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Academic Successes

8 All Saints’ Day Wayside Academy Newsletter, Advent 2011 Editors: A. Parker C. Ward Photos: C. Ward K. Podkowa Design & Layout: P. Baklinski

The Principal’s Report Hello Friends of W a y s i d e Academy, May you share in the blessings of this Advent Season. Welcome to our 16th year! We Adam Parker, Principal began this school year with great excitement on at least two fronts: our curriculum and our staff. Four years ago, in order to better teach the minds, hearts and souls of our children – to teach in an authentically Catholic way – Wayside Academy declared that we would -1-

begin building our curriculum using a more classical approach. There are a few subtle (and not so subtle) differences between a classical approach to education and some of the more recent a p p ro a c h e s t o e d u c a t i o n . Wa y s i d e ’ s classical approach focuses on mastering the essential tools of learning: reading, writing, math as well as the classical language of Latin - building towards logical thinking and debate in the upper years. The pursuit of virtue, of course, is always at the forefront. In this, subjects whenever possible are integrated (not separated) in order for the student to come to understand a more complete picture of “the good, the true and the beautiful”. Our teachers are far more

The Principal’s Report


interested in evaluating the student’s knowledge of, and ability to use, these fundamental skills than to teach towards any form of testing. Moreover, classical education, in one form or another, has been around for at least 2,500 years; it has formed the greatest thinkers of our past and is making a strong resurgence – especially in the United States.

who is in her tenth year of teaching at the school. Last year she played the leading role in compiling our curriculum document. She has become one of the most knowledgeable classical educators at the elementary level, which is the reason she has been promoted to the position of lead elementar y teacher.

On Friday, September 2nd we ‘unveiled’ our newly Finally, we are blessed with the return of our three re-constructed classical curriculum. Over the course teaching volunteers, Father Damian Smullen (High of the last school year, each part of our curriculum S c h o o l Re l i g i o n ) , F a t h e r J e a n P i e r r e P i l o n was reviewed, analyzed and (Elementar y Religion) and finally compiled into a Mrs. Mary Marrocco (High cohesive document from School Calculus). “Mr. Kern raved about what Kindergarten to Grade we have collectively It is difficult for me to put 12 . We h i r e d a l e a d i n g accomplished – telling us that into words the importance of classical education expert, these accomplishments and Andrew Kern of the CiRCE this feat is rare within the 100 what they mean for Christian Institute in Concord, North or so North American schools education in this countr y. Carolina, to review t he that he has worked with.” Between the staff and the document as well as offer curriculum, I am convinced professional development for that what is being offered at our staff. Mr. Kern raved about what we have collectively accomplished – Wayside is a gem - not just in Peterborough. What telling us that this feat is rare within the 100 or so has been slowly and carefully developed at Wayside has great importance for the future of North American schools that he has worked with. Christian education in all of Canada. Our Complementing the new curriculum document, we curriculum is steeped in Catholic tradition. It are excited to have hired five new staff members educates while it feeds the soul with the truths that which we have featured in this newsletter: Mr. the Church offers. We know of no other school Nathan Freeman, Mr. Krzysztof Podkowa, Miss offering what Wayside does throughout all of Amy Dudman, Professor Jim McKay, and Mrs. Canada. Most admirable is that the building of this Carolyn Parker. Although it is newsworthy to tell school has been done by the heroic efforts of you about the new teachers, there is a bigger, many– all who share a common vision of restoring richer, story with regard to our staff: the return of and rebuilding the grandeur, richness and spiritual our dedicated veteran elementary teachers: Miss Jill Vanderhulst, Mrs. Rosalie Verkin, Miss Martha Marrocco, and Miss Ceara Corker y. Despite remuneration that is significantly less than their peers teaching at other schools (with no benefit package), Wayside Academy’s returning staff have stood the test of time, remaining faithful and steadfast to the vision of the school and the families that Wayside serves. This year, we especiall y celebrat e t he accomplishments of the longest standing staff member in Wayside’s history, Miss Jill Vanderhulst, -2-

Andrew Kern with Adam Parker

essentials of Christendom. How so much has come from such a humble endeavour suc h as Wayside Academy can only be a testament to God Himself.

“our reliance on fundraising and donations has increased from approximately $120,000 per year to this year’s great challenge of $180,000!”

With all of the good that is happening within the walls of Wayside Academy, we still have our challenges. Despite the blessing of new families joining Wayside this school year (and more on the way), our enrolment has decreased for the first time in many years. This means that our reliance on fund-raising and donations has increased from approximately $120,000 per year to this year’s great challenge of $180,000! Frankly, although we have worked very hard to build this school to the success that it is, we need your help more than

ever to build up what He is calling us to do. Please offer what you can. We are humbled to know that our existence is reliant on the generosity, support and goodwill of so many. With hard work, continual prayer and your e c o n o m i c s u p p o r t Wa y s i d e Academy will continue to prosper well into the future! Pax,

Adam Parker, Principal

Our Returning Staff Miss Mar tha Marrocco Mrs. Ca therine Ward

ra Miss Cea ry e Cork

Miss Jill lst Vanderhu

n Father Jea n o il P e rr Pie

F at h e r Dam ian Smull en


Mrs. Rosa lie Verkin

Introducing our New Staff

Mr. Nathan Freeman High School Arts & Latin Teacher

Along with his teaching experience and teaching awards, Mr. Freeman is fluent in seven languages and has three master degrees: German Studies (University of Kentucky), Classics (University of Kentucky) and Christian Thought (Reformed Theological Seminary).

In the midst of all of my education, which has taken me around the world and back again, I have never lost sight of my goal: to be involved in a truly great classical education. You might well imagine then my delight at being

Mr. Podkowa has a master degree in biochemistry (University of Western Ontario) and a bachelor degree in education (University of Toronto). He has eagerly taken on the challenge of building our high school math and science program. Mr. Krzysztof Podkowa High School Math & Science Teacher

When I first arrived at Wayside Academy, a few things struck me right away: a joyous atmosphere; a strong sense of community; and above all I was amazed that the children prayed the Angelus at noon--a good part of it in Latin! On my next visit I saw the whole school participating in the choir; not just

asked to teach at Wayside Academy, an institution unlike any other that I know of. It is pristine in its academic goals, and pure in its nurture of souls. The point where these two cross is virtue, and that is the primary focus of the school. Whether it be in regard to the theological virtues of faith and love, or the intellectual virtues of keen and discerning minds, Wayside is exceptional. I truly believe that the education at Wayside Academy represents an avant garde. It is my belief that Wayside Academy is and shall be the paradigm for emulation of both primary and secondary education in the future, not only for Catholics, but for all who have even a remote desire to rediscover the beautiful, the good and the true. This is the mission to which God has called us. It is my pleasure to serve in the capacity in which I have been called.

Miss Amy Dudman Grade 7 & 8 Teacher

Having the flexibility to explore teachable moments as they occur and to fully integrate our students’ studies across subject areas are just a few of the many and exceptional benefits of

standing there, but performing beautiful music! Although I knew my workload this year was to be substantial, I was convinced I was going to a good place. After two months of teaching at the school, I only hope that my students have learned as much from me as I have from them. Please do not misunderstand; I am not trying to idolize my students. I simply think that they are excellent young people and it is a pleasure to work with them. Lastly and most importantly, it gives me joy to see the students having strong convictions about their faith. It is astounding to see the maturity of their faith. They will be tried and tested, I am certain of that, but the foundation they receive in their homes and at this school, will surely help them overcome the trials and make them great leaders wherever their paths may lead.


Miss Dudman has a master degree in European Archaeology (Oxford University, UK), as well as a bachelor degree in education (Trent Univer sity). She also brings a passion and talent in the visual arts.

Professor Jim McKay Sacred Music Director

Professor McKay is a renowned conductor, as well as a professional bassoonist. Mr. McKay was the Chair of the Depar tment of Music Performance Studies in the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario. He has been music director of the Hamilton Symphony for the past 17 years.

The first performance of the Wayside Choir singing for Mass at St. Mary's Church in Campbellford was a

teaching the Classical curriculum here at Wayside. Ever y day I spend with the students, my c o l l e a g u e s , a n d m e m b e r s o f t h e Wa y s i d e c o m m u n i t y, I l e a r n va l u a b l e l e s s o n s a b o u t teaching, about people, and about what it means to live life in a manner that truly celebrates our Faith and the greatness of Our Heavenly Father. Needless to say, I look for ward to each day at Wayside with enthusiasm and an open heart and mind. It is my hope that this wonderful institution will continue to grow and welcome more students and their families into our community.

wonderful experience. The choir performed brilliantly after only three weeks of rehearsals! I am sure that the Holy Spirit was with us on that Sunday as He was with me when I first encountered the Wayside choir last spring. I was introduced to Mr. Parker on another occasion and having learned that I was a retired professor of music and an administrator for 40 years at York and Western universities, Mr. Parker asked me if I could assist the choir at Wayside. I agreed to attend a choir rehearsal last May where I intended simply to listen. Immediately their spirit captured mine! I know of no other non-choir school that has the entire student body from Grades 1 to 12 performing sacred music as a choir once a week! I consider myself most fortunate to be with you for the greater glory of praising the Lord with music!


Introducing our New Staff

Mrs. Carolyn Parker Elementary Science Teacher

Mrs. Parker has a bachelor degree in science (Trent University) and experience teaching in the USA and homeschooling. She is the creator and author of Wa yside’s unique elementary science curriculum. Carolyn also played a major role in the recent review and compilation of our curriculum document.

Let me share with you one typical month in our elementary science program. Six Grade 1 & 2 students happily march out the back doors of this humble school, and on into the vegetable gardens. We proceed to dig up a spadeful of soil; we all lie on our stomachs in the sunshine, discuss and draw what we see – rich earth, ivory coloured roots, a few ants, a tiny snail, many earthworm tunnels and, yes, a few earthworms! We collect six worms, and traipse back to the classroom (not forgetting to genuflect as we pass by the chapel). Inside, the students encircle a round table, each with their own juicy earthworm on a pie pan, their nature journal, a pencil and a hand lens. We then


proceed to talk about what we see and feel. There are many expressive outbursts! Even the outbursts verging on disgust are easily turned into “scientific observation” with a little gentle nudging. It is then time to “record” what has been observed into their nature journals. The next day we read a few whimsical stories which “trick” the children into learning about the life of an earthworm. Later, we read a poem or two about the earthworm, and we watch as they tunnel through soil in Mason jars. We share many questions and thoughts about these lowly farmers God has given us. How, some of you may ask, can this pass as “science”? If one stops to consider what “real” science is all about, in a nut shell it consists primarily of asking, observing, recording, classifying, and experimenting. And, in an age appropriate way, our scientists are subtly learning how to do all these things by ‘messing about’ with God’s creatures - without text books, movies, or smart boards, without fancy equipment, without dull homework or tears – just some dirt, a worm, a hand lens and a few quality pieces of literature…and six (I mean seven) curious minds! If we do not nurture our children's natural curiosity, wonder and excitement towards God's creation, how can we expect them to become excellent scientists? And all this to His glory.

Academic Successes We celebrate the academic successes of two members of our school. Mr. Will Pemberton, who taught the high school arts at Wayside for many years and now serves on Wayside’s Board of Directors, was recently awarded the most prestigious award for graduating honours students at Trent University: the Symons Medal. Mr. Pemberton has catapulted his academic career into

the renowned Medieval Doctorate program at the University of Toronto. Heather Mason, the first high school graduate from Wayside Academy in 2007, has advanced upon her bachelor degree at Trent University by beginning graduate studies at the prestigious University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Why Wayside really went

You may have recently seen Wayside Academy in a Many of our interviewers were stunned by our variety of national, regional and local media reports as approach towards minimizing (but not eliminating) the we were noted as being the “second school in Ontario exposure of our students to the virtual world. As we to go WiFi-free.” look to ourselves Regardless, t he and the world real stor y with around us, we can “we focus our pursuits on things that are real: Wayside Academy see how easy it is personal contact, engaging in the natural is not that we to misuse the virtual world and delving into excellent literature” decided to world and how this eliminate WiFi from misuse leads to a our school solely disconnection – because of the potential health risks, rather our school instead of a connection – with the world and our does not allow students to use any electronic device purpose in it. And as we gaze, day after day, at the during school hours. Instead, we focus our pursuits on joyful faces of the children in the halls of Wayside things that are real: personal contact, engaging in the Academy, we can see that our approach is not leaving natural world and delving into excellent literature. them ‘the worse for wear’!

24 hour Adoration for Mrs. Kaczmarek On September 28th, due to the worsening condition of Anna Kaczmarek, mother of three Wayside students, the staff and students with the support of Fr. Pilon and other priests decided to undertake a 24 hour Adoration on behalf of the severely ill Mrs. Kaczmarek. High school students and devoted teachers remained at the school and kept vigil through the entire night and into the morning. Parents, friends and volunteers also participated throughout the night. Principal Adam Parker, who was with the Kaczmarek family at the hospital said that when the Adoration began a strong spiritual presence could be felt in the ICU hospital room and that Anna began to warm and regain colour. Prior to this, the doctors had been preparing the family for Anna’s death. During their time at the school for the vigil, the students were joyful to take part in Adoration and went well



beyond their duty as young Catholics to pray. This is another testimony to the spiritual formation young men and women receive at Wayside Academy. Mrs. Kaczmarek continues to battle in the Palliative Care ward of the Peterborough Regional Hospital with a cancer that the doctors refer to as ‘terminal’. Five weeks ago, the doctors predicted that Anna had only days, not weeks, to live. Please join us in prayer for Mrs. Kaczmarek and her most faithful family.


All Saints’ Day

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