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Stated Main Idea The stated main idea is who or what the passage is about. It is one particular sentence within the passage. The sentence covers all details and can be located anywhere in the passage. The umbrella is an example of how the details support the stated main idea.

Stated Main Idea


Implied Main Idea The implied main idea is still the topic of the sentence but it is not directly stated. You have to use context clues to help you figure out the implied main idea. The brain is an example of how you have to think about the implied main idea because it’s not put right in front of you.

Major Supporting Detail The major supporting details elaborate on the main idea of the passage. The supporting details help to further explain the main idea. An Important detail relating to the main idea. The TV stand is an example of how the major supporting details support the main idea.

Main Idea

Major Details

Minor Supporting Details The minor details support the major details. The minor details include the following: examples, facts, descriptions, reasons, statics, steps, or procedures that support the major details. The truck tires make the truck go better just like the minor supporting details make the major supporting details better.

Major Supporting Details

Minor Supporting Details

Stated main idea