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We are already closing the third quarter of the year 2022 and this year is filled up with so many challenges. We understand that the market has been soft since the start of this year and continues to decline. At this point we need to be prepared for the last quarter and winter season, as you all know winters are always a slow season due to weather conditions. If you are new to the trucking industry and came within the last few years, you probably never saw the low times in the trucking industry. Everyone needs to evaluate their situation and try to make wise decisions. If you see that you can’t make it please take advice from several qualified people and make a good decision. Trucking industry is big and going nowhere. Furthermore we are looking at lots of new laws that are coming or are being proposed. AB-5 is one of them which is already in force and CARB Smog Check for big rigs is coming next year. Make sure to keep your company compliant with current and upcoming laws. We don’t want to sound so negative but we need to understand that when we make decisions for businesses we need to be very careful. We want our drivers to be alert too and make sure you are compliant with current laws and regulations. We hope everyone is going to make it through these tough times. Drive Safe.

Raman S. Dhillon

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Trucking Cases Leaves the Industry in Chaos

Failure to Hear Important

For example, the court struck down the pivotal abortion case Roe vs. Wade and said the decision on whether to allow abortions was up to the state. Not surprisingly then, issues involving the trucking industry have gotten the same treatment. In California Trucking Association (CTA) vs. Bonta, involving the controversial California law AB5 which has to do with the classification of workers, the high court refused to hear an appeal from a lower court which ruled that AB5 was constitutional and did not interfere with interstate commerce.


Like CTA, Robinson argued that a state could not rule on their liability because they were involved in interstate commerce and that F4A should have been the guiding principle of the case.

For the first time in decades the court has a supermajority of conservative justices with the appointments of Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. In the recent past, the court had an even mixture of justices appointed by Democratic and Republican presidents. Today, the court has six justices appointed by Republicans and only three bySCOTUSDemocrats.analysts have put forth several theories of just how this new court would rule on a broad range of issues. One thing seems clear, the court is an advocate of the Tenth Amendment which says that any powers not specifically granted to the federal government are the priority of the states.

Ever since Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to hold a hearing on President Barack Obama’s U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) nomination of Merrick Garland to replace Antonin Scalia in 2016, the high court has often been a source of controversy.Thisyear the court is again in the news with decisions about abortion, guns, and immigration.

CTA argued that the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act (F4A) preempted any state law that interfered with motor carrier’s rates and services. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled in favor of the state. CTA then appealed but SCOTUS would not hear the case. The inference here is that the court is simply following its overarching principle of not interfering with state laws which aren’t specifically stated in the U.S. Constitution.Thefailure to hear the case has sent shockwaves through the California SCOTUS

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 20228

Another case involving some of the same issues was also denied a hearing by the high court. In Miller vs. C.H. Robinson, the defendant, who had been injured in a collision with a truck hired by Robinson, claimed that he received injuries due to the negligence of Robinson, a thirdparty logistics brokerage, who hired the driver knowing he had multiple traffic violations on his record.

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trucking industry where 70,000 owner-operators have been left in limbo as the law takes effect. More litigation is sure to follow, and SCOTUS may still decide to hear a similar case as other states pass laws like AB5.

In other words, the high court’s lack of decisiveness adds more confusion to the trucking industry at a time when the industry is facing several other issues.

Like CTA, Robinson argued that a state could not rule on their liability because they were involved in interstate commerce and that F4A should have been the guiding principle of the case. Again, the lower court ruled that F4A did not preempt the state’s laws governing such accidents and awarded damages to Miller.

www.punjabitruckingusa.com September & October 9

One thing is for sure, we have not heard the last of the problems involving AB5.

The upshot of these cases is that for the time being the U.S. will remain a jumble of laws in different states that may collide with federal laws when it comes to interstate trucking. The lack of a SCOTUS decision on this important litigation leaves independent truckers in turmoil and brokerages such as Robinson, and the shippers it represents, on the defensive when it comes to claims against its carriers.

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202210 SCOTUS dy mh`qvpUrn tr`ikMg kysW dI suxvweI iv`c AsPl hox nwl pUrw tr`k audXog Arwjkqw dy mwhOl ivc hY kvrjdoNAwrtIklqoNsYnyt dy bhuigxqI nyqw imc mYkkonyl ny 2016 iv~c AYNtoinn skwlIAw dI QW lYx leI rwStrpqI brwk Ebwmw dy XUAYs suprIm kort (SCOTUS) dy mYirk gwrlYNf dI nwmzdgI 'qy suxvweI krn qoN ienkwr kr id~qw sI, hweI kort Aksr ivvwdW dw kwrn irhw hY[ ies swl Adwlq grBpwq, bMdUkW Aqy iemIgRySn bwry PYsilAW nwl iPr qoN crcwvW iv~c hY[ ipCly kuJ dhwikAW iv~c pihlI vwr Adwlq iv~c bRYt kYvwnOg Aqy AYmI konI bYryt dIAW inXukqIAW dy nwl rUVIvwdI j~jW dI bhuigxqI hY[ hwl hI dy AqIq iv~c, Adwlq iv~c fYmokryitk Aqy irpbilkn pRDwnW duAwrw inXukq kIqy gey j~jW dw ie~k smwn imSrx sI[ A`j, Adwlq iv~c irpbilknW duAwrw inXukq kIqy Cy Aqy fYmokryts duAwrw isrP iqMn j~j hn[ SCOTUS ivSlySkW ny keI iQaUrIAW pyS kIqIAW hn ik ieh nvIN Adwlq keI mu~idAW 'qy ikvyN rwj krygI[ ie~k g~l sp~St jwpdI hY, Adwlq dsvIN soD dI vkwlq krdI hY jo kihMdI hY ik PYfrl srkwr ƒ ivSyS qOr 'qy nhIN id~qIAW geIAW SkqIAW rwjW dI qrjIh hn[ audwhrn leI, Adwlq ny roA bnwm vyf dy mu~K grBpwq dy kys ƒ r~d kr id~qw Aqy ikhw ik grBpwq dI AwigAw dyx jW nhIN ies bwry PYslw rwj 'qy inrBr krdw hY[ ies leI ieh hYrwnI dI g~l nhIN hY ik tr~ikMg audXog nwl juVy mu~idAW dw vI ieh hI hwl kIqw igAw hY[ kYlIPornIAw tr~ikMg AYsosIeySn (sItIey) bnwm boNtw iv~c, ivvwdgRsq kYlIPornIAw kwƒn AB5 jo ik kwimAW dy vrgIkrx nwl sbMDq hY, iv~c hweI kort ny ie~k hyTlI Adwlq dI ApIl ƒ suxn qoN ienkwr kr id~qw ijsny PYslw id~qw ik AB5 sMivDwnk sI Aqy AMqrrwjI vxj iv~c dKl nhIN idMdw sI[ CTA ny dlIl id~qI ik PYfrl eyvIeySn AYfiminstRySn AQwrweIzySn AYkt (F4A) ny iksy vI rwj dy kwƒn ƒ pihlW qoN r~iKAw hY jo motr kYrIAr dIAW drW Aqy syvwvW iv~c dKlAMdwzI krdw hY[ nOvyN srkt leI XUAYs kort Aw& ApIlz ny rwj dy h~k iv~c PYslw suxwieAw[ CTA ny iPr ApIl kIqI pr SCOTUS ny kys dI suxvweI nhINkyskIqI[dI suxvweI iv~c AsPlqw ny kYlIPornIAw dy tr`ikMg audXog ƒ Jtkw id~qw hY ij~Qy kwƒn dy lwgU hox qoN bwAd 70,000 mwlk-AwprytrW ƒ AiV~ky iv~c C`f id`qw igAw hY[ hor keI muk~dimAW dw ltkxw XkInI hY, Aqy SCOTUS Ajy vI iesy qrHW dy kys dI suxvweI krn dw PYslw kr skdw hY ikauNik dUjy rwj AB5 vrgy kwƒn pws krdy hn[ Aijhw hI ie~k hor kys ijs ivc ieho ijhy mu~dy sn, ausdI suxvweI krn qoN vI hweI kort v~loN nw kr id~qI geI sI[ imlr bnwm sI.AY~c. rOibnsn, bcwE p`K, jo roibnsn duAwrw ikrwey 'qy ley gey ie~k tr~k nwl tkrwaux iv`c zKmI ho igAw sI, ny dwAvw kIqw ik ausƒ roibnsn dI lwprvwhI dy kwrn s~tW l~gIAW hn, ijs ny frweIvr ƒ ieh jwxidAW hoieAW ikrwey 'qy r~iKAw sI ik ausny keI tRYiPk aulMGxwvW kIqIAW hn[ CTA vWg, rOibnsn ny dlIl id~qI ik koeI rwj AwpxI dyxdwrI 'qy rwj nhIN kr skdw ikauNik auh AMqrrwjI vxj iv~c Swml sn Aqy F4A ƒ kys dw mwrgdrSk isDWq hoxw cwhIdw sI[ dubwrw iPr, hyTlI Adwlq ny PYslw suxwieAw ik F4A ny Aijhy hwdisAW ƒ inXMqirq krn vwly rwj dy kwƒnW dI pwlxw nhIN kIqI Aqy imlr ƒ hrjwnw id~qw[ iehnW kysW dw nqIjw ieh hY ik hwl dy smyN leI jykr AMqrrwjI tr~ikMg dI g~l AwauNdI hY qW U.S. v~K-v~K rwjW iv~c kwƒnW dw ie~k aulJx bixAw rhygw jo sMGI kwƒnW nwl tkrw skdy hn[ ies mh~qvpUrn muk~dmy 'qy SCOTUS dw PYslw nw Awauxw suqMqr tr~krW ƒ mjDwr ivc C~f idMdw hY Aqy dlwlW ijvyN ik rOibnsn ƒ r~iKAwqmk hox leI mjbUr krdw hY, jdoN iesdy kYrIArW ivru~D dwAivAW dI g~l AwauNdI hY[ dUjy SbdW ivc, hweI kort dI inrxwiekqw dI Gwt tr~ikMg audXog leI Aijhy smyN ivc hor aulJx pYdw krdI hY, jdoN audXog keI hor mu~idAW dw swhmxw kr irhw hY[

Hair tests for drugs may soon be a federal requirement for the nation’s truck drivers.

Several of the largest trucking companies in the U.S. have asked the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to require an exemption that, for the first time, would allow positive results gained through hair testing from random drivers and pre-employment candidates to be uploaded to the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.Thecompanies who pushed for hair testing are represented by the Washington D.C. lobbyist The Trucking Alliance.

“Although FMCSA lacks the statutory authority to grant the Trucking Alliance’s request for exemption until HHS has taken certain action, FMCSA requests public comment on the exemption application, as required by statute,” the agency stated on its website.

In a recent blog post on the Alliance’s website, statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reveal that since the legalization of marijuana in states such as California, Nevada, and Colorado there has been a “5.8 percent increase in injury crash rates, while fatal crash rates spiked by 4.1 percent.”

Trucking analysts basically agree that to open this proposed rule change to stakeholders will bring a wealth of knowledge back to the FMCSA. If HHS intends to change the rules, there needs to be further scrutiny with final review by the Congressional Office of Management and Budget.


Big Trucking Companies Push for Hair Testing; FMCSA to Open Comment Period

www.punjabitruckingusa.com September & October 2022 11 G O O D P AY - F A M I LY E N V I R O N M E N T B E N E F I T S - D E D I C A T E D & T E A M L O A D S I N T B - I A HIRING DRIVERS & OWNER OPERATORS 408-386-0913 Educat on Ser v ce Suppor BI ERICANPUNJATRUCKINGASS MO AC HA TT RI OO NN NAPTA M PROUDEMBER

The Trucking Alliance counts members such as J.B. Hunt Transport, KnightSwift Transportation and U.S. Xpress.

Lawyers for these companies have long contended that drivers consistently fall through the cracks of the current testing regimen and that “hundreds of thousands” of positive tests are never made available during the hiring system. The exemption would “amend the definition of actual knowledge to include the employer’s knowledge of a driver’s positive hair test, which would require such results be reported to the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse and to inquiring carriers as required to comply” with federal regulations, according to the Trucking Alliance’s petition to the FMCSA.Thegroup has always supported hair testing as part of federal regulations for interstate trucking. In August of 2020 the Alliance asked for an exemption for such testing. FMCSA has been hesitant to agree, citing jurisdiction over drug policy as the exclusive realm of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In accordance with FMCSA rules, the apparent change of policy comes with a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and a comment period.

In his application, Brown said, HOS is a “mechanism by the government to control my movements which I view as a violation of my constitutional right to free movement and my right as a human being to make my own choices in life as to my work habits.”

The FMCSA is required to notify the public of Brown’s application for exemption and will publish it on the Federal Register.

Brown also said in his application, “The 60/70 rule prevents me from working as many days as I want to due to not enough hours per regulations. That controls how much money I can make in a week while out on the road. If I work more than that in a day, I will have to sit around in truck stops for 34 hours due to not being able to pick up hours.”

• 11-hour driving limit.

• Limits of 60 hours in seven days and 70 hours in eight days.

• ELD (electronic logging device) regulations.

Brown contends that his application is only for himself and does not involve any other truck drivers.

• 10-consecutive-hour off-duty time requirement.

• 14-hour “driving window.”

Legal analysts are skeptical as to whether the FMCSA will grant Brown’s exemption since he has not explained why he believes the exemption is needed and how he is affected by the rules. Not only that, but he has not answered how he would ensure a “level of safety that is equivalent to, or greater than, the level of safety that would be obtained by complying with the regulation.”

Iowa Truck Driver Files Application with FMCSA to be Exempted from HOS Rules


An Iowa truck driver is claiming his constitutional rights are being violated by having to comply with federal hours-of-service (HOS) regulations.

Brown, who drives for Waterloo-based Gray Transportation, is seeking a fiveyear exemption from HOS rules. In particular, he objects to the following regulations:

“The Agency must provide the public an opportunity to inspect the information relevant to the application, including any safety analyses that have been conducted,” said the FMCSA in a statement. “The agency must also provide an opportunity for public comment on the request.” A 30-day window will be allowed for public comment.

In his application for exemption to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Ronnie Brown III further says the rules governing how long a driver can be on the road are not in line with “his natural sleep patterns.”

iting recent hearings by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) addressing the issue, the Truck and Engine Manufacturer’s Association (EMA) has decided to drop its lawsuit against the California Air Resources Board (CARB) over deadlines for emissions requirements.

EMA’s lawsuit contended that CARB must allow manufacturers at least four full model years before implementing new low and zero-emission engine standards.“Congress unambiguously mandated the minimum four full model year lead-time requirement in the Clean Air Act for both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and CARB,” said EMA in a letter. “EPA has now commenced its review of CARB’s pre-emption waiver request and held a hearing that included discussion of the lead-time issue. As a result, EMA has chosen to withdraw its lawsuit without prejudice.”


Mandel further noted that EMA “was never challenging CARB’s independent right to regulate. At the time we filed, EPA had not yet initiated its review of CARB’s request for a waiver. We are pleased that EPA has now solicited public comment and the review process is underway.”

Mandel said he hopes EPA will be quick in its ruling to confirm the lead-time requirement.

EMA has stressed that its members are supportive of more strict emissions standards across the nation.

In the original lawsuit, EMA President Jed R. Mandel said, “Truck and engine manufacturers are proud that today’s modern engines reduce harmful emissions to near zero levels, and we are committed to building still cleaner products—but CARB must provide manufacturers the minimum four years of lead-time mandated by Congress. We acknowledge that the Clean Air Act gives CARB the authority to establish California-specific emissions standards and regulations; however, in doing so, CARB must follow Congress’s requirements.”

Engine Manufacturers Drop AwaitAgainstLawsuitCARB;EPARuling

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In addition, even though Schneider originally said that Brant could haul loads for other carriers, they had the right to deny Brant that ability on a case-bycase basis. Because Brant had leased his Freightliner from Schneider any breach of the contract would terminate the lease and he would lose his truck. Many of the loads which Schneider assigned to Brant were “highly undesirable” instead of allowing him to haul more desirable loads for other carriers. When Brant did attempt to haul for other carriers, Schneider required such a large security deposit, he was unable to pay it. Schneider eventually seized Brant’s truck for violating the terms of the operating agreement.

n a decision that is certain to have implications for current litigation surrounding AB5 in California, a U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that a federal district court mistakenly relied on a trucking company’s contract with an owner-operator in the case of Eric Brant vs. Schneider National Inc. Brant alleged that he was misclassified as an independent contractor instead of a regular employee eligible for appropriate wages and benefits. Brant further argued that Wisconsin-based Schneider violated Truth-in-Leasing regulations and minimum wage requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Wisconsin laws.Originally, a Wisconsin court had ruled in favor of Schneider using the contract language as the determining factor. After an appeal by Brant, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, based in Chicago, found fault with the lower court’s ruling and reversed the decision, ultimately siding with Brant, meaning the case must be heard again by the original court. The appellate court said that the lower court should have given more weight to the alleged economic realities of Brant’s relationship with Schneider.

Brant also claimed that Schneider controlled his personal appearance and limited him to driving 70 mph or slower even when the posted speed limit was higher.“Brant had alleged legally viable claims for relief under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Wisconsin minimum-wage law, Wisconsin law of unjust enrichment and the federal Truth-in-Leasing regulations,” the appeals court wrote..

“In determining whether a person is an employee under the act, what matters is the economic reality of the working relationship, not necessarily the terms of a written contract. The FLSA is designed to defeat rather than implement contractual arrangements,” concluded the court. Brant presented a series of claims that he was not treated fairly by Schneider, including saying that he received no pay from the company after hauling five shipments over 3,000 miles.

Wisconsin Owner-Operator Wins Reversal in Employee Misclassification Case I

“We reverse and remand for further proceedings,” the appeals court wrote. “The district court erred by giving decisive effect to the terms of Schneider’s contracts. In many areas of the law, the district court’s approach would be sound, but not under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA),” said the court.

The ULT36x wheel offers vHub Bore Technology, which reduces hubto-wheel contact area by up to 64% versus other aluminum wheels, leaving less surface area for corrosion. It also features a unique valve access designed for easy inflation and pressure checks.

The wheel is available in Alcoa’s “High Polish” or “Mirror Polish” finish and “Dura-Bright” or “Dura-Black” surface treatments.

The vHub works with ATIS and Halo Tire Inflator and brings both the inner and outer dual valve into the wheel well for improved access. The 84U61 and 84U64x weigh in at 49 pounds, three pounds lighter than their predecessors and substantially lighter than comparable steel wheels. These wide-base wheels are available with dual valves featuring a second valve stem and a pressure monitoring sensor with no disruptions when operating one valve while air pressure is serviced on theTheother.wheels have Alcoa’s “DuraBlack” surface treatment on both sides. They also come with color-matched components including black valve stem and laser-etched logo. To go with these new wheels, Alcoa has debuted its Aerodynamic Solutions line of wheel covers. The Aerodynamic Steer Cover was designed and manufactured to push air away from a vehicles wheel while limiting aerodynamic drag. Testing on the new covers revealed fuel savings of up to 0.35 gallons of fuel per 1,000 miles, representing a $120 annual savings per truck based on 100,000 miles. Overall, savings from the new wheels and covers could add up to an estimated $350 a year per 100,000 miles.

Alcoa Rolls Out New Lightweight Wheels and Aerodynamic Covers


Pittsburgh-based Alcoa Corp., the eighth largest aluminum producer in the world, recently introduced new lighter wheels and more aerodynamic wheel covers.

www.punjabitruckingusa.com September & October 2022 15

The ULT36x, a 22.5 X 8.25-inch wheel and the 22.5 X 14-inch wide-base wheels 84U61 and 84U64x were introduced last spring at the Transportation Technology Exhibition in Orlando.

At 36 pounds with a 7,400-pound load rating, the ULT36x is three pounds lighter than its predecessor. It is equipped with proprietary MagnaForce alloy. According to Alcoa, the lighter weight generates a savings of up to nearly one gallon of fuel per 1,000 miles when converting from steel to aluminum on all wheel positions.

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202216 NASA, NOAA (rwStrI smuMdrI Aqy vwXUmMfl pRSwsn) Aqy brkly ArQ smyq ivigAwnIAW v~loN id~qy gey nvyN AMkiVAW dy nwl ieh pqw l~gdw hY ik ipCly s~q swl AmrIkI ieiqhws iv~c sB qoN grm rhy hn Aqy keI AmrIkI rwj ies bwry kuJ krn leI v~K-v~K kwƒnW rwhIN inkws ƒ Gtwaux bwry soc rhy knYktIkthn[ iv~c, ie~k nvW kwƒn, pbilk AYkt 22-25, rwj dy aUrjw Aqy vwqwvrx sur~iKAw ivBwg (DEEP) ƒ m`Dm Aqy BwrIifaUtI tr~kW leI inkwsI dy imAwrW ƒ G~t krn leI AiDkwrq krdw hY[ BwvyN v~fy tr~k vwhnW dI AwvwjweI dw isrP 6% ih~sw hn pr rwj dy AiDkwrIAW Anuswr, auh nweItRojn AwksweIf dy inkws dy 50% qoN v~D leI ijMmyvwr hn[ gvrnr nyf lYmoNt ny tiv~tr 'qy ikhw ik -"knYktIkt iv~c AwvwjweI dw Kyqr nMbr ie~k pRdUSk hY[ AsIN hwl hI iv~c klIn eyAr AYkt pws kIqw hY, jo swfI AwvwjweI pRxwlI ƒ fIkwrbonweIz krn leI zrUrI kdm cu~kdw hY Aqy hr iksy leI Awpxy kwrbn Pu~tipRMt ƒ Gtwauxw Awswn Aqy ssqw bxwauNdw hY[ iehnW kwƒnW dw audyS hvw dI guxv~qw iv~c suDwr krnw Aqy kwrbn inkws nwl sbMDq ishq sm~isAwvW ƒ Gtwauxw hY[ DEEP kimSnr kytI fweIks ny ikhw ik- "invwsIAW leI mh~qvpUrn ishq lwBW qoN ielwvw, ies kwƒn iv~c aupwA AwvwjweI sYktr qoN GHG dy inkws iv~c mh~qvpUrn kmI krn dy swfy XqnW iv~c bhuq loVINdy swDn pRdwn krdy hn[ AwvwjweI Kyqr ie~k Aijhw Kyqr hY ijs ivc swƒ bhuq qr~kI krn dI loV hY qW jo AsIN swfy 2030 GHG inkws dy tIcy ƒ pUrw kr skIey[ " nvyN kwƒnW iv~c ieh ivvsQwvW Swml hn: 1. zIro-AYimSn skUl b~sW: G~to-G~t ie~k ielYkitRk b~s (EV) vwly skUlI izilHAW leI AwvwjweI dy TyikAW ƒ 10 swlW q~k vDwauNdw hY[ Agly pMj swlW iv~c, zIro-AYimSn b~sW iv~c qbdIlI leI ibppwrtIsn ienPrwstRkcr ib~l qoN $5 iblIAn pUry AmrIkw iv~c BweIcwirAW ƒ aupl~bD krvwey jwxgy[ 2030 q~k, vwqwvrx inAW skUl izilHAW iv~c b~sW 100% EV ho jwxgIAW Aqy 2040 q~k hor izilHAW iv~c vI ieho ijhIAW hoxgIAW[ 2. m~Dm Aqy hYvI-ifaUtI tr~k: DEEP ƒ kYlIPornIAw dy m~Dm Aqy BwrI ifaUtI inkwsI imAwrW ƒ Apxwaux leI AiDkwrq krdw hY[ DEEP ƒ knYktIkt hweIfRojn Aqy ielYkitRk AwtomobweIl prcyz rIbyt (CHEAPR) Kwqy qoN pRogrwm ƒ PMf dyx vwly zIro-AYmISn m~DmAqy BwrI-ifaUtI vwhnW dI vrqoN dw smrQn krn leI ie~k vwaUcr pRogrwm sQwpq krn dI iejwzq idMdw hY[ rwj iv~c mwl FoAw-FuAweI qoN inkws ƒ Gtwaux leI ie~k rxnIqI ivkisq krn leI DEEP ƒ AiDkwrq krdw hY[ 3. rwj PlIt dw ibjlIkrn: rwj dy PlIt dy ibjlIkrn leI smW-swrxI ƒ soDdw hY Aqy 1 jnvrI, 2024 qoN bwAd fIzl nwl c~lx vwlIAW b~sW dI KrId 'qy pwbMdI lgwauNdw hY[ 4. CHEAPR pRogrwm: pRogrwm iv~c bdlwA krdw hY, ijs iv~c isr& borf ƒ slwhkwr bxwauxw, pMj nvIAW sItW nwl borf dI mYNbriSp ƒ soDxw, G~t AwmdnI vwly ivAkqIAW Aqy vwqwvrx inAW BweIcwirAW dy invwsIAW ƒ qrjIh dyxw, Aqy kwrobwrW, ngrpwilkwvW, gYr-lwBkwrI sMsQwvW leI Xogqw vDwauxw Swml hY[ ieh swrI gRInhwaus gYs ktOqI PIs Aqy KyqrI gRInhwaus gYs ienISIeyitv PMfW dy ih~sy ƒ CHEAPR Kwqy iv~c Byjdw hY[ 5. nvIN auswrI ielYkitRk vhIkl cwrijMg loVW: nvyN inrmwx KyqrW dy pwrikMg sQwnW dy kuJ pRqISq ih~sy ƒ EV cwrijMg stySnW jW cwrijMg stySn buinAwdI FWcy nwl lYs hox dI loV hY[ 6. trYiPk isgnl gRWt pRogrwm: rwj dy AwvwjweI ivBwg ƒ mOjUdw tRYiPk isgnl aupkrnW ƒ AwDuink bxwaux iv~c ngrpwilkwvW dI mdd krn leI ie~k myl KWdw gRWt pRogrwm sQwpq krn dI loV hY[ 7. cwrj krn dw AiDkwr: kMfomInIAm Aqy Awm idlcspI vwly BweIcwirAW iv~c "cwrj krn dw AiDkwr" sQwpq krdw hY, kuJ ivSySqwvW dy nwl "ikrweydwr dy cwrj krn dw AiDkwr" pRdwn krdw hY[ ieMfstrI Awritkl knYktIkt ny v`fy tr`kW leI kYlIPornIAw vrgy zIro-AYimSn stYNfrf ƒ ApxwieAw

Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks: Authorizes DEEP to adopt California medium- and heavy-duty emission standards. Allows DEEP to establish a voucher program to support the use of zeroemission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles funding the program from the Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR) account. Authorizes DEEP to develop a strategy to reduce emissions from freight movement in the state.




“The transportation sector is the number one polluter in Connecticut. We recently passed the Clean Air Act, which takes bold steps to decarbonize our transportation system, making it easier and cheaper for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Governor Ned Lamont on Twitter. These laws also aim at improving air quality and reducing the corresponding health issues related to carbon emissions.


In Connecticut, a new law, Public Act 22-25, authorizes the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to push emissions standards lower for medium and heavy-duty trucks. Even though big trucks account for only 6% of vehicle traffic, they account for more than 50% of nitrogen oxide emissions, according to state officials.

The new laws include these provisions:


Traffic Signal Grant Program: Requires the state’s transportation department to establish a matching grant program to help municipalities modernize existing traffic signal equipment.


New Construction Electric Vehicle Charging Requirements: Requires a percentage of parking spaces in certain new construction areas to be equipped with either EV charging stations or charging station infrastructure.

Right to Charge: Establishes “right to charge” (a law first passed in California that allows an EV charger to be installed within an owner’s unit or designated parking place) in condominiums and common interest communities, provides for “renter’s right to charge” with certain specifications.

State Fleet Electrification: Modifies the schedule for electrifying the state fleet and prohibits procurement of dieselpowered buses after Jan. 1, 2024.

Connecticut Adopts California-Like Zero-Emission Standards for Big Trucks 1,000 with management, underwriting, and services. By offering dedicated support and access to the process, help operations, maintain



our clients grow their

“In addition to the important health benefits to residents, the measures in this law provide much-needed tools in our effort to make significant reductions in GHG emissions from the transportation sector, an area in which we need to make significant progress in order to get back on track to meet our 2030 GHG emissions target,” DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes said.

Zero-Emission School buses: Increases transportation contracts to 10 years for school districts with at least one electric bus (EV). Over the next five years, $5 billion from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill will be made available to communities throughout the U.S. for transition to zero-emission buses. By 2030, buses will be 100% EV in environmental justice school districts and the same by 2040 in other districts.

their competitive edge, and become leaders in their industries. Davinder Singh Trusted by our clients 559-343-9211 dsingh@revinc.com We’re helpingalreadythousands of businesses grow with transparent & flexible factoring. INVOICE FACTORING AsIN hzwrW hI ibznsIs dI PYkirMg iv`c mdd kr rhy hW 4.9 out of 5 INDUSTRY ARTICLE


CHEAPR Program: Makes changes to the program, including making the board advisory-only, modifying the board’s membership with five new seats, giving priority to low-income individuals and residents of environmental justice communities, and extending eligibility to businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, and e-bikes. It directs all of the greenhouse gas reduction fee and part of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative funds to the CHEAPR account.

ith new data from scientists, including NASA, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and Berkeley Earth, showing that the last seven years are the hottest in recorded history, several U.S. states are taking it upon themselves to do something about it by looking to reduce emissions through a variety of laws.

We support over

The Nikola Two FCEV has a range of up to 900 miles, takes only about 20 minutes to refuel and has 645 continuous horsepower.

Nikola Slated to Build Hydrogen Stations in Southern California

"This marks an important step in Nikola's ability to deliver innovative solutions and the infrastructure needed to decarbonize the transportation industry," said Pablo Koziner, President, Nikola Energy. "Our hydrogen refueling stations, along with a comprehensive energy supply, will provide customers the support needed to transition their fleets to zero-emissions."

Hot on the heels of Tesla’s construction of an electric charging station in Central California to help meet California’s transition to zero-emission trucks, Nikola Motors recently announced it will build three hydrogen stations in Southern California to meet the growing need for long-term hydrogen distribution. Currently, California has only a handful of hydrogen stations.


Refueling infrastructure is a priority for Phoenix-based Nikola which appears to have moved past some of the company’s previous problems which were generated by founder Trevor Milton, who left the company in 2020.

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202218

The new stations will be in the cities of Colton, Ontario and at the Port of Long Beach. The station in Ontario is a joint venture with TravelCenters America. Additional stations are in the works and could be announced before the end of the year.

The company also recently announced a partnership with the Port of Baltimore and furniture manufacturer IKEA to use the Nikola Tre battery-electric truck to move goods from the port to a warehouse in Maryland.

At the end of last year, Nikola delivered the first of its trucks to Los Angeles-based Total Transportation Services who ordered 100 trucks, including 30 battery-electric vehicles (BEV) and 70 hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV) trucks.

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"We’ve seen an increase due to the pandemic effects. Many women are coming from the service industry— hospitality, restaurants, convention centers—because those jobs weren’t stable and they are concerned about the future due to the economy and talks of a recession,” said Ellen Voie, WIT president and CEO.

WIT has been measuring data on women in the trucking industry since 2016. This year, information was gathered from 180 participating companies to compile the WIT Index, a measure of how many women are in the industry in various roles.This year, WIT expanded its data gathering to account for women in additional functional roles, including operations, technicians, human resources, talent management and marketing.


Gathered during the first quarter of this year, data shows that 33.8% of C-Suite executives are women and 39.6% are industry leaders. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of women in transportation and warehousing jobs has increased every month this year and is up over 12% over the last year.

Voie said, again noting the effects of the pandemic, "an astonishing number of women are becoming drivers after leaving medical careers because they are burned out and just want to get away from the stress." More Women Have Joined the Trucking Industry


www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202220 More women occupy jobs as drivers, warehouse workers and executives in the trucking industry than ever before, according to new data released by the Women in Trucking Association (WIT).

“The increase reflects the loss of female workers in other 'traditional' careers, which were hit harder by the pandemic. We are thrilled to be able to have good paying jobs available and feel that our efforts to attract more women into the trucking industry are being realized," concluded Voie.

The WIT Index shows that 31% of the board of directors of trucking companies are women. 23% are directors on the largest publicly traded asset-based carriers.Numbers have also increased for women in warehousing and other transportation related jobs. In addition, more women than ever before are now driving.


500-Mile Tesla Semi to Ship This Year With Cybertruck Coming in 2023

Tesla’s pickup truck, the Cybertruck, is not expected to hit the road until next year. The Cybertruck is being manufactured at the Tesla plant in Austin, Texas.

fter being unveiled five years ago, the Tesla Semi truck will finally begin to roll off the assembly line of the Gigafactory, Nevada (about 25 miles east of Reno) plant sometime this year. The new Class 8 truck has faced numerous delays but, “it’s time to bring the Tesla Semi to volume production,” said Tesla founder Elon Musk on Twitter. The Semi comes in two models, a 300-mile range version that costs about $150,000 and a 500-mile range version that goes for $180,000. Those who ordered the 500-mile model will see deliveries beginning this year. More than likely, the first Semi’s will go into use for PepsiCo which runs a Frito-Lay distributor in Modesto, California. PepsiCo has ordered 15 Semis and Tesla has already installed a Megacharger station at that facility.

www.punjabitruckingusa.com September & October 2022 21 TRUCKING NEWS

The Megacharging site in Modesto began construction earlier this year. It has four stalls and, due to very highpower output of up to 1.5 MW, is combined with a Megapack energy storage system that will prevent peak electricity surges from stressing the grid. On its website, Tesla boasts that the new Semi has four independent motors and acceleration rates of 0-60 mph in 20 seconds. The truck includes enhanced Autopilot and a centered driving position with “maximum visibility and control.” Tesla also says the Semi can achieve up to $200,000 in fuel savings.

According to its website, EvoCharge was founded in 2009 and is an industry leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and cable management solutions. The company makes “the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective charging infrastructure and is the industry leader in cable management systems for single family, multi-family, workplace, and other commercial spaces.”

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202222

lectric vehicle (EV) supply equipment company EvoCharge, a subsidiary of Minnesota-based Phillips & Temro Industries, recently announced it has partnered with Nova Scotia, Canada-based AzSpecd Solutions Inc. to distribute Level 2 residential and commercial EV charging equipment.AzSpecd is an architectural and construction company which concentrates on renewable energy solutions and green energy products. On its website, the company says it, “represents the most innovative green energy and renewable products available today.”“With the addition of EvoCharge chargers to the AzSpecd renewable energy portfolio, we can now readily address the needs of architects, municipalities, developers, electricians, and homeowners seeking reliable EV Charging options,” said Barry Osmun, president of AzSpecd Solutions, in a press release. “We plan to make EvoCharge the go-to brand across Canada with valuable pricing and fast delivery.”

Manish Virmani, vice president of sales and marketing for EvoCharge, said, “With the acceleration of EV adoption, including charging stations in new buildings as well as retrofits has become a requirement in many parts of Canada and the U.S. After exploring multiple options in this space, we kept returning to EvoCharge. Their product quality and customer service definitely live up to our values.”

Its products “are fully compatible with all EV and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) sold throughout the United States and Canada.”

EvoCharge and AzSpecd Team to Distribute EV Chargers INDUSTRY NEWS MyTruckingCalculator.com Calculate your VISIT TODAY! kYlkulyt kro NET MONTHLY INCOME TOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSE SAVING / FLEET TRUCK TAXABLE INCOME COST PER MILE kost pr mIl


“We’ve announced pricing ahead of reopening order banks so our reservation holders can make an informed decision around ordering a Lightning,” said Marin Gjaja, chief customer officer for Ford’s electric vehicle division in a press release.

A Platinum model of the new truck with an extended battery pack will cost a whopping $96,874.

The Lightning went into production in April and already has orders for over 200,000 trucks. The prices for these 2020 model trucks were already locked in with an initial reservation.

Ford Motor Co. recently announced the price of its popular F-150 Lightning all-electric pickup will go up about $7,000 for the 2023 model.

For electric vehicles, many of the raw materials are mined in Russia and Ukraine. Ford estimates that its material costs will go up about $4 billion this year. Help could be on the way, however, for those consumers interested in going electric with passage of the Inflation Reduction Act which would offer tax credits to those who buy a zero-emission vehicle. One sticking point is that the bill requires a certain percentage of the vehicle’s battery to be made in the U.S.

Leading electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is also raising its prices with its base model now starting at about $47,000.

Lightning All-Electric Truck Now More Expensive BI RI TIRES & ALIGNMENT CALL : 559-905-9595 Authorized Dealer for Truck & Trailer Repairs & Alignment Shocks - Brakes - New & Used Tires CALL : Ramanpreet559-499-0195Singhemail: bigrigtiresandalignment@gmail.com 2881 E Jensen Ave. Fresno CA 93706 Education - Ser vice - Suppor t ABI ERICANPUNJTRUCKINGASS MO AC I HA TT RI OO NN NAPTA R PARTNEVENDOR FREE ALIGNMENT & INSTALL ATION OF 10 TIRES * *PURCHASE OF 10 TIRES IS MUST. CONDITIONS APPLY TRUCKING NEWS

Just at a time when demand for electric vehicles is soaring, shortages and the rising cost of raw materials such as lithium, nickel and cobalt have caused prices to go up.

Car prices in general have been rising because of both the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Ford is no longer taking reservations but will resume doing so at some point in August. The original cost was $39,974 for the Pro model. Next year’s price for the Pro goes up to $46,974.

www.punjabitruckingusa.com September & October 2022 23


According(EV).to the Lightning website, the new charger is “designed to accommodate a number of use-cases, the first-of-its-kind mobile DC fast charger offers rapid deployment of reliable charging capabilities in locations where static charging stations are not possible or that only have Level 2 power available— all without the constraints associated with installing static charging stations.”

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202224

“We’re incredibly excited to bring our next-generation Lightning Mobile charging solution to the market to address the growing need for readily available, mobile, and flexible DC fastcharging,” Lightning eMotors CEO Tim Reeser“Lightningsaid.

The units offer 105 to 420 kWh battery capacity and the option of up to five DC fast-charging outputs.

Colorado-based zero-emission vehicle solutions company Lightning eMotors recently announced the introduction of its secondgeneration Lightning Mobile chargers for commercial and personal electric vehicles

Mobile provides a muchneeded charging solution for everything from mobile disaster relief and rescue to intermittent charging points at facilities like sports stadiums, which need an EV charging and power solution in various locations. It can also serve as a short or medium-term charging solution for fleets to rapidly deploy EVs while waiting for permanent infrastructure to be installed,” concluded Reeser.

The second-generation mobile charger was developed over a 12-month period using the information gathered from operating the first-generation prototype. Engineers tested the prototype and its capabilities to develop a next generation charging capability, which Lightning said has been proven to be the ideal solution for charging any EV. The new chargers will be available later this year.


Lightning eMotors Introduces

Second-Generation Mobile Charger

Convoy introduced its load board at the end of 2021 not long after DAT refused to renew its contract with Convoy. DAT claims that Convoy was building the platform as far back as 2020 while still under contract. DAT’s evidence comes from a Nov. 2021 Convoy press release which said its board was the “result of more than a year” of preparation.

DAT’s board has about 900,000 loads posted daily. Over the last 44 years, the board has racked up $110 billion in spot market transactions. In fact, for most spot market listings, DAT is the first and only choice for most shippers and brokers.

The lawsuit has been working its way through a federal district court in Oregon and has gone back and forth with Convoy filing a motion in March to dismiss DAT’s suit. Both sides have filed opposing motions in recent months. In late August, Convoy filed a motion opposing DAT’s motion to dismiss Convoy’s June claim. Battle in Court

Even though Convoy was a customer of DAT beginning in 2016, it could legally only use DAT’s load board to connect its shippers with carriers, DAT said in the filing. It did not give Convoy the right to build its own load board to attract other brokers.Initslawsuit,

Denver-based transportation management software company DAT Solutions, whose DAT One app is one of the trucking industry’s largest digital load boards, filed a lawsuit in January against Seattle-based digital freight network Convoy for allegedly stealing DAT’s proprietary information in creating its own competing load board. According to the Convoy website, a load board “is an online marketplace or matching system that allows shippers and freight brokers to find carriers for their loads, while helping carriers find loads to keep their truck full and maximize their earnings.”

www.punjabitruckingusa.com September & October 2022 25

IN TRUCKING SINCE 1997 DRY & REEFER FREIGHT 85+ COMPANY TRUCKS 40+ OWNER OPERATORS (559) 787-0915 24/7 DownDedicatedYear-RoundCompleteMaintenanceDispatchSupportTransparencyHighPayingFreightPaymentSupport7% Flat Dispatch Fee (self-dispatch option available after 3 months) PH# Pilot/Flying J Fuel Cards (up to $0.30 off/gallon) No Forced Dispatch PACK IT. SECURE IT. SHIP IT INDUSTRY NEWS LoadCompetingBoards Wage

DAT labels Convoy a “bad actor” that used DAT data illegally. In its response, Convoy denies the accusations and calls DAT a “monopolist,” describing DAT’s load board as “antiquated in many ways.”


Fitzgerald was once the leader in the glider kit industry but has now moved to manufacturing all new trucks because glider kits do not comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Phase 2 greenhouse gas emissions standards.

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202226 ieMfstrI Awritkl

In 2018, the EPA also mandated that each glider kit manufacturer could only produce 300 gliders each year. The pandemic soon followed, and the sales of gliders plummeted, leading companies like Fitzgerald to change their business models.

But not everyone is mourning the end of the glider. Glen Kedzie, energy and environmental counselor for the American Trucking Associations said that the usage of gliders was “not fair to those people in our industry who have bought new equipment to offset the higher emissions with the older equipment—and paid a lot more money. We’re doing our part to offset emissions.”

With the passage of stringent emission standards, the glider kit will soon become a relic of the past. According to the Fitzgerald Glider Kits website, a glider kit is “a new truck without an engine or transmission” that has been remanufactured. The name comes from the fact that these units are simply cab and chassis without an engine or transmission. Gliders would then be fitted with a used engine, transmission, and rear axle. These older engines produced more nitrogen oxides and particulate matter than is now permissible. In fact, gliders produced up to 50 times more emissions than new trucks.

“I think it was a big hit to owner-operators,” said Lewie Pugh, executive vice president at the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA). “In my opinion, as somebody who has owned trucks for 20-plus years, it was just the serviceability and the dependability of the glider that was enticing for an owner-operator.”

In past years, as many as 10,000 gliders hit the road. But with the new standards the glider has become obsolete. The loss of this cheaper alternative to buying a new truck has come as somewhat of a shock to owner-operators.

The loss of the glider kit has heavily impacted Fitzgerald, a company which once employed over 200 workers but is now down to ten. leI kuJ h~d q~k Jtky vWg AwieAw hY[ lgdw hY ik ieh mwlk-AwprytrW leI ie~k v~fw hY," lyvI pug, mwlk-Awprytr suqMqr frweIvr (EEAweIfIey) dy kwrjkwrI aup pRDwn ny "myrI rwey iv~c, iksy Aijhy ivAkqI dy rUp iv~c ijs kol 20 qoN v~D swlW qoN tr~kW dI mwlkI hY, ieh isrP syvwXogqw Aqy glweIfr dI BrosyXogqw sI jo ie~k mwlkAwprytr leI luBwvxI sI[" pr hr koeI glweIfr dy AMq dw sog nhIN kr irhw. glyn kyfzI, AmrIkn tr~ikMg AYsosIeySnW dy aUrjw Aqy vwqwvrx slwhkwr ny ikhw ik-"glweIfrW dI vrqoN swfy audXog iv~c auhnW lokW leI auicq nhIN sI ijnHW ny purwxy aupkrnW dy nwl v~D inkws ƒ pUrw krn leI nvyN aupkrn KrIdy hn Aqy bhuq izAwdw pYsy Adw kIqy hn[ AsIN inkws ƒ AwPsY~t krn leI Awpxw bxdw rol Adw kr rhy hW[ glweIfr” ik~t dy nukswn ny iPtzgyrwlf 'qy bhuq izAwdw pRBwv pwieAw hY[ ie~k kMpnI ijs iv~c ie~k vwr 200 qoN v~D krmcwrI kMm krdy sn pr hux ieh G~t ky ds ho geI hY[

“We played that out for a couple of years and then made our diversification move, which was into new trucks,” said Tommy Fitzgerald Jr. on YouTube. “Now we’re selling brand new Peterbilts.” Fitzgerald is now the top investor in four Peterbilt dealerships in Alabama and two in Virginia.




glweIfr ik`t tr`k AYmISn stYNfrfz duAwrw ApRcilq kr id`qy gey hn Glider Kit Trucks Made Obsolete by Emission Standards s^q inkwsI mwpdMfW dy pws hox dy nwl, glweIfr ik~t jldI hI AqIq dI Xwd bx jwvygI[ iPtzgyrwlf glweIfr ik~ts dI vY~bsweIt dy Anuswr, ie~k glweIfr ik~t "ieMjx jW tRWsimSn qoN ibnW ie~k nvW tr~k" hY ijsdw muV inrmwx kIqw igAw hY[ ieh nwm ies q~Q qoN AwieAw hY ik ieh XUint ibnW ieMjx jW tRWsimSn dy isr& kYb Aqy cYsI hn[ glweIfrW ƒ iPr vrqy hoey ieMjx, trWsimSn Aqy ipCly AYksl nwl iP~t kIqw jwvygw[ ieh purwxy ieMjxW ny hux mnzUrI qoN v~D nweItRojn AwksweIf Aqy kx pdwrQ pYdw kIqy hn[ Asl iv~c, glweIfrW ny nvyN tr~kW nwloN 50 guxw v~D inkws pYdw kIqw[ iPtzgyrwlf iksy smyN glweIfr ik~t audXog iv~c mohrI sI pr hux swry nvyN tr~kW dy inrmwx v~l viDAw hY ikauNik glweIfr ik~tW vwqwvrx sur~iKAw eyjMsI (eIpIey) dy Pyz 2 gRInhwaUs gYs inkws mwpdMfW dI pwlxw nhIN krdIAW hn[ 2018 iv~c, EPA ny ieh vI hukm id~qw ik hryk glweIfr ik~t inrmwqw hr swl isr& 300 glweIfr hI pYdw kr skdw hY[ jldI hI mhWmwrI PYl geI, Aqy glweIfrW dI ivkrI Gt geI ijs kwrn iPtzgyrwlf vrgIAW pRmu~K kMpnIAW ƒ Awpxy kwrobwrI mwflW ƒ bdlxw ipAw[ YouTube 'qy tOmI iPtzgyrwlf jUnIAr ny ikhw, "AsIN ies ƒ kuJ swlW q~k clwieAw Aqy iPr AwpxI iviBMnqw ƒ A~gy vDwieAw, jo ik nvyN tr~kW iv~c sI[" "hux AsIN iblkul nvyN pItriblts vyc rhy hW[" iPtzgyrwlf hux Alwbwmw iv~c cwr pItriblt fIlriSpW Aqy vrjInIAw iv~c do iv~c cotI dw invySk hY[ ipCly swlW iv~c, lgBg 10,000 glweIfr sVk 'qy Aw gey[ pr nvyN mwpdMfW nwl glweIfr purwxw ho igAw hY[ nvW tr~k KrIdx dy ies ssqy bdl dw Gwtw mwlkAwprytrW

"The risk is that if we don't do exactly what FedEx Ground asks us to do, then FedEx Ground, being the $60 billion business, can say, ‘Sign this agreement or we'll find somebody else that will,’" said Patton.

"Really what I've been advocating and really making the public aware of is that we're in enormous financial distress," said Patton in a recent interview with the Fox Business channel.

Patton is asking FedEx Ground to forego any increase in its profits so that it can help prop up contractors who are struggling in the current market conditions. Patton also fears that FedEx Ground will drop some contractors if they demand too much.


Patton has warned that if contractor’s issues are not solved in the short term, problems will continue into the all-important and lucrative holiday season when shopping and deliveries are at their highest.


"As I speak for my own independent business, I need financial help. And some 6,000 other FedEx Ground contractors need the same," Patton said. "We've seen FedEx Ground in their most recent earnings report on June 23, FedEx highlighted a 30% increase to their margins as a result of passing through fuel surcharges to the U.S. consumer, but not passing through those same surcharges to contractors. The very ones consuming the fuel."Patton has recently formed the Trade Association of Logistics Professionals, which he notes, is open to all contractors working on behalf of transport and logistics businesses. Within that group there will be a 10-person committee that will help with negotiations for FedEx contractors.


He has renamed Black Friday as Purple Friday, in a nod to FedEx colors. Patton says he is sounding the alarm for all the drivers in the network.

Patton has threatened to shut down his business on Nov. 25, also known as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, which is one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

www.punjabitruckingusa.com September & October 2022 27

FedEx ContractorsGround of Price

Want More Support as Inflation and Cost

FedEx Ground maintains a network of about 6,000 small trucking company owners who each manage between 10 and 25 employees. Contracts are renegotiated on a regular basis, but Patton fears that it may not be enough for many companies.

"The person coming to your door wearing a FedEx uniform, driving a FedEx truck is not actually a FedEx Ground employee," Patton said. "And they're the ones that are actually delivering all of the packages across the United States."

Because of spiraling inflation and a doubling of fuel prices in the last year, contractors who work for FedEx Ground are in trouble, according to Route Consultant Founder and President Spencer Patton. Tennessee-based Route Consultant is the largest contractor for FedEx Ground and works with about one-third of all FedEx drivers.

A major goal for Cummins is to focus on what it calls “Destination Zero,” the company’s ongoing strategy to mass produce zero-emission vehicles in the comingCumminsyears.also expects to use its “global footprint” to continue the growth and sales of Meritor’s axle and brake technology for “commercial truck, trailer, off-highway, defense, specialty and aftermarket customers around the world.”“Weare excited to welcome Meritor’s employees into Cummins,” said Jennifer Rumsey, Cummins’ President and Chief Executive Officer. “Together, Cummins and Meritor will move further and faster in developing economically viable decarbonized powertrain solutions that are better for people and our planet.”

lobal vehicle engine designer and manufacturer Cummins Inc. recently reported that its $3.7 billion acquisition of Troy, Michigan-based Meritor Inc., a leading drivetrain, axle, and brake technology company, is Accordingcomplete.totheMeritor website, “The integration of Meritor’s people, products and capabilities in axle and brake technology will position Cummins as a leading provider of integrated powertrain solutions across internal combustion and electric power applications.” The acquisition will help Cummins achieve its ability “to deliver marketleading decarbonized solutions to global customers by accelerating Meritor’s investment in electrification and integrating development within its New Power business.”


Meritor shareholders voted in support of the acquisition by Cummins back in May. Only regulatory hurdles were left to Inclear.May, Meritor CEO Chris Villavarayan said, “The strong support our shareholders have expressed for this transaction reflects the compelling value and important opportunity to shape the future of powertrain components and accelerate development of electrified power solutions for commercial vehicles.”

Cummins completes acquisition of Meritor

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916-329-80876725 Fleming Ave, Sacramento, CA 95828 Fax: 866-912-3929 | bplabservices@outlook.com DRUG TESTING (DOT) FOR TRUCKERS - DRUG TESTING - RANDOM ENROLLMENT - DOT DRUG COMPLAINCE INDUSTRY NEWS

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Washington’s MRB rules, however, require a 30-minute meal period for every five consecutive hours of driving as well as a 10-minute rest break for every four additional hours.

The state argued that its rules reduced the risk of driver fatigue and that they did not disrupt interstate commerce because they only apply in Washington. The WTA, on the other hand, says the rules present a burden for trucking companies.

FMCSA recently concluded California’s do,” WTA stated in its petition. WTA further argued that Washington’s rules decrease driver availability by requiring “dead time” that results with extra trips off the highway for such breaks. The National Industrial Transportation League also supported WTA by saying the state’s rules “would exacerbate confusion among shippers, drivers and carriers, create unnecessary complexity and undermine compliance. A patchwork quilt of meal and rest break rules would translate into substantial additional decreases in efficiency and productivity.”

Washington Officials Drop Appeal Over Meal and Rest Breaks

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202230

he state of Washington has given up its appeal of a decision that ruled the state’s truckers should abide by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) hours-of-service (HOS) rules when it came to meal and rest breaks.

WTA President and CEO Sheri Call, said Washington’s decision to drop its appeal is “a positive development for strengthening, or at least maintaining, federal preemption on our meal and rest breakFederalrules.”HOS rules require long-haul truckers to take a break for at least 30 minutes after eight hours of driving time.

“Washington’s break rules represent an unreasonable burden on interstate commerce for much the same reasons


The WTA was backed by the American Trucking Associations and the Chamber of Commerce.

The FMCSA has tended to agree with these arguments. At least 20 states regulate meal and rest breaks to some degree.

“Having concluded that Washington’s MRB rules unreasonably burden interstate commerce, the agency further determines that the cumulative effect of other states’ similar laws would increase the burden,” FMCSA said.

The appeal had originally been filed in 2020 after the FMCSA ruling in favor of the Washington Trucking Associations (WTA) petition claiming that FMCSA’s rules preempted the state’s rules. The state may have dropped the appeal because a similar appeal in California had been denied.


September & October 2022 31 vwiSMgtn rwj ny ie~k PYsly dI AwpxI ApIl ƒ C~f id~qw hY ijs iv~c ikhw igAw sI ik rwj dy tr~kW ƒ PYfrl motr kYrIAr syPtI AYfiminstRySn (FMCSA) dy GMtydy-srivs (HOS) inXmW dI pwlxw krnI cwhIdI hY jdoN g~l Bojn Aqy Awrwm krn dI AwauNdI hY[ ieh ApIl Asl iv~c 2020 iv~c bwAd G~to-G~t 30 imMt leI bryk lYx dI loV huMdI hY[ hwlWik vwiSMgtn dy MRB inXm Anuswr frweIivMg dy hr lgwqwr pMj GMitAW leI 30-imMt dy Kwxy dI imAwd dy nwl-nwl hr cwr vwDU GMitAW leI 10-imMt dy Awrwm dI bryk dI loV huMdI hY[ rwj ny dlIl id~qI ik iehnW inXmW ny frweIvr Qkwvt dy joKm ƒ GtwieAw hY vwiSMgtn dy inXm "fY~f tweIm" dI loV krky frweIvr dI auplbDqw ƒ GtwauNdy hn ijs dy nqIjy vjoN Aijhy brykW leI hweIvyA qoN vwDU XwqrwvW huMdIAW hn[ nYSnl ieMfstRIAl tRWsportySn lIg ny vI fblXUtIey dw ieh kih ky smrQn kIqw vwiSMgtn dy AiDkwrIAW ny Bojn Aqy Awrwm dy bRyk 'qy AwpxI ApIl C`f id`qI hY ieMfstrI Awritkl CALL TODAY ABOUT OUR REFFERAL (832) 604-6905 ਨ ਐਪਲੀਕਸ਼ਨ ਫੀਸ । ਸਮ ਡ ਫਨਿਡਗ । ਅਨਿਲਮਿਟਡ ਪਟਨਸ਼ਲ ਫਰ ਕਪਿਟਲ । ਨ ਮਥਲੀ ਿਮਨੀਮਮ । ਨ ਲਗ ਟਰਮ ਕਨਟਰਕਟਸ । ਨ ਿਹਡਨ ਫੀਸ । ਕਾਰਕ ਿਕ ? W E F U N D . Y O U G R O W . w w w . s i n g h f i n a n c i n g . c o m i n f o @ s i n g h f i n a n c i n g . c o m INVOICE FACTORING A s k a b o u t o u r r e f e r r a l p r o g r a m Come join the Singh Financing Family T d ! Sharan Taj Paul

The notice includes several questions about changing the current process which has become antiquated in the age of advanced technology: What are the practical impacts of authorizing a fully or partially electronic system?What are the economic impacts of authorizing a fully or partially electronic system? How would confidentiality and system security be maintained to prevent data breaches and data loss? How many levels of authentication should be used to ensure the reliability and security of the signatures of program participants?Howisthe nonrepudiation of a system ensured?Arethere any lessons learned or shared best practices available related to paperless non-DOT regulated testing?

Using electronic forms and signatures may soon be part of the process for drug and alcohol testing

“The regulatory changes would apply to DOT-regulated employers and their contractors who administer their DOTregulated drug and alcohol testing programs,” the notice said. “Currently, employers and their service agents must use, sign and store paper documents exclusively, unless the employer is utilizing a laboratory’s electronic Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form system that has been approved by the Department of Health and Human Services,” continued the notice.

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202232 INDUSTRY NEWS

Recentlyregulations.published on the Federal Register, an advance notice of proposed rulemaking from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) seeks input from interested parties about how current rules could be changed to allow electronic signatures on relevant documents to help make the process more flexible and to reduce costs. Comments will be taken until Oct. 4.

Are there any limitations in either a paperless or electronic environment that impact program efficiency? Would moving to a paperless system involve the creation of more labels and barcodes and use of additional packaging, etc., not required in a paper-based system. If so, are there any cost and/or efficiency impacts as a result? What additional definitions would need to be added to part 40 to accommodate any electronic capabilities or a fully electronic system? What measures need to be established to ensure that, when documents are transmitted to multiple parties, each party can properly access and use the electronic system?

The notice is under Docket No. DOTOST-2022-0027 and can be accessed at Regulations.gov.

New Rules Could Allow Electronic Signatures for Drug Testing

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202234 ielYktRwink PwrmW Aqy dsqKqW dI vrqoN jldI hI fr~g Aqy Alkohl tYsitMg inXmW leI pRikirAw dw ih~sw ho skdI hY[ PYfrl rijstr 'qy hwl hI iv~c pRkwiSq, XU.AY~s. ifpwrtmYNt Aw& tRWsportySn (DOT) qoN pRsqwivq inXm bxwaux dw ie~k AgwaUN noits idlcspI r~Kx vwlIAW pwrtIAW qoN ies bwry jwxkwrI mMgdw hY ik pRikirAw ƒ hor lckdwr bxwaux Aqy Krcy Gtwaux iv~c mdd leI sMbMiDq dsqwvyzW 'qy ielYktRwink dsqKqW dI iejwzq dyx leI mOjUdw inXmW ƒ ikvyN bdilAw jw skdw hY[ ies qy 4 AkqUbr q~k it~pxIAW leIAWnoitsjwxgIAW[iv~cikhw igAw hY, “rYgUlytrI bdlwA DOT-inXMiqRq mwlkW Aqy auhnW dy TykydwrW 'qy lwgU hoxgy jo Awpxy DOTinXMiqRq fr~g Aqy Alkohl tYsitMg pRogrwmW dw pRbMDn krdy hn[ noits A~gy kihMdw hY ik- "vrqmwn iv~c, ruzgwrdwqwvW Aqy auhnW dy syvw eyjMtW ƒ isr& kwgzI dsqwvyzW dI vrqoN, dsqKq Aqy stor krny cwhIdy hn, jdoN q~k ik ruzgwrdwqw iksy pRXogSwlw dI ielYktRwink PYfrl fr~g tYsitMg kstfI Aqy kMtrol Pwrm pRxwlI dI vrqoN nhIN kr irhw hY ijsƒ ishq Aqy mnu~KI syvwvW ivBwg duAwrw mnzUr kIqw igAw hY[ " noits iv~c mOjUdw pRikirAw ƒ bdlx bwry keI svwl Swml hn jo ik AwDuink qknwlojI dy Xu~g iv~c purwxI ho geI hY: ielYktRwink pRxwlI ƒ pUry jW AMSk qOr qy AiDkwrq krn dy ivhwrk pRBwv kI hn? ielYktRwink pRxwlI ƒ pUry jW AMSk qOr qy AiDkwrq krn dy AwriQk pRBwv kI hn? fytw dI aulMGxw Aqy fytw dy nukswn ƒ rokx leI gupqqw Aqy isstm sur~iKAw ƒ ikvyN brkrwr r~iKAw jwvygw? pRogrwm BwgIdwrW dy dsqKqW dI BrosyXogqw Aqy sur~iKAw ƒ XkInI bxwaux leI pRmwxIkrn dy ikMny p~DrW dI vrqoN kIqI jwxI cwhIdI hY? ie~k isstm dI gYr-iripaUfySn ikvyN XkInI bxweI jWdI hY? kI pypr rihq gYr-DOT inXMiqRq tYsitMg nwl sbMDq koeI isiKAw igAw sbk jW sWJw kIqw igAw vDIAw AiBAws auplbD hY kI? kwgz rihq jW ielYktRwink vwqwvrx iv~c koeI sImwvW hn jo pRogrwm dI kuSlqw ƒ pRBwvq krdIAW hn? kI kwgz rihq pRxwlI v~l jwx iv~c hor lybl Aqy bwrkof bxwauxw Aqy vwDU pYkyijMg Awid dI vrqoN Swml hovygI jo ik kwgzADwrq pRxwlI iv~c loVINdw nhIN hY[ jykr Aijhw hY, qW kI nqIjy vjoN koeI lwgq Aqy/ jW kuSlqw pRBwv hn? iksy vI ielYktRwink smr~Qw jW pUrI qrHW ielYktRwink isstm ƒ AnukUl krn leI Bwg 40 iv~c ikhVIAW vwDU pirBwSwvW joVn dI loV hovygI? ieh XkInI bxwaux leI ikhVy aupwvW dI sQwpnw kIqI jwxI cwhIdI hY ik, jdoN dsqwvyz ie~k qoN v~D pwrtIAW ƒ Byjy jWdy hn, qW hryk pwrtI ielYktRwink isstm ƒ shI FMg nwl AYksYs kr skdI hY Aqy vrq skdInoitshY?fOkt nMbr DOT-OST-2022-0027 dy ADIn hY Aqy ies ƒ Regulations.gov 'qy AYksYs kIqw jw skdw hY[ nvyN leIfr`ginXmtYsitMg dsqKqWielYktRwink dI iejwzq dy skdy hn ieMfstrI inaUz

Tre Electric Trucks to be Used at Port of Baltimore TRUCKING NEWS

he port of Baltimore will soon be part of a pilot program testing Nikola Tre BEV Class 8 electric trucks in a partnership between furnishings and home goods giant IKEA and Massachusetts-based RoadOne IntermodalLogistics Inc.

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The Nikola Tre BEV has a range of up to 350 miles, a 753 kWh battery pack, 645 horsepower and a charging time of about two hours.

www.punjabitruckingusa.com September & October 2022 35 TALK WITH US ABOUT OUR CUSTOM BENEFIT SOLUTIONS TO ATTRACT AND THEN RETAIN YOUR EMPLOYEESIn2018, the Nor th American Punjabi Trucking Association par tnered with Lotus Benefits Corp to of fer their member s a benecomprehensive fits package that can't be found anywhere else.


The first of its type at the port, the one-month pilot will eventually lead to the transport of shipping containers from the port to an IKEA distribution center in Perryville, Maryland, about a 43-mile journey. The scheduled route will run daily.Over a one-year period, the trucks are projected to save about 11,000 gallons of fuel and the corresponding emissions.


On its website, RoadOne says it offers, “the highest quality, industry-leading port and rail container drayage, terminal operations, dedicated truckload services, and transloading, warehousing and distribution solutions nationwide, we are ready to deliver the transportation requirements you need across the United States and Canada.”

“We’re committed to offsetting the environmental impacts from port operations with green projects that meet our stewardship goals and provide community benefits,” said William Doyle, executive director of the Maryland Port Administration, in a press release. “The introduction of electric trucks at the Port of Baltimore will reduce diesel emissions improving air quality for the port and adjacent communities.”


In its current earnings report, Hyliion says it has almost doubled the number of orders of its ERX system from 100 at the end of 2021 to 190 now. The company’s total number of nonbinding reservations for the ERX is 2,000.

Despite this news, Hyliion reported a Q2 loss of $33.5 million with operating expenses at $32.2 million. It did, however, say it expected final full-year revenue expectations of between $2 and $3

Austin, Texas-based electrified powertrain producer Hyliion recently announced that orders for its Hypertruck ERX natural gas/ electric hybrid powertrain have expanded with deposits growing 11%.

Orders Increase for Hyliion Hypertruck Hybrid Powertrain

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202236

“We are turning industry interest in our technology into orders and are highly encouraged by the potential for further adoption of our technology,” CEO Thomas Healy said in a press release. “Moreover, we remain on schedule with our development and design verification timeline, including on-road testing.”

Themillion.company received good news in August as President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act which would allow the Hypertruck ERX to qualify for up to a $40,000 rebate per truck. The new federal legislation will spend $369 billion for climate change related projects.

“Such a reduction in up-front costs would lower barriers to entry to electrification for current diesel users and allow for an easier transition to cleaner technology,” Healy said.

The company is finalizing regulatory approvals and continues to work through supply chain problems to get components necessary to meet production goals. Hyliion’s system will be integrated into OEM factory-built trucks.


In June, Hyliion and Cummins announced a collaboration to use the Cummins’ ISX12N natural gas (NG) engine as the onboard generator for the ERX powertrain. The ERX provides 75 miles of electric range and qualifies for credits under the California Air Resources Board upcoming zero-emission vehicle mandates. Reports indicate the truck can travel up to 1,000 miles of range through the natural gas-fueled generator recharging the batteries.

“This ramp-up will require large volumes of high-performing batteries, produced using fossil free energy and it is a logical next step for us to include battery production in our future industrial footprint. We aim to do this together with partners and the journey starts now,” concluded Lundstedt. The plant is expected to reach full capacity by 2030 and will eventually employ “thousands” of workers. By that time, Volvo hopes to be the leader in production of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles. Its batteries would be specifically designed for these vehicle applications. Currently, only about 400 battery-electric trucks are registered in Europe. In coordination with Traton SE and Daimler Trucks, Volvo will also spend over $500 million to install 1,700 charging stations for trucks and buses throughout Europe.

www.punjabitruckingusa.com September & October 2022 37

“We aim to lead the transition to a decarbonized transport system and have the long-term ambition to offer our customers solutions that are 100% fossil free. There is a strong demand from our customers already today, and by 2030, it is our ambition that at least 35% of the products we sell are electric,” said Martin Lundstedt, president, and CEO of the Volvo Group.

Volvo AB to Build Battery Plant in Sweden


To get ahead of the competition in meeting the expected future demand for battery-electric trucks and buses, Volvo AB will build a “large-scale” battery plant in the town of Mariestad in the south of Sweden, close to the company’s main powertrain plant in Skövde.

o CalCAP for Small Business: This program provides financing to small businesses that have difficulty obtaining financing.


The California State Transportation Agency continues to work extensively to monitor and strengthen the supply chain.

Examples of incentives and programs in California shared with businesses in this space:

• State Small Business / Start-Up Financing: If Californians are interested in starting their own operation, the state offers a lot of financing options through the Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank) and the State Treasurer’s Office. Small Business Development Centers or state approved small business lenders can help potential new businesses navigate these options.

California is committed to supporting our truck drivers and ensuring our state’s truck drivers receive the protections and compensation they are entitled to. This administration has employment tax incentives, small-business financing, and technical assistance resources to support this essential industry. The industry should also move forward in supporting thisThetransition.statewill continue to partner with truckers and the ports to ensure the continued movement of goods to California’s residents and businesses, which is critical to all of us.

That decision was codified into state law in AB 5, with the support of the Legislature andAlthoughworkers.it has been the subject of litigation, AB 5 was enacted in 2019, creating sufficient time for affected parties to understand the requirements of the law.

The Governor’s Office of Business & Economic Development (GO-Biz) assists businesses in navigating state tax incentive programs, financing options, and resources from local economic development partners. This includes businesses that are seeking to add or retain employees, as well as individuals who are considering establishing their own business authority for the very first time.

• Provides extensive information on AB 5 compliance at their online “Employment Status” portal • Continues to work with industry stakeholders that request assistance in complying with the law. Technical assistance is available on a case-by-case basis via the Department of Industrial Relations and EDD.

• GO-Biz: Provides tailored no-cost consultation to all businesses of any size in California for navigating and utilizing state incentive programs through GO Biz’s business investment services.

o California Competes Tax Credit (CCTC): This is a corporate income tax credit and is for companies looking to create new jobs and investments in California.

• Advances targeted outreach of available resources to businesses statewide.

Incentives – Financing:

o CalCAP Collateral Support: This program pledges cash to cover the collateral shortfall of a loan made by a participating lender to enable financing that otherwise might not be available to a small business.

The Labor & Workforce Development Agency has taken several prior and ongoing actions to provide guidance to employers and workers regarding AB 5, since its passage in 2019.

• Caltrans issued temporary permits allowing trucks to carry heavier loads between ports and distribution centers through December 31, 2022.

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202238 Widespread misclassification in the industry led to the California Supreme Court’s unanimous Dynamex ruling in 2018, creating the ABC test to classify employees and independent contractors.

• DMV has doubled their capacity to conduct commercial driving tests and invested $40 million in the budget to sustain increased processing levels to support the availability of truck drivers and strengthen the supply chain.

Additional information regarding the resources California has made available to help truck drivers, support small businesses and strengthen our supply chain:This year’s budget includes a 12 month pause, effective October 1, 2022, on the general fund portion of the sales tax rate on diesel fuel.

California Small Business Loan Guarantee/Disaster Loan Guarantee: This program partners with Financial Development Corporations to provide loan guarantees for eligible small businesses.

Statement of the Office of the Governor

• California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA): Provides resources for those looking to start-up a small business in California, including connection to local small business development centers, resources on accessing financing, and designing a business plan.

o California New Employment Credit (NEC): This credit is an income tax credit for specific new hires. The credit is based on 35% of qualified wages or wages between 150% and 350% of minimum wage.oWork Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): This credit promotes the hiring of individuals who qualify as members of target groups, by providing a federal tax credit incentive of up to $9,600 for employers who hire them.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Michael Fleming,” Daimler Truck CEO Martin Daum said in a press release. “His achievements for our company and for our industry as a whole cannot be overstated. He is a true pioneer and visionary who paved the way for autonomous driving, founding Torc Robotics 17 years ago.”

Torc Gets DaimlerLeadershipNewasLooks

About Vaughn, Daum said, “Peter has been responsible for autonomous driving at Daimler Truck for many years and has been closely supporting Torc since we invested in 2019. I am very pleased that we have the right personality in him to shape this next phase as CEO of Torc.” Vaughn has 17 years of experience with Daimler and has worked in production and plant management. His experience is also deep in how to commercialize products, which is precisely what Daimler is looking to do with Torc.

Daimler acquired Torc in 2019. At the time, Fleming said, “Great things are not accomplished in short order, and we have always believed this race to be a marathon and not a sprint. The lessons learned and foundation we’ve created over the last decade has positioned us as one of the most experienced firms in the self-driving space.”

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to Take the Company Global Daimler Truck independent subsidiary, Torc Robotics, an early developer of self-driving technology, recently announced that its current CEO and Torc’s founder Michael Fleming will be replaced in October by Dr. Peter Vaughn Schmidt. Fleming will remain on the company’s board of directors.

The move indicates that Daimler is revving up its production of autonomous trucks and would like to make Torc a global company. Daimler expects to perfect its autonomous truck platform within the next few years. Fleming began experimenting with driverless vehicles in 2004 and 2005 when he competed in the DARPA Grand Challenge which featured self-driving vehicles traveling over a 132-mile course in the Mojave Desert.

www.punjabitruckingusa.comSeptember & October 202240 We are pleased and excited to announce the newest addition to Kam-Way Transportation, our purchase of Produce Supply Express Inc., “PSE” of Spokane, Washington. A successful, family-owned, 33-truck and 60 reefer fleet operation founded by John Hutchins in 1972. We welcome the Produce Supply Express “PSE” family to our Kam-Way family.

The former owner John Hutchins, Lom Hutchins, Jeff Hutchins, and Carol Hutchins, and with the new owners Kam Sihota.

Since the founding of Kam-Way Transportation in 2008, it has grown remarkably. Today, the company has over 325 employees, 510 trailers, 226 tractors operating under three active trucking companies, and over 8,000 active contract carriers in their network.

It’s really all about our dream of building an amazing company that is respected by our driving staff, office staff, our customers, our contract carriers, and the public we serve.

Kam Way transportation is headquartered in Blaine, Washington but it has teams operating from offices and terminals located in Sumner and Spokane in Washington, Fresno, and Stockton in California, and Surrey, BC, Canada.

As stated by Kam Sihota in a recent article, “We will continue to innovate and grow organically and through acquisitions in this ever-changing world while trying to never lose sight of who we are and why we’re growing.

PSE will continue to operate under its current management. However, the KamWay Transportation leadership team will provide additional support so PSE can continue to provide top-notch service to its long-standing customer base. KamWay subsidiary Rees Enterprises, Inc. will share PSE’s terminal in Spokane as its second operating location. PSE provides dry and refrigerated asset-based trucking services to and from Eastern Washington to California/Arizona/ Nevada/Utah and Colorado.


Kamway Transportation Expands its operations by acquiring Produce Supply Express, Inc. of Spokane, WA


Musk promises Tesla Will


Tesla further promises that the Semi can achieve a 70% charge in only 30 minutes. The best that most competitors can do is 80% in 90 minutes.

With its sleek and futuristic design, the Tesla Semi is finally slated to be on the road later this year after having been initially introduced five years ago. In a recent post on Twitter, Tesla Founder Elon Musk said the “500-mile range Semi Truck starts shipping this year.” Exact dates for shipping, however, remain vague. Supply chain issues continue to plague most vehicle manufacturers and Tesla is no exception.Italso appears, according to the company’s website, that the new trucks are no longer available for ordering. In addition, the price of the Semi is no longer listed. Original prices had been $150,000 for the 300-mile range version and $180,000 for the 500-mile rangeTeslaversion.hasrecently completed a new charging station for the trucks in Modesto near the PepsiCo Frito-Lay distribution site. PepsiCo has ordered 100 of the trucks for use in California’s Central Valley. Since its original introduction, the design of the Semi has changed. The trucks now have three independent electric motors instead of four, but the company continues to promise acceleration from 0-60 mph in 20 seconds with a full load. Tesla says the new trucks will be significantly more inexpensive to drive with electric charging 2.5 times cheaper than using diesel. This fuel efficiency could mean up to $200,000 in savings compared to a diesel truck over a threeyearTheperiod.Teslacabin features dual 15-inch screens located on either side of the steering wheel. It also features roller balls for steering like those on the company’s Model 3/Y passenger car. Buttons for various functions are easily viewed from the driver’s area. Other changes from the originally introduced Semi include extended windows, new door handles and side mirrors.


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The Detroit Assurance 5.0 safety system is standard on the 57X. The system includes brake assist aided by camera and radar technology that detect moving obstacles in front of the truck. Adaptive cruise control is also standard with active lane assist as optional.


• New aerodynamic hood and bumper with air ducts.

On its website, Western Star said the 57X is “the newest member of the Western Star X-Series family and the most advanced and driver-focused highway truck we’ve ever built.” The 57X joins earlier X-Series trucks, the 47X and the 49X. The 57X achieves lower fuel costs through aerodynamic improvements and

Portland, Oregon-based Western Star Trucks, a subsidiary of Daimler Truck North America, recently introduced its latest X-Series Class 8 model truck. The new Western Star 57X boasts higher fuel efficiency than any of the company’s other trucks along with a slate of other improvements.

It’s also available with Detroit Powertrain components which help to reduce fuel consumption while improving shifting and overall efficiency. Aerodynamic improvements to the cab and chassis also help to lower fuel consumption. Aerodynamic improvements include:

• Optimized drive wheel fairings smooth the air flow as it passes the trailer.•FlowBelow mold-in color drive wheel covers.

• 24-inch sleeper side extenders (12inch for day cabs).

Three Detroit Gen 5 engine models, the DD13, DD15 and DD16 are available for the new truck.

• Aerodynamic roof fairing or adjustable aerodynamic deflector for day cab.

a more efficient powertrain, including an improved head design and fuel/air mixture.

“Active lane assist is our Level 2 autonomous technology, which is packaged up under our safety systems,” said Len Copeland, product marketing manager at Detroit. “You can feel the difference in the steering, and driver comfort is something we hear praised more than anything else from drivers who experience active lane assist.”

“With the addition of the 57X, Western Star’s new X-Series now rises to the next level,” said David Carson, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) in a press release. “While the 47X and 49X serve the vocational customer, the 57X was conceived, designed and engineered specifically for owneroperators and small fleets looking for a truck that provides the safety, efficiency, durability and prestige that only Western Star can deliver.”

• Roof and chassis fairings for the Day Cab, 60-inch and 72-inch Mid Roof.

• Chassis side fairings with flexible skirts specifically designed to fill the gaps between cab and chassis.

The new truck uses state-of-theart windshield technology including improved field of vision with 28% more surface area, a one piece design providing easy replacement, optional TufGlass impact resistance, standard solar resistant glass that reduces heat in the cab and a wider wipe zone with 24inch wiper blades.

Western TruckClassX-SeriesNewestIntroducesStar8

SCOTUS Refusal on AB5 Brings Uncertainty to Trucking Industry

One thing seems certain, if SCOTUS continues to punt on this issue, chaos will reign in the U.S. trucking industry.

As other states look to pass similar laws—Massachusetts is a prime example—legal experts believe SCOTUS will revisit the same issues involved in AB5. Lawyers against an AB5 type ruling point to the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act which says that individual states cannot interfere with interstate trucking by setting the prices, routes, or services of any motor carrier.

September & October 2022 43 I

59% of the vote, Prop. 22 passed, allowing these companies to continue with their business model and not hire their drivers as regular employees.

In California, about 70,000 truck drivers are considered independent contractors. Enforcement of AB5 would mean that most of these drivers, who cannot meet the ABC test, must be classified as employees by the carriers who hire them on a regular basis. In many instances, including a case involving a driver working for Schneider National in Wisconsin, it is in the best interests of a driver to be classified as a regular employee who will then gain wage protections and be eligible for full benefits.

Analysts say that many owner-operators fear being classified as employees because they think they won’t earn as much money and won’t be able to take time off. Likewise, trucking company owners fear the law because of what it means for their business models.


n 2020, ride sharing apps Uber and Lyfft, as well as food delivery services such as DoorDash, won their battle against AB5 through the direct referendum process in


AB5 uses the ABC test, codified by the California Supreme Court in the Dynamex decision, in determining whether a worker can be considered a regular employee, due minimum wage protections and all benefits, or an independent contractor.

However, in response to the refusal of SCOTUS to hear CTA’s appeal, nearly 1,000 drivers blockaded the Port of Oakland from incoming or outgoing traffic, further snarling that port’s supply chain problems. These drivers were protesting AB5 as it is set to go into effect.

The U.S. Ninth Circuit denied a petition from the California Trucking Association (CTA) in its attempt to make truck drivers exempt from AB5. Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) refused to hear CTA’s appeal.

The new product utilizes a modular design that encourages customization. It consists of three components, engine, transmission and an aftertreatment system which were developed at the same time to allow for compatibility and integration.The13-liter engine offers up to 515 horsepower and 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque.

The S13 emulates the 12.7-liter displacement of the Navistar Scania Super, including a low-rev, high-torque setup for fewer fuel injections and lower fuel consumption. The S13 flows all its exhaust to the turbocharger. This process makes for a more complete fuel burn and allows cleaner air to enter the combustion chamber. The lack of EGR cooling eliminates about $6,000 in potential repairs, according to Navistar Director of On-highway Marketing DarinOtherVehlewald.featuresof the S13 include a dual overhead cam design and cast aluminum cam cover and oil pan, 23:1 compression ratio (A26 is 20.5:1) and a compression release brake for maximum engine braking power. The compacted graphite iron block combines with a cast aluminum cam cover and oil pan which help make this the lightest 13-liter powertrain available.


“The internal combustion engine will be required for many years,” said Navistar CEO Mathias Carlbaum, indicating the S13 “is the last combustion engine that we will ever develop.”

International Introduces Its

It’s also 30 pounds lighter than the combination of International’s A26 engine, the Eaton 12-speed Endurant and the Cummins aftertreatment system.

‘Last Combustion Engine’ With S13 Lisle, Illinois-based Navistar’s subsidiary, International Trucks, recently introduced its brand new S13 Integrated Powertrain. It is the first integrated powertrain from International in several years.

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Navistar, however, realizes that diesel will still be needed in the meantime.

“We see the future as predominantly a 13-liter market because it offers the best weight to power ratio,” said Navistar Vice President of Operations Michael Grahe.Navistar will phase out its 12.4-liter A26 engine as the new powertrain comes online. Navistar’s goal is for half of its new truck sales by 2030 to be zero-emission with total decarbonization by 2040.

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In its response to STG’s appeal, Teamsters’ lawyers listed several work requirements at STG that they say indicate the drivers should have been classified as employees:Drivers are subject to random inspections at gates and railroad terminals.

In response, STG asked for a review of the NLRB decision just after unionization ballots had gone out. Ballots were set to be counted on July 15, but because of STG’s appeal, the ballots were impounded when the NLRB decided that STG’s request for review “raises substantial issues.”

hicago-based STG Logistics, one of the largest containerized logistics providers in the nation, got more than it bargained for when it acquired XPO Logistics’ intermodal unit for $710 million last March. Not long after the acquisition, 260 workers for the former XPO company were ruled to be employees and not independent contractors by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Not only that, but these workers, now employees, immediately applied to unionize. Ballots went out in June. Some of these workers had been seeking both employee status and unionization while the company was still under the XPO banner.

According to some analysts who are experts in California’s AB5 law, the original NLRB decision by Cowen is on firm ground and will more than likely be upheld.

“If XPO finds any violations, drivers are required to fix those violations,” the filing said. Drivers are required to submit daily logs, even if they are not working. And they are required to receive a load at least in a rolling 35-day period. If they don’t, they are terminated.

The original NLRB decision was made by William Cowen, regional director of the National Labor Relations Board’s Region 21. At the time of his decision, he said the company (then XPO) was “in the same business as the drivers, namely delivery services to clients using a myriad of resources including the last-mile delivery services of the drivers at issue in this case.”

“Dispatchersnegotiate.”decide what work they will send to each driver and rarely provide drivers with the option to choose which assignment they want,” the filing says.

Worker Classification Battle with AB5 in the Rages in California

Because the drivers had no “proprietary interest” in their routes, Cowen said, they don’t “operate independent businesses with real and actual entrepreneurial opportunity for gain and loss.”

That independence guideline in determining whether a worker is an employee, or an independent contractor is a key part of the ABC test handed down by the California Supreme Court in the Dynamex decision and later codified in AB5, the state employee classification law.In its petition to negate Cowen’s ruling, STG said, “There is no dispute that owneroperators are entrepreneurial businesses and individuals over whom STG exercises little control.”

In its filing, STG argued the drivers it considered independent contractors have “entrepreneurial opportunity” in that they “negotiate their compensation,” can hire second-seat drivers independently, made a “significant initial investment to acquire a tractor” and “do not have to wear uniforms or even physically appear at STG’s terminals to accept loads.”

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The statement by STG that compensation is negotiated is not true, according to the union filing. “Drivers have unsuccessfully tried to negotiate XPO’s rates, but XPO does not

The original filing by the Teamsters and the workers to the NLRB included secondseat drivers, and STG said the owneroperators, “not STG, maintain either an employment or an independent contractor relationship with them.”

One way in which companies like STG can show compliance with AB5 is to make employees out of drivers who were otherwise considered to be independent contractors. If the Cowen decision stayed in effect, STG would presumably be compliant with AB5.

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