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Smaller Area to Clean? Use the SD-7R from Victor. Simply engineered for greater reliability and lower repair costs. For a free demonstration or for more information please call 0121 765 2345.

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Study highlights hygiene risks in hospitals To help raise awareness about the importance of hand hygiene in healthcare settings, SCA - together with RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) - has shared new research looking at the prevalence of bacteria found within patient surroundings. The two-year study involved SCA researchers, healthcare institutions and research institutes. The study was sponsored by Vinnova, the Swedish government agency responsible for promoting sustainable growth through innovation, and looked at textiles and surfaces in patient surroundings as possible sources of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Using DNA sampling, researchers examined the bacterial community found on surfaces in the patient’s immediate surroundings which include: textiles, such as privacy curtains or bedding in neonatal incubators; patient bed guardrails; and floors in patient wards, toilets and showers. The examined surfaces harboured a wide variety of bacteria, some of which are potential pathogens and can lead to infections. The findings emphasise the need for proper hand hygiene at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ‘5th Moment for Hand Hygiene’. Unfortunately, according to the American

“Our study shows that patient-near surfaces can harbour potentially pathogenic bacteria - proper hand hygiene after contact with surfaces can help prevent crosscontamination and potentially help reduce HAIs.” Journal of Infection Control, hand hygiene compliance in healthcare settings tends to be the lowest for the 5th moment. Only 60% of healthcare workers clearly recognise and follow this step. “Our study shows that patient-near surfaces can harbour potentially pathogenic bacteria - proper hand hygiene after contact with surfaces can help prevent cross-contamination and potentially help reduce HAIs,” said Birgitta Bergström, Msc, microbiology and hygiene at RISE Agrifood and Bioscience. In an earlier three-year study with 16 hospitals supported by the Tork brand, 60% of healthcare workers considered dispenser placement as a main contributor to better compliance for long-term results. “Our study has shown that it is

important to look at hand hygiene moments from the healthcare worker perspective and tasks, making it as easy as possible to comply with the five moments, and also including easy access and logical placement of dispensers - a small change that can have a big impact,” said Carolyn Berland, senior scientist R&D, SCA. The Tork skincare dispensers used in the study are a part of the overall hand hygiene offering for healthcare. Given how crucial frequent hand hygiene praxis is amongst healthcare workers, the selection of sanitising and soap products is optimised to be as gentle, efficient and quick to use as possible. To encourage compliance and help prevent infection spread, Tork recommends the following actions: • Educate staff and visitors

about the importance of the 5th moment in hand hygiene. • Have clear, detailed routines for cleaning patient areas. • Clean patient textiles frequently and consider when disposable textiles can be helpful. • Improve compliance by using Tork dispenser placement recommendations for healthcare facilities. • Visit the WHO’s World Hand Hygiene Day global campaign site: According to WHO, HAIs remain a major problem. Good hand hygiene is widely considered the single most important method of reducing these infections. Therefore each year the WHO, with the help of Private Organisations for Patient Safety (POPS) participants, highlights the importance of hand hygiene on the World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5. SCA is a proud participant of this programme. “Healthcare workers are busy people trying hard to protect their patients’ health,” continued Carolyn Berland. “They need and deserve our support to be able to perform hand hygiene quickly and easily when needed. World Hand Hygiene Day can give these professionals an added boost in the difficult task of maintaining high compliance.” l JUNE 2017 l 3


Lyreco: investment in storage solution leads to increased efficiencies A £250,000 overhaul of the storage system at one of the UK’s leading providers of workplace supplies has increased capacity, improved pick accuracy rates and boosted productivity by up to 25% in the first months of operation. Lyreco, which serves customers across the UK via next-day delivery from its 50,000m2 warehouse in Telford, Shropshire, can now hold three times as many product lines within the equivalent footprint, thanks to its new vertical storage system. The automated system involves three towering Kardex XP500 machines, reaching up to 12m in height, allowing storage in vertical

The vertical storage solution at Lyreco that has increased productivity and efficiency. space that was not previously utilised. It features 300 trays, measuring 2850 x 864mm, which can cope with

loads of up to 360kg that are picked and delivered directly to the operator at an ergonomic height and dramatically reducing walking distances. The major investment in capacity supports Lyreco’s core vision to be a complete workplace solution for its customers. Richard Taylor, manager of the national distribution centre, said: “We were looking for a solution that would let us increase our capacity whilst allowing us to maintain the very high service levels we already offer to our customers. We are very proud of our picking accuracy rates and ability to deliver ‘on time, in full’ and this investment allows us to

hold more product lines without compromise. Efficiency has been improved, and the reduction in walking distances and delivery of the product to the operator at waist height has improved the working environment for our employees.” Taylor added that the new equipment also offers more opportunities for Lyreco to enhance its offer by expanding its range of workplace supplies and its ‘hold and ship’ bespoke lines for specific customers. “Procurement specialists are now looking for a more complete logistical solution,” he said. “We recognise this from the high street names and brands we already support across a range of sectors in-

cluding retail, construction and public. They want to order their office stationary at the same time as PPE, hygiene products or even product lines bespoke to their business. Increasing the available storage space using a vertical storage system means we have more capacity to expand our ranges and carry more product lines, enabling our customers to order anything and everything they need in one single transaction. We believe that this investment demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement here at Lyreco with the needs of the customer at the heart of what we do.”

Golden Service Awards 2018 open for entries The Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Awards 2018 will launch its entry process on Thursday 1 June. The awards have evolved to further drive innovation and the continuous improvement of standards in the cleaning industry that deliver optimal results. Kimberly-Clark Professional is launching a newlook Golden Service Awards for 2018. “After 25 years hosting the Golden Service

Awards, the event has evolved to play a pivotal role in the industry,” said Peter Oliver, general manager UK, Ireland and France, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “To ensure that the awards continue to meet customer and business needs of tomorrow and drive innovation, we have re-focused the event on core industry areas.” The event will take place on 8 March 2018 at The London Hilton Park Lane.

Awards in 14 categories will be presented recognising excellence across healthcare, office, education, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, environmental, and training sectors. The Cleaning Operative and Supervisor of the Year awards will conclude the proceedings. Diversey Care is confirmed as gold sponsor with RPC bpi refuse confirmed as an ambassador sponsor. The British Institute of Cleaning

Science (BICSc) will independently oversee the judging process which will begin in September with the paper judging stage. Site visits will take place in October and November, again managed by BICSc. Stan Atkins, CEO, BICSc, said: “To stand out this year, you have to demonstrate quality across all areas but most importantly staff training and development alongside a dedication to the

consistent quality and continual raising of standards. As judges, we will be looking for clear achievement of excellence and not just if entry specifications are met. The size of the business is not part of the criteria, but a high quality of standards and service is.” To enter the Golden Service Awards download the online form from www.goldenserviceawards.

46% of fast-food and takeaway outlets fail the hygiene test Research conducted by has revealed the hygiene ratings of independent fast-food and takeaway outlets within a one-mile radius of 22 different towns and cities across the UK. Fast-food and takeaway outlets have become a staple feature of many towns and city centres across the UK. Aside from the convenience and price of fast food, it’s often the ambience and authenticity that these outlets embody that entices customers. With such ‘influences’ swaying customers, they often overlook or forget to consider the hygiene and cleanliness of the outlets they choose to eat from. uk identified pizza, kebab, 4 l JUNE 2017 l

chicken, Chinese, Indian, and fish and chips as the most popular cuisines for fastfood and takeaway as the

base for its study. The hygiene ratings for each outlet were verified using the Food Standards Agency website.

Overall a total of 643 independent fast-food and takeaway outlets were reviewed for the research. Major cities such as Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester have a high proportion of independent outlets within a one-mile radius of their city centres that have a hygiene rating of ‘1Major Improvement Necessary’. Moreover, in cities like Leeds and Norwich, most of the fast-food outlets have a hygiene rating of ‘3 - Generally Satisfactory’. Filip Mijatov, managing director of, said: “Whilst the majority of independent fast-food and takeaway outlets are excelling at maintaining hygiene at the heart of their operations,

there are many others which are failing to do so. With consumers putting a lot of faith and consciously supporting their independent outlets to thrive, hygiene should certainly be a high priority. Independent outlets should repay the faith by ensuring all aspects of their processes are carefully monitored and thoroughly looked after to constantly achieve high standards. Consumers obviously expect the quality of food and condition of the outlets they eat from to be at the very least satisfactory, those outlets failing to even meet this basic level should be actively working hard to improve their standards.” www.

OUR SCRUBBER DRIERS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. JUST LIKE THE FLOORS WE CLEAN. Packed with clever features, Kärcher scrubber driers don’t just scrub and dry brilliantly. They save operator time with AutoFill and AutoRinse functions; reduce chemical costs with DOSE detergent metering system; save up to 20% water and electricity with eco!efficiency mode and prevent mistakes with the KIK* system by locking down machine parameters or giving operator instructions in their native language. Available with disc or roller technology, with micro-machines smaller than a domestic upright vacuum cleaner to ride-on machines capable of cleaning four international football pitches an hour - whatever you need to clean, there’s a Kärcher for you. To find out more about how Kärcher can make a difference to your business please call: 01295 752142 or email:

* Kärcher Intelligent Key


Rentokil Pest Control awarded Queen’s Award for Enterprise Rentokil Initial plc’s Rentokil Pest Control business has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade. The Queen’s Award celebrates enterprise and business excellence, and is the UK’s highest accolade for business success. It consists of a Grant of Appointment, which is awarded for five years. Her Majesty The Queen publicly announced the winners at

the end of April in the London Gazette. In summary: • Rentokil’s international pest control revenues increased by 73% between 2010 and 2015, and in 2016 total ongoing revenues (inc. UK) grew by 25.9%. • Rentokil has expanded its pest control operations significantly in North America, Latin and Central America, Middle East, Asia, and Pacific over the last three years.

• Rentokil’s depth of expertise and global experience has seen the business win some of the most prestigious pest control contracts including the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games. • Innovation and the development of differentiated products have been integral to its success. Recent innovations include Lumnia (the first commercial range of LED fly control units), RapidPro (fastest-acting bait

for mouse infestations) and PestConnect (digital pest control for 24/7 monitoring and fast response). Andy Ransom, chief executive of Rentokil Initial plc, said: “We are extremely proud to receive the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Being acknowledged in this way is a fantastic achievement and is testament to the hard work and commitment of our colleagues across the world. Rentokil is an outstanding

business and has grown significantly over recent years, strengthening our position as global leaders in pest control through a relentless focus on innovation, digital services and the expertise of our people. The business has great opportunities to continue its success with multiple drivers of growth and increasing demand around our international markets.”

ISS receives highest rating on world's best outsourcers list For the fifth year in a row, ISS has achieved the highest possible rating on the IAOP Outsourcing Top 100 list. Every year IAOP, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, releases a ranking of global outsourcing companies across all industries, and again this year ISS, a global leading facility services provider, received 5 stars the highest rating possible. “We have a vision of becoming the world’s greatest service organisation, and receiving five stars in IAOP’s rating is a testament that we are moving in the right direction,” said ISS Group CEO, Jeff Gravenhorst. “I

would like to thank my 494,232 colleagues globally who continuously deliver service performance with a human touch, facilitating our

customers’ purpose and working on making us the world’s greatest service organisation.” The evaluation of the 2017 Global Outsourcing Top 100 companies are based on a rigorous scoring methodology that includes an independent review by a panel of IAOP appointed judges. The judging committee all have extensive experience in selecting outsourcing service providers and advisors for their organisations. This year, ISS can add a Super Star title to the rating. IAOP has added Super Star recognitions for companies attaining the ‘All Star’ list for receiving a star in all five

judging categories, and ‘Sustained Excellence’ list for companies achieving the top100 or top 20 lists for five years or more, both of which ISS lives up to. ISS also stands out with maximum score - 8 out of 8 - in the categories Customer References, Awards and Certifications, and CSR. “As a responsible company with focus on providing great customer experiences, I am very pleased that we are being honoured for our commitment in these areas,” continued Gravenhorst. “Being a responsible employer and a positive contributor to society have been fundamental to our

business in the 116 years we’ve existed and will continue to be so going forward.” Matthew Brabin, CEO ISS UK and Ireland, said: “It’s thanks to each and every one of our people in the UK and Ireland for their efforts in helping us to achieve this record-breaking accolade. It’s our collective belief that we can - and will - make a difference by adhering to our ethos of delivering service excellence at all points.” ISS overall score was 7.24 out of a maximum of 8. The average overall score for the Global Outsourcing 100 list was 4.81.

Diversey Care acquires Daylight Medical UVC disinfection portfolio Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division has announced it has acquired the UVC disinfection portfolio of Daylight Medical, a manufacturer of innovative medical devices. The portfolio acquired includes UVC disinfectant technologies designed to disinfect rooms, surfaces, non-critical equipment, and devices. Daylight’s solutions are noted for their innovative, portable and affordable design, allowing safe and targeted dosing of UVC light to quickly and effectively kill harmful pathogens, including bacteria and C. difficile. The agreement also gives Diversey Care access to a robust innovation pipeline. “When combined with consistent and proper manual cleaning and disinfection, UVC disinfection technology has the power to reduce the spread of pathogens that can cause dangerous infections,” said Dr. Ilham Kadri, president, Diversey Care. “Daylight’s innovations are a synergistic fit with our existing infection prevention platform, which includes key innovations such as Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP)-based disinfectants. Adjunct technologies, such as these no-touch disinfection devices, will allow all facilities concerned with preventing infection, from hospitals to schools to airports, to add an additional level of assurance to their existing protocols.” Included in the acquisition are the MoonBeam3 UVC disinfection system, and the Sky 6Xi and 7Xi devices. The MoonBeam3 is a lightweight, portable device designed for area, room and noncritical equipment disinfection. The device has three articulating arms designed to optimise the UVC dose delivered to surfaces. The Sky 6Xi and 7Xi are designed for tablet and phone disinfection, an important source of risk which needs to be addressed as usage of these devices increases for staff, visitors and patients. These compact devices can be placed around the facility, making it easy and convenient to effectively remove pathogens from mobile devices. “Daylight’s easy-to-use technologies allow for highly effective disinfection at the lowest overall cost, enabling facilities to incorporate these devices into daily cleaning and disinfection protocols with minimal training,” said Peter Botten, owner, Daylight Medical. “We’re thrilled that this technology will be incorporated into Diversey’s portfolio of infection prevention solutions because we recognise that partnering with an infection prevention leader can provide the mechanism to bring this valuable technology to facilities across the world.” 6 l JUNE 2017 l

NJC listed in ‘1000 companies to inspire Britain’ report NJC (Not Just Cleaning) has been identified as one of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. The report is a celebration of the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses across the UK. Paul Crilly, managing director of NJC, said: “We are thrilled to be listed by the London Stock Exchange as one of the most inspiring and fast growing SMEs in the UK. This prestigious recognition is testament to the dedication and commitment of our whole team, combined with our integrated self-delivery and industry leading reporting.” Xavier Rolet, chief executive, London Stock Exchange Group, said: “The fourth edition of the ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ report continues to highlight the dynamic, entrepreneurial and ambitious businesses across the country that are boosting UK productivity, driving economic growth and creating jobs. The strength and diversity of these companies is readily apparent with a broad mix of UK regions and sectors represented. These companies are the very heart of an ‘anti-fragile’ economy: more robust; more flexible and less prone to boom and bust.”


ICE are currently looking for experienced engineers across the UK.

As a Field Service Engineer for ICE, you will be expected to:

✓ Provide quality support to our customers through courteous and knowledgeable

communication ✓ Ensure all jobs are attended to and repairs completed within the contracted service

level agreement ✓ Update all jobs in “real time” on our central database system ✓ Provide accurate and detailed reports upon every site visit ✓ Ensure all company & customer procedures are understood & adhered to ✓ Ordering parts via our Service Smart Lite portal ✓ Maintain the highest standard or service and repair to machinery

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV to 0800 085 4384 @ICEcleanltd


British Institute of Cleaning Science

Making a margin: a contractor’s blog

The benefits of daytime cleaning

Don’t you just love IT?

Stan Atkins, CEO of BICSc, reports. As cost reduction continues to be a major focus for the cleaning industry, daytime cleaning is emerging as an effective way for organisations to reduce costs from the bottom line. In the commercial sector, out of hours cleaning is typically used to avoid disruption in the workplace but did you know that cleaning during the day can have many benefits for your workers and your business? As the cost of utility bills continues to rise, daytime cleaning can be an easy way for a business to reduce its operating costs. When cleaning operatives are onsite during normal business hours, fewer rooms need to be lit up and heated outside of the core business hours. Not only does this make a significant reduction to energy costs but it also benefits the environment with the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Cleaning during the day has also been shown to improve the productivity of workers as well as create a more positive workplace culture. When cleaning takes place outside of office hours the cleaning team often becomes invisible to the rest of the workforce. Working during the day improves communication between cleaning operatives and the rest of the workforce, allowing them to build relationships and ultimately gain more respect and understanding of their tasks. Workplace culture can also be improved when the cleaning team can use the same facilities and benefits as daytime workers, giving them a greater sense of value and making them feel like they belong as part of the team - which can ultimately improve staff retention and motivation. However, it’s not just workplace culture than can be improved with the introduction of daytime cleaning programmes. According to ‘The Health Survey for England 2013’, night workers are more likely to report general ill-health, have a higher body mass index (BMI) and increased incidence of chronic diseases and illnesses such as diabetes and cancer. This research would suggest that making the switch to daytime cleaning could have many health benefits for your workers as well as reduce overall absence levels. Innovation in cleaning equipment is now making it easier for more businesses to successfully introduce daytime cleaning while minimising disruption for other workers. For example, microfibre cleaning cloths allow cleaning operatives to clean surfaces faster and more safely as less environmentally unfriendly chemical products are needed. In addition, new innovations such as cordless vacuum cleaners, with low-noise technology, not only make cleaning quieter and less intrusive but it has become safer and more efficient. So how can you successfully introduce daytime cleaning to your workplace? Introducing an effective daytime cleaning programme will often require a culture change amongst employees, particularly at senior levels. Communicating the programme effectively and educating senior leadership as well as your clients on the benefits will play a key role in the programme’s ultimate success. For further information and technical support from the British Institute of Cleaning Science, visit: 8 l JUNE 2017 l

Simon Gasson, joint managing director of So Clean Cleaning and Support Services, reports. People often say about So Clean that we’re a relatively youthful outfit - both field management and back office. This has a very clear benefit - everyone embraces IT. Our staff use it in their personal lives and they’re equally enthusiastic about technology when they come to work. I’m grateful for this for two reasons. Firstly, because in the last 12 months we’ve had a major push towards electronic data storage, and secondly because we use our contract management software, TemplaCMS, for pretty much all routine business tasks, right the way from payroll and accounts to stores ordering and one-off work . With their iPhones, iPads and network access, our area managers are all set up as mobile offices, enabling them to carry out operational tasks on their mobile devices that were previously paper-based, like timesheets, standards audits and job costings. Apart from anything else this means they waste far less time coming to the office. I’m not saying they weren’t productive when they came in, and of course everyone enjoys a bit of banter, but they’re busy enough as it is and what’s the point of driving 50 miles to do paperwork that can be done electronically on-site or at home and synched to the network when they’re next online? If I’ve got anything bad to say about working in the digital world, it’s actually to do with the way email sometimes replaces human interaction in a negative way. We’ve had one or two instances recently where scheduled client meetings were replaced by an email with a list of queries, niggles and requirements going forward. Now depending on the writer’s understanding of an issue, or even just the style in which it’s written, an email can easily take on a tone that comes across to the recipient as cold and critical, often unintentionally. This can lead to a knee-jerk reply and things can escalate from there. The problem is that whereas in a face to face meeting or a telephone call, issues can usually be resolved through explanation and discussion, with email it’s different. I once read a piece of well-known research which said that 7% of a message was derived from the words, 38% from the intonation, and 55% from facial expression or body language. In other words, the vast majority of communication is not conveyed by words alone. To address this, we’re now coaching our managers on how to approach such emails, which basically boils down to picking up the phone and speaking to the client first to clarify issues before sending a written response! So, do we love IT? Yes of course we do. We just need to remember it’s a tool that needs to be used intelligently and that personal rapport in business remains very valuable.

Jangro proud to pay the Living Wage Jangro has received accreditation as a Living Wage Employer. The Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at Jangro, regardless of whether they are direct employees or third-party contracted staff, receive a minimum hourly wage of £8.45 in the UK or £9.75 in London. Both of these rates are significantly higher than the statutory minimum for over 25s of £7.50 per hour introduced in April 2017. The real Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, and employers choose to pay the real Living Wage on a voluntary basis. Jangro operations director, Joanne Gilliard, said: “We are committed to fair pay that reflects the real cost of living. The dedicated team that works at Jangro is our greatest business asset, and

accreditation as a Living Wage Employer means we are fairly reflecting their hard work and the value that they bring to our business, and to our customers. Being a Living Wage Employer is vital to maintaining a strong, motivated team.” Director of the Living Wage Foundation, Katherine Chapman, said: “We welcome Jangro to the Living Wage movement as an accredited

employer. Responsible businesses across the UK are voluntarily signing up to pay the real Living Wage now. The real Living Wage rate is annually calculated to reflect the real costs of living. We are a movement of over 3000 UK employers who together want to go further than the government minimum to make sure all their staff earn enough to live on."


The partnership approach to waste management We all like something that makes life that little bit easier and when facilities management companies are asked to handle areas such as waste management and recycling, a partnership with a specialist waste provider can be the best approach. Here, Steve Hill, area sales manager at Grundon Waste Management, outlines the benefits that can be achieved and advises on what to look for when choosing the right partner. Waste management can often fall under the remit of facilities management companies but for them, staying on top of all the latest waste legislation and regulations can be a tough challenge. For this reason, many choose to work with a specialist waste provider, enabling them to concentrate on what they do best, safe in the knowledge that compliance and waste management services are being taken care of. The right partner Choosing the right waste management partner is essential and this checklist provides a good starting point: • Make sure your supplier has all the necessary accreditations and standards. • Review the services they offer and ask if they will be able to provide the full range of solutions your customers are likely to need, for example: food waste; glass and plastic segregation; cardboard and paper segregation; and confidential shredding. • Is there evidence that they help their customers to achieve environmental goals such as zero waste to landfill? • Will they help provide training for your customers and their staff? • Can they provide audits and statistics on a regular basis? • Look for strong testimonials. • Ask your peers if they have a good reputation. • Are they committed to innovation and customer service? • Do they take a hands-on approach? • Have they won awards? • How do they manage their own environmental reputation? • Hill they be a good fit with your organisation? Meet and greet A good partner will take the time to get to know you and your customers. Providing a waste management service is about more than just the mechanics of the job, it is about understanding customers’ priorities and helping to meet them. Some customers may want to achieve financial savings by in-

creasing the amount of material sent for recycling or reprocessing; others may be keen on new ideas to reduce the amount of waste they generate. Diverting waste away from landfill is often a key target, for example by increasing the amount sent to Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities, where it is used to generate renewable electricity. As experts in the industry, we can advise on such issues. A critical part of successful waste management is employee engagement, making it easy for staff to recycle as many different types of materials as possible. Look for a waste management partner that will help with engaging employees and provide training and advice on ideas such as setting up a ‘Green Team’ of employees or holding Waste Awareness Days. At Grundon, we regularly work with our facilities management partners and directly with their customers to organise training and events, making sure they have clear communications about the goals they want to achieve and the necessary containers and information in place to help them succeed. Often, we invite facilities management providers and their customers to see for themselves the way we handle waste through our joint venture Lakeside Energy from Waste facility and our Materials Recovery Facilities. We find doing so really helps them to understand more about the importance of recycling and reprocessing and think about what can be achieved. Innovation and service

Compliance and statistics Compliance in waste management is critical, as any organisation which falls foul of Environment Agency legislation risks both a fine and damage to their reputation. It is the waste management company’s responsibility to ensure compliance and they should have the expertise to help customers do the same. Statistics are an essential part of the waste management service as customers need to know that the ideas they are implementing are making a difference. Always try to work with a waste management provider who will share the raw data and statistics which demonstrate improvements and show where further work is needed. With such information in place, organisations can then shout about the news - showing employees how their efforts are really helping. Do you like them? At the end of the day, we all want to work with partners that we know we will get along with. As an independent family-owned business, strong relationships are at the heart of our values and we’re delighted that our partners and customers feel the same. To find out more about our services, please visit or visit Stand R1100 at The Facilities Show 2017, which is taking place between 20 and 22 June at Excel, London.

Innovation in waste management is important. As just one example, in 2014 we were the first of the major waste industry players to be awarded CarbonNeutral fleet certification for all our road-going vehicles, a programme we have now extended throughout this year. It means that not only are Grundon vehicle journeys carbon neutral, they also avoid adding to customers’ carbon footprint and we know our customers really appreciate this. Excellence in customer service is essential too and we pride ourselves on a close relationship with all our customers. They tell us we are ‘proactive’ and provide ‘innovative solutions’, which is what everyone should look for in their service provider. l JUNE 2017 l 9


Total Clean expands premises Total Clean’s commitment to growth and continued development has progressed further with the purchase of new 7000 sq ft premises, which will be developed into a modern head office in London. Established in 1988 and family-run, the principles and ethos on which the company was founded remain firmly at the heart of its busi-

ness. Core values of responsibility, excellence and improvement continue to shape the company and guide the actions of all employees. Its new premises will ensure it can continue to offer an effective and responsive service and enable it to maintain the high level of attention to detail which its clients expect.

“The key to success in our business is dealing with clients honestly, with integrity and with an attention to detail that ensures a consistently excellent services,” said Carlos Garcia, group managing director. “We achieve this by working in partnership with our clients.”

Washroom service providers to be recognised at LoY 2017 As part of its 30th anniversary celebrations, the Loo of the Year Awards has introduced a Loo of the Year Washroom Service Provider Award this year. This recognises the contribution that washroom service providers have in the provision of award winning washrooms. Nominations will be invited from all 2017 Loo of the Year entrants ahead of the 30 September 2017 deadline. A panel of judges will decide the winner and a trophy will be presented to the winning washroom service provider at the 2017 Loo of the Year Awards event on Friday 8 December at the St Johns Hotel Solihull. Mike Bone, managing director of the Loo of the Year Awards, said: “Our aim is to recognise the washroom service provider that is considered to provide the very best washroom service which could include hand drying, soap dispensing, air fresheners, toilet seat sanitisers, feminine hygiene disposal, nappy disposal etc - not cleaning or maintenance as these are covered by our new 2017 Washroom Cleaner of the Year Awards.” This is an opportunity for any washroom service provider to be recognised and to promote their services. For further details contact:

Teamwork gets Glebe pupils fit for football The year 5 and 6 girls football team at Glebe Primary School, Rayleigh, have their first matching team kit thanks to Swiftclean Building Services who purchased 12 sets of kit for the aspiring young team. The girls also received some expert training from Swiftclean’s national sales manager, Guy Hadland, a former professional footballer for Aston Villa. Michaela Hembling, assistant headteacher/KS1 lead at the Glebe Primary School, said: “We are really

grateful to Swiftclean for providing the new kit and helping the girls to feel like a real team. That was already a great gift on their part, but the added input in providing some training and mentoring was a real bonus. The girls really appreciated Guy putting in the time to pass on some of his valuable experience. They are now full of confidence and raring to show what they can do in their matches.” Guy Hadland spent time helping the girls to hone their skills in passing and

dribbling and in working together as a team. He said: “Swiftclean sets great store by training and teamwork; they’re two of the things I’ve really been able to apply from my time in professional football. The company is also keen to spot talent and draw it out. Spending time with the girls and seeing them properly kitted out was enormous fun and very rewarding. We’ll be cheering them on for the rest of the season!”

Commercialisation award for Green Biologics The Biorenewable Deployment Consortium (BDC) has honoured Green Biologics Inc., the US subsidiary of Green Biologics Ltd, with the organisation’s Spring 2017 Commercialisation Achievement Award. Green Biologics is recognised for its leadership in the biorenewable industry and successful commercialisation of renewable alternatives to n-butanol, acetone and its associated derivatives. These chemicals serve as vital components to downstream products across various industries, including CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers), HI&I (household, industrial and institutional cleaners), PCI (personal care intermediates), food ingredients, and energy chemicals. “The Biorenewable Deployment Consortium is proud to honour Green Biologics with its Spring 2017 Commercialisation Achievement Award,” said BDC chairman and co-founder Ben Thorp. “Green Biologics is a great example of a company that is effectively using its technology platform to produce a wide range of sustainable feedstocks into high performance green chemicals and industrial products. Its commercial plant in Little Falls, MN is the reason that BDC has recognised Green Biologics and awarded its global team for its continued success.” 10 l JUNE 2017 l

Mental Health Trust returns to ISS ISS has been awarded a new healthcare contract with the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), worth an estimated £55 million over the initial five year term. Based in and around South East London, SLaM provides the widest range of NHS mental health services in the UK. The contract, which commenced on 1 May, will see ISS deliver catering and healthcare cleaning across the Trust. The SlaM implementation team stated: “We are delighted to welcome ISS back into the Trust. ISS won a competitive tender process run through the London Procurement Partnership framework agreement for soft FM services. Since working with ISS through the implementation we have found them responsive and helpful at all times, they understand the challenges of a mental health Trust and we look forward to working with them to help us continue to focus on the wellbeing of our service users.” Chris Ash, managing director, ISS Healthcare, said: “The Trust had been a valued customer up until 2009, when the next round of tendering saw another provider takeover, but we left on good terms and always acted in a professional way, so it is doubly good to be asked to resume our relationship.”

Cleaning up using only green products Gloucestershire-based commercial and domestic cleaning company, The Green Clean (TGC) Ltd, has set out an ambitious five-year growth strategy that has at its heart the use of environmentally friendly and fair trade cleaning products at no extra cost to customers. “Our ambition is to build on the successful foundation we have created, and to replicate this in the shorter term across the wider Cotswolds, and in the longer term nationwide,” said Jason Garrett, owner and founder of The Green Clean. “At the backbone of this growth strategy is the use of environmentally friendly products, which we provide to our customers at no extra cost. As a business, we recognise the importance of protecting our environment and the communities around it. As a result, we are committed to setting standards to the highest level as part of our stringent codes of practice.” In what has been a watershed year for the company so far, The Green Clean has expanded its target market to include SMEs across the Cotswolds, the wider Gloucestershire region and Wiltshire. Ollie Chadwick, managing director for The Green Clean, added: “We are expanding at a rapid rate, not only in terms of new business, but also in staff numbers. Over the next few months, we will be recruiting a number of staff to the business in order to meet the new orders we have successfully secured. These are exciting times for the business.”


TCFM wins contract at Major TfL FM Kingston’s Eden Walk contract


TC Facilities Management (TCFM) is now delivering cleaning and security services at Eden Walk in Kingston, part of the regional multi-let retail portfolio managed by Broadgate Estates and owned by British Land and USS. This new contract commenced on 1 April and will help enable the 10 million visitors that go to Eden Walk each year to have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience. The team from TCFM will be led by Andy Farley, TCFM contract manager. The contract will utilise smart management systems

and state-of-the-art technology to help maintain and improve standards along with delivering robust monitoring and management reporting to Broadgate Estates, all with the aim of delivering unrivalled customer service and value. Having been able to demonstrate added value within other cleaning and security contracts, the contract was awarded based on TCFM’s proven track record spanning almost 55 years, along with their design of a bespoke solution, built on Broadgate Estates’ individual needs. Andy Farley, contract manager for TCFM, said: “We are

delighted to have been awarded this contract and are looking forward to bringing our proven expertise to Eden Walk to continually increase the productivity and performance of the site and with it play our part in making Eden Walk an outstanding place to visit.” Keith French, TCFM group development director, said: “This is exciting news for us as it continues to demonstrate our ability to create unique service solutions for new customers and as a new sector for TCFM, gives us a springboard for growing our business overall.”

EasyCube ensures cleaning quality at Welle7 When Welle7, an urban concept centre and main railway station in Bern offering entertainment, shopping, business and education opened in 2016, the challenge to keep the facility clean and well maintained seemed insurmountable. Faced with the task of ensuring the best quality in cleaning standards, Welle7 decided to implement the digital cleaning management tool, Tork EasyCube. The result? Despite washroom visitor numbers having increased by 42% between August and November 2016, the time spent with empty dispensers reduced by 68%. Up to 60,000 commuters leave the main railway station in Switzerland's 12 l JUNE 2017 l

capital Bern every day through the West exit ‘Welle’. "With Welle7, we created an urban concept centre new to Switzerland,” said Lukas von Känel, site manager at Migros Aare, responsible for Welle7. “Both during construction and furnishing, we deliberately opted for the latest in technology and have launched pilot projects in several areas. The use of the digital cleaning service Tork EasyCube is a pilot project here in Bern." Tork equipped the building with connected devices that collect data on refill levels and visitor numbers. This information is accessed at any time by cleaning staff and the facility manager at FARO Reinigungen AG using the Tork EasyCube

application via computer, tablet or smartphone. With colour-coded alerts it is easy to see which washrooms need to be cleaned most urgently and which refills are needed where and in what quantity. Luciana Cafaro, FARO site manager for Welle7, said: "Without Tork EasyCube, our job here at Welle7 could not be carried out as efficiently as is currently the case thanks to this system. Like all businesses, we are under pressure to save costs. Thanks to the system, we avoid unnecessary inspections because staff always know where they are needed. This saves us time and money and minimises stress."

Lanes Group plc has won a contract to provide facilities maintenance services for the London Underground. The five-year contract, with an option for a three-year extension, is the third maintenance contract awarded by Transport for London (TfL) to Lanes Group in four months. The contract covers all building maintenance work along underground lines, as well as depots, train crew accommodation, engineering works, and power sites. The contract award is part of TfL's new approach to FM. It is consolidating 50 contracts into just six, delivering £34 million in savings, while supporting the Mayor of London's plans for improving transport. The amount of assets Lanes Group is now responsible for maintaining has increased by 40%. When combined with the two other contract wins, the additional work is expected to increase the annual turnover of Lanes Group's rail division, Lanes Rail, by 30%. Lanes Group managing director, Wayne Earnshaw, said: "These contract wins are just rewards for the excellent work our rail division is doing to support London Underground. They also reflect the success of our strategy to grow the volume of business we do in the rail industry across all our operations. We are delighted to be part of TfL's drive make its supply chain more efficient and cost-effective. Network Rail has just reawarded a substantial COOM multi-route drainage maintenance contract to Lanes Group company UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd for another 18 months. Our depot network is also winning an increasing amount of work with Network Rail maintenance partners." As a result of the TfL contract wins, Lanes Rail commercial director, Matthew Todd, is joining the main board of Lanes Group, while senior project manager, Huseyin Ibrahim, is promoted to a new post, TfL project director. Lanes Group rail director, Bruce Crompton, said: "We believe we have won these contracts because we have worked tirelessly to deliver excellent service and contract value for TfL. We have always had an open book policy towards managing cost, while setting high standards on quality, safety and service innovation that delivers results. Every single one of our people can be proud of what they continue to achieve on behalf of the travelling public who live in, work in and visit London. I am particularly pleased for Huseyin and Matthew. Huseyin is hugely respected within London Underground, and will now lead the team that will deliver these contracts for TfL. Matthew will be spearheading Lanes Group's future in the rail industry, leading both the London Underground services delivered by Lanes Rail and UKDN Waterflow (LG)." From left to right: Lanes Group rail director, Bruce Crompton; Lanes Rail TfL project director, Huseyin Ibrahim; and Lanes Rail commercial director, Matthew Todd.


People On 27 April Jack Broadley was installed as the new Master of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, a position he previously held in 2003/04. The installation took place at St Olave’s Church, Hart Street within the City of London.

Jack Broadley. The WCEC is one of 110 livery companies which are based upon trades, industries and professions and carry on the ancient traditions of the guilds and livery companies which started in the 12th century. It encourages and maintains high standards of practice and integrity in the cleaning industry. It also promotes and supports charities, education and training. Outgoing Master, Philip Morrish, said: “Although in many ways I’m sad my year as Master has come to an end, I couldn’t be handing the reigns over to a safer pair of hands. Jack has a thorough understanding of what modern livery companies are all about. I look forward to working with him in the coming year as the company’s Deputy Master.” Jack Broadley will be the first person to have served as Master of the WCEC on more than one occasion. He said: “It’s a tremendous honour to serve once, never mind twice, but I feel I have a lot more to give the company

and look forward to the challenging and exciting year ahead.” Karen Thwaites has joined Robert Scott & Sons Ltd’s national sales team as regional manager for the south and south west. Previously customer services manager at Blue Dragon Commercial Laundry, Thwaites has spent over 20 years in the linen retail industry - 18 years as a regional and national customer service manager and two years as a general manager based in Poole, Dorset. “Karen’s experience and drive will be important qualities for the sales team as we embark upon a busy new sales period across the country,” said Gill Ireson, group sales manager at Robert Scott. “She has already begun to make her mark with our customer base across the south and south west, and her past experience within the laundry sector has been particularly helpful with the promotion of our UTC range of laundry products. This is a very busy time for us with both established and new customers as our range of products and

Karen Thwaites. services are in great demand across all sectors particularly in healthcare, hotel and catering and commercial organisations. Karen will be a great addition to the team.” Karen Thwaites said: “Since joining Robert Scott the support and training I have been shown is second to none. It goes without saying that Robert Scott offers good quality products, but

what makes it different is the people - their commitment, passion and desire to provide outstanding customer service.” Greenworld Innovations has appointed Kevin Morgan as its new group managing director. He was previously national services manager for B&Q where he created and led B&Q Homefit services. Prior to that he was energy saving and services manager at Kingfisher and also helped to develop Homebase’s installation service proposition. John Fathers, one of the

Save on cost - not on clean with Nilfisk’s innovative floorcare range

Scrubber Dryer

Scrubber Dryer

Kevin Morgan. founding directors of Greenworld Innovations, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have appointed somebody of Kevin’s calibre, experience and drive. Greenworld is at an exciting stage in its development, with innovative new products and services being added to our portfolio and Kevin is exactly the kind of person we were looking for to lead the business in this next phase of growth.” Kevin Morgan said: “I am thrilled to be joining Greenworld and am very much looking forward to helping the firm develop the many opportunities it has ahead. Having worked with the team as a customer before, I was impressed by their technical knowledge, levels of customer service and commitment to sustainability. This unique combination of qualities and the recent launch of Greenfit Solutions gives Greenworld a great competitive edge for growth.”

The Nilfisk floorcare range has been designed with your everyday cleaning costs in mind. We went straight to the source of some of the most common cleaning expenses and created smart solutions that increase productivity, reduce consumption and noise levels whilst making the machines easier to use. Optimising your time, budget and labour resources - so you can save on costs, not on clean.

No obligation site surveys and demonstration available on request contact us today

Ezitracker streamlines operations On 1 April 2017 Ezitracker UK’s head office was relocated from Cwmbran, Wales, to Four Oaks House, Sutton Coldfield, HQ of parent company, HAS Technology Group. This strategic move signals the beginning of a new chapter in Ezitracker’s history that will allow for further growth and job creation. Ezitracker provides web-based solutions for time and attendance monitoring, mobile audits, payroll automation, and management reporting to cleaning and facilities management companies, security companies and temporary employee agencies. Established in 1998 and now part of the HAS Technology Group, Ezitracker has built a reputation of being a trusted supplier of reliable and innovative technology solutions for better remote workforce management. · Tel. 01768 868995

Search NILFISK UK l JUNE 2017 l 15


Ringing the changes

By Simon Hollingbery, chairman, British Cleaning Council. Events at the moment seem to be moving very quickly indeed and after the excitement of the Trump presidency and the Brexit vote, we now have a snap General Election to look forward to. These kind of things can bring uncertainty, so I’m hoping that after a relatively stable time for the UK econ-

omy, we can proceed out of the European Union in a calm and measured way over the next couple of years. I remain confident that the UK cleaning industry can weather any potential Brexit storm, but I won’t be at the forefront of our brave new world outside the EU as I’m stepping down as BCC chairman this summer. My statutory two year term has come to an end and, in the longstanding BCC tradition, I will be handing over the reins to current deputy chair, BICSc CEO Stan Atkins. However, I will remain on the board and will be on hand to offer my full support to the new chairman. It’s been a great privilege to serve as the BCC chairman and I can look back on the last two years with a real sense of pride. One of the most pleasing achievements has been the introduction of the new reContact details

gional Cleaning Show in Manchester. We’d successfully moved the main show to the Excel in London in 2015, but going ahead with a brand new venture in the north wasn’t without risk. As it turned out the show at Event City in April 2016 proved to be hugely popular, with visitors attending from across the north. I even had the pleasure of being interviewed live on BBC Breakfast by Steff McGovern! The UK cleaning industry benefits greatly from a successful Cleaning Show as the Council can help members fund new projects. One of the most recent has been the CSSA Awards, which took place during the Cleaning Show at the Excel. Again, I’m very proud to be associated with these awards as they shine a spotlight on British companies. Council members are now

discussing a range of new ideas that may receive funding in the future. One thing we’d all like to do is encourage younger people to come into the industry and make it their career. The Council is looking at ways to do this, and it may well be something we run with later this year. Despite the EU referendum result, we still have a very strong relationship with colleagues in Europe, and we will continue to be a member of the EFCI (European Federation of Cleaning Industries) for the foreseeable future. During my time as chairman I think we’ve made a lot of progress building networks with cleaning industry professionals in European countries, and these may well prove to be important in the coming years. The BCC will be keeping a very close eye on the Brexit

negotiations, and we have already written to the Brexit secretary outlining some of our concerns. The Council will make sure the UK cleaning industry isn’t forgotten when the talks get underway. So it’s been a very eventful and enjoyable period to be chairman of the BCC. When I took over from Doug Cooke in July 2015, David Cameron had just won the General Election, and Brexit had yet to enter the political lexicon. It just goes to show how quickly things can change!

For further information on the British Cleaning Council and details of its members contact: The General Secretary, BCC Ltd, PO Box 10362, Syston, Leicester, LE7 2WJ, UK E: W:


Vanessa Van Santen-Smith Sales Manager T: +44 (0)1737 855 041 E:



Say no to Norovirus Dr Peter Barratt, technical manager, Initial Washroom Hygiene, and Luke Rutterford, technical manager, Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, report.

for hours after use. Office managers should ensure hand sanitisers are available in public areas for employees, to encourage a more proactive approach to hand hygiene. Surfaces in communal areas should regularly be cleaned, using anti-bacterial wipes and surface sanitisers where possible. It goes without saying that storage rooms, refuse areas, canteens, and washrooms require particular attention. Delving deep

Dr Peter Barratt.

Luke Rutterford.

Norovirus is one of the most common sickness bugs in the UK, and continues to affect the UK population all year round. Each year, it is estimated that between 600,000 and 1 million people in the UK catch the vomiting virus, and according to Public Health England, 2016 saw 71% more patients struck down by Norovirus than in 2015. Commonly perceived to be a winter illness, the risk of catching highlyinfectious illnesses like Norovirus actually persists throughout the year. It’s particularly prominent in office environments, where closed windows and air conditioning ensure ambient temperatures all rear round, creating ideal conditions for infections to thrive. Viruses like this can spread rapidly within communal office areas and shared facilities, and with modern working practices such as hot-desking becoming increasingly popular, there has never been a more crucial time for organisations to ensure their hygiene practices are up to scratch. Offices, with high numbers of employees working in a concentrated space, are the perfect breeding and distribution ground for bacteria, viruses and other germs if they are not cleaned regularly and thoroughly. People often associate the spread of illness with direct contact. However, germs can easily pass from person to person through indirect contact with contaminated services, such as shared objects, including computer mice, door handles and communal kitchen facilities. Just one example of this is computers, which have been found to house thousands of microorganisms per square centimetre [1]. Ensuring a clean working environment is provided is vital to helping to ensure the health and safety of staff, and optimise their output at work. Given that the UK is performing poorly against its G7 competitors in terms of productivity and engagement, it’s vital for employers to keep their staff healthy and reduce employee absenteeism wherever possible [2]. Arguably, it’s in the interest of all parties - whether you’re a business owner, individual employee, or facilities manager - to implement hygiene practices in the office and

ensure others stick to them. Encouraging good hand hygiene, and providing facilities that are fully compliant with health and safety regulations, are essential components of limiting the spread of germs and illnesses such as those caused by Norovirus. Handy tips Research has shown that office workers’ hands come into contact with more than 10 million bacteria on a typical day [3]. As viruses are as abundant as bacteria, and it is estimated that around 1% of all viruses have the potential to make us ill, we need to take precautions [4]. The power of something as simple as handwashing to prevent outbreaks of Norovirus should not be underestimated. 80% of viruses can be transmitted through physical contact and most can also live on hard surfaces for hours [5]. However, frequent handwashing can reduce the risk of illness by up to 50%, which can go a long way to boosting staff morale, productivity and general wellbeing. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is just one of many institutions who recognise that good hand hygiene is one of the easiest ways to limit the spread of germs and control cross-infection. Encouraging employees to practice good hand hygiene is a simple yet effective way for organisations to prevent outbreaks of viral illnesses like Norovirus. By washing their hands regularly with warm water and good quality soap throughout the working day, employees can significantly reduce the risk of being affected by harmful bacteria and viruses. It is most effective for employees to wash their hands for approximately 30 seconds, ensuring they are dried fully afterwards. Drying your hands requires little effort, yet it is worth remembering that damp hands spread 1000 times more bacteria than dry hands [6]. Applying a hand sanitiser after washing their hands is another important precaution employees ought to take at work. Hand sanitisers can form a long-lasting barrier against microbes and can inactivate germs

Norovirus is one of the most common sickness bugs in the UK, and continues to affect the UK population all year round. Each year, it is estimated that between 600,000 and 1 million people in the UK catch the vomiting virus, and according to Public Health England, 2016 saw 71% more patients struck down by Norovirus than in 2015.

Whilst routine cleaning is important, on its own it will not suffice as a preventative method against deposits of dirt, dust and grease in hard-to-reach areas. These can accumulate on less accessible surfaces such as walls, ceilings, lights, and appliance fittings, and can provide the perfect environment for germs to multiply. It is therefore recommended that bathroom and kitchen facilities in the workplace are deep cleaned at least twice a year to prevent the buildup of embedded dirt, grime and resulting microbiological contamination. As the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Engaging a fully trained expert supplier is always advisable to adopt a more proactive approach to workplace hygiene, rather than just treating problems as they arise. As every premises is different and requires a tailored solution, specialist hygiene technicians will ensure the right kind of deep clean is undertaken and will provide your facility with resilient, longerlasting protection against re-infection. Specialist cleaning teams can also be scheduled at the most suitable time for the business - whether over a holiday period, overnight or otherwise - to reduce inconvenience and avoid the loss of revenue through downtime. Ultimately this means the benefits of engaging a specialist deep cleaner far outweigh any costs incurred, especially given the potential cost of downtime caused by the contamination of equipment. References [1] Initial, 2016. [2] ONS, 2015. [3] C. Gerber, Germs in the Workplace Study, University of Arizona (2004). [4] v9/n9/full/nrmicro2644.html [5] Health-News/infections-hand-fistbump/2014/01/09/id/546258/ [6] D. Patrick, G. Findon and T. Miller, Residual moisture determines the level of touch-contact associated bacterial transfer following hand washing in Epidemiology & Infection, 119, (3), pp. 319-325 (1997). l JUNE 2017 l 15

FEATURE: Scrubber Dryers

Pressure to perform Scrubber dryers are increasingly the workhorses of hard-pressed cleaning teams. Gordon McVean, international sales and marketing director at Truvox International, charts the factors in the rise of the scrubber dryer and the positive pressure this machine can bring to bear. There’s a multiplicity of factors behind the rise in popularity of the scrubber dryer across a wide range of sectors. First and foremost, the capability to wash, scrub and dry floors in a single pass is a boost to efficiency. This is only enhanced when a machine is versatile enough to tackle a variety of floors from vinyl to stone. Indeed, the growth in use of safety flooring in buildings - from schools to hospitals and commercial premises - is another factor, as scrubber dryers can perform this potentially more challenging task reliably and quickly. Two other trends are also at work - the shift to more daytime cleaning and the growing recognition of the importance of hygiene to health and wellbeing. Both have spurred the movement away from manual mopping to more efficient, automated methods and to the higher standards of cleanliness achievable with a welldesigned scrubber dryer. While all this may be compelling for the cleaning manager or contractor, they must identify the scrubber dryer that best suits their application if they are to reap the full benefits. So what other factors come into play when making this decision? Scrubber dryers come in many shapes and sizes, but in most situations, compactness and manoeuvrability are key. Operators can clean around and under obstacles, maintaining consistently high levels of productivity with Truvox International scrubber dryers. But maximum cleaning performance depends very much on the machine’s brush technology. Most Truvox scrubber dryers use cylindrical brushes that deliver a series of advantages over rotary machines. It is worth pausing to explain the benefits of this brush configuration. The brushes of the Multiwash - the flagship of the scrubber dryer range counter-rotate at high speed, maximising the number of ‘hits’ on the surface, which far exceed the contacts made with slower, rotary action. Cylindrical brushes spin at between 650 and 1500 rpm, compared with the 175-250 rpm range typical for disc floor cleaning machines. The downward pressure is concentrated in the short section of brush in contact with the floor, resulting in higher pressure - around six times that exerted by a rotary unit. Increased pressure on the floor means better cleaning action. Another noteworthy distinction is that disc pads ride over crevices and gradations in the floor, whereas the bristles of cylindrical brushes reach in and clean these areas. So no other system works as well on textured and tiled floors. On tiled floors, cylindrical brushes dig deep into crevices and the grout lines between the tiles, loosening 16 l JUNE 2017 l

and removing soils, without causing abrasion or wear. This continuous brush agitation and consistent pressure contact with the floor are also crucial on textured and safety flooring. The Multiwash also provides additional assurance where natural detergents and taurine-based products are required, often in hospitals, that these chemicals will clean safety floors effectively. The scrubber dryer also allows the chemical sufficient contact time with the floor to work on soils before the area is rinsed and dried. Then the scrubber dryer’s brush action propels the contaminated liquid into a holding tank so only clean solution is applied to the floor. Indeed, the efficiency of the brushes reduces water consumption by around 30%, with commensurate savings in chemicals as well. It is thanks to this low-moisture

approach that floors are dry in minutes, so disruption and slip risk in busy facilities, even during daytime cleaning, is minimised. Given how effective the technology is, the operator can produce consistently high performance with minimal effort. The Multiwash machine is also well balanced and light, an added benefit when moving the machine between floors, and an optional trolley makes this even easier. The versatility of the scrubber dryer is taken to great lengths by the Multiwash, which can clean entrance matting and even escalators and travelators when fitted with the appropriate brushes. This is in addition to concrete, terrazzo, slate, marble, wood, laminates, rubber-studded flooring, composite vinyl and short-pile carpets as well. With cleaning widths of 24cm, 34cm and 44cm to choose from, the buyer can also specify a pump and spray to enhance cleaning of heavily soiled floors, carpets and larger areas. Cleaning is quietly effective too. In any intensively used building, some daytime cleaning is likely to be essential, which only adds to the high standards of professionalism that must be shown in all aspects of the cleaning operation. This combination of high versatility and low noise is ideal for daytime cleaning in a wide range of settings from leisure and shopping centres to hospitals and hotels. The cordless Multiwash 340 Pump Battery, which has a 34cm cleaning width, unleashes extra flexibility in daytime cleaning and other applications. Operators are freed from the stop-start pattern of plugging and unplugging the machine from power sockets, as well from the concern of tripping people in the area. This serves also to boost the productivity of what’s already a high-output floor cleaning method. The running time from a single charge is 50 minutes, which is doubled by swapping over a back-up battery where longer stints are required. The sealed gel batteries are maintenance-free. Exchanging them is a simple and quick, tool-less operation. That also applies to the fitting and replacement of brushes, which are designed for routine, maintenance cleaning or intensive scrubbing, and different types of flooring. These can be colour-coded to help prevent crosscontamination between areas such as washrooms and food service areas. Being made from polypropylene, the brushes are easy to disinfect and, unlike natural fibres, don’t harbour bacteria. The Multiwash also has an optional side brush for cleaning to ‘skirting board’ level especially important with safety flooring, which tends to curve up the wall, and in wet rooms. Given this marriage of flexibility and productivity, it is not surprising that clients in many sectors tell us that their scrubber dryer has become the workhorse of the cleaning team, producing floors that are safe and clean in a seamless and highly efficient one-pass operation.


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FEATURE: Scrubber Dryers

Technological features have their place... but so does simplicity and common sense The all new Numatic TwinTec range has been upgraded, focusing on three core values - reliability, durability and usability. Kevin Andrews, FloorCare manager at Numatic International, said: “Selecting a scrubber dryer today has become a maze of new technological features and specifications, all of which have their place, but so does simplicity and common sense. Our new GelTec range focuses on a simple objective - clean and dry floors, day in day out. It’s quite simple, our customers want clean and dry floors with no fuss. The new GelTec range offers exactly that - easy to use, simple to maintain and years of hardworking service.” The GelTec range has been developed from the ground up starting with the unique Structofoam chassis, providing a completely corrosion free alternative to steel. Each element of design is based upon understanding the user needs - simplicity and reliability. Controls have been colour coded, allowing new operators to quickly get to grips with using the machine. Two options for filling, an improved level indicator, easy to access charging point and water filter, and simple Flip-deck brush change all combine to create a scrubber dryer that is ready to work hard.

Time is money Rotowash was established in 1981 to distribute high quality industrial floor cleaning equipment, manufactured to BSI and similar international standards. This innovative scrubber dryer, that is equally effective when deep cleaning carpets, is ideally suited for contract cleaning. The small footprint allows easy storage and the requirement to have only one machine to efficiently clean both hard flooring and carpeted floors reduces costs to labour, downtime, training, maintenance and, of course, machine investment. The Rotowash system ranges from 20cm machines, coping well with the confined areas of toilets and shower blocks, 30cm, 45cm and 60cm cleaning widths which can achieve a 1800m2/hour cleaning productivity. With labour being a principle cost, this type of capability, together with the standard of hygiene achieved, makes Rotowash an affordable option when considering scrubber dryer budgets. The Rotowash M45B is ideal for contract cleaning operations. The patented brush system can reach deep down into the irregularities of profiled safety floors, grouted tiles, studded rubber, entrance matting, or escalator steps and is equally effective for scrubbing smooth surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo and wood. On carpets the versatile brushes extract the dirt, lift the pile and leave the carpet clean, well-groomed and dry within minutes. This type of versatility allows the contract cleaner to clean much of the flooring with just the one machine which is supremely portable. Servicing and maintenance is offered by a Rotowash network of expert engineers who are located throughout the UK. This incorporates carrying out scheduled and pre-planned preventative maintenance programmes, dealing with emergency requests for service visits and supplying replacement consumables. Service that will ensure downtime is kept to the minimum. The client base is diverse and well spread, incorporating thousands of customers from the health service, local and central government bodies, major industry, contract cleaning organisations, and small businesses. Across these markets, Rotowash machines are being used to clean millions of square metres of flooring each day, delivering high quality both effectively and efficiently. 18 l JUNE 2017 l

Recognition for ‘outstanding product design’ The Red Dot expert committee has announced the winners of the Red Dot Awards 2017. After several days assessing products from across the globe, Nilfisk has been recognised with two Red Dot Awards for outstanding product quality. The awards were given to two newly launched micro scrubbers from Nilfisk - the SC100 and SC250 - in the category Product Design 2017. According to Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot Awards, the design quality of the products has been pivotal for the recognition: “The Red Dot winners have recognised that good design and economic success go hand in hand. The award by the critical Red Dot jury documents their high design quality and is indicative of their successful design policy.” Both the SC100 and SC250 micro scrubber dryers have been designed to provide a more productive and efficient alternative to traditional mop and bucket cleaning. Domenico Coppa, director of product management, floorcare at Nilfisk, said: “For the SC100 we wanted to develop a very lightweight solution that could easily be carried around. And for the lithium battery operated SC250 we wanted to offer a compact and manoeuvrable product able to scrub as well as sweep in one single pass, reducing the time spent on cleaning.”

The micro scrubber dryers from Nilfisk were selected by a jury of around 40 independent designers, design professors and specialist journalists who tested, discussed and assessed each individual product. For the 2017 awards the jury received over 5500 entries from 54 countries.

>OLU [OL Ä UPZO YLHSS` TH[[LYZ <ZL H =PJ[VY 3`U_ )\YUPZOLY For a Free Demonstration please call 0121 765 2345.

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FEATURE: Scrubber Dryers

Machines perform well in hospital tests In hospital and care home establishments the knowledge that cleaning can be combined with a proven infection control programme is a vitally important factor when considering a machine purchase for use in a clinical environment. To demonstrate the efficacy of the products from the Duplex range most used in the healthcare sector the company commissioned independent tests by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory, Birmingham which proved exceptional kill rates of bacteria found in the hospital environment. The test protocol covered the following organisms: Staphylococcus aureus (NCTC 10788), a gram positive bacterium that

To demonstrate the efficacy of the products from the Duplex range most used in the healthcare sector the company commissioned independent tests by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory, Birmingham which proved exceptional kill rates of bacteria found in hospitals.

survives well in the environment; Pseudomonas aeruginosa (NCTC 6749), a gram negative bacterium that may be representative of faecal contamination; and Bacillus subtilis (NCTC 10073), a sporing organism that will not be killed by the recommended cleaning methods so physical removal can be assessed. This spore may be representative of contamination with Clostridium difficile. In the tests, equipment demonstrated exceptional kill rates, especially when compared to traditional mopping methods used as a benchmark. The Duplex range cleans all types of flooring from Altro safety flooring and vinyl floors through to carpets and most things in be-

tween. The secret to the Duplex machine’s performance is its contra-rotating cylindrical brushes. This design produces a thorough clean on all floor types and effectively lifts dirt, water and grime from the floor surface leaving it dry in nearly no time at all. The off-set design of the brushes allows cleaning right up to the edges, along skirtings, around furniture and fixtures, and into corners. The range starts with the compact Duplex 280 (which is also available in a battery version), through to the mid-range Duplex 340 and Duplex 420 models suitable for the small to medium size facility, right up to the Duplex 620 which has a cleaning width of 55cm.

Aqueous ozone adds sanitising power to floor cleaning The TomCat Edge system is known for its ability to provide deep cleaning without detergents, thanks to the power of oscillation. This year sees another practical innovation - Zero3 - which utilises aqueous ozone, a 100% natural, safe and effective cleaner and sanitiser. Aqueous ozone can reduce or eliminate pollution, packaging, transportation, and chemical miles while, in certain cases, delivering better and less expensive cleaning results. It is chemical free, and reduces energy use, smog, oil consumption, and greenhouse gases. TomCat’s system has now been incorpo-

rated into its range of floor scrubber dryers, allowing for aqueous ozone to be generated on-board and on-demand with no degradation in the product or performance. Not only will this system allow for sanitisation of the floor surface, the same benefits apply to the cleaning head, wheels and castors, suction apparatus, and waste water tanks on the Edge cleaning machines. The system cleans and sanitises the machine along with the floor, minimising the risk of cross contamination and allowing it to be used across different areas, helping to reduce capital and running costs.

A machine for all reasons Within the Morclean range of scrubber dryers the benefits that can be sought from using cordless equipment are abundant. From using either petrol or battery alternatives, each model is built for purpose and its own unique application. Whereas previous models may have restricted versatility and freedom of movement, the cordless versions are now taking prominence on the market and it is, according to the company, becoming a rarity for corded versions to be chosen. With the continuous development in floor care machines, these heavy and bulky pieces of equipment are now improving in design and are easier to manoeuvre and move around tighter spaces. Machines now come equipped with fully adjustable handle systems and brush-assisted traction which helps make lighter work of big jobs. Peter Morley, director at Morclean, said: “Here at Morclean we supply a broad range of scrubber dryers and sweepers that suit a whole host of applications. They are available with varying brush sizes and methods of use, including pedestrian and ride-on. The smaller machines are useful for compact applications and where flexibility around corners may be required. This may include warehouses which have a lot of obstacles or shelving to manoeuvre around. Alternatively, the machines with bigger tanks are ideal for larger applications. As a company that exports regularly around the 20 l JUNE 2017 l

“Here at Morclean we supply a broad range of scrubber dryers and sweepers that suit a whole host of applications. They are available with varying brush sizes and methods of use, including pedestrian and ride-on. “

globe we have sent our range of floor care machines to various locations and sometimes places you wouldn’t immediately expect to see a scrubber dryer or sweeper. The versatility of the range enables the machines to pick up various materials such as dust, tobacco and wet applications and we have been confronted by varying industries to supply our machines.” Morley continued: “We have previously supplied a floor care machine to a tobacco plant in Uzbekistan which needed machines capable of cleaning the warehouse floor and picking up fine pieces of debris and waste. Warehouses are a common place for scrubber dryer equipment to be

found, but we’ve also been confronted by companies that need specialist equipment to deal with alternative floor types. An example of this was when we were contacted by an F1 team to supply a machine that would be suitable for the cleaning of their epoxy coated floors. This also included the supply of specialist detergent so they’d get the most out of their scrubber dryer and the finish they desired. Another example of where the machines have been used for a specialist application is a hockey club which required equipment to maintain the cleanliness of their new, and very specialised, cushioned sports flooring.”

Green Seal award for Americo Full Cycle pads Green Seal is pleased to announce that the floor pad base material as well as the complete range of Full Cycle pads by Americo have been certified according to the GS-20 Environmental Innovation criteria. Green Seal is a non-profit organisation that uses science-based programmes to help consumers, buyers and companies create a more sustainable world. After Americo asked Green Seal to be assessed for the GS-20 certificate, the process of making the full cycle base material was described and the environmental benefits extensively demonstrated. Green Seal examined these benefits in a life-cycle context and determined that the full cycle material as well as the production processes can be considered as innovative. This is a requirement for the GC-20 certification and has been defined as such by Green Seal. The Americo full cycle base material has been exclusively made of recycled PET plastic, using only water-based resins. After use, biodegradation of the base material, and therefore the floor pads too, will accelerate. The composting process takes only a fraction of the time required by regular floor pads, so the full cycle pads offer the user the guarantee of a friendly solution for the environment.


How businesses can conduct a smart clean this summer With numerous advantages to be gained from a hygienic and uncluttered office, now is the ideal time for businesses to kick-start their cleaning routine. As well as helping to boost employee productivity and reduce the unnecessary stress associated with an untidy office, maintaining a hygienic working environment can also have a positive impact on employee sickness rates by reducing available breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. However, in order to fully maximise the benefits of planning and delivering a workplace cleaning strategy, companies should not miss opportunities to reduce delivery costs and engage with the green agenda. Nigel Crunden, business specialist at business solutions provider Office Depot, reports. As well as allowing facilities managers to reap the benefits of a more sanitary working environment, businesses should also view an office deep clean as an opportunity to revaluate supply activities and drive efficiencies. Rather than purchasing cleaning supplies and equipment from several different suppliers, companies should aim to streamline the supply chain by choosing partners who can provide a range of products. Bulk-buying cleaning chemicals and opting for concentrated forms can also help FMs to minimise the pressure on supply chains, reducing the number of deliveries and amount of packaging needed. However, as such a strategy may be more likely to suit larger businesses, it is impor-

tant that the chosen purchasing method takes into account individual business needs. For smaller organisations, ready-touse chemicals may provide the best value. Dilution control, which uses dispensers to manage and regulate the amount of concentrate needed to achieve a high cleaning standard, is another area that offers businesses potential cost reductions when conducting their office clean-up. While scoping out opportunities to cut supplier costs should be high on the agenda for FMs this summer, it is important that businesses do not do so at the expense of environmental sustainability. However, the search for products which cause minimal damage to the environment

Nigel Crunden.

can often be confusing. Eco-labelling for different products, with its various accreditations and certifications, can be cryptic. Suppliers should ensure that customers are able to decode cleaning product marques and labels easily, allowing them to make informed purchases. Keeping abreast of the latest innovations in cleaning equipment can also help businesses to drive environmental sustainability this summer. For example, constant improvements to the manufacture of microfibre cloths allow reduced amounts of chemicals and water to be used to achieve a similar cleaning standard. While a consideration of the chemicals and ingredients used during the manufacturing process is key to companies’ engagement with the green agenda, it is also important to remember the impact of supply activities on the organisation’s carbon footprint. As well as allowing businesses to cut costs, consolidating the supply chain allows FMs to reduce the distance overall travelled by cleaning products, boosting environmental sustainability. While supply chain efficiency is crucial to ensuring that any office clean is delivered in line with overall business objectives, Continued on Page 30. l JUNE 2017 l 21

FEATURE: Working at Height/Window Cleaning

Safe working at heights The only way is up, if the continuing architectural trend for hi-rise buildings is anything to go by. The majority of our most iconic buildings seem to prove the theory that size matters, in terms of height, that is. Whether we are talking about the Shard in London, the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt, or the Torre de Cristal in Madrid, the fashion for hi-rise, hi-tech designs featuring lots of glass and metal - doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. Buildings of height, whether new or established, need regular, thorough and effective cleaning to ensure they present a professional face to customers and colleagues. But how do you deliver the high standards that are expected, while also making the lives of operatives safer and easier? Professional window cleaners have adapted to these challenges by embracing new methods and equipment - with waterfed poles emerging as the winning choice. These poles allow operatives to clean high buildings and windows safely from the ground, alleviating the need to work at height. For many years, window cleaners have had the choice of two types of pole system: telescopic or modular. According to Unger, however, telescopic poles can tend to flex as they are extended, with a subsequent loss of control. They also have some weight issues - for example, a six-section telescopic pole will always have six sections as they cannot be removed, so even if you only need to use four sections to clean to the height required, you are still carrying the weight of six. Modular systems, although better at extending without weakening rigidity, simply become too heavy as they are extended, and the extensions also add width to the poles making them less easy to handle. Manufacturing materials matter This presented the sector with a challenge: how do you create a water-fed pole system that will clean up to 65ft in height, but be both lightweight and easy to control? Along with engineering and design techniques, combining the best features of both telescopic and modular poles, using the right materials is crucial - and more and more options are emerging to provide specific solutions. Carbon fibre, fibreglass and aluminium are all materials that have brought choice and flexibility to the window cleaning sector, helping to create equipment that offers alternatives to suit the situation or building type. Carbon fibre in particular offers an amazing balance between strength, weight and rigidity. In comparison to steel it is stronger, more rigid, and yet it weighs considerably less. These ‘next generation’ carbon fibre poles provide a better balance between weight and rigidity. Because the poles are lighter they make the job of a cleaning operative that much easier and more comfortable, putting less of a strain on their bodies and enabling them to clean swiftly and efficiently. The fact that they are lighter also means that the operative is less likely to get tired, so they can clean a larger 22 l JUNE 2017 l

area than if using a conventional system. Unger offers However, just because the nLite pole system the poles are lighta modular professional weight it doesn’t mean cleaning system. The user has that they deliver less terms of rigidity. the choice between a flexible inEven when extenmodular system where ‘master’ sions are added to poles are extended by extension increase the length and reach of the poles - nlite Connect - and a system, the poles do telescopic pole system not bend or become unwieldy. On the that reaches up to more contrary, rigidity, and than 12m therefore control, is nLite One. maintained, allowing every corner and crevice to be cleaned thoroughly. Unger offers the nLite pole system - a modular professional cleaning system. The user has the choice between a flexible modular system where ‘master’ poles are extended by extension poles - nlite Connect - and a telescopic pole system that reaches up to more than 12m - nLite One. The individual components can be selected and put together to create a unique system to suit personal requirements. According to Unger, with six grades of materials the nLite range is the perfect choice for every cleaning challenge and budget. It provides the perfect balance between weight and rigidity. Made in Germany of course. nLite Connect is a telescopic pole that can be extended by another telescopic pole. The base unit has four sections and an extended length of 6.63m. The extension has two sections at a length of 3.41m. Users can add up to four extensions to reach a height of 20m (HiMod or UltraHiMod material). nLite One is produced from the same materials as the proven nLite system and is telescopic. The user can get by completely without the need for extension poles. Its special construction allows the pole to be extended to the length required in individual situations. This ensures that the pole offers maximum ease of use.

Stingray acclaimed for outstanding product design Unger Stingray has received the Red Dot design award. The expert jury selected the innovative product as the winner in the ‘product design’ category from more than 5500 entrants. “We are absolutely delighted to have won this important and globally recognised award,” said Jochen Wagener, senior director of marketing and sales at Unger. “The award pays tribute to the ground-breaking design quality of Stingray. The product was designed in such a way that it guarantees optimal performance and simple operation. This in turn allows us to provide building cleaners with considerable added value in their daily work. Thanks to Unger Stingray, they are now able to clean larger glass surfaces in a shorter period of time.” According to the company, the indoor cleaning system allows professionals to complete their work 25% faster than if they used a spray bottle and a cloth. Unger Stingray is also claimed to use up to 39% less cleaning agent. Cleaning personnel can clean up to 150 square meters of glass surfaces with just one pouch of Stingray 3M Scotchgard glass cleaner. The design award will be presented to Unger at a gala which will take place at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany, on 3 July.

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FEATURE: Working at Height/Window Cleaning

Best practice = safe practice Andy Whiting, managing director at Spinaclean, forecasts a future of safe high level cleaning for facilities managers. According to the latest British Cleaning Council report there have been 13 fatal injuries in the cleaning industry over the last four years. 10% of all reported injuries were falls from height and falls from height are in the top three workplace accidents associated with cleaning activities. The financial costs from fall related injuries are substantial. Not only to the individual, but also to the companies concerned. If someone is injured by falling from height, on average they will be off work for 9.4 days. Avoiding working at height is easier said than done. Employers are under a duty of care to do all that is reasonably practical to prevent someone from falling. In fulfilling this duty, the employer must adopt a risk control hierarchy when managing work at height (including the selection of equipment). This hierarchy means that employers must first consider if work at height can be avoided altogether. An overriding rule should be that this is the case. One recent innovation that meets this criteria and addresses an age old problem and one of the major high level cleaning industry challenges is the SkyVac gutter cleaning system. The last decade has seen a huge shift towards safer working procedures and thanks to the HSE’s Working at Height Reg-

ulations 2005, a completely new sector of business was born - the pole working revolution. It started a decade or so ago with pole window cleaning systems. More recently gutter and high-level indoor cleaning systems such as those manufactured by Spinaclean have further developed the market, but this is only the start of pole technology. ‘Ground control to major income’ is the thinking behind standing safely at ground level to control guttering and roofing issues, providing a good profit for everyone involved. It is an effective way for FMs and cleaning specialists to make decent margins, whilst dramatically reducing the previous cost of carrying out high level cleaning and inspection tasks. I see many new types of businesses emerging from pole and video camera technology. I believe that in the coming years every facility manager or maintenance manager will have a carbon fibre

pole that will reach a minimum of three storeys high. How he/she uses it will vary, but with the opportunities that video cameras and accessories offer, it will become a multi-purpose tool. Poles are not only used as a vacuum to clean gutters but also to remove slipped roof tiles, bird/wasp nests or to pump substances to heights. Poles will be used extensively for inspection purposes. A video camera can record and monitor flaking paint or damaged brick pointing, can check for slipped roof or ridge tiles, inspect flat roofs, or search for damp sources from leaking overflows. In addition, the poles add a new dimension to a pest controller’s package. The pole revolution is in its infancy but it is exciting because everyone benefits. This method or working from terra firma is good news for employee safety as it reduces accidents related to ladders and scaffolds, helps reduce employee safety insurance and gets jobs done immediately for a fraction of the previous price. For working at height, risk assessment go to:

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Stereotypes: van drivers hit back Beverley Wise, director UK and Ireland at TomTom Telematics, takes a look at what this means for the industry and how management can help mobile workers to combat negative perceptions. Van drivers are not viewed in the most positive light across the UK. Ingrained perceptions can be hard to shift and van drivers have long been portrayed as impolite, erratic and dangerous by the British public, even if it isn’t entirely true. The fact is, these mobile workers make a significant contribution to the economy and many of them believe they are being unfairly stigmatised due to outdated stereotypes. Recent research conducted by TomTom Telematics found that 60% of van drivers believe they are being made a scapegoat for perceived poor driving standards on UK roads. Yet, at the same time, only 34% say they are provided with regular driver training by their employers. The results suggest van drivers are not receiving enough help from their employers in the battle to defeat negative perceptions of their performance on the road. This should grab the interest of companies in the cleaning and support services sector, as many send staff out in vans on a daily basis. Given the relative lack of regulation related to vans, there is an onus on businesses to take the lead in promoting best practice and empowering drivers to perform in a safe and efficient manner. Driving is more than A to B The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has attempted to create a blueprint for best practice through its Van Excellence scheme, but given the patchy provision of training it appears there is still much work to be done. Breaking down the figure further, only 1% of drivers questioned in the recent study claim to receive monthly training and only 11% receive it more than once a year. Furthermore, 46% say their driving performance is not even monitored, which makes it difficult for organisations to create a picture of how their employees are performing out on the road. One of biggest barriers to positive change appears to be that organisations where driving is not the primary function too often do not see driving performance as a core competency required of all mobile workers. That is to say employees are only expected to have knowledge of cleaning techniques, processes and products, even if they spend a large chunk of working time on the road. But driving should not be viewed as a simple case of getting from A to B. Poor practice can not only lead to reputational

damage - reinforcing traditional perceptions of van drivers - but also represent a significant source of cost, risk and inefficiency. Striving for better driver behaviour When a significant proportion of working time is spent behind the wheel, companies should consider whether they are doing enough to meet duty of care obligations and minimise spend on fuel and vehicle maintenance. An appropriate first step is measuring current driving standards to identify where problems exist, set performance benchmarks and establish targets for improvement. Telematics can be a key ally in achieving this as it provides data on a range of performance factors, such as speeding, idling, and harsh steering or braking, in real time. The technology can quickly highlight where fleet performance is falling below expected levels, allowing management to dive deeper into the data to discover which drivers are contributing to problem trends. This enables targeted training to be offered to drivers where appropriate or further investigation to be conducted into possible work-related factors impacting upon driving performance. Some advanced telematics systems even offer in-vehicle coaching, empowering drivers to make positive change themselves.

An element of healthy competition can be introduced to encourage drivers to strive for higher standards. A number of organisations use telematics scores to publish driver league tables, with incentives for the best performing or most improved employees. Incentives might include financial bonuses, gifts or personal development rewards but can also be as simple as a trophy for the driver that finishes top of the performance league table, or access to the newest vans for top performers. A change in culture

An appropriate first step is measuring current driving standards to identify where problems exist, set performance benchmarks and establish targets for improvement.

It is important to ensure that any scheme to improve driver behaviour is positioned correctly in order to help overcome any objections from staff. This means it is important to consult with staff from the outset and adopt a policy of transparency around the technology’s use. Outline how telematics will help both the company and the driver before encouraging a two-way dialogue, involving union representation if appropriate. More fundamentally, it might form part of a greater effort to introduce a risk-aware culture within the company. Often, changes in culture are most effective when introduced from the top down, so management may look to enshrine certain principles in a fleet safety policy that sets the tone for all other employees. This can be reinforced through regular staff communications. For example, regular workshops might be introduced to provide staff with advice on topics such as winter driving, alcohol consumption or hazard perception. Processes should be put in place to ensure regular vehicle safety checks are carried out, with all details properly recorded. Maintenance and service schedules should also be properly regulated to help make the on-road working environment as safe as possible. The idea is to put safety and efficiency front of mind whenever staff go out on the road, while empowering them to make positive change through proper training, education and performance reviews. By adopting this approach, rather than a punitive one, companies can help to instil mobile workers with the necessary professional pride to defeat the ‘white van man’ stereotype. The full research results can be found online at: webfleet/knowledge-centre/downloads/ l JUNE 2017 l 25

FEATURE: Daytime Cleaning

A bright future for daytime cleaning John Brill, sales director at Nilfisk Group, offers his perspective on the progress of daytime cleaning in 2017 and beyond.

example, are natural migrations and contractors have seen real savings here. Daytime micro scrubber driers

Is it reasonable to say that the topic of daytime cleaning has become a little jaded from an industry perspective? It was the buzzword across the industry although the concept went by largely unnoticed as the general public went about their daily business. Initially concerns were raised about the health and safety implications of daytime cleaning but in reality this was quickly managed and the benefits quickly outweighed any initial concerns. Nilfisk has seen this as an opportunity to focus on satisfying customer needs for around the clock cleaning and ensure that product development takes into account changing business requirements to deliver the most effective cleaning result for all involved. The development of cordless, low noise cleaning equipment was critical to support this trend. Micro scrubber driers, for example, have risen to the forefront and are being used to great effect. They are lightweight, portable and extremely efficient, ideal for use when the building is occupied and people are on the move. As contractors embrace daytime cleaning, activities are planned around the functionality of the building and anticipated footfall across the day. Detailed scheduling coupled with good communication is defi26 l JUNE 2017 l

Lightweight machines like the Nilfisk SC100 have a scrubbing width as small as 31cm, cleaning in both forward and reverse mode, and the upright model is perfect for cleaning both carpet and hard floors in narrow spaces and underneath furniture. A real multi tasker.

nitely the key to success. Personally I love to see members of the cleaning team greeted by the rest of the employees as they go about their business. That element alone is proven to have increased staff retention and leads to greater levels of satisfaction for all involved. All important costs The introduction of the National Living Wage has led to a significant increase in a contractor’s labour costs with increases of over £1000 a year per FTE. This has led to an increased focus on productivity and the necessity to clean more for less has never been more significant. Our focus in this area has been two fold: daytime cleaning equipment with best in class productivity levels and real reductions in working life running costs. Our development teams have left no stone unturned when it comes to reducing cost at all levels - acquisition, water, chemical, power, and maintenance. Our experience has also seen some tasks and their related costs migrate as a result of cleaning staff being present during the day. Restocking of bathrooms, kitchens supplies and catering functions, for

Today micro scrubber driers are having a real impact on daytime cleaning regimes. New models are a world away from those first invented in 1956. Original machines were large, heavy pieces of equipment with no consideration given to water, power consumption, speed, and ergonomics. They literally broke your back! Modern scrubber driers, however, minimise water and chemical consumption and revolutionise productivity meaning that tasks can be performed during the day in record time. The hygiene benefits of such equipment are also increasingly relevant to any discerning client as awareness of contamination issues continues to rise. The spread of bacteria is minimised as the machine is cleaning constantly with clean water and the brush dries quickly after use. No wet, dirty mops breeding bacteria in the cupboard. A detergent dosing facility on the solution tank also ensures that the right percentage of chemical is used every time, leaving no chemical residue to put building users at risk from slips and trips. Lightweight machines like the Nilfisk SC100 have a scrubbing width as small as 31cm, cleaning in both forward and reverse mode, and the upright model is perfect for cleaning both carpet and hard floors in narrow spaces and underneath furniture. A real multi tasker. Its slightly bigger big brother, the Nilfisk SC250, has the option of a 34cm cylindrical brush or microfibre roll. The battery operated machine cleans forwards and back, sweeping, scrubbing and drying in a single pass. Certainly no second stage cleaning here and no slip risk. Larger machines again, like the Nilfisk SC351, have an impressive brush pressure of 27kg and can be turned in an aisle as small as 85cm. So what of the future? The next foray for daytime cleaning has to be autonomous cleaning equipment. Nilfisk’s first autonomous scrubber drier was recently launched under the Horizon programme and provides intelligent cleaning that is unrivalled in the market today. This technology is providing what the next generation of clients and contractors are looking for. Safe, unmanned cleaning equipment that alerts the user to any issues and advises when the task has been completed. Advanced mapping technology recognises the environment and determines the optimal cleaning route whilst a combination of sensors avoids collisions. Change is once again on the Horizon!



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FEATURE: Daytime Cleaning

Cutting the cord - and saving time Daytime cleaning is as much about cutting the time it takes - while delivering cleaner and safer surfaces - as it is about going cordless, reports James White, MD of Denis Rawlins Ltd. Listening to building managers and cleaning teams, it’s clear that for many the need to dovetail daily cleaning with the delivery of services to building users is critical. Other clients, who scheduled cleaning activities for when their premises were closed, are choosing to provide more daytime cleaning. Cost savings and reducing the environmental impact of lighting and heating buildings at night are factors. In any event, a daytime cleaning capability may be essential for responsive cleaning following accidents and spills. So equipment that’s conducive to safe and unobtrusive cleaning in busy settings with minimal disturbance to surrounding people is in demand. The most obvious facilitator of daytime cleaning is battery power. Cordless cleaning not only avoids a trip hazard for bystanders, it also provides operational advantages, which can be even more significant. Freed from the need to plug and unplug repeatedly, or cautiously avoid snagging obstacles or passers-by, machine and operator are more productive. Even a small scrubber-drier such as Hefter’s Turnado 35 can turn in a work rate of 1400m2 per hour. This is boosted by a cleaning head that can turn through 200 degrees to allow cleaning in niches and corners. Its lithium ion battery not only provides three times the life of conventional batteries, it can also be re-charged ad hoc for the short and spot cleans often required during the daytime. Gel batteries would be damaged by this pattern of use.

The uplift in productivity from going cordless varies with the machine and application. It can be as high as 25%. The OmniFlex AutoVac, for example, was designed as a ‘crossover’ floor cleaning system providing an alternative both to the laborious mop and high-cost scrubber-driers, with the crucial capacity to suction away cleaning solution and soils. While the corded version cleans some 1500m2 per hour, the output of the battery model rises to more than 1850m2 - ensuring a healthy return on investment.

The uplift in productivity from going cordless varies with the machine and application. It can be as high as 25%. The OmniFlex AutoVac, for example, was designed as a ‘crossover’ floor cleaning system providing an alternative both to the laborious mop and high-cost scrubberdriers, with the crucial capacity to suction away cleaning solution and soils. While the corded version cleans some 16,000 sq ft (almost 1500m2) per hour, the output of the battery model rises to more than 20,000 sq ft (more than 1850m2) - ensuring a healthy return on investment. While the benefits of batteries are obvious, there is a bigger picture we should keep in sight. The ability to wet vac liquids so that hard floors can be brought back into use quickly and safely is key. Hand mopping is cordless, but it increases the slip risk as well as wasting time and spreading contamination. Taking toilets as another example, minimising any closure for cleaning should be the next-highest priority. Manually cleaning floors, WCs, urinals, taps and other touch points takes three times as long as spraying and vacuuming dry with the No Touch Cleaning system, also from Kaivac. And surfaces are sanitised. Measurable results matter, whatever the application, not the method. And manual may be best. A spill on an escalator can be cleaned in as little as five minutes with REN Clean’s sponge pad, which absorbs soils from oncoming threads. A maintenance clean should take no more than 15 minutes. Yet the system cleans better than expensive, specialist cleaning equipment. Above all, daytime cleaning needs to be timely and effective.

Battery power aids daytime cleaning Daytime cleaning can be a challenging process in busy areas, especially when the building is accessed by members of the public. Staff can be educated in the correct way to move around areas being cleaned during working hours, but it is slightly more difficult to keep the public safe in the same situation. The most common type of mishap in this scenario is caused by trips and slips. Models from the Duplex range provide users with high performance advanced cleaning technology. Duplex works closely with end users to ensure that every machine in the range delivers the benefits demanded. From their robust build-quality to their ease of use, the Duplex range can be relied upon 28 l JUNE 2017 l

to provide solutions to the most demanding of cleaning tasks. The machine’s compact design and contra-rotating brushes result in feather-light single-handed operation and good forward and reverse manoeuvrability. Off-set brushes allow cleaning right up to the edge, along skirtings, under furniture, and around fixtures. Following the success of the 280 mains model, Duplex has introduced the Duplex 280 Battery model as the latest addition to the Duplex family. Using the Duplex 280 Battery is fast and simple, there are no trailing cables to trip up operators or passers-by, get caught in doorways or around furniture. Like all the Duplex models, the 280 Battery uses minimal amounts of water to effectively clean

the floor so the quick floor drying time means that slips are less likely than using conventional cleaning methods. Also, because of its compact size, the operator is always in control of the machine and as the 280 is pushed in front of the operator they can see exactly who or what is in front of them. Due to the lack of a mains cable the Duplex 280 Battery is ideal for in and around swimming pool areas or any situation where water ingress may be a hazard. This compact commercial floor cleaner has a battery running time of approximately one hour on carpet and more on smooth hard surfaces. The running time of the Battery 280 can be increased by having a second battery pack available which can be changed via the simple thumb screw clamp on the handle.


The dangers of excessive dust in the workplace James Miller, general manager at Dustcontrol UK, reports. The health and safety of employees in the workplace is something that we take very seriously here at Dustcontrol UK. It’s what drives our ‘Dust Doctors’ campaign - a free, on-site assessment that aims to raise awareness and educate businesses as to the health risks that are associated with long-term exposure to excessive dust. The primary cause of respiratory illnesses in industries such as construction, roofing, demolition, and manufacturing, amongst others, is airborne dust. With regard to employees, prolonged exposure to an excessive build-up of dust can cause everything from asthma to bronchitis to lung cancer. This is supported by research conducted on behalf of the World Health Organisation (WHO), which ranks illnesses resulting from over-exposure to dust amongst the UK’s biggest hazards, and major killers, when it comes to occupational health. The biggest issue when it comes to dustrelated illnesses, however, regards the presence of silica. Silica is a natural substance common in a wide variety of raw materials, including: brick, slate, concrete, granite, and cement, to name a few. It’s presence alone isn’t particularly concern-

ing, but when such raw materials are treated (blasted, drilled, ground, or broken down) fine dust particles can become airborne. When airborne, these particles called Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) can make their way deep into the lungs. This is more likely when such invasive techniques are taking place, especially in enclosed spaces. The inhalation of silica dust particles can be particularly hazardous to the long-term health of workers. This is a view supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which estimates that there are around 500 silica-related deaths in the UK every year. The risks posed by silica are not just limited to specific job roles or niche on-site activities, even simple tasks, such as dry sweeping and disposing of cement bags, can send silica particles into the air. The most effective way to manage the risk posed by excessive dust is to be proactive when it comes to extraction. On-tool extraction units have the highest success rates, as they extract the dust at source and stem the likelihood of migration and settlement. It also limits the chance of dust particles escaping into the atmosphere. A class system is used to define extrac-

James Miller: “When it comes to our ‘Dust Doctors’ campaign, we focus on two simple things when it comes to dust: education and control. In the last year we have seen a surge in interest in dust extraction.”

tion units. When it comes to silica dust particles, the HSE recommends the use of a medium (M) class or high (H) class. The H class units offer the highest degree of filtration - with a filter leakage of less than 0.005% - making it the most efficient option when it comes to targeting respirable dusts with carcinogenic properties. The use of an H class system not only offers greater protection against RCS, but those specifically developed for the construction industry, such as those with primary separation by cyclone and cartridge filters, can help prevent tools clogging up and provide more consistent performance. These machines are also less likely, due to their higher specification of containment, to suffer major accidental dust leakage. At Dustcontrol UK we operate in a wide variety of sectors and have an in-depth knowledge of the problems facing different industries, and what their extraction needs are. We understand that each industry poses different challenges and therefore has different extraction requirements. We pride ourselves on the high standards of our products and the professionalism of our services. When it comes to our ‘Dust Doctors’ campaign, we focus on two simple things when it comes to dust: education and control. In the last year we have seen a surge in interest in dust extraction, with a variety of companies in various sectors seeking our expertise in controlling and managing dust extraction. There are some businesses that are unsure as to what they should be doing and what equipment they should be using, and Continued on Page 30.

To see MotorScrubber in action visit l JUNE 2017 l 29


Green’R cleaning sachets launched Klenzan Ltd, based in Warrington, Cheshire, has launched its new eco-friendly pre-dosed range of concentrated surface cleaning products, under the brand name Green’R. The Green’R range offers cleaners and sanitisers designed to be used for all routine cleaning jobs and where storage space is limited. The eco-friendly products come in pre-dosed water-soluble sachets (PVOH) that dissolve in under 60 seconds and include a sanitiser, tested and approved to BS EN 1276 for effective bacterial reduction. The easy to use PVOH sachets cut down on the need for bulk storage and ensure there is no skin contact with concentrated chemicals. One small pack of 20 x 10g sa-

chets equates to 15 litres of chemical solution, when dissolved. Once added to water, the Green’R surface sanitiser remains totally effective for

up to 28 days, retaining its outstanding capacity to clean and disinfect without the need to be replenished. Klenzan’s technical

director, Peter Littleton, said: “Green’R provides a cost effective, compact and consistent answer to high quality hygiene in catering and food establishments large and small. Many outlets struggle for space and need an easy, safe to use solution for keeping things clean. Green’R offers a range of products to tackle every day to day cleaning task.” Its proactive commitment to research and development has put Klenzan at the forefront of innovative, effective hygiene management and control. Well-known throughout the industry for its unprecedented levels of customer service, Klenzan works closely with its customers to provide the solution for any hygiene challenge.

Elevance partners with 2M Holdings Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc has announced its partnership with 2M Holdings as a new distributor for the Elevance Clean product line to the household, industrial and institutional markets in the UK and Ireland. “We are pleased to partner with 2M Holdings, which brings in-depth product and market knowledge in the household, industrial and institutional industries where the Elevance Clean product line provides superior performance attributes,” said commercial director, Gregory E. Gerhardt. “At Elevance, we remain committed to developing renewable and high-performance cleaning solutions.”

Bringing Cocchi and Grandimpianti machines to the UK market Alex Reid has announced two new partnerships that will bring Grandimpianti and Cocchi laundry equipment to its growing machines portfolio. Alex Reid is now the exclusive UK supplier of Cocchi finishing equipment and one of very few UK distributors of the Grandimpianti washers and drying machines. Both manufacturers have headquarters in northern Italy. Cocchi was founded in 1970 by Giuseppe Cocchi. The high quality, reliable finishing equipment range includes products such as the Classic Vacuum Blowing Table, with a 5 litre built-in boiler, the Plus Trouser Top-

Stuart Fullerton, general manager at Alex Reid, with Luca Cocchi, managing director at Cocchi.

per and the CG-Mak III Pneumatic Form Finisher. “We are delighted to be working with Alex Reid and welcome them as part of our family of partners,” said Luca Cocchi, managing di-

rector, Cocchi. “We feel they have the experience and market penetration to successfully promote our products across the UK.” Grandimpianti has been in operation since 1972. The

How businesses can conduct a smart clean this summer Continued from Page 21. effective communication with staff is necessary to maximise the impact and thoroughness of cleaning activities. In this way, a priority for businesses should be ensuring that each individual appreciates the important part they play in helping to maintain a tidy and hygienic working environment. Regularly reminding employees to undertake tasks such as clearing their desks at the end of each day, disposing of unwanted 30 l JUNE 2017 l

electronic and hardcopy files whenever possible and washing up after themselves can enable companies to increase the effectiveness of their cleaning routine. By clearly emphasising to staff the need for a joined-up approach to office upkeep, organisations can save valuable time and resource to invest in other important business areas. It goes without saying that employees are likely to be more productive in a tidy and sanitary environment, and an office clean-up presents the perfect opportunity for FMs

to freshen up the workplace, whilst also putting effective new cleaning policies in place. However, with businesses constantly looking for ways to shave margins without compromising their environmental credentials, companies should not look at cleaning strategies in a vacuum. With careful planning and clear employee communication, facilities managers can implement a smart cleaning strategy which reinvigorates several different areas of the business.

firm manufactures a full range of equipment for the washing, drying, ironing, and general treatment of fabrics. Following extensive research, the company has developed several important patents such as the launch of its Dynamics Weighing System - DWS - in 2007. Alex Reid will carry a selection of the Grandimpianti washers, driers and ironers including the GWH11 washer extractor, the GDZ14 tumble drier and a range of roller ironers. Grandimpianti’s new and connected ‘Wavy’ system will also be available in the near future. Patrizia Terribile, manag-

ing director at Grandimpianti, said: “Alex Reid has a long-standing reputation in the UK specialist laundry business and their knowledge and expertise will provide excellent support for our machines and equipment.” Alex Reid general manager, Stuart Fullerton, said: “The Cocchi, Grandimpianti and Camptel machines give Alex Reid a unique offering in terms of machinery. By investing in these machines our customers can expect high value returns for many years to come, providing reliability and high quality finishes.”

The dangers of excessive dust in the workplace Continued from Page 29. some may not even be aware they have an issue. Our free dust assessments are designed to help educate businesses on the necessary steps they need to be taking regarding dust extraction. The aim is to improve working conditions, remove potential health hazards and encourage what we call ‘healthy business’. Our ‘Dust Doctors’ assessments are free for businesses that sign up. After registering, we will send out a member of the Dustcontrol UK team to visit and assess the factory, premises or site. We will highlight the areas where dust management processes are needed, and how they can improve working conditions and output. After a thorough inspection, we will provide a recommendation on any dust extraction equipment required. The solutions we offer incorporate either cyclone-based mobile extraction equipment or permanent central vacuum systems.

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Complete solution for professional cleaning - by hand Kärcher’s modular range of professional, high-quality manual cleaning tools is designed to complement its existing portfolio. Kärcher is substantially expanding its range of manual cleaning aids to provide a complete solution for professional industrial cleaning - in addition to automated equipment and detergents, products such as mops, brooms and cleaning trolleys are now also available from Kärcher. Cleaning by hand remains a common practice in daily maintenance cleaning, and to facilitate this in the most efficient way Kärcher’s new offering includes cleaning aids for dust control, wet wiping and sweeping, as well as those for window and surface cleaning, and is primarily aimed at building

Angle neck toilet cleaner range available The line-up in Greyland’s angle-neck toilet cleaner range features products for both daily and deep cleaning: Toilet Cleaner and Descaler, Triple S (Stainless Steel Safe) cleaner, Toilet Freshener, Apple Toilet Freshener, Spring Toilet Freshener, and Limescale Remover. Apple Toilet Freshener is ideal for daily deodorising of toilets and urinals. Apply neat around the bowl and particularly under the rim. The one litre angle-neck container makes this an easy application. Best left overnight for complete freshness and a clean apple fragrance. Spring Toilet Freshener is the same as the above but with a fresh Spring-like fragrance. Where neutral odours are preferred, Toilet Freshener is for daily

aroma-free deodorising of toilets and urinals. Spring Toilet Freshener contains a little citric acid to descale where necessary. Both Apple and Toilet Freshener are all daily refreshers with powerful fragrances. Limescale Remover is a powerful germicidal descaler. This product is particularly useful in high limescale areas such as prevail in the south of England and London. Toilet Cleaner and Descaler has been formulated for ceramic toilets and sinks only. Triple S is one of Greyland’s best-selling toilet and washroom products and is the preferred product for deep cleaning and descaling of stainless steel and chrome fittings whenever required. Requires just five minutes dwell time.

services providers, health care facilities and the hospitality industry. This modular solution offers numerous combinations that can be tailored to suit each customer’s needs. Product colour coding ensures that cleaning aids are specifically assigned to different areas in a building, such as the kitchen or sanitary facilities, which prevents cross-contamination. In developing these manual products, Kärcher has paid attention to ergonomics and usability - the convenient handles of the popular new cleaning trolleys and the large contact surface area of the handpad holder ensure efficient, comfortable and energy-saving work. professional

CHSA announces first distributors in Accredited Distributor Scheme The Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) has welcomed the first distributors into its new Accredited Distributors Scheme after they successfully passed the auditing process. The first approved distributors include the national networks Jangro and independent distributors DJB Supplies, CPD, Mark Douglas, Capital Cleaning, and Martin Vitera. The other major distributors in the sector - Bunzl Cleaning and Safety, Nationwide and Arco, and a further eight independent distributors - are all nearing completion of the auditing process. “Our focus is on driving up standards in the industry,” said Mike Stubbs, chairman of the Accreditation Scheme panels and vice president of the CHSA. “The increasing number of buyers of cleaning and hygiene products specifying our schemes in their tenders is evidence we are making a significant impact. We’re delighted distributors have responded so positively to the launch of the Accredited Distributor Scheme - membership signals their commitment to supplying product that can be relied upon to meet the scheme standards and the CHSA code of practice.” To join, distributors must sign a declaration that they will only stock and offer for sale CHSA Accredited products or products that conform to the same standards as required by the relevant CHSA Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme.

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