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Dedication Form Uninvited Guests: Love Letters Straight From Your Heart If you are planning to come to our show we would like you to dedicate a song to someone you love, and say why you have chosen this song. We intend to work many of these songs and dedications into the show. Please answer the questions below and then email the form to Which performance are you attending?

Name of song/piece of music and artist/performer/composer

What is your name and would you like us to say or to remain anonymous?

Who are you dedicating it to?

Please tell us why you are requesting this piece of music for this person.

Tell us something about the person and what they mean to you?

Tell us about a particular memory you have of that person, maybe about a time the song reminds you of.

Tell us, from the bottom of your heart, what you feel. You can write as much as you want – please continue here if you would like to.

Please leave us an email or phone number so we can contact you

[not required] Please your request and dedication to us at: We look forward to seeing you at the show, to playing a song for you and speaking these words on your behalf.

Love letters audience dedication form (2)  
Love letters audience dedication form (2)  

If you are attending Love Letters Straight from Your Heart at Folkestone Quarterhouse please complete the form and return to... info@uninvi...