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Nuqaq sutiyqa Bethani, kay universidadpi yachaquq kani. Kunan “Folklor” nisqata, qhishwa simita ima estudiasani. Qhishwata iskay watataña yachakuni, mana ancha sasachu, ichaqa kay simiqa kusichiwanchis yachakunqanchisman jina. Kay semestreqa, “Andean Music Ensemble” nisqatapis yachakusallanitaq. Kay clasepi zampuñata,

Imaynalla kasankichis!

tarqata, qinata ima waqachinchis, chantapis tucanchis charankuta, guitarrata, bumbuta, tukuy imata. Kay jamuq Octubre killapi, “llank’aqkunaq qhatunpi” nuqa tukuy ima puquchisqaykuta vindisaq. Chaymanri jamunqanku “Andean Music Ensemble” nisqa yachakuqkuna, chaypi paykuna tocanqanku takinqanku ima, sumaq jatun raymipi jina. Chayrayku tukuy runa jamunkichis sábado 29 de Octubre, jatun “fiesta” nisqaman. Bethani Turley, Senior, Comparative Studies, Andean and Amazonian Studies minor

Daniel Rodriguez Publishes an Anthology Ohio State undergraduate Daniel B. Rodriguez has a passion for writing. Fueled by a grant from the Ohio State Second-Year Transformational Experi­ ence Program (STEP), Daniel directed his

passion towards writing and published his first book. His STEP proposal was approved in spring 2015, and over the next year Daniel planned, wrote and created the book. The Peregrine Muse

is a self-published collection of stories and poetry, offering reflections on life and the array of emotions that it inspires.

Excerpts: "There is a certain sort of intangible beauty in the emptiness of a blank page. In that moment before ink taints the fibers, there exists no order or reason or thought. Only possibility, immaculate and raw. Once a word appears, suddenly the dynamic of everything is intrinsically changed… and writing then becomes like dancing. It turns elegant as it flows from the mind into matter, from an idea into a syllable into a sentence into a page. Every style is different, each writer waltzing to a tune all their own. They compose the meter and conduct the plot, transforming their words into the notes of a lovely song."


"Naturally, none of this would be possible without inspiration, as the music would end before it even began. To say that a muse is 'peregrine' is to say that even the most wandering thought has the potential to be beautiful, to inspire a troubled yet luminous art. It is these such ideas that gave birth to the stories and poems contained within these bindings." The Peregrine Muse can be purchased online at

Autumn 2016  

"Experiences and Realities" ¿Que Pasa, Ohio State? Making space for Latinx Scholarship and Community

Autumn 2016  

"Experiences and Realities" ¿Que Pasa, Ohio State? Making space for Latinx Scholarship and Community