Ball Break Pot $12 Call 8PM 8 Ball-Limit 32 $11 $100 w/20 4PM 9-Ball 7 & under $10 (incl. g.f.) Call 9PM 9-Ball - Race to Hcp - DE $15 $5 side pot 1PM 8-Ball $5 $100 7:30PM Scotch Doubles - Race to 3 $10 $$$ 5:30PM Open Short Rack 8/9 $10 no g.f. $5/player 16+ 6PM 8-Ball / 9-Ball Big Table Open $12 Call 3PM 10-Ball $12 $100 every 16 7PM 8-Ball Race to 3 $10 $50 w/16 1PM 10 Ball $12 50% 6PM 10-Ball Race 5/3 9-Ball Break Pot $12 Break&Run Pot 2PM 10-Ball on 9’ tables-Race to 5 $15 Call Call Majority Rules $5 $100 6PM

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice


February 2016 Rackem


Ricki Casper

Strikes First Blow on Gulf Coast Tour

Photos: Ricki Casper Action Shot – Photo Credit: Michael Moon Photography Terry Petrosino Action Shot – Photo Credit: RE Visual Concepts

It was a fiery start for Houston’s Ricki Casper who took the 41 player field by storm at the first Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Tour 9-ball event of 2016. Casper took on the formidable Terry Petrosino in the finals making it an all-out test of wills, and setting the tone for a brand new season on the Gulf Coast Tour. On January 2, 2016, drawing a season opener, record number of players, the Gulf Coast Tour hosted its first, one-day event of the New Year at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas, and thanks to room owner David Richardson, and tour sponsors Delta-13 Rack and the APA of North Harris County, the Gulf Coast women started the New Year out with a bang! Tour director, Kimberly Newsome, reminisced about their 2015 accomplishments. “Gulf Coast finished on top last year, with the largest WPBA membership, procuring 11 invites to the 2016 WPBA Regional Tour Championships. Membership numbers increased 104% from 2014 to 2015, and I believe it’s a result of the competitive, atmosphere we provide, mixed with a little fun and craziness. It’s a perfect balance that allows players to take their game to the next level, and create friendships along the way. I think this positive “wave” is just another indicator of things to come.” On the battle field, 2015 tour champion, Ricki Casper, fought her way through a distinguished field of talent, booking wins over Kay Mikolajczyk, 7-0, Gail Eaton, 7-2, and Yvonne Asher, 7-2, while “Texas Heat” Kim Pierce ousted Liz Mitchel, 7-4, Angie Payne, 7-4, and Sara Bork, 7-3. Former tour champion, Belinda Lee, overcame Mercedes Vasquez, 7-4, Mindy Williams, 7-2, and Stacy Mendrick, 7-2, while Tiffany Waters bested Liz Yorek, 7-4, Yvonne Garcia, 7-5, Teresa Garland, 7-6, and Toni Esteves, 7-3. Casper sent Pierce west, 7-2, and Lee made quick work of Waters, by the same score. Veteran player, Terry Petrosino, lost her second round match to Gail Eaton, 7-2, and secured a string of wins on the west side, eliminating Yorek, 5-1, Mikolajczyk, 5-2, Alicia Huff, 5-0, and Tangela Hunt, 5-1. Other one loss

side action saw Garland defeat Asher, Natalie Rocha best Mendrick, 5-3, and Eaton overcome Esteves, 5-2. Petrosino made quick work of Garland, 5-0, and Waters, 5-2, while Eaton eliminated Rocha, 5-1, and Pierce, 5-2. Back on the east side, it was a hot seat duel between former Gulf Coast Tour Champions, Casper and Lee. As Petrosino charged on the west side, taking out Eaton, 5-4, Casper secured the hot seat over Lee, 7-4. When the dust settled, Petrosino had logged an astounding 9 consecutive wins, which included a final win on the one loss side, over Lee, for a shot at the title. Casper and Petrosino teed off in the final, competing for cash and tour points, in a true, double elimination format. Casper was determined to start her year off right, with a clean, undefeated record, and that she did. Petrosino fell to the former champion in the first set, 7-4. The tour would like to thank Teresa Garland for running this event, and all those who assisted. The Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA), the governing body of women’s professional billiards in the U.S., celebrates its 40th birthday this year! The Gulf Coast Tour is a sanctioned, WPBA Regional Tour, one of 13 regional tours positioned across the U.S. which make up the grass roots system that feeds the WPBA Pro Billiards Tour. Amateur and semi-professional, female players, who aspire to play women’s professional billiards, must qualify through this elite system in order to attain the soughtafter title, WPBA Exempt Professional. “The Gulf Coast Tour is proud to be sanctioned by the WPBA, four years running. We qualified Gail Eaton to play in the 2016 Soaring Eagle Masters held at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI., February 3-7, 2016, and qualified 11 of our top players for the prestigious, annual, WPBA Regional Tour Championships (RTC). Needless to say, the women of this tour are highly motivated, making progress with their games, and doing it with a positive spirit, and I love it,” raves Newsome. The tour would like to recognize its top, 2016 RTC finishers; Gail Eaton, 3rd, and

highest Texas finisher; Kim Pierce, Loretta Lindgren, Elizabeth Mitchel, 17th; Ricki Casper, 25th. Players, friends, and fans, the next Gulf Coast Tour 9-ball event will be held Saturday, February 27, 2016, at Bogies WEST (9638 Jones Road, Houston). Free practice begins at 10am, and the players’ meeting begins at 11am. There will also be a Lone Star Billiards Tour 9-ball event beginning on Saturday, sign-up 11am-1pm. For more information about the Gulf Coast Tour, please visit Follow us on Twitter @gulfcoasttour. Find us on Facebook / gulfcoasttour1.


1st Ricki Casper $420 nd 2 Terry Petrosino $280 rd 3 Belinda Lee $190 4th Gail Eaton $130 th th 5 -6 Tiffany Waters, Kim Pierce $60 7th-8th Teresa Garland, Natalie Rocha $40 th th 9 -12 Yvonne Asher, Stacy Mendrick, Toni Esteves, Sara Bork $25

Terry Petrosino

Rackem February 2016


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED Feb 6 Decatur, AL 6 Pockets (see ad p29) 256-686-3171 9-Ball $35 $500 Feb 6 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 Progressive 8-Ball Open $20 Call Feb 6 Green Bay, WI KK Billiards (see ad p21) 920-432-0059 9-Ball No Master $40 incl g.f. $750 w/64 Feb 6 Moline, IL Deep Pockets (see ad p27) 309-517-1572 No Master 8-Ball $30 incl g.f. $1,000 w/64 Feb 7 Moline, IL Deep Pockets (see ad p27) 309-517-1572 9-Ball Call $2,000 Feb 5-7 St Peters, MO Teachers Billiards (see ad Jan) 314-614-9920 Big Table 10-Ball -Limit 16 $2,000 $5,000 Feb 5-7 Tulsa, OK T’s Billiards (see ad p30) 918-622-7747 One Pocket $500+$20 g.f. Call Feb 12-14 Round Rock, TX Skinny Bob’s (see ad p6) 512-733-1111 10-Ball Texas Open $125 (incl g.f.) $4,000 w/128 Feb 13 Mankato, MN Kato Cue Club (see ad p28) 507-388-POOL 10-Ball Ring Game Series $50-Limit 16 Call Feb 13 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 8-Ball 7 Speed & under $20 Call Feb 13 Des Moines, IA Big Dog Billiards (see ad p10) 701-205-5182 Jack & Jill 8-Ball $40 $500 Guar Feb 18 Olathe, KS Shooters (see ad p22) 913-780-5740 One Pocket $60 $1,000 Feb 19-21 Olathe, KS Shooters (see ad p22) 913-780-5740 Open & Womens 9-Ball $65M/$50W $4,000 Feb 19-21 Norristown, PA Markley Billiards (see ad p18) 610-278-1595 Mini’s 1p-8 & 9 Ball all weekend Call Call Feb 19-21 Norristown, PA Markley Billiards (see ad p18) 610-278-1595 10-Ball $300/$225 $2,500 Feb 19-21 Coon Rapids, MN CR Billiards (see ad p27) 763-780-1585 8-Ball Midwest Bar Table-Sngls 5 Div. Varies Call Feb 20-21 Coon Rapids, MN CR Billiards (see ad p27) 763-780-1585 8-Ball-Team 5 person $250 Call Feb 20-21 Moline, IL Deep Pockets (see ad p27) 309-517-1572 No Masters 9-Ball $45 incl g.f. $2,000 w/96 Feb 20 Appleton, WI KK Billiards (see ad p21) 920-830-0083 Open 9-Ball $40 incl g.f. $750 w/64 Feb 20 Alsip, IL Red Shoes (see ad p23) 708-388-3700 Qualifier US Open 14-1 $105-Limit 16 Feb 27 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 8-Ball 6 Speed & under $20 Call Feb 27 Davenport, IA Sharky’s (see ad p30) 563-359-RACK 8-Ball $40 incl g.f. $1,000 Feb 27-28 Shreveport, LA Sidepocket (see ad p28) 318-425-8112 Open 9-Ball $75 incl g.f. $2,000 Guar Feb 27-28 Midwest City, OK Jamaica Joes (see ad p9) 405-736-0590 8-Ball Open $55 $1,000 Feb 27-28 Midwest City, OK Jamaica Joes (see ad p9) 405-736-0590 8-Ball Women $45 $500 Feb 27 Houston, TX Bogies West (see ad p21) 832-912-4432 Gulf Coast Tour $25 $500 w/32 Feb 27-28 Houston, TX Bogies West (see ad p21) 832-912-4432 Lone Star Tour 9-Ball Open/Am $35/$25 $1,000 Mar 5 Decatur, AL 6 Pockets (see ad p29) 256-686-3171 9-Ball $35 $500 Mar 5 Green Bay, WI KK Billiards (see ad p21) 920-432-0059 8-Ball Bonde Under 600 $40 incl g.f. $750 w/64 Mar 5 Moline, IL Deep Pockets (see ad p27) 309-517-1572 Women’s 8-Ball $30 incl g.f. $1,000 w/64 Mar 5 Decatur, AL 6 Pockets (see ad p29) 256-686-3171 9-Ball $35 $500 Mar 10 Lincoln City, OR Chinook Winds (see ad p20) 360-703-4081 Chinook Winds Open Warm up Call Call Mar 11-13 Lincoln City, OR Chinook Winds (see ad p20) 360-703-4081 Chinook Winds Open Men’s 8-Ball $175 incl g.f. $12,000 Mosconi Cup Points for 2016 Mar 11-13 Lincoln City, OR Chinook Winds (see ad p20) 360-703-4081 Chinook Winds Open Women’s 8-Ball $175 incl g.f. $5,000 Mar 11-13 Olathe, KS Shooters (see ad p22) 913-780-5740 10-Ball Ring Game-Limit 32 $125 incl g.f. $800 Mar 12 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 8-Ball 7 Speed & under $20 Call Mar 12 Centerville, WI Jailhouse Saloon (see ad p23) 608-539-JAIL 8-Ball Open Division $25+$10 g.f. $$$ Mar 12 Moline, IL Deep Pockets (see ad p27) 309-517-1572 9-Ball $30 incl g.f. $1,000 Mar 12 Alsip, IL Red Shoes (see ad p23) 708-388-3700 8-Ball $50 incl g.f. $500 w/ff Mar 19 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 Open 9-Ball $20 Call Mar 19 Mankato, MN Kato Cue Club (see ad p28) 507-388-POOL 10-Ball Ring Game Series $50-Limit 16 Call Mar 19 Appleton, WI KK Billiards (see ad p21) 920-830-0083 9-Ball Bonde Under 600 $40 incl g.f. $750 w/64 Mar 18 Indianapolis, IN Brickyard Billiards (see ad p26) 317-248-0555 9-Ball Mini $20 Call Mar 19-20 Indianapolis, IN Brickyard Billiards (see ad p26) 317-248-0555 34th Midwest Bar Table 9-Ball $100-Limit 64 $2,000 Mar 26 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 8-Ball 6 Speed & under $20 Call Apr 2 Mankato, MN Kato Cue Club (see ad p28) 507-388-POOL 4 Qualifiers from previous 4 Call Call Apr 2 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 Ladies only 8-Ball $20 Call Apr 2-3 Lafayette, LA White Diamond (see ad p22) 337-989-9889 Super 9-Ball-$102,850 po last tourny $40 $1,000 w/128 Apr 9 Alsip, IL Red Shoes (see ad p23) 708-388-3700 Bank Pool $50 incl g.f. $500 w/ff Apr 9 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 8-Ball 7 Speed & under $20 Call Apr 16 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 Rated 9-Ball $20 Call Apr 23 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 8-Ball 6 Speed & under $20 Call Apr 30 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p28) 918-916-2837 Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles $30 Call May 7 Alsip, IL Red Shoes (see ad p23) 708-388-3700 One Pocket $50 incl g.f. $500 w/ff Jun 21-26 Des Moines, IA Big Dog Billiards (see ad p19) 701-205-5182 Big Foot 10-Ball $500 $500 Jun 21-26 Des Moines, IA Big Dog Billiards (see ad p19) 701-205-5182 One Pocket $2,000 $5,000 Jun 21-26 Des Moines, IA Big Dog Billiards (see ad p19) 701-205-5182 Open 9-Ball $20 $2,000 Jun 21-26 Des Moines, IA Big Dog Billiards (see ad p19) 701-205-5182 Banks Ring Game $250 $500


February 2016 Rackem

TIME 7PM 2PM 10AM 1PM Call 6PM 10AM 7PM 3PM 2PM Call 8PM 8PM Call 6PM 10AM 10AM Noon 10AM Call 2PM 10AM 11AM Noon Noon 10AM 11AM 7PM 10AM Noon 7PM Call 3PM 3PM 7:30PM 2PM 9AM Call Noon 2PM 3PM 10AM 8PM 11:30AM 2PM Call 2PM 9AM Noon 2PM 2PM 2PM 2PM Noon Call Call Call Call

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Rack'em Pool Magazine February Issue 2016  

Read the latest from the Music City Open and the Derby City Classic. More tournament results and listings than any other magazine. Don't mis...

Rack'em Pool Magazine February Issue 2016  

Read the latest from the Music City Open and the Derby City Classic. More tournament results and listings than any other magazine. Don't mis...