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The story behind the Keep Collection starts with the founding of the Twig & Horn brand. It all started with Quince & Co. founder, Pam Allen, who was searching for a wool wash with lanolin to clean and refresh an old handknit sweater. Finding no inspiring options on the market, she partnered with an American natural-soap maker to develop a premium gentle wool soap packed with USP-grade lanolin and other naturally moisturizing and gently cleansing ingredients. This positive experience led to the founding of Twig & Horn, a brand dedicated to sourcing and creating high-quality tools and accessories for knitters and other fiber crafters. So far, we’ve curated a robust collection of tools and accessories—from the luxurious Crossbody Project Tote to the clever Wraps Per Inch Tool to the vintage-inspired Kitchener Stitch Pin, and so much more. Our aim is to find and create out-of-the-ordinary, crafted tools and accessories with a fresh aesthetic to inspire you in your own making. As our collection of maker accessories and tools continued to grow, it became clear to us that something was missing—something to support and to transcend our notion of organization. Out of our efforts to inspire creativity and ingenuity in making was born our latest endeavor: the Keep Collection, a modular storage solution designed for the modern maker.

VALUE S Behind every product is a beautiful story of the maker who brought it to life—and it’s this connection to our fellow makers that we find lacking from so many big box retailers. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen many small craft businesses struggling to stay afloat and we want to be part of the movement that keeps them in business, making. Now more than ever, supporting small, local, and independent makers means we can continue to offer incredibly unique and high-quality products while supporting our fellow craftspeople. Here at Twig & Horn, we’re driven by today’s craftspeople, whether they’re working with 1st or 21st century technology to make their goods. Our focus is on preserving the art forms of individually handmade products of quality materials—while keeping sustainability and social responsibility in mind. We want to make or source things ourselves because: •

We can assure their design, quality, and sources

We can reduce our carbon footprint (by sourcing locally and/or carefully selecting sustainable materials)

We can help keep today’s independent makers, both old and new, making

When it came to designing and sourcing materials for the Keep Collection, our key focus remained on sourcing materials of integrity and longevity. First, when choosing colors for our foundational fabric—12oz. 100% cotton canvas—we opted for two timeless neutrals, Natural and Slate , to ensure that this statement piece would complement any space. We then double-layered each canvas panel with seams turned in so that the overall unit would be sturdy; similarly, for the pockets, we folded the fabric over twice to protect its raw edges from exposure–its double-folded edge makes for a cleaner, more durable pocket. Our attention to detail extended to the finer materials of Keep, down to the Tex 60 thread, a sturdy nylon core wrapped in cotton to match the canvas we used. As for the leather hangers, we went through multiple samples until we found ones with the optimal durability that also wouldn’t warp the unit over time. For us, Keep is only as successful and intentional as its finest details which combine to form a one-of-a-kind maker accessory.

VISION A less cluttered space equals a less cluttered (creative) mind. And what better way to display your most cherished of tools than an artfully arranged and ordered storage unit? We envision Keep to be a true game changer in the way our fellow crafters view their making tools—not only as utilitarian things, but things of beauty and meaning. We hope you, dear reader, will adapt Keep to your unique perspective and lifestyle as a maker, and feel inspired along the way.






K E E P K NIT T I NG Imagine all your favorite knitting tools and notions in one place for you to admire and use. As knitters, we all share the habit of accumulating a variety of tools and accessories, many of which start to clutter our respective workspaces —whether it be your craft table, knitting nook, or comfy couch. The Keep Collection frees up those spaces so you can get back to what you love most: knitting. And for your most cherished of tools, it serves as a beautiful display that will quickly become the enviable focal point of any space.

Spruce up your favorite knitting space with the Keep Collection, a modular storage solution that’s as pleasing to use as it is to look at. Offered in two soothing neutrals, Natural and Slate, let it serve as a welcoming backdrop for all your knitterly tools and notions.

Items to Store • Darning Mushroom • Drop Spindle • Stitch Holders • Klein Shears • Bronze Yarn Snips • Regular and Square Gauge Ruler • Stitch Markers • Circular Needle Set • Tapestry Needle • Knitting Swatches • Washi Tape • Maker’s Hand Balm

K E E P G R O W ING Take your next season in the garden to new heights. The Keep Collection is the ideal solution for organizing all the tools and accessories you need to realize the garden of your dreams. Its many pockets are the perfect size for seed packets, common hand tools, stakes, and so much more. And its leather straps are great for all those miscellaneous items that can get lost in the shuffle—garden gloves, dried flowers, to name a couple.

The Keep Collection’s modular design means that you can adapt your storage to your space—with ample room to expand and grow. Units can be stacked both vertically and horizontally, whichever best suits your space.

Items to Store • Gardening Gloves • Seed Packets • Paintbrushes • Dried Flowers • Veggie Scrubber • Weed Puller • Garden Trowels • Garden Stake • Garden Pruners

K E E P S AV O RING Slow down to drink up life’s sweetest moments with a focal point that tells your own culinary story. With the Keep Collection, we envision your most treasured culinary tools on display: the ones you use daily, the ones that spark joy and creativity, or the ones that have passed down in your family, from generation to generation. We especially like the idea of those small culinary notions: be it a tiny whisk, mini measuring spoons, whimsical tea towels, or mini cast iron, to name a few—why lose them in the clutter of a drawer or pantry when you can have them in plain sight and close at hand?

Free up your counter space and keep your most beloved culinary tools close at hand. The Keep Collection’s clean and modern design takes the guesswork out of organization while providing you with the freedom to show off your own chef’s style in the kitchen.

Items to Store • Rolling pin • Measuring spoons • Spatulas • Tasting spoons • Chopsticks • Tongs • Bench scraper • Dough blender • Kitchen linens

We hope this lookbook has served as a jumping off point for customizing a Keep you’ll be proud to display in your own maker space. Ready to create a Keep of your own? Be sure to share your photos and/or see how other are using Keep by using/searching the hashtag #keepstorage. For additional information on specifications and pricing for the Keep Collection units I and II, please see the final section; feel free to contact Twig & Horn with any questions at Happy Making! -The Twig & Horn Team


Make creativity the focal point of any space with modular storage, designed by makers for makers. The Keep Collection is the first of its kind: a stylish and functional solution for your maker tool collection. Its modular design makes it easily adaptable to virtually any space—you won’t know where your home decor ends and your workspace begins. Made of 12 oz. 100% cotton canvas and includes three longwearing leather hanger straps to secure it in place—making it both sturdy in construction and timeless in appearance.

Keep No.1 Retail Price: $120 Available in Natural or Slate Canvas •

12 oz. Canvas Storage Unit w/ 24 pockets

(3) American Leather Hanger Straps

(3) Specialty Antique Brass Screws

(3) Drywall Anchors

Installation Template & Installation Guide

Keep No.2 Retail Price: $170 Available in Natural or Slate Canvas •

12 oz. Canvas Storage Unit w/ 1 pocket (divided into 12 sections)

12 oz. Canvas Storage Unit w/ 1 pocket (divided into 8 sections)

(1) American Leather Long tool Strap

(2) American Leather Short Tool Straps

(3) American Leather Hanger Straps

(3) American Leather Connectors

(3) Specialty Antique Brass Screws

(3) Drywall Anchors

Installation Template & Installation Guide


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