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Autumn Colours I-Photography Workshop 2011 Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography-New Zealand

The images in this book are the product of three days photography by Pricilla Chapman,Leong Goh, Andrew Goldsworthy, Sue Weterings,Vanessa Lei Broad, Julie martin, Josh Donally and Rowens Richards, under the tutelage of Master Photographers Mike Langford FNZIPP MFNZIPP and Jackie Ranken FZIPP MAIPP. Arrowtown, Macetown Skippers Canyon and Queenstown. Copyright remains with the photographers. contact

Autumn Colours I- Photography Workshop April 15-18 2011

Here is a selection of images from ten enthusiastic and passionate photographers. The object of the workshop was to improve everyone’s compositional and camera skills in a friendly and inspiring environment. Design is becoming a bigger part of our Workshop learning process. The seven building blocks that make up our visual language are line, texture, colour, shape, size, value and direction. The mortar between these blocks are the aesthetic possibilities of repetition, alternation, harmony, gradation, contrast dominance, unity and balance. Taking control of the camera and turning on the photographic eye has created this fantastic seventy eight page book. The book in itself being a teaching document reminding you of what we all learnt and where we travelled.

Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken

Speargrass Flats Road-lake Hayes-Otago

Arrowtown and the Arrow River


Skipperts Canyon


Mike Langford (tutor), Sue Weterings, Vanessa Lei Broad, Julie Martin, Leong Goh, Jackie Ranken (tutor) Pricella Chapman, Rowena Richards, Josh Donally and Andrew Goldsworthy

QCCP Autumn Colours Photography Workshop-New Zealand A Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography

Landscape Photography Workshop 2011

QCCP Autumn Colours I Workshop April 15-18 2011  

QCCP Autumn Colours I Workshop April 15-18 2011- Based from Queenstown New Zealand