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Anjum’s scintillating flavours make every vegetarian meal a treat. As much of the subcontinent is vegetarian by religion, Indian food is the ideal place to discover how to eat this way for life. In this book, Anjum adapts the authentic flavours of India – with a rainbow of vegetables, grains, cheeses and pulses – to her ethos of healthy eating. Many of her recipes are based on the food both of her family and of the vibrant street food culture of India, brought bang up to date. Here you’ll find everything you need for a good, balanced diet at each meal of the day. The dishes are light, bright and modern, and provide all the protein and other nutrients we need for perfect health. Anjum’s Vegetarian Feast is just that. For breakfast, choose from a delicious masala omelette or the more unfamiliar but seductive chillas, high-protein gram flour pancakes with a coriander chutney. There are recipes for the barbecue, such as mile-high chickpea burgers with purple Indian coleslaw, and for salads, sandwiches and full meals at home, not forgetting pudding. Get ready: your vegetarian kitchen repertoire is about to explode.

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10 Breakfast and brunch 28 Starters, snacks and appetisers 46 Sandwiches, grills and salads 64 Vegetable main dishes 82 Beans, lentils, paneer and more 100 Side dishes 118 Grains 136 Raitas and chutneys 154 Desserts 172 Glossary 174 Index 176 Acknowledgements

Anjum's Indian Vegetarian Feast  

We should all be eating more vegetables, and Anjum’s plethora of scintillating flavours means even the most carnivorous among us will be hap...