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Rackem is a monthly publication, dedicated to the advancement of the sport of pool and to promoting enthusiasm and encouragement among the players at all levels, regardless of their league affiliation, in addition to recognizing those businesses who support them all. Covering the midwest. Look for Rackem by the 10th of each month. The opinions expressed are those of the author or advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rackem or its staff. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material submitted for publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the Publisher. © 2010 Rackem

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10/03/2010 7:00 AM 1993 World 9-Ball Champ 10/10/2010 7:00 AM 1993 Pro Tour Finals Francisco Bustamante & Earl Strickland 10/17/2010 7:00 AM 1994 WPA World 9-Ball Champ. 10/17/2010 11:00 AM 2004 Skins Billiards Champ. 10/17/2010 2:00 PM 2005 Texas Hold’Em Billiards Johnny Archer vs Gabe Owen These schedules have been provided by ESPN. These are tentative dates and are subject to change

10/17/2010 3:00 PM 2007 Texas Hold’Em Billiards Johnny Archer vs Corey Deuel 10/17/2010 4:00 PM 2003 Trick Shot Magic Andy Segal vs. Mike Massey 10/17/2010 5:00 PM 2004 Women’s Trick Shot Magic Jeanette Lee vs Ewa Laurance 10/17/2010 6:00 PM 2004 Trick Shot Magic Mike Massey vs Nick Nikolaidis 11/07/2010 7:00 AM ‘97 $50,000 Challenge of Champ Fong-Pang Choa vs. Oliver Ortman

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Oct 2-3, 2010 Wild West Shootout Great Falls, MT Oct 28-31, 2010 Northern Lights Shootout Rugby, ND Nov 27-28, 2010 Malarkey’s Holiday Classic Tacoma, WA Dec 17-19, 2010 Broken Oar Mandan, ND


October 2010 - Rackem Magazine 3

Even More Practice to Make Perfect By Samm Diep, © October 2010

I’ve always been told that it takes 21 days to form a habit. If there’s something you want to learn or a behavior you’d like to develop, give it 21 solid days and it should become second nature by then. New information tells us to throw that number out the window. Recent studies by the Medical Research Council indicate the new magic number is 66. Their research has Samm Diep shown that it actually takes us more than three times as long to learn to do something automatically. According to Professor Jane Wardle, of University College London, “What we found was that it takes 66 days on average for people in our study to acquire a habit.” Though the studies varied between individuals, they were able to determine that if you do something every day for 66 days, in the same situation, it will become automatic. Also, “performing an action for the first time requires planning, even if plans are formed only moments before the action is performed, and attention. As behaviors are repeated in consistent settings they then begin to proceed more efficiently and with less thought as control of the behavior transfers to cues in the environment that activate an automatic response - a habit.” What does this mean for pool? Well, depending on what your personal goals are, you may want to consider this information the next time you decide to take the day off from practice. If you’re a beginner, learning a new shot, or changing your mechanics and you do not have 66 straight days to spare in the pool room, it will now take even longer to learn this game. If you’re only committing 2-3 days a week to your training, it could take in excess of six months before changes become automatic to you. And who has that kind of time and patience? If regular practice wasn’t important enough before, we are now reminded of just how detrimental the lack of it can be to our progress. An hour a day keeps the misses away. Even if you only have an hour or less, put in the time and continue to develop that muscle memory. Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” ( House Pro at Rack ‘Em Billiards (Aurora, CO) Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)” Player Representative for Chris Byrne Custom Cues, PoolDawg, Predator, Jim Murnak Custom Cases, & Delta-13 Rack 4 Rackem Magazine - October 2010


by Renee’ La Viness Q-Spot Billiards - Tulsa, OK

On Saturday, September 25th, 2010, while everyone else was shopping, mowing lawns, etc., the real fun was happening at Q-Spot Billiards in Tulsa, OK. Shortly after 2:00 pm, Gene La Viness (of Crown Cues) and Gene La Viness Josh Smallwood began a 9 ball race to 7 ahead. The video camera was filming the match which was broadcast live, online. The loser of this match would have to become a blonde for at least two weeks. It was decided they would alternate breaks. Gene won the Josh Smallwood lag and the games began! Gene won the first two games, then Josh won three, then Gene won two... The match carried on in this manner for ALMOST ELEVEN HOURS and 147 GAMES!! The guys only ate during play and refused to stop for a lunch break, or to get some fresh air, call home or rest. The only breaks taken were during the few five to ten minute periods while the computer was rebooted for the live stream. Everyone knew Gene and Josh must be enduring a great deal of pain to continue the match so long, but nobody was giving up and signs of weakness were only evident in the ease of irritation when someone interfered or an easy shot was missed. Even the irritation was fairly well controlled, though. Both men were extremely dedicated to their match and kept a positive attitude throughout the day. They took whatever time was necessary to make the shot at hand and seldom gave up position to the opponent. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to determine the two were very well matched for this particular competition and fatigue might be the only factor which would allow a winner. The area around the table was rather quiet, although the rest of the room was often rolling with laughter, frustration, pride... typical sounds from a family pool Blonde for at least 2 weeks!! hall. Some were there to watch the match, but played at other tables and only checked in once in a while to avoid disrupting the focus of the players. Although the room was full of sounds, it is doubtful that even the loud jukebox was heard by either of them, when it was played. Some viewers watched the match on their computers from Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania... Some of the more dedicated ones stayed throughout the day. In the middle of the night, at almost 1:00 am, a winner finally prevailed! Josh Smallwood would remain a brunette, while Gene La Viness was to become a blonde for at least 2 weeks!! Congratulations to Josh for a well-deserved win! This fun event was sponsored by Q-Spot Billiards of Tulsa, Crown Cues, and D’oro Pizza. Each of the sponsors contributed multiple door prizes for the event, as well as offering great support for the players. If you missed the match, it is online at

My Lucky Day Part II – “Who is He?”

By Andrew Monstis

Andrew Monstis

Lately I’d been thinking about Lucky, probably because of the attention over the story I wrote about him. I’d honored his request not to tell anyone where he lived or who he was; that last part was easy enough – I didn’t even know who he was. In our latest correspondence Lucky sounded like things weren’t going so well. I liked Lucky and would help him if I could. We’d shared things about our lives in letters and phone calls, and I felt we’d gotten to be pretty good friends, even like brothers. He thought it was great that I’d married a woman who loved pool, and he hoped I’d bring Sassy over sometime. With all the things we talked about it seemed funny that I only knew him as Lucky and he continued to keep his real name from me. Since it had been a while that I’d seen him face to face, I thought it was time for a visit. This little game of cover up and anonymity was going to change on this visit. I packed enough for several

days, thinking I might stay with Lucky for a while. Sassy decided to stay home and tend to the Cascade Pool league. It was a cool fall evening when I left the house. I like to drive at night, when there’s less traffic and more time for contemplation, and this night was clear with a crescent moon resting on the treetops. I probably should have written or called Lucky, but I figured the surprise would be just fine. The internet w e a t h e r r e p o r t s forecasted nice weather where I was headed, warmer than here at home. Once out of town and on the quiet highway, I passed only an occasional car and the neverending trail of nighttime longhaulers. I got to recalling stuff that happened to me during the past years -- the tournaments, the games I played, the people I respect and call friends from the pool world. I especially thought about winning the VNEA International Team championship in 2009. I give a lot of credit to Lucky for my contribution to the teams winning. He taught me an incredible amount of stuff about pool and life that night I met him. I realized I had gotten fuzzy on some of those things I learned from Lucky. I needed a refresher. My own game was slumping and I couldn’t think of anyone remotely as qualified who could help me. After a long beautiful drive through the night, I arrived in Lucky’s neck of the woods. It actually was a nice sunny morning, as the unpredictable weather people said it would be. A good breakfast was definitely on my mind, and so was some sleep. I decided to stop in at the café to call Lucky instead of going directly to the ranch to surprise him. Maybe he could come in for

some breakfast with me. I pulled into the small town, stretching my neck and realizing how tired I was. A few yawns later it dawned on me that I could not find a parking spot, and that seemed highly unusual for a town this size. Cars, suv’s and pickups filled every empty space up and down the street, and there were a whole lot more people up and about than

... “How the hell does he beat these guys? He has no stroke, no style.” ..... ought to be at this time of the day. My brain was awake enough to note the many different colored license plates. Why would this sparsely populated town see this much traffic, and this early in the morning? … Maybe a county fair or a big auction? Guess I’d have to do some walking. I parked the car a couple of country blocks away from the café and hoofed it back up the road to where all the commotion was. People were milling around, talking in small groups. Some folks were just sitting back watching everybody else. Others were deep in conversation. On my way to the cafe, two guys passed me, heading the other way, and I heard one mutter, “Unbelievable.” The other looked shell-shocked, and kept trying to light his cigarette with shaking hands. Another person across the way had his hand on the some guy’s shoulder, like he was consoling him. A kid on a bench was slumped over, holding his head in his hands. His friend next to him, dog faced and tearyeyed, was counting a few bills and some change. I continued on down the middle of the street, and overheard in another small group of men standing in a circle of smoke, “Where?” … “Atlanta…”

… “Nah, Toronto” … “LA some 30 years ago…” … “That’s Roosevelt Johnson…” …“… around 35 years ago in Atlantic City.” From an old man walking in circles and talking into a cell phone a few steps away, “I been around for 50 years and I never saw this guy. No. I’m telling you, he’s a nobody. Maybe he’s from Canada …” The door to the lounge next to the café swung open, disgorging two more guys, one with a stick unscrewed in one hand and his open case in the other. He kicked viciously at the door with one polished brown loafer, and limped off after his buddy. Well, I guessed I’d go in and check this out. Maybe Lucky was here and not at the ranch, though I doubted it. He usually put in several hours of work there before meandering into town in the afternoons. I pulled open the heavy old lounge door and walked straight into the backs of a dozen people. I had to excuse myself several times before I even got through the door. It was wall-to-wall people inside, no one budging. The murmurs and speculations were louder than the local boys playing Proud Mary in a boot-shuffling dance hall. The unmistakable sounds of ringing cell phones rose above the clamor. As I pushed my way through the crowd, all of a sudden my consciousness was filled with only what people were saying, "I think he must be from the Northwest.” … “No, he's from Southern California.” … “I don’t know, maybe it was someone else - I can’t really remember.” … “How the hell does he beat these guys? He has no stroke, no style.” … “I called my stake horse. He’ll be here in a couple of hours.” A cell phone rang, “Hello? I’m still here… when are you coming? ” I still couldn't see what was Lucky continues on page 11

October 2010 - Rackem Magazine 5

BASTROP & PIERCE RULE Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock, Texas successfully hosted its first $1,450 added Lone Star Tour Stop September 11th-12th. Austin area heavy-hitters James “Bastrop” Davis Sr., David Henson, and J.P. Lopez along with Houston’s Ernesto Bayaua, David Gutierrez, and Jason Bacon, all converged on this elite Texas pool room to compete in the 44 player, Open 9-Ball field. Saturday’s play ended early and brought back the final 12 on Sunday to battle for over $6,500 in cash. The final four winners’ side pitted Henson and Cesar Garcia, while the bottom paired Gutierrez and Bryan Sanders. On the one loss side, Ray Tull defeated John Newsome, Lopez bested Patrick Hill, Doug Young eliminated Bayaua, and Davis Sr. beat Adrian Lloyd. On the winners’ side, Henson overcame Garcia 9-5 and it was Sanders over Gutierrez 9-4. Henson secured the hot seat over Sanders,

David Henson, James Davis Sr

9-6. Davis Sr. plowed through the one loss side and won 9 consecutive matches which included two over Henson in the finals 9-6, 7-2, and secured his first tour win. In the ladies 9-Ball Event, Kim Pierce dominated the 16 player field with wins over Diana Cardona 7-1, Nancy French 7-6, and Julia Rapp 7-0. She secured the hot seat over Liz Kirkman and bested her once more in the final match, 7-1. Pierce finished the event undefeated for her first Lone Star Tour victory. Skinny Bob’s Billiards provided impeccable tournament conditions all weekend long, however, Sunday afternoon the entire grid went down for several city blocks in Round Rock. Unfortunately, Skinny Bob’s lost power. Therefore, the remaining matches were played at “The Grand” in Austin (formerly Eric’s Billiards). Their staff welcomed players and Oct 9th - 10th $1,350 Added Open 10-Ball/Ladies 9-Ball Slick Willie’s Family Pool Hall 281-679-5510 Oct 16th - 17th $1,350 Added Open 9-Ball/One Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball Crazy 8’s Family Pool Hall 409 960-7399 Oct 30th – 31st $3,000 Added Open 10-Ball/One Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball BOGIES GRAND OPENING EVENT Bogies Billiards & Games Nov 6th - 7th $ 1,350 Added Open 9-Ball/One Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball Skinny Bob’s Billiards 512-733-1111 Dec 11th - 12th $3,000 Added TOUR CHAMPIONSHIPS Open 9-Ball/One Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball Bogies Billiards & Games

6 Rackem Magazine - October 2010

accommodated the tour with (5) 9 foot Brunswick Gold Crowns, centennial balls, and measle cue balls to finish the event. The tournament was completed in a timely manner despite the unfortunate power outage. LSBT thanks The Grand for their support in a time of crisis. LSBT recognizes its official sponsors: Poison Cues, Delta-13 Rack,, Barnett Ranching; and A-Tex Family Fun Center. The next Lone Star Event Liz Kirkman, Kim Pierce is September 25th-26th at Houston’s Billiard Saloon in Houston, Texas. OPEN PAYOUTS: 1st $700 James Davis Sr. 2nd $450 David Henson 3rd $350 Bryan Sanders 4th $220 Cesar Garcia 5th-6th $120 J.P. Lopez, David Gutierrez 7th-8th $80 Ray Tull, Doug Young 9th-12th $50 Patrick Hill, John Newsome, Ernesto Bayaua, Adrian Lloyd 13th-16th Mike Fowler, Jason Bacon, Chris Sharier, Henry Rocha AUCTION: 1st $950 2nd $640 3rd $400 4th $220 5th-6th $100 LADIES PAYOUTS: 1st $270 Kim Pierce 2nd $180 Liz Kirkman 3rd $90 Kim Sanders 4th $50 Julia Rapp AUCTION: 1st $180 2nd $80 ONE POCKET: 1st $450 David Gutierrez 2nd $250 David Henson AUCTION: 1st $150 2nd $90 810 W 56 Hwy - Olathe, KS 913-780-5740

Cue Sales & Repair

21-Valley Bar Tables 3-Diamond 9’ 1-Gabriel Billiard

4-Diamond Bar Tables 9-Brunswick Gold Crowns 1-Antique Billiard

Fri & Sat Pool Tournaments

Kraber Becomes A Bride

Texas weather, long time and she during the month played superbly. of August is known Fantastic finish for their scorching Julie! HOT temperatures. Jennifer Well, that wasn’t Kraber, who just the only thing this year has been scorching the in the finals 3 other weekend of August times, considered 21st and 22nd at herself “always a The Billiard Den in bridesmaid, never Richardson, Texas. a bride”. Well, she The OB Cues can now put that Ladies Tour held baby to rest as their 6th tour stop she defeated Lisa of this 2010 season Marr in the finals Top Finishers from left to right: and the heat was with a score of 7-3. Lisa Marr, Tracie Voelkering, Marci & Larry Rothberg, Jennifer Kraber, Amanda Lampert, and Julie Stephenson on for sure. ThirtyJennifer has been six ladies were treated with warm and friendly faces along with all of our an ever present, consistent player on the OB Cues Ladies Tour and this tour sponsors, supporters, friends and family. Larry and Marci Rothberg, year she is taking the tour by storm. With her 1st tour win ever since owners of The Billiard Den, were doing their best to keep everyone cool playing when it was the Hunter Classics Amateur Tour and now OB Cues and we are so grateful and appreciative for the superb hospitality shown Ladies Tour, and she is at the top in the rankings. Congratulations Jennifer, by all of their staff. The Billiard Den has been one of our host sites for the you’ve worked hard and so deserving of the top honors. Excellent job! last 4 years and we know everyone always look forward to their delicious A Second Chance event always held on Sunday featured 11 food, drinks, karaoke, ping-pong and great pool adventures. Thank you players with Amanda Lampert taking the 1st place prize and Tracie Billiard Den for all you do! Voelkering finished 2nd. We would like to extend special thanks to Don As our tour point rankings this year have been too close for comfort, top Owen/Royce Bunnell of OB Cues, our title sponsor, for their continued players were ready to widen the gap in the standings. Lisa Marr, Little support. Be sure to check out all their products at Rock, Arkansas-current tour champion as well as 2008 tour champion, Also thank you to The Billiard Den and to all our fans and supporters. was only ahead of Jennifer Kraber, Austin, Texas, by 35 points. These two players have been neck and neck all year and this past weekend wasn’t any different. Other top tour players Tara Williams, Ashley Nandrasy, Orietta Strickland and Amanda Lampert were also present and surely had plans to mix-up the rankings as well. But by the end of the Saturday, eight players were returning in the Main Event and the others would be licking their wounds or preparing for the Second Chance tournament on Sunday. Top 8 players for Sunday were Jennifer Kraber vs. Orietta Strickland and Lisa Marr vs. Michelle Cortez on the Winner’s side. The B-side would be Lisa Henderson-Major vs. Angela Garza and Julie Stephenson vs. Julie Comitini. It was Jennifer Kraber vs. Lisa Marr for the hot seat match and the hard fought, pressure-packed win went to Jennifer in an exciting hill-hill finish. Angela Garza and Julie Comitini finished 7th/8th; Michelle Cortez and Lisa Henderson-Major finished 5th/6th, Orietta Strickland finished 4th and OB Cues Ladies Tour Board Member Julie Stephenson had an awesome event and finished 3rd place. It was her highest finish in a long, TOURNAMENT PAYOUTS: $2000 monies added 1st $750 Jennifer Kraber 2nd $550 Lisa Marr 3rd $400 Julie Stephenson 4th $280 Orietta Strickland 5th/6th $160 Lisa Henderson-Major, Michelle Cortez 7th/8th $110 Angela Garza, Julie Comitini 9th/12th $60 Monica Anderson, Kim Pierce, Melinda Bailey, Corina Campbell 13th/16th $35 Michelle Prince, Rebecca Riley, Annie Doyle, Tara Williams SECOND CHANCE TOURNAMENT - $100 monies added 1st $95 Amanda Lampert 2nd $60 Tracie Voelkering 3rd $40 Michelle Prince 4th $15 Janna Preston OTHER TOURNAMENT WINNERS: Free Tournament Entry $30 – Christi Murphy (2) $25 Starbucks Gift Card – Kim Pierce & Janna Preston OB Cues Ladies Tour Shirt – Shirley Fields

Broken Oar 4724 Pintail Loop - Mandan, ND 701.667.2159 Coors Light Holiday Open Invitational December 17-18-19, 2010

8-Ball - $50 entry Race to 5 both sides ED ADD Texas Express EY MON Calcutta Friday 7 pm Play starts immediately after For more information contact: Stacy: 701-667-2159 or Tyler 701-226-3314 Mail entries to: Broken Oar - P O Box 1114 - Mandan, ND 58554

Watch it live


October 2010 - Rackem Magazine 7

Product Review Magic Ball Rack Delta-13 Case by: Don "Cheese" Akerlow I recently had the opportunity to use the Magic Ball Rack first hand and test it against the use of a regular rack. I was pleased and surprised at how well it held the ball, ease of use and that it didn’t have to be taken off of the table before the break. I did have some concerns however and made up a list of questions. Here are my questions and responses about the Magic Ball Rack. Try it out yourself and see what you think. I know you’ll like it. 1) How, when and where did you get interested in the game of pool or billiards? I had always had an interest in cue sports but I was really in my teens where I really caught the bug. I used to go play every Saturday afternoon with a school friend, we were not very good but we enjoyed playing. I started playing 8 ball but after a while progressed to 9 ball, lucky for me that pool started to become very popular in the UK and more players converted to 9ball. That was over 12 years ago now. 2) What inspired you to design a rack and why? I had always found that in pool you could buy a nice production or custom cue, buy good quality balls and even tables. But it was near to impossible to buy a rack that would rack the balls 100% touching everytime. So I thought I could design a rack which would fill this gap in the market and add a level of consistency to the game of billiards. 3) How did you come up with this design when everybody else removes the rack from the table? I looked at nearly all the other triangles and devices on the market, some were great and some were not so great, but from my study I had identified it doesn’t matter how good or precise the rack is! It’s the cloth, which will make the difference. Eg, Sometimes the 1ball just won’t stick or the wingball just moves slightly when you remove the rack. So I looked at designing a rack at the cloth level not above the table like all the other predecessors. I brought a sardo rack many years ago and found that to work quite well, I remembered that it suggested that you tap the table 1st to train the cloth. From this I was able to design Magic Ball Rack, a rack which sits at cloth level and will hold the balls and can be removed after the break. 4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Magic Ball Rack? I think the advantages of the Magic Ball Rack are: · Consistent rack every time · Quick and easy to use · Eliminates cloth wear around the racking area · Will give a perfect rack on new and old cloth · No need to tap tables I think the disadvantages are: · If a ball is rolling very slowly over the rack after the break it could change the angle of the ball. However, this is at very slow speeds. · Sometimes a ball will rest back on top of the rack after the break. Overall I would say that Magic Ball Rack fixes more problems than it does cause. 5) How long do they typically last? The racks last between 6-9 months of everyday use. The racks are made from a tough grade film which is strong and durable, they will not crack or chip. I would recommend that you do not bend the rack as this can impair the performance of the rack. 6) Cost? The cost of the Magic Ball Rack is · 9&10 Ball (2 racks per pack) USD$10 · 8 Ball (1 rack per pack) USD$10 7) Where can you find the Magic Ball Rack? Magic Ball Rack is available through various vendors across the US and Worldwide. You can go to http:// 8) If somebody is looking to becoming a dealer for you, what do they do? I am happy to talk to any people looking to become a dealer, I am also interested in working directly with poolhall owners directly. They can contact me directly at

8 Rackem Magazine - October 2010

If you go to to find out information about the new Case this is the product information you will find. The Delta-13 STACKABLE Case is compact and durable way to safeguard your Delta-13 rack and Aramith balls. The tray is made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which is a light, but tough, heat resistant material.The cover is made from glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate (PETG), which is a clear thermoplastic. PETG is used for its impact strength. The Case and Tray are perfect for pool halls, tournament directors, and league operators interested in the following benefits: - Minimizes ball, rack, & chalk theft - Reduces replacement costs - Minimizes storage space requirements with stackable capability - Saves time with equipment management - Delta-13 rack reduces cloth wear The Delta-13 Case holds the world's best accessories. While this explains what the case is, what it doesn't tell you is how cool it is! You have compact storage for balls, Delta-13 rack and chalk. This is a great way to keep everything organized and conveniently stored. You can easily see how it can be used at home, in the pool hall, at tournaments and any place people get together to play pool. You should check it out. The best thing about the Delta-13 Case is that it is now on sale you save $10! Order yours today at www. Oh and by the way, if you like the white Delta-13 rack, you can order that online too. Check out ALL the cool colors!

JETHWA JOINS THE WINNERS’ CIRCLE The first Lone Star Event held at the brand new Houston’s Billiard Saloon drew Texas’ “cream of the crop” players including Charlie Bryant, David Gutierrez, Doug Young, Brian Rosenbaum, Andy Jethwa, Ernesto Bayaua, Marc “Mighty Mouse” Garza and junior champion brothers J.C. and Joey Torres. There were 51 entrants in all, with 11 women, who turned out to play for almost $4,000 in cash. Saturday’s play whittled the field down to 12 for Sunday. Winners’ side final 8 matchups included an “All Louisiana” shoot-out between Robert Dorsey and David Gutierrez & Andy Jethwa Derrick Cantu, Grady Cooper v. Jethwa, Brent Thomas v. Bryant, and Gutierrez v. Rosenbaum. On the west side, it was Sonny Bosshamer, Yoko Joe, Young and Garza. Winners’ side yielded Dorsey v. Jethwa, and Bryant v. Gutierrez; Cantu v. Garza and Thomas v. Rosenbaum on the one loss side. Ultimately, east side action saw Jethwa and Bryant face-off for the hot seat. Jethwa played perfect and defeated Bryant 9-3 while Dorsey and Gutierrez bested Rosenbaum and Garza respectively. Gutierrez then eliminated Dorsey 7-2, Bryant 7-5, and met Jethwa in the final. The first set went to Gutierrez 9-6, but the second set was game for game. In the final hill hill game, players traded shots on a 6-ball safety until Gutierrez made a crucial mistake that left Jethwa out. It was a thrilling finale that had fans and live stream viewers on the edge of their seats! On A Special Note: Who says the same players always win? Andy Jethwa has been a Lone Star Tour Player since its early beginnings in 2009. The path he has adhered to, and playing regularly on the Lone Star tour, has helped propel him to his first win on the Lone Star tour which is a significant win in the sport of billiards. He became the 10th title winner this year. We applaud him for his perseverance and dedication to improving his game and becoming a true champion. Kim White, Junior Player Michael Fain The ladies event drew 11 top Texas women that included Terry Petrosino, Ming Ng, Courtney Peters, Ricki Casper, Teresa Garland and Austin favorite Jasmine Bartz. It was a mother-daughter hot seat match between Robyn Petrosino and mother Terry who ultimately bested daughter 7-2. After she suffered an initial final four blow by T. Petrosino 7-4, Ng fought back with wins over Casper, Peters, R. Petrosino, and finally T. Petrosino for the win. Congratulations to Kerry “The Panther” Ganther and Leroy Hawkins who finished top 16, their highest finishes to date. Ricki Casper won a Poison Strychnine Redline Cue and junior player Michael Fain took home a Poison VX Jumper in the Lone Star raffles which help support the venues. Finally, many thanks to Bobby and Chris Rone and their Houston’s Billiard Saloon staff for providing yet another first rate tournament room in Houston. LSBT thanks its sponsors, Poison Cues, Delta-13 Rack,, and Barnett Ranching for their continued support. The next tour stop will be October 9th-10th at Slick Willie’s in Houston, (LSBT continued on page 13)

October 2010 - Rackem Magazine 9

My Lucky Day going on. I used my size to push my way to a vantage point. There was absolutely no place to sit, let alone stand. The action was all at the one lone pool table. Someone in the crowd mumbled, “He’s pretty good.” With every step I shuffled I heard a different conversation, “He’s on a roll.” … “He beat me and my horse yesterday.” … “ … Houston, Texas last year.” … “What kind of a cue is that?” … “Didn’t we see him beat Buddy Hall and Cole Dickson in Tennessee years ago?” … “That lucky bastard.” Somebody was obviously the talk of the town. Thought Lucky had to be here watching what was going on. I was starting to get the picture. I couldn’t help but think, man, this is not what I expected. Stretching up on my toes, I could see over the crowd some older, not so elegant guy unscrewing his cue and placing it in an old, beat up case. He spread out a whole lot of bills on the table. I did a double take… it looked like Lucky! I started to head for him; then realized it wasn’t him, just a close resemblance. I scanned the crowd, but didn’t see him anywhere. To my left I noticed the pay phone. Maybe I’d give Lucky a call right now and get the scoop. While I was pondering that, faces began to stand out … some of the best bar table players around were in this room - plenty of road players, some old-timers, some young pool prodigys and some high-roller types you see at every big tournament. Even the famous Rail Birds and Bill Cress were there. There were a lot of gold chains and expensive threads. You’d think they were going to some formal event. I 6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK


Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am


could smell the sweet aroma of sweaty money. E Pluribus Unum was obviously the spoken language here -- maybe more money in this room than in Fort Knocks. I wondered for a moment where the armed security was. Come to think of it, everyone was likely packing.

continued from page 5

order a cup of coffee. I wasn’t counting on getting it. A clothes rack stepped up to the table, very sharp, took off his leather coat and traded it for a sparkling cue from a brasscornered oak case presented to him by a handsome but hardeyed woman. Looked like people were chafing at the bit to play who ever this guy was who was winning. In the meantime, the winner had laid his cue on the table and picked up the money, licking a finger and counting the bills quickly. Pretty slick, I thought. Wonder who he is? He does not look familiar to me. He was wearing a fancy and very expensive custom suit and wingtip shoes. And wearing his suit jacket while he played. Clean-shaven, short hair, looking neat and very much like he just came from church or a board meeting. I didn’t recognize him

I couldn’t believe it, I was caught so off guard. I closed my eyes and literally shook my head to clear it. Wow! That’s Lucky! What the…? I had never seen anything on this scale before, only minor versions, and mostly big talk, at some of the larger tournaments. Everyone was wolfing to gamble. The excitement was unmatched, anywhere, anytime. I felt like I’d stepped back in time, to the era where this stuff really happened, something I’d not seen in my lifetime. I plugged 25 cents into the phone and dialed Lucky’s number. I had to press my hand over my other ear to hear the phone ringing faintly, and after several rings with no answer I hung up. Well, maybe he was here somewhere. I scanned the crowd again and thought that might be Lucky over by the jukebox, but was disappointed when it turned out not to be him after all. So, I thought, I’ll watch the action for a while, and if Lucky shows up we’ll have breakfast in the café. A waitress squeezed by and I managed to snag her and

had played that night, and I was determined to get a closer look at this guy and see what he was about. He turned slightly, someone opened the front door, and in the streaming, smoky light beams I could finally make out his face. Now, I thought, maybe I had seen him before. But who, where? My fatigue and the smoke made my head hurt and my squinting dry eyes burn. Ah, bag this, I thought. I’m going to get something to eat and grab some sleep. Then, in one of those frozen moments of time, when all the fragmented pieces of memory and reality come together, the realization of who this man was rushed through me. It was… I mean, it wasn’t, but it was … the same face, or at least the same under the face, I mean. Grab a hold, I thought. I couldn’t believe it, I was caught so off guard. I closed my eyes and literally shook my head to clear it. Wow! That’s Lucky! What the…? So now what? I had come

... but, this started three days ago when I played a guy and won all his cash. Instread of leaving, he called out for more money...... November Issue: Lucky Part III “Lucky In The Big Game” as anyone I knew. I wondered if Lucky had already played him. Maybe he beat Lucky. I really needed a better look at this guy, so I made a move through the crowd to a spot nearer the end of the table. I could not think of any player who could beat the Lucky I

Fall Shootout at The Rack

9-Ball Open-Oct 22 at 7PM $25 + $5 green fee (Fri only) DE - Race to 5 - Winner Breaks $250 Guar 1st w/16 players 8-Ball - Oct 23 at 11 AM $40 entry - DE - Texas Express Race to 5 Alternate Break $1200 Guar 1st w/64 players 1414 20 Ave SW - Minot, ND 701-838-4005

here planning to buy my friend breakfast and shoot the breeze in the peace and quiet of this quaint place, and hopefully find out how I could help him with his … problems. That picture was fading fast. The picture before me was electric with question marks and unknowns. What had happened to Lucky to bring him to this, all that he abhorred and abandoned years ago? I could only stand here, suspended in the crowd, and watch, and wait, and wonder, what’s next?


CSI and Mueller UNDEFEATED Join Forces CSI Inks Deal with Mueller Recreational Products

Chip Compton remained undefeated in the first stop of the Tiger Southwest 10 ball tour. The $1500 added event drew 44 players from all across the region. Shane McMinn finished second after getting put in the one loss side by Compton earlier in the event. Joey Gray lost the hot seat match to Compton by a score of 7-4. McMinn defeated Allen Hanson 7-6, Caleb Moore 7-5 and then faced Gray to see who would play in the finals. McMinn seemed to waste very little time defeating Gray 7-4 to advance to the finals to face Compton once again. McMinn jumped out to an early lead but would still fall short as Compton would defeat McMinn in a double hill match buy a final count of 9-8 RESULTS: 1st $1090 2nd $880 3rd $550 4th $280 5-6 $100

Two pool and billiard industry leaders, Mueller Recreational Products and CueSports International (CSI), are proud to announce they have inked an exclusive 5 year deal to provide the best in cuesport products at the lowest possible prices to BCA Pool League and USA Pool League members and all CSI affiliates. A family owned company based in Lincoln, Nebraska - Mueller has a 34 year history of providing a wide array of billiard and dart supplies worldwide. In the Mueller / CSI agreement, BCAPL and USAPL league members will be able to benefit by having the Mueller extensive catalogue of products offered at exclusive pricing. The CSI online member’s only store, Rackem’ Rewards, will be replaced and managed by the Mueller team. “We are excited to work with Mueller. They have a unique placement in the sport as they provide the largest and most complete list of billiard products in the industry. The volume of products Mueller’s sells ensures the best possible pricing for our membership,” said CSI CEO Mark Griffin. Further details will be announced in the coming months as the specifics of the agreement are rolled out to the pool and billiard community. CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events such as the U.S. Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial and the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit, and for more information about CSI and its divisions.


Chip Compton - OKC Shane McMinn - Tulsa Joey Gray - OKC Caleb Moore - OKC Allen Hanson - Lawton OK Tommy Tokoph - Albuquerque NM.

October 2010 - Rackem Magazine 11

Jethwa & Ng Win Inaugural Event

Room owners J.J and Vanessa Roan with Andy Jethwa and Roy Payton

Q-Stix Billiards in Houston, Texas hosted the Texas Amateur Tours 1st event on the weekend of Sept 18-19. With a total of 62 players, 48 in the Amateur and 14 in the women’s open event, the numbers were down from expected but still a great event with a lot of positive feedback on the new tour. We had players from as far away as Baton Rouge in attendance, as well as Lafayette, San Antonio, Temple and Austin. At the end of the day one there were 12 players left to come back Sunday and fight it out for the cash. On the winners side there was Tour Director Brent Thomas playing Roy Payton of Dayton, Texas. Payton got this one 9-7.. Texas BCA Junior National winner, J.C. Torres played Will Felder, J.C took it down 9-8. David Parker played San Antonio’s Jason Hunt and David got the nod here 9-5. The 4th match was Andy Jethwa getting past New Iberia, Louisiana’s Chris Viatar 9-4. The semi finals of the winner’s side saw Roy Payton out gun J.C Torres 9-6. And the other match was a thriller as it was a hill-hill affair with Andy Jethwa sneaking past David "put up or shut up" Parker. In the Winners side final Andy got the hot seat by defeating Roy 9-6. Roy waited on the one loss side to eventually face David Parker who beat Brian Rosenbaum 7-3 and then got by the top player in the players auction Jimmy Majors by a score of 7-6. Roy and David squared off and Roy came out on top to face Andy in the finals of the 1st Texas Amateur Tour Event. Andy wasted no time in this match and got all the chips with a 9-4 win. On the women’s open side we had a field of 14 players come out and play for the $300 added event. The players list was Sylvia Shipman, Heather Bryant, Tisha Hay, Courtney Peters, Judy Alvarez, Terry Petrosino, Robyn Petrosino, Ming Ng, Rebecca Riley, Deanna Kniola, Tiffany Boysen, Loretta Lindgren, Theresa Garland and Ricki Casper. On the women’s side we had some thrilling matches as the semi-finals of both sides were tight, we had Deanna squeak past Ricki Casper 7-5 to get into the hot seat match 1st, and she waited and watched a thriller of a match that went hill-hill between Ming Ng and Terry Petrosino.

12 Rackem Magazine - October 2010

Room owners J.J and Vanessa Roan with Ming Ng and Courtney Peters

Melvin "Jr. " Miller. We would also like to thank our sponsors, (TAR), and Jay Helfert, Author of pool wars which you can find at Also a special thanks to Q-Stix Billiards (J.J. & Vanessa Roan ) for hosting the event, they did a great job, had an awesome staff, and had some killer karaoke going by DJ Burner on Saturday night which kept everyone around till closing. The next event will be October 16-17, 2010 at Big John's Sports Bar, and October 23-24 at Houstons Billiards. See the website for more details at

Texas Junior Nationl Champ J.C Torres

Ming came out ahead this time 7-6. It seems these two always play to the hill with each other and provide some good pool matches for the spectators. In the hot seat match Ng got a quick start and never relinquished it as she got by Deanna 7-4. On the one loss side Terry had to battle it out with her daughter Robyn to see who was going get into the money, and face off against the shooter that was wrecking havoc, Courtney Peters. Courtney lost an early match and had won 3 in a row on the one loss side, she got by Terry 5-3 to make it 4 in a row, then she squared off with Deanna and they battled for awhile, I don’t recall the score but no it was close and Courtney got the win for her 5th in a row and the chance to face Ng for the title. Courtney kept blazing, rolling past Ng 7-3 in the 1st set for her 6th win in a row. The 2nd set had a different outcome as Ng found a little rhythm and got the title with a 5-1 victory. We would like to thank everyone that came out to play and we appreciate the support, if there is anything that you would like to be implemented into the rules or anything you would like changed please bring it to the attention of Brent Thomas or

PAYOUTS: 1st $775 2nd $500 3rd $335 4th $200 5-6th $130 7-8th $85 9-12th $50

Andy Jethwa $775 Roy Payton $500 David parker $335 Jimmy Majors $200 Brian Rosenbaum, J.C. Torres John Powers, Gerald “Top water” Jackson Jason Hunt, Chris Viatar, Will Felder, Brent Thomas

AUCTION: 1st- $930 2nd-$470 3rd-$280 4th-$190 WOMEN’S OPEN: 1st $300 2nd $200 3rd $100 4th $50 AUCTION: 1st- $125 2nd-$65

Ming Ng Courtney Peters Deanna Kniola Terry Petrosino


U S Open Highlights AzBilliards and Accu-stats Bring Daily Video Highlights from the 2010 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships

Rachel Byrket, Mike Durbin, sponsor, Chelsea Hardwick

Break Billiards, Cahokia, IL - September 18-19, 2010 RESULTS: Ladies: 11 players 1st $300 Rachel Byrket, Muscatine, IA 2nd 200 Chelsea Hardwick, Evansville, IN 3rd 120 Julia Gabriel, St. Charles, MO hot seat: Chelsea Hardwick def Julia Gabriel 7-6, quarter-finals: Rachel Byrket def Allison Hardwick 7-6 semi-finals: Rachel def Julia 7-1, 1st set of final Rachel def Chelsea 7-6, 2nd set Rachel def Chelsea 7-6 Open: 52 players 1st $1000 Shane McMinn, Tulsa, OK 2nd 600 Steve Allison, Fairview Heights, IL 3rd 400 Gary Gwinn, Virdin, IL 4th 300 Chad Vilmont, Clinton, IA 5-6th 170 Steve Boucher, St. Louis, MO 5-6th 170 Sam Devers, Fenton, MO 7-8th 130 Bobby Hunter, Chicago, IL 7-8th 130 James Baraks, Rock Island, IL 9-12th 60 Mike Mueller, South St. Louis, MO 9-12th 60 Gary Lutman, Collinsville, IL 9-12th 60 Ryan Hopping, Lake St. Louis, MO 9-12th 60 Brandon Thomas, Marion, IN hot seat: Shane McMinn def Gary Gwinn 9-8, quarter-finals Steve Allison def Chad Vilmont 9-8 semi-finals: Steve Allison def Gary Gwinn 9-8, 1st set of finals: Shane def Steve 9-6 note: Steve Allison had to work and forfeited first round

Made Possible by Simonis Cloth, Lucasi Cues, and TAP Pool League September 25, 2010: will be bringing unprecedented event coverage during this year’s U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships. The 35th Annual event will be held in Chesapeake, Virginia October 17-23. The daily video updates will show actual match highlights courtesy of, the leading resource for professional billiard matches. The dedicated 2010 U.S. Open coverage page will also include: AzBilliards Daily Buzz video updates, Live scoring, Tournament brackets, Daily tournament news, Player interviews, And more ... Simonis cloth enhances the enjoyment of your game by allowing you to play your best. They also practice green manufacturing and is considered a low environmental-impact company. Visit for more information. Daily videos and interviews will be hosted by recognized billiard personality, Samm Diep ( Promotional consideration also goes to Lucasi Cues ( and TAP Pool League (tapleague. com).


(continued from page 9)

Westheimer @ Dairy Ashford. There will be 4 events at this stop: Open 10-Ball, Ladies 9-Ball, Open One Pocket, and a Junior Tournament. Open Payouts: 1st $700 Andy Jethwa 2nd $500 David Gutierrez 3rd $300 Charlie Bryant 4th $200 Robert Dorsey 5-6 $100 Brian Rosenbaum, Marc Garza 7-8 $80 Brent Thomas, Derrrick Cantu 9-12 $45 Sonny Bosshamer, Doug Young, Yoko Joe, Grady Cooper Ladies Payouts: 1st Ming Ng $230 2nd Terry Petrosino $135 3rd Robyn Petrosino $90 4th Courtney Peters $50

Shane McMinn, Terry Huelsman - room owner, Steve Allison

October 2010 - Rackem Magazine 13

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

DATE Oct 2-3 Oct 2-3 Oct 9 Oct 9-10 Oct 9-10 Oct 16-17 Oct 16-17 Oct 16-17 Oct 22 Oct 23 Oct 23 Oct 23-24 Oct 23-24 Oct 23-24 Oct 28-29 Oct 29-31 Oct 29-31 Oct 30-31 Oct 30-31 Oct 30-31 Nov 6-7 Nov 6-7 Nov 6-7 Nov 6-7 Nov 13 Nov 13-14 Nov 20-21 Nov 20-21 Nov 20-21 Nov 27-28 Dec 4-5 Dec 4-5 Dec 11-12 Dec 17-19 Dec 18-19

CITY LOCATION Dallas, TX Hawley’s Billiards Houston, TX Big John’s Sports Bar Gladstone, MO Brass Rail Austin, TX The Grand Houston, TX Slick Willie’s Northglenn, CO Charlie’s Houston, TX Big John’s Sports Bar Port Arthur, TX Crazy 8’s Minot, ND The Rack Minot, ND The Rack Mission, KS Clarette Club Houston, TX Houston’s Billiards Blue Springs, MO Twin Strokes Lafayette, LA White Diamond Billiards Rugby, ND Northern Lights Rugby, ND Northern Lights Rugby, ND Northern Lights Houston, TX Bogies Billiards & Games Houston, TX Q-Stix Billiards Colorado Spgs, CO Brunswick Zone Circle Midwest City, OK Jamaica Joe’s Austin, TX Skinny Bob’s Billiards Houston, TX Slick Willie’s Houston, TX Houston’s Billiards Blue Springs, MO Side Pockets Round Rock, TX Skinny Bob’s Lincoln, NE Madsen’s Houston, TX Big Tyme Billiards Lakewood, CO Greenfield’s Temple, TX The Green Room Lafayette, LA White Diamond Billiards Houston, TX Big John’s Sports Bar Houston, TX Bogies Billiards & Games Mandan, ND Broken Oar Houston, TX Q-Stix Billiards

PHONE (972) 239-4846 (832) 725-9750 (816) 468-6100 (580) 483-2115 (281) 679-5510 (580) 483-2115 (281) 498-3499 (409) 960-7399 (701) 838-4005 (701) 838-4005 (913) 384-0986 (832) 725-9750 (816) 224-6188 (337) 989-9889 (701) 776-5846 (701) 776-5846 (701) 776-5846 (281) 821-4544 (281) 580-0880 (719) 596-5257 (405) 736-0590 (512) 733-1111 (832) 725-9750 (281) 821-4544 (816) 224-5454 (513) 733-1111 (402) 467-3249 (832) 725-9750 (303) 989-9820 (254) 770-3000 (337) 989-9889 (832) 725-9750 (281) 821-4544 (701) 667-2159 (832) 725-9750

EVENT / RULES SW 10-Ball Tour Amateur/Women’s Open KC Rated 9-Ball Tour SW 10-Ball Tour Lone Star Tour SW 10-Ball Tour Amateur/Women’s Open Lone Star Tour 9-Ball Fall Shootout 8-Ball Fall Shootout M & W KS Rated 9-Ball Tour Amateur/Women’s Open SW 10-Ball Tour Super 9-Ball 9-Ball Geographical Center Cup 8-Ball Men’s Division 8-Ball Women’s Division Lone Star Tour SW 10-Ball Tour SW 10-Ball Tour 9-Ball Oklahoma Bar Table Lone Star Tour Amateur/Women’s Open SW 10-Ball Tour KC Rated 9-Ball Tour SW 10-Ball Tour-Limit 64 Midwest 9-Ball Tour Amateur/Women’s Open SW 10-Ball Tour SW 10-Ball Tour SW 10-Ball Tour Amateur/Women’s Open Lone Star Tour 8-Ball Open Race to 5 Amateur/Women’s Open

ENTRY ADDED TIME Call $1,000 Call $40/$25 $500/$300 1PM $40 $10/player 1PM Call $1,000 Call $45/$25 $1,350 Call Call $1,000 Call $40/$25 $500/$300 1PM $45/$100/$25 $1,550 Call $25+$5 g.f. $250 1st w/16 7PM $40 $1200 1st w/64 11AM $40 $10/player Noon $40/$25 $500/$300 1PM Call $1,000 Call $40 $1,000 w/128 $50 $1,000 1st place 6:00PM $70 $5,000 7:00PM $40 7:00PM $45/$100/$25 $3,000 Call Call Call Call Call $1,000 Call $50 $2,500 guar 11AM $45/$100/$25 $1,350 Call $40/$25 $500/$300 1PM Call $1,000 Call $40 $10/player 2PM $45 $1,500 10AM $65 $2,500 11AM $40/$25 $500/$300 1PM Call $1,000 w/48 Call Call $1,000 Call Call $500 w/64 Call $40/$25 $500/$300 1PM $45/$100/$25 $3,000 Call $50 $$$ 7:00PM $40/$25 $500/$300 1PM

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice



Wednesdays Oshkosh, WI

Thursdays Fridays Saturdays

Oshkosh, WI Tulsa, OK Oshkosh, WI Tulsa, OK






Varsity Club Varsity Club Q-Spot Billiards Varsity Club Q-Spot Billiards

(920) 651-0806 (920) 651-0806 (918) 779-6204 (920) 651-0806 (918) 779-6204

9-Ball Beginners 9-Ball Intermediate 8-Ball 7 & under 9-Ball Open - Break Pot 9-Ball 7 & under

$8 $10 $5 $15 $5/player Guar. $10 (incl. g.f.)

TIME Call Call 9 PM Call 9 PM TM

Oct 28-31, 2010 Northern Lights Shootout Rugby, ND

Streaming Schedule

Presents Oct 1-3, 2010 Wild West Shootout Great Falls, MT

Nov 27-28, 2010 Malarkey’s Holiday Classic Tacoma, WA

Dec 17-19, 2010 Broken Oar Mandan, ND

Jan 14-16, 2011 TBA

Feb 2011: OPEN

Jan 21-23, 2011 TBA

March 2011: OPEN

Check for UpDates

14 Rackem Magazine - October 2010

Apr 1-3, 2011 Platte Valley Open - WY Apr 8-10, 2011 MCMOA MT

October 2010 - Rackem Magazine 15

Rackem Magazine October Issue 2010  

The October issue of Rackem Magazine for the Pool Players in the Midwest is available online now. Read the results from the Lone Star Tour,...

Rackem Magazine October Issue 2010  

The October issue of Rackem Magazine for the Pool Players in the Midwest is available online now. Read the results from the Lone Star Tour,...