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June 16, 2014

Rejuvenate & Reboot! In the rain-soaked countryside



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Stay Robust this Monsoon

7 Hidden Wonders of Vaishali

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Chill, Pune! Ready for the monsoon? Jackets, umbrellas, rubber shoes and whatnot? Good. You should also pray that the authorities have done their bit. Unfortunately, they will always claim that they are ready, but they never really are. Heck, they’re not yet ready for last year’s monsoon! So this year, will it be the same old story of water logging, washed away roads, power cuts and falling trees? Based on some evidence, yes! (There were areas of Bavdhan that went without power for 33 hours straight due to a malfunction after 3 hours of rain!)

“While the city’s growth should be good news for us, it is slowly turning into a wound that’s just festering on. Arterial roads and junctions are undergoing capacity expansion for the future and we’ll surely bear the brunt of that this monsoon.” @adityakuber

Is there any way you could prepare to overcome these? Unlikely. As urban dwellers, we’re never prepared. We’re used to getting things done for us and expecting that they’ll stay done. Well, the price of that is incomplete and haphazard infrastructure. While the city’s growth should be good news for us, it is slowly turning into a wound that’s just festering on. Arterial roads and junctions are undergoing capacity expansion for the future and we’ll surely bear the brunt of that this monsoon. So what to do? Stay calm and enjoy the bhajiya! Or just up and leave for calmer climes! Better still, peruse this issue closely and be slightly better prepared. But most importantly, chill! It’s the season when everything feels fresh and nice. And a positive outlook could almost help you overlook the negatives you’re bound to experience. Almost…


Aditya Kuber Veethi Telang Apeksha Bhagchandani


Vedvrat Shikarpur Sapna Sarfare Sharan Garcha Anish Sohoni

have a blast!

Aditya Kuber


Prasanta Kundu Maddy Kulkarni

Marketing Anish Sohoni Rekha Achtani


Media Sphere Communications Pvt. Ltd. Cover Photo: Kristin Andrus Used under Creative Commons License




Stay Robust this Monsoon

While the cool showers and smell of wet mud are alluring, the monsoon can even cause certain health concerns.



A Haven of Hope

Maher has been making a difference in Pune and outside to uplift the lives of underprivileged people, abused women and children in many ways.

Cover Story


Flood of Woes

We all love the rain, don’t we? Well, no! Monsoon for many Punekars is an annoyance. So, we bust the fairy tale woven by rain lovers about why monsoon is more of a nuisance than a blessing...


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IN THIS ISSUE Heritage Watch



This time, ditch shopping. Tulsi Baug maybe one of the busiest areas in Pune but, when it comes to being a heritage hub, this place is a beauty. Join us as we explore the legacy.



Exploring the “other” Tulsi Baug

7 Hidden Wonders of Vaishali

This time, ditch the South Indian as we give you a lowdown of some of the lesser known “non-South-Indian” gems at Vaishali.


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Rejuvenate & Reboot!

Is the rain-soaked countryside your idea of a beautiful landscape? Do you think an invigorating trek in the hills interspersed with gushing waterfalls is the perfect monsoon break?



Photo Feature





It’s Raining


Parth Jain Student My monsoon food craving has to be the J.J Garden Vada Pav in Camp. When it rains, I crave the spicy, steaming hot and crispy treats, which act as comfort food during this season. It’s a place I visit the most during the rains!


Pooja Godselwar Animation Student, MAAC

Rains bring with them specific food cravings that sometimes, we simply cannot subside, no? We asked a few Punekars what they crave to eat during chilly showers and where they go to satiate their taste buds!

I love to go to Sinhagad Fort and eat the piping hot onion and moong bhajis. I have to have it with ginger tea and corn on the cob. The food, view and weather are an unforgetable combination!

Anahita Nariman Marketing and Communications Manager, Hyatt Regency Pune My favourite comfort food during the monsoon season would be the home-style pizza, “Pizza La Terrazza”, loaded with parma ham, arugula and parmesan flakes available at La Terrazza-Italian Trattoria & Lounge, Hyatt Regency Pune. The world’s most popular food is comfort food for me!

Mohini Dawane Student I crave quite a few dishes during the monsoon season! Pithla bhakri, Maggi and corn Bhel are some of them. I love having steamed corn while a cool drizzle is upon us. It sounds yum already!

Jui Tawade Architect What I love most in this weather is piping hot batata bhajis. Though you get these at many joints around the city, I love the the ones I love most are made by my Mom. You can couple that with a hot cup of coffee. Ah, bliss!

Jasmit Kaur Gurudutta PR Associate, Ketchum Sampark I crave corn on the cob and bhajiyas when it rains. I am from Madhya Pradesh and I miss the makke ka kees, which is a specialty from the state. I also miss my mother’s makke ki kachoris.

We would love to know your views on the topic.


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Monsoon it izz. If it rain you give shivi and if it don’t you still give shivi. Little bit like bhaaji prices, bhendi swasta, then u eat doubt about quality and if it mahaag, then you say it izz a kaunspirassi. It izz ekdum good that helmet compulsory, naitar with wet roads, everything is skating on road no, atleast less maana modtil. In hospital with tangda in plaster, you will not get my ekdum original gyaaan no!! Be safe, eat bhaji, have chaha. Kanda deu ka ardha?

Twitterpanti Dorkstar @Dorkstar ‘Aur bata’ is like the CPR attempted on a dying conversation. Bajirao Bhide @bizzarebhide A 12 year old asked me this morning, “Can I take a cigarette from your pack?” Can’t believe kids these days. So polite.


Chaitanya @Chaitanya_13 How to dance like Salman Khan? Hold your pee for 3 hours and then try to walk.

Saheli @wistyloony People who write “Ha Ha” instead of “Haha” are suffering from textual asthma.



Exploring the “other” Tulsi Baug


or a shopaholic, Tulshi Baug is paradise. However, located in the heart of the city at Bajirao Road near Laxmi Road and in front of Vishrambaug Wada, this place has more stuff in its kitty than just shopping. It rose to prominence after the disastrous battle of Panipat (1761) under the able hands of the city’s subhedar, Naro Appaji Khire (Tulsibaugwale). And, it is his wada which houses the prominent Tulsi Baug Ram Temple. Dated back to 1765, it houses temples of Lord Ram, Shankar, Vitthal, Rukmini, Dattatray and Ganpati. Alongside, there is a Hanuman temple too. Despite being in the heart of the city, the silence around here is shockingly beautiful. Tulsi Baug also houses the Jogeshwari Temple at Appa Balwant Chowk and Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Mandir at a little distance in Budhwar Peth. Take a look at the old Tulsi Baug shopping area located in the wada premises. These shops have been there for eons. The oldest shops here sell jewellery and brass items that are great for collectors or even for gifting purposes. Bang opposite Tulshi Baug,

This time, ditch shopping. Tulsi Baug maybe one of the busiest areas in Pune but, when it comes to being a heritage hub, this place is a beauty. Join us as we explore the legacy.  Sapna Sarfare Vishrambaug Wada is a landmark built by Bajirao II, the city’s last ruling Peshwa. He spent a fortune on this wada and lived here for 11 years before being banished to Bithoor. This three-storey wada is an interesting model of the style of construction in early 18th century Maratha architecture. It was renovated by the corporation with great love and care. Apart from the Pune Municipal Corporation offices, a post office and a few stores, you will also find a museum here that houses Pune’s heritage. Behind Tulshibaug, the Mahatma Phule Mandai or just Mandai is your place to buy the best, freshest and variety of vegetables, fruits and other household products. The main Mandai market is a

gorgeous building from the British era. And, food? There are so many eating options in Tulsi Baug that you’ll be left spoilt. While Sweet Home at Kumthekar Road has simple Marathi fare at good price, try the missal at the famous Shri Krishna Bhuvan. You can fill in your quota of traditional sweets and savouries at Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale and Kaka Halwai. Nearby, there’s a dry seafood market near Nehru Chowk which stocks the best of dry seafood for food lovers. For snacking, however, there’s Hindustan Bakery that easily serves the best veg puffs! As for lunch or dinner, do visit Jana Seva Bhojanalaya at Laxmi Road. One interesting place to check out before you leave is Bharat Itihas Sanshodhak Mandal which is not really at walking distance. Pune is proud of this historical research institute located in Sadashiv Peth that stores lacs of documents, miniature paintings, ancient books, coins and other such important items. Their museum and library is worth a visit at least once!



@thepunekar We love everything about Pune and scout for Instagram images that showcase its spirit. If you have an interesting image of the city, tag @thepunekar on Instagram and it could get featured here!










Photo: Michael Korcuska Used under Creative Commons License





THIS MONSOON The much-awaited monsoon is at our doorstep, ready to give respite from the scorching heat of the summer. While the cool showers and smell of wet mud are alluring, the monsoon can even cause certain health concerns.  Sharan Garcha


he rains bring a welcome relief from the scorching summer sun but also increase the chances of falling sick and may prevent you from going out to go out for a walk, jog or exercise. Here are some tips you can keep in mind to enjoy the rains and stay healthy too.

Refrain from eating outside

Get in a cleaning overdrive Avoid walking through dirty drive water whenever possible since it leads to many fungal infections of feet and nails. Dry your feet whenever they get wet. Try to keep your body warm and dry as much as possible. Keep your shoes, socks and raincoat dry and clean every time after use.

Make sure you drink a lot of water during the rainy season. Also carry a water bottle where you go, or drink water only from sealed bottles. A healthy eating habit and some easy exercises can keep you fit and healthy.

Jump Rope to keep fit

Those who are fond of street food like pani puri, chaat, samosas and vada pav from your neighbouring vendor, should be careful during the rainy season. Water contamination is quite common and how often have you seen your vendor use disposable gloves or be generous with a hand sanitizer before serving you?

Photo: Jean Henrique WichinoskiUsed under Creative Commons License

Stay Hydrated

Jumping rope is the finest of all indoor exercises. Start from a minimum of 25 reps and go up to a hundred, depending upon your stamina. This is a very good exercise for all the muscles of your body and heart.

Climb stairs In a habit of going out for jogging? There is no need to be upset if the rains “rain on your parade�. Use the stairs in your home for the same. Climb up and down the stairs as many times as you can. This is one of the easy exercises and is great for the body muscles.

Practise Yoga Practising yoga at home with a proper warm up exercise will help you to maintain your health, flexibility and you will have a calm mind and plenty of energy.







Maher has been making a difference in Pune and outside to uplift the lives of underprivileged people, abused women and children in many ways. .  Sapna Sarfare


aher is a socially conscious organisation making a difference in the lives of underprivileged people, abused women, illiterates, children and many more. In 1989, Sister Lucy, Maher’s founder, joined HOPE, a Mumbai-based organisation for abused women founded by the Holy Cross Convent. “One evening in 1991, a pregnant woman came to me, searching for refuge. She


believed her husband was going to kill her so he could be with another woman. I was unauthorised to give her shelter to spend the night there, but promised to help her the following day. I was unaware that one night could make such a difference.” That night, her husband set her on fire, which was witnessed by Sister Lucy. “We took her to a hospital, but she died and with her died the seven-month-old foetus. I wanted to run away from



the world and its cruelty. My friends persuaded me not to retire completely. Father Francis D’Sa told me to take steps to improve the situation for women.” Father D’Sa also helped Maher financially via friends settled abroad. By 1997, Maher was finally settled in Vadhu-Budruk in Pune. “Up until now, 1832 children have been in Maher and we currently have 750 living here. 1974 women have contacted Maher for help and 260 women are presently living here. 32 different houses shelter those people and 150 employees care for them. Maher’s aim is to integrate the person back into society to live independently. Of course, there are some people who are not able to live outside of Maher anymore, especially mentally disturbed women. These people get a job in Maher itself.”

Locals help us by providing food and teachers come to assist children with their homework, teach an instrument or dance. Sister Lucy beloieves that education is the only way out of superstition, poverty and dependency. “You can donate three things to Maher: Time, Money or Material. We are grateful for everything we can get.” Sister Lucy’s and Maher’s work is vast. “We plan to expand all over India till our mission is accomplished. This will go on till there is no one who needs Maher’s help.”

Maher’s motto is simple – There is always place for one more. “The second motto is - United we stand, divided we fall. It is a family, that eats, sleeps and lives together. This is what makes Maher strong and the love of Maher is perceptible everywhere.” As there are a lot of people that require help, Maher has gone outside of the Pune District and Maharashtra to over 85 rural communities around Pune as well as in Ratnagiri, Kerala and Jharkhand. According to Sister Lucy, Maher’s biggest problems were facing mistrust from people in the Vadhu-Budruk villages. “They thought Maher is a Christian organisation that’s come to spread Christianity and convert people. It took a long time and a lot of patience and work till this problem was solved. Today nobody questions Maher’s objectives. It is a UN registered NGO and every project is financed through donations.”


Photo: Steven Depolo Used under Creative Commons License


Flood of Woes We all love the rain, don’t we? Well, no! Monsoon for many Punekars is an annoyance. So, we bust the fairy tale woven by rain lovers about why monsoon is more of a nuisance than a blessing...  Vedvrat Shikarpur


he smell of mud (olya maticha sugandha), the taals created by raindrops, the slight chill after an obscenely hot Puneri summer, an ever-increasing craving for bhaji, chaha. Oh, the atmosphere is so lively during and after the rain! But, the excitement starts going downhill just after a couple of days. Every day of the monsoon season slowly turns into a Monday; we end up questioning its very existence!

So, while most Punekars go gaga over rains, I talk about reasons why it is annoying and not as fun as most make it out to be! We Punekars have a lot to complain about already. And, the rains? They only worsen the situation! Here’s how.



COVER STORY Traffic issues

The number of vehicles on road in

the city has already exceeded its capacity with the addition of bad driving and the inability to adhere to maintaining lanes only adding to our woes. With rain, things only take a turn for the worse. From “Why are we moving so slow?”, we come to ‘Are we even moving?’. Plus, as Pune has an uncountable number of two wheelers, road accidents rise exponentially, as the wet roads result in various vehicles skidding off track. Poor visibility, occasional foggy conditions, inoperative signals, bad roads and the list goes on! The rains are definitely not kind to Pune’s traffic. Photo: Aman Deshmukh Used under Creative Commons License

Epidemic of Potholes Men are from Mars, women are from Venus but, roads in Pune replicate the surface of the moon with its numerous potholes. Dear people with back problems and owners of vehicles without a good suspension, good luck! Your worst nightmare is here! Year after year, road construction begins later than the scheduled time and once the rains begin to lash, a perfectly ‘okay’ tar road turns into a road fit for some motocross madness. For people who go all mushy and say “Oh, such beautiful weather. Let’s go for a drive!”, you must be new here. I can tell that you’ve never driven in Pune during monsoon. Try it, it’ll surely pop the bubble you are living in... Photo: The Tire Zoo Used under Creative Commons License



Photo: cell105 Used under Creative Commons License

Irregular Electricity Some say, there’s no need to look out of the window to know it’s raining. But, we always have that one friend who plays Weather Forecaster on social media every time the weather becomes nice. Punekars think differently. They know it’s raining when there are sudden blackouts. Despite all the hard work of the PMC to lay underground cables to minimise power cuts due to damage to electric poles, we are yet to see a monsoon without disruption in electricity. What’s worse, broken or dangling live wires are a serious hazard, especially during the monsoon. Yes. Still maintaining that Puneri monsoon is more bane than bliss.


Falling Trees ‘Zade lava, zade jagva’ is a quote that adorns the walls at various points in the city. But, the trees which we love so much turn against us in monsoon. In summer, they provide shade and protect us from the wrath of the sun. In monsoon, on the other hand, they become a danger. Falling branches, the likelihood of lightening striking them and leaves falling down every few seconds makes us hate our precious trees. And, thanks to that, it becomes a pain cleaning our cars every day! It might also be the only time the garden department gives out permission to cut branches or trees that might be hazardous. See what the monsoon makes us do!

Rise of insects and diseases

Do you fall sick most often during this time of the year? The monsoon is to blame for it. The gloomy weather and watery surroundings give rise to diseases and infections and, are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Malaria and dengue inflict lethal damage during this time. It is also the time when numerous insects find the smallest of openings to enter your house, as they seek some place to rest during the rain. So, lizards, cockroaches, innumerable unidentified flying pakhrus, mice and all the vermin you do not want in your house try desperately to get in. Thank you, monsoon!


COVER STORY No street food

Everything’s so gloomy!

‘Bahercha khana aaj pasun banda’ (no outside food from today) is what my mother tells me each time I have stomach or digestion problems. However, she never implements the rule strictly until the monsoon. Due to dirty water mixing with regular water, monsoon is a dangerous time to eat street food. Water contamination leads to diseases like jaundice, cholera, etc. and, if you’re lucky, you’ll just have some loose motions, gases, digestion problems, fever, cough or cold. So, no more chaat, pani puri, Chinese, pav bhaji or any of your favourite street food from your usual thelawalla. The monsoon just got gloomier, didn’t it? This brings us to the final point.

After 2-3 days of incessant rainfall, all we want is some sunlight. Yes, we cursed it all summer and welcomed the rains but now, we are no longer miffed with the sun. Now we don’t sing ‘Yere yere pausa’. It’s not just the weather but also the surroundings that bother us. Chikhal (mud) everywhere, the annoying tapar tapar sound of raindrops, streets overflowing with water (mostly drainage water), children playing in that dirty water, inability to wear that favourite white shirt, washed clothes not drying for days, inability to go out for a walk, slippery roads and so much more! Whew! So many reasons to hate the rain!

But then, mom brings me hot tea and kanda bhaji. The fragrance of the beverage and snack intertwine with that of the wet soil to soothe your senses. As the rain drops fall on my face while I’m sitting in my balcony reading a book or paper, I tend to realise, if only for a while, that life is not that bad after all. Guess, monsoon just has an emotional connect with us, making all the practical arguments void! We Punekars sure are practically emotional and our love-hate relationship with the rain continues...


Photo: Yogendra Joshi Used under Creative Commons License





Just another senseless action-based flick!


Making of DON

As good as the film!


Maleficent (3D)

Not magnificent but good enough!


Harajuku, O Hotel

Nice dĂŠcor but heavy on the pocket!

Book Restaurant

Habibi, ABC Farms

Great ambience. Okayish food!

Aisle be Damned

The right mix of fun, information and insight




The beauty of the water droplets... Photographer: Rohan Joshi


The wonderful sunrise view from Sinhagad Fort... Photographer: Bhupinder Randhawa





The three monkeys clicked during a morning ride to Khandala. Photographer: Siva Reddy


Life - Walking away from nature. Photographer: Arka Mukhopadhyay



VAISHALI Bored of the usual South Indian dishes at Pune’s favourite restaurant located on FC Road? This time, ditch the South Indian as we give you a lowdown of some of the lesser known “non-South-Indian” gems at Vaishali.  Vedvrat Shikarpur


f we sit down to make a list of the most frequently visited restaurants in Pune, Vaishali would top the charts. For Punekars across the city, regardless of what age they are, Vaishali is like home. Family get-togethers, meetings with clients, hanging out with friends or even romantic dates… everything can be planned at Vaishali! So much so that the restaurant’s regulars don’t even mind waiting for 20-30 minutes just to get a table.

Dahi Wada You can differentiate Punekars from non-Punekars when a customer asks for a menu card in Vaishali. The Puneri clans have been here since eternity and know their favourites from the menu in and out. However, try calling for the menu this time (especially to check the rates) and you’ll find out that the same restaurant also serves one of Pune’s favourite dishes: dahi wada. The sweet dahi and wada go wonderfully with the tinge of masala and kothimbir, giving it a sweet and spicy flavour. Do try!

Price: ` 70

However, while the SPDP, Mysore Cheese Masala Dosa, Uttappa, Idli Sambar, Filter Coffee and other South Indian dishes play favourites among the regulars, have you wondered what else does Vaishali serve the best? For days when you don’t want an uttappa or dosa in sight, here’s a list of the “other” dishes that are equally tantalising! Go, go. Try.


Veg Cutlet Although not as lesser known as most dishes mentioned in the list, it is definitely a must-have. In a group of regulars, there will always be one person who will order for it. The dish is relatively healthier and light despite being fried and amazingly tasty! It is served with sliced onions, green chutney and tomato sauce

Rice is dominant in most dishes served at Vaishali, bread being a close second. Despite being a not-so-regularly-ordered item in the menu, the taste is never compromised on. If you’re in a group and planning to share a dish (the regular dishes are TTMM, Tuza Tu Maza Mi. NO SHARING!), I recommend the Club Sandwich and Cheese Chilli Toast. There are other options in sandwiches and toasts, like Chutney Sandwich and Jam Toast Sandwich too, but the Club sandwich and Chilli toast are a class apart!

Price: Veg Club Sandwich: ` 70 Cheese Chilli Veg Toast: ` 100

Price: ` 60



FOOD Veg Cheese Pizza Once upon a time, I decided to order a pizza in Vaishali. My friends gave me a look like I committed my life’s biggest blunder. I felt as though I would be going to hell for it! However, once the order arrived, the hellish experience took a U-turn. We were amazed by the quality of the pizza! It tasted as if made at home with tomato, onion, capsicum and lots of cheese. Slurrp!

Price: `. 190

Tomato Omelette with Cheese Don’t be startled (pure vegetarians, please refrain from your ‘tauba tauba non-veg at Vaishali’ shenanigans). Vaishali IS a pure-veg restaurant and the omelette too is PURE veg. Although it looks like an omelette stuffed with egg, remember, dista tasa nasta (things are not what they seem). It contains no egg product. Instead the cooks use chickpea flour or besan along with tomatoes

Drinks and beverages When in Vaishali, do as the Vaishalians do! Say no to soft drinks and yes to juices and milkshakes. Again, the quality is beyond par and you can gulp down the drink in just one sip! Mango Milkshake and Mosambi Juice are hands down the best that you can have here! Also try the Mango Lassi, Cold Bournvita or Cold Horlicks to relive your childhood days.

Price: ` 100

Price: Mango Shake: ` 110 Mosambi Juice: ` 80

Desserts Although most dishes in Vaishali are mildly spicy, desserts are the best way to conclude your meal. There have been only two instances out of my numerous visits to Vaishali when Sandwich Ice cream was available but I ask for it each time I visit. Reason: it is simply delicious! Vanilla ice cream placed between chocolate biscuits… oh, thank your stars if you find out that it’s available! Believe me, you wouldn’t be disappointed! Other lip-smacking desserts are Cassatta or Butterscotch/Chocolate Ice cream. Yum!

Price: Sandwich Ice cream: `. 50 Cassatta: ` 60 Butterscotch/Chocolate ice cream (single scoop): ` 60

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned here are as they were during our recent visit but are subject to change.





Everybody has a channel on Youtube these days. So much so that individual artists are using it more and more. Fun fact (or rather not), Justin Bieber was discovered by Usher on Youtube, and incidentally, the video website gets more search hits than every other search engine but Google. Those are staggering numbers! But, how do you make it interesting for yourself? Simple, search for channels and subscribe. Just to start you off, here are some interesting entertainment channels to follow:  Anish Sohoni

Superwoman An Indian woman, brought up in Canada, takes on the world in her own humourous style. Nothing is off the table here. Racial slurs, stereotypes, Indian customs‌ well, you get the drift. Watch if you can tolerate sarcasm. Most videos here have more than a couple of million views, just FYI. Link:

Powerdrift This channel stands out amongst other car and bike channels purely due to the awesome production quality of their videos. Add to that some serious driving and biking chops, exclusive coverage of the most exciting auto brands in India and killer events and you have a channel you should not miss. Link:

FIFA Every 4 years, we all turn into football experts! Watching matches is going to be a task this year, but for everything else you would want to know about the World Cup and FIFA in general, this is the channel to follow. Link:

AIB The Youtube residence of Indian stand-up comedy, All India Bakchod is a must-subscribe. These guys are funny, not afraid to take on anybody for the noble cause of pulling legs. Hilarious, water-coming-out-from-the-nose stuff here. Do check out the Royal Turds videos and you’ll be laughing for days! Link:



Last Week Tonight John Oliver is an English comic in the USA, and that is reason enough for him to have started a show that makes fun of the US and the world. Every week, he will make a mockery of the biggest and most ridiculous news stories in the USA and around the world and, they are worth every second you spend watching them. If you can tolerate humour that relates to sensitive issues, watch him rip apart the Indian Elections of 2014. Link:

IMDB Straight forward and simple. All video content that is on the site plus much more. Must-subscribe for English movie buffs. Lots of exclusives and cast interviews as well. Head over and check it out. Link:

Brusspup Want to get your mind blown by outstanding illusions? Brusspup is the channel. Nuff Said! Link:

Vsauce Ever wondered what will happen if every person on earth jumped together? Did you know why we kiss? Is your red same as my red? Fancy finding answers to these and many other surprising questions? - Vsauce is the place. Link:

Tom Thum Did you check his Tedx Talk? Don’t even read this any further! Go, YouTube it and then come back and subscribe to this channel. Undoubtedly, this beat-boxer is crazy. With only his mouth as his instrument, he can produce the world’s most unusual sounds and beats. Flabbergasting stuff. Link:

Frank Medrano He is just wrong. Gravity defying exercises and eye popping core strength. Watching him is exhausting. Link:

Vaclav Krejci The iOS7 UI was made using Microsoft Word. Don’t take my word for it, get watching. I am still :O at what all Microsoft Word can do. Link:


Rejuvenate & Reboot! Is the rain-soaked countryside your idea of a beautiful landscape? Do you think an i nvigorating trek in the hills interspersed with gushing waterfalls is the perfect monsoon break? Here are some nearby destinations you can head to!  Sharan Garcha


et into your travel togs and get ready for some adventure! With the weather playing host, here are four must-do monsoon treks around the city. It is the stuff trekkers would love; raindrenched vistas, swirling mist and spectacular views. So, take a hike people!

Rajmachi Fort Distance: About 75 km

About: The trek to Rajmachi is said to be one of the most exciting and endurance-testing treks. There are two ways to get there. One is from Lonavala, which is roughly a 15 kms flat walk. The other is from Karjat, which is a gradual climb of around 4 kms. For beginners, it would be better to trek from Lonavala, as it is a comparatively easier path. The route in the monsoon season is truly exciting as you get to cross streams, waterfalls and lush green paddy fields on the way. If you are walking around the time of dusk or dawn, you can see a lot of fireflies twinkling around you. A twoday trek with ascent on the first day and descent on the second is preferred choice. It enables trekkers to see the Shrivardhan Fort and Manaranajan Fort without being in a rush. Rajmachi is ideal for camping as tow caves on the Fort provide ample accomodation. Getting there: You can either drive down to Lonav-

Photo: Manish Chauhan Used under Creative Commons License

ala or take a train from Pune. Mulshi road.

Katraj To Sihangad

Photo: ptwo Used under Creative Commons License

Distance: Katraj To Sihangad

About: Katraj to Sinhagad is a popular trek which starts from the Old Katraj tunnel (Katraj ghats that lie in the south of Pune) and ends at Sinhagad Fort. The entire activity takes about 5-6 hours. But, while you’re at it, the cool breeze and gorgeous views will make it a memorable experience during this season.


The route travels through a range of Sayahdri mountains. It is definitely a trek which will test your physical fitness, stamina and endurance. Sinhagad (The Lion’s Fort) is famous for many important battles, most notably the battle of Sinhagad in 1670. It is strategically located at the center of a string of other forts such as Rajgad and Torna along with the Khadakwasla Dam which can be vie



Tikona Distance: Around 60 km About: Tikona is a hill fort in the Maval region near Kamshet. The Fort is shaped like a pyramid and hence, popularly known as ‘Tikona’ or Triangle. If you are a beginner, the 3500-ft climb may be difficult and tiring. Some of the must-see parts of the Fort include the big doors, the temple of ‘Trimbakeshwar Mahadev’, a water tank and a few caves of the Satvahan era. Views of the Pawna Dam and other Forts like the Tung, Lohagad and Visapur are splendid.

Getting there: Via Kamshet on the Mumbai-Pune route. Take a bus/private vehicle to the Fort.

Photo: Shreyank Gupta Used under Creative Commons License

Karnala Distance: 125 km About: The Karnala Fort was one of strategic importance and Photo: Elroy Serrao Used under Creative Commons License

is currently a protected property lying within the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The Karnala Fort engulfs a steep rock in the midst of green surroundings, caves and a water cistern. Trekking to this location has been a challenge to many adventurous trekkers and the destination continues to be a great attraction. The Fort’s doorway is adorned with intricate carvings of animals and a work of beautiful art. It takes approximately one hour from the base to reach the first entrance of the Fort. The peak has a wonderful fortification structure, many remains of settlements, storage buildings and a temple of Lord Shiva and Karnai Mata. The pinnacle of the Fort is a citadel and to get there, one needs to apply rock-climbing technics. The Fort was constructed about 2000 years ago during the Satavahana period. It’s a perfect getaway for one wishing for an adventurous dayout from the city. The trek, though rough and steep, is completely worth the effort.

Getting there: You can either take your own vehicle to Karnala or take a train from Pune to Panvel and then hire a vehicle from there.


EVENTS Silver Live Silver’s ethereal melodies and resonant tone combined with energetic and inspired performances make for a heady listening experience. Also enjoy a mix of trance funk, blues, rock with a tinge of progressive influences thrown in their music to add that extra flavour to the band recipe! When: June 6, Friday

Indian Culinary Workshop Impress everyone with your culinary skills and learn the secrets of creating a range of Indian cuisine delicacies such as Dahi ke Kebab, Murgh Chapplai Kebab, Sunheri Tawa Jhinga and Sheer Brunj. When: June 20, Friday Where: Hyatt Regency Pune, Weikfield IT Park, Pune Nagar Road, Pune Time: 11 am onwards Contact: 020066451618

When: June 19, Thursday Where: Hard Rock Café, near Koregaon Park Annexe, Mundhwa, Pune Time: 8 pm Contact: 020 67258888

The Scene

Thrillers: Tribute to Michael Jackson The Thrillers are a bunch of musicians heavily influenced by pop and rock sounds of all genres and decades especially the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. All the MJ Fans gear up as the Thrillers pay tribute to the legend bringing him back in full glory. When: June 15, Sunday When: June 26, Thursday Where: Hard Rock Café, Koregaon Park Annexe, Mundhwa, Pune Time: 8 pm Contact: 020 67258888

Super Gig in June! NH7 presents the SCENE featuring the Loyalists, Unohu and Jack’s Only Entertainment. The three bands play different genresHip Hop, Alternative Rock and Funk. When: June 7, Saturday and June 8, Sunday When: June 20, Friday Where: Arc Asia, ABC Farms, Kalyani Nagar, Pune Time: 9 pm Contact: 7798827351

Sesto Sento The magnificent psychedelic trio, the eternal kids of the PSY trance world are none other than, Matan Kadosh, Aviram Saharai and Itai Spector. Sesto Sento’s live gig is ready to take you to a new level of mind traveling dancing experience including live vocal, guitar and synthesizer. When: June 15, Sunday When: June 22, Sunday Where: 1 Lounge, 81/1 Mundhwa Road, opposite Satellite Towers, Pune Time: 6pm Contact: 7387232678



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