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Cyberculture and Cybercommunities Media Ethnography

National Chengchi University

Fall Semester, 2012

Chan Tsz Yin Purple 101403104

Part I you usually use here do

During my exchange study period in Taiwan, I live in the campus dormitory with my Japanese roommate, Kay.

W t? e n r e t n I the

Date: 2/11/2012 (Friday) No Class!!! Holiday

Purple & Kay

My laptop is always on my desk and I must switch on my laptop when I am in dormitory. When I have to access to the internet, I have to plug in a broadband cable every time. It is not so convenient but this is always the first action when I am back to my room.

There is no mobile phone signal and Wi-Fi network for my smartphone, so that I have to share Wi-Fi signal through my laptop after connected to the internet.

Laptop I usually use my laptop to surf on the internet, no matter for assignment, entertainment and communication. After access to the internet, there are no boarders to connect to the world. I watch news on website everyday, search information for assignment on Google. Kay and I like to chat with friends and update their status through Facebook and Skype.

Both of us like to watch TV drama and movie on Youtube or other video website. We usually wear headphones to avoid disturbing each other, because I usually watch videos in Cantonese and Kay’s are in Japanese. However, we found out the speed of broadband is too slow for video sometime.


In our room, we usually sit in front

at our laptop to surf on the internet. However, we prefer to communicate with each other by face to face. We will only use Facebook inbox to share some interesting website.

I usually use my smartphone to connect with my Hong Kong friend and family when I am in Taiwan. My family likes to update status with each other, we share photos and make a phone call through the online applications, e.g. Line & Whatsapp. Those online applications help us to shorten the distance for communication.

Our Room


Wake up!

Part II

My obse rvations and experien ce involvi ng the Internet in daily life.

Turn on my laptop and access to internet. I have setup to share Wi-Fi to my smartphone automatically, so that I can receive the offline messages on smartphone from my friends and family as fast as I can.

Breakfast time! I am watching Hong Kong and Taiwan News on Yahoo! and during having my breakfast. Kay has left the room for lesson, so that I can watch video news in Cantonese without earphone.

Still watching news on website, there is another browser window switched on for checking Facebook message and email.

Having lunch with another exchange student. We are interested to have a short trip to Tai-Chung next weekend. Back to my laptop again! Switch on one browser window for listening song on Youtube, another browser window is for searching hotel, train ticket and sightseeing places information of Tai-Chung.

At the same time, I can share what I have found with my friends via Facebook instant message.

Also we draft out our itinerary on Google Doc online. Internet is so convenient, I can find all the information and make all the bookings for the trip without going out my room.

Start to do my assignment. I use Google to search some pervious marketing cases for presentation. My group-mates have created a Facebook group, so that we can share the information to each other.

Dinner time! I have a take-away dinner box from Enjoy9 and sit in front of my Laptop again. I am watching TV drama series on browser window on the right side, and a word document of my assignment is still on the left side. So that, I can type anytime when I got some new ideas.

nt e m n g i s s a y m f o t n e Word docum

T V drama series on Yout ub e

Continue my assignment and listen updated Cantonese pop songs on Youtube. I am wearing headphone in order not to disturb Kay. She also switch on her laptop for Facebook & Skype.

Mum called me from Hong Kong via Line. Internet is so amazing, it shorten the distance between Hong Kong and Taiwan. My family love to always use Line to share their daily life photos and give me a call after I came to Taiwan everyday. We feel so close and warm by this technology.

After a whole day spending on internet, it is time to go to bed after a shower. Internet technology is so wonderful, it can fulfill all my academic, entertainment and communication needs without step out my room. During the same time, I found that I am more and more rely on internet. It is hard to imagine how my life is if there is no internet service.

Purple's Media Ethnography  

Chan Tsz Yin Purple 101403104@NCCU Cyberculture and Cybercommunities

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