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Dearest Readers, Things change, but we all know that. I have gone through tons of different difficulties since the last time I wrote a letter to you, but I have also witnessed beautiful things, and through this issue I want to share some of those things with you. Please enjoy. xx Sarah

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Laura Leal Aparicio, Sid Black, Lucie Camp, Ophelia Chong, Rosa Furneaux, Natalia Peris Garcia, Sarah Haege, Elizabeth Sarah Hurowitz, Karrah Kobus, Mackensie Noelle Leek, Shelby Lilly, Lauren Maccabee, Rebecca Margret, Alicia Rey Peroy, Amanda Pham, Rachel Randall, Sam Rogers, Emily Rose, Anne Lee Steele, Jana Stormanns, Danielle Suzanne, Rebecca Tarane, Oona Vdl, Kareena Zerefos

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Whats Inside | May ‘11 4- Cover Shoot: Blooming Child 12- The Hometown Project 38- In Bloom 44- Mackensie Noelle Leek 60- Natalia Peris Garcia 56- Rachel Randall 58- Shelby Lilly 60- Amanda Pham 68- Sam Rogers 72- Collect/ive Magazine 76- Newport Living 84- Rebecca Margret 88- Anne Lee Steele 92- Oona Vdl

100- Lucie Camp 106- Kareena Zerefos 112- Ophelia Chong 116- Alicia Rey Peroy 118- Black Roots 124- Elizabeth Sarah Hurowitz 130- Jana Stormanns 136- Sid Black 140- Karrah Kobus 144- Rebecca Tarane 148- Lauren Maccabee 154- Emily Rose 158- This City of Spires 164- Spotlights


the hometown project

One of the things I love most about the internet is how widespread it is. I can talk to people from across the United States, Canada, England, Cyprus, Singapore, and Australia if I wish to. But though we can talk to people, we don’t see where they live. If we visit a friend that lives in our own town, we can see the houses that are built there, the roads that cars drive on, the stores nearby, trees, flowers, people walking down the street. But when you’re talking to someone through the internet, you can read what they write, hear their voice, see their face, and sometimes through their photography, you can see a little of their surroundings. But even though I’ve talked to people from Canada and England and Cyprus and Singapore, I have no idea what these places where these people live even look like. That’s what the Hometown Project is all about. People simply taking photographs of their hometowns and where they travel for two weeks to show the rest of the world. And I guess there’s a beauty in that. It’s not just some anonymous photo on Google. I know it’s a living, breathing person because I’ve talked to them, chatted with them. I want to hear their stories and see their travels. And I hope you will find a beauty in that as well.


Emma S: So this was kind of hard considering I don’t really take photos that show my “hometown” but yeah I’ve grown up in this little town in northern Ontario and as much as I despise the constant construction (it’s one of the fastest growing towns in my area), living practically on a lake hasn’t been too bad. This photo was of my best friend skating in the flooded parking lot right beside the beach that I’ve spent a majority of my summer at.

Julia Schmidt: One of my favorites parts of Los Angeles has to be the beach!




emilia Denmark

india grace England


luisa Germany




New York


In Bloom Photography // Lauren R W

18 | California & England

im shy. im usually kept to myself. but art helps me express things. http://www.flickr.com/photos/9239348@N07/

Mackensie Noelle Leek



Natalia Peris Garcia My name is




and I’m from








Rachel Randall 20 years old | Illinois | http://www.flickr.com/photos/trealeaves/


shelby lilly

let’s talk. you grab a cup of coffee, i’ll grab some chocolate milk (straw please.) while you warm your hands and sip cautiously, let me say something. but don’t feel the need to respond. this is one of those times when I just want you to listen, and not tell me what you think, and not tell me what to do, and not tell me your opinion. this is one of those listening times. and when i’m finished, you can talk. but not about what i’m talking about. about what you need to talk about. and we’ll both just sit there talking and listening, but not talking about the others problems and how we can fix them. we’ll just talk about our own lives, and listen to eachother. because if we don’t, we won’t relate. you’ll stare at me over your cooling mug and i’ll slurp my chocolate milk, and we won’t understand eachother anymore than if we really could change eachothers lives with our collective wisdom. and we’ll have wasted all the precious time we could have spent listening and learning, without feeling the need to talk and teach. and when we finish our drinks and sit there for hours afterwords, still talking... me fiddling with my straw, you tracing the edge of your cup, we’ll have made progress. because sometimes it’s just better to have someone to listen to what you have to say, and sometimes it’s refreshing to just listen rather than try and fix the issues. sometimes talking and listening go hand in hand, but sometimes they don’t. and that’s what I want you and I to do. to just sit there and find out about eachother, but not because we have to, because we want to. because we want to know everything about eachother, and we don’t want to change a thing. because I want to learn about you, and I want you to learn about me. we shouldn’t have to become different to be around one another. we should in all truth, be exactly ourselves. be nothing less than who we are. because years after this night, after our talking and listening, we’ll remember how we could be real with one another. and we didn’t have to put on a disguise and dance around the stupid mistakes we’ve made. because when you don’t hear a response, you can talk without fear. and when we listen, we’ll learn how to just be there for people and not try and change them. when this night is over, and your coffee cup is left lying on the table, my chocolate milk slurped dry... we’ll have learned two lessons. we’ll have learned to talk to each other, and we’ll have learned how to listen. and those are the two most important lessons you and I could ever learn. alright. your turn to talk. you’ve been a good listener.

Photography // Amanda Pham









sam rogers 16 | New jersey http://www.flickr.com/photos/appletraffic/


Collect/ive Magazine ________

A little about us // Myself : I’m the Head-Editor, Creator and Director of Design. I’m 16 and I’ve been a fine art photographer for two years. Lauren : Lauren Withrow is one of the Co-Editors and is in charge of photographic content. She’s a fashion photographer based in Dallas, Texas. Moriah : Moriah Freed is the second Co-Editor and is the Director for Written Content. She is also a fashion photographer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. I started the magazine in late December 2010 because I wanted to give creatives an outlet to show off their work. I find that there are not enough magazines that allow for more than just fashion photography. I wanted a magazine that will feature everyone, that means conceptual photographers, fine art, fashion, and design. I also want to expose others to other kinds of art other than their own. I would describe it as a bit of everything. I think to describe it just as a fashion magazine or even a photography magazine would be very difficult. The magazine has photography but it also has forms of other art such as writing. It’s a mix of everything and anything. We want to feature mainly unexposed artists but we also want to feature well known artists. We take submissions as well so anyone can submit their art. Optimally I want the magazine to take over the world but for now we just want to help inspire people and help people further their art. Visit us: http://issuu.com/collectivemagazine/


Newport Photography // Caiti Borruso




15 | Canada | www.flickr.com/iamnotsuccessful

Rebecca Margret




Anne Lee Steele 17 | Houston, TX www.flickr.com/banananne





16 | Bel


a Vdl



Racing Minds: Tell us a little about yourself. Oona Vdl: My name is Oona Vdl, which actually isn’t my real surname either, but I prefer to be recognized by this one rather than my official. I’m 16 years old and living on the countryside in Belgium. I used to write a lot and I still like doing that from time to time, but since photography got his hold over me it has lacked for quite a while. Other things I love are music and traveling. It doesn’t have to mean I need to travel to faraway places, taking the train to a city I haven’t visited much here in Belgium excites me too. Music just fascinates me, I’m in love with the 70’s, not only its music, just everything. If it was possible, time traveling would be my number one “passe – temps”. I’m a simple individual, I try to see beauty and joy in the smallest things. And therefore I’m often called a dreamer. RM: How did you get into photography? What first sparked you into taking photographs? OV: That’s a hard question. I always liked photographs and I admired so many people, but I never considered myself to be capable of taking them myself. I think it was that one time I was in Germany with my family in the summer of 2009 that I thought how wonderful it would be if I could capture these beautiful moments. It was the Nature there that inspired me and helped me to be more confident about myself. When I look at those photographs again I can’t help but think that I’ve grown quite a bit, and that I’m happy I took that step even though I wasn’t so confident about myself that time. What further helped me too was my writers block a year ago. It was something in the growing process. I thought, if I can’t write it down anymore I need capture it in another way. And that’s exactly what I did. RM: What is your favorite thing about photography? OV: My favorite thing about photography is its simplicity. Like I mentioned before, it was a new medium to express myself since writing wasn’t going so smooth that time. I also like experimenting with photography. I’ve learned quite a lot with that, like you don’t need a fancy camera to take pictures that are ‘okay’ to publish. And I also try to use everything I have to make a picture that suits the image I had in my mind, that isn’t so much though. I think it’s creativity that needs to make the photograph, that’s all you need. It’s simple, and I love that.

RM: What is your favorite concept to portray in a photograph? OV: A lot. Where shall I begin…I like to inspire myself on emotions and I often lean to a darker side, I don’t really have an explanation for that. I am a happy individual. I also like to portray Love, in its true meaning. I don’t really know if other people can see that trough my photos, I think it’s something more personal in a way. Self-reflection is one of my favorites too. I like to think I learn from it, it’s like having a conversation with yourself every once in a while, to clear things out for yourself. It’s something very important to me. RM: What is something that people are surprised to find out about you? OV: I know many were surprised about me having a relationship. They also would be surprised about the way I live I think. For example I don’t own a TV and I have a strong opinion on that. Most people from this generation can’t bare the thought of living a live without their luxury. I despise this modern society we’re all forced to live in. What some people also may find surprising is that I don’t own a professional camera, nor Photoshop. RM: What do you think is the most important quality in an artist? OV: Creativity and soul. I also think you need to see things other people can’t see, the ability to capture that. Not only for photographers, but artists in general. RM: Whats the craziest thing you’ve done to get a photograph? OV: Hmmm… I don’t really now actually, I’m always being polite and ask people if I can take their photograph. Though that doesn’t happen so often, I take more self portraits and the craziest thing I’ve done so far is building a tripod with everything I have available here (boxes, books, etc.). Quite sad, haha. RM: What do you find most challenging when taking a photograph? OV: To create exactly what I have in mind with very few things. And to act the emotion/concept I want to capture. All these things have an influence on each other.

RM: Whats your favorite word? OV: I don’t really have a favorite word. Though I like to talk about love and dreams. I hope that counts too. RM: Whats your favorite photograph that you have taken? OV: Oh, that’s hard. I don’t have that many favorites, but that bit more than just one. I like my series “Lovers Never Lose” and “Décadence” For photographs only I like: “And so we pass on by the Crimson Eye of Great God Mars…” best. Also some others, which have a strong personal meaning like “Looking for Someone” and “Swing the Heartache” RM: How do you think you and your photography have grown since you started? OV: I think I mentioned that somewhere before, sorry if I’m repeating myself. I think I have created an own style now, though the growing process never really stops. I also have become more confident about myself and the fact that I now can express myself really makes me an overall happy person. That’s also because of the people I met in these two years, I’m finally in my element now just because we have the same interests. It’s weird to say, but photography even made me more social in a way.




19| Massachusetts http://www.flickr.com/photos/32662818@N04/

Lucie Camp

“I love photography because I like to remember feelings. For me it’s not about capturing a specific event or instance but rather a feeling. So I like photography because it lets me look back at old photos and remember exactly what I was feeling when I pressed the shutter.”



Kareena Zerefos 27 | London http://www.kareenazerefos.com/


Why I create: I feel that it’s more of a compulsive habit than anything else! Although, I sort of aim evoke a slightly unsettling sense of bittersweet nostalgia and isolation through my drawings.

Favourite medium: I love working with ridiculously sharp 2B pencils, gouache, ink and letraset, on paper... at the moment I’m also obsessed with copic markers for colouring.



Ophelia Chong opheliachong.org

My Love Is Waiting

"Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars . . ." - Gilbert Parker from Parables Of A Province. Painting: Wanderer Watching a Sea of Fog Caspar David Friedrich 1817/18 • Hamburg

Past, Present, Future

“To look almost pretty is an acquisition of higher delight to a girl who has been looking plain the first fifteen years of her life than a beauty from her cradle can ever receive.” Jane Austen / Northanger Abbey Painting: Nude (Morning Toilette) 1837 Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg Copenhagen




Alicia Rey Peroy 21 | Barcelona, Spain http://www.flickr.com/photos/rr000xx/ http://www.youtube.com/user/aliciatrademark

Racing Minds: When did you start singing like how you do in your videos? Alicia Rey Peroy: I’ve been posting videos since January 2011, when I finished my university exams :) Anyway, I had been posting covers on my myspace for some months, and a friend of mine told me that it would be fun if I’d have a Youtube Channel... RM: What instruments do you play? ARP: I don’t think I CAN play any instrument. I just know how to make some chords, honestly haha. Let’s say I can play guitar, ukulele, banjo (just started a few weeks ago), and I “can” do percussion with some other instruments. RM: What is your favorite song to perform? ARP: All these easy songs to sing along and share with my friends in a sunny Sunday evening. Just a G - C Em pattern. I don’t need anything more to be happy! RM: What is it about music that you love the most? ARP: It make me feel so good. It’s the first thing I do when I don’t know what to do. And the first thing I do when I got a lot to do. I think that’s it :)

Black Root Photography // Laura Leal Aparicio Model // Marina Gimeno


Elizabeth Sarah Hurowitz


Racing Minds: Tell me a little about yourself. Elizabeth Sarah Hurowitz: I am a 27 year old girl named Elizabeth Sarah Hurowitz, soon to be named Elizabeth Sarah Dinner. I currently live in Bronxville, NY. I love to take pictures of anything pretty and worth remembering. Everything about me is pretty random, but one thing I can think of is that I love to save seeds from fruits and vegetables and plant them to watch them grow.

RM: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? ESH: I literally want to go everywhere.

RM: How did you get into photography? ESH: I’ve always pursued the arts, from architecture to interior design to set design and then photography. I love the idea of being able to create an image by capturing it.

RM: Do you think your surroundings influence your work? ESH: Always!

RM: What do you think is the most important quality in an artist? ESH: The need to experiment with different mediums and ideas. RM: What is your favorite thing about photography? Least favorite? ESH: The viewer is forced to look at exactly what you are showing. That what you are trying to show can sometimes be misinterpreted, or that even though you are forcing the eye to see something you saw they might still not see what you saw. RM: What are three things that no one knows about you? ESH: I am pretty open and simple. There aren’t many interesting secrets with me.

RM: How long do you spend on a typical photo/photo shoot? ESH: Usually, I spend at least 2 hours. Although, the other day I had to do one in 20 minutes due to the weather and schedule.

RM: Do you think you have a specific style with your work? ESH: I’m not sure. Though, if I do, I hope it is an underlying style rather than a repetitive/obvious style. RM: What is one of your favorite memories? ESH: The last time I can remember my mother standing on her own. I was so young, but the image is so clear in my memory. RM: Do you have a favorite photograph that you have taken? ESH: I really do love a lot of them, but there are a couple that I am just really proud to have taken. RM: How much do you think you have grown as a person and as an artist since you started with photography? ESH: Much more than I would’ve imagined. It’s opened my eyes to a lot of different things such as, consideration for others, attention to detail, appreciation for friends, family and fans, appreciation for what I have and my surroundings, etc. I’ve always had those things, but being a photographer has brought it out in me so much more.

RM: Imagine you had the means to create a new camera, with any type of features that you want. Describe it. ESH: One that could create the image from my brain and imagination without executing it in “real life.” Now that would be pretty cool! It would be an imagination www.elizabethsarah.com camera! www.etsy.com/shop/alittlebitsarah www.flickr.com/elizabethsarah RM: Who is your favorite artist? ESH: All time? Hmm..Peter Beard.




Jana Sto

14 | Ge






Why do I create . It’s an easy question but it’s hard to find the right words. I always had a thing for photos, something miserably small can amaze me. Searching for the details, to exceed limits and to capture this in a photograph ... well ... this is it for me! To freeze these moments, these emotions, these unique lines in a face and to frame this and hang it up on the dorm room wall, doing this was the release of so many, many things. To me this is actually the only way I could cope with things. We people forget so easily, memories fade so quickly in our minds , so there have to be people who do not want this to happen. Who want to keep those memories. I think doing this through photography is great. Another reason for me to photograph is, that I can challenge myself, that I can try to improve from picture to picture. This doesn’t always work, for sure, but I can tell that I have improved. . at least a bit :D I hope that improving never ends, because, let’s be honest, this is what drives us/ me. Always be better than you were the day before, and if you fall, if it doesn’t work, get up and try it again and again.


Sid Black 15 | Oxfordshire, England http://www.flickr.com/photos/36925203@N04/



I take pictures to capture the world around me, and I guess share the way I see it with others! And also in a way to capture memories for myself, I love the feeling of looking back at old photos from my childhood, and I guess that’s why I take so many today, for memories.


Karrah Kobus 20 | East Bethel, Minnesota http://www.flickr.com/photos/karrah_kobus/



Rebecca Tarane 16 | Riga, Latvia. http://www.flickr.com/photos/33754398@N03/


Lauren Maccabee 18 | North West of England

I create to explore relationships between people, places and objects, and store memories along the way.




15 | Boston, Massachusetts http://www.flickr.com/photos/46615803@N04/

Emily Rose



This City of Spires Photographs by Rosa Furneaux (digital) and Blade Bye (film) Words by Rosa Furneaux ________ She takes two memory cards; he chooses three rolls of film. She buys him a disposable at duty-free, mocking him gently, but with a smile he tells her an old-world city deserves his old-world technology. At four hundred miles an hour they look down at the sea and still she thinks she will catch the inspiration which has deserted her, because she is somewhere cold, somewhere new. When they land she can’t see for snow and cloudy breath, but even so it feels like England with her camera cold in her hand. Prague spirals above them, spreads in front of them, sinks below them, and she knows he can see a thousand photographs while she takes none. They walk all day, everyday, along the curving Vltava and through cobbled streets where trams track the passing hours and houses tower four storeys high. He likes to shoot the movement in the stillness; the pedestrians across a quiet street or the boat cruising under the empty bridge. She tries to photograph these things too, but her eyes work differently to his. Instead of the architecture above her head and the artefacts in the museums they visit, she finds herself looking instead at him. She begins to photograph it; her looking. She captures him capturing, when the Minolta’s lens becomes his single, intense eye. In her photographs he unknowingly becomes other things: a fish behind glass; a doll under St Vitus’ grand arches; the unknowing object of interest in a passing policista. They photograph each other with their cameras, mirror-shots along the snowy river-walk. He shoots her down with her lens cap between her lips. She finishes both memory cards. On their final evening they climb the hill and look out across the river. The towers fade against the horizon, the red roofs burn in the dying light, and they stay there for a long time. She holds his hand, and realises that, in this city of spires, her heart has found inspiration.



Spotlights 1. Emily Cain | 2. Emma Pulido | 3. Alexandra Baggs 4. Bree Rockbrand | 5. Kellyn Boyden | 6. Matt Hill 7. Julienne Felker | 8. Pearl Irene | 9. Erin Barker 10. Betiatto Junior 11. Fabio Astone | 12. Valerie Chiang 13. Maxwell Runko | 14. Kayla Deines | 15. Nikki Cohen 16. Nick Garcia | 17. Sonya Kozlova



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Profile for Quiescent Magazine

May 2011  

A magazine for and about artists. This issue features artists such as Mackensie Noelle Leek, Anne Lee Steele, Lucie Camp, Sid Black and many...

May 2011  

A magazine for and about artists. This issue features artists such as Mackensie Noelle Leek, Anne Lee Steele, Lucie Camp, Sid Black and many...