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Don “Cheese” Akerlow



November 2016


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Not one of their opponents made it to the hill, as Leo Rojas and Ruben Bautista tore through their respective divisions, Rojas decimating his 52-player, amateur 9-ball division, and Bautista annihilating his 47-player, open 9-ball division, to capture their first-ever titles at the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour Finale Event. On October 8-9, 2016, Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar (Houston, Texas), along with tour title sponsor Poison by Predator Cues, and sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls, Delta-13 Rack, Ozone Billiards, and the APA of North Harris County, facilitated another successful Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour event, procuring a generous $1,000 in added money, with nearly eighty players in attendance, and a near $7,000 prize fund. Underneath his quiet, unassuming demeanor laid a force to be reckoned with inside Leo Rojas. The newcomer took no prisoners on his way to the final four winners’ side, defeating Greg Ross, 7-4, Jacob Watson, 7-5, Bob DeTuncq, 7-4, and Bobby Perez, 7-3. Joey Bourgeois, Jr. was on a role of his own, with wins over Tim Boelk, Chuck Adams, 7-4, Reddy Akkasani, 7-4, and Matt Cash, 7-5. Also new to the tour, Steve Rangel ousted Charlie Jenkins, 7-3, Dave Ramirez, and Eric Hsu, while Tony Benestante overcame Chris Thompson, 7-1, John Jenkins, 7-6, Curt Bovenzi, 7-6, and Marvin Diaz, 7-5. On the west side, following a first round loss to Josh Pangilinan, Phillip Tieu took out Kenneth Price, 5-3, C. Jenkins, 5-1, Daniel Wise, 5-1, David Chow, 5-1, and Akkasani, 5-0, but fell to Diaz, 5-2. Following a 7-4 loss at the hands of Curt Bovenzi, Will Felder made a comeback, logging wins over Tim Smith, 5-3, Adams, 5-4, Thompson, 5-3, and J.C. Torres, but lost to Burak Temel, 5-4. Also rounding out the one loss side final four, Hsu defeated Pangilinan, 5-0, and Will Jones eliminated Cash, 5-3. On the east side, Rojas made quick work of Bourgeois, 7-1, while Rangel overcame Bnenestante, 7-2. Hot seat actioned witnessed two new players, unknown to one another, go head to head for the very first time. True to form, Rojas didn’t give Rangel a second thought, ousting the Rosenberg, Texas player, 7-4. Back on the one loss side, Hsu eliminated Diaz, 5-2, and Bourgeois, Jr., 5-2, while Temel ousted Jones, 5-2, and Benestante, 5-1. Hsu went on to defeat Temel, 5-1, but was stopped short by Rangel, 5-2. It


November 2016



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would be a shortlived, hot seat rematch for Rangel, as Rojas steam rolled to victory, 7-0. In the open 9-ball division, another unfamiliar face made its way through an elite class of players. Ruben Bautista remained unscathed, taking down Adam Cooper, 9-2, Tim Boelk, 9-4, Ruben Montelongo, 9-3, and Billy Pinion, 9-5, to reach the winners’ side final four, while Kenneth Price overcame Will Felder, 9-8, Bret Harlan, 9-5, Jacob Watson, 9-0, and Leo Rojas. Former tour champion, Andy Jethwa, was well on his way, pummeling Andy Schnell, 9-0, Burak Temel, 9-3, and Ernesto Bayaua, 9-0, while his future counterpart, Chase Rudder, ousted Bobby Perez, 9-6, Daniel Wise, 9-0, Sonny Bosshamer, 9-2, and Marvin Diaz, 9-7. On the one loss side, Steve Rangel overcame Billy Pinion, 7-1, and Bobby Perez fell to Rojas, 7-3, while Bayaua defeated J.C. Torres, 7-2, and Lee Clark lost to Diaz, 7-2. As the one loss side final four took shape, on the east side, Jethwa took down Rudder, 9-4, and Bautista dusted off Price, 9-3. The hot seat match was a true crowd pleaser, as the two super talents went head to head, in an ultimate battle of wills. Ninth inning bases loaded, Bautista pulled ahead to win the hot seat, 9-8. Back on the west side, Rojas demolished Pinion, 7-2, and Bayaua eliminated Diaz, 7-4. Once again, Bayaua fell to Jethwa, 7-3, and in turn was dealt the same hand, losing to Rudder a second and final time, 7-2. Rudder has earned himself another shot at Bautista, but unfortunately for Rudder, the end to the story remained the same. Bautista defeated Rudder in the first set, 9-3, to capture his first open division title. Ernesto Bayaua and Will Felder finished at the top of their respective open and amateur 9-ball divisions, to be crowned 2016 Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour Champions! For their exemplary play throughout the year, each received Poison by Predator Cues, and Delta-13 products. Also, congratulations to Eric Hsu and Burak Temel, who achieved their highest finishes to date, and all the players who reached a pool playing milestone, at this event. The tour extends a warm welcome to all the new players who attended this final event, and invites them back at every opportunity! If not for the sponsors and venues, it would be difficult to produce these types of events. The tour extends its deepest gratitude to its 2017 sponsors and venues: Poison by Predator Cues, Cyclop Pool Balls, Delta-13 Rack, Ozone Billiards, and the APA of North Harris County. The tour’s Texas venues include Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar and Bogies West, owners David and Shannon Richardson (Houston), Ariana’s, owners Bill and Minh Hammond (Houston), and Skinny Bob’s Billiards, owners John and Sue Cielo (Round Rock). The tour would also like to recognize all the people who assisted in the operation of 2016 events; John

su, B u

rak T e m el

Newsome, Chuck Adams, Mike Fabacher, Teresa Garland, Ernesto Bayaua, Jacob Watson, and Zach Goldsmith. Lastly, many thanks to Roger Allen, James Hanshew, and Walter Kelley, who provided valuable cue repair services, throughout the year. Without the nearly 300 players who attended Poison Lone Star Tour events this year, production of this tour would not be possible. The tour would like to thank each and every player who competed this year, if only in one event. Thanks to your patronage, the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour will celebrate its 9th year in 2017, serving players across Texas and in surrounding states. The tour welcomes everyone back for the first event of the New Year, to be held on January 7-8, 2017, at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas. The full 2017 schedule will be published at The Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour encourages everyone who loves to play pool and compete in a friendly atmosphere, to attend an event. “Like” us on Facebook @LoneStarTour and “Follow” us on Twitter @LoneStarTour09. Amateur 1st $500/$565 2nd $320/$380 3rd $220/$240 4th $140/$120 5/6 $80/$60 7/8 $50 9-12 $25 Open 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6 7/8 9-12

$500/$900 $340/$630 $240/$400 $160/$200 $100/$50 $50 $35


Leo Rojas Steve Rangel Eric Hsu Burak Temel Tony Benestante, Joey Bourgeois, Jr. Marvin Diaz, Will Jones Bobby Perez, Phillip Tieu, Matt Cash, Josh Pangilinan Ruben Bautista Chase Rudder Andy Jethwa Ernesto Bayaua Leo Rojas, Kenneth Price Marvin Diaz, Billy Pinion Steve Rangel, Bobby Perez, Lee Clark, J.C. Torres


November 2016




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November 2016


(800) 835-7665 WWW.CUEANDCASE.COM 10/25/16 2:06 PM

hinook C inds Wpen O 4th Annual

March 9-11, 2017 Chinook Winds Casino Resort Lincoln City, OR

Questions-Call Mike Jensen at 360-703-4081

2016 Champion Skyler Woodward

2015 Champion Rodney Morris

$24,000 Added 8-Ball Championships Produced and Sponsored by:

Sponsored by:

Men’s Champion

2016 Chinook Winds Open Skyler Woodward, last March’s Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Champion, added the Chinook Winds Open 10-Ball title to his already (he is, after all, just 23 years old) impressive list of accomplishments. This installment of the CWO 10-Ball Championships, held on October 7-9 in Lincoln City, Oregon, was sponsored by venue host Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Western BCA and Anhauser Busch, was played on 7’ Diamond Tables provided by BadBoys Billiards Productions and live streamed by Lenny Marshall/On the Rail TV. This event featured 100 players in the Men’s Division and 29 in the Women’s Division, including defending champions Rodney Morris and Rebecca Wagner. A scheduling conflict resulted in slightly lower than hoped for numbers in the Men’s Division but there were still some major players on hand to dazzle us with their knowledge of the game and execution on the tables.

Next on the agenda was the Calcutta. The Women went first with 29 players up for bid. 25 were bid on and a total of $2070 was collected. 4 went into the field. The payouts to the winning bidders were as follow: 1st Place/$1040, 2nd Place/$520, 3rd Place/$310 and 4th Place/$200. Then the Men’s auction got started with a total of $7130 being collected (99 total, 41 went into the field and 58 bid on individually). Here’s how the payouts went: 1st Place/$2800, 2nd Place/$1400, 3rd Place/$1000, 4th Place/$650, 5/6th Place/$350, 7/8th Place/$150 and 9-12th Place/$70.

A WarmUp Tournament was held on Thursday, October 6, to get everyone in the mood. 73 players, including 5 women, were on the bracket for this 10-Ball, race to 4, double elimination precursor to the main events yet to come. Skyler Woodward and Rodney Morris advanced undefeated to the hot seat match where Sky sent Rodney to the back side with a lopsided 4-0 win and would wait to see who would come through to meet him in the final. As quite often happens, the loser of the hot seat match would prevail on the back and get into the final and a chance at redemption. Rodney held off Antonio Lining 4-2 and got another go at Skyler. Rodney took the first match 4-2 and forced a second match and perhaps a double dip. Sky, however, was having none of that and took the second match by the same 4-2 score and the first place prize of $535.

Rodney Morris Champions Chezka Centeno and Skyler Woodward

Skyler Woodward Complete WarmUp Tourney Results and Payouts: 1 $535 Skyler Woodward 2 $375 Rodney Morris 3 $300 Antonio Lining 4 $250 Chris Byers 5/6 $175 Randy Baker, Steve Lingelbach 7/8 $125 Chezka Centeno, Stan Tourangeau 9-12 $100 Amar Kang, Christ Aiardo, Matt Horner, Heather Cortez 13-16 $50 Aaron Goodwin, Jackson McDonald, Scott Barnard, Chris McDaniel


November 2016


At last, the main events got underway with all the players seeking the $10,000 (Men’s Division) and $4000 (Women’s Division) first place prizes. Men’s Division Defending Champ, Rodney Morris, soon to be inducted into the Billiards Hall of Fame, stumbled early on (third match) and had to claw his way through the back side to have any hope of getting into the final and a possible repeat win. He came close, finishing in 5/6th after losing a very tight match to eventual finalist Antonio Lining 6-7. All eyes then were on Skyler Woodward and his march to own consecutive Chinook Winds Open titles. His path to the final was the direct one as he won 5 straight matches, never losing more than 3 games, to get to the hot seat match against Amar Kang. Amar fought hard but could only take 4 games as Sky moved on to the final. Amar’s hopes of a second shot at Skyler in the final were crushed by Antonio Lining in the 3rd place match 4-7. As the final began, Skyler literally raced off to a 6-2 lead over Antonio and just needed one more game to clinch the title. Antonio came to life and reeled off 4 straight games, including a carom 5-6-10-Ball combo in game 9, Sky’s foul on the 10-ball in game 10, a break and run in game 11 and a run out following another Woodward foul on the 1-Ball in game 12 to even the match at 6-6. Skyler could only watch as Antonio broke the decider and began his run to what looked to be a

Women’s Champion

10-Ball Championships

win to force a second set. Antonio, shooting the 9-Ball, missed a difficult but very makeable shot and Skyler was on his feet to put an end to Antonio’s hopes for a double dip, making the 9 and 10 to clinch the title. Again. We can only hope he comes back in March, 2017 to go for a third. In the Women’s Division, all eyes were on returning 2015 Champion Rebecca Wagner and a possible repeat of last year’s final with Allison Fisher. Was that destined to be? Short answer: no. Rebecca was only able to win two out of four matches played and there would be no repeat champion. How’d the other half of that equation fare? Allison Fisher won her first three matches easily before coming up against 17-year-old Philippina Chezka Centeno, in her first Sky with Runner-up Antonio Lining US competition following some impressive wins in the Orient, and Allison’s march to the final was abruptly halted as Chezka stunned her 5-0. Allison, the great Champion and Hall of Famer, just picked herself up and marched through the back side, winning three matches, again easily, to get her spot in the final. Meanwhile, Chezka sped through the front side, losing only 3 games in 5 matches to face Allison in the final. Allison won the lag, which would loom large later in the match and they were off. The ladies didn’t waste any time bringing out their big guns with Allison taking the first two games with impressive run outs. Chez answered back with hard fought wins in the next two games (2-2). Chez capitalized on a miss by Allison following a good safety to take game 5 (3-2. Allison answered back, winning the next two games and took the lead 4-3 and was on Complete Results and Payouts/Men’s Division: the hill. Chez broke 1 $10,000 Skyler Woodward and ran game 8 to 2 $5600 Antonio Lining level the match at 4 3 $3200 Amar Kang apiece. Allison had the 4 $1800 Chris McDaniel break in the decider 5/6 $1020 Rodney Morris, Max Eberle (remember the lag) and 7/8 $580 Ramil Gallego, Jason Williams was hoping to force a 9-12 $320 Chris Byers, Todd Marsh, second set. But that Manuel Perez, Christ Aiardo was not to be as she 13-16 $180 Ruben Silva, Dan Louie, Mike Grimm, Ben Sutherland watched the cue ball 17-24 $150 Carl Tibbetts, Matt Horner, get kicked into the side Jeffrey Leonards, Clark Smith, pocket and Chezka Joe Pleasant, Jose Chavez, come to the table and Pete Gates, Chuck Nelson waste no time running out and

waste no time running out and claiming the title. Was this the passing of the torch from arguably the greatest female player ever to a rising superstar? Maybe. Allison Fisher is by no means done but there can be no doubt that Chezka Centeno has a dazzling future in Women’s Billiards.

Complete Results and Payouts Women’s Division: 1 $4000 2 $2000 3 $1000 4 $550 5/6 $250 7/8 $150

Chezka Centeno Allison Fisher Heather Cortez Kelly Isaac Liz Cole, Cindy Sliva Kim Jones, Kimberly Kirk

Chezka with Runner-up Allison Fisher Even though this Open was smaller, there were more than enough great players to make it well worth following as they delivered many great matches and two more than worthy champions were crowned. Many thanks to our sponsors: Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Western BCA and Anhauser Busch. Tournament Directors Mike Jensen and Bill Henderson did a great job organizing and running this event with the help of Tournament Registrar Darcy Williams, the Calcutta crew, Referees Darryl Farley and Dwayne Payne, Pam Carraway on the Podium, Cathy Dunford and Staff in Payouts and Robbin Iredale, Photographer/graphic designer/advertising/website administrator.

There are some changes in the works for the next Chinook Winds Open in March, 2017 and the work on that one has already started. Thanks to all who came to watch and support this event. If you weren’t able to attend, all the live streamed videos will soon be available on YouTube via a link on the Western BCA Website ( See you all in March!!


November 2016



Tom Simpson

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson


November 2016

This one is hard to teach, but it’s really important. I’m sure you’ve heard about it your whole life, in every sport you’ve tried. Gotta follow through, gotta follow through. If you’re skeptical, you’re thinking “Yeah, right. That cueball is long gone before I ever have a chance to follow through. What’s the difference?” Well, it’s certainly true that the cueball is gone. Let’s slow this thing way down and look at what happens during a hit stroke. If you are stroking (as opposed to poking), your stick is accelerating toward the impact. If you are poking, your stick is decelerating toward the impact (this is bad). The tip spends only one or two thousandths of a second in contact with the cueball and the ball springs off and heads down table. Meanwhile, because your stick ran into the ball, the stick has slowed down. But then, because of your stroke inertia, the stick regains some of its speed and continues forward. If you stroke the shot, you have a feeling of accelerating through the hit. The actual physics, as we saw above, is a little different, but this is the right feeling. You aren’t doing anything to slow the stick down. The cueball slows the stick. So, if the player doesn’t slow the stick, what makes it stop? Two things: your range of motion and your stroke speed. My belief is that, to interfere as little as possible with your stroke, you allow your follow-through to flow forward until it either runs out of speed or until you run out of range of motion for your stroke arm. What I’m getting at here is the idea that there is a “natural” amount of follow-through that is appropriate on each shot, and the less you interfere with that, the better your results. In other words, if you’re not getting that natural amount of follow-through, you are interfering with the stroke. You might want to fix that. Imagine a very soft shot – maybe just hard enough to send the cueball one table length. Natural follow-through for a shot of that speed might be just one inch past where the cueball was. If the stick came to a stop by running out of speed, as opposed to you stopping it with muscle, I’d call that natural follow-through. The forward


energy of the stick was overcome by the cueball and then by the “friction” in your arm movement. Different players have differing amounts of fluidity in their stroke arm, resulting in some differences in natural follow-through length. If your stroke arm is very stiff, try pausing slightly at the back of your stroke, so your bicep doesn’t have to fight your tricep as it swings the stick forward. Imagine your upper arm is soft. Now consider a very hard shot – say three table lengths. Natural follow-through for this shot might be four to six inches past the cueball, or more. Most likely, the factor limiting your follow-through this time will be your range of motion. If you’re an elbow-dropper, you may have a longer follow-through because your range of motion is long. If you’re not an elbow-dropper, your stroke hand will bang into your chest, and that’s as far as your stroke is going. To get back to the real point here, “So what? The cueball doesn’t care whether I follow through or not, so why does it matter?” The answer is that follow-through is a symptom. A good stroke gives you consistent ball action, and consistency raises your game. Here’s the beauty part: Sometimes you can take a symptom, and use it to improve the cause. For example, we all know that when you feel good you smile. We also know that you can smile (on purpose), and you will feel better. Using this same reasoning, if good follow-through is a symptom of an excellent stroke, why not work on following through as a way to improve your stroke? To check out your follow-through, place a chalk next to the cueball, take your shot, freeze at the end of the hit stroke, and then look at the chalk to see how far you followed through. Don’t pull back on your stick. Follow through with abandon! Forward only! Don’t push your stick after the hit. Just let it fly to its natural end point. Stay down. Check out the beauty. Show off your follow-through.

ONE USEFUL HOOK STEFANO PELINGA Stefano Pelinga (born 1964) hails from Rome, Italy, where he has served since 1985 as a police officer for the Italian government (Polizia di Stato), until his retirement in 2011. He began to play pool at the age of 12, drawing inspiration from his favorite singer and actor, Dean Martin. Stefano, currently a 5-time World Champion in Pool Trick Shots, won several titles in Italy in straight pool and nine-ball throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. In 1990, he devoted himself entirely to “Artistic Pool,” commonly referred to in its practice as “Trick Shots.” Due to his outstanding achievements, Stefano is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest Trick Shot champions in the history of the sport, and has earned a spot in ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic Hall of Fame. Most importantly, on November 17, 2012, Stefano was inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. In the presence of approximately 500 VIP guests and many sports stars such as Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Tony Esposito and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Stefano was awarded this honor, becoming a member of this group of legendary Italian Americans.

Sticking to useful trick shots, here is a real cute one which indeed helped me a few times while playing 9- or 10-ball games. Place the 9-ball (the yellow one in my diagram) by the corner pocket, frozen to the short rail and at one ball distance from the pocket’s point. The cue ball is “jawed” and the lowest ball on the table (in this case the red ball) is at about 1/2 ball distance from the CB and 1 to 3 inches past it having as reference the corner pocket or the CB. The set up of these kinds of shots can vary as they represent real situations and you need to learn how to adjust to them all. Jack your cue up by about 25⁰ and aim the OB full or a hair to the left, depending on the kind of cue you have. Hit the CB at 6:30 with 2 tips of English and a pretty good follow through and quick stroke. After hitting the OB, the CB will jump and land just past the 9-ball. The English will then grab and the CB will draw and push back the 9-Ball into the pocket. Using a little left English will increase your odds in making the shot as it forces the CB to hug the rail on its way backwards. If the lowest ball on the table happens to be a few inches farther from the CB, the shot actually becomes easier as the CB does not need to jump as in the diagrammed situation. P.S. – I would like to express my deepest sympathy to my friend Tom Simpson’s family and his sweet wife Candace. I was surely struck last month by the sad news of his sudden departure. Tom was a good man, a loyal friend and a great pool instructor. Overall a great asset to our sport. He will be missed by many. RIP my friend.


November 2016


San Francisco Billiard Academy

PBIA certified instruction is available for all levels from beginners to instructor training.


Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett


November 2016

If you play tournament 9 ball, you may have already run into some new rules for the break shot. These include rack your own (breaker racks for himself), and the 9 doesn’t count on the break. The first is to speed up the racking process because some players are really picky about the rack while the second is to nullify a rack-your-own break that sends a wired nine ball straight into a corner pocket, such as C. Last month’s U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships in Norfolk is a good example of how the break has evolved in tournament play. Let’s go over the rules there so you can be prepared for them in the future. First, why are they screwing with the break at all? Wasn’t it OK before? Well, sort of. The problem is that with a truly tight rack and breaking from the side rail, the wing ball on that side of the rack is dead to the corner pocket. In the diagram if you break from the left side rail, the 3 ball goes straight into pocket C. People generally didn’t know this before about 2000 because the racks until then were rarely tight with every ball touching all its neighbors. Around that time the Sardo rack came on the scene and it consistently gave a tight rack. So, now there is a problem. If the rack is tight, a ball is guaranteed on the break, even for a soft break. If the rack is not tight, the breaker is being cheated, since the rack is supposed to be as tight as possible. And with a dead ball available on a soft break, some players mastered repetitive run outs when they racked the balls for themselves in a certain pattern. The solutions tried so far are not completely satisfactory. At the U.S. Open the following rules were implemented. The rack is moved up the table so the 9 is on the spot and not the 1 ball. This is a first step to make the wing ball undead. The cue ball is required to start from a “break box” as shown which is 18 inches wide. This makes it harder to hit along the “wing ball dead” line which is from the rail position to straight at the 1 ball, driving the 1 ball towards A. The 2 ball is required to be at the back of the rack and the rest of the balls must be placed randomly -- no pattern racking allowed. Finally, the breaker is required to drive three balls into the kitchen or pocket them or it is deemed an illegal break and control passes to his opponent. The main point of this last rule is to force a hard break. One other factor is that a template was being used to rack the balls. That’s a thin sheet of plastic with holes punched in it where the balls should sit. In theory it can give a near perfect rack in a few seconds. Practice is different from theory. Before the tournament started Jayson Shaw gave a demo to a few bystanders of how leaving a very small gap between the 2 and it’s neighbor on the cue-ball side of the rack allows the wing ball (the 3) to go forward of its usual path to B and go straight into the pocket C instead for a full hit on the 1 ball from the break box. Smart players checked their opponent’s racks.


A C B Gap


2 4 7 3 9 5 6 8 1


Break Box


The break technique a lot of players used in the Open is the so-called “cut break” in which you don’t hit the 1 ball straight on but instead cut it towards A which helps to make the wing ball even with the 9 on the spot. The wing ball usually goes slowly, and often gets kissed out, but the cut break tends to send a lot of balls towards pocket C. In addition, it sends the 1 ball towards the side pocket. Some cut-break players used a little side spin to bring the cue ball up the table towards F, hoping for position on the 1 ball if it didn’t go in the side, while others sent the cue ball back through the rack at E. It turns out that with a really tight rack the 9 ball doesn’t move, so you have a chance to get it moving. My solution to all of this: play 10 ball if the break starts to become an issue in your 9 ball games.


Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his pool-playing career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

The Filipinos are regarded as some of the most talented pool players in the world. Several of them sport long powerful bridges on nearly each and every shot. Recently, I heard about a conversation a player had with pool great Nick Varner. Nick had advised the player to shorten his bridge hand and the player responded by making the comment “but Nick, look at the Filipinos, their bridge hands are all very far away from the cue ball.” Nick responded by asking the player a simple question, “Are you a Filipino?” I thought that was an excellent response because most players do not understand the benefits of a shortened bridge. Pool is a very daunting game because the technical aspects are not simple to execute subconsciously. However, the more you can reduce the variables, the simpler the game of pool becomes, and the easier it is to play the game with a positive mindset. The first step in mastering the game of pool is learning the correct fundamentals. Fundamentals are the elements that all great pool players have in common. Good mechanics provide a solid foundation for you to perform the actions that your mind tells you to do. All too often it’s something simple that keeps a player from reaching their true potential. In fact, the focus of this article is to address quite possibly the most common fundamental flaw among players. Over the course of several years of teaching I have trained several hundred students and nearly all of them had one common problem. The weakness I am referring to is their BRIDGE HAND DISTANCE. Furthermore, I would venture to say that 95% of all pool players place their bridge hand too far away from the cue ball. Being able to make a stable and accurate bridge is a very important part a player’s mechanics. Pool has drastically changed over the years. Today, most players play on tight equipment where that accuracy is the name of the game. A sloppy bridge won’t help! Moreover, we are conditioned to reproduce what we see from professional players like Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante. What most players don’t seem to understand is that correct (from a physics prospective) bridge hand distance is directly related to a player’s arm length. Generally, the taller you are the longer your bridge should be. That is not to say that you cannot learn to play with a longer bridge as many of the Filipinos do. However, in my estimation it makes

the game much more difficult to master. The purpose of the bridge is to support the cue on the line of aim by forming a groove or channel for the cue to slide through. The bridge hand is usually placed nine to twelve inches away from the cue ball depending on the layout of balls and the player’s unique body structure. It’s actually quite common for players to miss shots because there is too much play (bridge hand distance is too long) between the groove of their bridge hand and the cue ball. To find the correct bridge hand distance for your body structure, measure the distance between your elbow and your wrist. Take that measurement and subtract an inch and a quarter—that’s how far the groove of your bridge hand should be away from the edge of the cue ball. If you place the groove of your bridge hand closer than that you will gain accuracy but lose power. Conversely, the opposite applies when your bridge is too far away from the cue ball. If your channel is too far away then you will lose accuracy and gain power. Keep in mind, that the table layout can interfere with a player’s ability to maintain the correct bridge hand distance 100 percent of the time. They key is to remember that the correct bridge hand distance should be used as conditions permit. Another thing to remember is to keep the bottom of your bridge hand planted firmly against the slate of the table. This will make your bridge hand more stable and will allow you to guide the cue more accurately. In the words of Wyatt Earp, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” The bottom line is if you want to play like a professional, you’ll need to master the correct bridge hand distance. There is no shortcut! If you want to improve your game don’t imitate what you see other players do. Ask yourself the question, “Are you a Filipino?” and seriously consider shortening your bridge hand distance if you don’t play like one.


November 2016



November 2016


2015 Banks Champion Jeremy Jones


2015 9-Ball Champion Dennis Orcullo


Thursday, Dec. 1st Bank Pool Auction 7pm Bank Matches Begin

$3,500 ADDED 9-BALL $75 Entry, Ltd 128, 8’ Tables, 9/7

Friday, Dec. 2nd Banks Resume 12pm 9-Ball Auction 7pm One Pocket Auction 9pm One Pocket Begins (2 rounds)

$1,000 ADDED ONE POCKET $100 Entry, Ltd 32, 9’ Tables, 4/3

Saturday, Dec. 3rd 9-Ball Matches Begin 10am One Pocket Resumes 10am Sunday, Dec. 4th 9-Ball Resumes 10am One Pocket Resumes 10am Ladies 9-Ball Auction 12pm

$1,000 ADDED 9-BALL BANKS $100 Entry, Ltd 32, 9’ Tables, 3/3 $500 ADDED LADIES 9-BALL $45 Entry, Ltd 32, 8’ Tables, 7/5 New Measle Cue Balls, New Simonis Cloth, New Aramith Balls

Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar 3040 FM 1960 E., Ste. 101 Houston, TX 77073 281-821-4544 Open 24/7

2015 One Pocket Champion Chip Compton

Entry Fees Send payment to: Add $5 handling fee per entry Include: Name, Cell Phone Email, Divisions All entries due by Nov. 21 Mail or drop off in person: Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar Attn: John Rizzo Include: Name, Cell Phone, Email, Divisions All entries due by Nov. 21 For more information: Kim Newsome 713.825.1411 Email – @SpaceCityOpen Ron Geyer Cue Repair Joe Salazar Fine Cues

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November 2016


Stinger NG06 Break/Jump Cue Jump and break like a pro! The Stinger NG06 is the ultimate break/ jump cue. This sleek cue features stunning “Stinger” graphic overlays, a quick release jump joint and a patented Stinger shaft with phenolic tip. The Stinger NG06 retails for $225. See why Stinger break/jump cues are the best at mcdermottcue. com/stinger.

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VIKING A350 Coffee Stain Birdseye Maple Central American Cocobolo, West African Ebony, Birdseye and Cross Grain West African Zebrawood Rings Viking Quick Release Joint Tip: Everest® Laminated Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft Wrap: 100% Irish Linen Shaft: ViKORE Hard Rock Maple (Aged 5 years) Benefit: Extreme Control & Accuracy Turnings: 9 to 11 turnings over 18 to 24 months Taper: 12” to 14” Pro Taper Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish Forearm: Premium Birdseye Maple Joint: High Impact Black (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert Pin: Viking 5/16 x 18 Quick Release, Stainless Steel ButtPlate: High Impact Modified Acrylic with Viking Logo Bumper: Threaded Rubber Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage MSRP $335.00

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VIKING A416 20 Gold, White Premium Pearl and Gold-Black Stone Inlays Khaki Stain Select Birdseye Maple Black Premium Pearl Sleeve Gold and White Premium Pearl Rings Viking Quick Release Joint Tip: Everest® Laminated Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft Wrap: 100% Irish Linen Shaft: ViKORE Hard Rock Maple (Aged 5 years) Benefit: Extreme Control & Accuracy Turnings: 9 to 11 turnings over 18 to 24 months Taper: 12” to 14” Pro Taper Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish Forearm: Select Birdseye Maple Joint: High Impact Black (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert Pin: Viking 5/16 x 18 Quick Release, Stainless Stain ButtPlate: Premium Birdseye Maple with Viking Logo Bumper: Threaded Rubber Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage MSRP $420.00


November 2016


Holiday Gift Guide VIKING A611 20 White Premium Pearl Inlays West African Ebony Gator Embossed Leather Wrap White Premium Pearl and Black (IMA) Index Rings Viking Quick Release Joint Tip: Everest® Laminated Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft Wrap: Gator Embossed Leather Shaft: ViKORE Hard Rock Maple (Aged 5 years) Benefit: Extreme Control & Accuracy Turnings: 9 to 11 turnings over 18 to 24 months Taper: 12” to 14” Pro Taper Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish Forearm: West African Ebony Joint: High Impact Black (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert Pin: Viking 5/16 x 18 Quick Release, Stainless Steel ButtPlate: White Premium Pearl with Viking Logo Bumper: Threaded Rubber Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage MSRP $700.00

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November 2016


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14 Diamond Pool Tables - Leagues Full Menu - Gourmet Burgers - Beer

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. 199 $ p u nge d ra t that is n a poin e! Th 9.99 ES just $7 g price warpag agic U S C t at ere rtin yM nst YER es star this sta en agai r Luck ns to th w. A L w u o v e P cue ditio on w 00ers c y cu ife e 8 Play the onl d for L white new ad ll line 1 u d u e It is arante lack an ust two eason f near yo j u s is g tional b ue are ut this dealer c i a o d r tra hroom heck all fo c C s r u . o e M com 7 lin 201 ndcase. cuea 7665 835

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Wednesdays 9-Ball FREE entry $100 added 7:30PM


na Watch for upcoming tour

Sundays Rated 9-Ball $15 entry Break Challenge 1PM

741 W 6th St - Junction City, KS 785-579-6465

Chris’ Billiards A Chicago Classic Weekly Pool Tournaments @ 7pm Wed: 8-Ball & Sun: 10-Ball

41 Pool Tables - APA Leagues 4637 N Milwaukee Ave - Chicago, IL



November 2016


OK State Black - Gold 8-Ball Championships “She’ll Carry Us,” a team from Back Alley Billiards in McAlester, took 2nd place in the Men’s/Mixed Open team division at the 2016 Oklahoma State Black-Gold 8-Ball Championships. Team members pictured, from left, are Frank Sparkman, Stan Lane, Billy Barnes, Rachel Petersen and Darren Mize. They went undefeated throughout the tournament until the got double dipped in the championship match by a team from Oklahoma City. Billy Barnes won first place in the Men’s Open singles division. He beat out over 160 other competitors.


She’l l Carr

T’s Billiards Gunslinger Pool

• • • • •

November 2016

15 Pool Tables Tournaments Coldest Beer Sandwiches Pizza Rack’em

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The “Bull Shooters,” a men’s master team from Back Alley Billiards in McAlester, won 2nd place at the 2016 Oklahoma State Black-Gold 8-Ball Championships. Team members include, from left, Dale Motley, Jason Chappell, Todd Barrier, Marlan Isbell and Billy Rice. They went undefeated through the tournament and held the hot seat until a Tulsa team, the “Road Scholars,” double dipped them in the championship match. Marlan Isbell also finished 2nd in the Grandmaster’s singles division. Joey Gray, from Oklahoma City, took Marlan out in the championship match.

s r e t o o h S

y Us

40 POOL TABLES - FOOSBALL DARTS - LARGE SCREEN TV Weekly Tournaments: Sun-Mon-Tues-Fri 1st & 3rd Saturday Tournaments

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November 2016


10/25/16 2:52 PM

Eaton Strikes Again 8525 Cottonwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585

Watch for Upcoming Tournamnts

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Sponsored and payout tournaments Pool leagues every Monday - Thursday

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Kansas Hold ‘Em Keno AMI trivia Dart leagues

601 Kasold Dr, Lawrence, KS (785) 749-7699

(256) 686-3171

First Sat at 7pm Monthly 9 ball $35 entry Players Auction $500 added.

9 Ball Fri & Sat 8pm-$13 entry

22 Diamonds (16-7ft and 6-9ft) 1819 Bassett Ave SE, Decatur, AL 1-5x10 Snooker


Weekly Pool Tournaments 525 S Glenstone Ave Springfield, MO

Gail Eaton, aka “Virginia Slim”, struck another blow in a strong field of semi-professional players, during the seventh stop on this year’s WPBA sanctioned, Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Tour. Eaton overcame Terry Petrosino in the finals to secure her third win of the season, and ignite a fierce battle for first place tour points. On October 8th, 2016, some of the most talented women in Texas converged on Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas, to compete in this oneday 9-ball event, vying for a place in the Gulf Coast Tour winners’ circle. Bogies, along with tour sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls, Delta-13 Rack, and the APA of North Harris County, facilitated another successful event for the women of the Gulf Coast Tour, featuring premium equipment, along with the unveiling of their new, official balls, Cyclop Pool Balls. On the battle field, Terry Petrosino took the bull by the horns, ousting Loretta Lindgren, 7-2, Monica DeTuncq, 7-1, and Gail Eaton, 7-6, while Kim “Texas Heat” Pierce bested Toni Esteves, 7-0, Liz Tijerina, 7-1, and Yvonne Asher, 7-4. Also on her way to the final four winners’ side, Mercedes Vasquez took down Kim Jenkins, 7-3, Sara Bork, 7-6, and Gail Roles, 7-1. Former tour champion Ricki Casper made her bid with wins over Teresa Garland, 7-4, Robyn Petrosino, and Tiffany Mundie, 7-5. On the one loss side, Tijerina was eliminated by Mundie, 5-2, and Roles overcame Alicia Huff, 5-2, while Lindgren defeated Asher, 5-3, and Eaton took down Bonnie Mason, 5-2. Back on the east side, Petrosino sent Pierce west,

7-4, while Casper slid by Vasquez, 7-6. West side action witnessed Roles eliminate Mundie, 5-4, but lose to Pierce, 5-2, while Eaton went on to defeat Lindgren, 5-2, and Vasquez, 5-1. Hot seat action was in progress, as Petrosino and Casper traded game for game, Casper coming up short in the end, 7-6. On the one loss side, Eaton went on to defeat Pierce, 5-2, and Casper, 5-4, to meet Petrosino in the final. Eaton, a former tour champion herself, overcame Petrosino both sets to win her third event title of the year. The Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Tour is open to players of all ages and skill levels, however, the top 32 WPBA Exempt Professionals are not permitted to participate. The final Gulf Coast Tour 9-ball event will be $1,000 added, held on November 12th-13th, 2016, at Fat Racks Billiards in San Antonio, Texas. Free practice begins at 10am, and the players’ meeting begins at 11am. For more information about the WPBA sanctioned, Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Tour, please visit “Follow” us on Twitter @gulfcoasttour and “Like” us on Facebook @gulfcoasttour1. Results/Payouts 1st $380 Gail Eaton 2nd $220 Terry Petrosino 3rd $105 Ricki Casper 4th $50 Kim Pierce 5/6th $25 Mercedes Vasquez Gail Roles

Hours: M-F: 2pm-2am Sat: 11am-2am Closed Sunday

6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK


122 1/2 E Carl Albert Pkwy - McAlester, OK Open 7 days a week opens at 2pm M-F Noon Sat-Sun

Hours: Sun-Thurs 2pm-Midnight Fri-Sat 2pm-1am

8 Valley Pool Tables - (1) 9’ Brunswick - 1 Snooker Jukebox - Video Games - Sports on the Big Screen


November 2016




2013 Nelson St Shreveport, LA 318-425-8112

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21 Bar Boxes 2-9’ Diamonds 4 Reg. Dart Boards 2 Electronic Darts 2 Golden Tee 2 Full Bars

Best Bar Food in town

Hours Mon-Sat: 10:30 am-2:00 am Sun: 12:00 pm-2:00 am

Tuesday Night 9-Ball at 8PM 10-Ball Break & Run pot

SHARKY’S BAR & BILLIARDS 2902 E Kimberly Rd - Davenport, IA


26 Pool Tables - 6 Flat Screen TVs Weekly Tournament at 7PM Sun-Mon-Thurs-Fri $100 added for every 16 players

Daily Food Specials - Happy Hour: 4-6pm M-F See the Tournament Trail for Upcoming Tournament Dates 920-651-0806

9638 Jones Rd - Houston, Texas

570 N. Main St - Oshkosh, WI 54901


Home of the Young Guns. . who’s next? • 4 - 9’ Diamonds • 15 - TV’s • 14 - 7’ Diamonds • Full Bar Watch Monday Night Matchup on the FREE stream at LIVE STREAMING BY:

3611 N St Peters Pkwy St. Peters, MO 63376 (636) 441-9964

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November 2016

open late

12009 S Pulaski Rd Alsip, IL 60803



“Now offering LEGAL VIDEO GAMING (slot machines)”

Monthly Tournaments Nov 19th: 9-Ball Dec 3rd: Bank Pool


$5DD0ED0 A

n a full

(based o


$50 entry (g. f. included) One Day “IRON MAN” events Double Elim. - Sign-up 12 PM (NOON)

14 Nine Foot Gold Crown III Pool Tables 8 Seven Foot Diamond Smart Tables 3 Cushion Billiard Table Golden Tee - Touch Tunes Jukebox 24 High Definition Screens Direct TV’s Sports Package New Smoke-Free Section & Bar

Friday 9-Ball, $12 entry, 8pm, Races 3/3 (last woman standing wins cash prize) Saturday 9-Ball, $12 entry, 8pm, Races 4/3 (plus 9-ball break contest) Sunday 10-Ball, $12 entry, 2pm, Races 5/3 (plus 9-ball break and break & run contests)


Full Bar and Grill

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3040 FM 1960 East Houston, TX 281-821-4544 Happy H

our: 3-7pm everyd ay OPEN 24 hou rs

POOL - DARTS - FREE POKER Weekly Tournament:

8-Ball Bar Table Every Friday Night at 8PM ADDED MONEY - $10 entry fee - Race to 3/2 - 13 tables Winner Break - Rack your own - BCA Rules

FREE POOL on 8’ tables Mon & Thurs 7pm to 2am 1/2 PRICE POOL on 9’ tables Midnight to 10am

Shark y’s 6th Annual “Ladies First” 8-Ball October 22, 2016. Sharky’s Billiards. Davenport, IA. Thank you to all the ladies for playing today! The field might have been small but it was BIG on talent. In a thrilling second set finals, Jenna Bishoff won 5-4 after being defeated the first set 6-1 in a stellar run out show by Taylor Hansen.



Iowa’s Diamond Dealer! 4510 East 14th St - Des Moines, IA 50313

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November 2016




XLG QUAD FACE TIP Gives you more ball-to-tip contact contact

Get ultimate control over your game with the Players Pure X™ Technology Jump Break Cue. This revolutionary new cue lets you pick your perfect shot with four interchangeable quick-release joints for a total of five different power configurations. The engineers at Players didn’t stop there, either. The Pure X™ also has an all-new tip, impact system and high performance grip. Get increased ball-to-tip contact for a radically extended sweet spot with the new XLG Quad Face Tip; a dramatically stiffer hit with maximum power thanks to the Carbon Fiber Impact System; and never lose your grip at a crucial gamewinning moment again with the Mz Multi-Zone Grip’s intense traction and stability. What does all this mean? The Pure X™ is the ultimate weapon: fully customizable for any situation, for scary accurate, blazing fast and explosive breaks every time!

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CARBON FIBER IMPACT SYSTEM Engineered to place virtually indestructible material at key impact points 35.5” Dart


Guaranteed For Life... Even Against Warpage! 800-835-7665 | A Global Division of Cue & Case Sales, Inc.

Pink_P1P2_PureX_ad_OTB(9.375x11.25).indd 1

10/25/16 6:01 PM

Fat Toad Billiards Fat Toad Billiards in Junction City, KS hosted a 9-Ball and a One Pocket Tournament on Oct 21-23, 2016. Congratulation to Joey Grey for winning both the open 9-Ball and One pocket tournaments. Congrats to Mike Beehler for second in both events. Also a very strong finish for Ashton Frye for 3rd place in the open 9-ball.

One Pocket 1st $450 Joey Grey 2nd $250 Mike Beehler 3rd $100 Sam Cordova Open 9-Ball 1st $560 Joey Grey 2nd $420 Mike Beehler 3rd $280 Ashton Frye 4th $100 Sam Cordova 5/6th $85 Ruben Silva Alan Martin 7/8th $55 Todd Fausnett Billy Bob


Sharky’s Double Trouble

l-r: Jon Ramsey/Ricky Hall, Tim Krouse/Scott Yarolem Thank you to all the teams for coming out spending the day with us at Sharky’s in Davenport, IA on October 8, 2016. Lots of great matches played and laughs had all afternoon. The pair of Jon Ramsey and Ricky Hall lost in the quarter finals on the winner’s side and came back from the one loss side for the double dip special. Great shooting to the top finishers.


Results 1st Jon Ramsey/Ricky Hall 2nd Scott Yarolem/Tim Krouse 3rd Will Thomsen/Jason Totten

November 2016


Casper Strikes Third Blow


Article by: Kim Newsome The second annual “Emma Davis Memorial Event” was the sixth stop on this year’s WPBA sanctioned, Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Tour, to honor fallen pool player, friend, wife, and mother, Emma Davis. Following a 1st place-Ricki Casper, 2nd place-Tam Trinh moment of silence, 9-ball action commenced, witnessing a slow start for Houston’s Ricki Casper who lost her second round match to Gail Eaton, 7-5. Amidst a field of 31 players, Casper won 9 consecutive matches, including two sets over hot seat winner, Tam Trinh, 7-2, 5-2. This event marked Casper’s third victory of the season, and Trinh’s highest finish to date. On September 10th, 2016, Bogies West (Houston, Texas) along with tour sponsors Delta-13 Rack, APA of North Harris County, and Cyclop Pool Balls facilitated another successful event for the ladies of the Gulf Coast Tour, who competed for over $1,000 in prize money, in a one-day competition.

HOURS: 11:00am to 1:30am Monday thru Thursday. 11:00amto 2:00am Friday & Saturday. 1:00pm to 1:30am Sunday

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6 7/8

$400 $270 $170 $95 $50 $25

Ricki Casper Tam Trinh Kim Pierce Terry Petrosino Gail Eaton Tiffany Mundie Toni Esteves Monica DeTuncq

Jamaica Joe’s Billiard Bar & Grill

Full Service Bar & Grill Pro Shop - Leagues Weekly & Monthly Tournaments Wednesday Night 9-Ball at 7:30PM - $15 entry - House matches $5 per player 5920 S.E. 15th. Midwest City, OK - 405-736-0590


November 2016


Acaba and Griffin

First-Time Winners

Johnny Griffin, John McDowell

Ed Acaba, Blaine Barcus

Johnny Griffin was the big story at the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour Fall 9-Ball Event, going undefeated in the 48-player, amateur 9-ball division, besting John McDowell in the final, 7-4. Filipino Champion, Edward “Ed” Acaba, captured his 38-player open 9-ball division, defeating Houston’s Blaine Barcus in overtime, 7-6. Congratulations to both players, who captured their first Poison Lone Star Tour event titles! On September 10-11, 2016, Bogies Billiards West, along with tour title sponsor Poison by Predator Cues and sponsors Delta-13 Rack, Ozone Billiards, APA of North Harris County, and Cyclop Billiard Balls, facilitated another successful Poison Lone Star Tour event, procuring a generous $1,000 added to the prize fund, with 86 players in attendance. In the amateur 9-ball division, Brazoria, Texas, APA franchise owner Johnny Griffin came out firing with wins over Bodie Scott, Chris Young, Jack Cavalier, and Tony Benestante, 7-3. Griffin stopped McDowell just short of the goal line, ending his run in the first and final match, 7-4. Congratulations to Johnny Griffin on capturing his first-ever, Poison Lone Star Tour event! In the open 9-ball division, world renowned Filipino player, Ed Acaba made his way through the winners’ side defeating Will Felder, 9-8, Doug Young, 9-1, and Amar Kang, 9-6. Acaba and Barcus teed off in the finals. The first set was tight and grueling, and play was nearly flawless. Towards the end, Barcus pulled ahead to win, 9-6. In overtime, although Barcus was the first to reach the hill, Acaba emerged victorious, 7-6. Congratulations to Ed Acaba on capturing his first-ever, Poison Lone Star Tour event! AMATEUR DIVISION 1st $500/$500 2nd $280/$300 3rd $210/$220 4th $130/$90 5/6 $70/$60 7/8 $50 9-12 $25 OPEN DIVISION 1st $525/$540 2nd $340/$400 3rd $210/$270 4th $140/$140 5/6th $70 7/8th $35

Johnny Griffin John McDowell Sonny Bosshamer J.C. Torres Marvin Diaz, Rudy Pascal Pete Charles, Victor Belmares Jack Cavalier, Tony Benestante, Gerardo Alvarez, Brock Temel Ed Acaba Blaine Barcus Ernesto Bayaua Danny Lee Denis Strickland, Amar Kang Johnny Griffin, Doug Young


December 17-18, 2016

Guaran Added 12pm Sign Up 1pm Calcutta 100% Payout We do not take 26 N Main Cape Girardeau, MO any of the 573-837-1148 money!

9 Ball $60 entry fee Split Quarters Race to 11 Alt. Break Double Elim. 12 Diamond Bar Tables

Top Ten 1st



WOODWARD Skyler 248

BERGMAN Justin 159

WILKIE Shaun 150



Point Standings as of October 31, 2016






MORRIS Rodney 216

SHUFF Brandon 134

ROBERTS Josh 126





MCMINN Shane 119

2016 M osconi Cup F K inal spots to be decided in

from: Luke Riches, Matchroom Sport WITH HIS RECENT win at the US Open – his fifth in total – Shane Van Boening has absolutely crushed the Team USA Mosconi Cup rankings, as he sealed his tenth appearance in the annual transatlantic tear-up. Van Boening is a whopping 157 points ahead of his nearest rival with just the final event to go – the Kuwait 9 Ball Open which gets underway next week. He leads Skyler Woodward, who went pointless in Virginia, and now finishes on 248 points, having chosen to miss the final event of the season. In third place is Mike Dechaine, who leap-frogged Rodney Morris to move into the third automatic qualifying spot, with a 13th place finish at the Open. Dechaine is 12 points behind second spot and 20 ahead of Morris and with both men playing in Kuwait there may well be a twist in the tail.

For Hall of Famer Morris to make the top three he needs to finish 20 points or more above Dechaine, or go past Woodward. Best ways, Morris must reach the last 16 with Dechaine finishing out of the points to finish third, unless he reaches the quarter-finals in which case he will go ahead of Woodward regardless of where Dechaine finishes.


All Dechaine needs to do though, is just finish in the top 32 to go ahead of Woodward, and ensure his automatic spot in the side. Following the conclusion of the Kuwait Open, the remaining two wildcards will be announced to complete the five-man team who will travel to London to attempt to win the Mosconi Cup for the first time since 2009. Ranking after 27 events 1 Shane VAN BOENING 2 Skyler WOODWARD 3 Mike DECHAINE 4 Rodney MORRIS 5 Oscar DOMINGUEZ 6 Justin BERGMAN 7 Shaun WILKIE 8 Brandon SHUFF 9 Josh ROBERTS 10 Shane McMINN


405 248 236 216 190 159 150 134 126 119

November 2016


WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS If you have any changes to your weekly pool tournaments EMAIL: DATE CITY Mondays Davenport, IA Houston, TX Des Moines, IA Green Bay, WI Tuesdays Lawrence, KS Des Moines, IA Houston, TX Wednesdays McAlester, OK Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA Midwest City, OK St Peters, MO Houston, TX Alsip, IL Oshkosh, WI Thursdays Oshkosh, WI Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA Lawrence, KS Fridays McAlester, OK Houston, TX Coon Rapids, MN Des Moines, IA Farmington, MN Tulsa, OK Poplar Bluff, MO Midwest City, OK Davenport, IA Round Rock, TX Oshkosh, WI Mankato, MN Green Bay, WI St Peters, MO Decatur, AL Saturdays Houston, TX Tulsa, OK Decatur, AL Des Moines, IA Round Rock, TX Houston, TX Tulsa, OK St Peters, MO Springfield, MO Sundays McAlester, OK Des Moines, IA Davenport, IA Lawrence, KS Round Rock, TX Oshkosh, WI Springfield, MO

LOCATION Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Bogies Billiards Big Dog Billiards KK Billiards Astro’s Big Dog Billiards Bogie’s West Back Alley Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Big Dog Billiards Jamaica Joe’s Teachers Billiards Bogies Billiards Red Shoes Varsity Club Varsity Club Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Big Dog Billiards Astro’s Back Alley Billiards Bogies Billiards CR’s Sports Bar Big Dog Billiards Farmington Billiards Q-Spot Billiards Smokin’ Aces Jamaica Joe’s Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Skinny Bob’s Billiards Varsity Club Kato Cue Club KK Billiards Teachers Billiards 6 Pockets Bogies Billiards T’s Billiards 6 Pockets Big Dog Billiards Skinny Bob’s Billiards Bogie’s West Q-Spot Billiards Teachers Billiards Shooters Billiards Back Alley Billiards Big Dog Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Astro’s Skinny Bob’s Billiards Varsity Club Shooters Billiards

PHONE (563) 359-7225 (281) 821-4544 (515) 266-6100 (920) 432-0059 785-749-7699 (515) 266-6100 (832) 912-4432 (918) 916-2837 (563) 359-RACK (515) 266-6100 (405) 736-0590 (636) 441-9964 (281) 821-4544 (708) 388-3700 (920) 651-0806 (920) 651-0806 (563) 359-7225 (515) 266-6100 785-749-7699 (918) 916-2837 (281) 821-4544 (763) 780-1585 (515) 266-6100 (651) 463-2636 (918) 779-6204 (573) 712-2900 (405) 736-0590 (563) 359-7225 (512) 733-1111 (920) 651-0806 (507) 388-7665 (920) 432-0059 (636) 441-9964 256-686-3171 (281) 821-4544 (918) 622-7747 256-686-3171 (515) 266-6100 (512) 733-1111 (832) 912-4432 (918) 779-6204 (636) 441-9964 (417) 315-8340 (918) 916-2837 (515) 266-6100 (563) 359-7225 785-749-7699 (512) 733-1111 (920) 651-0806 (417) 315-8340

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME 9-Ball $12 $100 every 16 7PM 9 Ball on 8’ tables-Race 4/3 $7 $100 w/20 8PM Open 8-Ball $10 Call 7PM 9-Ball-Race to 4-Alt Break-DE $10 $50 w/16 7PM BCA 8-Ball $5 Matching Call Handicap 8-Ball-DE $10 Call 7PM 9 Ball-Limit 32 $12 8PM 9 Ball Open - Race to 3 $5 $$$ 7:30PM 8-9-10 Ball Coin Toss $10 (incl g.f.) $100 every 16 6:30PM Call Pocket 9-Ball $10 Call 7PM 9 Ball - 10 & under $15 $5/player 7:30PM 5,6,7 9-Ball - Race to 3+ $13 $5 side pot 7:30PM 8 Ball on 8’ tables-Race 2/1 $7 $100 w/20 8PM 10 Ball $15 Call 8PM 9-Ball Beginners $8 Call Call 9-Ball Intermediate $10 Call Call 8-Ball $5+$3 g,f, $100 every 16 7PM Short Rack 8-Ball-Race to 3 $10 Call 11PM BCA 9-Ball $5 Matching 7PM 8 Ball Open - Race to 3 $10 $$$ 7:30PM 8-Ball-on Bar Tables $10 Call 7PM 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds $16 Break Pot 7PM Open 10-Ball-Race to 6/5 $10 $3/player 7PM 8 or 9-ball rotation $15+$5 g.f. $50 w/16 6:30PM 8-Ball 7 & under $5 Call 9 PM 9 Ball $10 $200 7PM Open 8-Ball - Rated Call Call Call 9-Ball on 7’ Valleys $10 $100 every 16 7PM 9-Ball Race 3/3-Last Woman $ $12 Call 8PM 9-Ball $15 $50 7PM 8-Ball Progressive - Hdcp $16 Call 6:30PM 8-Ball Race to 3/2 $5 $50 w/16 8PM 3,4,5 8-Ball - Race to 2+ $13 $5 side pot 7:30PM 9-Ball $13 Call 8PM 8-Ball on Bar Tables $10 $$$ 8PM Alt 8/9 Ball - Vegas Style $25 $100 every 8 1PM 9-Ball $13 Call 8PM Bank Ring Game $1/rail Call 8PM 9-Ball Race 4/3 9-Ball Break Pot $12 Call 8PM 8 Ball-Limit 32 $11 $100 w/20 4PM 9-Ball 7 & under $10 (incl. g.f.) Call 9PM 9-Ball - Race to Hcp - DE $15 $5 side pot 1PM 8-Ball $5 $100 7:30PM Scotch Doubles - Race to 3 $10 $$$ 5:30PM 8-Ball / 9-Ball $10 Call 6PM 10-Ball $12 $100 every 16 7PM 3-Ball Rounds - Winner take all $1 10AM 10-Ball Race 5/3 9-Ball Break Pot $12 Break&Run Pot 2PM 10-Ball on 9’ tables-Race to 5 $15 Call Call Majority Rules $5 $100 6PM

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice


November 2016




l-r Patrick Fleming, Shane Van Boening, Shannon Paschall, Brady Behrman 2016 U.S. OPEN 9-BALL - Norfolk, VA – Oct. 16-22 Article by: Phil Cappelle

Championship Match: Shane VanBoening 13 – Chang, Jung-Lin 9 Chang opened up his quest for his first U.S. Open title with a break and run. Then, after Van Boening missed in rack two, Chang ran out again. And he followed this with a long thin cut on the 1-ball and ran out to take a 3-0 lead. Then it was Van Boening’s turn to show off his firepower, and he did with a run out after Chang missed a tough cut. Van Boening then broke and ran out, broke and ran out, and broke and ran out again to take a 4-3 lead. On the last one he slammed home a long rail bank on the first ball after first considering playing safe. After Chang missed a tough shot, Van Boening ran out again to move ahead, 5-3. Chang broke the streak with a win, but then scratched on the break and Van Boening ran out, then broke and ran yet another rack to take a three game lead, 7-4. After he missed a bank, Chang pocketed a 4-9 combo. He scratched on the break and Van Boening ran out again. In game 14 Van Boening played an okay safe, but Change jumped over the blocker, made the ball, and ran out. But he scratched on the break and Van Boening ran out, then broke and ran out for the fifth time to move ahead, 10 games to 6. In the 17th game, Van Boening scratched on the break and Chang ran out to pull to within three games, 10-7. Next came a break and run as Chang closed the gap to two games. At this point, Van Boening’s TPA was .946 while Chang’s was

.937 – which was an indicator of their superlative play. After they traded misses on tough shots Chang made yet another jump shot and ran out to close to within a game. But he failed to make a ball on the break and Van Boening ran out to lead after 20 games, 11 to 9. In game 21 Van Boening separated an 8-9 cluster on the last ball before it, got good shape, and completed his sixth break and run out to reach the hill leading 12-9. Van Boening’s break was illegal (he failed to drive three balls past the side) and Chang had his last shot. But he lost position on the 5-ball on a combination, missed a super thin cut, and Van Boening ran the final five balls to capture his record tying fifth U.S. Open title! 1st $50,000 2nd $24,000 3rd $11,500 4th $8000 5/6th $5750 7/8th $4500 9-12th $3250 13-16th $2750 17-24th $2500 25-32nd




Shane Van Boening Jung-Lin Chang Jayson Shaw Dennis Orcollo Jeremy Jones, David Alcaide Yu-Lung Chang, Alex Pagulayan Ping-Chung Ko, Brandon Shuff, Abdullah Al Shammari, Pin-Yi Ko Warren Kiamco, Carlo Biado, Chia-Chen Hsieh, Mike Dechaine Josh Roberts, Naoyuki Oi, Mark Gray, Daryl Peach, Imran Majid Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz, , Kai Lun Hsu, Justin Bergman Kun Lin Wu, Radoslaw Babica, Nick Van Den Berg, Mario He Corey Deuel, Mika Immonen, Jeremy Sossei, Eklent Kaci Chin-Shung Yang, Darren Appleton, Jason Klatt, Ralf Souquet Hao Ziang Han, Raj Hundal, R.J. Carmona, Thorsten Hohmann Chezka Centeno, Miesko Fortunski, Bing Jie Chu, Robb Saez, Ramil Gallego, Lee Vann Corteza, Jani Siekkinen, Maksim Dudanets


November 2016


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE Nov 5 Nov 5 Nov 5 Nov 5 Nov 5 Nov 4-6 Nov 5-6 Nov 5-6 Nov 6 Nov 12 Nov 19 Nov 19 Nov 19-20 Nov 19-20 Nov 26 Nov 25 Nov 26-27 Nov 26-27 Dec 1-4 Dec 2-4 Dec 2-4 Dec 4 Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 4-5 Dec 4-5 Dec 4-5 Dec 4-5 Dec 10 Dec 17 Dec 17 Dec 17-18 Dec 24 Dec 31 Dec 31 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 14 Jan 21 Jan 28 Mar 9-11

CITY Decatur, AL Davenport, IA Lena, IL McAlester, OK Williamsville, NY Cincinnatti, OH Astoria, NY Yorkville, NY Portland, ME McAlester, OK Alsip, IL McAlester, OK Lafayette, LA Downers Grove, IL McAlester, OK Davenport, IA Davenport, IA Oshkosh, WI Houston, TX Houston, TX Houston, TX Houston, TX Alsip, IL Decatur, AL McAlester, OK Davenport, IA Davenport, IA Davenport, IA Davenport, IA McAlester, OK Davenport, IA McAlester, OK Cape Girardeau, MO McAlester, OK Davenport, IA McAlester, OK Decatur, AL McAlester, OK McAlester, OK McAlester, OK McAlester, OK Lincoln City, OR

LOCATION 6 Pockets Sharkys Billiards 101 Billiards Back Alley Billiards Bison Billiards Michael’s Billiards Steinway Billiards Hippo’s House of Billiards Union Station Billiards Back Alley Billiards Red Shoes Billiards Back Alley Billiards White Diamond Billiards Q’s Billiards Back Alley Billiards Sharkys Billiards Sharkys Billiards Varsity Club Bogies Bogies Bogies Bogies Red Shoes Billiards 6 Pockets Back Alley Billiards Sharkys Billiards Sharkys Billiards Sharkys Billiards Sharkys Billiards Back Alley Billiards Sharkys Billiards Back Alley Billiards Blue Diamond Back Alley Billiards Sharkys Billiards Back Alley Billiards 6 Pockets Back Alley Billiards Back Alley Billiards Back Alley Billiards Back Alley Billiards Chinook Winds Casino

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November 2016


PHONE 256-686-3171 563-359-RACK 815-541-8471 918-916-CUES 716-632-0281 513-860-0044 718-472-2124 315-768-0218 207-899-3693 918-916-CUES 708-388-3700 918-916-CUES 337-989-9889 630-532-9651 918-916-CUES 563-359-RACK 563-359-RACK 920-651-0806 281-821-4544 281-821-4544 281-821-4544 281-821-4544 708-388-3700 256-686-3171 918-916-CUES 563-359-RACK 563-359-RACK 563-359-RACK 563-359-RACK 918-916-CUES 563-359-RACK 918-916-CUES 573-837-1148 918-916-CUES 563-359-RACK 918-916-CUES 256-686-3171 918-916-CUES 918-916-CUES 918-916-CUES 918-916-CUES 360-703-4081

EVENT / RULES ENTRY 9-Ball $35 Open 8-Ball-Only Diamond Duel $40 incl g.f. One Pocket $50 no g.f. Progressive 8-Ball Open $20 Bar Box 8-Ball $35 10-Ball-Limit 128 $125+$25 g.f. NYC 8-Ball Championships Call Joss 9-Ball tour $120/$70 USB Series 10 Ball $40 7 & Under 8-Ball $20 9-Ball $50 incl g.f. Rated 9-Ball $20 Super 9-Ball-Limit 128 $40 8-Ball-Limit 48 $50M/$40W 6 & Under 8-Ball $20 Black Friday 9-Ball $50 incl g.f. 8-Ball Throw Down-Limit 96 $50 incl g.f. Open 8-Ball $40 incl g.f. Space City Open-Bank Pool $100-Limit 32 Space City Open-9-Ball $75-Limit 128 Space City Open-One Pocket $100-Limit 32 Space City Open-Women’s 9-Ball $45-Limit 32 Bank Pool $50 incl g.f. 9-Ball $35 LADIES ONLY 8-Ball $20 High Roller 10-Ball-Novice $50-Limit 16 High Roller 10-Ball-Open $100-Limit 16 High Roller 10-Ball-Advanced $200-Limit 16 High Roller 10-Ball-Master $300-Limit 16 7 & Under 8-Ball $20 Rack n’ Round Christmas Tree $40 incl g.f. Open 9-Ball $20 9-Ball Bar Table Winter Classic $60 6 & Under 8-Ball $20 One Pocket Classic $50 incl g.f. Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles $30 9-Ball $35 Progressive 8-Ball Open $20 7 & Under 8-Ball $20 Rated 9-Ball $20 6 & Under 8-Ball $20 CWO 8-Ball Championship Call

ADDED $500 $1,000 Call Call Call $5K Call $1,500/$500 $250 Call $500 w/ff Call $1,000 $750 w/ff Call $1,000 $1,500 $750 w/48 $1,000 $3,500 $1,000 $500 $500 w/ff $500 Call Call Call Call Call Call $1,000 Call $3,000 Guar Call $500 w/ff Call $500 Call Call Call Call $24,000

TIME 7PM Noon Noon 2PM Noon Call Call 11AM 11AM 2PM Noon 2PM Call 10:30AM 2PM Noon Noon 10AM 7PM 7PM 9PM Noon Noon 7PM 2PM Noon Noon Noon Noon 2PM Noon 2PM Noon 2PM Call 2PM 7PM 2PM 2PM 2PM 2PM Call

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June/July 2016






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Rackem Pool Magazine November Issue 2016