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“ B R I D G I N G C O M M U N I T I E S ” 604.852.2288 | T h e P a t r i k a Weekly | Friday, April 26th, 2024 | Vol.28. No. 32 | www.patrika.ca/e-newspaper | e:info@patrika.ca inrpwK, sqMqr aqy agFhvDU soc nMU prnfieaf hoieaf A SECULAR, INDEPENDENT & PROGRESSIVE NEWSPAPER Get in touch today. #307 - 32615 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 1X8 604-746-4357 info@kswlawyers.ca To gether, we grow. & DNC ieMtYgrf lOXrs LLPs vkIlF nfl juV igaf hY. asIN hux sfzy aYbtsPorz dPqr ivwc kuwl 10 vkIl hF aqy 150 sflF qoN vwD kfnUMnI qjLrby nUM joVdy hF. DNC Integra Lawyers LLP s solicitor group has joined KSW Lawyers. We now total 10 lawyers in our Abbotsford office and combine over 150 years of legal experience. Abbotsford Office: 1-2838 Garden Street Abbotsford, B.C., V2T4W7. Phone: 604-851-2290 Surrey Office : 110-5477 152 Street Surrey B.C., V3S 5A5. Phone 778-900-0900 Real Estate Transactions Subdivisions Corporate Law Personal Injury Civil Litigation Wills aiBafs dy Kyqr rIal astyt ‘c lYx-dyx sb-izvIjLnF kfrporyt kfnUMn inwjI swt isvl mukwdmybfjLI vsIaq SHINDER GILL 604.832.0540 14 YEAR MEDALION MEMBER TOP 1% of FV REALTOR BOARD www.shindergillrealestate.com T H A NK YOUFORSUPPORTING YOUR PHARMASAVEWESTRIDGE T E A M Now Open in your neighbourhood Westridge Pharmasave Mom to Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm Saturday: 10:00 am-2:00pm | Sunday: Closed Blister Packaging Free Delivery Blood Pressure Monitoring Diabetes Education OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK hPqy ivwc 6 idn Kuly hn Phone: 604.776.3111 Fax : 604.776.3110 #105-3670 Townline Rd. Abbotsford, BC. Pharmacist can now prescribe for common ailments Pfrmfisst hux quhfnUM dvfeIaF pRskrfeIb kr skdy hn bilstr pYkfijMg muPLq ivwc zilvrI blwz prYsLr monItr sLUgr dI ibmfrI bfry jfxkfrI vYstirwj Pfrmfsyv aMgryjI, pMjfbI, ihMdI ivwc dvfeIaF dI jfxkfrI Westridge Pharmasave BUSINESS CARGO LIABILITY PRO RATE FLEET CONTRACTORS #1-32442 George Ferguson Way, Abbotsford 604-853-1600 Fax:604-853-9877 HOMEOWNERS TENANTS FARMS TRAVEL RV’S AGENCIES LTD. VISITORS INSURANCE 148 - 32050 Cedar Lane, Abbotsford, BC supr vIjLf Brinder Gill 604-835-1212 (Guaranteed Best Rates) 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Aluminum: Picket Railing | Glass Railing | Driveway Gates | Window Security Bars & Patio Covers | Aluminum Steps info@hipeakrailing.com | www.hipeakrailing.com alUmInIam: ipkyt ryilMg, glfs ryilMg, zRfeIvvya gyts, ivMzo surwiKaf leI bfr aqy pYtIE kvr, alUmInIam stYps HI-PEAK Railing & Gates Ltd. Commercial & Residential vpfrk aqy irhfieÈI QfvF leI HI-PEAK Railing & Gates Ltd. Ravi Singh 778-242-6974 Yogi's Karate Dojo 2024 Provincials: Abbotsford Students Shine. Please see story on page 18 Please see story on page 18 BC’s Only Bilingual Newspaper Since 1996. 1996 qoN Cpx vflf ibRitsL kolMbIaf df pihlf do-BfsLIaf aKLbfr
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The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf

5 bucket-list worthy places to visit in Canada

(NC) While many of us jump at the chance to travel outside our borders, Canada remains a spectacular place to explore, with a diverse and far-reaching history. Here are five must-see destinations to add to your bucket list. How many have you visited?

L’Anse aux Meadows: Visit this breathtaking World Heritage Site, which rests at the tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula, to tour the archeological remains and experience a reconstruction of a thousand-year-old Norse encampment dating back to the Viking Age. You’ll be walking in a place immortalized in the Icelandic sagas five hundred years before the next Europeans arrived on this continent, all set against a rugged backdrop of icebergs, whales and moose. Enjoy archeological artifacts, expert tours, geocaching and even an escape room.

Gwaii Haanas: Immerse yourself in Indigenous culture, surrounded by rich rainforests, and an ocean teeming with life in Gwaii Haanas on the beautiful islands of Haida Gwaii, the homeland of the Haida Nation. After you’ve made a reservation and obtained a trip permit, embrace your sense of wonder at the national park reserve and heritage site. The remote chain of islands is roughly 170 kilometres off the coast of northern British Columbia or 700 km north of Vancouver.

Get an intimate view of nature and wildlife from the seat of a kayak or take a guided tour to witness the power of ancient Haida village sites. Spot the carved poles lining the beach at SGang Gwaay and notice the remains of multi-tiered longhouses at T’aanuu and other historic communities. The Haida have called the 150-island archipelago home since time immemorial.

Grosse Ile: For over a century, Grosse Ile was the gateway for millions of European immigrants on their way to new lives in North America. Walk in their footsteps at this historic quarantine island, just fifty kilometres downstream from Quebec City, where incoming ships – and people – were inspected in an effort to prevent the spread of diseases. Tour the island by bike or trolley, check out the medical quarantine station from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and pay your respects at the memorial for the thousands of Irish immigrants who died there.

Louisbourg: Prepare to be wowed at the expansive 18th-century French fortress on the coast of Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island. Painstakingly reconstructed between the 1960s and the 1980s, the bustling town is brought raucously to life every summer by costumed Parks Canada interpreters who play music, bake fresh bread and showcase what life would have been like for many of the residents. While

you’re sampling an 18th-century meal or exploring the town, you can also learn about the Mi’kmaq traditional territory it sits on. Recent research has revealed the lives of enslaved people who lived at the fortress, such as Guinea-born Marie Marguerite Rose, the first known Black businesswoman in Canada.

Dawson City: Once called “the Paris of the North,” this unique Yukon town was the heart of the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1890s. Today, it’s home to five national historic sites. Hike the Discovery Trail, explore local engineering feats and admire historic buildings, including one that used to be a brothel. You’ll get to know the cultural and economic fabric of the time – and just have fun. With a vibrant arts and culture scene, lively tours of the town and plenty of nature adventures, there’s something here for everyone. In the summer you’ll bask in the midnight sun, and in winter, you might just catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. You can learn more about these one-in-a-million destinations or prepare for your trip through Parks Canada’s history and archaeology podcast, ReCollections. You’ll find episodes with stories from each of these locations at parks.canada.ca/recollections, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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The Patrika

The 2024 Chevy Silverado HD has presence, in terms of sheer size, styling and work abilities. It is a huge, wide, full- size pickup truck that offers stupendous load carrying ability and towing prowess. For 2024 the Chevrolet Silverado HD range of heavy-duty pickup trucks consists of 2500 HD and 3500 HD variants. Engine options include a gasoline V8 and diesel units. The lineup comprises of the entry level WT (Work Truck.) and Custom trims, while the LT and upper levels have new interior with a 13.4-inch centre screen with Google Built-In, and a 12.3-inch configurable digital instrument cluster. The High-Country trim line (As tested) adds a Midnight Edition appearance package, and there will also be an off-road- specialized ZR2 trim.

Upgraded trailer technology includes adaptive cruise control that can be used when towing; and there is blind-spot monitoring that covers the trailer’s length; emitting a warning if the vehicle and trailer weight exceed the rating; Ther is also a Transparent Trailer mode that shows multiple camera views to make connecting trailers and fifth wheels easier.

The base engine on the 2024 Silverado is a brawny 6.6L V8 making 401 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque. For 2024, there is new Allison 10-speed transmission replacing the previous six -speed unit. There is also an optional 6.6L Duramax V8 turbodiesel; with the same Allison 10-speed transmission. Horsepower is up from 445 to 470, while torque rises from 910 lb-ft to 975 lb-ft.

Every 2024 Silverado HD pickup with a bed has the innovative multifunction tailgate- that is a tailgate within a tailgate. It acts as a load stop, bed step, work surface, or seat and offers an integrated Bluetooth speaker. The Silverado’s standard bed is 6-foot-8. The long bed is 8-foot-1. You can also get the option of a dually rear wheel set up if you haul heavy loads.

When it comes to towing payload figures, The figures ae impressive. The regular cab can tow up to 14,500 lbs; the gasoline powered double cab from 14,500 lbs and up to 17,900 lbs (diesel) The diesel engined trucks can tow from 16,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs . Add a Fifth-wheel towing set up and the tow rating granges from 16,000 lbs to 22,500 lbs.

Interior wise the Silverado HD takes the cabin from the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 truck, so its new with a centre touchscreen that has intuitive menus and easy-to-use functionality. We tested the Silverado High Country version which is a tad more luxurious with heated and ventilated leather seats, along with heated rear seats and a power driver’s seat. Storage abounds with a large console bin, deep console box, twin gloveboxes, large door pockets, and a small dash bin behind the centre screen. There are storage bins under the rear seats, and storage compartments hidden inside their seatbacks. Every Silverado HD comes with a touchscreen running Chevrolet's very accessible and user-friendly Infotainment system. This system also includes both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Dual-zone automatic climate control, a heated leather-wrapped steering wheel that adjusts for reach as well

as height are also present. The Silverado is designed well, with big simple buttons, dials and switches that are easy to operate with gloves on.

On the road, the Silverado, although bulky and wide proved a smooth comfortable hauler. You can enable the two or four-wheel drive modes — or an automatic 4×4 setting via simple buttons. Another dial offers normal, sport, off-road, or tow-haul driving modes. A highlight is the new 10-speed Allison transmission which offers smooth, precise shifts. However, this is still a truck - a huge truck , so its ponderous, not very agile and requires lots of space in parking lots and narrow urban area to navigate. In terms of pricing these super-sized trucks are not cheap - The 2500 starts at $57,199 in regular cab; $59,599 in double cab; and $61,399 in crew cab form plus any options. The 4×4 High Country HD , as tested starts at $93,699, but with the diesel and several other options, came to a very hefty $111,524 before freight and taxes. To sum up, the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD makes for an excellent work and play truck with its all-around improved refinement, comfort, and technology.

2024 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 High Country HD price as tested – $113, 824. www.chevrolet.ca

T S F O O B R B D A TUNE-UP CENTER LTD. 604 854-5500 Karamjit   Unit #24 - 3275 McCallum Road Abbotsford B.C. V2S 3M7 (Across from Air Care)         Certified Technician DESIGNATED VEHICLE INSPECTION FACILTIY $60.00 OIL CHANGE Fall SPECIAL 2024
Country. Review by Veeno Dewan
Chevrolet Silverado 2500
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Unit# 3 - 32700 George Ferguson Way

Abbotsford BC V2T 4V6

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The Patrika

City and School Board sign new agreement on turf field management

The City of Abbotsford and Abbotsford Board of Education have reestablished a new 30-year joint-use agreement for the operations and maintenance of the four synthetic turf fields on the school district’s property.

In addition to a new cost-sharing structure for field maintenance, the operating and licence agreement includes an annual assessment of each field to guide planning for end-of-life replacement and maintenance. With a new agreement in place, the field at Abbotsford Senior Secondary will be reopened to use by community sports groups and funds will be allocated for turf replacement on one of the synthetic fields at W.J. Mouat Secondary School, which has been closed since September 2021.

“As a Council, we value recreation and support facilities, amenities and activities that connect us. Ensuring proper maintenance and enhancement of these fields not only supports our local school athletes, but also the many community sports organizations in need of a space to train and play,” said Abbotsford Mayor, Ross Siemens. “We are very happy to have renewed this partnership with the Abbotsford Board of Education and to extend the use of these artificial turf fields for the future.”

“Our Board has a longstanding history of working with the City to benefit not only our students, but the entire community,” said Shirley Wilson, Chair of the Abbotsford Board of Education. “Our Board has always supported community access to our educational and recreational facilities, fostering a vibrant and active community. This renewed agreement highlights our ongoing commitment to this vision. Together, we are ensuring that these fields will continue to serve as a valuable resource for our students and the broader community for years to come.”

The agreement entered into by the Board and the City gives the City overall responsibility for the management, administration, booking, operation, custodial services, maintenance and repairs of all four fields, overseeing access to the fields during evenings and weekends throughout the school year and full time during the summer. Annual maintenance costs are estimated at $40,000 per field, which will be split equally between the City of Abbotsford and the Abbotsford School District. Any capital improvements or end-of-life field replacements will be funded at 65 per cent by the City and 35 per cent by the School District, which aligns with each organization’s respective level of use and access to the four fields.

In early 2023, City and School Board staff renewed discussions to undertake replacement of the synthetic turf and supporting amenities at the fields on Abbotsford School District lands, three of which are situated between W.J. Mouat Senior Secondary and Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle school, with the fourth on the grounds of Abbotsford Senior Secondary.

For more information contact: Aletta Vanderheyden, Communications and Public Relations Manager, City of Abbotsford, E: media@ abbotsford.ca, Ray Velestu, CFO/Secretary-Treasurer, Abbotsford School District, E: ray.velestuk@abbyschools.ca

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The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf


We do all types of Renovations

asIN hr qrF dI rYnovysLn krdy hF:

• Laminate • Tiles

• Painting

• Framing

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You will get the best quality work at DGB home renovation

New Basement and Bathroom Extension

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nvIN bysmYNt aqy bfQrUm aYkstYnsLn 2121 Sherwood Crescent, Abbotsford B.C. V2T 1B9 CALL GAGAN : 604-791-3933
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The Patrika

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Community feedback wanted on housing Zoning Bylaw update

To align with the Province of BC’s new housing legislation, the City of Abbotsford is undertaking an update of the City’s Zoning Bylaw, and is seeking community input as a key component of that process.

Specifically, the update will focus on enabling the Province’s requirement for each municipality to permit up to four housing units on properties that were previously only allowed single detached dwellings and/or duplexes.

This change will impact approximately 22,000 existing properties in Abbotsford. In developing the new regulations for Abbotsford, the City is pursuing a moderate approach to the zoning changes in an effort to balance the critical need for housing, with other important considerations like retaining space for trees, yards, parking, and stormwater infrastructure.

Residents can learn more and are encouraged to provide feedback about the City’s proposed approach online through the City’s Let’s Talk Abbotsford engagement portal at www.letstalkabbotsford.ca/new-housing-regulations.

Comments can be submitted until May 17, 2024. All feedback received will help the City refine its implementation approach prior to Council consideration in June.

For more information contact: Aletta Vanderheyden, Communications and Public Relations Manager, City of Abbotsford E: media@abbotsford.ca

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Sandhar Family Donates Latest Life Saving Technology to Abbotsford Regional Hospital

A generous financial gift from a local philanthropic family has been made towards a new ventilator for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH).

Ventilators are used for life support to help babies’ breathe better as their lungs are not working well enough. In many cases premature babies require the support of a ventilator (bed side machine) to help them receive good air, oxygen, to the lungs. ARH, thanks to the generosity of the Sandhar family, is now able to provide neonatal patients with life saving equipment to help protect their vital organs.

Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation is incredibly grateful to the Sandhar family for their continued support in helping save lives. According to Gaurav Sandhar, “our family is very excited to see the the ventilator arrive to the NICU and look forward to seeing it in use. The NICU team in the Abbotsford Regional Hospital is fantastic and we know it will be a big help”.

State-of-the-art medical equipment helps our health care team save lives. If you would like to support our continued effort in helping save lives please get in touch with Dr. Jassal at Lakhbir.Jassal@fraserhealth.ca

KHATTR A GROUP ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH CONTINENTAL IMMIGR ATION S OLUTIONS INC. Brampton ON : #15 - 7955 Torbram Road, Brampton ON L6T 5B9 | Tel: 905-458-1613 | Fax: 905-458-6977 For Prompt, Polite & Professional Service Please See Us Abbotsford BC : Unit 101-32883 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford BC V2S 2A6 | Tel: 604-852-3201 | Fax: 604-852-3284 s`n vDIE` Eqy Brosywog syv`v~ leI imlo: All Revenue Canada applications and inquiries I N C O M E TA X Nil Income Still Eligible for Refunds • E-File for Faster Refund ienkm tYks Our Difference is the Difference. Sukhvir Chand : 778.549.6851 RCIC, BBA www.cisonline.ca Commissioner of Oaths for British Columbia Member of CAPIC mandeep@brarco.ca Mandeep Brar: 778.908.3317 sukh@cisonline.ca “Helping Make Canada Home” • Personal Tax (T1) • Sole Proprietor
Corporate Tax (T2)
GST, PST & HST • WCB • CRA Reviews • Business Planning
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The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf

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Well Pump Installation and Service

asI s pitk t k lfA d hF

We install septic tanks

• Irrigation Installation

• Post Pounding

• Drip and Sprinkler Systems

• Ditch Digging and Cleaning

• Farm Drains

• waste water treatment

• 

• 

• 

• 

• 

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Workers Wanted: Welder & General helper good wages, must speak English, knowledge of Punjabi will be an asset


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Managing Par tner Managing Par tner 604.615.4950 rdhaliwal@insurebc.ca 778.552.8936 ggrewal@insurebc.ca # 160-32500 South Fraser Way | Abbotsford, BC | V2T 4W1(Beside FreshCo) HOME BUSINESS PROPERTY LIABILITY TRAVEL PRORATE LIFE/HEALTH Gagan Grewal Ravi Dhaliwal Get a Free Rate Comparison Today! 604 744 0999 Open 7 Days A Week Mon-Friday: 9:00 am-8:00 pm Saturday : 9:00 am-5:30 pm Sunday: 10:00 am-5:00 pm Central Valley Insurance Services Ltd. Fax: 604-744-0998 Looking For Insurance? WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED ryt dI qulnf muPq ivwc pRfpq kro! WE SPECIALIZE IN SUPER VISA INSURANCE  A N A N D Irrigation Call Tarsem
Specialize in Blueberry Draining
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pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 10
The Patrika

Filipino Community Leaders Celebrate the Federal Funding Commitment for a Filipino Community Cultural Centre in BC

Vancouver, BC — Filipino community leaders and New Democrat Finance Critic MP Don Davies celebrated together the historic inclusion of a commitment for a new Filipino Cultural Centre in BC in the recent federal budget. Amidst the excitement of Filipino community leaders and members, MP Davies took the stage to address the momentous announcement. After 15 years of relentless advocacy for a Filipino Cultural Centre in BC, he expressed his profound gratitude to the Filipino community for their invaluable contributions to the cultural fabric of Canada.

“The Filipino community's vibrant heritage enriches our nation in countless ways, and it is only fitting that we support initiatives that celebrate and preserve this cultural richness,” said MP Don Davies. Representing the federal riding of Vancouver-Kingsway, MP Davies was recognized by local leaders for his 15 years of advocacy for a Filipino Community Cultural Centre. The highlight of MP Davies' address was when he opened his copy of the federal budget and showed everyone the highlighted section that references the centre.

"I am thrilled to share this good news with you all today. This funding partnership is the culmination of every Filipino-Canadian’s dream to have a Cultural Centre. It underscores our commitment to supporting the Filipino community in BC and ensuring that its cultural heritage continues to thrive for generations to come,” he said to a round of applause during a recent Filipino Seniors Club of BC event that also brought leaders from different organizations together to hear his announcement. Mabuhay House Chair Sammie Jo Rumbaua recognized the role of different Filipino community leaders in the effort for a Filipino Community Cultural Centre.

“We are making history. This announcement is a testament to all the incredible work that various community leaders have made up to today. However, the journey toward building the Filipino Community Cultural Centre is just the beginning, and with the Federal government's support, we encourage all Filipinos to continue to work together in making this dream a reality,” she said.

According to the Mabuhay House Society, the Filipino Community Cultural Centre will serve as a hub for showcasing Filipino arts, history, and traditions and provide a space for community gatherings, events, and educational programs. His presence at the event was a testament to his dedication to representing the interests of all constituents in Vancouver Kingsway.

About Mabuhay House Society Established in 2021, the Mabuhay House Society is a registered non-profit society working in partnership with the provincial government to develop a provincial Filipino Community Cultural Centre that will be an inclusive, intercultural, and intergenerational space that Filipino Canadians can call home. Mabuhay House Society is paving the way for the Filipino connection and community to thrive in BC. Join the “Bayanihan movement” towards the Filipino Community Cultural Centre, visit our website at mabuhayhouse.ca

For more info: Sammie Jo Rumbaua, Board Chair, Mabuhay House Society chair@mabuhayhouse.ca/ 604-334-1800

NDP U-turn on Bill 12 following BC United pressure

BC United Leader Kevin Falcon issued the following statement in response to the NDP government’s decision to retract Bill 12, the Public Health Accountability and Cost Recovery Act, after significant public backlash and legislative advocacy by the Official Opposition:

“Thanks to the unified voice of opposition from BC United, the business community, and concerned citizens across the province, the NDP government has been forced to acknowledge the profound flaws within their poorly planned Bill 12. This decision to pause the bill is a significant victory for transparency, accountability, and sensible governance in British Columbia.

“Bill 12 would have had severe unintended consequences for our local businesses and the broader economy. The government’s latest retreat is not only a win for the business community but for every British Columbian who values fairness and clarity in the law.

“This latest reversal on Bill 12 is part of a continuing pattern where only after sustained pressure from BC United and growing community uproar has the NDP been forced into another significant backdown. These include implementing restrictions on cellphone use in schools, cancelling the billion-dollar museum project and closure of Old Town, halting the NDP’s clawback of autism funding, reversing aspects of their ill-conceived short-term rental ban, and introducing legislation to ban public drug use in parks, schools, and playgrounds.

“Today’s decision reaffirms the BC United Caucus’ effective and results-driven role as B.C.’s Official Opposition, ensuring that the David Eby and the NDP government is held accountable and that their decisions align with the best interest of British Columbians.”

Media Contact: Andrew Reeve, Press Secretary & Deputy Director of Communications, BC United Caucus, Andrew.Reeve@leg.bc.ca

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Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 11

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* mfeIgRyn. * joVfˆ dy drd. * koeI vI aMdrUnI bImfrI.

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April 26th, 2024 PAGE 12
The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf

Sikh Organizations Call for Urgent Reforms to Support International Students

A coalition of prominent Sikh organizations has come together to address critical concerns regarding the future of international students and PostGraduation Work Permit (PGWP) holders in Canada. In an open letter addressed to the Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, these organizations emphasize the urgent need for reforms to safeguard the well-being and success of international students.

The letter, signed by leaders of the World Sikh Organization of Canada, Ontario Gurdwaras Committee, Khalsa Aid Canada, and the International Sikh Students Association, highlights several pressing issues affecting international students and PGWP holders.

April 23, 2024

Honourable Marc Miller

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada 229 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Minister, We, the undersigned community organisations, write to you with shared concern regarding the future of international students and Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) holders. As representatives of community organisations engaged on different levels with international students, we believe that urgent reforms are necessary to ensure their well-being and success while studying in Canada. Recently, on March 18, 2024, a petition (E4454) was presented in the House of Commons by Ruby Sahota, Member of Parliament for Brampton North. The petition proposed significant reforms to the validity of Post-Graduation Work Permits, extending them to two and five years respectively. We believe this is an essential reform, considering it would provide PGWP holders with the stability and opportunity to pursue skilled and in-demand trades and careers addressing labour shortages in key sectors.

Further, we urgently draw your attention to the pressing issue of PGWP expirations expected in 2024. The expiration of PGWPs, without the opportunity for extension, poses significant risks to the livelihoods and futures of these individuals, potentially leading to a humanitarian crisis. With the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, many students have faced unprecedented challenges, including

disruptions to their academic pursuits, limited employment opportunities, massive nationwide layoffs and financial hardships. Many international students have invested vast resources into their education and life in Canada. They may face uncertain futures in their home countries, particularly if they have been studying abroad for safety or economic reasons.

International students also play an important role in many local economies, making their sudden exit from the workforce as a result of PGWP expirations, potentially a serious blow to many businesses. This ripple effect highlights the interconnectedness of international students with various sectors of our economy.

Our organisations engage with international students on a daily basis and provide them with various support. We believe that government inaction regarding the PGWPs will make this significant population vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous consultants and could lead to tragic outcomes such as increased rates of suicide, and drug addiction, further adding stress to the supports we provide as well as the already strained public system in Canada.

The uncertainty within the immigration system exacerbates the challenges faced by international students. Constant policy changes, lengthy processing times, and inconsistent application procedures contribute to a sense of instability and insecurity. International students are left in limbo, unsure of their future prospects and unable to plan for their lives beyond graduation.

We acknowledge that the 18-month extension policies were initially implemented in response to the challenges posed by COVID-19. However, considering the current economic downturn and rising unemployment, it's unrealistic to expect employer support through LMIA for further extending work permits under the same conditions. Therefore, we suggest a novel approach for work permit extensions through LMIA exemption codes within the International Mobility Program. Similar to the Francophone mobility exemption code C16, which allows applicants to extend their work permits with an Offer of Employment from an

eligible employer by demonstrating basic French proficiency, we propose the introduction of similar exemption codes. These would be for individuals who achieve CLB 7 or CLB 8 in English proficiency tests and are employed in high-skilled occupations or in sectors urgently needed by Canada, such as Trades, Healthcare, Early Childhood Education, and others. Additionally, we request an amendment to include these extensions under the C10 significant benefit category, should a new code be unfeasible at this time. This amendment would help align work permit extensions more closely with Canada's labour needs in specific occupations.

We urge the government to prioritise the Canadian experience class domestic draws and to focus on international students already in Canada, particularly those enrolled in the sectors where we have shortage of workers. By expanding domestic draws, the government can provide international students with additional opportunities to transition to permanent residency, thereby retaining valuable talent and addressing critical labour shortages in key sectors. Moreover, opening up more pathways for students in skilled trades will not only support Canada's growing infrastructure and construction industries but

also ensure that international students with valuable technical skills have a clear and accessible route to permanent residency. This targeted approach will not only benefit international students but also contribute to Canada's economic growth and prosperity.

Finally, we are greatly alarmed to see the rising stigmatisation and targeting of international students in Canadian society. We see international students becoming scapegoats for all manner of problems faced by Canadians. This targeting not only makes life harder for an already vulnerable group but has the potential to end in real tragedy. We must actively combat online discrimination, harassment, and xenophobia targeting international students to create a safe and welcoming environment where they can thrive. Thank you for your attention to this important issue. We look forward to your leadership and advocacy on behalf of international students. Sincerely,

World Sikh Organization Of Canada, Danish Singh, President, Ontario Gurdwaras Committee, Amarjeet Singh Mann, Spokesperson, Khalsa Aid Canada, Mandeep Singh, Regional Director, International Sikh Students Association, Jaspreet Singh, President

Friday, April 26th, 2024 PAGE 13 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 13

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Friday, April 26th, 2024 PAGE 14
pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 14
The Patrika

AudGftnI myar df lMc

iewk mjLbUq aqy iewk-juwt BfeIcfry df inrmfx dupihr dy Kfxy aqy sflfnf kimAUintI sMboDn leI myar rOs sIimMjL nflL Èfml hovo ijs dI UFV dy pRDfn zf[ joaYn mYklIn duafrf myËbfnI kIqI geI jfvygI. ievYNt qoN hox vflI kmfeI UFV-SUS PUz bYNk nUM dfn kIqI jfvygI.

qrIk: vIrvfr, meI 23, 2024

smF: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM


sQfn: aYvrz hfl XUnIvristI afP PryjLr vYlI ivKy 33844 ikMg roz, aYbtsPorz

itktF apRYl 15 qoN aOnlfeIn iml skdIaF hn abbotsford.ca/mayorslunch

aYplIkysLnF KuwlH cuwkIaF hn

kYnyzf zya pryz 1 julfeI 2024 nUM svyry 11:00 vjy ÈurU hovygI aqy borkuien stRIt qoN sLurU ho ky sfAUQ PryËr vya vwl jfvygI aqy moiet zrfeIv 'qy WJ moiet sYkMzrI skUl ivKy smfpq hovygI. kYnyzf zya pryz dIaF

REGISTER TODAY:/ awj hI rYijstr kro: tourismabbotsford.ca/parade-application/

hux syl qy hn! dI iewk itkt iml skdI hY iewk tybl, ijs ivc 8 jfxy bYT skdy hn, vI KrId skdy ho.
The Canada Day Parade starts at 11:00 AM on July 1, 2024 and proceeds down South Fraser Way from Bourquin Street, down Trethewey Street, and ends at W.J. Mouat Secondary School on Mouat Drive.
2024 PAGE 15
Friday, April 26th,
The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf

We need to strike the balance between building the future of Abbotsford and preserving the outdoor spaces we love.

Abbotsford Tech District will build up not out - so we can preserve and improve habitat and trails on Sumas Mountain.

We‘re working with stakeholders to preserve, maintain, and enhance trails, so developing the Tech District will result in more trails, not less. Learn

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dI loV hY.

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jOhl ny ieh sony df qgmf 55 ikwlovrg

kusLqI mukfbly c ijwiqaf hY.

more at www.abbotsford.tech/trails
Friday, April 26th, 2024 PAGE 16
Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 16

We need to strike the bal ance between buil ding the future of Abbotsford and preserving the outdoor spaces we l ove.

sfnUM aYbtsPorz dy BivwK dy aqy bfhrI QFvF nUM surwiKaq rwKxf ijs nMU asIN psMd krdy hF Aus dy inrmfx ivwc sMquln bxfAux dI loV hY

Abbotsford Tech District wil l buil d up not out - so we can preserve and improve habitat and trail s on Sumas Mountain.

ies leI aYbtsPorz tYk izsitRkt awp nft afAUt bxfeygf - ies leI asIN sumfs invfs sQfnF aqy tRylF nUM surwiKaq aqy suDfr skdy hF

We‘re working with stakehol ders to preserve, maintain, and enhance trail s, so devel oping the Tech District wil l resul t in more trail s, not l ess.

asIN stykholzrF dy nfl kMm kr rhy hF qF jo surwiKaq, rwK-rKfa aqy tRylË nUM vDfE, ies leI tYk izsitRkt nUM ivksq krn df nqIjf hovygf hor tRyl, Gwt nhIN.

Going beyond organic: The latest in forwardthinking food production

(NC) Food production impacts the planet. We all know there’s no Planet B, and it’s easy to become concerned about climate change. One way to ease eco-anxiety is to learn more about innovations in forward-thinking food production that are helping to protect the planet.

Regenerative agriculture: Regenerative agriculture is the practice of restoring nutrients and carbon in soil to create more sustainable and resilient land for farmers. Ecoconscious companies like Maple Leaf Foods are investing in regenerative agriculture practices within their supply chain and participating in programs that provide end-to-end support for growers and drive sustainability.

Anaerobic digestion: Anaerobic digestion is the process of bacteria breaking down organic matter (like food waste) and converting that waste into energy. This helps to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that release into the atmosphere. Composting at home, for example, is a great way to turn food waste into soil, while reducing emissions created from landfills. On a larger scale, many farms are taking animal waste and turning it into a renewable fuel that can replace natural-gas consumption.

Pioneering packaging: The impact of food production goes far beyond the field. How food is packaged can reduce its environmental impact. Halopack is an eco-friendly solution that uses a 90 per cent recycled paperboard and 83 per cent less plastic when compared to traditional high-impact polystyrene trays.

Carbon neutral: Although a balancing act, there are leading-edge companies that have strived for carbon neutrality, and others like Maple Leaf Foods have even achieved carbon neutral status. This means they’re reducing their emissions as much as they can and investing in environmental projects that balance out any remaining emissions.


a local Abbotsford, British Columbia florist delivering courteous, professional service and the highest quality flowers in Abbotsford. We pride ourselves in an inviting shop. Our experienced designers can create floral arrangements that will complement any occasion and meet your budget and style expectations as well. We also offer daily delivery to all local funeral homes and hospitals.
| PICK UP OR DELIVERY 33781 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford BC V2S 2C3 Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm | Saturday 9:30 am – 4 pm BEST PRICES IN TOWN DON’T SHOW UP EMPTY HANDED TAKE FLOWERS 604-870-2994
Learn more at www.abbotsford.tech/trails
Friday, April 26th, 2024 PAGE 17
pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 17
The Patrika

MPWC’s Kulvinder Singh Kooner to be Inducted into Abbotsford Sports Hall of Fame!

We are thrilled to announce that Kulvinder Singh Kooner, one of the founders and president of Miri Piri Wrestling Club, is being inducted into the prestigious Abbotsford Sports Hall of Fame. This honour recognizes Kulvinder for his pioneering contribution to wrestling in Abbotsford.

Miri Piri Wrestling Club was established on Kulvinder’s farm in 1996. The club started in a small shed with a handful of wrestlers. Through the collective support of the executive committee, friends, community members, and wrestling parents, the club grew and expanded with more mat space and many more athletes. We have had an incredible number of Provincial, National and International Champions/Medalists & Team Canada athletes come through Miri Piri Wrestling Club.

Over 20 athletes from Miri Piri Wrestling Club have been inducted onto the Abbotsford Sports Wall of Fame. Kulvinder's induction marks a historic moment, as he is the first Miri Piri Wrestling Club member and the first Punjabi ever to be honoured in the Abbotsford Sports Hall of Fame. The ceremony will be take place at the Abbotsford Legacy Sports Centre on May 11.

Here's to a well-deserved honour for a true pioneer and leader of the sport. Congratulations Kulvinder Singh Kooner on being immortalized in the Abbotsford Sports Hall of Fame!

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Yogi's Karate Dojo on Clearbrook Road Dominates at 2024

Provincials: Abbotsford Students Shine.

Yogi's Karate Dojo, located on Clearbrook Road in Abbotsford, celebrated a remarkable victory at the 2024 Provincials championships were held at Richmond ovel Stadium, 6th and 7th March . Under the expert guidance of Sensei Yogender Chauhan and Coach Yashu Chauhan, the team demonstrated exceptional skill and discipline. Nirvair S Maan led the team with a gold and a bronze medal, while Ryan Sharma contributed a silver and a bronze.

Gold medals were also secured by Homan Sharma and Reyansh Guglani, complementing the silver medals won by Devyan Sharma, Sukhdeep Singh, Tashi Sharma, and Manat Dhaliwal.

The bronze medalists included Angad Bhati, Damian Lamarsh, Ranon Sharma, Flynn Reilly, Ekamjot Deol, Krishang Chauhan, and Sartaj S Bhatti. This success highlights the dojo’s commitment to excellence in karate classes in Abbotsford. Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding achievements!

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The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf

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26th, 2024 PAGE 22

New agritech plant anchors B.C.’s industrial blueprint

A new state-of-the-art milk production plant and more jobs in the agrifood sector are coming to the Fraser Valley to help meet growing demand for dairy products.

This expansion anchors B.C.’s new blueprint to seize opportunities and drive growth in clean-energy and clean-industry sectors.

“British Columbians have seen the impacts of climate disasters on food prices. We must produce more food here in B.C. and we have the ingredients to do it,” said Premier David Eby. “Helping made-in-B.C. food producers like Vitalus Nutrition grow means more good jobs and opportunities for British Columbians. By working collaboratively across industrial sectors and leveraging B.C.’s strengths, we can build a strong, sustainable economy that works better for people.”

The Province is contributing as much as $25 million to help Vitalus Nutrition’s expansion to a 143,500-square-foot facility in Abbotsford with construction set to begin in summer 2024 as part of the release of Clean and Competitive: A Blueprint for B.C.’s Industrial Future. This new plant will support milk producers in the region and create as much as 100 additional jobs on site.

“We are taking action to grow and support an innovation-based economy. Work is happening across government and our blueprint ensures those efforts are well co-ordinated, with people at the very centre of what we’re doing,” said Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation. “We’re helping strengthen local businesses, like Vitalus, so they can continue to be leaders in agricultural innovation and food security, while also creating sustainable, highly skilled jobs for people in our province.”

The initiative reflects B.C.’s strong food and beverage sector that feeds people in the province and beyond, and government’s commitment to position B.C. as a global and domestic leader in agritech and food security. The Vitalus project will focus on manufacturing highly nutritional products in a responsible way.

“Today’s funding announcement is a significant investment in Vitalus Nutrition in B.C., and it also represents a commitment to the future of dairy farming and the agritech sector in Canada,” said Phil Vanderpol, CEO of Vitalus Nutrition Inc. “Our mission is to continue to unlock the nutritional value of dairy, but first and foremost, B.C. is our home, and we are proud to be able to create a significant number of family-supporting jobs, increase exports and enhance our contribution to the provincial economy.”

The larger manufacturing plant will increase B.C. processing capacity by 50% to a new total of approximately 1.4 billion litres of milk processed in the province annually. The new facility will allow local producers to meet domestic demand for dairy products, such as butter, which is being shipped from eastern Canada, and increase exports of specialty dairy ingredients for nutritional applications. The expanded plant will use many state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that B.C. dairy products meet the exacting standards of quality required for today and the future.

“Most B.C. dairy farms are local, family-run businesses that provide people with quality products they can enjoy with confidence,” said Pam Alexis, Minister of Agriculture and Food. “This partnership will create more opportunities for B.C. milk products, more economic growth in our farming communities, and strengthen the food security and food-supply system in B.C. and Canada.”

Clean and Competitive: A Blueprint for B.C.’s Industrial Future lays out the Province’s work to drive new investment, create new jobs and seize new opportunities in growing clean energy and sustainable industries. Leveraging B.C.’s strengths to create good jobs and opportunities in every community will improve quality of life, while strengthening B.C.’s diverse economy today and for future generations.

Quick Facts:

Vitalus employs approximately 135 people in B.C. When the project is complete, Vitalus is expected to employ more than 230 people. This new facility will support more than 3,000 indirect jobs, including workers employed on farms and related to supply-chain logistics.

The dairy-product manufacturing industry is a key economic driver in B.C., employing approximately 2,900 people and contributing more than $230 million to B.C.’s gross domestic product (GDP) each year.

In addition to enhancing local food security for communities in the province, B.C. dairy-product exports generated approximately $35.9 million in 2023, with the top markets being the United States, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

Learn More: To learn more about Vitalus, visit: https://vitalus.com/ To learn more about Clean and Competitive: A Blueprint for B.C.’s Industrial Future, visit: https://news.gov.bc.ca/files/Clean_and_Competitive.pdf To learn more about the StrongerBC Economic Plan, visit: https://strongerbc. gov.bc.ca/economic-plan

A backgrounder follows.

Friday, April 26th, 2024 PAGE 23 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 23

The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf

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April 26th, 2024 PAGE 24

Local non-profits get support to improve quality of life on Vancouver Island, coast

Soccer players at Braefoot Park are among the people who will benefit from Community Gaming Grants for capital projects by non-profit organizations throughout the province.

This year, $5.2 million in Community Gaming Grants will be shared among 62 organizations for capital projects that will improve quality of life in B.C. communities. Sixteen new capital project grants were awarded throughout the Vancouver Island and Coast regions for a total of $1.2 million.

“Not-for-profit organizations provide valuable services that help make life better for British Columbians,” said Anne Kang, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “Through the Community Gaming Grants, my ministry is supporting organizations to acquire essential equipment and undertake renovations – whether it’s replacing a worn-out soccer field or refinishing a youth centre – so that they can continue to better support strong and vibrant communities in B.C.”

The Lakehill Soccer Association received $250,000 to help replace the artificial turf field at Braefoot Park, including a new drainage system and shock pad to reduce the risk of players’ injuries.

“Helping non-profits like the Lakehill Soccer Association to pay for large projects is a priority,” said Rob Fleming, MLA for Victoria-Swan Lake. “They do so much in our community, bringing people of all ages together through sport. Anyone who’s played on the old field at Braefoot knows that a new field will make a huge difference for youth and adult players alike.”

This year’s funding also includes:

$250,000 for seismic upgrades at the Errington War Memorial Hall;

$130,000 for a water tender truck for firefighting on Saturna Island; $89,691 for commercial-grade kitchen equipment at the Shelbourne Community Kitchen Society;

$80,000 for building renovations at the Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association of North Vancouver Island; and

$62,920 to replace the gymnastics floor at the Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club.

The funding is part of $140 million provided annually through Community Gaming Grants to not-for-profit organizations throughout British Columbia These grants help approximately 5,000 organizations to deliver ongoing programs and services in their communities.

Quotes: Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell, president, Lakehill Soccer Association – “The Braefoot Park turf field is a centrepiece of our community and for Lakehill Soccer. Its condition has deteriorated to the point where it has become uncomfortable and potentially unsafe for play. This grant allows us to replace the surface, rectify some design flaws and ensure that Braefoot Park remains a premier destination for sports and other activities in Saanich.”

Megan Dykeman, Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development and Nonprofits – “Non-profit organizations provide programs and services that people count on, helping them with affordable housing, health care, community safety, the cost

of living and more. These grants are vital because they support projects that make the amazing work non-profits do in our communities possible.”

Christine Hawkins, chair, BC Association for Charitable Gaming – “Organizations that receive funding from Community Gaming Grants for their capital projects reognize that this funding is transformational. These grants help non-profits across B.C. to expand and ensure the sustainability of their operations, which is critically important for the people served by these organizations.”

Pat Davis, president and CEO, BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) – “The Province of B.C.’s capital project grants program is benefiting the people of British Columbia. Non-profit organizations are an essential part of B.C. communities and these grants support organizations that enhance the quality of life in their communities. BCLC is proud that our business plays a role supporting provincial initiatives that make B.C. a better place to live.”

Quick Facts: Since 2017, Community Gaming Grants for capital projects have supported programs that directly benefit British Columbians and their communities, helping 571 not-for-profit organizations.

Grants also fund projects and initiatives in the arts and culture, sports, human and social services, public safety and environmental conservation sectors, as well as parent and district parent advisory councils in B.C. schools.

Learn More:

The full list of capital projects grant recipients for this round of funding is available online:

https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/sports-recreation-arts-and-culture/gambling/ grants/2023-24_capital_project_recipients.pdf For information about Community Gaming Grants, visit:


For Community Gaming Grants’ reports, statistics and publications, visit:


Friday, April 26th, 2024 PAGE 25
Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 25

 

 

Down Pipes, Gutters, Hardy Plank, Vinyl Sundecks, Roofing & Gutter Cleaning Aman 778.908.5912

BPR Full Home R enovation WE SPECIALIZE IN TILE INSTALLATION AsIN tweIl ieMstwlySn iv`c mwihr hW Full bathroom renovation All kinds of tile installation Kitchen cabinets & counter tops Laminate Flooring Plumbing Pu`l bwQrUm rYnovySn hr qrHW dI tweIl ieMstwlySn ikcn kYbints Aqy kwaUNtrtOp lYmInyt PloirMg plMibMg New basement & new bathroom extension nvIN bysmYNt Aqy bwQrUm bxwauNdy hW Call Param Gill At : Workers Wanted Spl: We Do Cabinet I nstallation for New or Old Houses Basement Dr ywall Laminate Washroom Finishing Kitchen Framing Sundeck Vinyl Paper Painting Siding Plumbing Tile * Full Finish Basement * Sundeck All Complete * Crown, Baseboard * Door, Fireplace kstm Aqy kuAwiltI ikcn kYbints Aqy klozt AwrgynweIzr (pYNtrIz) AsIN ikcn Aqy vwSrUm dy purwxy kwaUNtr tOp vI bdldy hW hrdIp ibrdI Call : H AR DEEP BIR D I : 778-823-076 5 FULL WCB EMPLOYEE INSURANCE COVERAGE Workers Wanted kfimaF dI loV All K inds of Renovations FULL HOME RENOVATION Puwl hom rYnovysLn GENERAL CONTRACTOR CITY PERMIT FOR LEGAL BASEMENT * * tfeIlF lYmInyt pyNitMg ikcn kYbints iPinisLMg ielYWktRIkl blFeINzs zrfeIvfl PryimMg plMibMg • • • • • • • • • • TILING
NEEDED - MUST HAVE RENOVATION EXPERIENCE kfimaF dI loVrYnovysLn ivc qjLrbf hovy BEANT DEOL 778.245.2550
Renovations including Soffits, Facia Covers,
ALL RENOVATIONS hr qrHF dI PryimMg ijvyN ik rUm, pOVIaF, sYLWz, snzYWk afid Complete SUNDECK Ser vices SUNDECKS All kinds of Renovation including Plumbing, Flooring and Tiling. asIN hr qrF dIaF rYnovysLnF krdy hF ijvyN ik plMibMg, PloirMg aqy tfeIilMg. SUPER VISA INSURANCE SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTS & SENIORSE Services Provided • Personal & Self-employed Income Tax e- le • Permanent Resident Card App • Indian Passport App & Surrender of Indian Citizenship App • Canadian Citizenship App & Canadian Passport App • USA Visa App • OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) App • Indian Visa (also e-visa, visa to visit India) • CPP Disability App & CPP & Old Age Pension App • Rental Agreement & Evacuation of Tenants • Medical Insurance Plan ( medical health card) App • Business Registration -Sole Proprietor & Partnership) • Name Change App • Security Guard License Renewal App • Work Safe Registration & Claim Filling Contact: Gurbachan Aujla Ph: 604 835 3693 Karan Khanna 604 300 3143 205-2580 CEDAR PARK, ABBOTSFORD BC aujlagee@shaw.ca Friday, April 26th, 2024 PAGE 26 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 26

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sMprk kro : 604-832-3013

jwt isWK igWl lVkf Aumr 33 sfl kWd 6 Puwt, ielYktrIsLn vrk prmt (Applied for PR ) leI pI afr jF vrk prmt vflI lVkI dI loV hY. lVkf nisLaF qoN rihq aqy sfAU suBfa df hY.

sMprk kro: 604-300-6362 604-621-0315

New 3D Mammography Unit Now at Peace Arch Hospital

A new 3D Mammography Unit is now up and running at Peace Arch Hospital thanks to generous donations from the community.

The new unit uses a technology called Tomosynthesis, a three-dimensional mammogram that uses x-rays to acquire sectional images of the breast, which are then reconstructed into a 3D image. These more detailed images lead to better accuracy in detecting cancer and a reduction in false-positive results in dense tissue.

“We are so pleased that our patients now have access to the best technology in mammography,” said Stephanie Beck, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director. “This critically needed unit was made possible due to generous donations made early in the Foundation’s Medical Imaging Campaign, of which $8 million of the $10 million goal has been raised.”

The Foundation’s contribution to the new 3D Mammography Unit, one of eight pieces of equipment being funded through the Medical Imaging Campaign, was just over $1 million. Foundation Vice-Chair and Medical Imaging Campaign Co-Chair, Neil Yarmoshuk, and his wife Lisa, were the lead donors to this project, making a gift of $250,000.

Media Contact: Vicki Brydon, Director, Public Relations, Peace Arch Hospital Foundation

PHONE: 604.542.3184 EMAIL: vicki@pahfoundation.ca WEB: www. pahfoundation.ca

lVkI dI loV
Friday, April 26th, 2024 PAGE 27
The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf

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pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 30
The Patrika
TOP 1% FRASER VALLEY REAL ESTATE BOARD FOR 9 YRS 14 YEARS Medallion Member 15 YEARS of Experience IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BUY. GIVE US A CALL FOR SALE Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 6 House Size: 3619 sqft Under Construction3400 sqft house 6 bedrooms + 4.5 Bathrooms Close to amenities SHINDER GILL 604 832 0540 www.shindergillrealestate.com Abbotsford Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 House Size: 1495 Sqft 4281 Bradner Road Abbotsford Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 House Size: 2112 sqft Abbotsford Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 2,998 sqft $1,299,900.00 Build 2021 Over 3300 sqft house 6 bedrooms + 4.5 Bathrooms Maple Ridge 10531 MCVEETY STREET 70X120 sqft = 8400 sqft Lot Eagle Mountain Plans Ready for 4885 sqft house Massive 14332 sqft land great Potiential for row homes, duplex, Townhomes, or an apartment Buliding as per ocp designation $1,188,800 $1,299,900 ABBOTSFORD 42 Acres Mission 5400 Sqft.lot 3 bed, 2 bathroom CENTRAL ABBOTSFORD Abbotsford 2580 JANZEN STREET 10545 MCVEETY STREET Maple Ridge Lot size: 4,265.0 House size:3955 sqft house Corner lot Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 2,149 sqft Abbotsford 2055 MCKENZIE ROAD Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 7841 sqft lot Abbotsford 3743 LATIMER STREET Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 House Size: 2,549 sqft Year Built: 1993 Abbotsford 2546 JANZEN STREET Rezoned for Row home You can build 4 row home. Abbotsford 2877 UPLAND CRESCENT Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 2,712 sqft ABBOTSFORD East Abbotsford Year built - 1990 13294 sqft Lot Under OCP- Urban 4 Detached Price 1,199,000 Bedrooms: 8 Bathrooms: 4 House Size: 8670 Sqft 31473 Jean Court Price- 1,369,900 Abbotsford Sold Sold Friday, April 26th, 2024 PAGE 31 The Patrika pMjfbI pwiqRkf PAGE 31
. . 604 852 6276 2112 TOWNLINE ROAD ABB OTSFORD | Sat Sharma New/used cars Tune Up Brakes Exhaust Front End Work Engine Repairs Clutches Water Pumps Trany Ser vice U-Joints Front Axle Tires Shafts Ect. Providing over 20 years of Professional Automotive Repair exper tience right here in Abbotsfor t! Don’t Despair Sat will be there. We do ALL this and even More! E`p dI k`r j~ ip@kE@p dI hryk qrH~ dI mkYnIkl sm@isE` d` h@l qs@lIbKS kMm r`hIN kIq` j~d` hY! itAUn aWp, brykF, aYgjLfst, PrMt aYWz vrk, ieMjn irpyarjL, klWc, vftr pMp, trYnI srivs, XU- jfieMtjL, PrMt aYksl sLfPtjL afid E`to irpyEr ilimtf ey.tI. . O P E N: | C LO S E D: Tuesday to S a turday Sunday and Monday Repair Shop Looking for a 3rd or 4th year Mechanic! “We also do vehicle air condition servicing” KHANGURA 778.552.6099 JATINDER jiqMdr isMG KMgUVf P: 778.552.6099 | W: jatinder.buyfraservalleyhomes.com | E: Jatinder@ppmt.ca 2790 Allwood Street, Abbotsford BC V2T 3R7 "First-time Home Buyer? Call Jatinder And Let Me Help You Find Your Dream Home Today!" iksy vI qrF dI pRfprtI KrIdx jF vycx leI myry nflL sMprk kro. OPEN ON EVENINGS & WEEKENDS asIN sLfm nUM aqy sLnIvfr, aYqvfr nUM vI Kuwly huMdy hF Dr. Sukeerat Bajwa | Dr Amarjot Singh GL ADWIN CROSSING DENTAL IS NOW OPEN & A Cer tified Pediatric Specialist – General Dentist (bwicaF dy dMdF dI zfktr) SERVICES: • IV Sedations • Implants • Wisdom Teeth Removal • Bo • Nitrous/ Laughing Gas • Invisalign • PRP / PRF • Bonding • Veneers • Digital X-rays & CBCT Mon – Fri: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM | Sat & Sun: 9:00 AM – 03:00 PM Unit 101, 2777 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford BC V2T4V1 Canada info@gladwincrossingdental.ca gladwincrossingdental.ca 604-743-2113 Friday, April 26th, 2024 PAGE 32 The
pwiqRkf PAGE 32
Patrika pMjfbI
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