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Lithuanian passion, Italian design!

The story of Tube

Lithuanian passion, Italian design!


She is Lithuanian and he is Italian. She had a strong passion for fine arts since she was little and he was always attracted to all creative activities. They have met in Milan and created a special bean bag design for Pusku pusku brand together.

Francesco Costacurta Italian designere

Justė Pavasarytė Lithuanian designere

Lithuanian designer Juste Pavasaryte and Italian designer Francesco Costacurta combined their thoughts and created a simple, but beautiful composition of colours and texture which can be used not only for outdoor but indoor as well. TUBE – ideal comfort and style bean bag designed just for you.

Francesco and Justina vision was quite the opposite. As they have mentioned, Francesco and Justina wanted to design a unique bean bag, that would still keep its simple and neutral style. We invite you to take a cup of coffee, lay back and choose the best TUBE for you. 02

Colorful comfort TUBE offers: • significant change that stands out and offers benefit not only from a formal – aesthetic point of view, but also functionality; • a form that is recognizable and characteristic; • a form that allows better control of the product’s shape; • a shape of elliptic tube that was cut in diagonally and combined again; • combination of these two parts that creates a stylish, simple and geometric composition; • more rigid backrest, providing more comfortable support for the back; • an extremely comfortable seat not only to relax, but also to work or read.

Length 120 cm Height 90 cm Width 70 cm Volume 360 L Hand made

More information: www.puskupusku.com




Lithuanian passion, Italian design!

Tube OX for Outdoor

Fabric OX – Technical specifications

100% polyester with PVC coating Water resistant

Fabric weight: 380 g / m² Abrasion resistance: 60 000 Washable / Cleanable

Fabric OX – Youthful Flamboyance!

01 Fabric: OX Color: SUNSET

02 Fabric: OX Color: GRASS

03 Fabric: OX Color: LAKE

04 Fabric: OX Color: SUNRISE

05 Fabric: OX Color: MEADOW

06 Fabric: OX Color: NIGHT

07 Fabric: OX Color: SEA

08 Fabric: OX Color: VALLEY



Lithuanian passion, Italian design!

Tube Nordic for Indoor

Fabric Nordic – Technical specifications

100% polyester Breathable

Fabric weight: 330 g / m² Abrasion resistance: 100 000 Washable

01 Fabric: NORDIC Color: EARTH

02 Fabric: NORDIC Color: ERIS

03 Fabric: NORDIC Color: MARS

04 Fabric: NORDIC Color: MERCURY

05 Fabric: NORDIC Color: MOON

06 Fabric: NORDIC Color: URANUS

07 Fabric: NORDIC Color: VENUS

08 Fabric: NORDIC Color: PLUTO


Lithuanian passion, Italian design!

Contacts: www.puskupusku.com info@puskupusku.com +370 620 95094

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Bean bag TUBE  

Bean bag Tube - Lithuanian passion, Italian design! www.puskupusku.com

Bean bag TUBE  

Bean bag Tube - Lithuanian passion, Italian design! www.puskupusku.com