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Rackem is a monthly publication, dedicated to the advancement of the sport of pool and to promoting enthusiasm and encouragement among the players at all levels, regardless of their league affiliation, in addition to recognizing those businesses who support them all. Covering the midwest. Look for Rackem by the 10th of each month. The opinions expressed are those of the author or advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rackem or its staff. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material submitted for publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the Publisher. © 2010 Rackem

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November 2010 - Rackem Magazine 3

8-Ball: You don’t have to Pattern Pattern Play Puzzle: Puzzle: Quick Improvement by Playin Play © 2010 Mike Fieldhammer, Quick Improvement by get out now, just get out.

When I practice, I do it at home and usually alone. My routine on my 9 f Playing Smarter with Simonis 860 cloth is mainly straight pool. I always encourage peopl

By Samm Diep, © October 2010

Samm Diep

14.1 into their training. The benefits are many-fold.

As our pool game improves, so does our game plan. We discover how much more enjoyable it is when we win. We learn to shoot defensive shots. We realize that sometimes the first one to attempt the run out may not always be the one who wins the game. Eventually, we appreciate that in order to win more games, patience trumps pride. Sure, it feels great to break and run, but oftentimes tables are just not very runfriendly. We just have to accept that we don’t need to get out in this inning. It’s now that we ask ourselves, “Is it more important to win

this game or to be the hero?” You may have three shots in front of you that you can make, but if none of them help you break out that trouble ball, then QUIT RUNNING! Basic 8-ball strategy tells us when we have one or more balls tied up, it is to our advantage to keep more traffic on the table. If you don’t have a plan to get your guys out of jail, keep as many soldiers around as possible. League or team play “Is it more important environments do not necessarily to win this game or encourage to the smartest, gamewinning decisions. Far too often, to be the hero?” during a team scenario, I’ve witnessed players go for the run out when it’s nearly impossible. It’s stuck in their mind that they must be the “hero.” They don’t want to let their teammates down. They must get the “points” and they must try to run out whenever they get to the table. In many leagues, the more balls your opponent has left on the table, the higher you can score for that win. This scoring system only promotes super aggressive play. Instead of thinking, “How can I win this game?” their objective shifts to “How can I win this game now?” Many times, this mentality can backfire on them. When they force a run out that isn’t there, true, sometimes they can get lucky, but very often they just clear all their balls out of the way and leave their opponents a back door run out. That’s the worst thing they can do. It’s critical to analyze the table. Take a good look at where the balls are lying. Do you have more than one cluster to deal with? Do you have a way to address each of them? Are you confident you will make the shot that you’re facing? Are you certain you’ll have something to shoot at after your break out(s)? If you answered “no” or you’re unsure of any of these questions, then you may want to consider ducking for now and running out later. Think about lagging a ball in front of a pocket and blocking it from your opponent. If you can’t get out, make your opponent have to work for it. Play a safety where you can also bank one of your balls down by the trouble. Position your balls on the table so they are in your favor. Get them ready for you to take advantage later. Lock up safeties that can get you ball in hand are much easier to play when you have more balls on the table to hide behind. Remember, if you can’t get out now, don’t. If you can’t run out now, position your balls and run out later. A win is a win whether it happens now or later.


4 Rackem Magazine - November 2010


© 2010 Mike Fieldhammer,

LearnWhen to build runs of many I practice, I do itballs at home and usually Learnalone. the importance of and9 fine accuracy My routinefinesse on my footposition Diamond LearnPro to minimize ball movement Am withcue Simonis 860 cloth is mainly Learnstraight ultra focus onI seemingly simple shots pool. always encourage people to Learntrytoadding pocket the object ball and trust the cue ball some 14.1 into their training. Theto take care o Manybenefits more toare be added here from reader suggestions many-fold. • Learn to build runs of many balls All of these things that can worked on byofpracticing • Learn thebeimportance finesse straight and pool will that can be applied to any game. I see so many players who can pocket b fine position accuracy decent stroke get into all kinds of trouble by shooting the balls off in the • Learn to minimize cue ball movement • Learn ultra focus on seemingly simple What order wouldshots you shoot these balls off to leave yourself a good brea Mike Fieldhammer continue your run? Examine the puzzle and leave answer in the com • Learn to pocket the object ball your and trust blog at see what the cue balland to take careothers of thehave restthought. of its job ballshere fromfrom left toreader right are 4, 14, 7, 13, 1, 10, and 12. • Many more to beThe added suggestions All of these things that can be worked on by practicing straight pool will build p a t t e r n knowledge that can be applied to any game. I see so many players who can pocket balls well and have a decent stroke get into all kinds of trouble by Pattern Play Puzzle. shooting the Photo Caption: Pattern Play Puzzle. (Link to larger photo online if neces balls off in the wrong order. What order would you shoot these balls off to leave yourself a good break shot for a chance to continue your run? Examine the WWW.BILLIARDCOACH.COM puzzle and leave your answer in the comment section of my blog at Professional Billiard Instruction and see what others have thought. The balls from left to right are 4, 14, 7, 13, 1, 10, and 12. Learning pattern play through 14.1 practice can be priceless. It also happens to be a great game that challenges players of any ability.      

New Samsara Limited Cue Line Mike is a full time tournament player and professional billiard instructor. He is available for private instruction or group clinics and events. Check out the new Billiard Coach Store: Serious Gear for Serious Players. Gift certificates are available.

Mike F i e ld ham m e r 6 12 . 8 0 2 .0 519 Mike @ Billiar d C oac h .c o m Authorized Dealer Samsara Cues

The Predator Group

My Lucky Day

Lucky Part III - “Lucky In The Big Game” So now what? I had come here planning to buy my friend breakfast and shoot the breeze in the peace and quiet of this quaint place, and hopefully find out how I could help him with his … problems. That picture was fading fast. The picture before me was electric with question marks and unknowns. What had happened to Lucky to bring him to this, all that he abhorred and abandoned years ago? I could only stand here, suspended in the crowd, and watch, and wait, and wonder, what’s next? The score was 5 – 5, the clothes rack was holding his own, and Lucky finally had to visit the washroom -- that’s what they call it around here. This would be a good opportunity to catch his attention. He saw me as he came by and stopped, a look of pleased surprise on his face. “Hey, Drew! A friendly face in a crowd of vultures!” He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’m in action again. Most everyone here thinks I’m Big Johnson from Canada. No one has asked me who I am. That’s just great! A lot of people have called around to find out the line on me.” “Won’t they find out you’re not him?” I asked, thinking Lucky looked thinner and kind of worn out, or maybe I just hadn’t noticed it before, since he’d had a beard then. “No, probably not. But Roosevelt Johnson and I used to play 30 years ago. He was a big action gambler. Hey, I’ll be right back -- have to go to the washroom.” I could see people looking intently at me as Lucky walked away. Like they thought I knew who he was, and I did, sort of. One guy asked me. “Who is that, anyway?” “He’s Lucky,” I shrugged. The guy said, “Yeah right, buddy, but what’s his name?” with a look like he didn’t appreciate my answer. What could I do? It was the truth. I didn’t know Lucky’s name either. Pretty much the same look I got back home when people asked me about the story I wrote about him. Lucky returned, and stopped again. “How did this circus start?” I asked. “I’ll tell you the whole story later, but this started three days ago when I played a guy and won all his cash. Instead of leaving, he called out for more money. You know me - I didn’t care. When the money came so did a bunch of people. See that guy over there with the beard? I think he’s in disguise.” “Which one?” “The one next to the jukebox – looks like he’s asleep. All I know is he’s good. He’ll want to play at some point. Right now he’s just waiting. He’ll want to bet high - I know he will.” Lucky didn’t even blink when I told him who he was. “I don’t know if I’ll get to play him.” Why not, I was thinking. “I’ve already played seven players in three days.” “What does the town think about all this?” I wondered. “Some of them have seen this before. For the most part it helps the local economy. But I know that people do like the laid back nature of this place, and I’m as ready as they probably are for a good break. When I’m done here let’s go to the ranch.” Lucky walked back to the table and I heard him say, “Your rack.” And before you knew it, Clothes Rack

Andrew Monstis was on his way out the door. “Last set.” “Race to 11 for a thousand.” “Ok,” I didn’t have to wait long before Lucky finished off another player. Yet another approached, but Lucky turned him down, saying he’d play tomorrow - right now he was done for the day. About eight people who were just sweating the action got up to play. They agreed to a $50 dollar ring game. I watched a little bit while Lucky collected his stuff. There were some very good players, and I kind of wanted to stay and watch, but I was tired and needed to rest. The guy sitting next to the jukebox, I’ll call him the Sleeper, did not get in the game, but stayed where he was, legs stretched out, arms crossed, eyes kind of half-shut like he was snoozing. Lucky and I walked out of the lounge, and I started to head for my car. Lucky veered me across the street instead, and into the old frontier era hotel, where he proceeded to check in. “What’re you doing?” I asked. “Aren’t we going out to your ranch?” “Yep,” he grinned, “I just don’t want any of them back there thinking I live here. Besides, there’s a couple of guys hanging around there I wouldn’t trust with my dirty laundry.” I followed Lucky through a door in the back of the lobby, threaded through a stockroom crowded with old furniture and to Lucky’s wagon, parked over on a side street. We drove away from town on old country roads full of ruts and holes. Lucky asked me how was I doing and what was I doing here and we exchanged idle talk for a while. It was apparent he was tired, too. I was going to ask him about the problems he had mentioned in his letters, but I could tell he didn’t want to talk about it. But I did finally get around to telling him that it was bothering me that now that we were becoming friends I felt like I should know his real name. Lucky looked over at me as we rattled along and said, “Drew, you don’t really want to know that,” just as we arrived the front gate of his spread. The gate crest, carved from a big oak tree slab, read “LUCKY Q RANCH”. After he unlocked and swung

open the metal gate, he had me drive through, and he hopped in the passenger side. The road from the gate was asphalted for the next 150 yards, smooth and quiet after those rough roads. He started to talk about his ranch, further avoiding my question very artfully. The big house, he said, was Ponderosa style, built by a rancher in the early 20’s, and he hadn’t had to change much of anything except some of the electrical and plumbing. The timing was awkward for me to keep at him about his name, so I had to be content to wait, and enjoy the place. We walked past an old broke down farm wagon still lying off to the side of the house and through a huge 8-foot pine door into a spacious boot room slash foyer. The house was solid, functional, and felt like the kind of home you’d want to come home to. He tossed my coat on a chair and took me into his den. On a long wall opposite a treesized fireplace were family pictures. He pointed out himself as a kid with his parents – he seemed to be the only child in most of the pictures. The other walls were covered with pictures of pool players. “Many of these pictures were taken when I was a boy,” Lucky pointed out. I looked closer and saw that he had pictures of himself playing most of these hall-of-famers. There was Willie Hoppe and him, and Ralph Greenleaf with Lucky standing next to the table with a cue in his hands, and pictures with Jimmy Caras, and Willie Mosconi in action, playing Lucky. All were signed. He had at least a hundred photos. In one he looked about five years old. He said he was standing next to the pool table they had had at home. “My father taught me the love of billiards. He was a machinist back then, and he made me a little cue. I was only six years old when I scored 29 consecutive billiards and ran 254 balls in straight pool. I had to carry a stool around to stand on for every shot. When I was five I ran 1,550 straight rail billiards and 978 balls in straight pool before I missed. Pop was kind of in a state because we were at the local pool hall where he had to pay the time. But he wanted me to do well. My memory is vague on this but that’s how my pop recalls it. I do remember the locals called me The Whiz Kid. “We lived in a small town kind of like this one -- maybe that’s why I was drawn to this place. Pop was very protective and careful. He made sure I did normal kid things. I was always wanting to go and play pool, but he’d most often say, ‘No, son, school will always come first.’ I was going to be in the first grade and that was the most important thing to him. But then that same year he took me on weekends to different towns we could drive to and he’d put me up against the local hotshots for money. We’d go into the pool halls and he’d find the players and then bet on me. I always got a spot because of my age. And I always won. He justified it because it brought in money we needed.” Lucky excused himself for a minute and came back with a pile of cold fried chicken and some potato salad and Pepsis. “See, Pop had polio in his left arm and he Lucky continues on page 11

November 2010 - Rackem Magazine 5


Fast Eddie’s in Round Rock, Texas was the and ran to tie the score at 6-6. The excitement scene for the 8th OB Cues Ladies Tour stop and pressure was growing as the final game the weekend of October 9th-10th. In fact, became a battle of strategic safeties, a waiting this was the second time this year that they game of who would make a mistake first. With have hosted the OBCLT event and we greatly just the 7-8-9 left, Lisa made a tough 7-ball in appreciated their fantastic food, hospitality and the corner but the cue ball rolled within an inch friendly faces from the management and staff. of the 8-ball, appearing to end her chances of Thank You Fast Eddie’s Round Rock! the potential run-out. She deliberated as to Also special thanks to our main title what she was going to do, committed to the sponsor, OB Cues, for providing the opportunity shot, then made a precise 8-ball shot in the for amateur lady pool players all over the side pocket and was left a long thin cut on country to be able to participate in such a funthe 9 to force the second set. Unfortunately, filled, competitive, and memorable event year she missed the 9-ball giving Amanda a clear after year. Thank You OB Cues! shot to pocket the 9 in the corner for her 2nd Players from Texas, Arkansas, Colorado tour win. Congrats to both Lisa and Amanda and Illinois were anxious to participate in for the crowd pleasing, superb match play all this guaranteed $2000 added monies 9-ball weekend. event. A welcome surprise to the tour was Join us November 13th & 14th at our the presence of Samm Diep from Denver, Championship Stop of 2010 on at Casper’s Colorado and everyone’s favorite pool mascot, Billiards in San Leon, Texas. Frank from Pool Dawg. Frank was around all OB Cues Ladies Tour – Good Pool, Good weekend sweating the action along with other Friends, Good Times Lisa Marr and Amanda Lampert tour fans, supporters, and family members, Check us out at cheering on the 38 players competing for the 1st place prize of $750. Sponsored by OB Cues As the Main Event approached day’s end on Saturday, 8 players were still MAIN EVENT TOURNAMENT PAYOUTS: left standing. Winner side matches for Sunday morning would be Helen Laiche 1st $750 Amanda Lampert vs. Michelle Cortez and Lisa Marr vs. Amanda Lampert. One loss matches also 2nd $550 Lisa Marr on Sunday would be Orietta Strickland vs. Kim Pierce and Rachel Hurst vs. 3rd $400 Michelle Cortez Nancy French. On Sunday morning, Helen and Michelle battled it out with a hill4th $270 Orietta Strickland hill score and Michelle prevailed as the winner and very excited about playing 5th/6th $150 Helen Laiche, Rachel Hurst in the hot seat match. Amanda, recent winner of the Houston Open from the 7th/8th $100 Kim Pierce, Nancy French previous weekend, was playing lights out and soundly defeated Lisa 7-2 to earn 9th/12th $60 Alicia Stanley, Jennifer Kraber, her spot in the hot seat match. Amanda then won the hot seat with a score of Ashley Nandrasy, Tara Williams 7-0 against Michelle; she would wait to see who her finals opponent would be. 13th/16th $30 Ashley Simmons, Angela Garza, As the one-loss matches continued, it looked like it would be a rematch of the Michelle Prince, Deedra Trammell hot seat match as Michelle was ahead of Lisa in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, 17th/24th $15 Julia Rapp, Christi Murphy, Shayla Neris, Kim Sanders, Janea Taylor, Becky Jones, the rolls, which were bothersome to both players, left Michelle coming up short Veronica Perez, Monica Anderson and she was defeated by Lisa 7-5. Michelle had a fantastic event though and A SECOND CHANCE EVENT was held with $250 added monies. scored her highest tour finish ever. She will undoubtedly always be a force to 1st $150 Ashley Nandrasy reckon with, so keep up the good work. Congratulations Michelle! 2nd $110 Lisa Henderson-Major The finals match was a battle of the speeding tickets. We teased both players 3rd $80 Samm Diep as they both had unfortunate run-ins with a radar gun recently so they both had 4th $50 Jennifer Kraber extra pressure and incentive to win this event to pay off their lead foot incidents. 5th/6th $20 Veronica Perez, Kim Sanders In true double elimination format, Lisa would have to defeat Amanda twice to win. 7th/8th $10 Tara Williams, Christi Murphy As the match progressed, it looked Lisa was trying her best to take it to a second OTHER TOURNAMENT WINNERS: set as she was up 4-1 early. But Amanda was not having any of it and she Tournament Free Entry - $30 – Karen Cathey, Pool Dawg Towel – Tara Williams, kicked into gear to tie up the set. When it was 4-4, it seemed Lisa was going to Pool Dawg – Box of Chalk – Lisa Marr, Pool Dawg – Glove & 9-ball key chain, force the second set when she took the lead at 6-4, but Amanda once again dug – Angela Garza, Jennifer Hayes, Starbucks Gift Card ($25 each) – Deedra Trammell, Michelle Prince, 9-Ball Anyone Letter Opener – Veronica Perez, deep. She took advantage of a miss by Lisa to draw closer at 6-5, then broke Assortment of Pool Pins – Carol Clyde, Pool Table Trinket Box – Orietta Strickland, 9-Ball Key Chain – Alicia Stanley, 10-Ball Key Chain – Ann Malone, Vitality Day Spa products (courtesy of player Lisa Henderson-Major) – Ashley Simmons OB CUES RAFFLE WINNERS: Becky Jones (regular tour player), Kenny Huber (local Fast Eddie’s customer)

810 W 56 Hwy - Olathe, KS 913-780-5740

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21-Valley Bar Tables 3-Diamond 9’ 1-Gabriel Billiard

4-Diamond Bar Tables 9-Brunswick Gold Crowns 1-Antique Billiard

Fri & Sat Pool Tournaments 6 Rackem Magazine - November 2010

APPLETON WINS US OPEN By Skip Maloney - AzB Staff Chesapeake, VA It all came down to the slow roll of an 8-ball, which broke out of the match's 28th rack, bounced off a long rail, meandered its way to the opposite side pocket through a flurry of other balls and just did drop in. Eight balls later, Darren Appleton of Pontefract, England, completed a run of nine straight matches to go undefeated through a field of 256 on hand for the 35th Annual US Open-9 Ball Championships. He became the first British citizen to win the title. The $50,000-added event was once again, for the 14th straight year, held at the Chesapeake Convention Center from October 17-23. Appleton’s trail to the finals began on Sunday, October 17th with an 11-5 victory over Ronald Tutein. Over the course of the event’s six days, he would play a total of 154 games, winning almost 60% of them (91). He gave up, on average, only seven racks per match. His nine-match winning streak included two wins over Deuel, as well as victories over Israeli champion Zion Zvi (11-8), Ronnie Alcano (11-7), Efren Reyes (11-5), and David Alcaide (11-8). In the battle for the hot seat, he defeated two-time defending champion, Mika Immonen 11-9. Deuel came into the finals having won five matches in both brackets, defeating, among others, Keith Bennett(11-5), Shane Van Boening (11-8), Rodney Morris (11-9), Jason Klatt (11-1), and in the semifinals, Mika Immonen 11-3. He defeated Warren Kiamco twice, once in each bracket. He defeated him in a double hill battle in the fifth round on the winners’ side and defeated him with the event’s new ‘win by two’ rules in the quarterfinals. It was Appleton who sent him to the one-loss side in the sixth round 11-8, and Appleton who denied him his second US Open title with a thrilling 14-12 victory in the finals. “It all came down to the breaks,” said Deuel at the conclusion of the match. “I broke twice to keep it alive, and on his last break, the 8-ball just rolled in there.

scratched, to give Deuel ball in hand. Deuel ran out to narrow Appleton’s lead to two at 9-7. Appleton committed one of his six unforced errors in the match in game 17, Deuel ran out and it was a single game lead for Appleton. Appleton won, Deuel responded, and it was 10-9. Appleton won the 20th game for an 11-9 lead, but Deuel took advantage of another unforced error by Appleton to make it 11-10 and then broke and ran to tie the score for the first time since the eighth game. He took the lead in the next rack, for the first time since the seventh game, with his second straight break and run. Another dry break for Deuel knotted things at 12, and with a break and run of his own, Appleton won the game that would 1st place Darren Appleton (left) 2nd place Corey Deuel (right) normally have ended the contest. But with photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe the ‘ahead by two’ rule in play, Deuel got a chance at redemption and took advantage to “I made a few outs to keep myself in it,” he added, “but tie the match at 13-13. hats off to him.” Deuel then recorded his second scratch of the match; “I have a lot of respect for (Deuel’s) game,” Appleton this one on the break, and it was ‘advantage’ Appleton, 14said, “and I knew that if I was to going win it, I was going to 13, moving into the 28th game. It came down, in that final have to pot a few balls. game, to that slow-rolling 8-ball. With the table layout at “It was a great event,” he added. “I wanted it badly, hand, had it stayed out, Deuel would likely have run the and I stayed patient.” table and tied the match at 14. But that 8-ball did drop and Reflecting Deuel’s assessment of the match, between Appleton ran the table to complete his undefeated week at the two of them, the match featured seven break-and-runs; the US Open. four by Deuel. Deuel, though, was also on the ‘winning’ Deuel ended up sinking 133 of the 218 balls he shot at, side of a dubious honor; of the seven times they broke dry, giving him a higher shot percentage (60%) than Appleton, Deuel recorded seven of those. who’d sunk 91 of the 154 balls he’d shot at and ended up The two battled back and forth to a 4-4 tie, at which with 59%. Amidst great fanfare at the Accu-Stat broadcast point, Appleton strung together four in a row to take what table, founder and promoter Barry Behrman handed was looking to be a commanding lead at 8-4. Deuel came Appleton his mock oversize check for $40,000, the event back to win two, including a break-and-run rack that made trophy and a gold Delta-13 rack. Deuel pocketed $15,000 it 8-6. One of Deuel’s dry breaks then gave Appleton the for his second place finish, while Mika Immonen took home opportunity to go up by three again. In the 16th rack, the $10,000 for third place. Champagne was passed around, pace slowed a bit, as the two of them played safe, seven and Behrman invited one and all to the traditional post-US times with the 1-ball, before Appleton broke the string Open party at his Q Master Billiards location in VA Beach. of safeties. He got all the way to the 5-ball, and then

Riviera Hotel & Casino Offers New Room Discounts for 35th BCAPL Nationals CueSports International (CSI) will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships in May 2011. The host Las Vegas venue, the Riviera Hotel & Casino is offering an unprecedented room rate special for those who stay at the host hotel during the upcoming BCAPL nationals. This unique 3-tiered special includes some of the lowest rates in recent history being offered at any pool league national championship. The agreement between CSI and the Riviera Hotel & Casino will especially be beneficial to all players, exhibitors and referees who plan to stay in Las Vegas for 8 or more days. All rates allow up to four people per room, do not increase Friday or Saturday and do not require a voucher via CSI or the BCAPL. Below are the exclusive BCAPL three tier Riviera Hotel & Casino room rates: $60 Per Night / 8 Night Minimum: Perfect for all Players, Referees, Exhibitors and others who plan to attend most of the event. This special tournament rate is available until the normal reservation cutoff date (04/12/11), or until group room nights begin to sell out. $70 Per Night / Any number of nights less than 8 / Must Be Booked By January 31, 2011: A great early bird special for everybody who may not be there 8 nights but plan early and like to save money. $80 Per Night / Any number of night less than 8 / Booked after January 31, 2011: For all who make their reservation after January 31st and who are not planning to stay 8 nights or more. Additionally, the Riviera Hotel & Casino will be offering in 2011 to all Registered Guests participating in the BCAPL national event: 3 free slot tournaments; food and drink specials; and show specials. For more details about the 35th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships visit: CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events such as the U.S. Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial and the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit, and for more information about CSI and its divisions.

Broken Oar 4724 Pintail Loop - Mandan, ND 701.667.2159 Coors Light Holiday Open Invitational December 17-18-19, 2010

8-Ball - $50 entry Race to 5 both sides ED ADD Texas Express EY MON Calcutta Friday 7 pm Play starts immediately after For more information contact: Stacy: 701-667-2159 or Tyler 701-226-3314 Mail entries to: Broken Oar - P O Box 1114 - Mandan, ND 58554

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November 2010 - Rackem Magazine 7

Northern Ligh October 28-31, 2010 Rugby, ND by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow

Jerod Spence

8 Rackem Magazine - November 2010

This year’s tournament was held approximately six weeks earlier than last year. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Rugby and businesses throughout the community. There was food and drink provided at the Rugby Armory for spectators and pool players alike. The live streaming was provided by both in the 9-Ball and the 8-Ball Divisions. The 9-Ball started Thursday the 28th at 6 pm. A field of 30 players braved the weather through the earlier part of the week with 50mph winds, fog, icy roads and 30 degree weather. While last it was only 20 degrees below zero! On our way home from Rugby it was 63 degrees, a difference from last year of 83 degrees! The first match up on the TV table was Stan Tourangeau and Tom Kaminski. Stan is one of the best players throughout the region. Big Tom originally from Rugby, now living in Minot, beat Stan in a hill-hill match. In the second match Thursday night we had Chad Sylvester from Kalispell, MT who is working in the Northwest oil fields in North Dakota vs. Jesse Engel, the 18 year old phenom, who placed 17th at his first U S Open. While there Jesse beat Earl Strickland in a hill match and destroyed Mike Segel 11-1. Jesse had Chad down 5-1 and 6-3 before winning 7-5. Chad won more games off Jesse than any other match before the finals. He then took down “the billiard coach” 7-3, Mark Oelslager, last year’s defending champion the same 7-3. We then caught up with Jesse for an interview in the OTBnTV booth. You can watch Jesse’s interview at Jesse was again on the TV table playing Robert Pulver. Robert lost 7-3. OTBnTV then switched TV tables to watch Dean Flanders win 7-4 against Brent Hanson. That was the last match of Thursday night. The TV table was up and running again on Friday early afternoon to watch Stan Tourangeau working his way through the B side in a match against Brent Hanson. In the hill match it was Dean Flanders out of Fargo, ND against Jesse Engel from Minnesota. Jesse won a tight match. Dean then played Stan Tourangeau for 3rd place. The TV table had great action all afternoon especially in the finals of the 9-Ball. Dean would now face Jesse in the finals.

The first set went to Dean set and the rubber match we coming out on top 7-6. OTBnTV was giving out T-s as well as to viewers who There were 7 T-shirts given

Jesse Engel

at the tournament. The 9-Ba 7 pm and the 8-Ball started w race to 5. OTBnTV filmed un We were scheduled to broadcasting again at 3:3 tournament had one round am which would have left left to play. The tournamen redraw of the final 32 and a held at Jester’s Lounge in were approximately two ho before starting again. The OTBnTV table had m champions Felix Beardy, wh 6-5. The next match Chad second place winner Care Jelatis beat Tyler Perry 6-1 Halkyard 6-1 and the final m Spence from Winnipeg bea

10-31-10 Sund The first match was Stan Spence in a hill-hill match Stan went to play Jesse En

hts Shootout

Flanders 7-3. The second ent hill-hill with Jesse Engel

shirts during the tournament were logged into the chat. n out online and 8 given out

all tournament ended about within a half hour and was a ntil approximately midnight. come back and start 30 pm on Saturday. The d scheduled Saturday at 11 half of the 64 player field nt then shuts down for the a Calcutta. This was being n downtown Rugby. There ours that the players had off

matches from two former ho lost to Stan Tourangeau d Sylvester beat the 2009 ey Hafner 6-2. Demetrius 1, Jesse Engel beat Chris match of the night was Jerod ating Tom Kaminski 6-1.

day n Tourangeau and Jerod h. Jerod came out ahead. ngel and lost 6-5 taking 3rd

place. With Jerod Spence on the hill, Jesse Engel had to win twice in order to take his second crown of the tournament. Jesse came out smokin’ to show his mastery of the table and won 6-0. Never letting Jerod get into his rhythm. In the final set both players had their share of mistakes and misses. And as all good matches do it went hill-hill with Jerod winning 6-5. I am purposely not going to explain any parts of this match so you can go watch it for yourself and enjoy it by going to It will be on our home page as the “Featured Video” just click the viewer to watch. We at OTBnTV would like to thank the Rugby Chamber of Commerce and Mark Hamilton for having us back again this year. John Stich for a well run tournament and for commentary during the final match. The Rugby Day Care who generously provided the food which was awesome. Our sponsors Tiger Products, Delta-13, Simonis and Crown Cues. And last but not least all the pool players and enthusiast both at the tournament and online who made the Northern Lights Shootout a great success. 9-Ball Division 1st $1,000 Jesse Engel 2nd $500 Dean Flanders 3rd $200 Stan Tourangeau 4th $100 Ryan Sollveld 5/6 $50 Brent Hanson, Robert Pulver 9-Ball Consolation 1st $100 Matt Sherman 2nd $100 Mike Fieldhammer 3rd $40 Kyle Opstedal Women’s Division 1st $250 Jeri Bouvette 2nd $150 Rachel Wentz 3rd $100 Lisa Hunt 4th $50 Val Wilhelmi 8-Ball Division 1st $2200 Jerod Spence 2nd $1300 Jesse Engel 3rd $900 Stan Tourangeau 4th $600 Felix Beardy 5/6 $400 Demi Jelatis, Tom Kaminski 7/8 $300 Marc Oelschlager, Matt Sherman 9-12 $200 Josh Burbul, Brent Donahue, Chad Sylvester, Chris Halkyard 13-16 $150 Kyle Opstedahl, Jeff Clare, Nathan Kleespie, Jon Stich 8-Ball Consolation 1st $100 Jim Williams 2nd $75 Ryan Spence 3rd $50 Dan Fisher 4th $40 Clive Hjon Both Jerod Spence and Jeri Bouvette have placed in the money of the Northern Lights Shootout. Jerod won the 8-Ball Division in 2006 and Jeri placed 4th in the Women’s 8-Ball Division in 2007, 2nd in 2006 and 2nd again in 1999. This was Jeri’s first win. It was also Jesse Engel’s first win.

Congratulations Jerod Spence, Jeri Bouvette Jesse Engel from OTBnTV

Jeri Bouvette November 2010 - Rackem Magazine 9

My Lucky Day

continued from page 5

finally had to stop working. We didn’t have much He paid my father, and said he wanted to play me Hoppe won that year. Watching the tournament money and our family survived on my pool winnings again sometime. was hard. I wanted to be out there, playing in it. through the war. My mother got a full-time job in the “The next year I got a match at billiards with Pop wouldn’t let me, though. He didn’t want me in last year of the war and that helped.” Hoppe. I had two innings and 50 points. I ran 37 the limelight. I guess I struggled with his authority As I munched on chicken and washed it down before I missed. I think he only ran 8, and then I ran some, around that time. That’s when he tried to with Pepsi, I listened to Lucky reminiscing. “I out to 50. I had beaten him for $500. That was a lot make me stop playing altogether. He said it was wanted to play in World Straight Pool and Billiard in those days. A few days later he played in a big the wrong focus for me. So there for a while I didn’t Championships. I knew I’d do well.” tournament and won. Later he told me he guessed play at all. Pop died in 1965. I was 28.” “But you didn’t?” I’d tuned him up. More silence followed, and I reflected on the life “Nope,” Lucky replied, through a mouthful of “So who was the toughest?” I wondered, a little Lucky and his father had had together. “I quit pool salad. “Pop insisted that there was more to life bit dazed by all this. on my own after that, for over 10 years. I worked than straight pool and cushion billiards. I was very “Of all those players I would say Jimmy Caras pretty regular in those years, mostly welding -- my good at pool but not so good at other things yet and played the toughest. I played him the most of the Pop left me all his tools. I even got married, but the my father knew I couldn’t survive on pool alone.” five top players. He really helped my game in a wife died of cancer in ’74. Oh, I’d play about once (As Lucky said this I thought how wrong his father way.” every two years – but it just wasn’t in me to bang was about Lucky surviving on pool.) “But because “How come we didn’t hear about you from any the balls around. So when I decided to pick up the I played for the money and had to win for my family of those guys? How come no one knows you?” stick again, seriously, I discovered everyone was I learned to play harder. playing 9-ball, so I started out practicing Looking at the pictures, I asked, “Who that. First time out I ran 11 racks. I felt like I sensed Lucky was keeping something was the best?” I hadn’t lost a beat. from me, too. And this inevitable match “I would say these five,” he pointed to “I found out through my old friend Caras, DeOro, Greenleaf, Mosconi, and Hal Mix that Mike Sigel was among the coming up with the Sleeper -- was this Sigel. “I played the Spanish Champion top 9-ball players. I can’t remember how going to be the Big Game? Alfredo DeOro in Chicago. I was 8 in ’45 I got to play Sigel -- I think maybe Hal -- right after the war. Pop knew DeOro. arranged it. But I played him three times Be sure to read Lucky Part IV next month. They played an exhibition in ‘30 when my -- once in ‘76 and twice in ‘80. I tried to father played pool. DeOro was an old play him another time, but he turned me man when I played him, but he was great. Even “They do -- or did,” Lucky corrected himself. down -- even with a big spot. at his age he was one of the best players I ever “So how come they didn’t tell anyone? I “Sigel wouldn’t play you?” I said in astonishment. played.” I smiled to myself, thinking about Lucky persisted. “Nope. I even offered him the 7-ball wild.” Lucky now. “I played Greenleaf the same year in New “Well, Sigel and Greenleaf never knew who went on. “I played for money. Every time. First York. It was at an exhibition at an Elks Lodge. I I was. Mosconi was too embarrassed to let any with a spot, then I’d give them one. A lot of wellmade a few balls on him in front of the crowd but I one know he got beat by anyone who wasn’t a known players paid my salary. They all gambled. let him win. He was impressed and invited me and known player, especially a little kid. He had too Every great player has played for money. Not one Pop back to his personal pool table. Right away much pride. It was during the height of his career champion hasn’t. That’s why they were all great Pop asked him to play me for money. He kind of and he probably would have lost his Brunswick players. Money has a way of making a good player looked down his nose at me and then he laughed, sponsorship, my Pop told me. Jimmy the Greek better.” like he thought that was pretty funny. Then he said, tried to tell people, but no one would believe him. I wanted to hear more stories, but my head ‘ok kid, take it easy on me.’ Well, I ran 150 balls Everyone thought Caras also was pulling people’s was nodding, and Lucky needed to get some rest. twice in two games of straight pool. He laughed legs. He told me all this years later and said he I knew I would hear more another time. It dawned while he paid my father, but I could tell he wasn’t never did convince anyone.” on me I still hadn’t found out one single thing about real happy about it. That was the only time we Lucky yawned, and, of course, so did I. “Then these problems Lucky was supposed to be having. played. He died shortly after that.” there was Hoppe. He was going to do a TV program Well, all in good time, I guessed. We were quiet for a while, just eating and and wanted me to be on it, too, but Pop said no, The guest room was as big as half my house. thinking about life. Then Lucky continued, “I was and made him promise never to tell people about What a fabulous home, I thought, as I crawled into thirteen in 1949. The first time I played Mosconi his pool-playing son. He said I was too young to bed. I tossed for a while, my mind filled with images and the Greek Caras, Caras beat Mosconi that deal with the adult world. Hoppe understood and of all the great players falling under Lucky’s cue. year for the World Championship. I watched that honored that. He’d had the experience of playing I hadn’t realized he was this phenomenal. Wow. tournament. Afterwards, my father got Mosconi as a young boy. Hoppe was considered to be the How had he managed to keep such a low profile? aside and challenged him to a match with me for Boy Wonder when he was the same age as me. Could it be it that absolutely no one really knew some pretty good cash. He said yes -- I guess I’m sure he looked back and realized the problems who he was? I wasn’t having much luck finding out, he figured it would help make up for what he lost he had because of it. He was a true mathematician either. I sensed Lucky was keeping something from getting second. We went to the to the local pool hall on the table. I learned that from him even though me, too. And this inevitable match coming up with and I beat him. The place was mostly empty. He I could beat him at billiards easily. But I beat him the Sleeper -- was this going to be the Big Game? got mad and stormed out. On his way out, Jimmy only because of my innate abilities. For my 16th I nodded off, wondering. Caras came in. Mosconi said, ‘Play the kid.’ I beat birthday, let’s see, that would be ’52, Willie Hoppe Caras, too. But Caras was intrigued about my skills. invited me and Pop to the World Championship.

10 Rackem Magazine - November 2010

Bryant & Garland Take Port Arthur “Slim but mighty” describes the field of 35 who converged on Crazy 8’s Family Pool Hall in Port Arthur, Texas on October 16th-17th. Among the players were Charlie Bryant, Ernesto Bayaua, T.J. Davis, Shane Harvey, and Tony Nguyen who competed in the $1,000 added open division with Teresa Garland, Loretta Lindgren and Bobbie Nguyen who helped make up the field for the $350 added ladies event. Saturday’s action elicited high live stream numbers while players fought to get in the money. Ernesto Bayaua, Billy Boo, Ryan Ellis, and Tony Nguyen remained active Sunday while T.J Davis, Shane Harvey, Charlie Bryant, and John Newsome battled on the east TERESA GARLAND side. Harvey and Newsome were sent west and Bryant secured the winners’ side over Davis. Bayaua lost his first match of the event 9-7 to Nguyen then defeated Chuck Pham 7-2, Kim White 7-6, Boo 7-1, Harvey 7-4, Newsome 7-5, and Davis 7-4. Unfortunately he was stopped just short of the goal line by Bryant. The ladies event made for an exciting Sunday when Teresa Garland played for the hot seat against Stacy Decker and Marie Chhuon battled April Henley on the west side. Garland defeated Decker 7-2 and Chhuon eliminated Henley 5-1. Chhuon lost her first round match to Decker but ousted her the second time around. This pitted Chhuon v. Garland in the final, and it was intense. The first set of the true double elimination match went to Chhuon 7-6, but Garland fought hard and defeated Chhuon the second set 5-1for her first big tournament win. Congratulations Teresa! LSBT extends many thanks to its sponsors, Poison Cues, Delta-13 Rack,,, and Barnett Ranching. Crazy 8’s Family Pool Hall and owner Tony Nguyen hosted another first class event. Mr. Nguyen’s second room i Crave It Lounge at 6360 Phelan Blvd will be opening soon in Beaumont, Texas. Look for it! *THE HOUSTON CLASSIC is the next event and will be held at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston on Halloween Weekend. *ALL PLAYERS MUST WEAR A COLLARED SHIRT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Nov 6th - 7th $1,350 Added Open 9-Ball/One Pocket/ Ladies 9-Ball Skinny Bob’s Billiards 512-733-1111 Dec 11th - 12th $3,000 Added TOUR CHAMPIONSHIPS Open 9-Ball/One Pocket/ Ladies 9-Ball Bogies Billiards & Games 2011 Tour Schedule coming soon


OPEN: 8 Place Payout %: 35%, 25%, 15%, 10%, 5%, 5%, 2.5%, 2.5% 1st $590 Charlie Bryant $590 2nd $424 Ernesto Bayaua $424 3rd $250 T.J. Davis $250 4th $170 John Newsome $170 5th-6th $85 Ryan Ellis, Shane Harvey $85 7th-8th $43 Tony Nguyen, Billy Boo $43 9th-12th Thomas Juarez, Jason Brown, Paul Guillory, Kim White 13th-16th Pat Fox, Johnny Tyson, Jason McMillan, Chuck Pham 17th-24th Danny Hoang, Mario Delgado, Teresa Garland, Michael Wisenbaker, Mike Gonzalez 25th-32nd Allan Melancon, Thomas Davenport LADIES: 4 Place Payout %: 43 %, 30 %, 18%, 9% 1st $230 Teresa Garland 2nd $150 Marie Chhuon 3rd $100 Stacy Decker 4th $50 April Henley 5th-6th Jessica Borne, Tara McMillan 7th-8th Loan Nguyen, Bobbie Nguyen 9th-12th Loretta Lindgren, Marty Tyson, Monica Tran, Devon Wisenbaker


$2500 added




HOTEL SPECIALS Pear Tree 573-334-3000 Town House 573-335-2700

CONTACT INFORMATION AMANDA- 573-776-3247 CAPE GIRARDEAU,MO 63701 SID- 573-576-3224 DWYANE 573-429-0994 573-335-9955

November 2010 - Rackem Magazine 11

Q-Spot Activities

On October 30th, Q-Spot celebrated their 44th Birthday, along with the birthdays of some valuable regular customers - Jimmy #2 and Roger. Halloween was also in the air. The live stream covered the weekly 9 ball tournament and there were prizes, snacks, etc..

Mike Segal - 10 time World Champion and Hall of Famer - will be at the Q-spot to conduct a 2 day clinic on November 20th and 21st. Limited space is available. Call or Mike Segal come by for more information. We are currently signing up teams for the in-house winter BCA 6149 E 31st St league at Q-Spot. Tulsa, OK Q-Spot may not be 24 hours, but 918-779-6204 Hours: they are open all year, even on Sun 2-10 pm major holidays like Thanksgiving, Mon-Thurs 12-2am Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Fri-Sat 12-1am Make plans now to bring your FAMILY BILLIARDS ROOM family and friends in for some PRO SHOP - CUE REPAIR great fun!


12 Rackem Magazine - November 2010

Crown Cues Update In the first week of December, Gene and Renee’ of Crown Cues will drive up to Side Pockets in St. Charles, MO to watch most of the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup IV. They are planning to take a couple of friends from the Tulsa area and will gladly head up a caravan of others who are interested in going, as well. Contact Gene and Renee’ at sales@ for more information about joining the caravan. This should be an excellent opportunity to see some very talented trick shot artists in a major competition, get some autographs, etc.. Things have been way out of kelter for Crown Cues most of the year, which has caused a slowing down of cue production and repairs. In 2011, Gene is planning to take a breather. Although he still plans to be at the Super Billiards Expo, he will be taking much of the year off from building cues, so he can get some things caught up at home. He will still take orders and sell items he has in stock. However, cue orders could take as long as 2 years to complete. Gene wishes to thank all his customers for being so supportive and understanding when things have been tough.

November 2010 - Rackem Magazine 13

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

DATE Nov 6-7 Nov 6-7 Nov 6-7 Nov 6-7 Nov 13 Nov 13 Nov 13-14 Nov 13-14 Nov 19-21 Nov 20-21 Nov 20-21 Nov 20-21 Nov 26-28 Nov 27-28 Nov 27-28 Nov 27-28 Dec 4 Dec 4-5 Dec 4-5 Dec 11 Dec 11-12 Dec 11-12 Dec 16-19 Dec 17-19 Dec 18-19 Dec 18 Jan 8-9 Jan 8-9 Jan 15 Jan 21-29 Jan 21-29 Jan 21-29 Jan 22-23 Feb 12-13

CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME Midwest City, OK Jamaica Joe’s (405) 736-0590 9-Ball Oklahoma Bar Table $50 $2,500 guar 11 AM Austin, TX Skinny Bob’s Billiards (512) 733-1111 Lone Star Tour $45/$100/$25 $1,350 Call Houston, TX Slick Willie’s (832) 725-9750 Amateur/Women’s Open $40/$25 $500/$300 1 PM Houston, TX Houston’s Billiards (281) 821-4544 SW 10-Ball Tour Call $1,000 Call Blue Springs, MO Side Pockets (816) 224-5454 KC Rated 9-Ball Tour $40 $10/player 2 PM St Cloud, MN Duck’s Billiards (320) 229-0909 8-Ball on 7’ Valley - Hdcp $30 $1,000 w/64 11 AM Round Rock, TX Skinny Bob’s (513) 733-1111 SW 10-Ball Tour-Limit 64 $45 $1,500 10 AM Lynwood, WA Uncle Jacks (See ad p20) (425) 640-5474 9-Ball Seattle Open $55 $1,000 w/full field 9:00AM Watch it LIVE on presented by Tiger Products Walker, MN Northern LIghts Casino (507) 210-7558 8-Ball on 7’ tables Call $5,000 Call Lincoln, NE Madsen’s (402) 467-3249 Midwest 9-Ball Tour $65 $2,500 11 AM Houston, TX Big Tyme Billiards (832) 725-9750 Amateur/Women’s Open $40/$25 $500/$300 1 PM Lakewood, CO Greenfield’s (303) 989-9820 SW 10-Ball Tour Call $1,000 w/48 Call Cape Geradeau, MO The Billiard Center (573) 576-3224 9-Ball Race to Handicap $30 $2,500 2 PM Tacoma, WA Malarkey’s (See ad p25) (253) 383-3301 9-Ball Holiday Classic $60 $3,000 w/128 9:00AM Watch it LIVE on presented by Tiger Products Temple, TX The Green Room (254) 770-3000 SW 10-Ball Tour Call $1,000 Call Mankato, MN 11th Annual Wilde Cup (507) 387-9265 8-Ball on 7’ tables $20 Call 11 AM Coon Rapids, MN CR Billiards (763) 780-1585 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds Call $1,000 Noon Lafayette, LA White Diamond Billiards (337) 989-9889 SW 10-Ball Tour Call $500 w/64 Call Houston, TX Big John’s Sports Bar (832) 725-9750 Amateur/Women’s Open $40/$25 $500/$300 1 PM Farmington, MN Farmington Billiards (651) 463-2636 8-Ball Mixed Scotch Doubles $40/team $500 Noon Blue Springs, MO Twin Strokes (580) 483-2115 SW 10-Ball Tour $30+g.f. Call Call Houston, TX Bogies Billiards & Games (281) 821-4544 Lone Star Tour $45/$100/$25 $3,000 Call Carlton, MN Black Bear Casino (507) 210-7558 8-Ball MPA Singles Call $8,000 7 PM Mandan, ND Broken Oar (See ad p20) (701) 667-2159 8-Ball Open Race to 5 $50 $2500 7:00PM Watch it LIVE on presented by Tiger Products Houston, TX Q-Stix Billiards (832) 725-9750 Amateur/Women’s Open $40/$25 $500/$300 1 PM Somerset, WI Rendezvous Bistro (715) 247-5371 8-Ball Singles on 7’ Valley $10 200% payback 1 PM N Little Rock, AR MacDaddy’s (580) 483-2115 SW 10-Ball Tour $30+g.f. Call Call Faribault, MN Knights of Columbus (507) 838-7299 Seco Varani 8-Ball & 9-Ball $75 each $1,000 Call Burnsville, MN Shooters Billiards (507) 210-7558 MPA 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds Call $1,000 11 AM Elizabeth, IN Derby City Classic (812) 288-7665 9 Ball Banks $110 $10,000 Noon Elizabeth, IN Derby City Classic (812) 288-7665 One Pocket $135 $15,000 Noon Elizabeth, IN Derby City Classic (812) 288-7665 9 Ball $160 $25,000 Noon N Little Rock, AR Krome’s Bar & Grill (580) 483-2115 SW 10-Ball Tour $30+g.f. Call Call Dallas, TX Hawley’s (580) 483-2115 SW 10-Ball Tour $30+g.f. Call Call

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice



Wednesdays Oshkosh, WI

Thursdays Fridays Saturdays

Oshkosh, WI Tulsa, OK Oshkosh, WI Tulsa, OK






Varsity Club Varsity Club Q-Spot Billiards Varsity Club Q-Spot Billiards

(920) 651-0806 (920) 651-0806 (918) 779-6204 (920) 651-0806 (918) 779-6204

9-Ball Beginners 9-Ball Intermediate 8-Ball 7 & under 9-Ball Open - Break Pot 9-Ball 7 & under

$8 $10 $5 $15 $5/player Guar. $10 (incl. g.f.)

TIME Call Call 9 PM Call 9 PM TM

Streaming Schedule


Nov 12-14, 2010 Seattle Open Uncle Jack’s Lynnwood, WA

Nov 27-28, 2010 Malarkey’s Holiday Classic Tacoma, WA

Dec 17-19, 2010 Broken Oar Mandan, ND

Jan 14-16, 2011 TBA

Feb 2011: OPEN

Jan 21-23, 2011 TBA

March 2011: OPEN

Check for UpDates

14 Rackem Magazine - November 2010

Apr 1-3, 2011 Platte Valley Open - WY Apr 8-10, 2011 MCMOA MT

November 2010 - Rackem Magazine 15

Rackem Magazine - November 2010  
Rackem Magazine - November 2010  

The November Issue of Rackem Magazine is now available online. Pool players in the Midwest can read all about the Northern Lights Shootout a...