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I have always had a fascination with understanding people and the behavior of groups, what drives and motivates them. This curiosity has lead me to a consumer-centric approach in the market research world. I specialize in consumer insights that help lead businesses to better understand and connect with their audience as they develop messaging, new products, and overall branding. I have a strong desire to learn and a great interest and curiosity in the world around us. I enjoy relating to and helping others become successful in what they are passionate about. To me that is what a brand is, someone’s passion brought to life.

client experience

case studies

1. Sanuk 2. Odell Brewing Co.

Sanuk BACKGROUND Sanuk wanted to find out if a newly developed material could be used in an existing product without effecting consumer perception.

OBJECTIVE Develop a survey for 50 intercept interviews in two of Sanuk’s flagship stores. Have respondents try on both old and new material in a blind study to determine if the new material has any effect on consumer perception.

TARGET AUDIENCE Female Sanuk lovers who visit the two Sanuk flagship stores.

RESEARCH I visited two of the footwear company’s flagship stores in California. With the cooperation of store management, I set up a small area in a convenient place in the stores. This space allowed for respondents to try on “style A” and “style B” and answer a few short questions.

INSIGHT When presented with the two different materials consumers did find a tangible difference. One product was perceived as better than the other.

RECOMMENDATION Conclusively, the newly developed material could not be used in an existing product without negatively affecting customer perception of the product or the brand.

Odell Brewing CO. BACKGROUND Odell Brewing Co. decided to start canning their beers and wanted to create awareness around this new offering as well as get people excited for Odell beers in a can.

OBJECTIVE With a sales goal of 20% of overall Odell beer sales to come from cans, our job was to create a campaign that would encourage celebration, awareness and usage of new Odell cans.

TARGET AUDIENCE Odell followers and craft beer fans.

RESEARCH Through secondary research I looked at canned craft beer trends. I then developed a survey in order to find out what consumers thought about canned beer, particularly craft beer.

INSIGHT What we found was that the number one reason why people buy canned beer is to take with them on the go and the outdoors play an integral part in these beer drinkers lives. Now that Odell beer can be found in cans, Odell followers and craft beer fans alike can do the things they love with a delicious Odell in hand.

RECOMMENDATION Highlight the connection between cans and all of the adventures consumers can engage in with them . “Now, we can do more together.�

Quinn Mower 1800 Traymore Rd., Minnetonka, MN 55305




Ingather Research & Sensory Director of Operations August 2016 – July 2017 •

Oversaw and supported all Operations staff while working closely with management on all levels to continually develop policies and protocols; constantly improving inefficiencies within Operations and cross-functionally with Facilities while developing initiatives to increase productivity and efficiency overall.

Ingather Research & Sensory Project Manager January 2016 – July 2017 •

Managed multiple qualitative/ quantitative market research projects simultaneously from inception to completion, as it related to survey development, schedule, quotas, budget, and staffing. Communicated with clients on a daily basis to provide updates, resolve concerns and discuss project changes.

EDUCATION Cactus Marketing Communications Account Planning Intern July 2015 – October 2015 •

As part of a team, developed insight decks for creative reviews and client presentations – unifying discoveries from both primary and secondary research to tell the story within our findings; guiding creative teams and helping clients discover actionable insights. Aggregated and synthesized data gathered through surveys, category trend analysis, and competitive audits for clients in the beverage, health, travel, and lottery industries; including Odell Brewing Co., Vail Mountain, Keystone Resort, and the Colorado Lottery

Category One Research Freelance Market Researcher May 2015 – January 2016 •

Developed and implemented surveys used to field responses for intercept interviews with the purpose of gathering consumer feedback on new and existing products. Analyzed and synthesized research results, producing decks summarizing findings and recommendations for clients.

Metropolitan State University of Denver, 2014 Bachelor Arts, Sociology Minor in Marketing

SKILLS/TOOLS Qualitative & Quantitative Research Project Management Consumer Insights Survey Development Story Telling Synthesizing Data Survey Gizmo/Survey Monkey/Qualtrics Microsoft Office Keynote

Q portfolio  

This Portfolio serves as a snapshot of the work I have done with various brands. The two case studies contained are simply an example of the...

Q portfolio  

This Portfolio serves as a snapshot of the work I have done with various brands. The two case studies contained are simply an example of the...