July 5, 2024

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B.C. appoints two judges to Provincial Court

The Government of British Columbia has appointed two new judges to the Provincial Court to support consistent and timely access to justice.

The new judges appointed to the Provincial Court are:

Parveen Nijjar (effective July 25, 2024); and

Paul Pearson (effective July 25, 2024).

Parveen Nijjar has been practising law for more than 15 years. Nijjar started her career in international development for the United Nations in Uzbekistan, working in the areas of policy and legislation. She returned to Canada and articled for a law firm that had a high-volume legal aid practice focusing on child protection, family and criminal law. After her call to the bar, Nijjar worked nearly six years in child protection and family mediation, ultimately becoming director’s counsel. In 2018, she became director’s counsel in the Legal Services Branch at the Ministry of the Attorney General. Shortly after, she was promoted to deputy

supervisor. Nijjar is fluent in Punjabi and proficient in Russian and Hindi. She is highly active in the community and volunteers at many organizations, often doing fundraising and supporting families with low incomes.

Paul Pearson has been a criminal lawyer for nearly 25 years. He spent the first 20 years of his career as a partner at a well-respected criminal defence firm before being appointed as Crown counsel in Victoria. He has conducted numerous challenging cases, taught at Crown conferences and mentored new counsel. He was awarded the Crown Leadership Award for developing a cross-examination training series for Crown counsel. Pearson was an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria faculty of law for four years, where he taught criminal procedure and ethics. His course was so successful that he received the inaugural adjunct professor award of excellence. Pearson was an elected representative for the Canadian Bar Association and held table-officer positions for the Victoria Bar Association, including president and vice-president.

The Province is dedicated to ensuring fair access to justice for everyone in British Columbia. These judicial appointments are made by considering various factors, such as the court's requirements, the diversity of the judiciary and the candidates' areas of expertise.

Quick Facts: The process to appoint judges involves the following steps: Interested lawyers apply, and the Judicial Council of B.C. reviews the candidates.

The council is a statutory body made up of the chief judge, an associate chief judge, other judges, lawyers and members from outside the legal profession. The council recommends potential judges to the attorney general, with the final appointment made through a cabinet order-in-council.

Although judges and judicial justices are located in a judicial region, many leverage technology such as videoconferencing for court proceedings, and travel regularly throughout the province to meet changing demands.

Punjabi Editor

Advertising Executive



Graphic Designer

Administration Assistant

Gurdeep Singh Grewal

Paramjit Singh Kanda

Ekam Banipal

Gurmeen Banipal, Manvir Kaur Jawanda

Gurjeet Kaur Muhar

Gurneet Sidhu

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Unit #24 - 3275 McCallum Road Abbotsford B.C. V2S 3M7 (Across from Air Care)

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2025 LEXUS NX Series Preview - Better than ever.

Brimming with intelligent technologies and offered in a choice of two electrified and two gas powertrains, the Lexus NX is driven to exceed the needs and expectations of Canadian Guests.

“The Lexus NX is one of our most popular models in Canada – and for good reason: our guests love the versatility of a mid-size luxury SUV – as well as the style, driving dynamics and powerful connectivity technologies but intuitive features that only Lexus can deliver,” said Martin Gilbert, Director of Lexus Canada. “We are very proud of this Canadian-made luxury SUV, and our wide range of available powertrains expresses our continued commitment to providing Canadian drivers with many different options to suit their lifestyle.”

The NX Series blends clean lines with dynamic shapes and sharp edges to create a form that is nimble, athletic, muscular, and commanding.

The signature Lexus spindle grille makes a bold first impression, while the rear blade lamp leaves a lasting impression. Select models feature style enhancers such as triple beam headlamps and 20-inch wheels.

Inside, the NX welcomes driver and up to four additional passengers to a warm and inviting cabin that embodies Takumi craftsmanship and Omotenashi hospitality. The interior is informed by the Lexus Tazuna concept, which enhances the direct connection between driver and vehicle. All Guests will appreciate the cabin’s spacious interior, which may be upgraded on select models with features such as thematic interior illumination and a panoramic moon roof.

For those seeking more aggressive styling, the 2025 NX Series includes several models built around Lexus F SPORT packages. These feature unique F SPORT enhancements such

as mesh grilles, 20-inch wheels, interior ornamentation, sport seats, a race-inspired steering wheel, and aluminum pedals.

Every NX Series SUV features the Lexus Interface. This North American designed, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-compatible multimedia and connectivity system features a touch screen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and Sirius XM Satellite compatibility. The Lexus Interface incorporates a natural language virtual assistant that encourages a voice-first approach to navigation, media, communication, and other vehicle features. In addition, all Lexus Interface connected services may be controlled from a smart phone equipped with the Lexus App.

What the style promises, the performance delivers – with a dynamic and harmonious interplay between the powertrain, the chassis, the steering, and braking. Honed by professional race car drivers on the Shimoyama test track in Japan, the NX series is an exhilarating example of the Lexus Driving Signature.

Because Lexus understands Canadian winters, all NX models feature all-wheel-drive powertrains. And because Lexus also understands that Canadian lifestyles are diverse and one size doesn’t fit all, the NX is built around a choice of four powertrains – ensuring every Guest has an opportunity to fit an NX into their lives.

The NX 250 features a 2.5L fourcylinder engine coupled to an eightspeed direct shift automatic transmission. This powertrain delivers 203 peak horsepower and up to 184 lb-ft of torque, with a fuel efficiency rating of 8.4L per 100km (city/highway combined).

The NX 350 is built around a 2.4L turbocharged four-cylinder engine with intercooling and active noise control, plus an eight-speed direct shift automatic transmission. This model delivers even snappier performance – with 275 peak horsepower and up to 317 lb-ft of torque. This powertrain achieves a fuel efficiency rating of 9.5L per 100km (city/highway combined).

Unit# 3 - 32700 George Ferguson Way Abbotsford BC V2T 4V6

For greater efficiency and reduced emissions, the NX 350h is built around a self-charging hybrid electric powertrain featuring a 2.5L fourcylinder engine and electronic continuously variable transmission. This configuration delivers 240 system horsepower, the impressive torque of electric motors, and an equally impressive fuel efficiency rating of 6.0L per 100km (city/highway combined).

In a class by itself, the NX 450h+ features a plug-in hybrid electric powertrain which combines the best of electric vehicle and hybrid-electric vehicle operation. This model’s powertrain is built around a 2.5L fourcylinder engine, an electronic continuously variable transmission, and

a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. It generates 304 system horsepower with a fuel efficiency rating of 2.8 Le/100 km per 100km (city/highway combined). Its 60km electric-only range means for most Canadians, daily driving can be accomplished without using a drop of gas.

Lexus offers Canadian Guests an impressive range of NX grades to suit a variety of tastes, Priced from $50,815 - $80,485. The 2025 Lexus NX Series is now on sale at Lexus Dealers across Canada. For complete and up to date details and specifications on the NX 250, NX 350, and NX 350h, visit https://www.lexus.ca/lexus/en/ automobiles/nx

Abbotsford School District

Addresses Censorship Concerns and Reaffirms Commitment to Student Voice and Accessibility

The Abbotsford School District and the administration of Robert Bateman Secondary

School are addressing recent concerns regarding the censorship of a student's speech during an art exhibit on June 15th. The exhibit was to highlight accessibility challenges as part of an art activism course. This press release aims to provide clarity on the situation and outline the steps being taken to uphold our values of student voice and accessibility.

"We are investigating the circumstances surrounding the censorship of De Meyer's speech," said Sean Nosek, Superintendent of Schools. "We understand that this action may have silenced an important student voice and caused frustration. In the Abbotsford School District, we value student voice as a fundamental pillar of public education. This situation is a critical reminder of our commitment to transparency, and moving forward, we will ensure all student voices are respected and heard."

The issue arose when De Meyer found that her artist statement had been edited, and she was asked to adjust her prepared remarks at an art exhibit, which included her experiences with accessibility challenges at her own school. This decision was made by the teacher and school administration, leading to concerns about censorship and the stifling of student expression.

"We are addressing the concerns raised by De Meyer’s speech about accessibility challenges within her school," said Shirley Wilson, Chair of the Abbotsford Board of Education. "We recognize that these issues may have hindered students' ability to navigate the school comfortably. We

are dedicated to making our schools more inclusive and accessible for everyone. Steps are being taken to rectify these issues, and we will continue to improve our facilities to meet accessibility standards."

“We are reviewing our approach to handling student speeches and written statements at public events," added Sean Nosek, Superintendent of Schools. "We acknowledge that altering De Meyer's speech may have compromised our commitment to open dialogue. We believe in fostering an environment where students can freely express their perspectives. We will develop clearer guidelines to ensure student voices are respected and upheld, preventing similar issues in the future."

“Our Art Activism course is designed to empower students to learn about social issues and create community awareness through their art," said Lance McDonald, Principal of Robert Bateman Secondary School. In a joint statement, the teacher and administration added, "We deeply regret that our actions did not align with this goal in the recent situation involving De Meyer’s speech and artist statement.

We apologize for the frustration and disappointment this has caused. We are committed to learning from this experience to ensure all students feel fully seen, heard, and empowered as advocates in this course and throughout our school. Moving forward, we will take concrete steps to better support and amplify student voices in all their endeavours. We are actively seeking to connect with De Meyer to address this matter and make this right." For more information, please contact: Superintendent’s Office: 604.859.4891, info@abbyschools.ca.

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asIN hr qrF dI rYnovysLn krdy hF:

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New Basement and Bathroom Extension

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New long-term care home opens in Comox Valley

Seniors in the Comox Valley now have access to an innovative longterm care home, Providence Living at The Views, as residents begin moving in on Monday, July 8, 2024.

“As the population of B.C. ages rapidly, our government is dedicated to ensuring that seniors are well supported within their communities,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health.

“By investing in transformative long-term care homes, we are putting seniors’ needs at the forefront and working to help maintain their independence. In these homes, seniors, especially those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, can thrive in a healthy, supportive and safe environment.” Providence Living at The Views, located at 211 Rodello St., Comox, is Canada’s first public, nonprofit long-term care home based on the concepts of a dementia village: a small-scale community designed to promote a sense of belonging and purpose for residents through autonomy and community engagement.

Well Pump Installation and Service

• Irrigation Installation

• Post Pounding

• Drip and Sprinkler Systems

• Ditch Digging and Cleaning

• Farm Drains

• waste water treatment

Workers Wanted: Welder & General helper good wages, must speak English, knowledge of Punjabi will

Designed for seniors with and without dementia, as well as younger adults requiring long-term care, Providence Living at The Views is an inclusive long-term care home intended to help residents maintain their independence, social connections and desired personal routines.

“I look forward to the profound, positive effects that this new long-term care home will have on our community,” said Ronna-Rae Leonard, MLA for Courtenay-Comox. “With an environment that promotes independence and fosters community engagement, this care home will not only enhance the physical health of seniors, but will support every aspect of their well-being, including their mental health.” Located at the former site of St. Joseph’s General Hospital, the 156-resident home will be organized into 13 households, which include a shared kitchen, laundry room, dining room and living room. Each household will accommodate 12 residents who will each get a private suite with a bathroom and personalized features like a storage space and windows providing natural light to create an inviting, homey atmosphere. Residents will be able to take part in regular household activi-

ties, such as cooking and gardening, and will have access to an outdoor courtyard and community amenities.

Providence Living also worked with the K'ómoks First Nation to design a first-of-its-kind sacred gathering space intended for First Nations, Métis and Inuit staff, residents and families to honour their traditions. The home will focus on a new care and staffing model called Home for Us. Care will shift from the traditional model of care to a new social/relational model of care that integrates a person-centred approach. The care model will move from scheduled routines to flexible routines where the pace and rhythms of the day are determined by the household members. This ensures residents have control over their routines from day to day.

“Providence Living at The Views marks the beginning of our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing long-term care for seniors in British Columbia,” said Mark Blandford, president and CEO, Providence Living. “By embracing the Home for Us care model, which is person-centred, made-in-B.C. and inspired by the concepts of a dementia village, we are replacing the conventional institutional approach with one that truly honors each resident’s individuality and daily well-being.” In February 2020, Island Health signed a project development agreement with Providence Living to redevelop a care community to replace The Views through joint funding from the Province, Island Health, St. Paul’s Foundation and the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation.

To meet the increasing demand from British Columbia’s growing seniors’ population during the past five years, government has invested approximately $2 billion to expand and improve the quality of care for seniors. This funding covers improvements, such as primary care, home health, long-term care and assisted living.

In addition, the Province is investing more than $2 billion in the redevelopment and replacement of long-term care facilities, such as projects in Vancouver, Colwood, Abbotsford, Richmond, Prince George, Nanaimo, Delta, Campbell River and Cranbrook.

The environmental benefits of lawn care

(NC) Caring for your lawn isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s about nurturing a healthy ecosystem right in your own backyard. A well-maintained lawn not only adds charm to your property, it also plays a crucial role in supporting a healthier environment. Here are some of the ways that taking care of your lawn can benefit our surroundings.

Enhancing air quality: Your lawn acts as a natural air purifier, capturing dust, pollen and other airborne particles, making the air cleaner. Through photosynthesis, grass absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) and releases oxygen, helping to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Preventing soil erosion: Healthy lawns are crucial to preventing soil erosion. The dense grassroot keeps the soil in place, minimizing the risk of decay caused by water or wind. Soil erosion not only strips away valuable topsoil, it can also pollute nearby water bodies.

Cooling outdoor spaces: Compared to urban areas filled with buildings and concrete, places with more grass and trees are noticeably cooler. Additionally, it requires less energy to cool a building surrounded by grass than one surrounded by concrete. A lush lawn not only keeps your outdoor area cooler but could also lower air conditioning bills.

Ensuring clean water: Maintaining a healthy lawn contributes to better water quality. The thick grass cover is a natural filter for rainwater, cutting

down on runoff and stopping pollutants from reaching waterways.

How to keep your lawn healthy

To keep your lawn healthy, it’s important to focus on three areas: fertilizing, watering and cutting.

Fertilize: Plants need the proper balance of nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Fertilizer ensures your lawn has all the nutrients it needs in the proper amounts to grow. Fertilize your lawn every other month, beginning in the spring when it starts to turn green, and continue until just before the ground freezes to promote thick, healthy growth that can fight off weeds.

Water: Regular watering is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn. Water your lawn early in the morning to reduce evaporation and fungal growth.

Cut: Mowing your lawn correctly can greatly influence its health. Keep your mower blades sharp and set your mower to the correct height for your grass type.

When fall begins, it’s important to continue caring for your lawn to ensure it remains healthy. Fertilizing in the fall helps strengthen roots and provides essential nutrients for the colder months. Additionally, keep up with watering if there is insufficient rainfall and continue mowing until the cold weather hits.

A vibrant lawn isn’t just a patch of green – it’s a miniature ecosystem that offers a variety of environmental benefits. By taking care of your lawn, you’re enhancing your property’s appeal and playing a vital role in preserving our planet’s health.

Mela Teeyan Da 2024

Mela Teeyan Da 2024 on Saturday August 10,2024 at 12:30pm to 6:30 at 4582 Bell Road, Abbotsford.

Virsa Foundation is a arts and cultural, not for profit organization. Virsa Foundation is a social, health and arts, and cultural service organization; helping the communities in the Lower Mainland Area.

Our primary focus of intervention is the South Asian Community with an emphasis on other diverse comunities. It is important to keep the younger generation in tune with their heritage, culture and traditions. It is not wise to lose the traditions and their significance with passing gen-erations.

Tickets available at: Prince video, Linkin Photo and Video studio, Highend fashion & fabric Cedar park.

Entry Tickets: Senior and kids( above 5 years ): $35, Early birds( Until june 30 ): $40, Adult regular tickets: $50

Multiple performances: Punjabi virsa coastal bhangra club, Surrey -

Delta Indo Canadian seniors society performance, Solo dance performance and open DJ

Sponsorship agreement form: Bronze - $500, Silver - $1000, Gold - $2000, Diamond - $2500


1. Vendors will pay $250.00 for stall including two tickets and one table free.

2. Refund policy can apply with 7 days. After 7 days no refund applicable.

3. If you want to add your business card or TV promos flyer. You need to pay $250.00 and one ticket free.

4. Banner advertisement $150.00 including one ticket free.

5. Business card distribution $150.00 one ticket free.

Sponsorship and stalls contact at: dharamvirdhaliwal 604-217-0151

Email: virsafoundation@outlook. com

Find more information on lawn care and environmental benefits at fertilizercanada. ca/lawncare.

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Now: 2025 Toyota Corolla Hatchback: Compact Sports Style!

There’s a reason so many Canadians love small, sporty, and stylish cars like the Corolla Hatchback. Toyota’s compact hatch is big – in so many ways. It’s big fun to drive, fuel-efficient, surprisingly versatile, and loaded with all the connectivity technology and safety features that Canadians on the go demand.

“Many Canadians love sport hatches and as the last full-line automaker, Toyota has what they need – with a modern compact hatchback that’s easy to own and exhilarating to drive,” said Cyril Dimitris, Vice Pres-

a genuinely sporty drive with great feedback, quick response, and super stability.

Notable exterior details include an aggressive grille design flanked by Bi-beam LED headlamps, LED daytime running lights, heated exterior mirrors, variable intermittent wipers, an intermittent rear window wiper, and a raked hatch with integrated rear spoiler. Inside, the Corolla Hatchback is surprisingly roomy. When there’s gear to haul, the 60/40 split rear seat folds to open up 660L (23.3 cubic feet) of cargo space.

ident, Toyota Canada Inc. “What’s more, it punches above its weight with standard state-of-the-art technologies that keep owners and drivers connected and safe.”

Under the hood, the powertrain is engineered and tuned to deliver spirited performance and impressive fuel efficiency. At the core, the Toyota Dynamic Force 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine with high- pressure direct injection delivers 169 peak horsepower for driving fun. This is coupled to a responsive and efficient Direct Shift CVT with simulated 10-speed sequential shiftmatic steps to deliver fast-paced performance and great fuel efficiency – rated at just 6.8L / 100 km city/highway combined. Performance-focussed features such as a multilink rear suspension and Active Cornering Assist to deliver

The Corolla Hatchback also puts intuitive technology at one’s fingertips – and voice. Every model features the Toyota Multimedia system – a bundle of smart connectivity technologies that keeps drivers informed and safe while simplifying their lives behind the wheel. The system integrates wirelessly with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and features Toyota’s newest interface, which improves interaction between people and vehicle through sight, touch, and voice. Every Corolla Hatchback is factoryfitted with an impressive package of active and passive safety features, headlined by Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 – a bundle of advanced safety technologies that enhance driver awareness and ability to help avoid accidents or reduce their severity.

Toyota Canada offers the 2025 Corolla Hatchback in four grades, the 2025 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE features a Sirius XM Satelliteready six-speaker audio system with eight-inch touch screen, the Toyota Multimedia system with Safety Connect, Service Connect, and Remote Connect features, the Toyota Smart Key System with Push Button Start, automatic air conditioning, a 4.2” multi-information display, and 15” steel wheels. The 2025 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE Plus adds 16” alloy wheels, heated front seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and the Blind Spot Monitor System with Safe Exit Assist.

The 2025 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE Upgrade upscales with 18” dark grey alloy wheels, heated steering wheel, and a wireless charging system

for compatible smartphones. The 2025 Toyota Corolla Hatchback XSE maximizes style and features adding an eight-speaker JBL audio system, Toyota Multimedia with Drive Connect, Safety Connect, Service Connect, and Remote Connect features, a power adjustable driver’s seat, sport fabric upholstery with leatherette trim, a 7” digital gauge cluster, dual zone air conditioning, and fog lamps. 2025 Toyota Corolla Hatchback pricing ranges from: $24,075 - $33,689 includes MSRP/ Freight PDI/AC charge/maximum Dealer fees/maximum other fees and charges, and excludes taxes, license, insurance and registration. The 2025 Toyota Corolla Hatchback is now on sale at Toyota Dealers across Canada. For complete and up to date details and specifications visit www.toyota. ca/corollahatchback

Veeno Dewan

sfzI rYPl ivwc afvdf nF pfE aqy nvIN gwzI ijwqx leI mOkf pRfpq kro!

Visit abbotsfordhospice.rafflenexus.com

itktF: 1 itkt $100 jF 3 itktF $250 leI. isrP 1,250 itktF ivkx gIaF! jyqU df nF agsq 18 nUM sfzy horspfvr Por hfsips krUjL-ien smfgm qy GoisLq kIqf jfvygf! sfry munfPy aYbtsPorz hfsips aqy grIP sport susfietI nUM imlxgy. nvIN 2024 CYvI trYks ijwqo! kImq $30,000 qoN vwD hY!

Enter our raffle to drive away in this sporty new car!

Visit abbotsfordhospice.rafflenexus.com


Tickets: 1 for $100 or 3 for $250. Only 1,250 tickets to be sold! Winner will be drawn on August 18th at our Horsepower for Hospice Cruise-In

The city of Abbotsford celebrated the 157th Canada Day-Glims of the Canada Day Parade

ibRitsL kolMbIaf sUby dy KUbsUrq sLihr aYbtsPorz ivKy 157 vF kYnyzf zya DUmDfm nfl mnfieaf igaf aYbtsPorz dI kYnyzf zya pryz dIaF JlkIaF qsvIrF dI jubfnI qsvIrF: isMLgfrf isMG sLyrigwl

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Abbotsford's Deputy Mayor Dave Sidhu Congratulated Everyone at the Mount Lehman Association

Canada Day Event

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pirvfrk pRogrfmF aqy smfgmF rfhIN BfeIcfry leI swiBafcfr nfl juVn dy nvyN mOky pYdf krn ivwc sfzy nfl Èfml hovo. pUry pRogrfm dy vyrvy aqy arËIaF aOnlfeIn lwBIaF jf skdIaF hn. hux qusIN afvdI arjLI Bro!

Premier’s statement on Canada Day

Premier David Eby has issued the following statement marking Canada Day:

“Canada Day is a time to come together with family, friends and neighbours to celebrate this wonderful country we call home.

“Canada is rightly known as a place of safety, a place of opportunity and a place of beauty, and people from around the world come here to build a better life.

“Our diversity is a strength, and we are at our best when everyone is free to be themselves – no matter their faith or background, who they love or how they identify.

“Canada’s historical wrongs against Indigenous Peoples make today difficult for many, and we must all continue to learn from the past to build a better future for everyone based on reconciliation, respect and the recognition of Indigenous rights.

“Today, let us celebrate our country, reflect on what it means to us and look for ways we can make it a more welcoming place for all.

“From my family to yours, happy Canada Day!”

See more on page 11

Summer Fundraising Event at Salon Picasso will be a Real Beauty

for profit organization , and cultural service e Lower Mainland Area. uth Asian Community with on in tune with their se to lose the traditions and

Salon Picasso will be welcoming members of the public to an Ultra Summer Soirée on Wednesday, August 21, 2024 from 5-7pm. Organised by Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation and Rada Sidhu (Salon Picasso owner) the event aims to raise funds for a much needed ultrasound to help kidney patients in the Renal Department at Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH).

Kidney Disease affects more than 4 million Canadians and yet there is so much more we can do to understand the systemic disease. According to Dr. Jassal, donor relations, “a kidney ultrasound uses sound waves to diagnose if there is damage to the kidney--vital organ that helps eliminate waste and extra fluid from the body. The renal ultrasound will definitely be a great asset to our care teams helping our patients”.

Please join us for a special evening of mingling with friends, old and new, all while enjoying hors d'oeuvres, enjoying fun games, and ultimately helping to make a difference for patients-in-care at Abbotsford Regional Hospital. You can purchase tickets directly at: https://www. fvhcf.ca/summer/ If you would like to learn more about the event contact: Lakhbir.Jassal@fraserhealth.ca

4582 Bell Road, Abbotsford

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Francis Domingo - PREC | Gurjot Kooner | Sunny Ahuja - PREC | David Tsen - PREC | Shawn Domingo | Jim Makkar - PREC | Jake Nesbit

The Lot can be rezoned to 2 Single family lots or Duplex. Large lot of 9870 sq. ft. Total of 6 bdrm and 4 bath, Currently rented out. SUITE with a separate entry. Walking distance to shopping, Mill Lake, Abbotsford hospital, schools, etc. Call to book your showing now!

Cathedral entry home with great street appeal. Convenient central location adjacent to all levels of schools and premier recreational facilities. Its freshly decorated interior, 5 bedroom accommodation + lovely level fenced backyard says family friendly from this choice cul-de-sac location. Call to book your showing now!

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The opportunity to be able to do things your way can seem a lucky break but what you need to be careful about is being overly confident. Some sort of balance an at underlying level needs to be maintained either to do with family or you might be reminded by family due to the fact they can sense the unexpected more than you.

The ability to have freedom of choice is important. You may have now come to the realisation that these things don’t necessarily need to cost a lot. If you have been able to become more settled of late with certain financial obligations you now have the opportunity to view the long term from a completely different perspective.

Mercury, the planet of thought and communication moves into your sign this week for its first stay until 26th July. Whatever decisions you make, particularly on a personal level in this time cannot be expected to be final. The position of other people is not something you can be entirely certain about, so let time take its course..

Someone else can expect to have more freedom and to be able to do things their way in the future without taking into account any added responsibility that may be landed with you. It is possible you have been doing too much and now they believe you can continue on. It is up to you to express exactly what you insist on and think.

Any effort you have put into something of late could result in feeling rewarded by a solid structure of some description that has been the hopeful expectation. This can take you to the next stage of planning the future goals or possibilities up to late July. Bear in mind though that this will just be the first stage. More will settle later.

Don’t be tempted to spend money on something you don’t really need, however small, this week. It might be that you get a lot of little things out of the way resulting in a sense that a good job has been done. Communication with others will pick up to late July. In some way it is a first stage – it will be repeated again later.

Something you might like to initiate either with friends or in any situation that involves a group of people can go well. You can be both creative with your ideas or conversation as well as practical. Be aware of the obligations that might come with it or any situation that somebody with authority may not be too pleased about.

Decisions can be finalised that can result in greater peace of mind in the future. You can feel settled about having established a situation that will give you a greater sense of security, particularly if you have felt that others could make decisions in the future that could affect you financially. You have successfully protected yourself.

You have likely experienced support when it comes to things important to you or in any situation that has involved you with a group of people, even friends. Either something you didn’t see coming or the way normal routines in your life could be interrupted might require you to contemplate matters further up to late July.

It might seem more important to fit in with others at the moment. With this attitude you could actually enjoy any responsibilities that go with it, especially if it is to do with young people and what they might be able to accomplish in the long term. Your focus can turn to obligations attached to getting a workable structure in place..

Social situations that have a degree of obligation attached can be a pleasant change to any hectic situations with others that have likely been the case of late that may have necessitated usual routines to be put on hold. Be mindful when it comes to responding to any expectations placed on you to late July as the whole picture may not be evident.

You should feel more confident of mind, especially if you are at a point of finalising something you have been working towards. It can bring a real sense of satisfaction. This can lead you to the next stage to late July that can be about putting regular routines in place. There can be a degree of experimentation with this as a final stage will come up later.

BPR Full Home R enovation

• Gr qoN PrI lY ky jfx aqy CWzx df pRbMD hY.

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Why you need to feed your garden

(NC) Just as people need an adequate and consistent diet to grow and stay healthy, plants also need proper nutrition. As plants grow, they extract nutrients from the soil. Those nutrients need to be replenished. Fertilizer is food for plants, providing them with these important nutrients. For the most lush, green garden with strong, healthy leaves and root systems, it is important to feed your plants, and to do it right. Simply follow the 4Rs: the right source at the right rate, the right time and the right place.

The right source

When reviewing fertilizer, you’ll notice it has three numbers on the bag. This indicates the ratio of the three main fertilizers inside: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK). For example, if the bag says 21-4-3 it contains 21 per cent nitrogen, 4 per cent phosphorus and 3 per cent

potassium. Nitrogen is important for boosting growth and green colour, phosphorus feeds seedlings and fosters new root growth, and potassium is important for all-around health and protects against disease and stress.

The right rate

Follow the instructions on the bag and don’t be heavy-handed; more is not always better. Using a fertilizer spreader on your lawn will help disperse it evenly. Uneven application can result in variations in colour or burning if overapplied. Never spread fertilizer by hand. There are granular and water-soluble fertilizers available for use in your garden.

The right time

Fertilize your lawn every other month beginning in April, or when it begins to get green, and continue into the fall before the ground freezes. Fertilize your garden with granular fertilizer

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monthly or weekly with a watersoluble product.

The right place

Follow the instructions on the package and use the appropriate tools to ensure the fertilizer is in the optimal place for the plant. Avoid applying fertilizer before heavy rain to ensure the nutrients stay in the soil where the plants can feast on them.

If you have leftover fertilizer, you can use it, share it or store it.

Consistent fertilizing helps plants develop strong, healthy root systems that make them resistant to

heat, drought and wear. Sharing fertilizer with family, friends or neighbours helps them grow beautiful, lush lawns and gardens. Store fertilizer in a dry place out of direct sunlight in the same packaging it came in.

Growing a green, lush garden is easy when you follow the 4Rs. Find more information on lawn care at fertilizercanada.ca/lawncare.

Housekeeper Needed

Duties: cleaning, some cooking and watching kids. Some experience is required. Requirements: have a ride to and from work Please contact: 250- 416- 1863

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Heartwarming Connections: William A. Fraser Middle School Celebrates Community and Character in Video Project

The turnout was fantastic, with over 150 guests that laughed and enjoyed advice in the Connections Matters Video reveal celebration at William A. Fraser Middle School on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. The video touched hearts with its authenticity, and we thank each and every one of you for making this project happen. We were humbled by the turnout and honoured to celebrate our work and the participation of students, parents and community members across Abbotsford.

Did you know that over 200 pieces of dear younger/future self-advice were submitted by students and community members? Did you know that our project was made up of two parts? The first part was gathering all the advice from students, community members, staff and parents. Some of the advice made us laugh, some tugged at our hearts, and some was just simply really, really good advice. The response from teachers and principals from our family of schools was overwhelming, and that made our second part of the project a challenge. We never anticipated this challenge. We were left with the task of sifting over 200 responses to weave together into a video representing our community's authenticity. This was no easy task. Did you know some of the students in our video have never met before? In a school of 700 students, you might not always get to know each person and that is why projects like this are so important. Our students in grades 6, 7, and 8 from all different backgrounds and interests came together under the common umbrella of Character and

Community, and that is what makes this project unique/special.

PRESELY: "Before middle school I never really knew what character meant and why it matters so much. But with the help of my teachers and this project, I have realized that doing the right thing, for the right reasons even when no one is watching, defines my character." "The advice from this project that stuck with me was from a grade 8 student- who is here today. The advice she gives in the video is “Dear younger self, Don't sweat the small stuff” signed a 13-year-old self. "I take dance lessons in the community and As a dancer we always put pressure on ourselves to be perfect. But we don't need to be perfect because one little mistake does not define who you are and what you can do! So not sweating the small stuff is great advice for us to remember our whole lives"

Charlotte: This Connections Matters project is important to me because it helped bring the community and different people together. The advice that stuck out to me in the video was from a grade 6 student at our school and I love this advice. The advice is “Dear younger self, don’t act or dress differently than you usually would just because others are doing it. You will be so much happier if you just be yourself.” This stood out to me because I think that sometimes I do things because others are doing it. Sometimes I don’t say things or do say things because I’m trying to act more like others. But I always feel the happiest when I am with the people who I can be myself around.

HANNAH: I really liked that so many kids from all grades joined us in this project. The piece of advice

that stood out to me was from Ms. Ladyka “Dear younger self, you don’t have to say yes to everything, no is a perfectly fine answer.” This advice is super important and stuck with me because I normally say yes to things just to be polite and sometimes I need to prioritize my time and say no to the things I don’t want to do. This awesome piece of advice reminds me that I should say no when needed and not just rush to say yes because it is easier for me to say in the moment. I should use my voice respectably to say no if I am busy and people will understand.

advice that we never took. Looking back, we realize you had our best interest at heart.”

AVERY: This project was important to me because I got to hear so many voices and although they were all so different, somehow all the pieces of advice affected how I thought. The funny advice made me laugh, and the more serious advice made me think. This project showed that everyone has different experiences and personalities and that’s why all the advice was so different. This project taught me more leadership skills of how to work with my community better that I will now use and throughout my whole life.

MIRELLA: This project means a lot to me because it brought our community closer together. Community members got to know us better, and we had the chance to highlight our leadership skills. A piece of advice that jumped out to me was from someone I have yet to meet, the Superintendent, Sean Nosek. He says not to worry about having life planned out; life is about the journey, not the destination. As someone who always over plans everything, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to make mistakes, to learn from your mistakes and not have every moment of my life planned out to the second. After all, if you don’t live in the moment, you’ll miss out on the most enjoying the most important parts of your life.

This video is dedicated to “Our grandparents, parents, caregivers, siblings and teachers who all gave us

CHARLOTTE C: A piece of advice that stood out to me as I watched the video and I love this advice is “Dear younger self, always remember to stand up for something that matters. Use your voice and actions to make a difference.” This stood out to me because I want to help the environment and make our planet great, so I want to use my voice to make a positive impact. This advice reminds me that I am on the right track and to keep doing what I am doing for the environment. This advice was given by Ms. Sekhon, a parent of a grade 8 student at our school and I want to thank her for giving such great advice for me to remember for my whole life.

FIONA : The advice that stuck out to me is “Dear younger self, be yourself. You don’t have to become somebody else.” This advice stood out to me as it reminds me that I don’t have to become someone else to be happy and successful.

CHARLOTTE C: If you remember one thing we have shared with you, then let it be the same message our teachers share with us each day!!Make a commitment to seize the opportunity to change our community with one positive action at a time. Connections Matters! So, let’s continue to remind each other that every choice we make has an impact on ourselves and the people around us and in our community.

It would mean a lot to us if you would please like, share this video on social media with your families, extended families and friends. WE Thank you from our hearts.

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