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Choose a photograph Choose one photograph that you find interesting. Photographer Yuval Tebol

Title Netanya – 2007

Content the subject of the photograph

Describe what you see in the photograph briefly A boy in an elevator looking out over a street and a beach.

Why did you select this photograph? Because of the format and the curiosity that boy has and conveys to the viewer.

Why do you think the photographer took this photograph? What are they trying to say? What does it suggest about the things photographed? Because the boy is doing a thing adults don’t usually do. It suggests a family on holyday, they’re going back to the hotel room and the son wants to be at the beach.

Techniques light, colour, depth of field, aperture

How does the light or lighting affect the photograph? Is it direct or diffused? Where is it coming from? The photograph is underexposed and has an added bluish hue. This gives a bit more of a colder and darker atmosphere. Diffused, it is daylight.

What does the depth of field in the photograph tell you about the photographer’s selection of aperture? Do you think a fast or slow shutter speed has been selected on purpose, to create movement or mood? If so, how? There is a slight depth of field. We think the aperture is big because the shutter speed was fast. There’s no movement in the photo .

How much contrast can you see in the photograph? Are there strong blacks and whites with few greys or mid-tones (high contrast)? Or is the image soft in tone, mostly grey or mid-tones (low contrast)? How can you tell if a colour image is high or low contrast? The photo has low contrast. If there’s a big difference between the blacks and the whites.

If the photograph you have chosen is in colour, does the colour tell you anything about the time of day that the photograph was shot and if saturated colour is used, what is its effect for the image? Yes, it’s in the afternoon because of the long shadows of the objects and the yellow color of the light. There’s a saturated color of blue over the whole photograph except the boy and it focuses attention on the boy.

Composition the way subjects are placed within the frame of a photograph Look at the composition (the way the picture is framed or cropped). Are there any angles in the photograph? Is the subject shot close-up or from a distance? Is the picture balanced and symmetrical? Are there strong shapes, angles or repetition in the photograph? The shot is overall symmetrical but not completely, there are different objects that are placed besides the central figure (the boy) to balance the widescreen image. The curve of the beach in the upper left corner is balanced by the buggy in the lower right corner. Because of the widescreen format the vanishing points are distorted so the vertical lines diverge.

So, how does the photographer’s choice of where and how to place subjects within the frame affect the impact of the image? It is a rigid composition because of the symmetry but it is balanced out by the somewhat playful (round) corner elements

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Ejercicio 1  
Ejercicio 1  

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