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October 2011 - Rackem Magazine 3




our hundred entries from 11 states competed September 1-4 at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona in the BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships. With an $18,550 prize fund, the event was played on Diamond 7’ Smart Tables provided by Bad Boy’s Billiard Productions and produced by CueSports International, the parent company of the BCA Pool League. The tournament had seven divisions: Scotch Doubles, Women’s Open Singles, Men’s Advanced / Master Singles, Men’s Open Singles, Men’s / Mixed Open Teams and Women’s Open Teams. While the event is open to all BCA Pool League and USA Pool League members, a special Arizona rating 6 and Under Singles division was also included. Starting Thursday, 32 teams played in the single elimination Jerry Stuckart Scotch Doubles event. Arizona husband and wife team, Mike and Susan Williams took home $500 for first place. Thursday evening was a special BCAPL swimming pool party in celebration of Labor Day Weekend. Players relaxed pool side with their friends, family and team mates under the warm Arizona summer night. Friday morning the four singles divisions revved up. The Men’s Open Singles (which also included any women master level players) had

71 entrants. In the finals were Benjamin Sutherland from Phoenix and Shaun Murphy from Ramona, California. Sutherland was the hot seat recipient after winning 7 consecutive matches including three hill-hill. However, Sutherland could not take out Murphy. After initially being tossed into the one loss side by North Dakotan Brian Erickson, Murphy rallied back winning 6 more matches before double dipped Sutherland 5-1 and 5-3. The Men’s Advanced / Master Singles division had 10 players Mitch Ellerman including top area players such as: Tres “Big Daddy” Kane, Carlos Avalos, Nick DeLeon and Pete Lhotka. A force on the AZ Desert Classic Tour, Lhotka defeated John Smith 6-5, Kane 6-2, Jeff Hagen 6-3 and Provencio in the finals 6-3 to take home the tidy sum of $500 for his 4 match win. This year the Women’s Open Singles field (which included Chad Barber Women Advanced players spotting a game) grew 38% from 23 players in 2010 to 37 this year. Sara “Millie” Miller, ranked 3rd on the Arizona Women’s Billiard Tour (AWBT), cruised into the hot seat taking out Nancy Kennedy 5-0, Lori Kinny 5-2, Bianca Lindahl 5-2, Vilene Stutesman 5-2 and Sue Orr 5-2. Eager for a rematch, Orr dominated Miller in the finals from the beginning, winning set one 4-2, then

Stingers Venom

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The Babes Susan Williams 4 Rackem Magazine - October 2011

Sophia Morquecho

Sonia Flores

Sara Miller

Shane Van Boening Tames The Lion TAR 21


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA Shane Van Boening and Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan faced off in a unique match produced by The Action Report. The match took place September 23rd through the 25th at the TAR Studio in Las Vegas. The Action Report (TAR) has created a unique niche in the pool world with its productions of head to head challenge matches with high entry fees and winner take all format that are live streamed on the internet for the world to see. For TAR 21 Shane and Alex played a race to one hundred games of ten ball over a three day period. Each player posted up a $10,000 entry fee in this two man tournament with the winner to take it all. The match was played on a nine foot Diamond Pro-Am with 4 1/8” pockets and Simonis 860 cloth. The table played a factor in the match as it forced both players to play precise position and maintain laser like focus over the course of three days. The match format called for the players to race to thirty five games on day one. Day two would see them play until one reached seventy total victories and the final days’ play would finish out the long race to one hundred. There were no jump cues allowed, racking was done with the Magic Ball Rack and the winner had the right to break after each victory. Early in day one saw Alex and Shane sparring back and forth as they got used to the challenging Diamond table. Late in the day Alex was leading thirty one to twenty eight needing only four games to close out the day with a lead. He broke the balls in the sixtieth game but came up dry. It would be his last chance at the table on day one. Shane ran out the rack Alex left open then proceeded to break and run six racks to finish out the day leading thirty five to thirty one. Many people who saw this awesome display of skill by Shane called it one of the most impressive things they had ever witnessed in pool.

Day two showed why Alex is nicknamed “The Lion”. After having the momentum on day one swing completely the other way for him Alex came back on day two and ground out a long grueling day. After eight hours of beautiful safety exchanges and offensive spurts by both players the score stood Shane seventy games and Alex sixty seven. This set up a dramatic opportunity for two of the worlds best to fight it out on the final day. The final day featured a look at what makes Shane Van Boening one of the most feared ten ball players in the world. His break. Alex came out early fighting hard but could not get the break to work consistently for him. After the first hour Shane found the zone and put on an epic display of power ten ball. When the dust settled Shane steamrolled Alex on day three by a score of thirty to seventeen for a final cumulative match score of one hundred to eighty four. Alex fought like the champion he is but in the opinion of many who witnessed it no one could of weathered the storm Shane unleashed on him. The TAR 21 broadcast was sponsored by Kamui Tips and CueSports International. The live stream featured commentary by international pool commentator and author Jay Helfert as well as pool legend Billy Incardona. The Action Report has been a leader and innovator in the pool world in live streaming and event production. TAR 21 was the first match to be broadcast live from the new TAR Studio in Las Vegas. The TAR Studio is a fully equipped production and live streaming studio that will be home to many more TAR events as well as be available to industry members to produce their own content and promotional material. For more information on The Action Report you can visit

October 2011 - Rackem Magazine 5

Lil D Cruises To Victory UNDEFEATED 98 PLAYERS COMPETE FOR AN EXCESS OF $10,000 The Tiger Amateur Tour held stop #9 of the season this past weekend at Deep Pockets Billiards in Alvin,Texas. This is an amazing pool room with 20 Diamond tables, the best equipment in the greater Houston area and most likely the state of Texas. We had 98 players sign up for the main event alone, and another 24 in the Second Chance Event on Sunday, the $1,000 added event. The main event also had in excess of $10,000 in the advanced players meeting. So with 98 entrants we had a longer than normal players meeting that lasted till 3:30, but we still managed to get down to the final 24 by 2:00, we had 8 from the winners side, and 16 on the one loss side come back. The winners side final 8 looked like this. Blaine Barcus got by Rodney Stewart 9-6, Mike Singleton squeaked out one against Jason Bacon 9-8, Daniel McKenney 9-7 over Manuel Ayala, and Kenny Price 9-3 over Moses Herrera. Now the final 4 saw Mike roll by Rodney 9-3, and Daniel steam roll Kenny 9-1. The hot seat match would pit Daniel against Mike, both of these players are from out of town and would fight hard for this spot, but in the end Daniel got the nod 9-3. The one loss side round of 17-24th saw Noel Morin over Ron Wrobleski, Yoko Joe over Danny Roland, Justin Rios over Marc Whittington, Victor Rojas over Bobby Birmingham, Ismael Ramirez over Bill Igel, David Neumann over Kyle lowry,David Chow over Kenny Lucio and in a points battle of 2 of the tour leaders David Parker ousted Ernesto Bayaua. The round of 13-16th saw Noel 9-2 over Yoko, Victor 9-7 over Justin, David N. 9-7 over Ismael and David P. 9-4 over David C. a lot of Davids. The round of 9-12th saw Manuel steam roll David N. 9-3, Jason 9-2 slashing of Noel, Blaine

Ming Ng and Jim Walker

6 Rackem Magazine - October 2011

9-6 over Victor, and David P. 9-4 over local favorite Moses. The round of 7-8th Jason eliminated Blaine 9-5, and David P. ousted Manuel 9-4. The round of 5-6th produced two very good matches as David P. got by Rodney 9-6, it was a see saw up to 6-6, and Kenny got by Jason in a hill hill thriller 9-8. The final 4 was set now and on the one loss side next up David P. took care of Kenny 9-6, this Lil D Daniel McKenney and David Parker now set up David Parker against Mike Singleton in a match that was a little wild to say the least. We would also like to thank all the sponsors David had won 6 in a row on the one loss side that help make these events happen, Tiger and this match started out with mike being up Products,, Mueller 6-0, a hard score to overcome in alt. break, but Recreational Products, Dreamline Promotions, David hung in there and played well on his CSI/Mark Griffin, Magic Rack, and Jay Halfert. breaks and with a few errors by Mike the next thing you know the score was 8-6 David, yes We hope to see everyone at the next event 8 in a row, unreal, then mike gathers himself which has been relocated to Bogies Billiards and gets it to 8-7, he then breaks, makes a ball on Oct.15-16. For more info you can visit the and miss fires on the opening shot and David website at runs out for the set. It was a thriller, and now David must take on Daniel. The finals pitted Daniel “Lil D� McKenney against David Parker. This match was a close one up until the 6-6 mark in which D took over and got the final nod and went undefeated to win 9-6 on his Tiger Amateur Tour debut. Including the auction first paid out $4,230, not a bad payday. Congrats to the finalists and thanks to everyone who participated.


The Second Chance Event had 24 players 9 of which were women, that did not participate in the Main Event, as they are exempt for the Second Chance. The final 6 whom were paid are as follows. 5-6th place finishers were Deep Pockets House Pro John Day and Joey Bourgeois Jr $30, 4th place was Jon Armstrong from Biloxi, Ms. $60, 3rd place went to Dalton Riley $110, 2nd place went to Jim Walker $170, and the 1stplace prize went to Ming Ng $270.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th 7/8th 9/12th 13/16th 17/24th

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this event in anyway. We also want to thank room owners Jr. Moore and his wife Cindy, they run an awesome room, the best in Texas if you want my opinion. And they promote action. :) Also a special thanks to Katie Moore their daughter for baking all the sweets for everyone, they were yummy.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th 7/8th 9/12th

$950 $630 $370 $230 $150 $110 $90 $75 $40

Daniel McKenney David Parker Mike Singleton Kenneth Price Rodney Stewart, Jason Bacon Manuel Ayala, Blaine Barcus David Neumann, Moses Herrera, Noel Morin, Victor Rojas Ismael Ramirez, David Chow, William Joe, Justin Rios Ron Wrobleski, Danny Roland, Marc Whittington, Bobby Birmingham, Bill Igel, Kyle Lowry, Ernesto Bayaua, Kenny Lucio

AUCTION PAYOUTS: $3,280 $2,150 $1,440 $820 $510 $360 $205


How do you Stand on this matter? SEE THE SHOT - KNOW THE STROKE - SHOOT THE SHOT BY THE MONK

Tim Miller

You can go to my web site and read over seventy important instructional articles at no cost to you. www. has video clips to show you how to hit the shots. My special three-day workshop is limited to four students. I do not allow my students to get lost in a large class. I am here to help you at a reasonable price. It is about skill development. May all the rolls go your way, The Monk

In my books I do not go into detail on the stance, grip and stroke. The reason for this is we are different sizes and shapes, with specific ways of seeing things therefore we showcase a wide variety of stances. So there is no one pure stance that fits all. However, I do have some guidelines that I think will help in building that solid foundation from which to perform the shots and strokes this game calls for. If you do not have a strong balanced platform you will not be able to deliver the stroke necessary for success with this game. The spot where you stand has a big influence on what you see. In other words, if you are standing one quarter inch out of line, your vision on the shot will be distorted. We are still able to make balls as the pockets are wide enough to cover some of our mistakes but we find ourselves at odds with what we see and our ability to execute a one hundred per cent stroke is diluted. Find the right place to stand. THE TRADITIONAL POOL STANCE Feet will be shoulder width apart. Do not spread your legs to the point where you are not balanced. Correct foot placement is crucial to proper execution in sports like tennis, golf or bowling and pool. No matter how good you are at hitting the ball, if you are not correctly aligned with the shot, the ball will not go where you intend. This means that your feet alignment can affect your accuracy when playing the shot! You absolutely must get the center of your back foot in line with the path you wish to send the cue ball on. That means look at the object ball and then look down and make sure that center of your right foot is in a direct line with the shot. I like to draw a line from my target to the center of my right inner thigh. When I am happy this line connects, I stamp my foot as if to lodge it into the floor, and then and

Training Materials Classes Workshops Videos Books and more ... See it all online

then only, I fall down into my stance. This stamping of my foot is a key that tells my

brain that all is well. Some players flip their hair or touch their cap or just rub their nose. We all have these comfort keys that all is well and we should learn how to use them. Your left knee should be slightly bent, and depending on your height, you may choose to slightly bend the right leg as well. Shift the majority of your weight to the front leg. Depending on your body type, the positioning of the front foot can vary dramatically. Use this illustration to help you develop a solid stance. The platform from which we

deliver the stroke is vital to success. The quality of our performance is found in how solid our stance is. Once I land on the cue ball I then extend my buttocks away from me. With the weight on my left foot and very little pressure on my left arm, I am able to see the shot and shoot the shot as it calls for. “See the shot-know the stroke-shoot the shot.” If for some reason you line up and you are not happy with what you see, stand up and go through your Pre Shot Routine again. Do this until you are satisfied with your stance and alignment. In other words, don’t shoot until you are ready. The reason we are not ready to shoot is we are not standing in line with what we see. Some of us try to wobble a bit and get in line. We get in line, but we are not balanced and thus cannot deliver a good stroke. A poorly delivered stroke gives us negative results. Precise body and cue alignment are some of the most important parts that must be in place before shooting. Accurate foot alignment forms the basis for a pure and straight stroke and thus the fundamentals for a good game! The master is one who is in line with the shot each and every time he goes down on the cue ball. If you are in line, you will not have inner game chatter going on in your head. This is why you need to work on your fundamentals day after day until you have them mastered. Go through the Lesson book, work on each shot with great attention to your Pre Shot Routine and your timing. Do not do anything unless you are in line with the shot and ready to deliver a committed stroke. You are in control of your results. Be particular and win more games.

Pool Leagues Tournaments Karaoke Fri-Sat 9:30pm

Cornhusker Open Oct 15-16, 2011 $100 entry - Added Money Call for Info

La Fonda’s Sports Cantina

(lower level) 3665 Sibley Memorial Hwy Eagan, MN


October 2011 - Rackem Magazine 7


Half Measures Avail us Nothing BY SAMM DIEP © OCTOBER 2011

Samm Diep

Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” ( House Pro at Felt Billiards (Englewood, CO) Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)” Player Representative for Chris Byrne Custom Cues, PoolDawg, Predator, Jim Murnak Custom Cases, & Delta-13 Rack League Manager for Rocky Mountain USA Pool League ( | fun & unique products for pool players | random smatterings of pool thoughts, articles, news, & reviews

“Half measures avail us nothing.” The origin of this quote is unknown to me but what I do know is that it couldn’t be truer. I can recall numerous instances in my life where my indecisiveness led to my inability to give 100%. As a result, this would always lead to failure, or at least not the successful outcome I desired. I was first introduced to this passage in 2004 by a former coach and mentor. He would repeat it over and over when he could see that I wasn’t fully committed to the shot or a decision. I never fully appreciated what he was saying to me until lately. In a recent professional turn in my life, I’ve found myself in a position where I have too many roles. Between managing, marketing, writing, teaching, reporting, and just simply trying to be a good wife, I was doing the best that I could but for the first time in years, I revisited the words of my former coach, “Half measures avail us nothing.” We all wear many hats in our lives. We may be parents, teachers, neighbors, or pool players. Whatever the role may be, it’s impossible to give any of them 100% without awareness. Awareness is what allows us to identify with the specific task at hand and to perform it to our best. Awareness affords us the opportunity to enjoy ourselves when we accept a challenge. Without awareness, we would not be able to take full measures. Examples of full measures we can practice in pool: 1. Do not look ahead on the tournament bracket. Only focus on the one match you are about to play. Too many times, I’ve seen players psych themselves out by whom their next opponent might be if they win or what time their next match is. 2. When shooting two-way shots, have a specific plan on which is more important, either the safety or the offensive shot. When we divide our efforts between both shots, often times we can miss them both and leave the table for our opponent. 3. If you show up to play in a 9-ball tournament, focus on the tournament. Try not to get caught up on any side action shenanigans. If your focus is to have a positive outcome at the tournament, gambling and playing other games will only distract you from the main event. 4. If you’re ever unsure or not fully committed to the shot, stand up and start the shot over again. Shooting while undecided will only reinforce bad habits. 5. While in a match, shut off your phone. The only way you can do your best at whatever it is you’re doing is by giving it your undivided attention. The only way to avoid regret and disappointment is to always do your best and give all of yourself to whatever it is you’re doing. If you don’t succeed then you cannot blame yourself for not giving it 100%. If half measures avail us nothing then full measure will avail us everything.

8 Rackem Magazine - October 2011

COLUMNIST San Francisco Billiard Academy

Fancy and Finesse


Here are two draw shots suitable for propositions or demonstrations. The goal in each is to make the 9 ball with draw. In Shot 1, the goal is to draw from the 2 to the 9 while going around the 3 ball and not touching the rail at A. It requires good power but nothing of a championship level. Like a lot of “fancy” shots, it helps to set up the shot exactly the same way each time if you want to make it in less than 100 tries. Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy. The academy offers: Private Instruction Basics Clinic Eight Ball Clinic Nine Ball Clinic Introduction to Billiard Instruction BCA Recognized Instructor Course BCA Certified Instructor Course

Place both the 2 ball and the cue ball exactly one ball off the cushion, using an extra ball as the gauge. Each ball is on the half-diamond as far as placement along the short rail. This placement doesn't need to be accurate down to a millimeter, but it should be consistent. The main thing to learn from this shot is how to adjust it if the first tries do not succeed. If you run into the cushion at A, you need to hit the 2 ball fuller. Since the ball is so close to the pocket, you have a fair amount of margin on aiming. If you pass to side B of the 3 ball, you need to either shoot harder or thinner on the 2. If you get past the 3 without hitting the cushion but the cue ball misses the shot along line C, you need to have more draw on the cue ball. Finally, if you get around the obstacle OK but you miss along path D, you need to take a little draw off the cue ball. Shot 1 may be nearly impossible on old, sticky cloth. If you think that could be a problem or if you just want to see some amazing cue ball action, rub the cue ball with silicone spray, such as ArmorAll. That will delay when the draw takes and you will get much more dramatic curves. In Shot 2, finesse is needed rather than power. It gives even very good players trouble unless they have tried to play it before. The mistake most players make is to hit the one ball too thinly or too hard so that the cue ball hits the cushion before it has time for the draw to take and curve back towards the 9. The technique needed is “dead draw” which is standard in carom billiards. Hit the 1 ball nearly full with just a little draw and quite firmly. Since you are taking draw off the ball, you need to compensate by hitting the cue *Tournaments ball harder than you normally would for *Cue stick tip and that distance of draw. shaft repair

C R’s

Once you have the technique down reasonably well, modify the position by moving the cue ball farther from the rail. How far out can you move it and still make the shot? 10 Rackem Magazine - October 2011

*Cue sticks & supplies *Lessons *In house & traveling leagues ISPA, ACS, VNEA

218 Walnut St - Muscatine, IA


Sports Bar

8-Ball Singles Nov 12, 2011 $1,000 Added

Entry based on skill level-Sign-up 10am MPA Event - info at 8525 Cottonwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585


PHOTOS AND ARTICLE COURTESY OF MPAPOOL.COM I would like to thank all the players who came to CR's Sports Bar on Saturday for the 2011-12 MPA Season Kickoff Tournament. This was a $1,000 Added event. There were four divisions of Singles 8-Ball going on all at the same time. Players of all different abilities participated and cashed in on some pretty attractive prize funds. There were 88 players total - Very impressive considering that it's only September and it was probably one of the last warm weekends of the year! I had a great time hanging out and chatting with so many pool players and friends. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Shooters Billiards in Burnsville for the 2nd stop on October 8th. For more information on the MPA and the upcoming tour stops, please check out our website: We also started a "break fund" challenge. Two participants were drawn (one at 3 p.m., the other at 6 p.m.) and they racked a 15-ball rack. They had to make a ball on the break and then the lowest numbered ball in order to qualify, and they were awarded $10 a ball for each ball they pocketed. Jim Schermer was our 3 p.m. winner, pocketing $30 after making three balls and then calling

A DIVISION - 18 PLAYERS 1st $300 Austen Warner 2nd $200 Tyler Steinhuas 3rd $140 Kurt Sneide 4th $80 Dave Coon


Once again, thanks to CR's for hosting this first event. Thanks to our MPA sponsors this year - Jacoby Custom Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric, and Mueller Recreational Products. But most of all, THANKS to all you PLAYERS who came out and played in this first event! I hope to see you at Shooters in a couple of weeks.


MASTERS/AA DIVISION 27 PLAYERS 1st $500 / $800 Jesse Engel 2nd $350 / $500 Sean Johnson 3rd $250 / $350 Scott Tollefson 4th $170 Jason K 5/6th $100 Lee Heuwagen & Mario Parayno 7/8th $50 Josh Raines & Michael Perron Jr

it quits. Al Berthiumme was our 6 p.m. participant, but he broke dry and left with $0 for the break fund challenge, but ended up winning the B division, so he took home some cash!!! This Break Fund will continue at all upcoming events, with the amount per ball increasing as the prize fund increases. This is something New & Exciting for all the MPA events this year, and we hope to have it built up to over $100 a ball by January.


B DIVISION - 27 PLAYERS 1st $250 Al Berthiumme 2nd $150 Tony Duda 3rd $100 Cory Schuh 4th $60 Roger Johnson 5/6th $40 Jeremy Christiansen & Josh Coyle 7/8th $30 Todd Castner & Mark Bailey



C DIVISION - 16 PLAYERS 1st $220 Rick Gelle 2nd $150 Ed Gruber 3rd $70 Bud Fisher 4th $50 Ceil Howe




RICK GELLE October 2011 - Rackem Magazine 11


Trick Shots by Sarge


This month’s Artistic Pool Shot is from the Prop/Novelty/Special Arts Discipline


Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth

One of the top trick shot artists in the world, Sarge now calls Las Vegas his home. He is looking to resume his trick shot exhibitions which made him famous throughout the Northwest. ... look for him in a pool room near you.

This shot has a special scoring. This dynamic shot can be seen in the legendary trick shot tape by world-renowned trick shot artist Yoshikazu Kimura. Let’s look at the set-up. You can start by placing the 11 ball by pocket D, the 12 ball by pocket C, and the 13 ball by pocket F. Place the 5 ball where the diagram shows 1st shot makes C.

Place the 4 ball at 2nd shot makes F. Place the 3 ball at 3rd shot makes D. The 3, 4 and 5 balls are considered the cue balls. They may be adjusted anywhere on the headstring line with the exception of the 4 ball. It must be placed on the head spot. The objective of this shot is to shoot the cue balls quickly per diagram designated order, without collisions, making as many object balls as possible at approximately the same time. All three cue balls must be struck within 4 seconds. Three attempts are granted and taken until best score is determined. The best attempt score is recorded based on 5 points for the 5 cushion shot make, 4 points for the 4 cushion shot make, and 3 points for the 3 cushion shot make. Total, if all three shots are made on one attempt would be 12 points maximum. Attempt scores are not cumulative with other attempts. A special note: extra cushions by object balls are allowed as are scratches. I use the red 3 ball, purple 4 ball and orange 5 ball. Those “cue balls” make the same colored stripe ball. The 3 ball makes the 3 cushion shot, the 4 ball makes the 4 cushion shot, and the 5 ball makes the 5 cushion shot. The only helpful hint I can give you is to shoot each cue ball to test the cushions till you make each object ball. When you can make each shot you then can start by practicing the timing of each ball. Remember you only have 4 seconds to hit all 3 “cue balls”. If you want to save yourself some stress and time buy Mr. Kimura’s Trick Shot tape to see how a Master shoots this great shot. Good Luck!


Live Streamer’ s links or schedules

Last Saturday of every month: Floating Saturday One Pocket: TBA as it floats around each month Stream starts at 12pm (3pm est) (List of hundreds of live streamers) Accu-Stats Game Show Wednesday Nights Check here for 2011 U.S. Open 9 ball Oct 17-23

Oct 11th-16th Western BCA 9-Ball Regionals, Chinook Winds Casino, Lincoln City, OR Nov 10th-12th Chinook Winds Casino, Lincoln City, OR Nov 19th-20th NWPA Tour Stop #7 Nov 25th-27th Malarkey’s Holiday Tournament, Malarkey’s Pool and Brew, Tacoma, WA October 7-9: Pay For View October 14-16: Pay for View November 4-6: Pay for View December 9-11:

12 Rackem Magazine - October 2011



As the long hot summers are about to end, the upcoming fall season brings about changes all around. And a big change on the OB Cues Ladies Tour is that after this past weekend we have a new #1 points winner as we are approaching our last stop for the year November 5th-6th.

and the win. On the other side on the bracket, Orietta made quick work in her match sailing through with a 7-2 win over Christy. Next it would be Tara vs. Orietta for the rocking chair. Both local ladies very familiar with each other’s strong shooting skills, it was a close match with Orietta winning 7-5 and securing her spot in the finals.

Finishing 7th-8th Rusty’s would be Lisa Marr Tracie Voelkering, Orietta Strickland, Leslie Ann Rogers, Tara Williams, and Kim Pierce Billiards in and Kim Tipton. In Amanda Lampert, Lisa Marr, Ming Arlington, Texas was our host on the 5th-6th places it would be Ming Ng Ng and Leslie Anne Rogers who just September 17th-18th and they have and Christy Powell (her highest finish happened to be in the neighborhood been gracious to host us on many to date). Having an awesome and as well. As the brackets were drawn, previous occasions. The players, fans superb tournament was Kim Pierce. some of these top players would be and local customers always enjoy Kim knocked out Lisa Marr and facing each other early as they were having the OB Cues Ladies in the Ming Ng, two very solid and strong all vying for the $750 guaranteed 1st house and we so appreciate them opponents before being defeated by place prize money. As the tournament extending the welcome mat to us over Leslie Anne giving Kim a super 4th progressed, there were upsets, and over again. The tour would like to place finish. Congrats Kim – you go surprises but mostly lots of close give thanks to Jeff, Tim, Sara, Gilbert, girl! matches. In fact for the two day event Tiffany and all the Rusty’s staff for there were a total of 17 hill-hill matches providing quality customer service In the semi-finals it was Tara vs. Leslie which made this stop very exciting and during our two day event. Anne who played each other earlier anyone’s guess who would be crowned on Saturday and Tara handed Leslie the winner. Also our tour would not be in existence Anne her first loss with a 7-6 win on if not for the awesome sponsorship Saturday and the semi-finals were At the end of play on Saturday, winner by OB Cues and Pool300. We give no different. Once again it was a 7-6 side matches included Tara Williams applause and special thanks to Don match with Tara the victor. Congrats vs. Ming Ng and Christy Powell vs. Owen and Royce Bunnell for allowing Leslie Anne on 3rd place and all the Orietta Strickland. On the B-side, us to enjoy our passion and pursue best with your upcoming baby arrival. it was Lisa Marr vs. Kim Pierce and our pool dreams each and every Kim Tipton vs. Leslie Anne Rogers. moment. Their products, customer As the finals commenced, it was an Continuing play on Sunday, the match service and generosity are the best awesome display of shooting by both between Tara and Ming was one of ever. Check them out at www.obcues. ladies. In true double elimination those hill-hill matches. With ball in com and for more format, Tara would have to defeat hand, and 7-8-9 remaining, Ming set up information. Orietta twice. Tara won the 1st set shot on the 7 with a break out for the 7-6 to force the second set, but Orietta 8 and 9 but fell short of the break out Thirty-six players signed up for pulled through to emerge the winner leaving the cue ball behind the 9 ball the race to 7, double elimination as she won the second set 7-5. Orietta and blocked from the 8. Ming tried to competition. Top players in attendance took home the 1st place prize money of kick at the 8 but no contact was made. were Orietta Strickland, Tara Williams, (continued on page 23) Tara had ball in hand for the 8, 9 out October 2011 - Rackem Magazine 13


Amateurs I had the opportunity to speak to Mark Griffin, owner and CEO of CSI and the BCA Pool Leagues after an announcement came across my desk that they were moving! Moving what? Moving where? Who’s moving? Why are they moving? So many questions, so I went to the source. The experience of going to a league national championship has been changed from playing in singles or teams to an experience, to a pool players bonanza if you will. Sometimes you can be playing next to a professional pool player who you may have seen on TV, to watching a U S Open Champion and even a World Champion. The cost of being a spectator at their professional venue is cheaper than having a good meal in Las Vegas. You can walk through the hallways, pool room or the vendor area at any time, and find a world-beater (champion). It doesn’t end there. You can sit back in your room or suite and watch the pro events as they unfold courtesy of CSI and TAR. Technology allows you to receive a text or email telling where you are playing your next match. You can browse through the brackets online, find your next match or a friend’s match, your team schedule as well as anybody who has ever played in a CSI event, their opponents, scores and payouts. All of this brings the pool players experience to a new level not seen before. That is BCAPL Nationals. Mark conducted an extensive survey this past May 2011 among the 7,000 attendees of BCAPL Nationals. 1,400 pool players who took the time to complete the 11 page survey and give their opinion. After countless hours of reading every survey and categorizing the results, acccording to Mark, “We were faced with a decision that if we wanted to continue to grow and change things we needed more space.” So, CSI started making plans to improve the experience that is Nationals in Las Vegas. I’ve seen a lot of changes to the BCA Pool League Nationals in Las Vegas over the years, and Mark and the CSI Staff do a magnificent job. As a pool player, looking at what is available at nationals with the different divisions as an amateur, as a pro, it’s a pool players candy store. Mark remarked, “I think it is the best event there is because of the blend of amateur and pro. We do different things, like last May (2011) we had the high run challenge, all the high tech online bracketing, charts and player information.” So what is the MOVE all about? It has two parts: the FIRST MOVE is to The Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in 2013 and the SECOND MOVE is to take the BCAPL Nationals from May to JULY 17-27, 2013. WOW! What a change. Mark said, “We are hoping to do some more events, but not until 2013 when we move to the Rio. We haven’t done our layouts yet but we will have more space. Right now at the Riviera we have about 110,000 square feet. At The Rio we will have over 160,000 square feet to work with. We have simply outgrown the available space at the Riviera.” Increasing the floor space by an additional 50%, high speed internet, flat screen TVs on the walls and 2,500 suites available to pool players, their family and friends, not to mention all the amenities that The Rio has to offer, it will be a welcome change for the players. And Mark promises the room rates are “extremely attractive.” The Rio is also home to the World Series of Poker. In fact, the poker will be ending as the BCAPL Nationals is beginning. “What I’m hoping for is a little bit of synergy here. Some of those poker players really like pool. We might get some interesting things happening. They will back the players. There are a couple of poker players that play really good pool. And they will bet”, mentioned Griffin. The BCAPL has continued to grow back to the membership numbers before the sale. Nationals has seen added divisions, a better player ranking system, and feature Challenge Events the amateur pool player can participate in. Then there are the U

BY: D O N “ C H E E S E ” A K E R L O W

S Open One Pocket and U S Open 10-Ball events, open to all, who’s fields are filled by the best players in the world. You can play in Nationals and watch the most well known players in pool just steps away. The functionality of the online bracketing and all the information that can be gathered from it has added a new dimension to all of the tournaments that are produced by CSI. The online brackets can be seen at Mark said, “Moving to The Rio is part of the evolution that we are doing. Our leagues are evolving and this is a step forward. I think it will make a brighter future and that makes a win-win for all the people that we do business with. It’s going to be really cool.” Mark remarked that he owns the registered trademark to all the U S Open Titles except the U S Open 9-Ball so there is a desire to incorporate more U S Open events in conjunction with the BCAPL Nationals. “With the Rio we could have 16 tables and you could play each event in 3 days but really it only takes 2 1/2 days because when you get down to the final four, you are only playing on 1 table and you could start another event while one is ending. So in 12 days you could have 4 or 5 events and it is cheaper for the players because you will have a lot of players that will play in the same events. The biggest hurdle is the added money.” The U S Bar Table Championship is also being MOVED to the Grand Sierra from the Sands Regency in Reno, Nevada. There is a 40,000 square foot room. Dates are Feb 12-19, 2012, and CSI is planning on having 40 - 7’ Diamond Smart Tables where they were limited to 32 tables at the Sands. Talking about the move, Mark said, “We can handle a lot more tables and run it a lot more efficiently. The exciting thing is the WorldPPA will be holding a 9’ table event in conjunction with the Bar Table. The players are really excited about it.” Mark Griffin has a lot of events under the CSI Corporation that he has revived or started new for pool players to participate in besides the BCAPL. There is the Jay Swanson Memorial Tournament, U S Bar Table Championships, BCAPL Nationals, U S Open One Pocket, U S Open 10-Ball, National Championship Series, USAPL, online bracketing at and an online league management system The CSI Staff consists of: Mark Griffin - Chief Executive Officer, David Vandenberghe - Chief Operating Officer, Bill Stock - Director of Referees, Glenna Stock - League Administrator, Tesse Vilahu - New Membership Administrator, Sara Bayliss - New Membership Assistant, Ron Guilmett - IT Manager, Holly Ryan - Manager PR/Marketing, Sunny Griffin - PR/Social Media, Mark Estes - Manager USA Pool League, John Casey - League Field Rep The staff is available to assist anyone who may have questions about CSI, the BCAPL and USAPL. September 23-25, 2011 TAR 21 broadcast a challenge match between Shane Van Boening and Alex Payulayan held at the TAR Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is


14 Rackem Magazine - October 2011

BCAPL Nationals 2004 and Beyond also an affiliate of CSI and Mark says that there are plans to bring more special events that will be announced in a couple of months. More about the TAR match on page 5 The official Press Release about the move to the Rio can be read on page 22

See you at the Riv in 2012! See you at the Rio in 2013!

After the U.S Open 10

-Ball Finals May 2011

October 2011 - Rackem Magazine 15


seven straight and then won both sets of a true double elimination final against Ng to capture the event title. The Ladies event on September 4 and 5 drew 32 entrants to Skinny Bob's Billiards in Round Rock, TX.

Round Rock, TX, September 4-5, 2011 Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock, TX the 32-player full-field pool tournament featured numerous professionals competing in the longest running pool in the USA. Melissa Little ran into the Texas Open's defending champion, Ming Ng, in the second round of play, and was sent to the oneloss side 7-3. Much as Ng had done last year to win the title by double dipping Kim Sanders in the finals, Little moved over, won

BCW Tournament Finale

October 6-9, 2011 - Romines High Pockets 6125 South 27th St - Milwaukee, WI 53221 414-281-2212

Thurs: Amateur 9-Ball - $75 entry - $1,500 added Race to 6 - Double Elimination - Starts Noon Sharp Fri: Ope 9-Ball - $100 entry - $2,000 added Race to 9 - Double Elimination - Starts Noon Sharp Sat: Open 8-Ball - $60 entry - $1,500 added Masters race to 5/Amateurs to 4 - Single Elimination Starts at 11 am

Following her victory over Little, Ng defeated Ila Villareal 7-3 and moved among the winners' side final four, for a matchup with Nicole Keeney. Gail Eaton, in the meantime, was squaring off against Cristina DeLaGarza. Ng moved into the hot seat with a 7-4 win over Keeney, and a double hill victory over Eaton, who'd sent DeLaGarza west 7-5. First up for Keeney on the one-loss side was Little, who'd gotten by Helen Hayes, Nicole McDaniel, Yvette Reyes, and Kim Pierce to meet her. DeLaGarza faced Jennifer Kraber, herself in the midst of a six-match winning streak on the one-loss side, that included a 7-4 victory over Villareal, that set her up against DeLaGarza. Little and Keeney locked up in a double hill battle, before Little prevailed, advancing to the quarterfinals. DeLaGarza joined her after ending Kraber's streak 7-5. Little downed DeLaGarza 7-2, and then defeated Eaton in the semifinals 7-3. She took the opening set of the true double finals against Ng 7-3, as well, and then, allowed her only a single rack in the second set to deny her a second straight Texas Open win. Congratulations to Melissa Little for bringing another title home to Colorado!

PLAYERS WANTED Southwest Indiana TAP Pool League Contact 812-454-6600

16 Rackem Magazine - October 2011

Pool Tournaments Every Friday & Saturday 933 8th St (Hwy 3 & 50) Farmington, MN 651-463-2636


Dan Kee and Tracy D’Andrea took 2nd in the 8-ball tournament and ties for 3rd overall in the Rider Cup. Jodi Rae Sheedy and Josh Shones tied for 2nd in Golf with a 69 and took 3rd in pool and finished 2nd overall. Terry Goulet and Tim Moe were repeat champions in the 2nd Annual “Rider Cup”. They tied for first in golf with a 68 with Steve Brand and Sammy. They came back on the loser’s side of the 8-ball tournament and double dipped Dan and Tracy to take 1st in the 8-ball and 1st overall. We had 13 teams total. It was a beautiful day for golf. (Right) Dan Kee and Tracy D’Andrea

Terry Goulet and Tim Moe

BCAPL SW Regionals (continued from page 4)

shutout Miller in set two 4-0 and walked with $600 for the win. Growing in popularity, the AZ 6 and Under Singles division fielded 66 entrants, up 47 players from 2010. The players in this handicapped division were for BCAPL Arizona players who had an AZ state rating 4 to 6. Sitting in the hot seat was Miguel Diaz (AZ 6) from Casa Grande, AZ. Diaz faced Joshua Welch from Yuma, in the finals. Diaz punted Welch to the one loss side during the hot seat match. Eager for revenge, Welch came back tougher than ever double dipping Diaz in the final 6-2, 6-1 to walk with the $700 first place prize. Teams took center stage Saturday September 3rd. The team competitions were handicapped based on the national BCAPL rating of the fielded team members. Open players were valued at 2 points, Advanced players 3 points, Master players 4 points and Grand Master 5 points. Each team fielded a 4 player roster. The player rating points were added together with a minimum 8 and maximum 12 games to win based on the team members’ individual BCAPL national rating. The Men’s / Mixed Open Team division fielded 23 (4 player) teams. Led by top AZ player Mitch Ellerman with team mates Chad Barber, JR Burkhart and Jerry Stuckart, Stinger’s Venom double dipped Knobby Bull Dawgs who was comprised of Burt Balancad, Pat Dicker, Larry Eans, Jose Gonzalez and Chris Shenker all from Arizona. The Women’s Open Team division had 10 teams vying for the $700 first place payday. Going into Sunday the team sitting in the hot seat was Arizona’s Q & Brew Q-Tease comprised of Leandrea Gaff, Tami Hathcock, Cathy Hamilton-Kelley and Veronica Poore. The team handily took out all in their path including long time veteran team Badd Azz Babes who they later would face in the finals. The Babes included Kitty Carroll, Sonia Flores, Sara “Millie” Miller, Sophia Morquecho and Susan Williams. In this case experience won out with the Babes bearing down and double dipping the Q-Tease for 1st place. For all brackets and payouts for the 2011 BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships visit the CueSports Tournament System (CTS) at www. A photo gallery courtesy of Kevin Tank Arco can be viewed at For more information about other CSI produced events including other BCAPL state and regional tournaments visit the Upcoming Events Calendar at

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Contact Jomama for League &Tournament Information 612-202-1941 or

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October 2011 - Rackem Magazine 17





Lucky in Action In Vegas Continued… …………….We snoozed, watched some NBA Basketball on TV and had some “quark” and crackers in the room for a couple of hours and then returned to the action. There were new faces in the room gambling. Lucky was right. If he got action this way, very few people would remember him. I found a couple of folding chairs along the wall for us, and right away a kid came along and asked to gamble cheap. I said no thanks and Lucky shook his head and said, “No, maybe later. I don’t want to get in over my head.” He hooked the kid by the extra comment. The kid had a high-pitched laugh, “Yeah, you would lose, old man. I’m pretty good. You want none of me” How arrogant I thought!! Lucky tilted his head up at the kid and asked him if he played chess. The kid chomped his gum, eyes roving around the room restlessly. “I am here to play pool, old man. Not some other game” “Well, maybe I’ll play you later on,” Lucky said. “I might learn a thing or two from you.” We watched the room action for a few minutes and here came the kid again, back after catching no fish to try Lucky again. Lucky was patient and declined politely. He knew that when they played they would play under Lucky’s conditions. An older guy listening nearby leaned over and said, “Say, fella, I saw you playing in here earlier. How’d you come out?” “Oh, it was okay,” said Lucky, “I got lucky and won a few games.” The kid interrupted, “Come on, old man, what are you here for? I’ll play you for a few bucks. Fifty a game, that’s cheap.” He tried a little intimidation, “What, are you afraid of me?” “Chess?” Lucky queried. “Pool,” the kid said, and muttered something under his breath. Lucky stroked his beard and his mustache and finally said, “Oh, all right. That’s cheap enough.” So I went over and got my cue again, while the kid fooled around, chopping the cue ball with his hand, back spinning it all over the table. As I handed the cue to Lucky, he whispered to me, “Ok, here’s where I have to beat him flat out to take the cash, whereas in a set I could lose a few games and still win the money. Don’t leave. This will be quick.” This was going to be interesting. The kid, just happy to be playing somebody, finally, was practically bouncing from one foot to the other, nervous energy crackling. “C’mon, let’s flip,” he urged.

18 Rackem Magazine - October 2011

Lucky won the flip. They agreed to pay on every four games. The kid racked the balls and you could see he was acting as if he racked tight. Now Lucky knows better than most that there is no perfect rack. He takes a look at the rack, but only to see how the balls lie, so he knows how to break them. He broke and made the nine. The kid racked about the same way again. Lucky broke, the nine going into the same pocket as before. I could see the smirk on the young hustler’s face as he racked yet again. Lucky took a look at the rack but said nothing, and returned to break. Most players will change something about the rack to keep the nine from going in again, and this rack was no exception. Lucky broke and pocketed the nine -- in a different pocket. The kid slammed the rack onto the table, muttering something about ‘lucky b*****d.’ Lucky broke game four and I could hear a different cracking sound off this break. The nine disappeared in the headstrong right corner pocket. I saw the kid’s eyes burning, but he only clenched his jaws as he handed over $200 to Lucky. “Again?” Lucky inquired politely. With only four people, including myself, watching the match, Lucky got loose and put another four nine balls down quick. The kid didn’t know what to do, he was so angry, and was unable to speak. Lucky took the proffered $200 and shook his head, “Eight nine-ball breaks! Son, I love your racks. That was something!” I could hear the kid saying, as he slammed his cue case together, “Ah, the old fart (nicer word than he really used) was just lucky. He couldn’t even play. Lucked in the nine on the break a few times.” Lucky walked over to where I was sitting. He had kind of a strange look to him. He said the next strategy was going to be different. He wanted to get everyone lined up to play like he had back in his hometown that time I first met him there. I wondered how he planned on accomplishing that in here. He said, “Watch,” and went straight over to a small crowd watching a match and tapped one person on the shoulder. “Play cheap? Fifty a game?” “Ok!” exclaimed the stranger, Mexican looking heavy set guy beer in one hand and cue in the other with a blue sun hat. Named Sebastian. He had his cue off his shoulder and out of the case before Lucky finished saying the words, “Fifty a game.” I settled back, expecting to be here for a while. Lucky then proceeded to lose game after game after game. He lost $1,000 so quick it made my head spin.

I sat there, stunned. What was happening? I never saw him lose this kind of money before. And then, on top of that, he up and said, “I quit, for now.” I couldn’t believe my ears! I never saw this coming. The player who took Lucky’s money, grinning from ear to ear, bragged to his buddies and onlookers, and then turned back to Lucky, saying, “Maybe we can play some more later.” Lucky, normally a very polite and laid back person, ground his teeth, flexed his hands, and, in general, looked pretty darned upset. “Look, mister, I have plenty of money. You tell me where and when. You won’t win next time.” He yanked out his bankroll and I about had a heart attack. He flashed it under the guy’s nose and exclaimed, “See? Just so’s you don’t think I’m kidding you.” At that point I grabbed Lucky by the arm and steered him away, where I said, “What the hell are you doing? You have got to be out of your mind!” Lucky shrugged off my hand with an angry look. “I’ll play anyone in here for $500 a game, right now!” he said loudly. I regained my grip on Lucky’s arm, my cue, and walked Lucky out the door. A few people were barking at Lucky to play them as I hurried him out. Needless to say, I was puzzled by how Lucky was operating. This was not the Lucky I knew, the gentleman pool player, the class act. I was just about to say something to him, when he calmly turned to me and said, “Everyone knows me now. When you’re in the fish tank you have to act like the other fish sometimes.” He waved his arm at a taxi. “Where do you want to eat?” We rode a short distance to a casino that offered a great all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. Over lobster and crab legs and an array of exotic seafood, Lucky said that he was going to play only sets for high money from now on, unless one game was $500 or better. I said nothing, focusing instead on a great dinner. Finally, over coffee and dessert, I said, “Look, Lucky, I don’t know where to start, exactly, but I don’t think I can…” “Son,” he said, “Let me explain something to you before you go wasting all that energy you need to digest what you just ate. Now, normally, you would not see me doing anything like what I just did today, would you?” “No, I wouldn’t,” I said. “I know you are better than that.” “Well, consider this. This place we are at, this amateur event, have you ever seen such a bunch of wannabe’s in all your life? It would (Lucky continued on page 19)


Trick Shot Video Contest

DENVER, CO Executive Billiards, manufacturer of the Delta-13 billiard ball rack, announced today that they are hosting a pool trick shots contest for novice and amateur players on “YouTube.” “The Delta-13 International Amateur Trick Shot Contest” will give away over $20,000 in quality billiard accessories, including a 7’ Diamond Sport pool table. Four winners will also receive airfare plus three nights stay in Las Vegas from May 11-12, 2012. “We are promoting artistic pool and trick shots during the four month contest to expose the home recreation market to this exciting sport. Young and old alike, who have access to a pool table, will find trick shots are a terrific activity to entertain family and friends,” says Terry Taggart, President of Executive Billiards. Trick videos will be judged and graded with a maximum point potential of 10 for each of five categories; Degree of difficulty, creativity and originality, execution, presentation, and video quality. World renowned professional trick shot artists will

perform the judging. Florian “Venom” Kohler – France, Stefano “ Mr. Trick Shots” Pelinga – Italy, Paul “Professor-Q-Ball” Frankel – USA, and Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman – USA, will be using their many talents to grade the registered videos. According to ESPN & World Masters Trick Shot Champion Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman, “The Delta-13 International Amateur Trick Shot Contest should become a landmark competition for the sport of artistic pool. Players from around the world may showcase their artistic skills in 2 presentation categories, which will surely take trick shots to a new level in billiard excellence and magnetic fan appeal.” All qualifying trick shot videos must include a Delta-13 regular or elite ball rack. The entire “Rules of Eligibility” can be found at Please Visit for more details

Lucky continued from page 18 take me a long time to find the high stakes games if I didn’t make some noise. Shake the trees to see what falls out. You know I don’t have that kind of time. Let me tell you about fish, Drew. Small fish lose their lives to bigger fish and those fish lose theirs to even bigger fish. And it’s always the big fish you want to catch. And if you’re in a hurry -- well, you’ve heard of using dynamite? Not exactly a sporting move, but it does the job quickly -- stuns them all and brings them to the surface of the water.” Lucky smiled, with a little glint in his eye, and stabbed into another scallop. “There are times when you just have to create your own show and throw in some dynamite. You might say I just issued an invitation. Great food! I’m going for seconds on these scallops – maybe some more lobster, too. You coming?” Went down to the action room in the Riviera, Sebastian Franco, Charlie Peterson, Ronnie Allen, Tony Banks, John Evans, King Kong and Bucktooth All was barking up a storm But

Bucktooth was trying to get Shane in a game with Pots and Pans who some think can’t play. Shane just won the US Open10 ball Championship. The game they were trying to get were they both played one handed. Shane had to play left handed $2000 a game. Boy there was barking. After saying how unreasonable the game was Shane disappeared only to re-emerged 10 minutes later with his cue. It looked as if the game was on. Bucktooth had wrenched up the heat wanting to bet more. Shane was trying to get a different game with Bucktooth as he knew Pots and Pans could still play some even at his age. We have a couple more days at the event. We heard there were a group of Taiwanese players playing and beating everyone they have booked no losers. They always pool their money every time they are all are in on every match. Heard even Atwell lost to one of them. I know Lucky has a plan………more on Vegas next issue

October 2011 - Rackem Magazine 19

2011 World Junior Billiard Champions




The 2011 World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championship was held in Kielce, Poland on August 31 – September 4, 2011. Junior billiard champions 18 years old and younger traveled to Poland from 21 countries to compete for the world titles in both boys’ and girls’ divisions. Europe reigned, with Oliwia Czupryńska and Marek Kudlik of Poland winning the gold.

Among the players that represented North America in the boys’ division were: Danny Olson, finishing tied for thirteenth place; Brendan Crockett, finishing tied for thirteenth; Tyler Styer, finishing tied for seventeenth; Shawn Begay, finishing tied for twenty-fifth; and from Ontario Canada were Jeff Robson, finishing tied for seventeenth and Cheng Peng, finishing tied for twenty-fifth place .

In the 32 player boys division, Kudlik advanced to the final 8 single elimination bracket by winning a couple of hill-hill matches and continued the narrow victories with wins over David Maslov of Russia, 11-9 and Marc Bijsterbosch of Netherlands, 11-10 before facing fellow teammate Konrad Piekarski in the finals. Both players proved that they could handle the pressure of close matches, both winning most of their matches by no more than 2 games, the same excitement carried through the finals. Kudlik bested Piekarski in a thrilling 11-9 match to win the world title.

Players that represented North America in the girls’ division were: Briana Miller, finishing tied for fifth; Taylor Reynolds, finishing tied for thirteenth; and Kayla Roloson, finishing tied for ninth place.

In the 16 player girls’ division, Czupryńska began her trek with a 9-6 win over the United States champion, Briana Miller. Czupryńska lost her next match to Darya Sirotina of Russia 7-9, then steadily won her next four matches before battling with Anastacia Nechaeva of Russia for the crown. Czupryńska claimed the world title by winning the final set 9-7.

The fans, families and players enjoyed a first class event produced by Marcin Krzeminski, honorary president of the Polish Billiard Association and president of Mak Marketing, along with the European Pocket Billiard Association (EPBF). It is apparent that junior billiards is taken seriously in Poland. Since 1997, junior billiard programs have been incorporated in 150 schools. Over 250 teachers have been trained in the sport, with nearly 10,000 students participating in the program. For more information about this event, visit: and worldchampionships2011/ 2011 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships Medalists

2011 WORLD JUNIOR BILLIARD CHAMPIONS BOYS’ DIVISION: Ist Gold Medalist Marek Kudlik (POL) 2nd - Silver Medalist - Konrad Piekarski (POL) 3rd/4th-Bronze Medalists- Marc Bijsterbosch (NED) Bence Varga (HUN)

20 Rackem Magazine - October 2011

GIRLS’ DIVISION: 1st Gold Medalist - Oliwia Czupryńska (POL) 2nd - Silver Medalist - Anastacia Nechaeva (RUS) 3rd/4th -Bronze Medalists-Kamila Kodjeva (BEL) Darya Sirotina (RUS)






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BCAPL Moves National Championships to the Rio Las Vegas

ark Griffin and CueSports International (CSI) announce two major changes for the BCAPL National Championships. In 2013, the “Greatest Pool Tournament in the World” will move from May to July … and will walk the welcome mat at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The BCAPL National Championships have outgrown the space at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. The 2012 (36th) BCAPL National Championships, scheduled May 9-20, 2012, will be the last year the event will be held at the Riviera. CSI thanks the Riviera for hosting the championships for the past 18 years. The relocation to the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is scheduled for July 17-27, 2013. The move will allow the BCAPL to expand both the amateur nationals and the CSI professional tournaments. The date and venue changes will provide more accommodations and more pool tables, so that more players, families, and friends can enjoy an even richer experience at the new venue. CSI thanks the 1,400 BCAPL members who responded to our player survey at the 2011 nationals for their help in making decisions for the future of the championships. The July dates are generally better for all: participants, families and employers, local leagues, host locations, and League Operators. Starting in 2013, local BCA Pool Leagues can play longer spring sessions – all the way to the end of May. BCAPL players and teams will be able to play in more state and regional tournaments during the spring, and still be able to travel to nationals. A longer spring session allows more time for players to qualify for nationals. It also gives players, teams, League Operators, and BCAPL more time to enter and certify national entries. And lastly, many of our survey respondents said that July is much better than May for time away from work and home, especially for those who have school age children. This move is long overdue, and we again thank the players who participated in our survey.

The Rio is part of the Caesars Entertainment Corporation – the world’s largest casino entertainment group. With its state-ofthe-art conference center of over 160,000 square feet, the atmosphere is elegant, modern and hi-tech – a player’s dream! For player comfort and convenience, the Rio is a 4-star all-suite hotel and casino offering extensive amenities and entertainment options. Providing spectacular views of Las Vegas, the hotel boasts over 2,500 suites with more than 600 square feet of spacious luxury. When it comes to dining, the Rio is unparalleled. According to USA Today Travel 2011 report, the Rio’s Carnival World Buffet and the famous 5 star Village Seafood Buffet are ranked #2 and #3 in the top 5 buffets in Las Vegas. Additionally, the Rio offers 12 more dining options from the casual to the opulent. You name it … the 24-hour $45 “Buffet of Buffets” pass to 7 of the best buffets available anywhere; a 48-hour “All-Stage Pass” to about 20 shows at Caesars properties; the industry leading “Total Rewards” player program by Caesars Entertainment; the free Rio/Paris/Harrahs shuttle service to two key spots on the strip; VooDoo Beach with real sand beaches, cascading waterfalls, four swimming pools and five Jacuzzi-style spas; VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub, an indoor/outdoor double-decker club known to have the best view of the Las Vegas strip … You name it, the Rio has it all. For complete information on the BCAPL National Championships at the Rio on July 17-27, 2013 … To visit the official web site for the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino … Since 2004, Mark Griffin and his team at CueSports International (CSI) have diligently pursued “More Choices for All Players.” During that time, CSI has directly paid out approximately Seven Million Dollars to pool players. 6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK


Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am


OB Cues Ladies continued from page 13

$750 and is now our new points leader going into the final stop of the year. Congratulations to both ladies. A Second Chance Tournament was held on Sunday with 18 players and $380 total monies. Lisa Henderson-Major took 1st place. Good job, Lisa!

Casper’s in San Leon, Texas, the weekend of November 5th & 6th. Just a reminder, players must qualify for the Championship event by participating in two 2011 stops prior to the event. You can check our website at www.obcuestour. com for the Eligibility List. There will be $3000 added to the main event for the Championship stop and with the points race very close, we may very well crown a new tour champion! OB Cues Ladies Tour---Good Pool, Good Fun, Good Times!


Our last stop for 2011, the Championship stop, will be at MAIN EVENT

1st $750 2nd $650 3rd $400 4th $280 5th/6th $160 7th/8th $110 9th/12 $60 13th/16th $35


Orietta Strickland Tara Williams Leslie Anne Rogers Kim Pierce Ming Ng, Christy Powell Lisa Marr, Kim Tipton Jennifer Pavlovick, Lisa Henderson-Major, Julie Stephenson, Shayla Neris Jennifer Kraber, Michelle Prince, Tracie Voelkering, Teresa Garland

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th/6th

$125 $95 $65 $45 $25

Lisa Henderson-Major Rachel Hurst Christi Murphy Julie Stephenson Tracie Voelkering, Michelle Prince


Free Tournament Entry ($30) – Rachel Hurst Pool Instruction DVD – Amanda Lampert Starbucks Gift Cards (3) – Diana Cardona, Tara Williams, Jennifer Pavlovick Mobil Gas Cards ($50) – Becky Jones, Veronica Perez, Shirley Fields Vitality Day Spa Products – Teresa Garland, Monica Anderson

OB CUES RAFFLE WINNERS: Chris Beach, Lisa Dawson

FULL SERVICE BAR FULL SERVICE GRILL $50 entry fee - 100% Payback - No Promoter Fees!!

Race to 9 Winners and Losers - No Jump Cues Allowed - Alternate Break Player Auction at 11 AM Saturday the 6th - Play starts immediately following Tournament pays approx 1/8 of the field


RECORD TURNOUT AT APA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS More than $1 Million in Prize Money Awarded at 31st Annual Team Championships

Murder by Numbers

LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (September 7, 2011) — Last year, Guinness World Records recognized the American Poolplayers Association (APA)’s National Team Championship as the “world’s largest pool tournament.” Not to be outdone, this year’s event featured more teams and more prize money than ever before! More than 2,000 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Doubles and Masters teams made the trek to Sin City to compete, Aug. 18 – 27, for more than $1 Million in prize money. In the 8-Ball Open Division, English Crooks of Bridgeport, Conn., defeated Murder by Numbers of Paola, Kan., 3-2 in the finals to take home $25,000 in cash and the championship title. As Runners-Up, Murder by Numbers

24 Rackem Magazine - October 2011

received $15,000 in prize money. In the finals of the Ladies 8-Ball Division, it was Snook Hers of Arlington, Va., defeating Queen Bee’s of Newport News, Va., 3-1 to win $10,000 in 1st Place prize money. As Runners-Up, Queen Bee’s received $5,000 in cash. In the semifinal round, Snook Hers defeated Simply Stuhned of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 3-2. Queen Bee’s advanced to the finals with a 3-2 win over Just Chickens of Moore, Okla. Simply Stuhned and Just Chickens tied for 3rd Place and each received $2,500 in prize money. All teams in the 8-Ball Championships

squared-off in a modified singleelimination format that ensured each team played at least twice before elimination. All 8-Ball Open Division teams automatically received $350 in national qualifier money, and the top 8 teams won at least $5,000. In the 8-Ball Ladies Division, all teams automatically earned $350 national qualifier money, with the top 8 teams winning at least $1,000. The Open Division began play on Aug. 21 and concluded on Aug. 27. The Ladies Division of the tournament started on Aug. 18 and concluded on Aug. 21. In Open 9-Ball National Championship action, it was Now What of Dayton, Ohio, beating N.J.’s Breakers of Metuchen, N.J., 50-30 in the finals.

Now What took home $15,000 of the more than $200,000 guaranteed purse. As Runners-Up, N.J.’s Breakers received $7,000 in cash.

in the finals of the APA Wheelchair Challenge. Hans took home $800 as Runner-Up.

The Mickey Mouse Club of El Monte, Calif., finished in 3rd Place and took home $3,500 in prize money. The Open 9-Ball National Championship was held Aug. 18 - 22, with each team competing in a modified single-elimination format that ensured each team played at least twice before elimination. All national qualifiers received a minimum of $350, with the top 6 teams winning at least $2,000.

Bubba N Da Boyz

The APA, based in Lake Saint Louis, Mo., sanctions the world’s largest amateur pool league, known as the APA Pool League throughout the United States, and as the Canadian Pool League in Canada. Nearly 270,000 members compete in weekly 8-Ball and 9?Ball League play. The APA is generally recognized as the Governing Body of Amateur Pool, having established the official rules, championships, formats and handicap systems for the sport of amateur billiards.

After winning their divisions in weekly APA 8-Ball and 9-Ball League play and then placing in Local Team Championships throughout the United States, Canada and Japan, 721 Open 8-Ball, 422 Open 9-Ball, and 58 Ladies 8-Ball teams, all consisting of five to eight players, qualified to compete in the 2011 National Team Championships. In the Open 8-Ball Doubles Championship, it was U Just got Hoff’d of Windsor, Ohio, winning $6,500 in the finals with a victory over Tejas Winners of Houston, Texas. Tejas Winners received $4,000 as Runner-Up in the 384-team event. The finals of the Masters Championship event featured Still Don’t Know of Richmond, Va., defeating Bubba N Da Boyz of Coushatta, La. Still Don’t Know took home $10,000 in 1st Place prize money, while Bubba N Da Boyz received

In addition, the APA conducted nearly round-theclock MiniMania tournaments, which took place daily and were open to all APA members. The MiniMania tournaments offered multiple formats with 100% prize money payback that awarded nearly $250,000.

Tejas Winners

$5,000 as Runner-Up in the 256-team event. In the Open 9-Ball Doubles Championship, Take Care Brush Ya Hair of Cheshire, Conn., defeated Vegas Bound of Vinton, Va. Take Care Brush Ya Hair took home a 1st Place prize of $5,000 and the championship trophy, while Vegas Bound walked away with $3,000 in prize money. Robert Prince Jr. of Beltsville, Md., defeated former champion Charlie Hans of Middletown, Ohio, for $1,700

The APA produces three major tournaments each year—the APA National Team Championships, the APA National Singles Championships and the U.S. Amateur Championship— that, together, pay out more than $1.5 Million in cash and prizes annually! The APA and its championships are sponsored by Aramith, Action Cues and PoolDawg. For more information on the National Team Championships, visit the official APA website at

October 2011 - Rackem Magazine 25

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE Oct 1 Oct 1 Oct 6-9 Oct 8-9 Oct 8-9 Oct 15 Oct 15-16 Oct 15-16 Oct 22 Oct 29 Oct 29 Oct 29 Oct 29-30 Oct 29-30 Oct 29-30 Nov 5 Nov 5 Nov 5-6 Nov 5-6 Nov 9-13 Nov 10-13 Nov 10-13 Nov 12 Nov 25-27 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 10-11

CITY Kansas City, MO Muscatine, IA Milwaukee, WI Lafayette, LA Cahokia, IL Kansas City, MO Lincoln, NE Houston, TX Muscatine, IA Houston, TX Muscatine, IA Olathe, KS Indianapolis, IN Tulsa, OK Houston, TX Lees Summit, MO Blue Springs, MO Midwest City, OK League City, TX Las Vegas, NV Olathe, KS Olathe, KS Coon Rapids, MN Wichita, KS Coon Rapids, MN Blue Springs, MO Houston, TX

LOCATION PHONE Side Pockets (816) 455-9900 Krug’z Pool Hall (563) 263-7665 Romines High Pockets (414) 281-2212 White Diamond Billiards (337) 989-9889 Break Billiards (618) 332-0330 Brass Rail (816) 468-6100 Drifters Pool Room (402) 261-3617 Houston’s Sports Bar (281) 537-1416 Krug’z Pool Hall (563) 263-7665 Bogie’s Billiards (281) 821-4544 Krug’z Pool Hall (563) 263-7665 Shooters (913) 780-5740 Brickyard Billiards (317) 248-0555 Magoo’s (918) 663-3364 Bogies Billiards (281) 821-4544 Side Pockets (816) 524-2400 Side Pockets (816) 224-5454 Jamaica Joe’s (405) 736-0590 Legends Billiards (281) 332-7716 Bally’s Casino (800) 984-7665 Shooters (913) 780-5740 Shooters (913) 780-5740 CR’s Sports Bar (763) 780-1585 Shooters (316) 262-0072 CR’s Sports Bar (763) 780-1585 Twin Strokes Bar & Grill (816) 224-6188 Bogie’s Billiards (281) 821-4544

EVENT / RULES KC Rated 9-Ball 9-Ball Benefit (John Puckett) BCW Tournament Finals Super 9-Ball Bar Table Bar Table 9-Ball KC Rated 9-Ball Tour Cornhusker Open Tiger Amateur Tour 8-Ball Open-Calcutta-Handicap Lone Star Billiard Tour Costume Broomstick Tournament KC Rated 9-Ball 9-Ball Classic Midwest 9-Ball Tour Lone Star Billiards Tour KC Rated 9-Ball KC Rated 9-Ball Tour OK Bar Table 9 Ball Tiger Amateur Tour TAP National Championships Midwest 9-Ball One Pocket Midwest 9-Ball Bar Table 8-Ball on 7’ - MPA Event Midwest 9-Ball - Handicapped 8-Ball on 7’ - MPA Event KC Rated 9-Ball Tour Lone Star Tour

ENTRY $15 Toy (value $10) $75/$100/$60 $40 $35 $30+$10 g.f. $100 Call Call Call Call $30+$10 g.f. Call $65/$55 Call $15 $30+$10 g.f. $50 Call Varies $60 $65/$55 Varies $20 Varies $30+$10 g.f. Call

ADDED $800 Call $5,000 total $1,000 w/128 $2,500 $300 w/32 Call $1,000 Call $3,000 Call $300 w/32 $1,500 $2,500 $1,000 $800 $300 w/32 $2,500 Guar $1,000 Call $1,000 $4,000 $1,000 $2,000 w/128 $1,000 $300 w/32 $2,000

TIME 12:30PM 2PM Noon 9AM 11AM 11:30AM Call Call Noon Call 5PM 1:30PM Call 11AM Call 12:30PM 12:30PM 11AM Call 6PM 8PM 8PM 10AM 2PM 10AM 11:30AM Call

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice


CITY Wednesdays Oshkosh, WI Thursdays Muscatine, IA Oshkosh, WI Fridays Coon Rapids, MN Farmington, MN Muscatine, IA Tulsa, OK Oshkosh, WI Saturdays Farmington, MN Tulsa, OK


26 Rackem Magazine - October 2011

LOCATION Varsity Club Krug’z Pool Hall Varsity Club CR’s Sports Bar Farmington Billiards Krug’z Pool Hall Q-Spot Billiards Varsity Club Farmington Billiards Q-Spot Billiards

PHONE (920) 651-0806 (563) 263-7665 (920) 651-0806 (763) 780-1585 (651) 463-2636 (563) 263-7665 (918) 779-6204 (920) 651-0806 (651) 463-2636 (918) 779-6204

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball Beginners Pool/Darts (2nd Shift) SE 9-Ball Intermediate 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds 8 or 9-ball rotation 9-Ball Race to 4 or 5 8-Ball 7 & under 9-Ball Open - Break Pot 8-Ball Bar Box Hdcp 9-Ball 7 & under

ENTRY ADDED TIME $8 Call $5 1AM $10 Call $16 $75 7PM $10 $50 w/16 6:30PM $5 8PM $5 9 PM $15 $5/player Guar. Call $20 entry $25 every 8 2PM $10 (incl. g.f.) 9 PM

Live Streaming of Pool Tournaments Call 4 Info 406.285.3099

16th Annual Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament February 4-5, 2012 Hard Times Billiards, Bellflower, CA $3000 Added Guaranteed $4000 Added w/ Full 192 Field

19th Annual US Bar Table Championships

February 12-19, 2012 Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno, NV $25,250 Added Open & Women’s 8, 9 & 10-Ball Divisions All Around Point Bonuses

Play in “the Greatest Pool Tournament in the World” The BCAPL National Championships May 9-20, 2012 Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV and Starting July 17-27, 2013 Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV

State & Regional Events

Added Money from CSI to Each Event

May 10-13, 2012 Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV $10,000 Added

13th US Open 10-Ball Championship

May 14-19, 2012 Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV $25,000 Added BCA Point Event

No National Annual Dues

New National “Fairplay” Handicap System Players rated 30-125

Open and Advanced Team Levels

No Team Handicap Limits As Your Handicap Increases You Will Not Need to Change Teams

8-Ball & 9-Ball

480+ Leagues

13th US Open One Pocket Championship

Free for Players to Join

US and Internationally

Guaranteed Local Prize Money

Flexible Formats

Can sanction 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball 14.1, or One Pocket Leagues

The BCAPL Rules

Now in English and Spanish! Available also for Amazon KINDLE and Barnes and Noble NOOK

Compete for cash, prizes, and entry fees to the USAPL National Championships

Free Protected Territories for League Managers

Be Your Own Boss ~ Apply Today

National Online Stats

State-of-the-Art National Website

The BCA Pool League and USA Pool League are divisions of CueSports International (CSI)

CueSports Tournament System (CTS)

Developed by CSI for the betterment of pool and pool players! Real Time Tournament Brackets ~ Online Event Registration Player Text Notifications ~ Search by Player or Team ~ and More!


Best and most comprehensive online league management system Stats ~ Schedules ~ Complete Set of Reports Score Sheets ~ Team History ~ Subscription Service Financial Management for Leagues ~ and More!

Join CueSports International on CSI wishes to thank the following companies for their continued support:

March 2011 - Rackem Magazine 15

Profile for Rackem Magazine

Rackem Magazine October Issue 2011  

The Midwest Pool Players Magazines has the October issue available now. Read the Exclusive interview with Mark Griffin, TAR 21, APA National...

Rackem Magazine October Issue 2011  

The Midwest Pool Players Magazines has the October issue available now. Read the Exclusive interview with Mark Griffin, TAR 21, APA National...