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Getting admitted - Pre-admission For all planned admissions, please check the following before coming, to hasten the admission process: Ø Admission advice slip from the concerned consultant Ø Booking slip (for maternity and elective surgery cases) Ø Photo ID proof Ø Letter of authorization from your employer/insurance company, if part or all of your

medical expenses are to be borne by your employer/insurance company Ø Your test results and list of the medications which you are presently taking Ø Advance deposit to be paid (in accordance with the applicable schedule of charges) Ø Toiletry such as toothbrush, toothpaste and shaving kit. If you forget to bring these, they

will be available in hospital’s pharmacy. Ø Linen as well as patient clothes will be provided to you at the hospital.

Getting admitted - Admission As you step into the hospital, we initiate a long lasting relationship with you. To begin the process, once the consultant has recommended hospitalization on the admission advice slip, you may contact the front office with the advice slip. The front office assistant will receive you and help you check-in through the hospital information system. Your medical records will be maintained and stored for all future reference. The front office assistant will then guide you to the counselors, in case you need clarity on the expected expenditure. Please provide the names of primary medical care and primary financial care attendants so that communication on these issues is done only with relevant persons. You will be requested to make an advance payment, for which you will be given a receipt. Your floor co-ordinator and nursing team leader will acquaint you with the hospital, your room and various facilities available and ensure that you are comfortable in your new environment.

Getting admitted - Admission Consent/Surrogate Consent You will be requested to sign a consent form before you undergo a surgery/procedure. Parents or guardians of minors will be required to sign on their behalf. Before you sign the form, your consultant will discuss the details of the surgery/procedure with you. Your attendant will be requested to sign a surrogate consent form if you are incapable of signing it yourself. Identification (ID) Band Upon admission, an identification band with your name and registration number will be secured on your wrist. This ID band (for identifying you at all times during your stay in the hospital) should not be removed while you are in the hospital. Billing Counselors The hospital’s billing counselors are available in the Admission and Billing department for financial counseling (package, non package procedures).

Getting admitted - Admission Mediclaim Counseling For patients who are referred through medical insurance agencies (TPAs), a special help desk for enquiry and counseling is located in the Admission and Billing department. The front office assistant here will inform you about: Ø Documents required to claim medical insurance Ø Paperwork to be completed Ø Hospital policies regarding advance deposits and reimbursements Ø Type of health insurance available to you and the necessary terms and conditions Ø As a mediclaim patient, you are requested to submit all essential documents in order to

avail the relevant facilities and discounts.

Getting admitted - During your Stay A skilled team of personnel some of them working behind the scenes will hopefully make your stay comfortable and pleasant. One of the hospital managers will be assigned to you as a mentor to try and streamline any minor or major issues that you may be experiencing during your stay. Medical Care Throughout your stay in the hospital, your consultant will discuss your treatment with you as well as with your family member nominated by you and ensure that you and your family are kept informed about your progress. Please be reassured that you are in the best medical hands and availing the most advanced technology for your care and treatment. Your Consultant Your admitting consultant is responsible for your treatment while you are at Pushpanjali. He/she makes necessary arrangements for lab/radiological tests, medications, diet and other special treatment.

Getting admitted - During your Stay Resident Medical Officers Your treating consultant is ably supported by a team of in-house resident medical officers to ensure monitoring of your treatment round the clock. They are a vital link between the consultants and auxiliary services. They make periodic rounds to monitor and assess your progress. Resident doctors only follow the orders given by your consultant. Nursing Staff Our nursing personnel will provide you with highly compassionate and professional care. They administer your medicines and execute the treatment as specified by your treating consultant. The doctors and nursing personnel work in tandem to provide you with high standards of care. Your bed is equipped with a call button directly connected to the nursing station. If you need nursing assistance at any time of the day or night, all you need to do is press the button and your nurse will be there to assist you.

PCH getting admitted  

PCH Getting Admitted

PCH getting admitted  

PCH Getting Admitted