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Education | Work Experience University of Cincinnati | BS Industrial Design - Transportation Magna Cum Laude - GPA 3.87 IDSA Member / Representative Johnson & Johnson (DePuy Mitek) | Medical Design Intern Oversaw a project from cadaver lab testing to finished appearance model. Assisted with conceptual ideas and presentations for sports-related injury field Toyota Boshoku (America) | Interior Styling Intern Produced a full interior concept, from research to scale model. Also provided international presentations and conferences for optimal project feedback.

Recognition Along the Way Interior Motives Awards (2012) Finalist GM Achievers Scholarship Choose Ohio First Scholarship Cincinnatus Century Scholarship Scholastics Art & Writing Gold Award (3) A Very Particular Set of Skills Ihave Acquired 3D Modelling

2D + Analog

Priority Designs | Product Design Intern Consultancy environment involving early to final conceptualization of soft goods, sporting goods, and household products Under

Armour | Footwear Design Intern : Cleated Designs and color-ways for seasonal, player, and holiday spikes for current and future athletes. Also assigned a term project directed at a UA sponsored athlete

Hasbro, inc. | Boys D&D Intern : Vehicles Assisted with concept TONKA and TRANSFORMERS designs with ideation, renderings, and foam mock-ups

What I Enjoy Outside of Design

Hudson High School | Graduate Diploma GPA 3.66 Varsity Golf | Track | NAHS









A solution to the arduous hunting tradition the Inuit / Eskimo culture follows, which even today, is passed down through the generations. This project was also featured on Car Design News’s website as a finalist for the Interior Motives Competition (2012). Project Skill Bonus:



who they are.

why I’m here.

The Inuit are the indigenous people who reside in the icy, barren lands near the Arctic Circle, in Alaska, Quebec, Northern Canada, and Siberian Russia.

Because a traditional land or ice hunt lasts from a week to a month at a time, I chose to design an enclosed vehicle to replace the commonly used qamutik (dog sled) with a more modern and quick buggy.

Although excellent fisherman, Inuit consider the skill of hunting to be the most crucial to survival and sign of communal respect.

It was also a design goal to keep the sled dogs as part of the drivetrain as they are an integral piece of the Inuit family.

Family is the second most valued attribute.

where they are. 1/3 of Inuit live here

The Inuit find home where land is typically snow-covered.

yearly ice & snow cover (dark indicates year-round)


Inuit population density (160,000+ total)


the inuit family.

inuit transportation.

The men hunt, fish and provide. The women cook, clean, and care for the children. The children learn certain skills based on their gender.

The dogsled is the traditionally constructed vehicle for hunting. More efficient ATVs and snow vehicles are being purchased to replace sleds, but at a high cost with demanding gas prices.

Men pass down techniques and skills of hunting to their sons. Family-owned huskies are vital for hunting and gathering and believed to be an essential part of the family. efficiency



the hunted.

family dynamic


interior design. I strove for a simplified, minimally cluttered inside, using a single central cluster and large, defined forms.

interior ideation


interior development


full interior. Designed for a single occupant, the Pursuit’s interior combines modern with local materials.

Caribou & elk hide, seal skin, and walnut are all inside a cabin of insulated fiberglass. A single central gauge indicates battery charge and lifespan, while two side gauges read temperature and location. The steering is done with nostalgic, sled rein-inspired handles that move independently.

full interior


seat & roof functionality.


When the driver is prepared to shoot the animal in chase, they simply pull the caribou-skin roof cover forward as their escape hole.

caribou / elk hide

The seats are designed similarly to stadium seats and once the driver sits up, the base rises and latches in an upright position, giving the driver a nice perch to shoot from.

A weapon holster on the door allows for a quick one-handed motion, whether it be a rifle, bow, or spear.

interior features

seal hide walnut aluminum trim insulated fiberglass


exterior design. My goal with the body was to enclose the driver in a tracked vehicle, similar to a snowmobile. Using sled dogs as the main source of propulsion, an assisting electric drive is needed.

exterior development


Sunrise: Inuit man and his huskies head out for a day of hunting.

using Pursuit to hunt.

harnessing the dogs with the retracting rein latches.

The prey is spotted in the distance. Pulling the reins, he redirects the dogs.

rear winch behind seats pulls the kill into the fold-down bed.

a walk through a typical hunting day for an Inuit man on the icy Greenland tundra

heading home guided by front-mounted searchlights

a day in the life...

Pops out of roof cover to track and shoot the wild caribou


the energy reuse system. Although the primary source of power rests in the sled dogs, the rear track is electric-battery powered to compliment and support their pulling effort. As the huskies pull, a turbine wheel in the central void of the track turns, generating potential energy, which powers the battery, which in turn, powers the engine, spinning the track forward.

made for more... The energy reuse system can be detached and used on an array of all-terrain vehicles.



additional space.

what is gained?

The rear panel lowers to create additional bed room for the killed animals.

The Pursuit has roughly the same footprint as the bobsled.

The bed is held up by seal skin web netting. A winch sits behind the seat to assist in lifting the animal corpse into the bed.

exterior features




The benefit of the Pursuit is, although it has a higher upfront cost, the savings in time and gas (energy) result in quicker hunts and efficient use of stored energy by using the sled dogs.



Surgical �Pistol Device� A tool redesign aimed at improving the physical and ergonomic experience a surgeon has when performing arduous and stressful tasks in the ER. Project Skill Bonus:


Reshelling the experience This is the tool I was challenged with redesigning. Research included consulting professional surgeons, observing performance videos, and a first-hand experience in a cadaver lab. Using the existing internal mechanisms I was tasked with adapting a new brand language and tactile standard to this disposable surgical product.

the original gun


Improvement Opportunities While performing required tasks for the surgery I identified noticeable design flaws of the current device: + Complications attaching the needle end + Needle end release door is unclear of its function + Finding the correct home for the loose suture + Poor ergonomics of the trigger and handle nook

task analysis


Proposed Design Slightly larger with a more defined shape and sports-inspired, edgy styling. Dark grey indicates a secondary function while the blue signifies primary action.

Began sketching with the internals in their exact locations Styling & edginess of details inspired by sports equipment.

sketch process


Design Fixes Arching lip appears to have function it serves and clear color breakup It also doubles as a slot for the suture to ride through.

Silicon Suture holder gives suture a purposeful resting place when in use.

Overmolded perf rubber is softer and conforms to the palm.

looking Good. feeling even Better.

Trigger redesigned to reduce pain in key points on the hand.

When trigger is depressed, a switch is engaged, creating a tactile, positive feedback “click� indicating a successful release.

improvement breakdown


Operating the Device - After disengaging the top door, needle can be attached to the front end rod. - After this step the suture can be pulled through a slot in that door to the back of the gun barrel. - It can then be wedged into the silicon slot. This allows the surgeon to perform the operation, care-free.

in use


rendered in showcase

Fully Functioning Model Molded in aluminum as the non-disposable replacemet to the existing product. 1:1 Scale test model made for cadaver lab testing

final design



A vehicle aesthetically fashioned based on the human form, with details, both inside and out, unique to each individual buyer. The Maestra celebrates the beauty of both human and man-made, making it the ultimate synthesis of man and machine. Project Skill Bonus:


Brand Direction

Supercar Market an Italian brand defined by the supercar. The two models, the Zonda and Huayra, are iconically recognized for their extreme devotion to nearly perfect craftsmanship and optimized driving performance. The current design language, particularly in the details and interior, greatly celebrates machinery and exposing the man-made power within.

about Pagani


The Scenario Ranging from a half to five million dollars, supercars are expensive, making the market for them restricted to the wealthiest of people. Because it is such a costly investment, the Maestra, upon purchase, is made unique and personally valuable by being created from the user’s identity. It all begins with the scan of the eye.

project concept

The form and depth in the iris is then translated into the interior, structure, or external details.


Designing with our bodies... The human body consists of over 6,000 muscles, bones, organs, tendons, and moving parts.

Of that, about 1% of those parts we see on the outside, which we define the exterior of our bodies by.

Woman’s Torso The female abdomen, from the hips, waist, up to the shoulders is thought to contain the most aesthetically pleasing forms on the body. The body is also viewed in societies around the world as the physical expression of our identities.

The Human Eye The most unique and exotic body part of the human body, the eye has over 6x more characteristics than a fingerprint. No two eyes are alike yet they are the locus of most of our memories, information and communication.






...and our belongings Anatomical / Biomorphic

Manufactured Precision

Concept: Man + Machine The goal of this project was to capture the essence of the image below in the overall form of the vehicle.

The fusion of the raw natural beauty in human anatomy with the sheer craftsmanship found in a precision-cut gemstone.

aesthetic goal


The Eye Explained Before I got to the drawing board I had to understand the form and function of what I was translating into my design. The visible eye we see has seven layers of depth which my goal was to imply in my surfacing and graphic break-ups in the vehicle.

concept ideation


First Misfire Gruesome aesthetics and lack of order - eye detail is very organic and imperfect. I did discover a nice, long dash to axle proportion, however.

concept ideation


Second Run Graphic cut-outs revealing eye form proved to be too predictable. Needed more Pagani flair and to push design boundaries.

early ideation


3rd Time’s a Charm? Nope, going crazy with the design pushed me too far, resulting in a doughy, undefined blob. It was time to simplify and focus on a single dominant gesture.

early ideation


A Change of Pace Within the constant onslaught of automotive ideation, I needed a break, so I did quick figure drawings for form inspiration. ideation


An Ongoing Struggle At this point the anatomic form is coming in more resolved. Again though, the form is too reserved and is lacking movement



Key Gesture Sketch

key ideation


Triumph over Failure Despite running into multiple road blocks, a simple shaded gesture study pointed me in the right direction. The car body is modelled after a woman’s midriff, harshly juxtaposed by the angularity and precision of the glass




late e front was to re The goal with th form. ne lli exposed crysta to the cabin as weight and to appear light d te an w I ar re erpiece. The i 4-exhaust cent an g Pa ic on ic e have th

fascia development


Completed Design The final design is a closed wheeled, longhooded, and extended GT class proportion. I chose to apply the eye form in the interior and inside the semi-transparent crystals.

plan view & details


Air to the Engine Unlike most vehicles, the front grille intakes are hidden from sight around the crystal element. The Maestra is made more aerodynamic by having massive air wells in the rear, allowing the downforce of air to keep it on the road.

Final Renders


Design Features

Ingress / Egress

Interior Space

Sticking to Pagani’s habit of testing limits, the driver and passanger doors open intricate yet smoothly.

The two-seater insde is modelled based on the driver’s eyes, in both form and color accents.

The rear panel rotates 70o upward and the glass and door slide over the hood and wheel, respectively.

Because the car is very short, the seats are similar to F1 style, yet much cozier.


Modelling & Finishing

finished hollowed & split body, ready to print

Rough forms in Mudbox

Assembly of 8 plaster print sections. Sanding, bondo, primer coats & 3 waves of auto paint & clearcoat.

Alias: curve networks & large simple surfs

from math to model

class A surfacing overlay & surface blending

refine, highlight check. Details, wheels & solidified


Presentation ready model - with tape lines & decals

finished 1/4 scale model


scene renders


press photo



Under Armour Hunter A golf spike aimed to revolutionize the material makeup and appearance of a traditional golf shoe. Designed for both the PGA tour player, Hunter Mahan, the casual weekend golfer, and anyone in between. Project Skill Bonus:


current market performance style - slip-resistant, water-resistant, more form-fitting, yet stiff and heavy saddle style - traditional shoe: leather, waterproof, professional look, but is heavy and usually very uncomfortable. spikeless style - lightweight, comfortable fit, flexible, but lack grip and balance needed for the swing.

target users

Hunter Mahan

Chris Campbell

Professional golfer -3 Handicap Plays 5-6 days a week Currently wears: saddle

Weekend golfer 24 Handicap Plays 2-3 days a month Currently wears: spikeless

Is there a golf shoe designed for both? target & market


mahan’s swing

swing flaws

campbell’s swing

slippage - lack of grip and large amounts of rotation causes player to lose balance beginner’s lean - it is a common early mistake to lean back on follow-thru, resulting in power loss. The front of the body should create a vertical line takeaway imbalance - bending the knee on takeaway causes the forward foot to twist and raise over-rotation - after impact, loss of grip and footing causes the forefoot to slip or roll forward discomfort areas - most shoes are insufficiently padded in the toe box and lateral sides for a swing

design opportunity


sketch ideation


sketch development




final orthos


spikes re-imagined Using two differently structured spikes, the Hunter achieves more rotational balance from metal / TPU spikes (black) located where the greatest forces are exerted.


Metal / TPU composite

Cork / TPU composite

improving balance The midsole and inner EVA layers are thicker at the lateral ends, creating a five degree offset in each cleat. The effect it has on a player’s balance during the swing is similar to opening a sawhorse.

outsole innovation


materials re-imagined

shoe materials

The upper is similar to athletic shoes, composed of breathable, synthetic & light composite layers.


A soft EVA foam insole also reduces weight and allows air to circulate around the foot and out.

4-D Foam sockliner

The top hot melt layer and both heel and toe cap are waterproof. Although the upper mesh may let moisture pass through, the EVA foam footbed wicks water out, keeping the feet dry.

TPU plate EVA Foam footbed

OUTSOLE Overlasted Synthetic tongue with med. weave mesh overlay Hot Melt synthetic cage Overlasted Synthetic material w/ tight weave mesh overlay


Stitched EVA Foam toecap

TPU w/ clear TPU inserts & grips TPU / Metal spike TPU / Cork spike

textile advantage


color Options

the Hunter


project Never Forget

proposed Graphics

Graphics and colorway designs were chosen for the 10- year anniversary cleats worn on the season opening NFL football games, played on September 11th, 2011.

Graphic proposal


finished & worn product


Design Sandbox A collection of assorted projects that showcase my design communication capabilities as well as my scope for variety Project Skill Bonus:



Amphibious Metropolitan Transportation

1/5 scale working design model

design progression


scene painting


Next-Gen (2020) Minivan Interior Concept

interior plan development

sketch progression


A Flexible Space The Sienna’s redefined interior seats seven with two rear seats that are reversible and flippable. This is so large families can have a more sociable back space.

final interior


AMC Gremlin Revival

sketch & renders


Personal IPhone Case

IPhone 4s Designed for my a friend to on ati dic as a de . 08 20 in who passed te saying Includes her favori t� Hi t Ge “Talk Shit,

sketch & showcase renders


Digital Painting Samples



scene & portraiture


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Ricky Schieber Portfolio  

A collection of both product and transportation design projects that highlight my University of Cincinnati and cooperative experience.

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