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The Photon

In previous notes I have often referred to the photon by the following generalized equation:

~b ω |ωi = −i~b ω |iλi


where the operator ω b is the time operator:

∂ |ψi (2) ∂t This is a vector operator which can operate in any dimension of Reality. The imaginary unit, i, factor preceding the partial derivative will collapse the factored wave function to produce a wave function which exists in an orthogonal dimensions of Reality. It it operates on an imaginary wave function it will collapse it, producing a real wave function, ω b |ψi = i

(~b ω )2 |ωi = (~ω)2 |ωi


Equation (3) simply shows that the properties of a photon are conserved when changing dimensions in Reality, and back again. This conservation also applies to the particle:  mc b 2 = (~b ω )2


We see that matter (mass, energy and rate-of-time) is conserved. Now, consider a quantity, ~p that satisfies the following relations: ~ · ~p = i~ω ▽


~ × ~p = i~~ω ▽


then the vector operators on ~p would satisfy the properties of the photon: having a spin, energy, exists in the imaginary dimension, and has a vector property.) The equation for ~p:


~p = i~~c(r)


where the direction of ~c is a function of ~r, which is determined by the constraints of time. ~p is the representation for the photon. One can imagine the photon passing through Dirac’s sea-of-particles as it travels through space; the curvature of space-time would result from the gradient of the sea-of-particles. Equation (6) defines a particle: ~ × ~p = ~~ω −i▽


and equation (5) an emergent, or divergent, photon, relative to a particle: h

i h i h i \ [ \ [ −i▽ ×p−▽ · p |ωi → Pbc − ~b ω |iλi → −i▽ ×p+▽ · p |ωi λ



The first term in relation (9) is the emerging photon interacting with the particle. The middle term is the matter-wave and photon wave-state interaction which displaces the particle a distance ~λ. The last term is the displaced particle and the diverging photon. The conservation of the photon also includes it’s spin, from which it gets it’s rate of time. The curl of equation (6) shows that there is curling photon energy about the spin itself. One can see a manifestation of this of this phenomenon by looking at the images of Sunspot-pairs: from one Sunspot there looks like a storm circling in the clockwise direction, and the other Sunspot’s storm circles counter-clockwise. These are also conserved energies,   ~ × ▽ ~ × ~p = ▽ ~ × i~~ω ▽ (10) An interesting thing about this is that there are curls within curls .... And at the heart of all this is a particle. I think that this is one of the more complex issues of Reality. Oh, well. Another day. Ron Poteet 11/27/10


The Photon  

some notes on the description of a photon

The Photon  

some notes on the description of a photon