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Santa Rosa, United States

company from GeneXus Consulting, a Uruguayan software expert company. It was born after the growth of the Testing and Quality Assurance area within the company. QAlified provides all kinds of testing and quality assurance services for any type of technological projects. The company is always moved by passion, because they love what they do. That´s why they work together with their clients in order to generate value through testing services for companies from all over the world. Its team has a lot of experience in big projects, and it is flexible enough to adapt to each business´s specific needs. In order to provide value to its clients, the company follows the most relevant standards and proved methodologies. The company has over 27 years of invaluable experience, and has completed more than 600 successful projects for over 100 customers. Apart from software testing services, the company provides workshops and consultancy services. Its team advices on quality and software testing for any kind of challenge,