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Raman S. Dhillon


California Supreme Court decision has made it much tougher for trucking companies to use owner-operators in the state. The court rules that Dynamex, a courier and delivery service, misclassified its couriers as independent contractors to cut costs. So, the court decreed that certain workers, in particular transportation drivers, should be presumed employees instead of independent contractors when evaluating wage and hour classification in class action cases. The burden of proof is now on the company using an independent contractor to make sure the classification is proper under the newly adopted ‘ABC’ test: A: That the worker is free from the control and direction of the hiring entity in connection with the performance of the work, both under the contract for the performance of the work and in fact; B: That the worker performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business’ and C: That the worker is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation, or business of the same nature as the work performed. It’s the second part of the test that is problematic, “If you’re in the trucking business, it’s going to be a very difficult fight, because The B prong of the ABC test basically says… the contractor has to be in a different business. They can’t be in same line of business as hiring company”. It is not only trucking companies; the effects are widespread and going to touch every small business in one way or another. Definitely this is what you call one size fits all, but it doesn’t always work right as we all know. But it’s time for the whole independent trucking community to stick together and fight so that the attack on independent contractor status can be saved for future generations. kYlIPornIAw suprIm kort v`loN hwl ‘c id`qy ie`k PYsly nwL tr`ikMg kMpnIAW leI, styt ‘c Enr Awprytr vjoN kMm kr rhIAW kMpnIAW nwL kMm krnw AOKw ho igAw hY[ Adwlq ny fYnwimks kMpnI jo ik korIAr qy filvrI syvwvW inBwA rhI hY, ivrùD kIqy ie`k kys ‘c PYslw id`qw hY[ Adwlq ny ikhw hY ik ies kMpnI ny Awpxy Krc Gtwaux leI Awpxy korIArz dI ieMfIpYNfYNt kWtrYktrz vjoN glq SRyxI vMf kIqI hoeI hY[ ies sbMDI Adwlq ny ikhw hY ies dy kùJ krmcwrI jo ik Kws tRWsportySn dIAW syvwvW dy rhy hn, nUM vI ies kMpnI dy Awm krmcwrIAW vWg smJxw cwhIdw hY nw ik ^ud mu^iqAwr syvwvW dyx vwiLAW vWg[ ieMfIpYNfYNt kWtrYktr jW Kud muKiqAwr kMpnI swbq krn leI, ies dIAW syvwvW lYx vwLI kMpnI dI hI zuMmyvwrI hovygI[ ies ‘c hyT ilKIAW SrqW pUrIAW krnIAW cwhIdIAW hn ijs nUM ABC Test dw nWA id`qw igAw hY: a) ieh ik ieh krmcwrI ies kMpnI dy c`l rhy kMm qoN, ies nUM r`Kx vwLI kMpnI dy kMtrol Aqy hdwieqW qoN mukq hY[ ieh sbMDq kWtrYkt dy kMm Aqy kwrguzwrI ADIn hn[ Aqy; A) ik ieh kMm krn vwlw auh kMm krdw hY ijhVw ik ies nUM r`Kx vwLI kMpnI dy Awm ibzns qoN v`Krw hY, Aqy e) ik ieh kMm krn vwlw Awm qOr ‘qy kIqy jw rhy kMm jW syvw Awpxy Kud muKiqAwr tRyf, kMm jW ibzns nwL hI sbMDq hY pr ij`Qy q`k sm`isAw dI g`l hY auh ies dw dUjw ih`sw hY[ ^ws krky jo koeI tr`ikMg ibzns ’c hY aus leI ieh bhuq kTn ho jwvygw[kwrn ieh ik ies ABC Test dw ‘bI’ Bwg kihMdw hY ik......kWtrYktr, kWtrYkt dyx vwLI kMpnI qoN iksy v`Kry ibzns ‘c hoxw cwhIdw hY[“ ieh kyvl qy kyvl tr`ikMg kMpnIAW nwL sbMDq hI nhIN; qusIN ieh kih skdy ho ik ies dw Asr dUr dur q`k pvygw[ ies nwL ibzns Cotw hovy jW v`fw sB ‘qy iksy nw iksy rUp ‘c Asr pYxw hI pYxw hY[ pr hr iksy leI ie`k hI inXm lwgU nhIN ho skdw[ hux swrIAW Kud mu^iqAwr tr`ikMg kMpnIAW nUM iek`Ty ho ky ies leI sMGrS krnw cwhIdw hY qW ik Awx vwLIAW pIVHIAW leI ies dI Kud mu^iqAwrI nUM brkrwr r`iKAw jw sky[ 4 //

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Letter from the NAPTA President Dear Readers, I want to welcome you to the North American Punjabi Trucking Association (NAPTA). NAPTA is a platform and organization through which our trucking community can innovate, press for social change, and a place where we can inspire and learn from one another. NAPTA provides a structure that allows us to more effectively organize and direct our energies and resources towards realizing the solutions needed to address the rapidly evolving changing transportation industry. NAPTA’s primary focus is creating value for members. We look for solutions that serve the needs of our diverse membership. From single owner-operators to fleets of various sizes, NAPTA proactively works to understand potential new legislation and existing laws for their implications and impact. NAPTA works to guide industry standards and practices while advocating for its unique membership. Delivering the essentials of life in a safe, profitable, and environmentally responsible manner is the goal of each of NAPTA’s members, and as an organization, these values guide our efforts. Everyday NAPTA looks for ways to leverage our collective strength for better prices, services, and representation. The ongoing growth and success of NAPTA are only possible through the commitment, support and dedication of our existing members and the addition of new ones. I want to congratulate and thank you Punjabi Trucking Magazine for being the most important part of NAPTA. We appreciate your support and invite others who share our passion and join us.


President North American Punjabi Trucking Association

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Dynamex Decision Will Alter ‘Gig Economy’ Michael Smith


tilizing what it labeled the “ABC test,” the California Supreme Court recently decided, in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles, that businesses who hire what they believe to be independent contractors must prove the independence of those workers and must consider them regular employees until they provide such proof. In other words, when a business hires a worker, they are, under the new law, perceived as an employee with everything that means, including the payment of social security and Medicare taxes as well as any other benefits that might be offered permanent employees. This decision radically changes what had been the law which allowed businesses to hire independent contractors with virtually no restrictions. The case originated when two drivers for Dynamex, a same day courier and delivery company, brought suit against the company, arguing that they should be treated as employees, with full benefits, rather than contractors. Prior to 2004, Dynamex had treated its drivers as fullfledged employees but in recent years changed the relationship, regarding drivers as independent contractors. Under these new guidelines, drivers were responsible for negotiating their own wages, providing their own vehicles and cell phones as well as any taxes which resulted

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from their work. Dynamex drivers were also required to wear company shirts, badges and display a Dynamex decal on their vehicles. In its comprehensive 82-page decision the court reversed earlier decisions about the relationship between employers and employees. Workers and unions have hailed the decision as a landmark for fair employment. The current independent contractor labor market, however, may be seriously altered. To meet this burden, the hiring entity must establish each of the following three factors, commonly known as the “ABC test”: (A) that the worker is free from the control and direction of the hiring entity in connection with the performance of the work, both under the contract for the performance of the work and in fact; and (B) that the worker performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business; and (C) that the worker is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation, or business of the same nature as the work performed. Although it seems clear the decision in Dynamex is limited to the burgeoning “gig economy,” particularly ride hailing apps, there are serious concerns about these narrow requirements, especially from franchise owners, resulting in more litigation. Most legal experts, however,

September & October 2018 //

believe the decision does not affect the realities of drivers from Los Angeles and Long Beach, fully support the commercial franchises and provides no threat to current decision and have rallied in Sacramento against corporate statutes regarding them. efforts to overturn Dynamex. The California Chamber Opponents of the decision, including the California of Commerce has implored Governor Brown and the Chamber of Commerce and corporate entities such legislature to overturn the decision. Doug Bloch, Political as Uber, Lyft, Instacart and others, have argued the Director for Teamsters Joint Council 7, puts it bluntly decision is a catastrophe for the economy, especially in his arguments against the Chamber and corporate the new “gig economy.” Writing on the editorial pages of interests, saying, “These are wealthy, global corporations The Hill, Ian Adams and Brian Jencunas, in “California’s that want political help to get out of paying their employees ‘Dynamex’ decision spells doom for state’s businesses a livable wage.” So far, workers and unions appear to be winning the fight with and freelancers,” assert the more than $46 million decision “will effectively awarded to port drivers limit workers’ freedom and reduce employment in California who had A gig economy is an environment opportunities.” They been miscategorized as in which temporary positions independent contractors. further argue the new law Most commentators limits the ability of workers are common and organizations agree the decision will to negotiate the terms of contract with independent workers the relationship with their greatly benefit drivers for for short-term engagements. ride hailing giants Uber employers. and Lyft by forcing those They cite a 2018 Bureau companies to invest a of Labor Statistics survey larger amount of their which suggests that only one in ten independent contractors wants a traditional profits in workers. Benefits such as social security, health arrangement with their employers. They conclude that a care, work expenses and other perqs may be up for grabs “flexible worker classification system” is essential to the in new negotiations with drivers. In any case, the ruling is sure to have profound effects on the entirety of the “gig nation’s 21st-century economy. Proponents of the law, especially Teamsters and port economy.”

// September & October 2018

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Dynamex sbMDI id`qw igAw PYslw bdl dyvygw Gig Economy nUM


ynamex Operations West, Inc. bnwm Superior Court of Los Angeles dy kys ‘c kYlIPornIAw dI suprIm kort ny ieh PYslw id`qw hY ik auh vpwrk Adwry ijhVy ik Kud muiKqAwr Adwry smJ ky aunHW nwL lYx dyx krdy hn aunHW AdwirAW nUM ieh swbq krnw pvygw ik auh vwikAw hI ieMfIpYNfYNt Bwv Kud muKiqAwr kWtrYktr hn Aqy ijMnw icr ieh swbq nhIN kr idMdy au`nw icr Awpxy kol kMm krn vwLy krmcwrIAW nUM rYgUlr krmcwrI vWg hI smJxw pvygw[ Bwv

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ieh ik jdoN koeI ibzns vwLw iksy krmcwrI nUM r`Kdw hY qW auh aus smyN qoN hI hor pihly kMm krdy krmcwrIAW vWg hI swry lwBW dw h`kdwr bx jWdw hY[ ies ‘c soSl sikaurtI Aqy mYfIkyAr tYksW dy nwl nwL auh swry lwB Swml hn ijhVy ik pihly rYgulr krmcwrIAW nUM iml rhy hn[ies qrHW ibzns vwiLAW ‘qy aus kMm ‘qy rok l`g geI hY ijs Anuswr auh pihlW, ienHW nvyN r`Kx vwLy krmcwrIAW nUM Kud muKiqAwr Tykydwr vjoN drswauNdy sn Aqy aunHW ‘qy koeI pwbMdI nhIN sI[

September & October 2018 //

Asl ‘c ieh kys audoN swhmxy AwieAw jdoN fwienwmYks dy do korIAr Aqy filvrI kMpnI dy fRweIvrW ny ie`ko idn kMpnI iKlwP kys kr id`qw ijs ‘c dlIl id`qI geI sI ik aunHW nUM kMtrYktr nhIN sgoN kMpnI dy Awm rYgUlr vrkrW vWg hI smJ ky swry lwB id`qy jwx[ sMn 2004 qoN pihlW fYnwmYks vwLy Awpxy swry fRweIvrW nUM Awpxy krmcwrI hI smJdy sn[ pr ipCly ku`J swlW ‘c ieh sbMD bdl id`qy gey sn[ Kws krky fRweIvrW nUM auh ieMfIpYNfYNt kWtrYktr Bwv Kud muKiqAwr Tykydwr smJx d`sx l`g pey[ ies Anuswr ieh fRweIvr AwpxIAW qnKwh sbMDI

nwL vpwrk PRYNcweIz vwilAW ‘qy koeI Asr nw pYx kwrn aunHW dw styts hux vWg hI rhygw[ pr ies PYsly dw ivroD krn vwLy ijs ‘c kYlIPornIAw cYNbr AwP kwmrs qoN ibnw kwrporyt Grwxy aUbr, ilPt, ieMstwkwrt Aqy hor vI Swml hn, dw kihxw hY ik ies PYsly nwl AwriQkqw Kws krky ‘igg AkwnmI’ ‘qy mwVw Asr pvygw[ih`l AKbwr dy sMpdwkI sPy ‘qy il^dy hoey ieAwn Ayfm qy bRwien dw kihxw hy ik fYnwimks dw PYslw styt dy ibzns leI ivnwSkwrI swbq hovygw Aqy ies nwL kwimAW dI AzwdI vI GtygI Aqy ruzgwr dy mOky Gtxgy[ aunHW v`loN ibauro AwP lybr stYitsitks dy 2018 dy srvyKx dw vI izkr kIqw hY[ ijs ‘c ikhw igAw hY ik Kud muKiqAwr kWtrYktrW ‘coN kyvl dsvW ih`sw hI ies qrHW dy hn jo ik purwxy vwlw isstm hI r`Kxw cwhuMdy hn[aunHW dw kihxw hY ik 21 vIN sdI dI AwriQkqw leI krmcwrIAw nUM SryxIv`D krn leI lckIlw isstm hI TIk rhygw[ ies PYsly dy hmwieqI Kws krky tImstrz , lws eyjlz Aqy lONg bIc dy port fRweIvrW v`loN ies PYsly dw svwgq kIqw hY[Aqy aunHW ny ies dw sYkrwmYNto ‘c iek`Ty ho ky fwienwmYks v`loN ies dw ivroD krn ‘qy aus ivru`D Avwz auTweI[ pr kYlIPornIAw cYNbr AwP kwmRs v`loN gvrnr bRwaUn Aqy lYijslycr nUM ieh PYslw r`d krn leI ‘igg AkwnmI’ ‘c ie`k ieho ijhw vwqwvrn ikhw hY[tImstrz jWieMt kONsl 7 dy hY ijs ‘c tYNpryrI puzISnW dw bolbwlw hY[ puiltIkl fwierYktr f`g blOc ny ienHW ies ‘c ieMfIpYNfYNt vrkrW dy kMpnIAW nwL dw ivroD kridAW ikhw hY ik ieh ivroD kWtrYkt Awm hI huMdy rihMdy hn[ krn vwLy auh lok hn jo ik ivSv dy AmIr kwrporySnW vwLy hn[Aqy ieh ieh hI cwhuMdy hn ik kMm krn vwiLAW nUM kyvl Kwx pIx jogy hI pYsy id`qy jwx[ pr kYlIPornIAw dIAW bMdrgwhW ‘qy hux Awp g`lbwq krn leI zuMmyvwr q`k glq SRyxI vMf Anuswr khy jw rhy ieMfIpYNfYNt kWtrYktr vjoN bx gey, AwpxIAW vhIklW, sY`l nukswn auTw rhy lokW nUM 46 imlIAn dI AdwiegI hoeI hY[ Pon Aqy tYks vI Awp hI idMdy ies ‘qy Awpxy ivcwr r`Kx vwLy bhuiqAW dw kihxw hY ik ies sn[ pr fYnwimks dy fRweIvrW PYsly nwL byqhwSw munwPw kmwaux vwLIAW aUbr qy ilPt vrgIAW nUM kMpnI dIAW vrdIAW pwauxIAW kMpnIAW ‘c kMm krn vwLy fRweIvrW nUM bhuq Pwiedw hovygw[Aqy pYNdIAW sn Aqy kMpnI dy hI bYj lwauxy pYNdy sn[ ies qoN ibnw kMpnIAW nUM Awpxy munwPy dw v`fw ih`sw Awpxy koL kMm krn vwLy vhIkl ‘qy vI fYnwimks dw inSwn icpkwauxw pYNdw sI[pr Adwlq lokW nUM dyxw pvygw[ ies ‘c soSl sikaurtI, hYlQ kyAr kMm dy v`loN Awpxy ies 82 sPy dy ieqhwisk PYsly ‘c mOjUdw mwlk qy Krcy Awid dy bhuq swry lwB fRweIvrW nUM imlxgy[ ies nwL ‘igg krmcwrI dy sbMDW nUM bdl id`qw[ kMm krn vwiLAW Aqy XUnIAnW AkwnmI’ jwxI ik Tyky ‘qy BrqI krn vwilAW ‘qy vI bhuq Asr ny ies PYsly dI SlwGw kridAW ikhw hY ik ieh PYslw vDIAw pYx vwlw hYy[ kMm kwj leI ieqhwsk hY[ pr ies PYsly ny mOjUdw ieMfIpYNfYNt kWtrYktr mwrikt dy kMn KVHy kr id`qy hn[ ies qoN v`K rihx leI krmcwrI r`Kx vwiLAW nUM hyT ilKIAW iqMn g`lW ijs nUM ‘ABC Test’ dw nWA id`qw igAw ‘coN hr ie`k nUM swbq krnw pvygw[ (a) ieh ik sbMDq krmcwrI kMm sbMDI kMm qy r`Kx vwiLAW dy iksy vI kMtrol Aqy inrdySW qoN mukq hY; Aqy (A) ik kMm krn vwlw, r`Kx vwLI sMsQw qoN bwhr iksy hor Kud muKiqAwr kMpnI nwL kMm krdw hYy;Aqy (e) ieh ik kMm krn vwlw iksy hor Kud muKiqAwr kMpnI jW tRyf, ik`qy jW vpwrk Adwry nwL kMm krdw hY ijhVw ik ies qrHW dw hI hY[ BwvyN ieh spSt prqIq huMdw hY ik ieh PYslw fwienwmYks vwiLAW leI hI hY, Kws krky rweIf hyilMg AYps leI[pr ienHW mwmUlI loVW leI bhuq swrIAW icMqwvW vI hn[Kws krky PrYNcweIz mwlk dIAW[ ies kwrn Adwlq ‘c hor kys ho skdy hn[ pr bhuq swry kwnUMnI mwihrW dw mMnxw hY ik ies PYsly

// September & October 2018

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// September & October 2018

// 15

I’m Independent Coalition rally in Sacramento,CA


R doctors, speech therapists, truck drivers, taxi drivers, rideshare drivers, beauty consultants, music teachers and more came to the State Capitol this week to ask our elected representatives to help us! In a media conference and rally which happened on the measures of the California State Capitol Wednesday, almost 200 individuals called on state legislators to take actions to prevent or pause the Dynamex conclusion prior to the Aug. 31 statute. The Dynamex Operations West Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County ruled that Dynamex had wrongly categorized its drivers as independent contractors, rather than employees. The conclusion adopted what is generally known as the ABC test for ascertaining whether employees should be categorized as employees or independent contractors. As stated by the court decision, the recently adopted ABC examination presumes that workers are workers unless the hiring entity fulfills the following three prerequisites for categorizing employees as independent 16 //

contractors:”(A) the employee is free from the control and management of the hirer in relation to the operation of the job, both under the contract to the operation of the work and actually; (B) the employee performs work that’s outside the typical course of their hiring entity’s company; and (C) the employee is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation or business of the exact same nature as the work done for the hiring thing.”Due to this judgment, such as the I am Independent Coalition, assert the ABC evaluation is a”one-size matches all evaluation” which will compromise a vast selection of complicated and rapidly changing bu s i ne s s e s . ” T he r e are almost two million Californians who operate as independent contractors in several businesses which vary from health care, engineering, construction, transport, beauty, finance, insurance, entertainments and a lot more,” based on an I am Independent Coalition press release. September & October 2018 //

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// September & October 2018

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Waymo and Embark Usher in New Future for Trucking


-Men fans will recall a scene in the movie Logan where driverless trucks hurtle menacingly up and down the highway sometime in the near future. The movie’s autonomous trucks look more like simple storage containers on wheels and have no drivers. Even when one of them has collided with a horse trailer, they continue unabated, adding to the dystopian atmosphere created by the movie’s director. But this futuristic display is, in reality, already happening today, sort of. Google affiliate Waymo, currently one of the industry leaders in driverless vehicles, is using its technology on the road in Atlanta for deliveries. Likewise, a company named Embark is also using driverless trucks to ship refrigerators between California and Texas. But longhaul drivers shouldn’t panic quite yet because in all of these initial forays into self-driving rigs, a driver is still on board. Federal law requires these robot trucks to have a human in the passenger seat with hands on the wheel. In Atlanta, Waymo is utilizing driverless trucks to haul freight, including server equipment and related materials, to Google data centers throughout the urban area. Waymo has been perfecting its technology on the roads of California and Arizona. The Atlanta big rigs will be using the same autonomous sensor packages that power Waymo’s highly successful Chrysler Pacifica minivan which has achieved full driverless tests on the roads around Phoenix, Arizona. On Atlanta freeways, Waymo is employing Class 8 Peterbilt trucks outfitted with light detection and ranging equipment as well as radar and vision systems. Drivers remain in the cabs at all times to monitor sensors and take over if needed. 18 //

With nearly ten years of experience in developing, building and testing autonomous vehicles, Waymo appears to be way ahead of the competition with its minivans already achieving Level 4 capability, meaning vehicles can operate without any human input within specific guidelines. In fact, Waymo can boast that its autonomous vehicles have logged approximately five million miles on roads and five billion miles in computer simulations. One casualty of Waymo’s dominance is Uber which has recently abandoned its experimentation with driverless big rigs in favor of concentrating its efforts on passenger vehicles. Waymo’s advances, however, have not deterred other competitors such as Embark which has already hit a milestone by running a self-driving truck some 2,400 miles from California to Florida. As with Waymo, Embark is also utilizing Peterbilt trucks equipped with autonomous technology. Embark envisions a day when it will be able to eliminate the driver during the longest segments of a route on freeways while using drivers at each end of long-haul journeys to handle the trips between the warehouse and the interstate. The California-Florida test run took five days because of rest time for the driver but Embark claims that in the future such a trip will take only two days when the driver is eliminated. While very small compared to Waymo—only 35 employees, including 22-year old CEO Alex Rodrigues— Embark is already running freight from its hub in Ontario, a suburb of Los Angeles, to Arizona and Texas. Embark has been so successful that it has recently secured $30 million in investment capital from Silicon Valley based Sequoia Capital. The money will be used to September & October 2018 //

increase the company’s fleet from its current five trucks to 100. Because of current driver shortages, combined with increased consumer demand, Embark sees a bright future for its driverless trucks as it looks to master the southwestern part of Interstate 10 which runs through Southern California all the way to Jacksonville, Florida. Freight off loaded from ships at San Pedro and Long Beach will be stored in Ontario warehouses and eventually loaded into autonomous big rigs to be distributed across the southern United States. Rodrigues recently told Forbes Magazine, “We’re creating a proof-of-concept fleet, building up to 100 trucks, and we’re vertically integrating all of that to move very quickly during this period to get as rapidly as possible to a point where we can show ‘here’s a Class 8 truck that can operate completely safely all on its own moving freight.’” With revenue still under $1 million, Embark has a long way to go, but with increased funding and demand it may soon see revenues in the multi-millions of dollars. Shippers, of course, are excited about the prospects of using driverless trucks to ship cross country, not only because of decreased costs but also because of efficiency. Unfortunately, those drivers who make a living transporting cargo nationwide may soon be out of work and the futuristic society envisioned by Rodrigues and a new generation of young tech-savvy entrepreneurs may soon mirror Hollywood’s conception of the future as depicted in Logan.

// September & October 2018

// 19

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// September & October 2018

// 21

Uber Freight for Shippers


he trucking business is undergoing a massive transformation together with the integration of electronic technology. The platform will give an automation procedure in order that they can arrange deals with information on tenders and loading pricing.

Uber Freight’s product director, Stefan Sohlstrom, that explained why automation is so significant in the trucking business. Sohlstrom stated,”The stage was constructed with shippers to assist alter a process which normally takes them hours to finish and frequently

leave them at the darkened on market costs and if they were obtaining the ideal carrier.” The back and forth discussions that used to take hours is a part of an drivers and apparatus can execute on their notebook desktop computer or mobile device. As soon as the conditions are agreed upon by them, they could confirm the job and make payments. Sohlstrom reported this wasn’t true for smaller companies, while shippers have their own transport management alternatives set up.He advised,”When you visit the mid-market or SMB facet for shippers, you truly find far more of a manual procedure. There is a good deal of sticky notes you find a good deal of terminal PCs and fax machines”Uber Freight assembled the platform from the ground up to address the needs of operators and saw a chance. Including strengthening its transport estimates and providing a platform for carriers to reserve together with pricing obligations.Sohlstrom stressed that Uber Freight will pay for the difference whether its quotation was incorrect If it comes to strengthening the transport. This relies on the amount of times ahead of the job and also the estimates shippers build.Shippers will have the ability see the purchase price from the market immediately to tender a load fast, gain entry to the network of drivers and carriers of Uber Freight, monitor time for cargo and streamline the management of file.The system is available after six months of testing.

22 //

September & October 2018 //

// September & October 2018

// 23

24 //

September & October 2018 //

// September & October 2018

// 25

With Autonomous Trucks jobs may change but not going away, FMCSA says


everal drivers commented in front of a panel of six FMCSA officials at Great American Trucking Show in Dallas,TX, expressing concern on the increasing loss of Truck Driver occupations as autonomous technologies enter the marketplace. While nothing is certain at this point, using truly driver-less technologies a ways later on, Martinez and Wiley Deck, FMCSA director of governmental affairs, said during the semester in response to all those anxieties that the job of Truck Driver may transition into being of a truck tech instead of moving out completely. “What happens if you are the truck tech, and the truck is driving , does that depend on your rest break when you can be chilling and relaxing and maybe not necessarily on duty? These are the kind of questions that could have to be raised going forward,” he said. FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez stated the agency’s goal with the trucking is usually to be proactive about regulations regarding autonomous trucks perhaps are 26 //

now being analyzed and since these systems have been in development. He said the goal of the Dallas session was to hear from the men and women who’re on the roads working every day and the trucking business. “When does it have an impact on the man who’s at the trucking industry now?” Martinez said. “I presume it’s most likely not immediately but maybe a generation from now. In that time, how can the job change? The occupation varies. Maybe the occupation is not necessarily being a trucker but a truck technician, and you are working together with truck tech. We [sensitive] into the labor disturbance. I do not see a labour disruption within this lifetime since it’s just not likely to be widespread.” Martinez added later that as these technologies emerge and are executed, FMCSA will have to determine how they are going to impact hours of service regulations.Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration officials encouraged truck drivers to keep an open mind about automated systems and trucks. September & October 2018 //

// September & October 2018

// 27

Fed Now Hinting at Four Potential Rate Hikes In 2018 Courtesy of Premier Business Lending


s expected, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates for the second time this year, raising the Federal Funds Target rate on June 13, 2018 by 25 basis points (0.25%). This leaves the Fed Funds Target Rate in a range of 1.75% – 2.00%. Their statement following

the rate hike announcement was generally positive with the Fed noting they believe the economy is now rising at a “solid rate” (wording changed from “moderate rate” in their March statement) and household spending has picked up.

28 //

How does this effect the commercial equipment industry? The economy is in an upswing, there is no denying that fact. Sales are up, and both individual people and companies are spending more. The economic growth has come with an increased demand for truckers, and fleets of all sizes stand to see a marked increase in revenue during 2018 and beyond. However, the Federal Reserve signaled that interest rates on debt may also see up to three potential increases throughout this year alone. The rate hike may severely impact those with trucking loans on the books. It is almost impossible to launch or grow fleet operations without trucking loans in one form or another. From traditional business loans to equipment financing to get vehicles, trucking loans have become a staple in the industry. While taking on debt through trucking loans to grow a fleet is not news, the impending interest rate hikes are. Higher interest means a tighter cash flow, as more revenue will need to be portioned out to make regular payments to lenders. Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions fleet owners can take advantage of to stay ahead of the game. The commercial financing world is evolving as usual and with the transportation and freight industry in high demand then it makes sense to have a trusted company like Premier Business Lending as a strategic partner to help guide companies through the financial jungle.

September & October 2018 //

This brings us to the next challenge for business owners here in the trucking and transportation space. Backlog for Big Rigs Stretches to 2019 With freight demand red-hot, truck manufacturers expect to break records for orders this year, and deliveries will reach deep into next year. North American freight-haulers ordered more than 300,000 Class 8 trucks in the first seven months of this year and are on track to order a record 450,000 of the heavy-duty vehicles for the full year, according to ACT Research. That would be the largest book since 2004, when orders reached 390,000, according to analysts. In July, North American fleets ordered more than 52,000 trucks, an all-time monthly record. Freight-hauling fleets are trying to keep up with swelling demand in a robust U.S. economy even as they say they face difficulty finding drivers. New trucks are one recruiting tool, and the new vehicles also get better fuel mileage. The orders are coming at a rapid pace as more U.S. companies, from construction equipment makers to retailers, say rising transportation costs and tight truck capacity are crimping their ability to grow and slicing into profit margins. Cass Information Systems Inc., which processes freight payments, says its monthly index of U.S. trucking costs rose more than 10% in July, the first double-digit year-over-year increase in the 13 years of the measure.

// September & October 2018

// 29

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30 //

September & October 2018 //

// September & October 2018

// 31

Time Passed for Your DPF Service?

Consider A Mobile Cleaning Courtesy of Advance Emission Control Solutions, LP


PF cleaning is an often-delayed service but can be costly with DPF replacements running anywhere from $5,000 to $8000+, depending on the damage done. A damaged DPF can have a cascading effect on other parts increasing the cost and complexity of a repair. Getting a mobile cleaning from a reputable vendor is a fraction of a repair cost so it makes a good alternative for your DPF maintenance even when you have time constraints. The Issue of Time Finding the time to have service is often the major reason for a cleaning delay. Go to a dealer and it could be days before the job is done. That’s valuable time you are not on the road earning income. Mobile cleaning can help you bridge the gap between timely cleaning and not losing drive time. The mobile cleaner can service you at your location and should be able to service several trucks in a day’s time. You get your trucks serviced without losing road time and the needed maintenance done on your DPF. An unusually dirty filter may require shop time for the extra cleaning that baking provides but all other services would remain the same. That would include ash count reset, clearing codes, forced regens, and new gaskets. Choosing a Vendor A little Googling and due diligence would be a good investment in your time. Who is the vendor you are considering? How long have they been in business and how professional is their website and mobile cleaning unit? Another excellent indicator would be do they have any large major accounts that would show confidence these accounts have in their workmanship. Scheduling a Cleaning Ok, you’ve found a vendor you feel confident in doing your unit. It would be a good idea to call a few days in advance if possible to schedule an appointment to be sure the vendor is in your location. 32 //

September & October 2018 //

DPF cleaning for OEM/Retrofits Mobile DPF Cleaning (All makes & models) Smoke Testing (Opacity Testing) Check & clear codes Dealer for all retrofits: Donaldson, ESW, HUG, Huss, ThermaCat, ECS/CTi, Johnson Matthey DPS cleaning services

All Engine programs for Detriot, Cummins, Volvo, Paccar, International SCR systems repair/ troubleshooting 90 day inspections & oil changes Engine repairs/service Fuel and oil proving services Parts for all DPF systems Fuel & oil through our partner, RV Jensen

// September & October 2018

// 33

Uber increases net revenues as it gears up to face competition


espite raking in $2.8 billion in revenue during the second quarter of the 2018 fiscal year, Uber Inc., the ride hailing icon, still reported losses of more than $890 million, with most of that money going toward acquiring new companies and investments in technology— including flying taxis. Uber has especially increased its presence in food delivery (UberEats), scooter sharing, ebikes, and autonomous vehicles where competition from outfits such as Grubhub, Doordash, Waymo and Lyft has been fierce. Uber is also delving into potentially lucrative markets in the Middle East and India. Overall, Uber has seen massive gains in performance over last year’s second quarter with net revenue up 63% from $1.7 billion and net losses down by 16% from $1.06 billion, reflecting the reality that the company is narrowing its losses as it grows. In the first quarter this year, Uber brought in a profit of $2.46 billion, primarily due to selling its operations in Southeast Asia and Russia for $3 billion. Its losses amounted to $550 million, more than $300 million less than the current quarter. Even with these high losses, Uber still expects to book nearly $12 billion in revenue during the entirety of 2018. While still a privately-held company, Uber Inc. chooses to announce its quarterly earnings to investors and the public. It plans to go public in late 2019. The company is in a protracted battle for dominance 34 //

in both the food delivery and scooter-sharing businesses, especially in dense urban areas. In a bid to gain an advantage over competitors, Uber has invested in electric scooter manufacturer Lime as well as acquiring bike sharing startup Jump this year for nearly $200 million. Jump has infiltrated markets in urban hubs such as San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, and Washington D.C. and has more than 12,000 bicycles on the road in 40 U.S. cities

and six countries. Reports from various sources confirm that scooter-sharing companies are eating into the taxi and ride sharing markets. Uber appears to have gotten the upper hand in San Francisco where it is poised to unleash its fleet of ebikes and scooters, to the detriment of September & October 2018 //

Lyft, which has yet to secure a bike or scooter operation— although they are currently in negotiations with bikesharing company Motivate. A recent analysis from Santhosh Rao, a policy researcher at Uber, suggests that Uber trips in San Francisco have fallen by 10% since February, right about the time Uber entered the scooter-sharing market. The number of taxis hailed fell precipitously during peak hours, where Uber trips went down by nearly 15%. Uber’s aggressive expansion into alternative sectors could be because its core taxi-hailing business is under severe threat from local competitors like Lyft and due to regulatory measures and crackdowns being enforced by the European Union. The company decided to sell its Southeast Asian and Russian operations last quarter, as Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi insisted these markets would not be profitable in the near future. Recently, Uber dropped the curtain on experimentation with self-driving trucks in favor of increasing resources on its restarted autonomous car program which had been stopped after one of its Volvo SUV’s, equipped with digital sensors, hit and killed a pedestrian in Scottsdale, Arizona. While feeling pressure from numerous competitors, Uber will still experience a 38% increase in its gross bookings over last year. Drivers’ paychecks also saw a boost as well, with wages in excess of $8 billion and added incentives of $427 million. The company now has

// September & October 2018

accumulated $5.7 billion in cash with a long-term debt of $4.7 billion, showing that it is on track to go public, which Khosrowshahi indicates would happen in the second half of 2019. Investors value the company at $70 billion, making the intended IPO (initial public offering) one of the largest in U.S. history. Currently, however, the company is without a Chief Financial Officer—a vital cog in the buildup to the IPO. Uber had been in talks with Zane Rowe, the CFO of VMWare Inc., a seemingly perfect fit, but Rowe has since withdrawn his interest, leaving Khosrowshahi still looking. Uber appears to be managing itself similarly to the way it was supervised under ex-CEO Travis Kalanick, with growth and expansion as its primary objectives, while spending freely. Judging by 2018 financial statements, Khosrowshahi seems to be on the same path, with Uber reporting losses north of $4 billion during his short tenure. Only time will tell if Uber’s scattershot approach to expansion will create long term profit. Most troubling may be its renewed expenditures in the autonomous car market. Reports have surfaced indicating the company’s self-driving car operations might not be performing to the expected level, even as Uber spent as much as $200 million this quarter on the technology. Experts believe Uber still has a long way to go before it catches up with competitors such as Google’s Waymo which has dominated the field so far.

// 35

United States-Mexico Trade Agreement


n the midst of what has been an expensive trade war waged by the Trump Administration to reduce import/export imbalances, the president recently announced a new deal with Mexico which he labeled the “United States-Mexico Trade Agreement.” Trump claims the new pact will eliminate the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, yet it is unclear whether Canada, the third partner in NAFTA, would sign on to the deal. During a conference call with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Trump boasted that the deal is “maybe the largest trade deal ever made.” Because Canada has yet to sign on to any deal, it is unclear whether this new

36 //

bilateral agreement with Mexico will stand, considering any agreement would have to be ultimately approved by the U.S. Congress. Lawmakers in Washington D.C. have warned that such a revamping of NAFTA might not meet congressional approval if Canada is not included. It may be a positive sign, however, that Canada’s foreign minister Chrystia Freeland has rushed to the United States to meet with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. Freeland has praised the Trump Administration for getting important trade concessions from Mexico. “These concessions are really going to be important for workers in Canada and the United States,” she told

September & October 2018 //

reporters after meeting with Lighthizer. Freeland also new pact. This may run contrary to many Republicans planned to meet with Mexican officials in hopes of in Washington who generally like to reduce government. hammering out a deal. In any case, officials are still pushing for an agreement The new arrangement with Mexico includes a which includes all three countries and negotiations are requirement that 75% of automotive parts be made in ongoing. Current trilateral trade totals more than $1.2 North America, more than the current level of 62.5%. It trillion a year. Trump and his Treasury Secretary Steven would also mandate that 40% to 45% of those parts be Mnuchin have warned Canada that the U.S. and Mexico made by workers earning at least $16 an hour. Mexico, are prepared to go it alone on North American trade in a major concession to the U.S., has also dropped the despite the fact that Canada is still America’s largest Chapter 19 dispute resolution mechanism which prevents trading partner. the U.S. from pursuing anti-dumping and anti-subsidy litigation. The agreement also provides for extensions of copyright protections for biologic drug makers, a concession from Mexico which may be a sticking point for Canada. Praising the new agreement, the American Trucking Association are c o m m e n d i n g the president for “reaching a tentative agreement with Mexico to modernize NAFTA.” Although details are short on this new deal, truckers are hoping it will only improve trade with both Mexico and Canada. Critics of the agreement note that its provisions have the potential to raise consumer prices on new cars, and that it may actually reduce the number of automobiles assembled in North America because of the new “rules Email: Joinkamway@kam-way.com of origin” which could add more call us at: (360)332-1444 - x 939 requirements for cars imported into the U.S. from Mexico. It could also include a major expansion of the administrative body needed to oversee the

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// 37

Introducing the KeepTruckin Smart Dashcam


had a chance to sit down with Shoaib Makani CEO and Co-Founder of a “cash flow positive” company, KeepTruckin now employs over 800 people with headquarters at San Francisco and a developing office in Nashville, TN, and is currently the 2nd hottest ELD apparatus concerning units operating, behind only Omnitracs, the CEO noted. With a vision of getting “trucks, trailers, and goods online,” KeepTruckin has been innovate and invest in technologies that improve the lifestyles of drivers. Shoaib Makani told Punjabi Trucking Magazine last week at the Great American Trucking Show, in which KeepTruckin announced the newest addition. “Thousands of fleets are shifting to KeepTruckin

each month and we’re bringing new services and products [to market]. ”The most recent is your Smart dash cam for truckers. Designed participating in the Shifting Gears buyout program, the Smart Dashcam is a plug and play solution designed to increase safety. The dash cam incorporates with the KeepTruckin Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution to offer a single-source, hours-ofcompliance and video intellect platform in one package in a cost lower compared to similar product pairings.”We strongly believe that integrated dash cams are the way ahead of making roads safer,” Makani stated. “The accession of our Smart dash cam to the buyout program will create video intellect accessible to fleets and is the initial step up detecting safety technologies as standard equipment across the trucking industry.”The Changing

38 //

Gears buyout program offers qualifying carriers who switch to the ELD of KeepTruckin a charge to help offset the cost. The Smart dash cam records critical events like hard labour, hard acceleration, or hard corners to offer transparency to fleet managers as they unfolded. The videos are connected with the motorist founded on ELD data, giving directors extra insight in to specific driver behaviours, as opposed to vehicle-based behaviours - time saving and beneficial for vehicles powered by drivers. Even the dash cam records and the clip is uploaded to the cloud to get retrieval , whenever there’s a critical event. Makani told Punjabi Trucking Magazine a recall function will likely probably be inserted in the future which will enable recovery of almost any video clip -- not or critical within the previous 3 days. In addition, an optional camera will be used this season that’ll use intellect that is video to capture drowsy and distracted driving.The Smart Dash Cam plugs into the KeepTruckin ELD. “Our whole goal for it was to make it incredibly simple,” Makani told Punjabi Trucking Magazine. He added that the door for other products has opened.”The ELD mandate driven entrance among the owner operators,” Makani stated. Talking about the pricing Makani said, The Smart dash cam of keenTruckin costs $20 monthly, per vehicle. Its own ELD, that features no upfront expenses, runs $30 per vehicle, per month.”This information the scales,” Makani said. “Fleets make it... and the suggestion for owner operators is the exact same. We’re visiting insurance rates to people with video come down.”Therefore, for $50 all in, you get compliance, telematics and video policy,” he added.The addition of video is another step in the development of KeepTruckin to meet Makani’s vision of attracting”trucks, trailers and goods on the web” throughout connectivity. This consists of work that’s ongoing with a”great team” of engineers and other top talents that the company has managed to attract. Makani said KeepTruckin is working on trailer tracking as well as intelligence solutions and cargo detectors to mention a few efforts.”We are investing in new technology; we’re purchasing prominence, and we’re driving down cost,” he said. “We’re quite definitely here for the long haul and we’re going to keep solving problems for our clients.”

September & October 2018 //

// September & October 2018

// 39

Uber and Toyota Team Up on Self-Driving Cars


ince 2015, we’ve been working to bring safe, reliable self-driving technology to the Uber network. We knew we couldn’t do it alone, which is why we continue to partner with world-class vehicle manufacturers to make our vision a reality. Today, we’re taking our relationship with Toyota Motor Corporation to new heights—and while this isn’t our first automotive partnership, we’re taking a new approach. As part of this partnership, we’ll supply our proprietary self-driving system to Toyota Sienna Minivans. Rather than owning and operating the fleet of self-driving vehicles, these minivans will be owned and operated by an agreed upon third party, a new business model for Uber. Our expanded partnership with Toyota signals our commitment to deploying self-driving technology at scale for our riders around the globe. We look forward to making progress in the years ahead with another strong partner by our side.

40 //

September & October 2018 //

// September & October 2018

// 41

DriverReach Announces Integration with Driver iQ to Expedite Verification of Employment Process


riverReach, a mobileenhanced recruiting m a n a g e m e n t system for CDL drivers, today announces its integration with Driver iQ, a comprehensive, reliable background screening and driver monitoring service designed for the trucking industry. This integration helps fleet owners hire quality CDL drivers even faster by performing secure, accurate and up-to-date background checks. “As the nation is experiencing a driver shortage, it is more vital than ever for fleet owners to hire capable and reliable drivers in a timely manner” said DriverReach CEO, Jeremy Reymer. “Because Driver iQ focuses only on the transportation industry, they’re an excellent integration partner. They are just as dedicated as we are to helping employers hire the best drivers available, as quickly as possible.” DriverReach integrated with Driver iQ so background screening checks can be easily ordered from within the DriverReach platform. Driver iQ’s core strength is producing accurate and timely records of employment on CDL drivers to prospective employers. “Driver iQ prides itself on its strong understanding of the trucking industry’s unique and ever-changing needs,” said Driver iQ Co-President, Billie Lee. “With this DriverReach integration, we look forward to promoting solid careers in the CDL industry by combining DriverReach’s unique offerings with our full-service background screening.” 42 //

September & October 2018 //

// September & October 2018

// 43

Shut Down for Nine Months FMCSA Medical Registry still causing delays


he website is integral to drivers and this agency because it contains sensitive info on the examiners in addition to exams administered, according to privacy impact evaluation of the site last year from DOT. Since May 2014, drivers are required to use the website to recognize physicians who have passed a written exam and are authorized by the agency to run driver exams. In Aug. 22 upgrade, FMCSA said that the examiner’s website remains offline, and as a result, the agency is experiencing technical delays because of a”high call and email volume.An attack about nine months ago that closed down the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners still is causing delays in enrolling new examiners and backlogs for medical examiners to incorporate truck driver examinations, officials stated. “At no time has any personally identifiable information been endangered,” FMCSA spokesman Duane DeBruyne said. “To guarantee the long-term integrity of the national registry, the structural design is being

reinforced and the job is continuing -- to be done as expeditiously as possible” Meanwhile, the officials have been scurrying to rebuild the site that was shut down following a hack on Dec. 1 but suggests that they cannot say as it will get fully operational.

Class 8 orders made new record in August


he August high was 29,539 at 2004. Back in August 2017 orders were 21,200, based on ACT. Orders for Class 8 trucks in August shattered

the record for the month, surpassing 53,000 for the 2nd consecutive month placing a record at a surprisingly active summer and also for the year's tally. "As a fleet, even should I believe this market and freight environment Will

44 //

continue into next year, then I need to get my place in line so I could be sure to have the capacity or access to this capacity -- which I need when It's going to be useful instead of after the truth," stated ACT Vice President Steve Tam. He added that he believes the peak of freight growth in this cycle is finished. "I really don't think freight demand is supporting us, however, going forward we'll see freight [and prices ] growing at a lesser rate, which is an element of the equation of this strangest definition of a cycle within this market," he said. "Present economic and manufacturing data point to a strong beginning to 2019," reported Don Ake, vice president of industrial vehicles in FTR. Six of the 12 order months ever have occurred in the first eight months of the year, and 477,000 units have been surpassed by North American Class 8 orders for the last 12 months, according to FTR. The industry study variant FTR pegged August orders that are preliminary in 52,400 units.

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Our warehouses are strategically located in New Jersey, Texas & California, as well as Ontario, Canada for quick access to the parts you need. // September & October 2018 1-888-AUTOMANN (288-6626)


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46 //

September & October 2018 //

// September & October 2018

// 47

it’s Easy to see Volvo sets the standard in safety.

ij`QoN q`k nvIN VNL dI id`K dI g`l hY ieh pihlI volvo dI id`K qoN bhuq vDIAw hY[ ies dI bhuq Swndwr slop Aqy ies dI joV rihq ivMfSIlf bhuq vDIAw hY[ fRweIvr nUM spSt ivKweI dyx vwLI Ajy q`k ies qrHW dI ivMfSIlf nhIN sI[ ies ‘c AYkitv fRweIv Aisst, volvo AYnhWsf styibiltI tYknOlojI Aqy EptImweIzf AYl eI fI hY`flweItW vrgy stYNfrf syPtI PIcr hn[ ies leI swnUM ieh kihx ‘c mwx mihsUus ho irhw hY ik ieh volvo pihlIAW sB nwLoN v`D sur`iKAq hY[ Learn more at volvotrucks.us/safety


September & October 2018 //