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All building semblance is mainly the hope may reduce the non-essential heat energy absorption by the white paint color. Except for this, the building may when the summer maintains cool.

Installs the louver introduction external air current in the top layer to cause indoor not to need the air-conditioning system to maintain the interior the temperature. At the same time, after when the air current enters the louver, the air current forms the track can lead the wind power generation the mechanism.

The solar energy's process is that the energy of light transforms into the heat energy, then the heat energy transforms into the electricity. The electric power origin majority comes from the sunlight. Because of two large-scale solar cells collecting solar energy during the day, that have already supplied evening's using electricity sufficiently.

The water supply is becoming an important attention and the storage is rapidly a key aspect for the water and the expensive harvest and the storage system. A traditional memory solution package of scoop up last bit of water, the steel, the plastic, the glass fiber and the concretes box and the reservoir, need heavy equipment's transportation and the construction arriving, moreover by not sustainable material.

The rain technology founded an innovation, simple, the modulation, the sustainable design - RainSpace - this which calls is adapts highly for the rain water storage system the different ruins, is easier, the cost is low, installment.

Links the house and the irrigation plant using the white pipeline is not easy to cause the water temperature along with the temperature change.

Three glasshouse planter needs to guard against plant disease's fruits and vegetables class plant. Each yet higher goal's gap will be manufactures with the tempered glass on the glass takes a walk will not be dangerous.

The outdoor irrigation system is the rain water which the direct use purifies.

Provide electric cars' roadside battery charger.

This construction document mainly to cater to the environmental protection subject which attracts much attention now. At present in the market green construction was few are also few outside Europe's country, trades an angle, outside Europe's country was the emerging market which and so on belts opened, therefore the present is the most competitive construction.

This construction document mainly to cater to the environmental protection subject which attracts much attention now. At present in the market green construction was few are also few outside Europe's country, trades an angle, outside Europe's country was the emerging market which and so on belts opened, therefore the present is the most competitive construction.

Green construction marke Ir The Ministry of Interior constructs the research institute to encourage to construct the province energy, province resources, the low pollution the green construction establishment to be comfortable, the health, the environmental protection of environment, develops by “comfortableness”, “the nature well distributed health”, “the environmental protection” and so on three big design ideas, the special committee asks the financial group legal person China construction center on September 1 the official announcement to accept “the green construction marker” in 88 years the application, nucleus of the marker for must carry on constructs appraisal of green the seven big target appraisal system, including base afforestation target; Base local constable water target; Water resources target; Daily energy conservation target; Carbon dioxide decrement target; Reject decrement target; Sewage trash improvement target; Examines after the green construction marker Jury through the only then may issues the marker, the evaluation is the green construction.

Green construction marke II

However, while “the green construction illustrates and appraises the handbook” (2003) self-criticism renewal, decided that outside seven big index systems, joins the biodiversity targets and the indoor environment target, becomes nine big targets. Takes advantage of this will cause the green construction by past “the consumption least earth resource, the manufacture least reject building” the negative definition, the expansion is “the ecology, the energy conservation, reduce, the health building waste ” the positive definition.

Green construction marke III

Impetus of the green construction marker divides into the candidate green construction certificate and the green construction marker in our country, constructs the marker to obtain the use license or already to have the legitimate building green, is in harmony with the green construction appraisal target standard to award the medal. The candidate green construction certificate to encourage to obtain the construction license but not yet to finish receives the use license the newly built building, every plan design is in harmony with building of the green construction appraisal target standard, namely awards the candidate green construction certificate, is one representative of the green construction.

The network marketing belongs to the straight duplicate marketing one form, is product which the enterprise marketing practice and the present information mechanics of communication, the computer network technology unify, is refers to the enterprise take the electronic information technology as the foundation, by the computer network each kind of marketing activity which carries on for the medium and the method (including network investigation and study, network new product development, network promotion, network retailing, network service and so on) general name.

The real estate network marketing is refers to the real estate enterprise to adopt each method through the Internet, moves to the Internet the enterprise tradition marketing flow including the enterprise product purchase, personnel's employment advertise, the project tender, estate sale, customer flows and so on management, the enterprise disseminates finally through the Internet enterprise's marketing through the Internet. Compares with the traditional real estate broker organization, the real estate network marketing has the following superiority: (1) truly take the consumer as a center, promotes the real estate enterprise and consumer's communication. The network marketing is one marketing way from bottom to top, compares with the traditional marketing, it stressed that the interaction-like communication, transfers the soft promotion by the strong trend promotion. The consumer may disperses through the network initiative inquiry in each place, be interested the real estate price, the geographical position, the brand, the consultation related information, and obtains the explanation through the BBS inquiry, the real estate enterprise and the consumer maintains promptly the crowded bidirectional communication and the exchange, enhanced in greatly the marketing process consumer's status. The enterprise may also through the effective communication, understand fully consumer's demand, sets up the enterprise and the product in consumer mind status.

(2) reduces the foundation operation cost, enhances the work achievements. The real estate and the network unify, may through on-line purchase and on-line sale, reduces such as the purchase rental, advertising expenditure and massive sales personnels wages greatly period expenses and so on to spend, to rent, thus reduces the cost large scale. (3) expanded choice space, promotes the customer value. Before, the consumer must purchase set of houses, usually must spend the much time to understand that the approximate situation and back and forth rushed about looks at the room, had the network, the consumer, so long as sat the computer nearby at home, pressed the mouse gently, each kind of position, household, price house, no matter what you chose. These massive information cause between the different product difference which the real estate enterprise provides to be more direct-viewing, exhaustive and inquire conveniently, has developed the choice space greatly, has saved the time which the consumer rushes about invalid.

Summary: This item of building business planning document will eagerly anticipate the environmental protection idea the tidal current, urges the populace even more to take seriously regarding the human the pressure which becomes in the environment. The future soon, the green construction will be frequent day after day in the society. Now invites you to experience together.

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Green Buildings Design Project  
Green Buildings Design Project  

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