FiND iT FREDERiCK – Fall 2012

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ViSiT iT! Words by Melissa Howes-Vitek

Your legs are shaking. You're scared stiff. You've decided to jump, but you just can't make your legs do what your brain is telling them to do. You double check your harness and focus on the folks below cheering you on. Three, two, one...

How do you go from screaming in fear to screaming with joy and abandonment? Easy. Hang out with the owner and operator of Upward Enterprises (UEI), Clive Felgate! Clive is a master motivator. Having spent 27 years as a physical training instructor for the British Royal Air Force, Clive knows how to give you what you need so that you trust him, as well as yourself, to take on just about anything you aspire to accomplish on his courses. When Clive says "Jump", you suddenly believe you can...and even want to! Clive and the other trained facilitators utilize adventure programs as a vehicle for experiential learning and team building specializing in ropes challenge courses as well as portable challenge course. The ropes challenge course WWW.FiNDiTFREDERiCK.COM