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Independence D photos by caiti borruso


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Why Do Y

My name is Karisa Lamle and I am 17 years of age. I live in the little village of Cody, Nebraska. This is the link to my website: I’ve always been an artist. It runs in my blood; my greatgrandmother was a landscape painter. I’m just a simple girl who enjoys stargazing, watching films, daydreaming, cycling through the countryside, and procrastinating math homework. Why I create? Oh, my stars...I create for the simple thrill of it. Sure it’s nice to hear people murmur nice things about your painting or marvel over what you photographed, but in the end, none of that matters. What matters is the feeling of my heart, how it stutter-steps when I get something to turn out just the way I wanted it to. I create because it’s who I am.

Name: Clara Datso Age: 17 years old Location: Brussels, Belgium Website: claradatso Me: I’m Clara Datso, I’m seventeen years old and I live in the very small country of Belgium. I’m a dreamer, obsessed with the sky and with beautiful pictures. I love taking pictures and making movies, I play the piano, and I’m bored of school. Why do you create ? : I don’t create for a special reason, I just do it because it makes me feel good. It’s not a good explanation, but we don’t need any reasons to create, we just need the desire to do it.

You Create?

Name: Simon Shelford Age: 21 Location: United Kingdom Link: Paragraph: My life for as long as I can remember has revolved around science, specifically physics and the universe beyond our own planet, but I do enjoy a long list of other hobbies also. Photography is a big hobby of mine, I don’t get as much time to experiment with my camera as I would like though, as a result I am quite slow at revealing my new projects. I have been trying to take great photo’s for a long time but, I really took off when I received my Nikon D40x a few years ago and I haven’t put it down since. I am just waiting for the perfect picture to come along.

Brittany Juravich 17 Oswego, New York jamagirlbritt0410/ I find it difficult talking about myself, but I think I’m a simple person. I enjoy taking pictures of the people I love, then being able to remember what was happening in that exact moment the picture was being taken. I also like spending my time at home drinking tea, browsing the internet for inspiration, and listening to playlists. Why do you create? Answer: I come from a creative family and have always loved drawing and painting, but photography is what stuck with me. It’s my way to escape the world and get away from what’s troubling my mind. I create through photography because I get to show people a little bit of my world that I choose to live in. Mostly I create though because it makes me happy.

My name is Emma Smith - 18, Ontario (Canada) Myself - I guess I am the quiet type, Opposed to the outgoing type both types are equally interesting right? I like to take photos and travel and be outside and I can never choose a favourite season. I like metaphors and simplicity and good music. It sounds lame but I literally analyze scenes in my head when I am just doing everyday things like walk to school and try to figure out things like the lighting that it would need to make a cool photo. Answer to why I create - I create because it’s an outlet of expression, as cliche as that sounds I like to be able to have things physically depicting the way that I see them through my eyes and through my perspectives. Everyone has different perspectives of what’s beautiful and what’s interesting, so I guess it’s interesting for other people to kind of be able to see mine. I also create/take photos because if I didn’t I would be so bored with my life and probably just sleep too much.

Laura Meyer Age 16 Michigan, USA laurameyer/ I’m just a teenager trying to invent herself before it’s too late. I like reading and music and being by myself. I also love other people, sometimes too much. I considered this for quite a long time. Most of what I came up with was what I thought other people would want to hear or want me to say. But in complete honesty to myself, I must say that I create because I like to.

Nothing more and nothing less.

-Sydney Miller -18 -Grand Haven, Michigan -Hello! I’m Sydney, and I currently go to Grand Valley State University, where I am majoring in photography. I love being creative with my pictures, living in a beach town I believe has helped me see the world in a different way. Currently I am working on my own business, Sydney Marie Photography, and things are looking great for the future. - There are so many reasons why I create, self expression, love, and so much more. My photos, my art, are me in the raw, how I truly feel about the world around me. They are how I express the words that never seem to come out, how I lift the spirits of those who are feeling blue. That is why, this self expression of mine, is my love. Love is a many splendid things, so I’ve heard, and yes, I believe as well. Love is from deep within, and creates that very passion for what we do best. Capturing moments, that can never be relived again, and showing the world that there is more to me that just an under five foot tall young adult is why I create.

My name is Rachel Dowda. I’m 20 and from West Palm Beach, Fl My flickr is I create because I have a hard time verbalizing what I’m feeling, so I let my photographs speak for me. They have become my diary, a place to store emotions, whether memories from a wonderful day, or hurt and pain,. When I’m ready i can go back and relive them. Either to remember the wonderful memory, or work out the awful one. Photography is my therapy, my friend. My camera stores my secrets.

- Shanon Wise - Age 18 - Ohio, USA - com/photos/shanonwise - I’m a freshman at Ohio University where I am beginning to study Fine Arts Photography. Photography defines me; it is what I live and breathe everyday. And I wouldn’t have i any other way. - I create because I must. These ideas floating in my head just waiting to burst, and my photos are the outcome. It’s beautiful thing: to create something out of only a thought

My name is Ally Phelps. I am almost 21 (turning 21 My website is my flickr account: http://ww I would say 99% of my photography is film. I first got st about 12 or 13 and I took a black and white film photogr loved it! I took right to it, and since then darkroom work h currently trying to get financial aid for college so I can classes so far. I go to a community college. The photo I h tography class early last year. It features my cousin Mand pictures) and her bunny rabbit at the time, Pippin. It wa

Also, “Why do I create?” I create because it’s the one thi years upon years. Photographs are my words when I have n ful things that I imagine or I see in someone. (All of the c love antique shopping! and


d are s a t.

on the 21st!) I live in Indiana. tarted taking pictures when I was raphy class in Bloomington, IN. I has come so naturally to me. I am finish. I have taken about 5 of 6 have included is one from my phody, (who is in the majority of my as always striked me as a unusual photograph, and so beautiful. ing I have consistently loved for none. They are the simple beauticlothes, shoes, etc are my own. I I find great things at Goodwill!)

Christine Floren

17 | Virginia |



Photo // Alyssa Watson


Elizabeth Gadd

17 | Vancouver, Canada

Racing Minds: Why and when did you start photography? Elizabet h Gadd: I’m not sure exactly why I started, but I have always appreciated good artwork for as long as I can remember, photography included. I got my first digital camera (just a little 3 megapixel point-and-shoot) about 6 years ago for Christmas after a fair amount of begging my dad for it. I started out taking photos of my pets, and later flowers, and I have been hooked on taking pictures ever since. I’ve gone through several cameras since then. On January 1st of 2010, I started a 365 Project of self portraits, the main reason being that I needed a challenge. Self portraits have always been hard for me, but since I started the project I have felt myself growing so much in confidence, and I’ve seen my photography greatly improve, day after day, right before my eyes. RM: What inspires you most? EG: That’s easy to answer - Nature. I am so in love with creation. The ocean, forests, sunsets, mountains, mist, fields...Animals too... Nature is my greatest inspiration. RM: Describe your idea process. EG: To tell you the truth, I very rarely plan ahead. I usually always grab my camera, maybe a prop or two, and then go out for a long walk. A location is always bound to appear, and then the photos just sort of “happen”. RM: What is most challenging about photography? EG: Indoor photography. On the dark, dreary rainy days when I am not bothered to risk getting my camera wet, I have to resort to taking indoor photos. And I suck at indoor photos. RM: What do you want people to feel when they see your photos? EG: I very much like the thought of human interaction with nature. Just one on one - human and creation. I think people need to get away more, from other people and all the busy things in life... And just surround yourself by nature, experience it in all it’s beauty and power. The calm mornings by mirror-stilled lakes, the lightning and giant crashing waves during ocean storms, the sun setting over majestic mountains... Enough of my rambling, I must answer your question! I want people to feel how beautiful creation is - how AMAZING it is (yeah, you’re all calling me a tree-hugger now, I’m sure), and how blessed we are to be living in it. RM: What has your relationship been with Flickr? EG: It’s been pretty darn amazing. I have made such wonderful friends through flickr, and have been very inspired through their work. Flickr, to me, has the best online community I’ve ever known. RM: What motivates you to take a photo everyday for you 365 project? What do you hope to gain by the end of your 365? EG: Ha! Sparky. My dog. He’s my biggest motivator, the main reason being that he takes me outside for walks nearly every day, whether I want to or not. So, I just simply bring along my camera, and Sparky always leads me to some kind of location, whether a park or a river or

“I want people to feel how beautiful creation is.” RM: Your dog, Sparky, is in a lot of your photos. What role has he played in your growth in photography? EG: Sparky has been in my life since I was 8 years old. He was my main model for the first many years of my photographing experience. He always comes with me on every single one of my photoshoots, and often likes to join me in my self-portraits. He’s always by my side, for better or for worse. He’s taught me loyalty, how to take life with ease, and how to be content and thankful for what I have. He is my best friend, and has played the biggest role not only in my photography, but

RM: Do you have a favorite photograph that you have taken? EG: I think my favorite photo I have ever taken is the photo of me sitting on a rock with a red sarong over my shoulders and back. I am surrounded by completely still water, glowing pink with the setting sun. My toes are just resting on the surface of the water, giving it an ever so slight disturbance. Every time I look at that photo, I feel the calm and peace I felt that evening. RM: Do you look up to any photographers? Who and Why? EG: Sure, there are a few photographers on flickr that were my biggest inspirations when I first started my self-portrait venture. Included are Anna Szczekutowicz, Lauren Withrow, Whitney Justesen, Zack Ahern. As the year went on, I’ve discovered several more inspiring photographers on flickr, such as Benoit Paille, Sophie Ellis, Randy Martin, and oh so many more! All these photographers have an amazing talent, it always makes my day whenever I see a new photo from them. RM: How much do you think your photography – and you – has evolved since you started? EG: Ha, more than you could know! And I’m sure there’s still lots more evolving to come. It’s all part of the adventure. RM: What do you think has been your greatest achievement, in photography or in life? EG: There’s not any certain achievements that stand out to me as being the greatest. However, just to simply have people look at my photos and to let me know that my photos mean something to them, that is pretty much the best achievement I could ever ask for. RM: What advice would you give to aspiring photographers? EG: Get a dog. Dogs take you out on adventures whether you like it or not. Just bring the camera, and something interesting is bound to happen. RM: What are your plans with photography for the future? EG: My dream is to live in a van, and have the whole world as my backyard (who needs a house, eh?!). I want to travel everywhere in my van, and take photos of everything - the landscapes, people, cultures. But alas, I have no idea where life is planning to take me, so I’m currently content with what’s happening now, and I’m trusting I’ll be content with whatever happens in the future too. RM: What are some things people do not know about you? EG: When I’m the only person home, I turn up Lady Gaga’s music really loud and I stand on the coffee table (my stage) and I sing into a glue stick (my microphone) while I perform the most epic dance moves you would ever know. Interview by// Murugi Thande

Edwina Turner 21 | Sydney, Australia

I create art because I feel it lets me express my emotions without necessarilly verbalising my thoughts; instead I choose to channel those same emotions into creating something which I am proud to show other people and has a significant meaning to me and as time passes I can revisit these feelings. I find the use of particular lyrics express my thoughts perfectly or they envoke a specific feeling in me. That said, I also create art because I am filled with so much inspiration from what I see on a daily basis in the world and feel the need to inject that inspiration into something tangible.

Chiara Cremaschi 19 | Bergamo, Italy

“I got the idea of my project watching old slide of my family. These are really full of memories. Projecting on me these photos it’s like I “project” myself into the past. It’s like I want to reverse time, but obviously I can’t do it. I remain only on the surface: the past is not our place. Gone moments aren’t returning, but I can live them once more.”

Jenny Woods

18 | South Florida |


“I create to keep myself sane. I put my whole heart into every photo. Some people don’t see it but that’s all I see when I view them. Every single picture is a part of who I am or the person I strive to be.”

Crooked Teeth -{rm}How would you describe Crooked Teeth? I would describe Crooked Teeth as a jumble of art and thoughts. Granted our deadline is less then two weeks away and we still have a lot to do, I think the first issue and the issues that will be coming, are going to be successful. -{rm}Why did you start it? We decided to create Crooked Teeth because we felt like the things we all love most weren’t getting recognized enough, it’s also something to do in the little spare time we have. -{rm}What type of people do you look for to feature in the magazine? Artists! Artists! Artists! We want to focus and expand to all types of art.

d n a p e e d g i d o t e p o h g e n i v “W i r t s l a c o l w o n k o t get artists” Opposite Page: An Editorial By Jill Wilcot

-{rm}What difficulties have you encountered? What are the easier things? It’s difficult to depend on people over the internet, when you know someone locally you can call and nag them a lot, but you can’t make someone check or send their emails. -{rm}Where do you want to go from here with it? Our main goal is to really try hard and make it more local, there are so many magazines that showcase young artists from all over the internet but in the Twin Cities (where we are based) there is really none. We hope to dig deep and get to know local striving artists.

Above: Caitlin Angleica and a Model, The rest of the Editiors of Crooked Teeth; India, SkYe, Eliza, Marissa, and Nina. Opposite page: The blogger of the moment.

The Aged Husk

Alicia Chon

Inspired by: Dust Bowl Danc 23 Jun 10

The husks trailed behind me, covering each i crustiness, some were blistered with holes of moths who made its niche in the grand tr ers, always clad in oddly patterned cloths. each shriveled up husk that once stood prou corn. Approaching the once elderly tree that down what was left of the trunk, feeling ea a tattoo. I inhale the smog and exhale cough around, eyes peering from one span of the fi around the corner. I don't move for a momen hardened husks dig into the heel of my feet, leave scars for weeks. My throat is searing, onto her shoulder and was pleasantly surpri stood there, panting and catching my breath luminosity negated by the dullness of the fi though it could crack any minute.. I spoke you?" Silence ensued, and she turned toward aged, like the old tree stump



ce-Mumford & Sons

inch of the field. Dried and exhibiting slight s. They were eaten by one of the thousands ree offering shade to the now retired workIn this abandoned field I was, pacing between udly, wrapped gingerly around a fresh ear of t was now a mere stump, I slid my hand up and ach wrinkle that was etched permanently like hing. Desperately in need of water, I search field to the other, when I notice hair flying nt, and then I chase after her. Barefoot, the , piercing the skin in such a way that would , but I go after the mysterious woman. I grab ised by the softness of her angelic skin. I h, and studied her. She had golden hair, its field. Her skin was like porcelain china, as slowly, enunciating each syllable, "Who are ds me, finally meeting my eyes. Her face had p. No words exchanged, I knew.

Bahar Ă–zdemir 18 | Ankara, Turkey |

Allie Taylor

16 | Washington


Murugi Tha

15 | Maryland


Dear October, Love Tamara Hijazi

Dear October, What is it like on the other side of town? Are the streets alive, are people moving? Do the stop lights blink through colorblind eyes? Are leaves still falling to the sound of the last laugh? How many times does the sun still come out? Are you happy? Can the ice around your smile still break? I miss home. I miss you. Why won’t you come back, October? Can’t you just think for one second, one raindrop of a moment, why you won’t come back? I know I may be bitter, I know I may be cold. I know I may not be the brightest of all people or the warmest of all seasons. But you’re lonely, too? Aren’t you?

Dear October, I still think of you. Sleep hasn’t held me in what seems like years. Now the days are short and the nights are long, and the sun light disappears too quickly for me to find my way back home. The stars hide defeated behind gray clouds, the trees are beginning to wither away in a soft surrender. I can still hear the sound of your wind chimes moving in your fall breeze. I can still imagine the colors of the sun that used to touch fields of golden grass, before an eclipse took over. The candles still burn bright for you, melting away, fighting the frost the slides beneath my feet. Together, we could have faced the cold. Together, we could have faced the silent night and the dead earth that seemed to revolve in the opposite direction against the hands of time. Together, we could have fought against the storms.

Dear October, I don’t understand why you let go of my hand... Why won’t you come back, take my hand again? Just take another step forward, and I will lead you through winter. We’ll push our numb feet through the cold snow, bundled up in wool sweaters and torn white socks. With a long scarf wound around your neck and dancing out in the breeze, blindly trying to wrap around mine. Lace string tied around lace string. Finger intertwined with finger, footstep following over footstep. Heading down the sidewalk leading towards the end of the earth, searching for something we weren’t even sure existed. Two people, two seasons. Two weathers, two reasons.

e November

Dear October, How could you just leave? Right after summer, right when the rain began to pour from a hole in the sky, you disappeared. You were gone, so quickly it seemed like I’d slept through all the days and woke up to find my world had been covered by a burst of snow. My world had been turned upside down. Warm to cold, sweet to bitter, hope to loss. I was numb. You had been the shadow of an inner me I could not seem to understand. And now, you’d taken me away just as you’d left my body lying there in the cold. There wasn’t a single letter left, not a single book out of place. Like you had never existed, and you’d never left, and I had never been irreversibly altered. That was the day I sat in Times Square, my hollow mind with a decision made. The clock struck midnight, struck so hard the walls cracked and my mind seemed to be turned to glass. The toll came again, the deadly chime of my dying day. Every flower withered, tree braches wound around my empty soul, the rain flooded my vision. Dear October, That was the day I changed. I took the first train to the coldest end of the earth. To the frozen core of my being that I had finally begun to understand. I took the train to the farthest place away from you, where it was cold and dead. Just right for me. Without any passengers, with railings broken, lights flickering on and off above my head. I was a book, half unread, the rest of the ink smeared off the pages. If you could not write the ending, then I would need to do it on my own. Now we’re in separate seasons, two people that seemed to have faded away along with the new breeze, right out the window. Thousands of miles apart, 30 days between us. With another stack of letters hidden in my drawer, and more and more. With no reply, and I start with another blank page. This is how the story goes. Dear October, This is letter # 237. This isn’t the last letter, but maybe I should stop. We both live in different worlds, I haven’t heard from you in 238 days. I just had the thought—maybe we could be one season, one month, one person. Soul plus soul, thirty plus thirty one. You never asked me to stay, but you never asked me to stop following you. I will never forget that night. Love, November From Embry Frost, To Tobey Autumn. Letter # 237

Lauren W

15 | United States |

Well, first off, for something outside of the interview, I need you to answer: what is being alive? (not the technical definition, but your view) -Being alive is simply having an active mind. Some people choose to pass through their lives without fully registering everything around them. I think being alive means that you understand your surroundings and take an active part in the things that happen around you And now for the actual interview! So, first off, tell me a little about yourself, like full name, age, location, and other random facts if you want. Name: Lauren W. Age: 15 Location: United States Why and when did you start photography? -I started taking pictures about two years ago, I think, when I got my first digital camera. It was a point-and-shoot and wasn’t the best quality. I guess I just started messing around with it one day when I discovered some peoples’ photography—it started with simple pictures of flowers and paper hearts, and then moved on from there. Do you think your photography has taken on a specific style? -People tell me that it has a style, but I honestly can’t say what my style is. I guess it’s just overlays and concepts. I’m not really sure, haha. I just try new things. Do you have any hobbies outside of photography? -I used to write a bit, not as often anymore though. I like drawing a lot, too, and I do sports. What is the best compliment anyone has ever paid you? -The best compliment I’ve ever gotten is probably that I’m a good person. I think those types of compliments mean more to me than compliments on my outer appearance. How much do you think your photography – and you – has evolved since you started? -Oh, wow, I think both me and my photography have grown so much. I see things differently now, and I’m better at judging whether or not something would make a good picture so I don’t waste time taking pictures that probably won’t come out well. As for my photography, I think it’s gotten more appealing to the eye, but at the same time has a deeper meaning to me than it ever has before. What is your favorite word? -I really like the names of constellations, like “Cassiopeia”. How would you define photography? -How you capture memories and feelings, and how you express your thoughts into frozen pieces of time. I guess it’s just showing how you see things.

What do you think has been your greatest achievement, in photography or in life? -In photography, I would say inspiring other people would be my greatest achievement. I love it when people tell me they look up to me, or that I inspired them to do something or take pictures in a certain way. In life… hm. I really don’t think I’ve lived long enough to have a great achievement in life. Do you look up to anyone in the photography world? If so, who and why? -I really look up to Natalie Kucken, Alison Scarpulla, Nikoline L. Rasmussen, Nirrimi Hakanson, and Alexis Mire. They all have such unique styles and are so talented; they inspire me a lot. There are a ton of other photographers that I look up to, too. I can’t even list them all. What are you listening to right now? -My parents talking. I know you probably meant music or something. If I were listening to music, I would be listening to something by Shinedown probably. What’s your favorite concept to portray in a photograph? -I don’t really have a favorite concept. I just take pictures of whatever comes into my mind, and I don’t really like to reuse concepts too often because then I feel like I’m not growing as a photographer. I really enjoy portraying emotions, though. Do you have a favorite photograph that you have taken? -I honestly don’t have a favorite. I think it’s impossible for me to have a favorite, because my favorite pictures are mostly the ones that I’ve recently taken

17 | Massachusetts

Kendall McElroy

“Being alive is figuring out what keeps our heart beating, looking up at the stars in wonder, and endless possiblities. It means deciding to simply exist or to live.�

Amy Haslehur 15 | Australia


Julia Levine

15 | Madison, Wisconsin


“I believe that bei have to work through the right medium. F but it can be diffe with yourself, becau

ing alive is working towards finding happiness. You h the bad times to get to the good. You need to find For me, I have found happiness through photography, erent for everyone. I think it’s also being content use you can’t truly accept others into your life if

Spotlight 1





3 6












18 1.Billie Nelson 2.Leyla Richardson 3.Brenna Percy 4.Sarah Ching 5.Mike DeSocio 6.Evi Van Rijn 7. Rachel Raindrop 8. Katherine Thomas 9.Elisa Nlissen 10. Richard Ramirez 11.India Harris 12.Amalia Mills 13. Melanie Esau 14.Osanna F. Davi 15. Lizzy Newman 16. Iris Slootheer 17.Heledd Roberts 18. Jenne Afiya

Photo // Emma Pulido

January 2011  

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