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‘PUPPY EYES’ By Amber Canavan 2W

It was a bright autumnal morning as the bare tress waved their empty branches to the sky. As I peered at the deep pit in which my best friend was to be buried in I cried bitter tears. My tears were as salty as the sea.

There were people all around me yet I was not aware of what they spoke of. I was in my own mournful state. The colours around me really set the mood. Varying shades of black seemed to envelop everyone.

People around me were crying. I thought selfishly to myself that no one was as upset as me. Of course I knew this was not true. Many people loved Margo. She was a vibrant, interesting and lovely person .As we walked from the grave I could still hear her mother’s harrowing weeping .

The sound was heart- breaking. It sent me in to a mournful trance. A group of mourners and I went in to the community hall for sandwiches and drinks.

As everyone was swopping stories, my thoughts returned to what I had done. My thoughts were all over the place and I asked myself why did she have to fall for those puppy eyes?

Margo and I thought it would be fun to take a detour when we were on the way home across the train tracks. We saw a black, white and brown puppy staring at us with its big blue Puppy dog eyes looking for help. Its paw was stuck in the railway tracks and there was a train tearing down the tracks to where the tracks the puppy was.

Margo insisted we help the puppy but I was too scared to help. She wiggled and pulled at the puppy’s paw the train got nearer. The paw came lose and she pushed the puppy of the track. The puppy got off the track on time but Margo did not. THE END

Poppy Eyes  

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