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Group Spring 2023: Adult
Contents • Food & Drink...................................................8 • Gardening & Sustainability, Home.................18 • Narrative Non Fiction and Memoir.................32 • MBS, Well Being &Personal Development....38 • Manga Graphic Novels..................................56 • Automotive & General Reference..................66 • Gift & Stationery.............................................83 • Design, Photography, Arts & Crafts...............90 • Travel, Music & Film.....................................111

The Quarto Group UK

Frances Lincoln

Founded in 1977, Frances Lincoln publishes beautifully crafted books that will be sources of information and pleasure for many years. Our longestablished, highly renowned list includes gardening titles featuring a host of well-known names, as well as the much-loved walking guides by Alfred Wainwright. Other notable areas of interest include books on the history of Britain and London and an ever-growing list of innovative titles on art and culture.

Ivy Press

Ivy Press publishes books that take innovative approaches to the subjects that you want to read about. Our books are written by experts in their fields and designed to the very highest standards. Ivy Press titles will inspire you, show you how to make things, make your mouth water, inform you, expand your mind, and stimulate you, however much you already know. Its best-selling nonfiction list includes titles on natural history, general reference, popular science, art, craft, design, and the internationally acclaimed 30-Second series, which has been translated into 30 languages.


Aurum, Quarto’s narrative nonfiction list, home to great writing and compelling storytelling across a wide range of interests, life experiences, and expertise. Aurum publishes memoir, biography, polemic, food, feminism, history, sport, science, nature, and travel writing. Our award-winning books are relished in leisure, recommended to friends, and discussed in book clubs.

Leaping Hare Press

Beautiful books to inspire and empower readers to translate ethical and spiritual values into practical, meaningful life choices. From planting a colorful wildflower seedbed in a concrete jungle, to mindfully walking along a busy sidewalk, our books present creative, simple steps to help us engage with each other and the natural world. Penned by heart-led and expert authors, our conscious living titles embrace community spirit and explore ecological principles in a positive way––delivering that feel-good factor too.

The Quarto Group UK

White Lion

Welcome to White Lion Publishing, one of the newest imprints within the Quarto Group. We bring you a range of books that enhance, enrich, and illuminate, with titles spanning self-care, lifestyle, popular culture, travel, issues and activism, and food and drink. These are books designed to invite you in, using fresh voices to explore new ideas that inspire the reader. We aim to publish authors with a growing platform, who are experts in their field, and who speak directly to readers with voices that resonate.


becker&mayer! is a leading creator, producer, and manufacturer of innovative books and kits for adults. A renowned book packager, we create original illustrated books in awardwinning formats that integrate paper components, digital content, electronics, audio, and other specialty features for publishers worldwide.

Epic Ink

Chartwell Books

Chartwell Books is dedicated to creating beautifully designed illustrated books for everyone. Aspirational yet accessible, each book conveys a high perceived value. We bring style and a fresh voice to every book we publish, presenting on-trend and universal titles in categories as diverse as spirituality, health and wellness, history, military, reference, cooking, lifestyle, and inspirational. Our books are highly giftable as well as perfect for any self-purchase.

Epic Ink publishes deluxe, collectible books that celebrate entertainment and pop-culture properties through in-depth and original content. We seek to capture the story, art, and passion of these brands by crafting interactive and immersive books that captivate and delight readers around the world.

Rock Point

Rock Point delivers inspiring lifestyle books across a wide variety of subjects including cooking, lifestyle, personal development and spirituality, as well as beautiful guided journals and planners.

The Quarto Group UK

Fair Winds Press

Fair Winds Press was founded in 2001, originally as part of the Rockport Publishing Group. Benefit-oriented and results-driven, Fair Winds offers readers authoritative and accessible content to help them live a healthier life, both physically and spiritually. Whether training for a triathlon, embracing a vegan lifestyle, managing your autoimmune disorder, raising your family, or expanding your witchcraft practice , Fair Winds offers help and guidance for living a healthy, fulfilling life. Our books cover a range of practical categories, including nutrition and cookery, fitness, parenting, beauty, treating sickness, mental health, and using new medicine.

Cool Springs Press

Cool Springs Press is a leading publisher of step-by-step how-to books for both DIY gardening and home improvement. Our state and local gardening books are tailored to specific regional environments across the United States, while our renowned series of foolproof home improvement books have long been trusted on both the bookshelf and the job site.

Harvard Common Press

Harvard Common Press strives provides consumers with accessible, engaging content in the culinary, parenting, and lifestyle arenas. Working with topic experts, we aim to produce awardwinning content that capitalizes on both established and developing trends and has an enduring place on consumer bookshelves.


Founded in 1965, Motorbooks was acquired by The Quarto Group in late 2007. Motorbooks is among the world’s leading transportation publishers, offering books created by motoring’s top photographers and writers, many created with major partners like Harley-Davidson, Chevrolet, Ford, and Chrysler, in addition to magazines like Hot Rod and Cycle World.

The Quarto Group UK

Quarry Books

An offshoot of Rockport Publishers, Quarry Books was started in 1997 to extend Rockport Publishers’ business to a non-professional audience. Dedicated to providing instruction and inspiration to creative makers everywhere, Quarry Books offers authoritative, beautifully designed and illustrated inspiration and reference books for a wide range of enthusiasts, including artists, illustrators, crafters, cooks, parents, and educators on subjects ranging from beekeeping and bread making to urban sketching and science activities for kids.

Rockport Publishers

Rockport Publishers was founded in 1984 and became part of the Quarto Group six years later. For the latest in design industry trends or graphic art reference, look to Rockport Publishers. We create beautifully illustrated source books for professional designers and artisans of all types. Our books present the best in design work from around the world and bring readers inside the world’s most talented design and art studios to see how the work gets done and the inspiration that lies behind each finished piece.

Food & Drink

Rich Myers

sensational cookbook

you 40 of the tastiest treats from the iconic GET BAKED® bakery. Created by Rich ‘Mr Sprinkle’ Myers, GET BAKED’S® bold range of desserts includes cookies, brownies, cakes and pies, all high on the taste and indulgence spectrum – definite crowd pleasers.

most popular creations are showcased here including Lemon Meringue Pie and the famous ‘Bruce’, a 24 layer giant consisting of chocolate sponge and ganache.

Written in Rich’s trademark style, this book offers a fun and accessible way to enjoy these unique recipes, meaning bakers of all abilities can enjoy making sumptuous creations.

Food & Drink 8 GET BAKED White Lion Publishing 9780711279711 April 11, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover • 144 Pages 23.5 cm H | 19.3 cm W | 699.9 g Wt This

Eat the Rainbow

specialist Harriet Porterfield, creator of Bo’s Kitchen, presents delicious and nutrient-filled recipes which are bursting with colour to enrich your body and

that the more colours in your diet, the better for you it will be. This is because different plants contain different pigments, or phytonutrients, and the more vibrant their colour, the more of these nutrients they contain!

the rainbow is a natural rule of life; we are always

Porterfield is the creator of Bo’s Kitchen, a plant-loving, herbal-tea-hoarding foodie from the UK with a passion for vegan food. She is a self-taught cook and has been vegan for more than 16 years. She loves to create fantastic food that looks as good as it tastes.

Food & Drink 9
Leaping Hare Press 9780711276857 April 18, 2023 £20.00 • Hardcover • 192 Pages 23 cm H | 18 cm W | 709.9 g Wt Vegan
nourish your soul. Eating

Nourishing Vegan

Amy Lanza

of vibrant and delicious vegan recipes.

Vegan Every Day

the flow of everyday life

providing recipes that range from nutritious to decadent

time and taste buds.

important balance

you’re in need of a quick and energizing breakfast or a showstopping meal


for delectable

gorgeous photography for every recipe and helpful kitchen tips, discover family favorites like Cheesy Pesto Tomato Swirl Buns; weeknight meals like Cashew Cauliflower and Spinach Dahl; and delightful vegan desserts like Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake.

Lanza is the plant-based recipe developer, food and content creator, food stylist, and photographer behind Nourishing Amy. She focuses on vibrant, delicious, and easy vegan meals using seasonal and fresh ingredients for everyday healthy living.

Food & Drink 10
Every Day Fair Winds Press 9780760377581 January 3, 2023 £19.99 • Hardcover • 192 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 880 g Wt Nourishment meets flavor in this collection
, recognizing the
to impress your guests, this book will
plant-based meals. With



Adam Walton & Brett Walton

of outdoor griddles, aka


Food & Drink 11
Healthy, Cheap Budget-Friendly Recipes with Exciting Flavors Looking to cook healthy, delicious recipes on a budget? Kevin Tatar (@kwoowk) has you covered! With his recipes and cooking tips, save money as you build confidence in the kitchen. Harvard Common Press 9780760382202 May 30, 2023 £6.99 • Paperback • 48 Pages 23 cm H | 23 cm W
60 Epic Burgers and Sandwiches for Dinner, for Lunch, and Even for Breakfast—For Your Griddle, Your Grill, or Your Skillet Smashed shows owners
“flattops,” how to make more than 60 different kinds of smash burgers and
smashed sandwiches—the hottest trend in sandwiches worldwide—plus quesadillas, burritos, wraps, and other delectable pressed dishes. Harvard Common Press 9780760382035 May 9, 2023 £18.99 • Paperback • 160 Pages 9.25 cm H | 7.5 cm W
Kevin Tatar


Vegan BBQ

Food & Drink 12
Learn how to slow-smoke all sorts of veggies, fruits, vegan meats, and vegan cheeses in this beautifully photographed book that features 100 soul-satisfying recipes filled with flavor and spice. Harvard Common Press 9780760382035 May 16, 2023 £6.99 • Paperback • 48 Pages 23 cm H | 23 cm W
Epic Outdoor Griddle Cookbook 60 Epic Burgers and Sandwiches for Dinner, for Lunch, and Even for Breakfast—For Your Learn from the outdoor-griddle experts, Adam and Brett Walton, aka The Waltwins, how to turn your flattop griddle into the most valuable and versatile cooking tool in your arsenal. Harvard Common Press 9780760378175 January 17, 2023 £16.99 • Paperback • 176 Pages 23.5 cm H | 19.1 cm W Terry
Adam Walton and Brett Walton

Chiles and Smoke

The Dominican Kitchen

Food & Drink 13
BBQ, Grilling, and Other Fire-Friendly Recipes with Spice and Flavor Ignite your grill and elevate your barbecue game with more than 65 unforgettable recipes that combine the big, bold flavors of chiles with smoke and fire. Harvard Common Press 9780760378113 March 21, 2023 £6.99 • Paperback • 48 Pages 23 cm H | 23 cm W
Traditional Homestyle Recipes from Everyone's Favorite Caribbean Island Learn to make authentic, delicious, and easy Dominican and Latin-inspired meals with Vanessa Mota, creator of the popular food blog My Dominican Kitchen. Rock Point 9781631068874 May 2, 2023 £20 • Hardcover • 208 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W Brad Prose Vanessa Mota

The Weeknight Wild Game

The Unofficial Big Lebowski Cocktail Book

Food & Drink 14 Harvard Common Press 9780760377352 January 24, 2023 £19.99 • Hardcover • 192 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 880 g Wt
Cookbook Easy, Everyday Meals for Hunters and Their Families Join hunter and chef Jenn Danella for page after page of crave-worthy recipes that bring wild game to breakfast, lunch, dinner—even the tailgate! Epic Ink 9780760381212 March 7, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 176 Pages 20.8 cm H | 16.6 cm W | 544.3 g Wt
Over 50 Mixed Drink Recipes Inspired by the Cult Classic Raise a toast to the 25th anniversary of The Big Lebowski with this highly giftable book featuring 50 cocktails, brews, and other spirits inspired by the beloved movie’s characters and scenes.

Fair Winds Press

9, 2023

£6.99 • Paperback • 48

The Gluten-Free Family Cookbook

Allergy-Friendly Recipes for Everyone Around Your Table Lindsay Cotter

Learn how to slow-smoke all sorts of veggies, fruits, vegan meats, and vegan cheeses in this beautifully photographed book that features 100 soulsatisfying recipes filled with flavor and spice.

Harvard Common Press

January 17, 2023



176 Pages


The Autoimmune Protocol Baking Book

75 Sweet & Savory, Allergen-Free Treats That Add Joy to Your Healing Journey. Wendy Washington- Hunt

Get excited about baking again with this gorgeous cookbook featuring 100 recipes for all things baked, from cookies and cake to bread and biscuits, to crackers, crumbles, and crisps!

Chartwell Books

April 25, 2023

Macro Cooking Made Simple

50+ Recipes for Clean Eating and Healthy Living Rachel Wener

Stop counting calories and start eating smart! Master the macro diet with this accessible guide that includes over 50 delicious recipes.


Food & Drink 15
9780760380901 May
Pages 23 cm H | 23 cm W
• Paperback •
H |
cm W
£14.99 • Hardcover • 160

Fair Winds Press

May 2, 2023

£6.99 • Paperback • 48 Pages


Fair Winds Press 9780760382752

May 23, 2023

The Immunity Food Fix Cookbook

75 Nourishing Recipes that Reverse Inflammation, Heal the Gut, Detoxify, and Prevent Illness Donna Beydoun Mazzola and Sarah Steffens

Learn how to slow-smoke all sorts of veggies, fruits, vegan meats, and vegan cheeses in this beautifully photographed book that features 100 soulsatisfying recipes filled with flavor and spice.


Paperback • 176 Pages 23.5 cm H | 19.1 cm W

The FODMAP Reintroduction Plan and Cookbook

Cookbook Conquer Your IBS While Reclaiming the Foods You Love Rachel Pauls

Rediscover your favorite foods while managing your IBS symptoms with this simple guide to FODMAP Reintroduction, featuring a complete testing plan and 60 delicious recipes.

Harvard Common Press 9780760377338

January 17, 2023


Paperback • 208 Pages 23.5 cm H | 19.1 cm W

Everyday Low- Lectin Cookbook

More than 100 Recipes for Fast and Easy Comfort Food for Weight Loss and Peak Gut Health Claudia Curici

Treat your body and taste buds right with more than 100 amazing, easy-to-make, and super-healthy lowlectin recipes.

Food & Drink 16
H | 23 cm W

The Sculpt Plan

Sculpt Plan is a customizable, lifestyle-based weight-loss program for the busy modern woman, from the founder of popular fitness brand Sculpt. It is the first weight loss program to cater to both a standard diet and 5 specialty diets, including gluten-free, dairy-free, pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan, along with a workout program.

Food & Drink 17
Fair Winds Press 9780760377062 January 17, 2023 £18.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 208 Pages 23.5 cm H | 19.1 cm W | 811.9 g Wt The

Gardening, Sustainability & Home


Potter is the florist behind the flower shop

and Damsons, based in Sheffield. Her style of arranging has a luxe and wild feel. India Hobson is a UK based editorial, lifestyle and still life photographer, and one half of Haarkon.

Gardening 18
Philosophy White Lion Publishing 9780711268579 February 7, 2023 £20.00 • Hardcover • 208 Pages 24.6 cm H | 19 cm W A celebration of Season, Flower Philosophy presents a selection of beautiful arrangements designed to free readers from the pressures of perfection and instead encourage creative freedom, intuition and original results. Flowers are not perfect, and flower arranging shouldn’t be either. Anna Potter, author of best-selling Flower Fix, teaches us how to listen and learn from nature to create something truly original with 25 combinations of stems and foliage. Anna

What Gardeners Grow

Gardening 19
Frances Lincoln 9780711272903 April 18, 2023 £25.00 • Hardcover • 336 Pages 23.3 cm H | 16.5 cm W What Gardeners Grow draws on the experience and passion of the world’s most interesting and respected gardeners to create a glossary of plants to inspire the everyday gardener. A diverse range of some 250 gardeners including Sarah Raven, Piet Oudlof and Joy Larkcom  have contributed their plant choices, each selecting one or more of their most treasured favourites.  Bloom , Illustrated by Melanie Gandyra

Kew Gardener's Guide to

Cacti and

inspirational book from Kew Gardens' cacti and succulents expert is the perfect guide to growing and maintaining a wide variety of these fascinating

or outside, in the smallest spaces or as features in large gardens, succulents and cacti are popular in homes and gardens all across the world, regardless of climate. They’re resilient, beautiful and easy to care for as long as you’re armed with the right knowledge. Packed with information and inspiration, and with the guiding authority and expertise of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, this book teaches you everything you need to know about 50 speciments of succulents and cacti, from ideal humidity, light and temperature, to maintenance instructions so that your plants can thrive.

Gardening 20
Succulents Frances Lincoln 9780711277144 April 11, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover • 144 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W Also available This
plants. Indoors
Paul Rees is the Tropical Nursery Supervisor at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He is responsible for the care and conservation of many rare and endangered plants. Born in South Africa, he has worked with the cacti and succulent collection, at Kew since 2009. ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS KEW and Paul Rees 9780711239340 £12.99 9780711261907 £12.99 9780711240001 £12.99



an award-winning writer


one of the UK's leading environmental campaigners. He writes popular monthly columns for both BBC Wildlife and BBC Gardeners' World magazines. He also worked as a landscape and sustainability adviser on the Millennium Dome project.

Gardening 21
Companion to Wildlife Gardening Frances Lincoln 9780711281288 March 14, 2023 £25.00 • Hardcover • 272 Pages 25 cm H | 19 cm W | 1 kg Wt Fully revised and updated, this is the perennial and comprehensive guide to the art of wildlife gardening from the RHS, freshly illustrated and bursting with new ideas, ideas and projects. Gardening and wildlife make perfect partners. So many people are discovering that by choosing the right plants for nectar and fruit, providing some shelter and safety, a little extra food and water, and a nest box or two, any garden, balcony or backyard can be dramatically brought to life. Chris

The Climate Change Garden,


Dry Climate Gardening

Gardening 22 Cool Springs Press 9780760379486 February 7, 2023 £18.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages 21.6 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 725.7 g Wt
UPDATED EDITION Down to Earth Advice for Growing a Resilient Garden Sally Morgan and Kim
In this global gardener’s guide to creating a resilient, climate-wise garden, learn how to adapt your garden to cope with volatile weather extremes and other effects of a rapidly changing climate. Cool Springs Press 9780760377024 February 7, 2023 £19.99 • Paperback • 208 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 721.2 g Wt
Growing beautiful, sustainable gardens in lowwater conditions Noelle Johnson In Dry Climate Gardening, author and desert horticulturist Noelle Johnson delivers all the know-how you need to grow a breathtaking, colorful, and vibrant garden in low-water conditions.


February 7, 2023

Groundcover Revolution


7, 2023

The Vegetable Garden Problem Solver Handbook

Gardening 23
Springs Press 9780760378151
£18.99 • Paperback • 184 Pages 23.5 cm H | 19.1 cm W | 580.6 g Wt
How to use sustainable, low-maintenance, lowwater groundcovers to replace your turf Kathy Jentz Tired of spending your weekends mowing, trimming, and edging? Then it’s time to say goodbye to your standard grass lawn and join the Groundcover Revolution!
Springs Press 9780760377482 February
£19.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 771.1 g Wt
Identify and manage diseases and other common problems on edible plants If you’re tired of battling blight on your tomatoes, losing your basil to downy mildew, and watching deer raid your vegetable garden, you’ll find all the answers you need right here.

Cool Springs Press

The First-Time Gardener: Container Food Gardening

own fresh,

Cool Springs Press

The Sustainable Homestead

a Thriving Permaculture Ecosystem with Your Garden, Animals, and Land


Join the permaculture revolution! Author Angela Ferraro-Fanning (Axe & Root

techniques and tips for a homestead

between soil,


Gardening 24
9780760378137 March 7, 2023 £18.99 • Paperback • 176 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 621.4 g Wt
All the know-how you need to grow veggies, fruits, herbs, and other edible plants in pots Growing your
organic food in containers is a great way to begin your gardening journey! This friendly guide includes everything you need to know to get started.
9780760380482 March 28, 2023 £18.99 • Paperback • 192 Pages 24.6 cm H | 18.8 cm W | 557.9 g Wt
Homestead) shares
with synergy
plants, animals, and

Scott Zona.


A Gardener's Guide to Botany


Scott Zona

a botanist, researcher, and educator

a focus on tropical plants. For 9 years he served as the curator of the Wertheim

Greenhouses at Florida International University in Miami, where he directed the

the conservatory

maintained their research plant

Gardening 25
Cool Springs Press 9780760374450 January 10, 2023 £22.00 • Hardcover • 256 Pages 27.3 cm H | 21.1 cm W | 2.4 cm T | 1.1 kg Wt Ever wonder if plants sleep or why their leaves are shaped a certain way? The inner workings of the plants you love are revealed and celebrated in this guide by botany expert Dr.
Guide to Botany is not just another book on how to grow plants. Instead, it’s a lushly illustrated botanical journey into what makes plants tick, delivered in layman’s terms that are easily understood and appreciated by both advanced gardeners and first-timers. Dr.
Conservatory and
restoration of
Gardening 26 The Complete Language of Trees Wellfleet Press 9781577153306 April 11, 2023 £18.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 256 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 1.1 kg Wt The Complete Language of Trees is a comprehensive encyclopedia providing the meanings, powers, facts, and folklore for over 400 types of trees. Along with a stunning visual depiction, each entry provides the tree’s scientific and common name, characteristics, historic and hidden properties from mythology, legends, and folklore. The Complete Language of Food 9781577152590 £18.99 S. Theresa Dietz The Complete Language of Flowers 9781577151906 £14.99 The Complete Language of Herbs 9781577152828 £18.99


Gardening 27
Gardener's Planner and Logbook Chartwell Books 9780785842019 February 7, 2023 £12.99 • Paperback • 160 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W | 453.6 g Wt Take the guesswork out of gardening. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a green thumb, plan and track your garden with this keepsake guide and logbook. As more than a garden planner and logbook, the thoughtful primer and expert tips in these pages will help you develop a garden that’s more personal and ultimately more rewarding. Editors of Chartwell Books

Must Love Trees

Tiny and Wild


Gardening 28 Rock Point 9781631069246 April 11, 2023 £18.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 216 Pages 23.7 cm H | 19.2 cm W | 1 kg Wt
An Unconventional Guide Tobin Mitnick Tobin Mitnick, comedian and tree lover, leads you, the tree-curious, through the wonderful world of North American forests with fact, opinion, and humor. In Must Love Trees, Mitnick invites you to share his deeply personal connection to our forest companions in ways that expand the storied genre of nature writing.
Springs Press 9780760376232 March 7, 2023 £18.99 • Paperback • 176 Pages 23.5 cm H | 19.1 cm W | 530.7 g Wt
Build a small-scale meadow anywhere Graham Laird Gardner Go low-maintenance and no-mow while supporting nature and biodiversity by planting a mini wildflower meadow with guidance from Tiny & Wild.

The Tiny But Mighty

Gardening 29
Farm Cool Springs Press 9780760376454 January 24, 2023 £18.99 • Paperback • 208 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 721.2 g Wt In The Tiny But Mighty Farm, author Jill Ragan of YouTube’s Whispering Willow Farm teaches you how to turn a typical suburban backyard into a productive mini farm. Jill Ragan is a small farmer and online educator. Her journey into growing food began when she saw a largely unmet need in our society; with broken food systems, unfortunate waste, and an overall lack of connection to our Earth. She started documenting the simple changes she was implementing to contribute to the health of our planet and has since grown an extensive following on YouTube’s Whispering Willow Farm channel. Jill Ragan

Fair Winds Press

February 14, 2023

Cool Springs Press

February 14, 2023

A Healthier Home

The Room by Room Guide to Make Any Space A Little Less Toxic Shawna Holman

A Healthier Home provides an accessible, room-byroom roadmap to improve the environment inside your home which can contribue to a better mental and physical health Wherever you are on your journey to a healthier home, author and founder of A Little Less Toxic, Shawna Holman, offers realistic steps you can take to maintain a healthy living environment that aligns with your values.

Black and Decker Codes for Homeowners 5th Edition

Current with 2021-2023 Codes - Electrical • Plumbing • Construction


Get those home projects you’ve been putting off done—and up to code. All of the most common standards are addressed in this new edition of BLACK+DECKER Codes for Homeowners, including plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and construction. This guidebook goes beyond simply reporting the codes; it interprets them for you and explains them clearly, with color photos and simple graphics.

Home 30
£18.99 • Hardcover • 176 Pages 22.9 cm H | 17.8 cm W | 648.6 g Wt
£22.00 • Paperback • 240 Pages 27.5 cm H | 21 cm W | 907.2 g Wt

Narrative Non-fiction & Memoir

Wedded Wife

Rachael Lennon

Wedded Wife, feminist

Lennon provides an intimate history of modern marriage. Having married her wife just a few years after the legalisation of same sex marriage in the United Kingdom, Lennon reflects on being one of the small proportion of history’s women with the choice to formally commit to someone they love and not automatically sacrifice rights and opportunities. Marriage has a deep history of oppressing women and people who expressed gender diversity and same-sex attraction. It has long enshrined inequalities into law. Lennon celebrates the work of activists who have transformed the institution across recent centuries and asks, what compels us to keep making this choice? Can we let go of the gendered baggage that we have inherited? Can we hold true to feminist values as we commit to our partners? And what does that look like? How can we build on the past to continue to redefine marriage for the future?

Rachael Lennon was the National Trust’s co-founder of the revisionist Challenging Histories programme which Clare Balding claimed “will change the way history is written and thought about from this point onwards”. Rachael lives in Durham with her wife and daughter. A passionate feminist and women’s rights activist, she does regular talks and events.

Narrative Non Fiction & Memoir 32
Aurum 9780711267114 June 20, 2023 £16.99 • Hardcover • 288 Pages 21.6 cm H | 13.5 cm W In
curator Rachael




as a 90-Day challenge

Am Enough

to spend less, becomes an exploration of

it means to have enough,

with insight and humour, this book is an antidote to the constant pressure we are under to do more, have more and be more.

Stewart is a broadcaster with ABC Radio Australia. A former screenplay writer, music journalist and comedy producer, Sheridan now presents the ABC Radio Queensland Drive programme and is a regular contributor to national programming and ABC online.

Narrative Non Fiction & Memoir 33
Am Enough Aurum 9780711278578 April 18, 2023 £12.99 • Paperback • 256 Pages 21.6 cm H | 13.5 cm W Stressed by
spending? Always feeling like you should do
Join Sheridan Stewart on an inspiring journey towards spending less, feeling happier and focusing on the important things. What began
what matters most. I
contemplates what
do enough and ultimately be enough.  Told

Thanks for Sharing

fascinating book,

a bold vision of how sustainable

can it help us live more affordable, more sustainable, and ultimately more fulfilling

is the Sharing Economy?

What would happen if for one year a family

to share as much as they possibly can?

of owning more and more stuff, what it’s like to stop owning things and borrow, lend, rent and swap

are big questions, but journalist Eleanor Tucker sets out to answer them in this thoroughly absorbing and entertaining guide to sustainable sharing, or as she calls it

Tucker is a former features writer for The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, Marie Claire, and Psychologies, commentating on gender, society, sustainability, tech and lifestyle. She now writes, speaks, and advises startups all over the world on the sharing economy space. Eleanor now lives with her husband and two young children in Edinburgh.

Narrative Non Fiction & Memoir 34
Aurum 9780711282186 July 18, 2023 £12.99 • Paperback • 256 Pages 21.6 cm H | 13.5 cm W In this
Eleanor Tucker sets out
sharing can save us money, and lead to a happier future. What
instead? These
'collaborative consumption'. Eleanor

Hungry Heart

Clare Finney

food writer Clare Finney presents a passionate, heartfelt exploration of the intertwining influences of food and love throughout her life in this brilliant and moving memoir. What does it mean for food to be more than fuel? How does it come to define us, our status, our identities, and the relationships we have with others? Finney delves into these questions with a rare and insightful sensitivity, exploring the role food has played both in the triumphs and tribulations of her own life - joyful childhood memories, the pain of grief, its defining role in her career - as well as in traditions and customs of cultures around the world. From the dance of culinary courtship present in the world of modern dating, to the funeral foods of Shiva which remind us of the connections between life and death, Finney asks important and powerful questions of what food truly represents in our complicated lives. This book is a nourishing feast, an honest account of humans breaking bread together and what, in a world of Deliveroo and digital communication, that really means.

Clare Finney is a food journalist, Londoner and cheese lover. In 2019 she won the Fortnum & Mason Food Writing Award for her work with Foodism and Market Life, Borough Market's magazine.

Narrative Non Fiction & Memoir 35
Aurum 9780711266766 June 6, 2023 £16.99 • Hardcover • 256 Pages 21.6 cm H | 13.5 cm W Award-winning

The Draw of the Sea

Wyl Menmuir

Wyl Menmuir’s The Draw of the Sea is a beautifully written and deeply moving portrait of the Cornish Coast and the people who make their livings there, examining the ephemeral but universal pull the sea holds over the human imagination.



June 6, 2023


19.8 cm H | 12.9 cm W £9.99



May 2, 2023


13.8 cm | 21.6cm Lgth £9.99

The Wild Year

Jen Benson

This book tells the uplifting true story of a family who left their old life behind to spend a year living wild in a tent around Britain. With a baby and a toddler, mounting debt, work demands and stress trampling over their desire to spend time together as a family in nature, Jen and Sim Benson move out of their rented accommodation, sell up their possessions and decide to live in a tent for a year as nomads around rural Britain.

Narrative Non Fiction & Memoir 36

Mind, Body & Spirit

Tarot Magick

The Witch of the Forest’s Tarot Magick Deck

MBS 38 Leaping Hare Press 9780711280649 June 20, 2023 £14.99 • Trade Paperback • 176 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W
Discover yourself through tarot. Learn about the magick behind the cards. Lindsay Squire, Illustrated by Viki Lester In the fourth and final instalment in ‘The Witch of the Forest’s Guide to…’ series, Lindsay Squires explores the magickal and powerful world of tarot. Leaping Hare Press 9780711281035 June 20, 2023 £25.00 • Kit • 64 Pages 7.5 cm Wdth | 12 cm Lgth
A 78 card deck and guidebook Lindsay Squire, Illustrated by Viki Lester Based on The Witch of the Forest’s years of experience as a tarot practitioner, this gorgeous deck of 78 tarot cards is a staple for beginner and experienced tarot readers, as well as tarot collectors.

tarot card

key words and themes

a tool



The Tales Behind Tarot

of the cards,



to the next level.


in Norwich, and runs workshops at universities throughout the UK showing academics, students and early years practitioners how stories and narratives can be used as tools for teaching, healing and learning.

MBS 39
Leaping Hare Press 9780711280663 May 23, 2023 £20.00 • Hardcover • 224 Pages 23 cm H | 17 cm W Join tarot reader and storyteller, Alison Davies, and read 78 unforgettable tales behind all the cards in the modern tarot deck. Every
has a story to tell and is rich in symbolic meaning. In this gorgeous book for aspiring and experienced tarot readers alike, expert practitioner Alison Davies brings the stories of the cards alive. With
to help you understand the meanings
storybook as
or take your
Alison Davies


MBS 40
Devotional Leaping Hare Press 9780711280687 August 8, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover • 192 Pages 11 cm Wdth | 17 cm Lgth Be empowered by eco-spirituality with this gorgeously illustrated devotional dedicated to celebrating and respecting nature’s wisdom. Embrace enlightening meditations, mantras and visual messages of hope to uplift your heart, mind and soul.  Rebecca Reitz is a eco-spirituality advocate and illustrator. She has a deep respect for nature and all the meditations, teachings, and musings that arise from her time lived in it. Rebecca lives in Denver, Colorado, USA.  Rebecca Reitz

Decoding the Stars

The Karmic Birthday Book

the Meaning and Magic of the Day You

Farber, Illustrated by Amy Zerner

Zerner and Monte Farber

MBS 41 Wellfleet Press 9781577153290 January 3, 2023 £16.99 • Trade Paperback • 240 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 880 g Wt
A Modern Astrology Guide to Discover Your Life's Purpose Allison Scott Find harmony between your self and the cosmos. In Decoding the Stars, examine the details of your birth chart and discover your soul’s true purpose through astrology. Fair Winds Press 9780760377239 January 3, 2023 £25.99 • Trade Paperback • 392 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 340.2 g Wt
Were Born Monte
Drawing on their enchanted psychic abilities, renowned psychics Amy
present a fun and easy way to use birth dates to gain insight into our true selves.

Moon Meditations

a Peaceful Sleep






for a Good Night's Sleep

power of positive thinking to uplift,

inspire. Dreams guides you through

and more to achieve


MBS 42
Point 9781631068980 January 17, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 208 Pages 19.5 cm H | 14.5 cm W | 508 g Wt
365 Nighttime Reflections for
Jenna Calabro Stop chasing sleep and start
rest with these 365 peaceful, nighttime meditations to help you fall
to sleep with ease.
Point 9781631068676 January 3, 2023 £9.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 160 Pages
100 Affirmations
Trewick Harnessing the
encourage, and
empowering affirmations
personal growth.

Stellar Visions

Sustain Yourself Oracle

MBS 43 Rock Point 9781631069208 January 10, 2023 £18.99 • Kit • 128 Pages 11.4 cm Wdth | 15.2 cm Lgth
Oracle Cards: 53Card Deck and Guidebook Your Guide to Astrological and Mystic Power Stephanie Gailing, Illustrated by Sosha Davis Gain astrological insights and inspiration through the power and flexibility of oracle cards with Stellar Visions Oracle Cards.  Fair Winds Press 9780760381724 June 6, 2023 Kit • 160 Pages 23.6 cm H | 20.1 cm W | 1.4 kg Wt
A Handbook & Cards for Using Earth’s Wisdom for Personal Transformation James Wanless Tap into Earth’s wisdom to live more sustainably with her guided by this oracle deck and handbook set from James Wanless, creator of the best-selling Voyager Tarot.

Wellfleet Press 9781577153382

April 4, 2023

£10.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 160 Pages

13.3 cm H | 11.1 cm W | 226.8 g Wt

Pendulum Magic

An Enchanting Spell Book of Discovery and Magic

Fortuna Noir

Harness the power of the pendulum with this pocket guide, you’ll learn to use crystals or weight suspended from a string to receive guidance from the spirit world.

Wellfleet Press 9781577153399

March 6, 2023

£10.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 160 Pages 13.3 cm H | 11.1 cm W | 226.8 g Wt

Angel Numbers

An Enchanting Spell Book of Spirit Guides and Magic

Fortuna Noir With Angel Numbers, explore rituals and spells that reveal what your spirit guides are trying to tell you through the numbers you encounter every day.

Wellfleet Press 9781577153368

January 10, 2023

£10.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 160 Pages

13.3 cm H | 11.1 cm W | 249.5 g Wt

Candle Magic

An Enchanting Spell Book of Candles and Rituals Minerva Radcliffe

Harness the power of light with this collection of rituals and spells for seasoned witches, curious mystics, and new practitioners alike.

MBS 44


19, 2023

Hoodoo Magic

Explore the Secrets of Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Conjure Magic Khi Armand

Explore the long-lived and powerful African American tradition of hoodoo.


21, 2023

Mountain Magic

Explore the Secrets of Old Time Witchcraft Rebecca Beyer

Discover the wisdom and magic of Appalachia through Mountain Magic, an illustrated guide to the occult power of the hills and hollows.

MBS 45
Press 9781577153269 September
£14.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 208 Pages 21 cm H | 14 cm W | 530.7 g Wt
Press 9781577153351 February
£14.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 160 Pages 21 cm H | 14 cm W | 544.3 g Wt

Wellfleet Press

April 18, 2023

Paper over


cm H | 15 cm W | 544.3 g Wt

Zen Buddhism

Your Personal Guide to Practice and Tradition

Connect more meaningfully to the cultural wisdom and spiritual teachings of Buddhism.

Celtic Mysticism

Your Personal Guide to Celtic and Druid Tradition

Tracie Long

Reclaim ancestral traditions and older ways of connecting with the earth and spirituality by going straight to the heart of mystical traditions.

Wellfleet Press

April 18, 2023

Paper over


cm H | 15 cm W | 381 g Wt

MBS 46
£14.99 • Hardcover
boards • 160
£14.99 • Hardcover
boards • 160

Crystals: An In Focus Workbook

Astrology: An In Focus Workbook

MBS 47 Wellfleet Press 9781577153528 April 4, 2023 £10.83 • Trade Paperback • 160 Pages 27.7 cm H | 21 cm W | 635 g Wt
A Personal Guide to the Power of Crystals Regina M Bresler Go from crystal novice to seasoned crystal collector and practitioner as you deepen your understanding with this inspirational and beautifully designed workbook.  Wellfleet Press 9781577153511 January 17, 2023 £10.83 • Trade Paperback • 168 Pages 27.7 cm H | 21 cm W | 635 g Wt
A Guide to Understanding Yourself Through the Sun, Moon, and Stars Stephanie Gailing Learn the characteristics and workings of the zodiac signs, along with how to create your own astrology chart with the information and exercises in this beautifully designed workbook.

Manifest Your Life

3-Minute Positivity Workbook

MBS 48 Chartwell Books 9780785841074 January 10, 2023 £14.16 • Kit • 48 Pages 26.7 cm H | 18.7 cm W | 3.9 cm T | 1.4 kg Wt
Your Inner Pathway to Setting Intentions & Achieving Your Goals Editors of Chartwell Books Discover how to turn your dreams into reality! The power of manifestation has been proven time and again.  Chartwell Books 9780785842040 April 25, 2023 £12.99 • Trade Paperback • 192 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W | 453.6 g Wt
Transform your life by changing your thoughts Susan Reynolds Transform your life and thoughts in just a few minutes a day with the 3-Minute Positivity Workbook!

Drawing On Anxiety

MBS 49
Leaping Hare Press 9780711279360 January 17, 2023 £9.99 • Trade Paperback • 160 Pages 16.5 cm H | 13.5 cm W Drawing On Anxiety is a beautifully illustrated, interactive, timely and friendly art therapy journal to draw out, draw on and draw through in anxious times. Kate Sutton is an author and illustrator based in The Lake District, who lost her mum to cancer and shares her experiences as creative statements online. She is the writer of the Drawing On... series, including Drawing On Anxiety and Drawing On Grief. Kate Sutton Drawing on Grief 9780711272521 £12.99 Also available

Your Human Design

Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles

Design is a revolutionary system for self-understanding comprising wisdom from Western astrology, the chakra system, I Ching, the Kabbalah tree of life, and facets of modern quantum mechanics, biochemistry, and astronomy. This incredibly powerful modality reveals with great specificity how each human being has different natural talents, a unique life purpose, and a specific mode of operating that aligns them to their true nature.

Stiles and Shayna Cornelius are Human Design specialists, spiritual teachers, and the podcast hosts behind the Human Design Podcast. The pair are both currently living and thriving in California, while working to continue empowering others toward their highest potential.

MBS 50
Fair Winds Press 9780760379141 January 10, 2023 £16.99 • Trade Paperback • 176 Pages 22.5 cm H | 17 cm W | 458.1 g Wt Find your unique energy type and harness it for success and fulfillment with Your Human Design.  Human


MBS 51
Content: The Journal Rock Point 9781631069413 April 4, 2023 £10.83 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 160 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W | 499 g Wt Discover a new framework of living with the bold, interactive guide of the Radically Content journal. Not only will you unlearn the dogma of that discontent, but you will learn practical tools to create a more satisfied life for yourself.  Jamie Varon’s writing has been seen across the internet for over a decade, from her early days of personal blogging all the way to features in publications such as Teen Vogue, HuffPost, GOOD, Complex, and many more. Over the years, both her long-form essays and short-form prose have garnered millions of reads and views. Jamie Varon


Career Glow Up

How to Own Your Ambition and Create the Career of Your Dreams

Jennifer Brick

Make the sky the limit and reach your career goals through positive affirmations and journal entries to motivate you to new heights. Career Glow Up : How to Own Your Ambition and Create the Career of Your Dreams is your new best friend, helping you climb the corporate ladder and promote shamelessly as you aim


Your Budget Blueprint

Master Money to Save Your First $100k Michela Allocca

Fair Winds Press

June 13, 2023

Join TikTok star Michela Allocca (@BreakYourBudget) for a crash course in everything personal finance. With real-life examples and colorful art, this book unlocks the fun of money fundamentals. In Your Budget Blueprint, Michela shares all the tools she used to manage, save and invest enabled her to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a decade of professional and freelance work.

Organizing Solutions for People with

ADHD, 3rd Edition

Tips and Tools to Help You Get Organized Susan Pinsky

Fair Winds Press

23, 2023

Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD, 3rd Edition offers cutting-edge strategies for anyone who wants to improve their physical space, time management, and peace of mind.

MBS 52
to reach your
9781631068713 January 10, 2023 £6.99 • Paperback • 48 Pages 23 cm H | 23 cm W
£14.99 • Paperback • 176 Pages 12.7 cm H | 20.3 cm W
9780760381625 May
£19.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W

369 Laws of Attraction

Editors of Chartwell Books


MBS 53
Guided Workbook Chartwell Books 9780785842101 April 4, 2023 £12.99 • Trade Paperback • 192 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W | 453.6 g Wt Open your mind and start living your best life with 369 Laws of
Guided Workbook. The law of attraction is the belief that your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your destiny! Think positive thoughts and attract positive results. It sounds simple enough, but changing our everyday thought patterns in order to put this theory into practice can be challenging.


Rock Point

Crystal Magic Journal

Spells, Rituals, and Writing Prompts to Harness the Power of Crystals

Samara Lake

Become attuned to the energies of crystals with

Magic Journal as you create clear

affirmations to enhance your magical

can channel their energy and

The Zenned Out Soul Discovery Journal

Your Personal Guide to Understanding Your Energy, Intuition, and the Magical World


This journal creates a gateway for seasoned and new

to gain insight and practice techniques

chakras, palmistry, and divination. This beautiful guided journal

designed to help you achieve spiritual

unlock your divine power


Held by the Land

A Guide to Indigenous Plants for Wellness


Leigh Joseph, an ethnobotanist and a member of the Squamish Nation, provides a beautifully illustrated essential

Indigenous plant knowledge.

MBS 54
Press 9781577153375 January 10, 2023 £10.83 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 160 Pages 21 cm H | 14 cm W | 453.6 g Wt
the Crystal
intentions and
journey. Now you
supercharge your spellcraft.
9781631069000 January 31, 2023 £10.83 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 160 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W | 508 g Wt
awakening and
Press 9781577152941 March 7, 2023 £18.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 192 Pages 23.5 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 721.2 g Wt
introduction to

Manga & Graphic Novels



years after a mysterious ecological disaster, journalism students Alex and Rosalia investigate the strange company that rebuilt their city

turned it into a vision of the future— that is, until Alex’s world is turned upside down

gigantic monster from another world, a Kaiju, and the mysterious masked hero

it! Inheriting the masked hero’s power, Alex

now take on these powerful Kaiju when he transforms into the hero

Proctor, aka Bon Idle,

the creator of Henshin!

a graphic designer from Nottingham, UK. A graduate of the University of Lincoln, he has worked in the marketing industry

published several small-press titles before joining Saturday AM as a creator and Head of Design.

Volume 1 Rockport Publishers 9780760382349 June 6, 2023 £9.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages 19.1 cm H | 13.4 cm W | 408.2 g Wt Nine
by a chance encounter with a
Blaze. Mitch
Proctor and Saturday AM

Clock Striker,

Issaka Galadima, Frederick L. Jones and Saturday


Cast, in her quest to become a member of the SMITHS,

legendary warrior engineers. Cast dreams of being a SMITH, and though she’s rather handy with her tools, no one in her small town ever realizes their dreams. Besides, these legendary warrior engineers haven’t been seen in years and were never known for having female members. Fortunately, Cast meets one surviving member named Ms. Philomena Clock, who agrees to take her on as her apprentice, or striker.


also known

as Gladisk or GladiskStudio, was born in the Republic of Niger and currently lives in France, where he works as an app developer.

Volume 1 Rockport Publishers 9780760381571 February 7, 2023 £9.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages 19.1 cm H | 13.4 cm W | 381 g Wt Clock
, follows



the world of Norse mythology

revere the mighty gods and fear the mystical, nature-wielding Jotuns, and Gunhild is a fire Jotun. Abandoned by her own kind and raised in a human girls’ orphanage, Gunhild

she’s more than a little troublemaker. Every step of the way, it becomes clear that Gunhild must fight for what’s right and follow her own sense of justice, seeing as no one else will fight for her.

to prove

Tornager is a comics artist whose work is primarily inspired by shonen manga and western cartoon series. Born in Colombia and raised Denmark, Fred works on multiple comics simultaneously, including her quarterly manga series Gunhild, a Nordic mythology adventure.

Volume 1 Rockport Publishers 9780760381915 April 4, 2023 £9.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages 19.1 cm H | 13.4 cm W | 408.2 g Wt In
, humans
to her peers that
Tornager and Saturday AM




Earth native

her best

her best effort

she do

she finds




create stories with

strong-willed female


over a decade. She aspires

in Pécs, Hungary. Known online as SaigamiProject, she’s been active in the Western

who may be

Volume 2 Rockport Publishers 9780760382325 June 6, 2023 £9.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages 19.1 cm H | 13.4 cm W | 408.2 g Wt The day
the Saigami Initiation Exam has come. Despite
and newfound optimism,
Ayumi isn’t ready for it. What will
herself all
again, and
attempts come up short? New players have entered the contest, and Ayumi must determine how badly she wants to succeed in this new fantasy world. Can she become the warrior she wasn’t meant to be? Seny (AO
European LGBTQ creator, born and raised
proper representation of relatable, diverse characters
leads who will inspire young readers.
and Saturday AM Saigami Volume 1 9780760376850 £9.99 Also available
60 Hammer, Volume 3 Rockport Publishers 9780760381892 March 7, 2023 £9.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages 19.1 cm H | 13.4 cm W | 408.2 g Wt Also available Soon after Stud arrived in the Jungle Kingdom, he was discovered and reported to the king as an intruder with Kingdom Maps, the most important treasure King Elephante had been looking for. Now with a target on his back, Stud continues searching for a way back home with an ally, Brymm, who has a strange request. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the manga artist Jey Odin attended Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010, where he majored in Sequential Art. In addition to Saturday AM, many top publishers have published this prolific artist, including Antarctic Press, USA Today, and Oni Press. Jey Odin and Saturday AM Hammer Volume 2 9780760376928 £9.99 Hammer Volume 1 9780760376836 £9.99

Apple Black,


a tree that descended from the skies, turning humans into


years ago,

from their ancestors.

all of Black

now extinct, humans

have sorcery

Merlin, the god of

the world’s savior, known as the Trinity. The savior

raised and

the one

dawns the Infinite Night, an eternal night of chaos.



Apple Black and Bacassi


also an influencer





as “Whyt Manga.” As one of the co-founders of MyFutprint

a central figure


Volume 3 Rockport Publishers 9780760382301 May 2, 2023 £9.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages 19.1 cm H | 13.4 cm W | 408.2 g Wt Many
humans acquired “Black” fruits from
sorcerers. Although
Blessed with the Arodihs arm by
trained in isolation and secrecy to be
Nigerian artist
Oguguo is the creator
hit manga series
who has garnered a
in developing its
like Saturday AM.
North Texas with his family.
Oguguo, Whyt Manga and Saturday AM Apple Black Volume 1 9780760376843 Apple Black Volume 2 9780760376911 £9.99 Also available

Yellow Stringer, Volume 1

Goeffrey Jean-Louis, Frederick L. Jones and Saturday

Rockport Publishers

6, 2022


Monsters are fake news, right? That’s what many of the readers of the tabloid rag the Yellow Stringer think, but the truth is more frightening than anyone could possibly know.

Oblivion Rouge, Volume 1

Pap Souleye Fall and Saturday AM

Rockport Publishers

19, 2022

cm Wdth


19.1 cm Lgth

Oblivion Rouge follows the career of a young teenage villager named Oumi as she becomes embroiled in a conflict that threatens a futuristic Africa and the world itself.

Titan King, Volume 1

Tony Dawkins and Saturday AM

Rockport Publishers

26, 2022

cm Wdth


19.1 cm Lgth

Honduran teenager Eli Santos is plucked from his troubled life by an extraterrestrial scout to participate in a galactic tournament that will decide the course of over a trillion lifeforms.

Backlist 62
9780760376904 September
£9.99 • Paperback • 224
18.9 cm H | 13.3 cm W | 2.3 cm T | 381 g Wt
9780760376867 July
£9.99 • Paperback • 224
9780760376874 July
£9.99 • Paperback • 224
Backlist 63 Saturday AM Annual 2023 Rockport Publishers 9780760376935 October 4, 2022 £11.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages Curated by Saturday AM, this inaugural edition of the Annual series is the ultimate version of the eponymously titled digital magazine. Presenting exclusive stories and art from some of the world’s most exciting young comics creators in an epic collection, Saturday AM Annual presents even more diverse manga. Saturday AM Saturday AM 8 Copy Display Unit
64 Saturday AM Presents How to Draw Diverse Manga Rockport Publishers 9780760375426 July 12, 2022 £18.99 • Paperback • 144 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 598.7 g Wt Learn how to reflect the beautifully diverse world around you in the manga-style characters you draw, guided by the talented team of artists at Saturday AM. Saturday AM 9781631598098 £14.99 9781600589553 £7.99 9781633228047 £12.99 9781633228429 £6.99 9781631599620 £16.99 9780760375440 £16.99 9780785841333 £18.99 9780785840671 £14.99

Automotive & General Reference

Formula One: The Rivals

Tony Dodgins and Mark Webber

Mark Webber, nine-time Formula One Grand Prix winner. It’s the personal one-on-one battles in F1 that make spectators hold their breath – especially when two antagonistic superstars go head to head. And when two drivers dispute the same piece of tarmac, it can end, as we saw at Silverstone and Monza 2021, in broken cars. The rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has ignited huge interest in F1 in 2021. The duel between the most successful grand prix driver of all time, and the uncompromising young upstart who’s prepared to bang wheels with anyone who takes his line has gripped fans all over the world.

Dodgins won the Sir William Lyons award for young motoring journalists in 1979 after interviewing Frank Williams at Silverstone the day before Williams won its first grand prix. Mark Webber is one of the most recognisable names in Formula One. He spent 12 years in the sport, racing for the likes of Jaguar, Williams and Red Bull racing.

Automotive 66
Ivy Press 9780711280717 March 7, 2023 £35.00 • Hardcover • 240 Pages 30.4 cm H | 24.8 cm W Foreword by


Gordon Maltby, Foreword by Grant Larson

356: 75th Anniversary

story of Porsche’s original sports car

the first Gmund coupe to today’s beloved collector car.

356 was also an “it” car


well-heeled car enthusiasts with an owner roster

Dean, Janis Joplin, Steve McQueen, Sean Connery, and Dick Smothers, among others. Today, as a highly valued collector car, owners include Jerry Seinfeld, Patrick Dempsey, Jay Leno, and John Oates.


Maltby has owned 31 Porsches over 50 years, doing most maintenance and restoration himself. He has co-authored and edited several Porsche technical, historical, and buying guide books in the years since. He lives in Minnesota with his cobalt blue Boxster.

Automotive 67
356 Motorbooks 9780760377376 April 18, 2023 £60.00 • Hardcover • 256 Pages 30.5 cm H | 24.8 cm W | 1.5 kg Wt Porsche
relates the full

100 years


Le Mans


on the Circuit de la Sarthe




Smale is a lifelong motorsport enthusiast

has has covered the Le Mans 24 Hour race numerous times and authored 14 books on sports cars and motor racing. He lives in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Automotive 68
100 Motorbooks 9780760376171 May 23, 2023 £60.00 • Hardcover • 240 Pages 27.6 cm H | 23.5 cm W | 1.5 kg Wt Marvel at
of the 24
of Le
with this definitive illustrated history packed
photography, narrative, and race results. Held
comprising closed public roads and dedicated racecourse, Le Mans features cars and
teams that can cover more than 3,000 miles during the race. Le
100 is a thorough year-by-year history showcasing all aspects of the grueling contest. Glen
Glen Smale




a motorsport journalist and broadcaster who covered sports car racing in the United States before joining F1 Racing, the world’s biggest-selling Formula 1 magazine. He has appeared as an F1 expert on TV and radio, hosted for Renault F1, and contributes to F1 Racing, Autosport, Autocar, and the Red Bulletin. Codling is the author of several Motorbooks titles, including Real Racers: Formula 1 Racing in the 1950s and 1960s

Art of the Formula 1 Race Car, Art of the Classic Sports Car, and The Life Monaco. Stuart lives in Farnham, Surrey, England.

Automotive 69
Formula 1 Drive to Survive Unofficial Companion Motorbooks 9780760380673 May 16, 2023 £25.99 • Paperback • 192 Pages 25.4 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 793.8 g Wt The ultimate companion to the popular Netflix series Formula 1: Drive to Survive, providing deeper insight into all the show’s plot points. F1 expert Stuart Codling is your guide to all things F1. The Formula 1 Drive to Survive Unofficial Companion is a layered, feature-rich guide that takes you beyond the personalities and off-track drama that drive the series to present further context.  Stuart

Lamborghini 60 Years

Triumph Cars


Automotive 70
60 Years Celebrate six decades of outrageous, unforgettable Lamborghini cars with this must-have volume featuring fascinating history and stunning photography. Motorbooks 9780760376591 January 31, 2023 £45.00 • Hardcover • 240 Pages 30.5 cm H | 24.8 cm W | 1.5 kg Wt
100 Years Experience the entire history of Triumph sports cars in this comprehensive volume featuring stunning studio photography, rare archival images, and period advertising.
9780760376492 June 20, 2023 £45.00 • Hardcover• 224 Pages 24.8 cm W | 30.5 cm Lgth

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Automotive 71
A Decade of Dapper The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: Decade of Dapper documents and celebrates 10 years of raising funds and awareness for men’s health initiatives with engaging stories and gorgeous photography.Motorbooks 9780760379738 February 21, 2023 £6.99 • Paperback • 48 Pages 23 cm H | 23 cm W NASCAR 75 Years Packed with evocative photography and a history written by some of the sport’s most knowledgeable journalists, NASCAR 75 Years is the definitive story of America’s favorite motorsport. Motorbooks 9780760380055 January 17, 2023 £35 • Hardback • 224 Pages 27cm H | 23.5 cm W Distinguished Gentleman's Ride , Foreword by Charley Boorman Al Pearce| Mike Hembree| Kelly Crandall| Jimmy Creed

Shelby American 60 Years of High Performance

GM L-S Series

J. Kopec, Foreword by James D.


The Craft and Art of Motorcycling

Krugman, Illustrated by Benedicte Waryn

Automotive 72
The Stories Behind the Cobra, Daytona, Mustang GT350 and GT500, Ford GT40 and More Colin Comer and Richard
Farley Six Decades of Shelby performance—from the first Shelby AC Cobra to today’s Mustang Shelby GT500! Motorbooks 9780760376195 February 21, 2023 £6.99 • Paperback • 48 Pages 23 cm H | 23 cm W
Joseph Potak In GM LS-Series Engines: The Complete Swap Manual 2nd Edition, expert technician Joseph
walks you through all the steps involved in installing an LS engine into any project vehicle, from concept to completion.Motorbooks 9780760376546 May 9, 2023 £25.99 • Paperback • 224 Pages 27 cm H | 21 cm W
Prepare for your first ride and evolve to any twowheeled adventure you can imagine with this clear, accessible, and comprehensive introduction to motorcycle and scooter riding. Motorbooks 9780760379196 June 20 2023 £25.99 • Flexibound • 106 Pages 25.4 cm H | 21.6 cm W

365 Gays of the Year

Lewis Laney, Illustrated by Charlotte MacMillan-Scott

fun and fascinating

LGBTQ+ icons, one for every day of the year,

a celebration of queer history.

your queer hero and learn something new every day with 365 Gays of the Year, an accessible and fun introduction to LGBTQ+ history

the people that made it. Carefully curated and thoughtfully researched, author Lewis Laney assigns a person or group of note to each day of the year to form the ultimate LGBTQ+ hall of fame. This witty, unique celebration of queer history promises to inspire and empower readers with its wealth of bright stars.

from Derbyshire, Lewis Laney, his first book The Little Book of Pride was published in 2020 and immediately topped Amazon’s LGBTQ History category. Lewis works in publishing and lives in London, where he works with local establishments to provide safe spaces for queer meet-ups.

MacMillan-Scott is a pen and digital illustrator based in the UK. Her lively works explore empowerment, visibility and identity. They are full of bright colours, bold lines and famous characters. She also creates stickers.

General Reference 73
(Plus 1 for a Leap Year) White Lion Publishing 9780711273702 May 2, 2023 £16.99 • Hardcover • 384 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W A
compendium of

Connected Women

Kate Hodges, Illustrated by


every great woman… is another great woman. Here, the extraordinary achievements, relationships and secret histories of 84 pioneering women

revealed in inspirational stories which together show the indomitable strength of womankind. Threading tales from across the globe and throughout history, the lives of innovative aviatrixes, gun-toting revolutionaries and women with incomparable intellects

Kate Hodges graduated from the University of Westminster with a BA in Print Journalism. She has over 20 years writing experience in magazines. She has also worked for Rapido TV and P For Production films. She is the author of three books on London.

General Reference 74
White Lion Publishing 9780711255876 March 7, 2023 £12.99 • Hardcover • 192 Pages 20 cm H | 14 cm W Behind
are revealed.


General Reference 75
Adventures in Wonderland and Other Tales Rock Point 9781631069291 April 18, 2023 £22.00 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 1060 Pages 23.5 cm H | 16.5 cm W | 1.6 kg Wt Delve into this stunning gift edition boasting the complete collection of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Other Tales and original, iconic illustrations by John Tenniel. Lewis Carroll, Illustrated by John Tenniel, Introduction by Lori M. Campbell The Complete Works of William Shakespeare 9781631066450 £22 The Complete Sherlock Holmes 9781631066443 £22 The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe 9781631067198 £19.99

The Art of NASA

Piers Bizony

expanded collector’s


The Art of NASA

a poster, explore over 200 stunning artworks


in 1958, NASA has long maintained a department

concepts and technologies

in humankind’s

with a paper model


visual artists

explore the


picture in The Art of NASA tells a special story. This collection of the rarest of the rare is not only a unique view of NASA history.

an experienced multimedia professional who has written about science and the history of technology for a wide variety of publishers worldwide, and has undertaken major projects for the media departments at NASA and ESA.


General Reference 76
Motorbooks 9780760382578 May 9, 2023 £80.00 • Hardcover • 224 Pages 30 cm H | 30 cm W | 1.6 kg Wt In this
edition of
, complete
NASA to sell
missions. Formed
quest to
final frontier.  Every

Ivy Press

Ivy Press

How to Raise a Happy Cat

than anyone

Sophie Collins

Raise a Happy Cat focuses on the

be found in the person/pet relationship and includes dozens of ideas for activities you can build into daily life with your pet.

How to Raise a Happy Dog

than anyone

Sophie Collins

Raise a Happy Dog focuses on the happiness to be found in the person/pet relationship and includes dozens of ideas for activities and hacks you can build into daily life with your pet, from spontaneous play and activities to making them the perfect sleep spot.


General Reference 77
So they love you (more
else) How to
happiness to
9780711281790 May 2, 2023 £12.99 • Hardcover • 128 Pages 19.5 cm H | 14.5 cm W
So they love you (more
9780711281769 March 7, 2023 £12.99 • Hardback• 128 Pages 14.5cm Wdth | 19.5 cm Lgth

My Dog's


Dog’s Life.


sweet older

furry best friend

dog has wagged


General Reference 78
Life Chartwell Books 9780785842095 £12.99 • Paperback • 160 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W | 453.6 g Wt Capture every heartwarming moment spent with your
with My
Whether it’s an adorable puppy or a
rescue, your
its way into your heart and home. This one-of-a-kind journal is
spin-off of the traditional baby book. Editors
Chartwell Books


Finding Your Family Tree

Beginner’s Guide to Researching Your Genealogy

General Reference 79 Ivy Press 9780711278523 February 13, 2023 £26.00 • Hardcover • 240 Pages 25.4 cm H | 21.6 cm W
Appearance, posture and behaviour in the animal kingdom Steve Parker Discover nature’s most colourful creatures in a major new book on colour in the animal kingdom. Wellfleet Press 9781577153429 April 11, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 160 Pages 21.6 cm H | 15.2 cm W | 635 g Wt
Morgan Embarking on a quest to uncover your ancestry? Finding Your Family Tree is the perfect genealogy guide to have at your side, with special research techniques for underrepresented groups.

The Ballpark Bucket

General Reference 80
List Epic Ink 9780760380567 £12.49 • Hardcover • 176 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W | 544.3 g Wt Keep track of game stats, winning plays, final scores, snacks, mascots, and other highlights from your trip in this handsomely finished flexi-bound journal. James Buckley Jr. has been writing sports books for adults and young readers for more than 25 years after working for Sports Illustrated and NFL Publishing. He is the author of more than 20 sports biographies for young readers. James Buckley


Take your game to the next level



Play Pickleball

the Local Court to the Pro Circuit, An Insider's Guide to Everyone's Favorite Sport

ins and outs of the sport that is taking the world by storm in Be Happy, Play Pickleball, a

designed guide for beginner to

General Reference 81 Chartwell Books 9780785842064 April 4, 2023 £12.99 • Paperback • 192 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W | 453.6 g Wt
Editors of Chartwell Books
with Pickleball, a guided
journal and
tracker. Pickleball, an interactive workbook, will help you elevate your pickleball game no matter your starting level.   Rock Point 9781631069406 April 18, 2023 £12.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 160 Pages 20.8 cm H | 16.6 cm W | 567 g Wt
Sydney Steinaker Learn the
seasoned players.

Gift & Stationery

Frances Lincoln

June 6, 2023

RHS Desk Diary 2024

Royal Horticultural Society

The official Royal Horticultural Society week-toweek desk diary contains a beautiful collection of plant illustrations, making this the perfect gift

gardeners and plant lovers.

RHS Pocket Diary 2024

Royal Horticultural Society

This bestselling diary is illustrated in colour throughout, with a silk ribbon marker and internal storage pocket.Pocket-sized, this diary is perfect for staying organised on the go.

Frances Lincoln

June 6, 2023

Gift & Stationery 83
£12.49 • Hardcover • 112 Pages 23 cm H | 17 cm W | 469.9 g Wt
for all
£7.49 • Hardcover • 112 Pages 13.8 cm H | 10.2 cm W | 170.1 g Wt



Frances Lincoln

RHS Wild in the Garden Diary 2024

Royal Horticultural Society

in the Garden Diary

very best,



bird watchers

RHS Recipe Notebook

Royal Horticultural Society

your favourite recipes in this

the Royal Horticultural

Gift & Stationery 84
Lincoln 9780711282995
6, 2023 £12.49 • Hardcover • 112 Pages 23 cm H | 17 cm W | 469.9 g Wt
The RHS Wild
2024 celebrates British wildlife at its
and is
perfect gift for all
and animal lovers.
9780711279971 March 14, 2023 £16.99 • Hardcover • 224 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W | 699.9 g Wt
Gather together all
beautiful notebook from

Rock Point

March 28, 2023

Paper over boards • 128 Pages

cm H | 10.2 cm W | 226.8 g

Password Logbook (Hip Floral)

Keep Track of Usernames, Passwords, Web Addresses in One Easy and Organized Location

Editors of Rock Point

Keep track of your online passwords in this gorgeous, alphabetically tabbed notebook featuring a modern floral design.

Password Logbook (Black & Gold)

Keep Track of Usernames, Passwords, Web Addresses in One Easy and Organized Location

Editors of Rock Point

Keep track of your online passwords in this elegant, yet inconspicuous, alphabetically tabbed notebook featuring a modern black-and-gold design.

Rock Point

March 28, 2023

Paper over boards • 128 Pages


Gift & Stationery 85
£7.99 • Hardcover
£7.99 • Hardcover

National Parks 2024 Weekly Planner

Editors of Rock Point

an exciting journey through the year with this weekly planner inspired by national parks.

unique planner invites you on an illuminated planning and scheduling experience, whether for work, school, or your daily life,

July 2023 through December 2024.

composed to guide you through 18 months led by exciting excursions and facts based on your favorite national parks, this planner

designed for adventurers, bucket listers, and nature lovers alike.

Gift & Stationery 86
Rock Point 9781631069581 May 2, 2023 £14.16 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 240 Pages 21 cm H | 15.5 cm W | 680.4 g Wt Take


Rock Point


May 2, 2023

Paper over boards • 240 Pages

Herbal Magic 2024 Weekly Planner

July 2023 - December 2024

Editors of Rock Point

Take a magic-infused journey through the year with this weekly planner inspired by the otherworldly power of herbs.

This unique planner invites you on a mystical planning and scheduling experience, whether for work, school, or your daily life, from July 2023 through December 2024.

Guided by Tarot 2024 Weekly Planner

July 2023 - December 2024

Editors of Rock Point

Take a journey of enlightenment through the year with this tarot-inspired weekly planner.

This unique planner invites you on a mystical planning and scheduling experience, whether for work, school, or your daily life, from July 2023 through December 2024.

Rock Point 9781631069536

May 2, 2023


Paper over boards • 240 Pages

Crystal Magic 2024 Weekly Planner

July 2023 - December 2024

Editors of Rock Point

Take an enchanting journey through the year with this weekly planner inspired by the workings of crystal magic. This unique planner invites you on an illuminated planning and scheduling experience, whether for work, school, or your daily life, from July 2023 through December 2024.

Rock Point


May 2, 2023


Paper over boards • 240 Pages

Gift & Stationery 87
• Hardcover
• Hardcover
• Hardcover

Chartwell Books

January 24, 2023


cm Wdth | 24.8 cm Lgth

Paint Your Own Gnome at Home

Editors of Chartwell Books

Bring a colorful gnome to your home with the Paint Your Own Gnome at Home!

This adorable kit provides everything you need to decorate your very own gnome figurine.


Chartwell Books

April 25, 2023



cm W |


Complete Game Set for Hours of Fun Editors of Chartwell Books

Enjoy hours of fun with this classic 28-tile dominoes set, complete with velvet storage bag, instruction book, and game wheel.


Gift & Stationery 88
£22.00 • Kit • 16
£22.00 • Kit • 16

Design, Photography and Arts & Crafts





of photojournalists

access to


means almost

that is reported in the world is seen through men’s eyes.


hands of one gender,


how women


it seems. To answer this serious ethical problem, Women

that bias on its head to show



the founder of Women Photograph, a global, non-profit that elevates the voices of women and non-binary visual journalists. They believe that inclusion must be fully intersectional, and are committed to supporting and highlighting photographers across the spectrum of all identities.

Photography 90
Photograph: What We See White Lion Publishing 9780711278547 March 7, 2023 £22.00 • Hardcover • 224 Pages 23 cm H | 17 cm W Open your
to a new
view with 100
photojournalists’ stories from behind the lens. 85%
Similarly, spaces and communities men don’t have
undocumented and forgotten. With the camera limited to the
subjective than
Photograph flips
what and
photojournalists see. Daniella

Edward S. Curtis Portraits

Wayne Youngblood

P. Morgan

Edward S. Curtis

produce a series of books depicting Native American life. Edward S. Curtis Portraits contains over 250 of the project’s beautiful and haunting portraits. Talented

Edward Sheriff Curtis set out on the project with the goal of becoming a successful portrait artist, but as he worked taking photographs of the “vanishing Indian,” he discovered a calling as an ethnographer and embarked on a mission to document every aspect of traditional Native American culture before it disappeared forever.

Youngblood grew up near the banks of the Rio Grande in New Mexico. He is a history lover who spent several years studying the pony express and the Oregon and Mormon trails while living in Nebraska.

Photography 91
Chartwell Books 9780785839743 February 21, 2023 £22.00 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 256 Pages 31.1 cm H | 23.6 cm W | 2.5 cm T | 1.5 kg Wt In 1906, J.

The World Atlas of Street

its genesis on the East Coast of the United States in the late 1960s, street art has travelled to nearly every corner of the globe, morphing into highly ornate and vibrant new styles. This unique atlas is the first truly geographical survey of urban art, revised and updated in 2023 to include new voices, increased female representation

cities emerging as street art hubs.

Rafael Schacter is an anthropologist and curator from London. He co-curated the ‘Street Art’ exhibition at Tate Modern, London, in 2008. He has written for a variety of publications and has lectured on Independent Public Art around the world.

Photography 92
Art and Graffiti Frances Lincoln 9780711283442 April 4, 2023 £25.00 • Hardcover • 400 Pages 23.5 cm H | 22 cm W Since
Rafael Schacter and Lachlan MacDowall

The History of Colour


deep into the complex but fascinating story of our relationship with colour throughout human history.

is fundamental to our experience and understanding of the world. It crosses continents and cultures, disciplines and decades. It is used to convey information and knowledge, to evoke mood, and to inspire emotion.

book explores the history of our understanding of colour, from the ancient world to the present, from Aristotle to Albers. Interspersed in the historical story are numerous thematic essays that look at how colour has been used across a wide range of disciplines and fields: in food, music, language and many others.

Parkinson is Archives and Collections Manager at the Royal College of Art, London where his responsibilities include development of the renowned Colour Reference Library. In the last decade, he has presented widely on the subject of colour to a variety of audiences.

Design 93
Frances Lincoln 9780711266797 May 23, 2023 £22.00 • Hardcover • 256 Pages 23.6 cm H | 17.1 cm W This comprehensive,
book delves

Universal Principles of Design



Universal Principles of UX Irene Pereyra

art of user experience


Design 94 Rockport Publishers 9780760375167 June 20, 2023 £28.00 • Flexibound • 432 Pages 26 cm H | 22.2 cm W | 1.6 kg Wt
William Lidwell, Kritina Holden
This is a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia, now with fully updated with 75 new entries to present a total of 200 laws, guidelines, and considerations that are important to successful design. Rockport Publishers 9780760378045 March 7, 2023 £28.00 • Hardcover • 224 Pages 25.4 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 1 kg Wt
Master the
design through the 100 laws, guidelines,
biases, and general considerations in this comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia.

Painting Calm

Inga Buividavice


therapy and the act of painting is widely acknowledged to bring positive mental health benefits, as it helps us centre

focus our intentions and engage creatively with the world around us. This beautiful guided watercolour book combines these aspects with the healing powers of nature

take you on a journey toward peace


a graphic artist and author based in Liverpool but originally from Lithuania. She graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with an MA in graphic design, and started hand drawing and painting in 2018. Her work centres on the natural world.

Arts & Crafts 95
Leaping Hare Press 9780711281844 June 13, 2023 £14.99 • Paperback • 160 Pages 17 cm H | 23 cm W Find inner calm and happiness in this beautiful, meditative and
watercolour instruction book from nature lover, teacher and artist Inga Buivadavice. Art
and tranquility. Inga

Plein Air

Arts & Crafts 96
Techniques for Artists Rockport Publishers 9780760379356 May 9, 2023 £18.99 • Paperback • 176 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 725.7 g Wt Take your plein air artwork to the next level through easy-to-understand workshop-style lessons and skill-building exercises. In Plein Air Techniques for Artists, award-winning artist and respected workshop instructor Aimee Erickson demystifies how to capture a variety of light effects and guides you in strengthening your plein air skills through practice.  Known for an engaging style and versatility in subject matter, Aimee Erickson is an internationally renowned oil painter and instructor who has given lectures and demonstrations at venues nationwide. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Aimee Erickson

Color in Reverse: Watercolor

Heinke Nied

from Heinke Nied, a one-line artist and illustrator

in Reverse: Watercolor

it her mission

simple instruction

make art

can draw your own lines over her artwork.

to everyone

her helpful instruction,

satisfying, relaxing, and fun!

Nied is a one-line artist, an illustrator, an author, and a lecturer. Since 2017, she has taught courses and workshops on writing, drawing, and painting. She also creates digital illustrations for clients, as well as portraits using digital and watercolor tools.

Arts & Crafts 97
Florals Walter Foster Publishing 9780760383278 May 16, 2023 £10.99 • Paperback • 96 Pages 24.1 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 362.9 g Wt Find your creativity and relax as you draw, doodle, and design over beautiful watercolor artwork. Color
Florals comes
who considers
and approachable one-line drawings. With

Palette Knife Painting:



her studio

San Francisco Bay Area

the purpose of inspiring

her art. In Palette Knife Painting: Deep Impasto, Lisa shares her techniques with you through beginner- and intermediatelevel step-by-step


Elley is an award-winning palette knife artist who works from her studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lisa’s pieces are lively, uplifting, colorful, and highly textured.

Arts & Crafts 98
Deep Impasto Walter Foster Publishing 9780760382165 June 13, 2023 £16.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 544.3 g Wt Learn how to create your own Deep Impasto® masterpieces using a palette knife and oil paints with this book featuring tips, techniques, and 10 step-by-step projects. Professional artist Lisa
works from
in the
joy to people through
projects. Lisa

Walter Foster

May 16, 2023

Walter Foster

May 16, 2023

Big School of Drawing

Walter Foster Creative Team

School of Drawing allows beginning

get started drawing everything,

still life to animals, people,


to develop

basic shapes


Big School of Drawing Workbook

Walter Foster Creative Team

for beginners, this workbook begins with basic pencil techniques. Then follow along as you use those pencil techniques to create detailed step-by-step drawings.

Arts & Crafts 99
Publishing 9780760382004
£16.99 • Paperback • 192 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 793.8 g Wt
artists to
from flowers to
landscapes, and
your sketches from
realistic, three-dimensional drawings.
Publishing 9780760382028
£12.99 • Paperback • 112 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 453.6 g Wt

Drawing Class: Animals

Heegyum Kim

illustrated by artist

animal—present step-by-step

the fun, easy lessons—one

each one is drawn in pencil, with each step showing how and where to add simple shapes to create a wide variety of comical creatures.

Kim is a graphic designer and illustrator. She holds a Master of Science in Communication Design from Pratt Institute. She is the author of two illustrated books featuring Mr. Fox, the charming and humorous character who drives her popular Instagram account.

Arts & Crafts 100
Quarry Books 9780760379332 April 4, 2023 £12.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 20.6 cm H | 16 cm W | 317.5 g Wt Simple step-by-step lessons for drawing 60 animals + video tutorials via QR codes! Drawing Class: Animals is a collection of 60 fun, beginner-level lessons for drawing whimsical animals in pencil and colored pencil. Written and
and author Heegyum Kim,
for every
illustrations and instructions demonstrating how

Write, Design & Wreck

Arts & Crafts 101
Chartwell Books 9780785842026 April 11, 2023 £12.99 • Paperback • 192 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W | 453.6 g Wt Express your creativity with the unique artistic and writing prompts in Write, Design, & Wreck. If you’re looking for inspiration or want to connect to your creative side in an unconventional way, this book is for you. Discover over 100 prompts that include painting, destroying pages, and answering thought-provoking questions. Embrace the creative freedom to write, make a mess, and destroy! Editors of Chartwell Books

Polymer Clay Jewelry


Polymer Clay Jewelry, Author Rachael Skidmore—owner of the popular online shop

social-media channels

by Maeberry—takes a fresh, contemporary approach to this classic craft. Through her easy-to-follow






colors and styles.

Skidmore is a self-taught polymer clay artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She produces high-quality pieces in captivating color palettes and tantalizing patterns. Rachael takes inspiration from all aspects of her life.

Arts & Crafts 102
Walter Foster Publishing 9780760382738 June 13, 2023 £16.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 544.3 g Wt Learn to make fun, colorful, modern, on-trend earrings from polymer clay. In
photographic steps and
instructions, you can
in a


Cross Stitch Celebrations:

Arts & Crafts 103 Quarry Books 9780760377703 January 17, 2023 £18.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 489.9 g Wt
Stitches Learn Simple Embroidery Techniques and Embrace the Joys of Stitching by Hand Hope Brasfield Discover the creative satisfaction and stress-relieving benefits of embroidery while stitching fun, modern, vibrant designs such as flowers, plants, animals, landscapes, and celestial scenes. Walter Foster Publishing 9780760380505 April 4, 2023 Paperback • 96 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 408.2 g Wt
Graduation 35+ patterns for cross stitching unique graduation-themed announcements and gifts With Cross Stitch Celebrations: Graduation, learn to create personalized graduation announcements, congratulations, and additional keepsakes for educationrelated accomplishments.

The Art of Drawing Manga Furries

Talia Horsburgh

Kawaii Doggies

Draw over

Adorable Pups in All

kinds of cute


Arts & Crafts 104 Walter Foster Publishing 9780760381861 April 4, 2023 £16.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 544.3 g Wt
The Art of Drawing Manga Furries is packed with more than 500 tips, tricks, and stepby-step how-tos for creating a variety of manga furry characters, including Kemono, Kemonomimi, and Scalies. Rock Point 9780760379851 April 4, 2023 £14.99 • Paperback • 144 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 499 g Wt
Learn to
their Glory Olive Yong Learn to draw all
dogs doing all sorts of silly things through 75
step tutorials.

You Can Draw Cute

Adorable Art Class

Arts & Crafts 105 Quarry Books 9780760376751 January 10, 2023 £16.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 539.8 g Wt
Animals A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing and Coloring Adorable Creatures Yasmina Mattson Learn to draw any animal and turn it into a sweet, delightful creature that always inspires a smile. You Can Draw Cute Animals features easy techniques for turning up the charm on 30 animals. Rock Point 9781631068690 January 10, 2023 £16.99 • Paperback • 160 Pages 22.9 cm H | 22.9 cm W | 730.3 g Wt
A Complete Course in Drawing Plant, Food, and Animal Cuties - Includes 75 Step-byStep Tutorials Learn how to letter and create fun, adorable illustrations featuring everyday objects in this step-by-step guide—with tips, tricks, and practice space to kickstart your creative journey.

Tiny Felt Cuties & Creatures

Kawaii Tarot Coloring Book

Arts & Crafts 106 Walter Foster Publishing 9780760380529 April 18, 2023 £14.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 27.9 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 539.8 g Wt
A step-by-step guide to handcrafting more than 20 felt miniatures--no machine required Craft adorable, trendy felt miniatures with this book of step-by-step tutorials and projects, featuring beautiful photos that illustrate easy felting techniques. Walter Foster Publishing 9780760378342 March 7, 2023 £9.16 • Paperback • 96 Pages 24.1 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 362.9 g Wt
Color your way through the cutest of tarot cards--kawaii style! With 78 supercute kawaii illustrations to color and enjoy, Kawaii Tarot Coloring Book offers an adorable escape into the mystical world of tarot.

Cute Chibis Coloring Book



Cute Chibi Creature Coloring



Arts & Crafts 107 Chartwell Books 9780785841913 January 24, 2023 £7.99 • Paperback • 128 Pages 24.1 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 453.6 g Wt
Editors of Chartwell Books Color
creatures with the Cute Chibis Coloring Book! Anime and chibi enthusiasts and those fond of cuddly animals will enjoy this delightful coloring book. Rock Point 9781631069390 April 11, 2023 £8.33 • Paperback • 128 Pages 25.4 cm H | 20.3 cm W | 499 g Wt
Color over 60 Adorable Creatures Phoebe Im Bring 75
illustrations to colorful life with Cute Chibi Creature Coloring, and watch your

Best of the '80s Coloring Book

Best of the '90s Coloring Book

Arts & Crafts 108 Walter Foster Publishing 9780760381236 March 7, 2023 £8.33 • Paperback • 96 Pages 24.1 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 362.9 g Wt
Color your way through 1980s art & pop culture Color your way through 1980s pop culture with Best of the ’80s Coloring Book! Mix coloring with nostalgia, and you have an upbeat activity book that is also therapeutic, for a fun and relaxing escape from life’s stresses. Walter Foster Publishing 9780760381243 March 7, 2023 £8.33 • Paperback • 96 Pages 24.1 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 362.9 g Wt
Color your way through 1990s art & pop culture Color your way through 1990s pop culture with Best of the ’90s Coloring Book!


Coloring Book

Goblincore Coloring Book

Chartwell Books

Faith & Devotion Coloring Book

gnarly with

Arts & Crafts 109 Epic Ink 9780760382561 January 10, 2023 £8.33 • Paperback • 128 Pages 25.4 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 499 g Wt
Unofficial Yellowjackets
The Unofficial Yellowjackets Coloring Book brings the hit Showtime series to your fingertips with over 50 drawings for you to color. Illustrated by Sabrina Olivera Chartwell Books 9780785842118 February 7, 2023 £6.66 • Paperback • 128 Pages 24.1 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 453.6 g Wt
Embrace the chaos, the grime, and the
Goblincore Coloring Book! If you loved tromping through the woods and making mud pies as a child, then you’ll love goblincore. Editors of
Chartwell Books 9780785840824 January 24, 2023 £6.66 • Paperback • 128 Pages 24.1 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 499 g Wt
Express your creativity and relax with this spiritual coloring book featuring over 120 pages of beautiful designs and inspiring words. Editors of Chartwell Books

Travel, Music and Film

The Planet's Most Spiritual Places

Malcolm Croft

a Polish Catholic praying in a large cathedral to a Portuguese surfer speechless in wonder at the majesty of the ocean,


ThePlanet’s Most Spiritual Places

together all definitions

of the most important places of spiritual significance,

immersive detail.


the author of more than 50 humour, reference and popular culture titles.

is also an editor, copywriter, and a journalist for magazines and newspapers.

lives in Bristol with his wife, two children and cat.

Travel 111
Ivy Press 9780711282131 March 21, 2023 £25.00 • Hardcover • 240 Pages 26 cm H | 23 cm W This majestically illustrated and deeply insightful guide explores 100 of the most spiritually significant places throughout the world, seeking to understand what it is that defines these sites. From
spirituality knows no
to present some
in stunning and


Pretty Little


Travel 112
London: Trips Frances Lincoln 9780711280250 May 9, 2023 £16.99 • Hardcover • 208 Pages 21 cm H | 17 cm W | 749.8 g Wt Pretty Little London 9780711257610 £16.99 A curated guide to the most chic, stylish and unique trips around the UK – all within easy reach of London – from the creators of the hugely successful Instagram account and bestselling Pretty Little London.   Sometimes even Londoners need a change of scenery – the fresh sea air and the sand between our toes, the bright lights of a new city to discover, the relaxing charm of a small town, or rolling hills with no other people in sight. Sara
and Andrea Di
are the co-founders and editors of the acclaimed Instagram accounts @prettylittlelondon, @prettylittletrips and @prettylittleparis. Originally from Italy, Sara and Andrea have been calling London their home for more than seven years.
Santini and Andrea Di Filippo Also available

London: A Guide for Curious

Jack Chesher, Illustrated by Katharine Fraser

city's hidden sescrets and untold stories, special places laden with history

is famous for its museums,

one full of treasures and relics

the biggest museum in the capital

stories behind unusual street names, to the trees in our parks;

the city

from recycled WWII stretchers, to shrapnel damage on walls; the hidden symbols on post boxes, to prehistoric tree trunks –there is a rich history hidden in the

details of the city's streets, gardens, parks and buildings.

Chesher grew up in Essex. A passion for walking and history inspired him to launch

(37k followers) . Documenting his journey to discovering the city, he believes London itself is the greatest museum of all.

Travel 113
Wanderers Frances Lincoln 9780711277557 May 9, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover • 176 Pages 21 cm H | 16 cm W See London in a completely new light in this unearthing of the
which you can discover for yourself! London
– but
itself. From the
railings made


Travel 114
Slow Traveller Leaping Hare Press 9780711282322 July 18, 2023 £16.99 • Hardcover • 176 Pages 23.6 cm H | 17.1 cm W The Slow Traveller is a stunning call to change the way we travel today. Full of evocative photographic naturescapes and expertly guided by veteran slow traveller, Jo Tinsley, this leisurely guide focuses on how to have a more meaningful, mindful travel experience.  Jo Tinsley is the editor and founder of Ernest Journal – an independent magazine for the curious and adventurous, and editor of Waterfront. Jo Tinsley

Tent Life

Sebastian Antonio Santabarbara

Travel 115
Frances Lincoln 9780711269187 May 16, 2023 £16.99 • Hardcover • 192 Pages 22.4 cm H | 17.1 cm W Tent Life introduces you to 40 inspirational people who’ve made camping part of their lifestyle, and provides you with the tools to do the same. What’s the appeal of pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars? Tried it yourself and felt underprepared? This book will show you how to pitch up in style. Sebastian Antonio Santabarbara is a writer and expert in all things vanlife and alternative living. As well as documenting his own journeys via @vincentvanlife, Sebastian writes for popular media platforms such as Van Clan, Tiny Home Hub and Retro Dodo.
Road Life 9780711269163 £16.99 Also available

North Downs

Travel 116
Way Frances Lincoln 9780711283046 May 2, 2023 £16.00 • Paperback • 192 Pages 21 cm H | 13 cm W Also available This is the complete official guide to walking the well-loved and popular North Downs. Whether you're an experienced long distance walker or a weekend stroller, this is the only companion you need to this beautiful and scenic route. Colin Saunders was one of the first members of the Long Distance Walkers Association, established in 1972, and was one of the founder members of the London Walking Forum in 1990.  Colin Saunders 9781781315613 £14.99 9781781318089 £14.99 9780711274839 £16


Baxter, Illustrated by

Film 117
Places White Lion Publishing 9780711264304 April 18, 2023 £14.99 • Hardcover • 144 Pages 21 cm H | 14 cm W Also available Go beyond the big screen and explore the real places that inspired some of the greatest films of all time – brought to life through comprehensively researched text and stunning hand-drawn artwork. Travel journalist Sarah Baxter reveals 25 essential cinematic destinations around the globe, spanning different decades, directors and movie genres. You’ll find that these places are not just backdrops to the tales told, but characters in their own right. Sarah Baxter grew up in Norfolk, and now lives in Bath. Her passion for travel saw her traverse Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States before settling into a writing career.  Amy Grimes is an illustrator based in London. . Sarah
Amy Grimes 9780711260290 £14.99 9781781319581 £14.99 9781781317426 £14.99 9781781319208 £14.99 9781781318102 £14.99

Colours of Film

of Film is an introduction to film through the lens of colour. Taking you from the 1900s to today, it showcases the most extraordinary use of colour and provides visually appealing palettes of some of the best movies

made. Examining films through their colour palettes is becoming increasingly popular, this is the first book to introduce the use of colour in film for a contemporary, pop culture audience.

Film 118
Frances Lincoln 9780711270312 February 7, 2023 £18.99 • Hardcover • 208 Pages 22.5 cm H | 17 cm W Colours
Charles Bramesco


Pink Floyd and The Dark Side

Music 119 Motorbooks 9780760378274 March 7, 2023 £60.00 • Hardcover • 208 Pages 27 cm H | 23.5 cm W | 1.2 kg Wt
Cooper at 75 Gary Graff In this exquisitely produced book, experience the extraordinary life and career of the original “shock rocker” through 75 key releases and events. Motorbooks 9780760379295 March 21, 2023 £35.00 • Hardcover • 176 Pages 25.4 cm H | 25.4 cm W | 1.2 kg Wt
of the Moon 50 Years Take a deep dive into one of the bestselling albums ever on the 50th anniversary of its release with this beautifully produced and authoritatively written slipcased edition.

Backstreet Boys 30th

Music 120 Motorbooks 9780760377413 April 11, 2023 £35.00 • Hardcover • 192 Pages 27 cm H | 23.5 cm W | 1.4 kg Wt AC/DC at 50 Martin Popoff A beautifully produced celebration of the ultimate rock band, AC/DC at 50 examines the extraordinary history of the Australian rockers through the lens of 50 milestone events. Epic Ink 9780760382240 April 11, 2023 £18.99 • Hardcover Paper over boards • 256 Pages 25.1 cm H | 21.6 cm W | 1.1 kg Wt
Anniversary Celebration Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Backstreet Boys with the ultimate tribute book—filled with amazing tour photography, band-member profiles, fan memories, and more.



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