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Exchange Program Experience

What it is Not

What it really Is

•Opportunity to earn money. •Provide a holiday. •Permanent career placement or recruitment opportunity. •Be an internal AIESEC leadership position (such as MC/AI/CEED.)

•Positive learning experience •Interaction with different social and cultural environments. Intercultural competencies. •Development of leadership skills. •Develop awareness and knowledge of social issues . •Contribute to personal and professional goals.


Minimum 6 (8) weeks – Maximum 72 weeks.

Meet national and local legality on both hosting and sending country.

Hosting organization  provides legal advices and legal status in VISA invitation and other conditions as TN Taker (explain responsibilities).

At the time of match, EP must be studying at university or within 2 years after graduation and be at the age of 30 or under.

Quality Standards Conditions about AIESEC Exchange Program must be clearly explained in TN form and its will be accepted through the exchange of Acceptance Notes, the most important conditions are:

Accommodation and its exact conditions (such as single room, host family, etc.)

Other living conditions (such as providing food) and necessary cost for both hosting organization and the EP.

Amount and form of salary provided to the EP.

Accommodation, transportation, insurance and VISA cost payment responsibility.

EP Rights

Maximum period 36 months of exchanges in total.

To have an exchange to any country

•Except if he/she have lived there for more than 2 years in the last 10 years.

Responsibilities TN Taker • Job description according with AIESEC definitions. • Job role without any risk for the EP. • Sufficient salary. • Guidance, training and adequate working conditions. • Adequate corporate environment. • Ensure legal condition to work without any problem. • Designate one representative who coordinate all incorporate process. EP

• Follow at all times the XPP and Local Polices of sending entity. • Follow Privacy Policy about and everything contains there. • Have sufficient funds to incur all expenses related to transportation to and from the host country and territory. • Have sufficient funds to cover all living expenses for the first four weeks of the exchange. This period can be prolonged in case first salary is received after more than four weeks of exchange provided this information is outlined in the TN form. • Officially register with the home embassy in the host country if their home country requires. • Behave in accordance to cultural, religious, ethical norms, national or local law and other policies that exist in the country of exchange. • Take a proactive role in informing hosting entity about any situations or requirements. • Inform sending entity and take a proactive role if he/she intends to be involved in AIESEC activities during the exchange. • To participate only in one selection process at a time. This means accepting to present interview only for the TN for which he/she wants to be presented as a candidate and for which he/she can guarantee personal availability in case of a match. • EP can start a new selection process once he/she is informed that was not selected for the TN he/she applied for, or after 10 subsequent days if the EP does not receive any reply or update regarding the selection process • To provide a valid and official Acceptance Note. Acceptance Notes (ANs) shall only be considered official when the template used is the most recent version. • To follow all selection requirements of a TN form while acceptance is valid, within reasonable limits.

Sending Committee •Fulfill agreement with EPs and TN relating with mutual responsibilities. •Provide support and guidance to EP and TN during all process and experience developing. •Provide additional info about job description and work environment of any prospective exchange. •Represent their stakeholders and any stage of the program. •Ensure the follow of polices for the stakeholders. •Follow the privacy police about our platform. Hosting Entity •Minimum General Services. •Minimum Logistical Services. •Minimum Work Related Services. •Minimum AIESEC Integration Services. •Recommended Country/Cultural Integration Assistance. EP Manager •Communicate constantly about matching status with sending entity. •Keep all communication concerning the exchange only with the TN manager of the potential hosting country. •Not contact the organization directly until an official match is made, at which time the organization may communicate freely with the intern. •Provide complete information about the EP, including the candidate’s EP form, letter of motivation and other information as requested by the organization within reasonable limits. The information requested must also abide with the legal regulations of the host country.

• In case of refusal to the authorities to provide any document. • In case o f false, inaccurate or incorrect information provide for the stakeholders when they were not aware. • In case of accidents incurred by the EP during the exchange. • In case of damages caused by the EP to the organization or third party during exchange. • In case of damages or lose of any working material. • For any consequential or indirect damages. • Failure to fulfill obligations for external facts.

AIESEC doesn’t have any responsibility

How to raise an issue with the hosting entity or the TN taker?

AI Level

National Level

Local Level

Internal Level •The EP should inform the hosting AIESEC entity and the TN taker and try to solve an issue privately with them.

•If Step 1 has been tried and failed, the EP should inform the sending entity, while this entity will inform hosting entity to solve the problem in accordance with the Exchange Program Policies.

•If Step 2 has been tried and failed, the sending entity should inform sending MC that will work together with the hosting MC to solve the issue. In addition, they may share the issue over the Global Network.

•If the parties involved cannot reach a mutual agreement within a two-week period, it is advised that the situation be brought forth to the Internal Control Board for arbitration.

IMPORTANT The Exchange Program Policies (XPP) was adopted by the Global Association at IPM 2012 in Hungary and starts taking effect on 1st of April 2012. AIESEC entities must inform all the concerned parties (including TN takers and EPs already participating in the exchange program) about the changes made for all the changes affecting them. The document will be revised at International Congress 2012according to recommendations made by Internal Control Board (ICB).


exchange program policies

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