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Gate 1 EQUIPMENT: Bike & Safety Gear Gate 2 THE TRACK: Descriptions/Directory Gate 3 PRACTICE: Your First Look Gate 4 AGES/CLASSES: Who you’ll race Gate 5 SIGNUPS: Let’s get you entered Gate 6 MOTO SHEETS: What Moto are you? Gate 7 THE RACE: Rider ready? Let’s GO! Gate 8 LADDER OF SUCCESS: Climb it!



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>>>> So you’ve got a BMX bike and >>>> riders you want to try out that >>>> awesome sport of BMX >> that >> you’ve been> ready... racing >>>> hearing all about... >>>> >>>> >> >> >>>> >>>> >>> Whether you noticed it by - - - - -- - - - - - --- - ---- ---- --- - - - - - - -- - - - - - -chance - driving by the track, or heard about it from the kids at school, BMX racing looks and sounds like a blast. Right? It’s a sport for kids big and small, young and young at heart—riding their bikes. So, what are you waiting for? Since the BMX season runs January 1st through December 15th, there’s no better time than now to start riding and racing!

>> >>>> >


This special NEW RIDER’S Edition of PULL magazine will provide you with everything you need to know on how to start the exciting sport of BMX Racing ...and more!

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The first thing you need to know is your track’s location and schedule. This information can almost always be found on their phone hotline and/or website. Better yet, if your track has a social media profile on Facebook or Twitter, become a fan or a follower for daily updates and schedule reminders. Of course, you can always find regular race and special event information for your home track on USABMX. com or But because it could be sunny here at the USA BMX/BMX Canada headquarters in Phoenix and raining in your part of the world, we always recommend contacting your local track directly for schedule confirmation—or as every experienced BMXer puts it,


“Call before you haul!”

PULL Magazine Special Edition


BMX Racing is a BLAST. Catching big air like this over a gnarly set of triples takes years of practice. But with hard work and dedication, you can work your way to the top of the Expert ranks - like these two: Free Agent’s Juan Marin (#4) and Redman~Rockstar’s Tanner Sebesta (#61).



photo by gOrk * Chula Vista, CA.

SNAP: PULL Magazine Special Edition



introduction to RACING:

Okay riders.

Bike? CHECK. Desire to have FUN? CHECK.

What’s next? We’ve got your step-by-step instructions right here. Enjoy.

you’ll need to become a . member anada C X M B / BMX A S U Sign up today for your membership card, online or at your local track, and with it join the over 70,000 BMX riders and racers across North America who’ve already discovered the thrill of USA BMX and BMX Canada! A little unsure? No

problem—because no membership is required for your first day on the track, although you will need a parent or guardian to sign a One-Day Membership granting permission for you to ride. Or you can choose a 30-day Temporary Membership that, once you’ve fallen helmet-over-heels for this exciting sport, you can easily convert into a Full Membership and experience all the associated benefits and privileges. Until your new membership card arrives from USA BMX/BMX Canada you will be given a temporary receipt as proof of membership, along with a temporary bike number and number plate. This is your license to ride and race at any one of the 380 plus sanctioned racetracks in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. Once your new membership card does arrive, check out your permanent serial number on the front of the card. Learn that 8-digit number. It’ll stick with you throughout your entire BMX career. Your serial number’s first four characters are your home district. CA01, for example, identifies you as a California 01 district rider, while the last four digits are your assigned rider number. In your first year of racing, the last three digits of the rider number will be the number you run on your bike’s number plate. AZ018216, for example, would mean that you would run #216 on your bike for the rest of the calendar year until you earn a ranking. How do you do that? You race of course! As a full member, you earn points for every race in which you compete. The better you finish, the more often you race, the more points you earn. Points are tallied throughout the year and, at the end of the season, you’ll be ranked according to how you finish—in your district, in your state or even in the nation! This ranking will proudly be displayed as your bike number the following season. Of course, it’s everyone’s goal to be ranked #1.



Last but not least, your USA BMX membership will include 10 issues of PULL Magazine; the exclusive membership publication of USA BMX/BMX Canada that will keep you up-todate on all the BMX happenings and national race events. Plus you’ll find it chock full of great interviews, stories and profiles on all of the superstars of BMX racing—including complete pre and post BMX Olympic coverage at the London Olympic Games. Excited yet? We know you are! Because like our members and race fans around the world, we were kids who also loved to ride and race BMX! We know what it’s like to feel the speed down the first straight, the freedom of skying that jump and the thrill of crossing the line first.

To start experiencing it all for yourself, keep reading—this crash course on the sport of BMX racing is as easy as the 8 lanes on a BMX starting gate. Welcome to the original action sport, the hottest Olympic action sport and the world’s largest BMX race sanction—USA BMX and BMX Canada!

ONE THING’S FOR SURE; You are in for the ride of your life!


THE BIKE It’s built small so you can go BIG. While it may have a single gear, it’s still plenty FAST! It’s a race bike, afterall, and it can haul as fast as your legs and lungs can crank it! What started with the Schwinn Stingray back in 1963, which was soon modified by kids in the early 70’s with raised handlebars and knobby tires, has evolved into today’s BMX race bike - engineered to be quicker out of the gate, faster to accelerate and more nimble over the obstacles and jumps. For a more compete history of the BMX bike and of the many BMX brands that have came and went, or still live to this day, check out THE BIKE at or What you’ll discover is a classic story of garage innovation and invention—from the first lightweight chromoly frames to today’s most advanced frames, with their CNC’ed extrusions and composites of aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. PULL Magazine Special Edition


So, what is it that really makes a BMX bike a race bike? It’s all in the frame geometry, materials and wheel size. BMX bikes are classified as either 20inch wheeled “class” bikes or 24-inch wheeled “cruiser” bikes. There is also a big difference between BMX “freestyle” bikes and “race” bikes. Race bikes are much lighter than their heavy-duty brothers who are riding on dirt trails, ramps and skateparks. Most of all, BMX racers come in all ages and sizes - thus, you’ll find a variety of different sized bikes. From the length of the frame to the width of the tires, from the height of the handlebars to the length of the cranks, a BMX race bike should be sized according to each individual’s height and weight. The size specifications for BMX race bikes can be so exacting, in fact, that the most dedicated BMX bike builders offer a complete line-up of frames and/ or complete bikes - from Micros, Minis, Juniors and Experts to Pros, Pro XL’s, XXL’s and even XXXL’s! With frame geometry and component mix driving both performance and cost, your local bike shop can help you find the perfect bike that’ll fit you and your pocket book. Complete BMX race bikes start at around $300-$400 which is where many new riders will want to begin when they’re ready to purchase. As your skills improve, you may want to upgrade the parts on your bike.




1 3

4 5 6 7 3

8 1



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6 3 7 5 9



6 1







The Frame

The Cockpit

The Drivetrain

1. The Front Triangle 2. The Head Tube 3. The Top Tube 4. The Down Tube 5. The Seat Tube 6. The Rear Triangle 7. The Seat Stays 8. The Chain Stays 9. The Dropouts

The Wheelset

1. The Handlebar 2. The Grips 3. The Brakes 4. The Stem 5. The Headset 6. The Seat 7. The Seat Post 8. The Seat Clamp

1. The Crankset 2. The Bottom Bracket 3. The Gear 4. The Chain 5. The Tensioners 6. The Pedals 7. The Cog/Cassette

1. The Hubset 2. The Rims 3. The Spokes 4. The Tires

SPECIFICS: Types of brakes: Caliper Cantilever (V brakes) Coaster

Y BE)...



Fact is… it’s always best to start on the bike you’re most used to riding, with a possible few safety modifications. Perhaps after you’ve won a few races, even advanced from the Novice to the Intermediate class, then it might be time to start dreaming of that gleaming new race bike.

what you need:

Types of cranks: 1-piece 3-piece

Sizes of 20” Tires: Sew-Ups 20 X 1 1/8 20 X 1 3/8 20 X 1.50 20 X 1.75 20 X 2.125



You’ve seen the two-wheel “balance” bicycles with no pedals, right? Whether it’s branded as a Strider, Like-a-Bike, or Scooter, as long as it has a maximum 12” tire diameter, USA BMX / BMX Canada tracks will race ‘em - for beginner BMXers, ages 2 through 5. Your bike should pass “Bike Inspection” before going on the track. Make sure all bolts as well as your chain are tight. If your bike has a kickstand, chain guard, reflector brackets, fenders or freestyle pegs, they will need to be removed for on-track safety purposes. Also check your grips and make sure that the handlebar ends are covered. Three pads covering the cross bar, stem and frame top tube are recommended.

Basically you’ll need a BMX bike that has no larger than a 20” wheel diameter for the boy/girl classes, (12”, 16” and 18” bicycles are acceptable). Or a BMX bike that has a wheel diameter no smaller than 24” for the boy cruiser/girl cruiser classes (26” or larger bicycles are acceptable.)




Any half-shell, open face or full-face helmet with a permanent strap attached will do. But obviously you will want a quality skid-lid to protect the most important part of your body—your brain. It’s been said that you should buy a cheap helmet, if you think you’ve got a $30 brain.


THE GEAR FACT: BMX racing is NOT any more dangerous than other “traditional” youth sports. In fact, statistics have shown that kids in traditional (less “extreme”)

sports such as basketball, football, baseball and soccer actually suffer more injuries on average than kids racing BMX. The reason why, perhaps, is that USA BMX / BMX Canada requires protective gear—head to toe. Now this doesn’t mean you need to look like a factory racer in pro riding gear or have a big-name sponsor with a cool looking uniform to try BMX racing for the first time. (That will come later.) To start racing, all that is required are the basics—long pants, a long sleeve shirt, enclosed shoes, and any approved bicycle helmet. A full-face helmet and gloves are recommended but not mandatory—but by all means, wear ‘em if you have ‘em. “What if I don’t have a helmet?” Don’t let that stop you from trying BMX. Many tracks have helmets to loan for new riders. If not, most everybody knows someone who has a helmet you can borrow. To purchase one, check out your local bike shop or neighborhood garage sales, or check out THE GEAR page on /

It is recommended that riders wear long pants, jeans or racing pants - although loose fitting shorts are permitted when used in conjunction with a one-piece knee and shin guard with a rigid surface. There must be no exposed skin above the knee or below the shin guard extending to above the ankle. To acquire a racing uniform, first check out your local bike or motorcycle shop. A lot of times, you can pick up barely used but quickly out-grown uniforms for a nice price at the track.


can get away with wearing a short sleeve shirt with elbow pads, but most BMX racers prefer long sleeve shirts or a sweatshirt. Hoodies are OK.

SHOES: Any type of enclosed soft sole,


SUGGESTION: FLY “Default” u u u u u

gym shoe that covers the toes will do. Boots are not recommended, but flat and grippy Skatertype soles are.


All new lightweight aerodynamic poly-alloy shell 21 vents to keep you cool on hot race days Alloy visor screws & Padded chain strap Available in both Youth and Adult sizes MSRP $109.99

PULL Magazine Special Edition



HOT, NEW PRODUCTS the latest & greatest bmx parts

Slip on those oven mitts, because these products are HOT! Check here for the most sizzling new products in our sport; available from your local bike shop or BMX mailorder company, and race-proven by many top BMX pros and ams.

CYCLECRAFT FRAMES: CycleCraft’s contemporary line of aluminum frames are 100% Made in the USA, and made from 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum. Featuring CycleCraft’s signature drop-down drop outs, (though now they are 3-D to add further strength and support to an already stiff rear end), the modernized frame also now includes rectangular tubed chainstays. CycleCraft frames come in sizes from Mini all the way to Pro Cruiser XL, ranging in weight from 2.2 to 3.5 pounds. Each frame comes with a laser etched CycleCraft head tube logo, V-brake mounts, european bottom bracket, and a high quality powder coat finish. MSRP is $374. > see or at

LIZARD SKINS Lock-On Grips w/ Custom Logo’ized LockOns When it comes to lock-on grips, there are plenty out there to chose from. But the folks at Lizardskins have added an enticing bonus feature: custom name or logos laser-etched on to the alloy lock-on ends! We got ours with a USA BMX and a PULL magazine logo! Customize YOURS with your name, number or team logo. > see

FELT SECTOR Available in all frame - sizes from Mini to Pro XXL, the 2012 Felt frames feature new hydro-formed tubing, race winning geometry, over-weld graphics, all finished in Rat Rod black. Just ask Cole Tesar; and he’ll tell you that you’ve never “felt” smoothness until you’ve ridden a Felt. > see

SE RACING FLOVAL BARS The 4130 Floval cruiser bars by SE use butted tubing, which means it’s thinner (less weight) in areas where they can get away with it, and thicker (stronger) where needed. They are 28 inches wide with a 5 inch rise, and a 2 degree up-sweep and 8 degree back-sweep. Slap a pair on your bike and hold on for dear-life! > see



PRYME US FULLFACE HELMET -“REDLINE” EDITION : Pryme has once again teamed up with their sister-company, Redline, to introduce a special, limited-edition collaboration helmet. The Pryme-US is a low-profile, slim design with an injection molded visor. The innards feature washable/replaceable sizing pads, to ensure that perfect fit you want. The 16 vents increase airflow, and it meets CPSC standards for bicycle helmets. MSRP $99. > see

SINZ “ELITE” 20mm HUBS: Sinz Elite presents the industry’s first 20-millimeter freehub: the iHub-X. Building on the success of its 20-millimeter front through-axle and wheel systems, Sinz Elite is making the 20-millimeter iHub-X rear available to consumers after extensive testing and refinement. “Oversized axles have been a game changer across the board,” says Gregorio de Haro, COO of Sinz Elite. “From mountain biking to motocross, and are finally available for the sport that puts the greatest stress on the smallest machine: BMX.” Machined from 6061-series heat-treated aluminum and works with a Shimano-compatible cog. Designed for use with 32 straight-pull spokes MSRP: front: $119.99; rear: $229.99, or as complete wheels (front: $249.99; rear: $349.99). **Must be used with 20-millimeter compatible frames and forks. > see

NEXT GENERATION REDLINE “FLIGHT” CRANKS: Since the late-70’s, putting tubular chromoly Redline Flight cranks on your bike has been one of the best ungrades a BMXer could do to his bike. Decades later, that still stands true - and Redline has even improved on practical perfection; making it a 2 1/2-piece design with splined hollow spindle. Available in 175mm or 180mm - and in three colors: red, white and black. > see

Gate #2

THE track

No matter what your age is... when you get to the top of the starting hill, you can’t help but feel this huge surge of adrenaline!

And yet, there’s something ultra cool about a BMX track, something that grabs everyone who rolls through the gates, climbs the start hill or watches the kids race. Because here on the BMX track you take the controls. While in football, basketball, baseball or soccer every field of play is identical - BMX is very different. While every course has a starting gate and a finish line, that’s where any

similarity begins and ends. No two BMX tracks will ever be identical. The lengths of tracks will vary as much as the size and arrangement of its obstacles. Some are fairly flat while other have faster downhilll sections. Some shorter tracks will be only 900 feet long while others can be as long as 1,300 feet.

tracks Today’s USA BMX / BMX Canadaroc are nothing like the rough and rodky tracks your dad or grandfather traceks “back in the day.” Today’s BMX meticuare a thoughtfully designed and lously groomed race course. : So, let’s get out there and take a lap

Use your smartphone to scan this QR code - and find the location of your nearest BMX track:




BMXTRACKS No two BMX tracks are alike, but many of the obstacles are similar to each other. Here are some features and jumps that you may encounter:

There are tracks in the shape of an “M” and tracks in the shape of a “W”. There are tracks in the shape of an “S” inside another “S” and tracks in the shape of a “U” inside another “U’. No matter how you spell it, different

BMX tracks always keep the ride fresh, fun and exciting! * Check out the complete list of

Step-Down: A tall hill followed

immediately by a smaller hill. Push down to push your speed!

The Straights: It’s everything between the turns. It would be a straight line to the winner’s circle if it weren’t for all those obstacles along the way!

tracks here in this special edition of Pull , or go online at or

Roller: A small hill. But they can come at you one, two, three, four at a time or more.

TRACK TERMS: Berm: The banked turns in BMX are called

Staging: aka the “back of the

“berms.” And like everything else in this sport, they come in all shapes, sizes and degrees. Some are big 180’s, others are quick 90’s, while some may be long, wide sweepers. Taking the fastest line around can move you from almost last to fast out in front!

Rhythm Section: Like the

name says. This combination of jumps isn’t about size but rather all about timing and “flow”.

hill”. Where racers line up in their “moto” waiting for their shot at a little BMX glory.

The Gate: 24 feet and 8 lanes wide. Racers start from their assigned gate ready and watching for the light to go!

Double: This is the classic BMX jump. Two hills spaced just enough apart, slightly filled in the middle, leaving you the option to “air it out” or manual/roll through it. You can decide the fastest line to success.

Start Hill: Some are big and tall, while others may be short and flat. No matter what the size or height, each will get you up to speed in a hurry. The flat hills favor the strength riders, while the steeper starting hills are preferred by the more-skilled gate-snappers.

Step-Up: A short hill followed immediately by a taller hill is called a “step.” Jump up to jump out front!

Table Top: It’s flat on the top - like a table. Get it?! Tabletop jumps are good for learning to catch air and pose for the crowd! Unlike jumping the doubles, the tabletop obstacle provides a bit more safety cushion, in case you come up short. Once you learn how to really fly, catchin’ air on these can be a BLAST!

Finish Line: Where the fast times and fun ends. ...that is, until you do it again! Dont stop now; get back up to the hill! PULL Magazine Special Edition




Dothan-aL 01 CirCle City BMX Wellington Cannon 334-333-6669

PELhaM-aL 01 OAK MOUNtAiN BMX Shannon Sikes 205-259-3388

PRattVILLE-aL 01 FOUNtAiN City BMX Jim rempkowski 334-717-4621

notE: this track directory is “as of” July 2012 - and subject to change. always call your track or check their website and/or before going to the track.

gooDYEaR-aZ 05 AZ PrO trAC Paul Moore 623-670-6279 Karl Clark 480-652-0018

LaKE haVaSU CItY - aZ 02 SArA PArK BMX rACeWAy eric Demyan 928-846-9333 track 928-854-5BMX(269)

PhoEnIX-aZ 04 BlACK MOUNtAiN BMX Debbie Kelley Pre-sign: 602-938-1108 track 623-582-0114

CaBot-aR 01 CABOt BMX COMPleX Shawn Basinger 501-283-0395 Angie Basinger 501-283-0394 track 501-230-4292

LoWELL-aR 02 MUDtOWN BMX Douglas Moore 479-466-6394

n. LIttLE RoCK-aR 01 BONZAi BMX Gary rogers 501-410-0253 Carol rogers 501-837-2010 track 501-753-6989 mommaspride72118@yahoo. com

CaMaRILLo-Ca 07 FreeDOM PArK BMX richard huvard 805-824-7854 Frank Marino 805-490-5628

CathEDRaL CItY-Ca 23 PAlM SPriNGS BMX heather Wallbrecht 760-324-2185 track 760-321-4811

ChICo-Ca 12 Silver DOllAr BMX Jacob Perkins 530-520-8469 Patrick hoffman 530-570-9615 track 530-566-1BMX

CALIFORNIA WEaVER-aL 01 WeAver BMX richard Bunt

ShoW LoW-aZ 04 City OF ShOW lOW BMX Brandon Conner 928-245-6368 aPPLE VaLLEY-Ca 01 APPle vAlley BMX MOtO PArK Bill ryan 760-240-5266

ALASKA FaIRBanKS-aK 01 FAr NOrth BMX Debra Shepersky

tUCSon-aZ 03 MANZANitA BMX rACeWAy Julie & Kirk vaughn 520-631-4256


BULLhEaD CItY-aZ 02 COlOrADO river BMX John Jones 928-727-7083 track 928-788-4BMX (4269)

ChanDLER-aZ 01 ChANDler BMX rinny Dyar track 480-963-1053


tUCSon-aZ 03 DeSert SUNSet BMX track 520-444-7113

YUMa-aZ 02 yUMA BMX tony Warnock 928-919-4155 eric hatcher 928-304-4051 yuma BMX on Facebook


atWatER-Ca 10 AtWAter BMX Keith Nance 209-947-1697

BaKERSFIELD-Ca 06 MetrO BMX vince & taren Mulhause 661-664-7111

BELLFLoWER-Ca 22 BellFlOWer BMX track 562-867-9600 tammy estep 562-716-0487

ChULa VISta -Ca 02 ChUlA viStA BMX rebekah Abbe

hanFoRD- Ca 05 KiNGS COUNty BMX Phillip Alonzo 559-572-0533

KERnVILLE- Ca06 KerNville BiKe PArK Paul Armes 760-417-9820

LaKESIDE-Ca 02 CACtUS PArK BMX vincent McCurdy track 619-561-3824

LanCaStER-Ca 17 ANtelOPe vAlley BMX eddie trejo 661-406-5187 Kristyn trejo 661-317-5188

LIVERMoRE-Ca 08 liverMOre BMX Aiden Faught 925-321-4243

EL CEntRo-Ca 23 iMPeriAl vAlley BMX Dewey Belew 760-355-2743 Art lofgren 760-352-1038 track 760-370-0565

EUREKa-Ca 15 reDWOOD eMPire BMX David Price 707-845-1538 track 707-407-9222

FRESno- Ca 10 FBX@WOODWArD PArK FreSNO Brett riley Facebook: FBX Woodward Park

LUCERnE VaLLEY-Ca 01 XrOADS BMX Diego lopez 760-964-9957

oRangE-Ca 14 OrANGe y BMX ruben Sanchez 714-997-3980 track 714-502-2269

PERRIS-Ca 24 BMX At SOCAl FAir Auston Sennett track 951-657-4221

PRUnEDaLE-Ca 08 MANZANitA PArK BMX Gavin lubbe 831-747-7816 track 831-663-1269 (1BMX) manzanitaparkbmx@

REEDLEY-Ca 08 Air tiMe BMX Paul huebert 559-859-0949

REDDIng-ShaSta LaKE CItY-Ca 12 BOOMtOWN BMX Daniel endecott 530-209-4198 Scott Smithson 530-515-6711 track 530-638-5508

MantECa-Ca 10 SPreCKelS PArK BMX Jon Anderson 209-815-8376 track Phone 209-603-1670

RED BLUFF-Ca 12 reD rOCK BMX Mike Puckett 530-527-1452 r.J. laChance 530-200-9900

naPa- Ca 04 NOrth BAy BMX eric Jones 707-256-0269

RIo LInDa-Ca 11 elKhOrN BMX tammy & Brian Ford 916-991-2931

RoSEVILLE-Ca 11 OAK CreeK BMX linda Minton 530-755-0435 track 916-784-8BMX

San DIEgo-Ca 02 KeArNy MOtO PArK vincent McCurdy track 619-561-3824

Santa BaRBaRa-Ca 07 eliNGS PArK BMX rACeWAy richard huvard track 805-824-7854 Frank Marino 805-490-5628

Santa CLaRa-Ca 08 SANtA ClArA P.A.l. BMX Michael hughes 408-727-7538 Cheri Good 408-829-1443 programs.html

Santa MaRIa-Ca 28 SANtA MAriA BMX Ben Pirkl 805-478-5144

SIMI VaLLEY-Ca 07 SyCAMOre BMX Joan & Anthony Nigro track 805-583-BMX7

SoUth LaKE tahoE-Ca 18 SOUth lAKe tAhOe BMX John & lauren thomaselli 530-542-9355 track 530-542-9337

TUlare-Ca 06 tulare BMX ron & Sherri Jones 559-627-1795

COrTeZ-CO 03 Cortez BMX Mark Baxter 970-564-5868 Stacey Baxter

TrUCkee-Ca 18 truCKee BMX ed atkins 530-902-3667 Stan Bennett 530-906-8491

daCONO-CO 02 daCono BMX renee Witty 303-833-3660 track 303-373-3026

Greeley-CO 02 Colorado Indoor BMX darrell West 970-420-1731

lakewOOd-CO 02 MIle hIgh BMX Chad Wells 225-620-8402

TOrrINGTON-CT 01 FoothIllS BMX todd Pfeffer 860-309-1090 track 860-626-1269

TrUMBUll-CT 01 t.r.a.C.K BMX Jeff topolski 203-452-0315 track 203-450-0315

lUTZ-Fl 01 taMPa BMX raCeWay BMX Sean geary 813-526-8530 track 813-265-1269

MIaMI-Fl 04 MIaMI South BMX Jack Woods 786-514-9013 track 305-258-9442

ST. ClOUd-Fl 02 St. Cloud BMX Jim Szasz 321-624-1751 track 407-891-0930

PeaChTree CITy-Ga 01 W.l. daVIS BMX anthony robinson 678-770-1750 track 678-770-1750

ST PeTerSBUrG-Fl 01 St. Pete BMX tim Mays track 727-556-0284

POwder SPrINGS-Ga 01 CoBB County BMX Margie hatfield 678-614-9702 hotline 866-273-8628


DELAWARE UkIah-Ca 15 ruSty BoWl BMX Patrick allen 707-272-0356 track 707-462-0249

dUraNGO-CO 03 durango BMX ursi dubois 970-403-2658 Field Blevins 970-759-5700

lITTleTON-CO 02 County lIne BMX Mindy Martinez 303-483-7034 South Suburban athletics 303-798-7515

MIlFOrd-de 01 FIrSt State BMX Mark VanVorst 302-632-1357 track 302-422-4133

FLORIDA whITTIer-Ca 13 WhIttIer narroWS BMX roland leal 626-692-6055

yUCCa valley-Ca 23 yuCCa Valley BMX ryan Brooks 760-861-4345


BerThOUd-CO 02 Berthoud BMX Kevin Jones 970-566-4868 Facebook Berthoud BMX

eaGle-CO 01 eagle County BMX track 970-390-6601 Jay lucas 970-390-6601 Sari lucas 970-376-1295

FaIrPlay-CO 01 South ParK BMX track 719-836-0747 Saam golgoon 970-389-8197

FOUNTaIN-CO 03 CroSS CreeK BMX track 719-761-0594 gerry Martinez

MONTrOSe-CO 03 MontroSe BMX douglas Keithley 970-417-7660

OlaThe-CO 03 olathe BMX Michael tabor 970-260-7955 track 970-323-5601

STeaMBOaT SPrINGS-C0 01 SteaMBoat SPrIngS BMX gina grether Brian deem 970-871-9500 steamboatspringsbmx@

CONNECTICUT COlOradO SPrINGS-CO 03 PIKeS PeaK BMX hotline 719-235-3670 Bubba hayes 719-447-7013 John hageman 719-321-1646

COlOradO SPrINGS-CO 03 Southern Colorado Indoor Melvin (Bubba) hayes track 719-447-7013

FT. COllINS-CO 02 ePIC BMX eric & Christy olson track 970-206-1355 Christy- 970-412-3726

GraNd jUNCTION CO 01 grand Valley BMX nick & Kristi adams 970-433-7159

BeThel-CT 01 Bethel SuPerCroSS BMX don olson 203-744-7962 track 203-798-6373

MerIdeN-CT 01 FalCon BMX Kerry Kohn 203-265-5701 track 203-630-2240

CaPe COral-Fl 03 CaPe Coral BMX Paul trombley 259-789-7988 track 239-458-1943

dayTONa-Fl 02 daytona BMX dennis & Jessica Simson 386-631-1529 track 386-274-4711

FOrT walTON BeaCh-Fl 05 eMerald CoaSt BMX John Cleveland 850-686-3629

hIGh SPrINGS-Fl 05 hIgh SPrIngS BMX rick gayheart 386-965-5428 track 352-514-9735

jaCkSONvIlle-Fl 05 JaCKSonVIlle BMX donell Wright 904-553-1753 track 904-386-1750

NaPleS-Fl 03 naPleS BMX ray Coriano 239-262-6791 track 239-252-4188

weST PalM BeaCh-Fl 04 oKeeheelee BMX tommy Cross 561-248-9267 track 561-642-6774



OldSMar-Fl 01 oldSMar BMX raCeWay John Sawyer 727-410-5890 track 727-786-rIde(7433)

OrlaNdO-Fl 02 orl BMX track 407-297-3589

PUNTa GOrda-Fl 03 Charlotte BMX amanda Carr track 941-637-1676

rIvervIew-Fl 01 uSa BMX Keith Wendland track 813-323-7511

SaINT aUGUSTINe-Fl 05 FIrSt CoaSt BMX david & Sue Crohan track 904-651-6121

SaraSOTa-Fl 03 SaraSota BMX tommy Shope 941-320-8022 track 941-957-4393

hONOlUlU-hI 03 SandBoX BMX Jim drake 808-372-6942 Jason Chang 808-271-1357

alBaNy-Ga 01 ChehaW BMX heath land 229-395-8352

aUGUSTa-Ga 01 auguSta BMX Mitch Moon 706-771-9595 track 706-421-9892

lUdOwICI-Ga 01 long County BMX track 561-876-8932 greg daw 561-876-8932 Christie daw 561-420-3925

MarIeTTa-Ga 01 noonday BMX Margie hatfield 678-614-9702 hotline 866-273-8628

MCdONOUGh-Ga 01 Sandy rIdge BMX danner turner 770-689-6176 track 770-616-0075

kUNa-Id 01 IndIan CreeK BMX leo Wright 208-922-5671 lori Miller 208-484-4869 track 208-919-5163

Caldwell-Id 01 CaldWell BMX raCeWay Bobby Schwyhart 208-286-5163 track 208-286-5163

COeUr d’aleNe-Id 01 Cherry hIll BMX randy Cain 208-661-8685 debe Saccone 208-755-2267

eaGle-Id 01 eagle FoothIllS BMX edward newgen 208-870-6138

IdahO FallS-Id 02 SnaKe rIVer BMX terra hulse 208-339-5676 Chad Smith 208-604-4660 track 208-552-9666

PULL Magazine Special Edition


KENTUCKY ST. MARIES-Id03 sT. Maries BMX Track 208-582-0520 Tom Miller- 208-245-2463 dan o’rourke- 208-582-3591

SpRINGfIELd-IL 03 riVerside park BMX adam C. Berkley 217-685-1031 elisha parnell 217-899-4471

MoUNTAIN HoME-Id 01 roCky Top BMX nathan Martinez 208-599-0869 Corina Martinez 208-598-2958

wAUKEGAN-IL 02 waukeGan BMX Hector Mendez 847-863-8679 Track 224-430-4762



BRIGHToN-IL 03 BriGHTon BMX Chris robinson 618-372-4076 Jackie Hood 618-372-3787 Track 618-372-raCe

EAST MoLINE-IL 01 easT MoLine BMX speedway paul depauw 309-796-9644 Track 309-792-9407

ELGIN-IL 02 THe HiLL BMX Chuck Groh 224-489-1893

coLUMBUS-IN 02 CoLuMBus BMX shane kaisher Track 812-447-0750

EvANSvILLE-IN 02 BurdeTTe park BMX angela daub 812-480-4282 Track 812-422-9125

fT. wAYNE-IN 01 forT wayne BMX John entley 260-750-9060 april stephens 260-750-6263

poRTAGE-IN 01 iMaGinaTion GLen BMX Jackie altizer 219-406-9833

RIcHMoNd-IN 02 rose CiTy BMX kirby Bales 765-966-5453 Track 765-969-6606

wARSAw-IN 01 Hire park BMX dan rumple Track 574-268-7433


cEdAR RApIdS-IA 01 Cedar rapids BMX Chris neff 319-721-2503 amber Luerkens 319-432-9815

dES MoINES-IA 01 ewinG park BMX scott Conrath 515-285-6626 Mobile 515-418-4031 (wkds)

KANSAS fARMER cITY-IL 03 fCra BMX dave storm 217-417-7716

pEoRIA-IL 03 CHiLLiCoTHe XTreMe sporTs aT deTweiLLer BMX rich rowell 309-989-7630 Track 309-264-1182

RocKfoRd-IL 01 roCkford BMX Jake & Candy karau 815-874-8719 Track 815-964-8657


HoBART-IN 01 sTeeL wHeeLs indoor Jackie altizer 219-406-9833

INdIANApoLIS-IN 02 indy CyCLopLeX BMX dean peterson 317-955-6340 Julie kukolla

INdIANApoLIS-IN 02 indy aCTion BMX, inC. david reid 317-447-9424 kerry roseman 317-730-6340


pARK cITY-KS 02 park CiTy BMX Jeremy Guinn 316-207-7843 Track 316-409-3154

TopEKA-KS 01 HearTLand BMX Margy walter Track 785-271-1269

wIcHITA-KS 02 eMery park BMX Michael & Missy Hale 316-260-2338 Track 316-522-8214

LoUISvILLE-KY 01 derBy CiTy BMX richie Jones 502-777-6587 Track 502-499-6299

LOUISIANA BAToN RoUGE-LA 01 BreC BMX raCeway Jason Hoggatt 225-769-9499 Track 225-766-9039

GRETNA-LA 01 GreTna BMX raCeway Matthew wilty 504-329-2686

SHREvEpoRT-LA 01 CarGiLL park BMX Terry Cox 318-635-6297 318-286-1297


cHApTIco-Md 01 souTHern MaryLand BMX Lisa Bradford 301-672-1623

cUMBERLANd-Md 01 riVerside BMX russell keller 307-707-2823

HAGERSTowN-Md 01 HaGersTown BMX sherman Lynn 301-797-4719 Tim raum 240-285-0246

SEvERN-Md 01 CHesapeake BMX Charles & Chanel ellis Track 410-969-5177


BILLERIcA-MA 02 BiLLeriCa BMX richard Bodeau 508-933-4372 Billerica recreation dept. peggy Hannon-rizza 978-671-0921

foRESTdALE-MA 02 Cape Cod BMX Track 508-563-5916 Tammy Gibbs 508-326-2472

wAKEfIELd-MA 01 wakefieLd BMX aJ Bontorno 978-352-6427

wESTfIELd-MA 01 wHip CiTy BMX al pighetti 413-562-6651

GREENvILLE-MI 01 THrifTy aCres BMX indoor Herschell Brown Track 616-915-2407

LANSING-MI 01 CapiToL area BMX kenetha Gibson Track 517-367-8990

MARQUETTE-MI 07 MarQueTTe BMX Track 906-226-3012 david niemi 906-362-7798 ken Johnson 906-250-3852

MIdLANd-MI 01 GreaT Lakes Bay reGion BMX Jared wilson989-686-6040 Track 989-233-0984

TRENARY-MI 07 Trenary Lions BMX roy aho 906-446-3219 Bruce Hallinen 906-446-3881

wATERfoRd-MI 01 waTerford oaks BMX Jennifer west 248-431-8506 Track 248-858-0915


BRAINERd-MN 04 Lakes area BMX Justin Barnhart 218-330-6420 Track 218-821-4269

dETRoIT LAKES-MN 04 dL 412 BMX stacy Heinlein 218-849-4378 Track 218-396-0763


BANGoR-MI 01 fuLL Crank BMX Track 269-208-1710 Jim puckett

dAvISoN-MI 01 riCHfieLd park BMX dennis ybarra Track 810-653-2632

GoodELLS-MI 01 CanaM BMX Chad noetzel 810-334-5217

GRANd RApIdS-MI 01 Grand rapids BMX kary krohn 616-304-3092

MoRENcI-MI 01 MorenCi BMX Jennifer Collar 517-260-7689 Jeremy Collar 517-260-7688

oScodA-MI01 norTHern MiCHiGan BMX Jim deornellas 989-335-0368 Jean Bridgman 989-335-0369 facebook northern BMX

ST JoHNS-MI01 MinT CiTy BMX park Tracy smith 989-413-1517

dILwoRTH-MN 05 diLworTH BMX don Boettcher 701-200-8236

fARIBAULT-MN 02 fariBauLT BMX Quint Juvland Track 507-323-4361

fERGUS fALLS-MN 05 i-94 BMX Brent schiefert 218-205-1275 orion newark 218-282-0341 Track 218-998-Bike (2453)

GLENcoE-MN 06 BuffaLo Creek BMX ryan Voss 320-864-4243 Track 320-510-0404 TRAvERSE cITY-MI 01 Grand TraVerse CounTy BMX Mike sixbey 810-623-0014 Track 231-943-4924

MIssOURI iSanti-mn 01 Rum RiveR bmx kevin Reidmann 763-689-3147 track 763-444-5429

linO lakeS-mn 01 Rehbein aRena indooR bmx doug knollmaier 651-755-2054 track 651-784-5824

mankatO-mn 02 mankato aRea bmx Justin miller 507-317-0664 Leif Johnson 507-327-4412

new ulm-mn 02 RiveR vaLLey bmx dan bauer 507-217-9208 steve cariveau 507-217-7910 track 507-304-3288 River valley bmx on Facebook

blue SpringS-mO 01 bLue spRinGs bmx Jerry Rau track 816-392-9901

St. ClOud-mn 06 pineview paRk bmx mark post 320-252-8647 track 320-230-7820

St. miChael-mn 06 st michaeL ReGionaL bmx patrick crouse 612-715-9654 track hotline 763-657-6404

MIssIssIppI ridgeland-mS 01 maG-RidGe bmx denver tatum 601-278-6162

Omaha-ne 01 omaha bmx david & pamela Griswold 402-991-8836

albuQuerQue-nm 01 duke city bmx Liz Fernandez 505-688-0679 track 505-890-1bmx

bridgewater-ny 03 cny bmx nicholas Rauch 315-404-2713

NEVADA kanSaS City-mO 01 Raytown bmx scott morrow 816-769-0149 track 816-716-7223 (Race)

SpringField-mO 03 spokes bmx Raceway tony brasier 417-894-0427 hotline 417-831-6060

St. peterS-mO 02 st. peteRs bmx mike & Laurie demmin 636-294-6060 track 636-278-2568


SpiCer-mn 06 GReen Lake bmx dean anfinson 320-220-4507 Julie anfinson 320-220-4506 track 320-796-4434


bOzeman-mt 01 GaLLatin vaLLey bmx bill drysdale 406-580-9284 Rob bonnell 406-922-1632

great FallS-mt 01 eLectRic city bmx dan otis 406-899-9558


bOulder City-nv 01 bouLdeR bmx, inc. michale wilborn 702-293-3116 track 702-683-8766

CarSOn City-nv 02 caRson city bmx mary Leaming 775-246-3660 track 775-220-7111 race days

ely-nv 02 white pine bmx Russell Gust 775-289-8043 track 775-293-0146

Fernley-nv 02 FeRnLey bmx eric stanger 775-745-6648 tony Fagundes 775-233-3755 Race hotline 775-302-9155 city of Fernley parks dept 775-784-9905

laS vegaS-nv 01 ed Fountain paRk bmx Raceway track 702-646-4215 bobbette tanaka 702-340-2868

kearney-ne 01 tRi-city bmx monte headlee 308-293-2804 laS vegaS-nv 01 neLLis bmx erik martin 702-858-5489 track 702-632-4439 linCOln-ne 01 staR city bmx Gary ehlers 402-890-2705

renO-nv 02 biGhoRn bmx Greg proctor 775-771-2414 track 775-772-4453 bighornbmxracing

azteC-nm 01 RiveRside bmx John black 505-686-3181 alayna black 505-686-3031

laS CruCeS-nm 02 wiLd chiLe bmx max bower 575-993-9906 aaron elza 575-386-6121

lOS lunaS-nm 01 badLands bmx track 505-839-5648 victor sarracino 505-934-6080 Jeff heyborne 505-350-3058 badlandsbmxracing.blogspot. com


egg harbOr twp-nj 01 eht bmx dave durfee track 609-927-9089

FlemingtOn-nj 01 hunteRdon county bmx trevor hoeckele 908-581-9009

hOwell-nj 01 centRaL JeRsey bmx craig west 908-216-7010 track 732-863-1010


endiCOtt-ny 04 GRippen paRk bmx Gary Gitchell 607-624-3065

hamburg-ny 02 south towns bmx Louis (butch) kaminski 716-992-6421 track 716-997-6430

hOrSeheadS-ny 04 hoRseheads bmx edward Garrity 570-888-1850

kingStOn-ny 01 kinGston point bmx michael henderson track 845-339-0618

newark-ny 02 upstate bmx stephanie Liechti 585-233-2026 brian Liechti 315-382-5649

new paltz-ny 01 new paLtz bmx amy & Lou Gigliuto 845-489-4961 track 845-255-1269

OwegO-ny 04 champion speedway bmx edward Garrity 570-888-1850 Gary Rosh 570-888-5193

ShOreham-ny 01 bmx@ shoReham Rich soper track 631-821-5569


burlingtOn-nC 02 buRLinGton bmx brad kincheloe 336-684-1743 hotline 336-228-9bmx

grand FOrkS-nd 01 Red RiveR bmx chad swendseid 218-791-2204 Ron martin 701-740-1206

weSt FargO-nd 01 west FaRGo bmx michael Reiner 701-793-8394 Joel campbell 701-526-3329 track 701-318-2326

OHIO CharlOtte-nC 01 hoRnet’s-nest paRk bmx mark coates 704-226-8420 track 704-398-2711 presign

ClemmOnS-nC 01 tanGLewood bmx Garry nelson 336-368-4989 track 336-766-5269

akrOn-Oh 02 akRon bmx steve Fox 330-780-4514 track 330-784-3777

brOOkville-Oh 01 miami vaLLey bmx bob bruns 937-866-1414 doug williams 937-884-5215

gaStOnia-nC 01 Gastonia bmx matthew silvia 704-925-9019

butler-Oh 02 ohio dReams bmx Justin travis 585-415-0455

raleigh-nC 02 capitaL city bmx shane Gay 919-417-8505 track 919-834-4bmx

CantOn-Oh 02 4130 bmx paRk brandon edwards 440-915-9878

weaverville-nC 01 weaveRviLLe bmx Jamie Ritchie 828-658-2543 track 828-423-2276

CleveS-Oh 01 cLeves bmx mike peters 513-574-6075

NORTH DAKOTA bemuS pOint-ny 02 chaRLie’s bmx tRack, inc. Robert Gilbert 716-581-2001 track 716-386-4269

rOtterdam-ny 03 tRi-city bmx shawn morrin 716-523-6882 track 518-382-2691

biSmark-nd 01 FastRax bmx Lisa sailer

COlumbuS-Oh 02 cobRa bmx John scott 614-206-5144 Jimmy mcdowell 614-9405088

PULL Magazine Special Edition


dan Murphy 740-424-3901 track 1-877-877-7930

DaytON-Oh 01 dAyton indoor BMx Bob Bruns 937-866-1414

yuKON-OK 01 yukon BMx carrie & Jason willey 936-499-7438

mOLaLLa-OR 01 MolAllA BMx kim Burleson 503-951-1193

ERiE-pa 03 lAkE SHorE BMx track 814-572-3795

OREGON DaytON-Oh 01 cindy VErBurG pAl Mike taylor 937-241-1820

hamiLtON-Oh 01 HAMilton BMx Bob Bruns 937-866-1414

KEttERiNG-Oh 01 kEttErinG pArk BMx Bob Bruns 937-866-1414

NORwaLK-Oh 02 SHAdy lAnE BMx Julie Sikon 440-539-3659

tOLEDO-Oh 02 SpEEdwAy BMx Brad Moore track 419-450-9930

OKLAHOMA miami-OK 02 MiAMi BMx dale riley 918-533-6671 track 918-533-6671

OKLahOma city - OK01 SoonEr pEArl BMx richard Axtell

SaND SpRiNGS-OK 02 SAnd SprinGS BMx roy kline 918-633-5764 cathey ruicker 918-557-6717 track 918-245 5BMx


BEND-OR 02 HiGH dESErt BMx rick Vecqueray 541-306-7271 Sunny Harmeson 541-410-0808 track 503-816-5561

cOttaGE GROVE-OR 02 cottAGE GroVE BMx curt Miller 541-942-8635 James duke 541-687-1644 track 541-767-BMxx

EuGENE-OR 02 EMErAld VAllEy BMx track 541-484-6379 lance Maguire 541-654-2761

EuGENE-OR 02 EMErAld VAllEy indoor BMx track 541-484-6379 lance Maguire 541-654-2761

GRaNtS paSS-OR 02 riVEr city BMx track 541-471-0269 Grant Hewlett 541-510-8115

NEwBERG-OR 01 cHEHAlEM VAllEy BMx track 971-832-9BMx tony Hansen 503-453-2615 david Miller 503-349-4036

REDmOND- OR 01 SMitH rock BMx tracy

ROSEBuRG- OR 02 roSEBurG BMx chris thompson 541-673-7757 rocky McGowan 541-784-7373 track 541-430-0430

SaiNt hELENS-OR 01 coluMBiA riVEr BMx track 503-397-4900 paul Barlow 971-563-8786

SaLEm-OR 01 cApitol city BMx Adam treadwell 503-269-1234

JOhNStOwN-pa 04 JoHnStown BMx Mike Mccall 814-269-4386 track 814-269-4386

LEBaNON-pa 02 lEBAnon BMx rAcEwAy Steve Skishalley 717-838-1325 lebanoncrankersbmxpa.sports.

pittSBuRGh-pa 04 SoutH pArk BMx George Brain 412-884-5934 track 412-831-3620


cOLumBia- -Sc 01 nortHEASt coluMBiA BMx craig pickos 803-788-6992

GREENViLLE-Sc 01 donniE BAllEw’S ultiMAtE cHAllEnGE BMx warren Baker 364-834-7458 paula Baker 364-834-7458 track 864-421-7161

amaRiLLO-tX 07 tornAdo AllEy BMx rAcEwAy danny wall 806-433-1400 william Ballard 806-626-9015

RapiD city-SD 01 rApid city BMx Brandon Hinzman 605-8589963 cONROE-tX 13 ArMAdillo BMx pauline Hardsteen-Mayenburg 936-273-3610 track 936-271-3269 cLEVELaND-tN 02 BrAdlEy county BMx tammy Finnell 423-728-7035 parks & rec 423-728-7035 track 423-559-9562

JacKSON-tN 01 JAckSon BMx Sarah Moore 731-608-2204 track 731-983-0969

NaShViLLE-tN 01 MuSic city BMx ASSoc. randy Harris 615-495-8861 tracy Bunch 615-482-4270 track 615-361-5533

cORpuS chRiSty-tX 06 Stx BMx rAcEwAy Jeffery click 361-877-1159 track 361-290-2288

DESOtO-tX 01 MEtroplEx BMx Gary Elmore track 972-224-6664

EL paSO-tX 08 dESErt downS Bryan o’leary 915-345-0406 Jessica o’leary 915-345-2123 track 915-345-0406

LEXiNGtON-Sc 01 lExinGton BMx Eddie Sox 803-529-8205 pOttStOwN-pa 02 triloGy pArk BMx catherine knapper 610-906-1317 Glen knapper 484-363-0592

athENS-pa 01 VAllEy BMx Ed Garrity 570-888-1850

cLaRKS Summit-pa 01 cEdAr BMx candy rosencrance 570-855-8191

rJ Vargo 570-690-5017 track 570-586-1146

wESt GREENwich-Ri 01 woodlAnd BMx raymond leland ryen Mullen track 401-644-4580


tituSViLLE-pa 04 drAkE wEll BMx Shawn pratt 814-807-0295 track 814-807-0295 mEDFORD-OR 02 MEdFord BMx Shelli campos 541-973-9843


BOX ELDER-SD 01 Box EldEr BMx Bill Sumners 605-342-6580 Aaron Sumners 605-484-0570


mONROEtON-pa 01 rock cut BMx Ed Garrity 570-888-1850 track 570-265-9208

PENNSYLVANIA KLamath FaLLS-OR 02 klAMAtH FAllS BMx John lehto 541-331-2558 tim clemens 541-205-3557 Jeff Hanseth 541-892-3247 track 541-882-1201

hazLELtON-pa 01 HAzlEton city ViEw BMx Alicia Bolish 570-436-2862 roy Higgins 570-929-2143

yORK-pa 02 BuMpS-n-BErMS BMx Mike kenemore 717-637-2379 Mike Moyer 717-757-6157 track 717-757-5313 Email:bumpsnberms@


wEStmORELaND-pa 04 wEStMorElAnd BMx

SpaRtaNBuRG-Sc 01 SupErcroSS BMx Ben Bradner 864-809-6699 deb Bradner 864-357-3661


aBERDEEN-SD 02 BmX ABErdEEn BMx kyle oswald 605-229-0859 605-216-1910

mEmphiS-tN 01 SHElBy FArMS BMx keith Matthews 901-550-5960 track 901-756-2691

mORRiStOwN-tN 02 MorriStown BMx rAcEwAy James crockett 423-307-9042 track 423-587-3624 morristownbmx0890@yahoo. com

EL paSO-tX 08 Sun city BMx Angela denison 915-867-6294

Ft. wORth-tX 01 cowtown BMx Allan werner 817-454-2900 Shawna werner 817-454-2800 track 817-834-0279

hOUSTON-TX 13 BelTway 8 BMX Ray Kirkpatrick 713-5696906 Steve hightower 713-822-3442 Track 832-454-4BMX

KATY- TX 13 KaTy BMX Billy Pine 832-654-1688

MIDLAND-TX 08 weST TeXaS BMX Dineka Davis 432-599-9082

OGLESBY-TX 06 ReTRo BMX lloyd Kortis 254-404-3369 Track 254-223-2967

PEARLAND-TX 13 PeaRlanD BMX ed Dorrian 281-485-0337 Bill gilbert

RIChFIELD-UT 03 ReD hillS inDooR BMX Track 435-201-9116 Rodger Brazell 435-201-9116 Michelle Brazell 435-201-9528

SOUTh JORDAN-UT 02 RaD Canyon BMX Ron Melton 801-699-9575

SOUTh JORDAN-UT 02 RaD Canyon BMX inDooR Ron Melton 801-699-9575

TOOELE-UT 02 DeSeReT PeaK BMX Roland Critchfield 801-979-6537

VIRGIN-UT 03 ViRgin BMX TRaCK Ricki yasuda 435-879-9582

VERMONT SAN ANTONIO-TX 13 lone STaR BMX william “Billy” Ross 210-846-1463 Corinna Ross 210-846-3196 Track 210-492-9025


BENNINGTON-VT 01 CaTaMounT BMX Cody Buck 802-447-1210 Track 802-375-4137

RIChMOND-VA 01 RiChMonD BMX arthur luck 804-305-1329

WINChESTER-VA 01 winCheSTeR BMX Ben Cary 804-387-5351 Dwayne horney 540-6641319

WOODBRIDGE-VA 01 noRTheRn ViRginia BMX Chad Powers 703-405-9415


BELLINGhAM-WA 01 BellinghaM BMX Francisco Rodriguez 360-410-0310

BURLINGTON- WA 01 BuRlingTon BMX Sean Curran 425-870-2774

EVERETT-WA 01 MCColluM PaRK BMX Pete Kirk Josh Coffey / Mark Stevens Track 425-903-1538 mccollumparkbmx.

PORT ANGELES-WA 02 PoRT angeleS BMX geri Thompson 360-461-9103 Jacy Tolliver 360-461-6777

PORT ORChARD-WA 02 PeninSula inDooR BMX alan Mazuti 360-876-7434

RIChLAND-WA 03 ColuMBia BaSin BMX Shawn & Maurine Meininger 509-460-0061

SEA TAC-WA 01 noRTh Sea TaC BMX Joe Stropko 206-243-4411 yvonne Stropko

SPOKANE-WA 03 Joe alBi BMX Corey Toombs 509-294-9757

SUMNER-WA 02 RiVeR Valley BMX Mark hutko 253-732-6890 Tammy Funke 253-350-5129



Stacey Cvesta 205-573-6043

CENTERVILLE-WI 02 ToaD’S CoVe BMX andy Todd 608-539-CoVe (2683)

CASPER-WY 01 MiKe SeDaR BMX Jeff Miller 307-237-8144 Shawn wilson 307-262-5632

KELOWNA-BC 04 Kelowna BMX Dan Kitson 250-575-6769 Track 250-470-3734

DEFOREST-WI 02 gReaTeR MaDiSon BMX Benjamin lick 262-527-9496

GILLETTE-WY 01 RazoR CiTy BMX “CuTTing eDge BMX” Tami & Todd Dickinson 307-660-5549 windy Dapra 307-660-2289

LANGLEY-BC 02 langley BMX Track 604-514-BMX1 (2691) Marty Boulter

ELKhORN-WI 01 walwoRTh CounTy inDooR Jake & CandyKarau 815-874-8719 Track 262-723-4626

MILWAUKEE- WI 01 MilwauKee BMX Robert graham 414-324-7868

ROCK SPRINGS-WY 01 SouThweST wyoMing BMX Stacey Rodgers 307-389-9887

ROCK SPRINGS-WY 01 Sw wyoMing inDooR BMX Stacey Rodgers 307-389-9887

NANAIMO-BC 01 nanaiMo BMX Track 250-756-1087 Kathy Davidson 250-714-0520

PENTICTON-BC 04 PenTiCTon BMX Patrick Buchanan 250-493-2167 larry Rae 250-487-1310

OShKOSh-WI 02 winneBagolanD BMX Jared Sanchez 920-410-7073 Troy Kasper 920-960-3506


PRINCE GEORGE-BC 02 SuPeRTRaK aaTBMX Corrie angerson 250-981-8590 Track 250-561-2691

FOND DU LAC-WI 02 FonD Du laC BMX Ronald Schlafer 920-226-6317

CUMBERLAND-BC 01 Coal hillS BMX Rick grinham 250-336-2835 nicole webber 250-339-0370 Track 250-336-BMXX (2699)

QUALICUM-BC 01 oCeanSiDe BMX Trisha grecht 250-248-4262

VIRGINIA ODGEN-UT 01 legaCy RaCeway BMX Kevin Dilley 801-698-1490

RIChFIELD-UT 03 ReD hillS BMX Track 435-201-9116 Rodger Brazell 435-2019116

hAMPTON-VA 01 haMPTon BMX Johnny Culbreth Sr. 757-951-617 Kelli Townsend 757-768-4629

PETERSBURG-VA 01 VMP BMX Michael edens 804-530-2696

MOSES LAKE-WA 03 MoSeS laKe BMX Caleb & Melody Johnston 509-701-2043

MT. VERNON-WA 01 BaKeRView BMX Track 360-739-4176 Scot Johnston 360-739-4176

WALLA WALLA-WA 03 walla walla Valley BMX Rod Forss 509-386-8274


RhINELANDER-WI 03 hoDag BMX Track 715-362-2691 Jackie Tallier

FAIRMONT-WV 01 WISCONSIN RAPIDS-WI 03 PooR FaRM BMX CenTRal wiSConSin BMX luke nesler 304-641-5193 Track 715-459-2809 Mark Statz 715-421-4521 Jeremy Dickerson 715-421-6723

GRAND FORKS-BC 02 gRanD FoRKS BMX Dave Carlyle 250-442-2221 norm & holly Borisenkoff 250-442-3509

KAMLOOPS-BC 04 MCaRThuR iSlanD BMX Track 250-554-4BMX Colleen Botchar 250-318-1171

SQUAMISh-BC 02 SquaMiSh BMX RaCe TRaCK Vicki Schenk 604-892-7854

VERNON-BC 04 VeRnon RangeR PaRK BMX Track 250-545-6990 Donald hill 250-542-0966

PULL Magazine Special Edition


ViCtOria-bC 01 gReateR VictORia BMX todd Martin


Ottawa-ON 01 Ottawa BMX Marty McSweeney 613-850-9626 Facebook Ottawa BMX Racing

Chatham-ON 01 wOlFe cReek BMX tom Maciejowski 519-350-1953

POrt ElgiN-ON 01 Saugeen ShOReS BMX Brett Martin 519-797-3200

gaNaNOQuE-ON 01 gan BMX Reg Bertrand 613-324-2664

thuNdEr bay-ON 01 thundeR Bay BMX Rick Foreman-807-939-4151 track 807-621-3614

CabO rOJO, Pr-Pr-01 caBO ROJO BMX tRack Miguel Rivera 787-598-3860 facebook/caborojobmx

CEiba, Pr-Pr-01 aleXiS BuRgOS Velazquez BMX tRack luis Burgos 787-435-0238 787-247-0098

JuNCOs, Pr-Pr-01 JuncOS BMX tRack track 787-640-5595 Jose Baez 787-640-5595 ivelisse arroyo 787-640-5239 facebook/

PUERTO RICO kiNgstON-ON 01 kingStOn BMX Mike hickey 613-329-5269

lONdON-ON 01 lOndOn weSt SPORtS centRe BMX norville webb 519-641-7368 londonwestsportscentre@

bayamON, Pr-Pr-01 BaRcelOneta BMX PaRk Miguel colon 787-463-9509 John Purse-

riNCON, Pr-Pr 01 RincOn BMX StaRt tRack track 787-967-7575 albert Perez 787-967-7575 Sally Rivera 787-209-8737 dirtymountainbikes@

Anybody and everybody in BMX Racing, can help in the fight against Leukemia & Lymphoma. IN fact, you don’t even have to be a USA BMX / BMX Canada member. Tip: Give an USA BMX Race for Life donation envelope to a friend. Let them go out, gather donations and even race in your local Race for Life event! No membership is required for this special race. The fight gets another soldier, and a friend gets to do some BMX — and be eligible for great great prizes. Wins all around!


miltON-ON 01 MiltOn BMX Racing Joe gallacher 905-630-7400 Facebook Milton BMX Racing


NOTE: This track listing is as of the Summer of 2012 - and subject to change. New tracks open all the time, track operator information changes often, and unfortunately some track close down. Please check or for the most current and up-to-date Track Directory.



Next tip: Start right away. Every donation to Race for Life matters, and the sooner you start the further ahead you are. You have friends, neighbors, relatives and businesses all around you, willing to help, and all you have to do is ask. Just ask them to make checks payable to “Race for Life” and put them in your envelope. (Don’t seal the envelope, the Track Operator has to verify your donations.) Once your entry (entries) have been verified, you’re in the running for great prizes from USA BMX/BMX Canada. Filling the envelope? Need more room? (Way to go!) No problem, get with your Track Operator, or with USA BMX/ BMX Canada to request more. We’re talking the fight against Leukemia & Lymphoma here, and everyone’s happy to help.

THE TODD KINGSBURY STORY Todd Kingsbury is why USA BMX is so dedicated to this great, important, cause of the Fight against Leukemia & Lymphoma. It was 1980, gas was just over $1 a gallon and

Ronald Reagan had just became President. In Michigan, an 11 year-old was leading in District Points. His name was Todd Kingsbury. Like many of us, Todd lived and breathed BMX. But something was wrong. In the course of the summer, Todd went from winning mains to struggling to make it out of motos. Late July came and so did the Michigan State Championships. Todd crashed and had to get his arm checked out. Everything showed fine, but his arm kept hurting into the next week. Todd got bumped at school and his arm swelled up—a LOT. His parents, concerned, took him in for a more detailed checkup. He wound up in the hospital, spending nine days getting all checked out. Sadly, the news wasn’t good.

Todd was in the race for his life.

ABA BMX learned of the situation and pitched in. It was 1981 when the first Race for Life was held— with all proceeds, going to the National Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help with the fight. Raising over $223,000 that first year, it was declared a success and became a regular event. Todd, now 12 years old, raced at the now-historic Waterford Oaks BMX track; his home track. The disease had taken something out of him, but he kept riding and working - some say harder than anyone out there, telling one reporter in a legendary quote, “This might help other people from getting it.” Todd passed September 13, 1981. A BMX racer to the end, Todd was laid to rest in his Factory Powerlite uniform. In his 12 years Todd left a mark on BMX which continues to this day, as racers, families, friends, and tracks dedicate one day each season for the fight against the disease which claimed Todd all-too young, the fight against Leukemia & Lymphoma.

For a complete listing of Race for Life events go to

Click this QR code with your SmartPhone to find a complete listing of upcoming Race forr Life’s:


PUSH: After 40 years of existence, the sport of BMX Racing has been responsible for giving many top athletes and sports heroes their start. In our BMX history, there are Nascar and Indy car racers (Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, to name just two), motocross superstars (such as Jeremy Mcgrath and Travis Pastrana, for instance), as well as NFL players (newly drafted Buffalo Bill’s Tank Carder) and even rock stars - like famous guitarist with a top hat named Slash. They all got their first taste of competition, winning and success by racing BMX. And while we can’t give BMX full credit for where they went later on in life - you can’t deny that what they learned on the track as a little 3, 4 or 5 year old racer hasn’t helped kickstart their career choice later in life. We can only imagine where today’s Strider racers will be in 20 years.


If your toddler can walk, the next step is striding; cruising over dirt, grass, and pavement with ease aboard a customized Strider balance bike. The official Honda, Nitro Circus and Yamaha graphics are just three of the latest licensed Strider bikes, than can be seen competing on the USA BMX/BMX Canada national circuit. Designed to be steady, stable, and safe, Strider bikes are perfect for children aged 18 months to five years. Weighing in at just 6.9 pounds, they are easy to control, and features an adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate a growing child. Most importantly, the Strider bike teaches your child balance, coordination, and develops a glittering confidence not seen with tricycles or training wheel bikes.


Just a few years ago, it was pretty cool to see an occasional 3 or 4 year old race BMX. But with Strider balance bikes, 2, 3 or 4 are taking on the half-track! THE ANATOMY OF A HOLESHOT: Let’s study this sequence closely and examine the young intensity of a full rack of Strider kids. Check out the killer holeshot of the GoPro kid in the orange - with #229 getting a good push on the outside.










with the tough tabletop-to-roller section. Although a short course, the racing was tight, all the way to the blue finishing stripe. The biggest standout in Oldsmar was “The Princess” --Lilani Pringle. Her pointy Princess hat strapped to her helmet, and matching pink Strider bike, made her an instant crowd favorite. Even Coy Gibbs’ 3 year old, Jett, got in on the Strider action and kept up the Gibb family tradition of winning. Starting in 2012, USA BMX Thus, once again, the teamed up with STRIDER bal- USA BMX/BMX Canada ance bikes to add a class of Strider World Cup push“Push” bikes to the program. es on around the country. Is your lil’ tyke ready for OKLAHOMA: The Sooner nationals it when we roll in to your saw a great turnout of Strider town?! tykes; with kids coming from as far away as Nebraska and Arkansas. And we saw the year’s first major upset, as Reno’s lil’ dominator--Jakob Krenek, got beat by Cooper Williams. Cowtown BMX brought out all of their tiny rippers, and scored wins with the soon-to-be-famous, flying Prichard Brothers - Jacob and Peyton. FLORIDA: With a challenging track in Oldsmar, the Strider track consisted of the old-school “S” turn, and began PULL Magazine Special Edition



YOUR FIRST TIME at the track can be a

little bit intimidating. ...sort of like the first day of school. But with the following tips, your first

BMX experience should be a good one!


FIRST UP: FUN Most tracks hold regular “practice only” sessions (no racing). This is open to riders of all ages and abilities who want to develop their skills and “dial in” the track. For first-timers, Practice Day can be the




easiest to get in to the swing of things. Many tracks will pair you up with a “tutor” - who will take you around and explain the way things work, until you are comfortable to go around on your own. If practice is crowded, some tracks will split their practice into age groups (such as 12 & Under and 13 & Over). Race day practice is usually held 1 to 2 hours before the day’s event and as such, this practice/registration time is known the BMX world over as “sign-ups”. When a track advertises “5:00pm - 7:00pm sign-ups, racing ASAP,” that translates to “We will be open for practice and registration for racing between 5 and 7pm, with racing to begin as soon as possible (upon the posting of the day’s races) after 7:00pm. In addition to your USA BMX/BMX Canada membership fee, every track charges a daily fee for practice and racing. While some tracks must charge more and others can charge less, the average is around $5.00 for practice and $10.00 for racing. It’s also important to know that on a race day most tracks do not require you to sign-up to race in order to practice. Should you decide to race, however (something many first timers do), you can usually do so by paying the practice/race fee difference before the close of sign-ups and posting of the day’s races.


A newbie BMXer poses with 2008 Olympic Gold medalist Maris Strombergs.

So, now you’re ready for your first lap! You’ve got your bike dialed, your gear buckled and your membership signed.

Your first few laps around the track should be slow. Take it easy. By all means, don’t go all-out on your first lap! Take time to familiarize yourself with the course so that you know what jumps are coming up and what it feels like to go over them. It will be totally different once you take the track at faster speeds. Coming up, we’ll give you helpful hints and race tips on how to do gate starts, how to take turns and what to do over jumps and rhythm sections. As you’ll soon find out, a good start can be the difference between first and eighth, so we’d suggest working on your gates as much as possible.

We’ve even talked BMX track basics. But before you head up to the start hill, let’s first take a moment to scope out the track. GOOD ADVICE: Watch a few practice laps before going around, and pay close attention to the more advanced riders, to see what they do. Take mental notes of how they handle the turns, when they pedal and when they don’t. Understand that you probably won’t be jumping like they do - that will come in time. Every BMX racer can remember his or her first day at the track and many will be happy and enthusiastic to share their knowledge. All you really need to know are these few basic safety rules:

> Don’t ride the wrong way! > Don’t stop on the track! > Don’t cut (ride across) the track! > Always, always wear a helmet when on the track! And parents—this is a big one—should your rider fall don’t run onto the track! A track official will assist them and call to you if you are needed. Although they are all part of the USA BMX/BMX Canada family of tracks, just as every track design is different, every track operation is also a little different and has their own set of do’s and don’ts. Still, all are built and maintained for your enjoyment and safety and the number one rule they all have in common is to HAVE FUN! So, NOW that you’re really ready. Let’s ride!


Sure; the starting gate can be loud and intimidating to some, but up here on the gate, with your front wheel pressed against it, there’s very little to worry about. It drops and you go. As well, a track official or gate starter will always be on hand to direct you while the gate is in operation. Still, if you’re initially uncomfortable on the starting gate, simply alert the gate starter that you wish to roll the gate after it drops by calling out, “ROLLING!”

IMPORTANT: Always be sure to establish eye contact with the

gate starter before rolling out of the gate - making sure that your intention to roll out of the gate, before it is lifted, has been heard.

And remember that all-so-true saying, “Practice makes perfect.”

Practice, practice, and practice! BMX 101: Attend a BMX Clinic Another smart idea for any BMX rider - whether they are brand new or a seasoned Expert, is to take advantage of the many BMX Clinics and camps that are available. All year long, there are teams and pros who travel from track to track, teaching riders everything they need to know in order to improve their BMX race skills. Many USA BMX/ BMX Canada tracks have a local hotshoe who will hold Beginner or Advanced classes throughout the week, while other tracks rely on the traveling teams or pros to stop by during their Summer Tour.

During the summer, there are also a number of BMX Summer Camps that you can attend - from Supercamp’s or Ohio Dreams. Check or PULL Magazine for details, dates and locations. PULL Magazine Special Edition




ASK THE BMX STARS: You’ve got questions. We have answers. We asked some of the Sport’s Top Pros and Ams the most commonly asked questions about Racing... THE MOST COMMON Q’S: Before my first race

Crupi’s COLLIN HUDSON Redline’s JOSH KLATMAN 2-time Am World Champ

2-time ABA No.1 Amateur Champion



Former No.1 Pro Cruiser Champ & Great-8 member 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist

Before- what my firstshould race - what I doshould to I “Get your legs warmed up. do toprepare be preparedforforracing? racing? Is Is there You shouldn’t do a lot of static anything do at homeI tocan getdo stretching.” thereI can anything readyatforhome racing?to get ready?

“Eat a healthy meal! It will give you lots of energy for the long day of racing ahead.”

“When just starting out I'd say get in a lot of track time. You can never have too much practice. I know when I’m watching the beginner classes because a lot of them can't ride so well. Don't be that guy crashing in first place. Get the basic bike handling skills first.”

“Make sure to look up the rules for BMX Racing, like safety and bicycle requirements.”

“Always have fun! What is the that No.1 piece Advicetothat Advice youofgive a If it's not fun, don't do it!” newnew rider? you givebrand to a brand rider?

“The more you ride the better you get!”

“Have Fun! You’re going to make some great friends in this sport. Never stop having fun on your bike.”

“For safety reasons, try not to swerve on the track or stop on the jumps.”

“Take it slow at first, let it come Any advice to Any advice on whatontowhat do in practice very to you. Don’t expect to be super atdomyinverypractice first timeatatmy the track?

“Start slow and stay smooth and as you feel more comfortable pick up speed!”

“Take it easy! Don't go launching off the roller at the bottom of the hill to flat. Watch the local kids and ask for advice.”

“Before getting out on the track, watch other riders to see exactly how they are attacking the jumps.”

cana better I getgate a better HowHow can I get start? “Practice, practice, practice!” gate start?

“I second that - get lots and lots of practice! “Ask your local pro for some tips. Hopefully he’s a nice guy Y’know what they say - practice makes perfect.” and will take the time to give you a few pointers. There is a lot of technique that goes into a good gate start.”

What is the best piece of

first time at the track?

fast on your first lap - that comes with time.”

WereWere you nervous very firstthetime “Yes! But your nerves will calm if “Sure - I was extremely nervous. ...and I still get “I think I was more excited then nervous. I couldn't wait you the nervous YOUvery raced first BMX? How you getraced over you take it slow and you’ll gradually nervous all the time, so I listen to music at the for my moto then when it was over I just wanted to go timedo you get going faster and faster.” races to calm my nerves.” straight back up and race again. Theres nothing to be the nervous'ness at a race? BMX? How can I get

“I’m sure I was! Nobody wants to look bad, but remember you are out there to have fun, so do your best and not worry about what anyone else thinks.”

WhatWhat advice advice do you havedoforyou a newhave for a new rider and riderjumping? and jumping?How How dodoyouyou get get better at jumping? better at jumping?

“Start out small and work on table tops, then just keep trying bigger and more complicated jumps.”

“Ride some trails! I know some racers don't but I think riding trails has given me 80% of the skill I have today.”

“Again, watch other riders when they jump and don’t be afraid to ask more experienced riders for tips.”

can I manual like How can I manual likeHow a champ? a champ? What's the secret to rolling big What’s the doubles or triples? secret to rolling big

“Manuals are the hardest to get down, so keep trying new ways of manualing - like keeping your weight back and pushing with your legs. Also try to pedal manual if the regular manuals aren't working the way you want.”

“Practice in the street (with no cars) or a parking lot. Try manualing one parking spot to the next. Find that balance point and take it to the track. But do it on flat pedals at first. I believe that you shouldn’t be in clips until at least 10 or 11 years old anyways.”

“Make sure you are tall. If you‘re not, like me, you may have trouble in this area. Don’t worry though, you’ll have other skills, like jumping, that will allow you to compete with the tallest riders.”

“I'm STILL working hard to become faster and I've been racing for 15 years. You are never too fast! Always train hard.”

“I practiced a long time before I actually started racing. However, I know now that only by racing faster riders will you become better. “

“My first bike was a GT Dyno. Yellow frame, black mag wheels. I thought it was just the coolest bike around! (ha ha) There is no need to start on the most expensive bike. If you’re 10-13 years old, just go down to your local walmart and pick up a DK complete race bike. Ready to race right off the shelf. As you get better and faster and realize you love this great sport, then start the upgrades.”

“My first race bike had a chromoly frame and components, which, nowadays would be less than desirable for someone to race on. You can always get a good starter bike with my name on it, from Wal-Mart for about $100.”

“How to get faster? I’d say do some sprints. Actually, not just ‘some” sprints - LOTS of sprints.”

“Ride as much as you can and race against more experienced riders and you will see the quickest improvement in your racing.”

nervous about. Just go out there and have fun just like you were in practice.”

over the nerves?

doubles or triples?

Were you super “I started off slow and had to work extremely Were you super fast from your very “I didn't start getting fast until hard to get where I am now.” first racefast - or didfrom you haveyour to work I was about 9 - two years after I veryasfirst hard to become good asrace? you are? started racing. The rest came naturally with a little bit of training.”

A lot of rider's think they need the “No, you don't need a super expen- “I started on a Redline Mini, and I loved it so best bikeIpossible order tomy race sive bike to ride! My first bike was a much that I kept it from when I was 5 until I was don’tinthink 10! Even though I was way too big for the bike.” - did you start on a good bike, or a cheap $300 Haro.” bike is good enough. piece ofWhat crap? What yourfirst first waswas your race bike race like? bike like? Any last words of advice for a Last bit o’ advice for a beginner? beginner?



“A lot of people ask how I got so fast - I always say if you stick with the sport and work hard enough you will get to where you want to go!”

GT’s Sean Gaian

Redline’s Jason Carnes


“Before your first race, you want to eat right, stay hydrated, and just be ready to go out and have fun on your bike!”

“Just spend lots of time on the bike! Fun riding will give you the fitness to get you ready.

“Eat healthy foods, Hydrate with lots of fluids and get lots of rest. Stretch before riding and after. Stretch the night before and the morning of the race. At home you can do sprints. While sprinting envision yourself on the gate.”

“Your first ever practice at the track, you’ll want to go out and keep it smooth. Don't worry about what the more experienced riders are doing. Work at your own pace and have fun ...and before you know it you'll be one of the experts.”

“Take your time, start out slow, try to go in a straight line, and don't cut the “The first time you ride just have fun. It’s important to take it easy. Try track without looking! Don't be scared to ask the older, experienced riders to get the feel of the track before going all out at full speed.” for advice. They are usually more than happy to help.”

“Repetition. The more gates you do, the better they get. It is heavily reliant on technique, which is obtained through practice. Start are all about technique and being fluid. Lean back, slight bend in the knees, and hips to the handlebars when you hear the beeps.”

“First thing is to learn balancing on the gate. Once you can stand, focus on putting a little pressure on the gate with the front foot, so you can come right out when the gate drops. As you get better, you can start working on the expert/pro type of "snapping" out.”

“I was maybe a little nervous for my first race, but I was too little to get really nervous. You never quite get over being nervous. It is a feeling that you eventually learn to cope with.”

“I was VERY nervous. I had the biggest butterflies. That nervousness fades “My first race was at age 6, so I was having so much fun racing that away with time, though. The best way to make it easier is to focus on taking I wasn’t nervous. Now that I’m older - at National races, I’m more deep breaths and only think about the things you can control.” anxious than nervous. I put my head phones on and listen to music, stretch, ride around to warm up until it’s time to race.”

2-time Am World Champ & multi-time NAG No.1

6-time ABA No.1 Vet Pro Champion & Flight School instructor

Multi-time Amateur World Champion & NBL & ABA NAG No.1

“Your gates will become better the more you practice your set up. Focus on your timing (sound or lights), the placement of your pedals for the initial snap, shifting your weight during the mechanics of the first pedal. Always remember that the light is faster than the sound.”

“Jumping is a skill that you have to practice over and over. The “Start on the tabletop jumps! Only go as fast as you're comfortable and “Start off jumping something small that you can get over. When you more you do it, the better you get and smoother you become when focus on what it takes to keep your bike level in the air. Start off by jumping feel comfortable work your way up to bigger jumps. Your form will jumping.” a foot, then go for two, and so on. Eventually you will get good enough to come when your comfort level goes up.” reach the back-side.” “Manualing is a something that comes from being calm and “Start on flat ground or on a table! Learn to lean back and pop the front end confident and just going through the motions. The more you do it, up at the same time and find the balance point that keeps the front-end in the more comfortable you become and better you get.” the air. With practice, you will learn how to drop the front wheel right where you want it ...using the brakes and your body weight. Once you can handle table-tops, move on to shallow doubles and understand that manualling is essentially pumping the jumps with the front wheel in the air. The biggest problem is trusting yourself and equipment enough to lean back and push that back wheel down in the gap with your legs!”

“I started manualing on the side walk in front of my house. With practice you will find the balance point of your bike and just hold that position. The key to rolling big doubles is staying loose. Learn to flow with each obstacle and don’t get too stiff.”

“I was not fast the first time out on the track. For the first few weeks, I couldn't even make it around the track by myself. For a while, I didn't make the mains, but after some time I made my first main, and before I knew it my first win.”

“I won my first race, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t as fast as I think I was. Everything worth having takes work. I’ve shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get better results. BMX racing is a good life lesson.”

“No, I wasn’t super-fast. I wasn’t even a little fast (lol). I worked hard at home and at the track from start ‘til finish to get to where I am. ..and I still do.”

“I started on a regular bike shop bike. It had all basic parts on it. You don't need the best parts to start out and lean the basics of BMX.”

“I started on a decent clunker. Dont sweat the bike - as long as it can get “My first bike was a Schwinn. My Dad bought it already assembled. It you around the track safely. It’s sort of a “Rites of Passage” - you improve was a good starter bike. The kids I raced had nicer bikes. As a novice, your bike as your skills improve. It will make you apprecriate the top-of-the- it’s really all about the rider not the name brand of the bike.” line bike - preferably a Redline, when you finally earn it.”

“My best advice I could give to a brand new rider would be to just have fun on your bike. All the best riders are good because they love the sport and enjoy being on their bike. If you enjoy it and have fun with racing, you'll be good at it.”

“When you think of building yoursefl as a rider, think of it in terms of a “Have fun! Enjoy riding and making friends. I have met some of the pyramid - and your bike handling skills have to be the base. It’s easy to add coolest people from riding my bike.” speed later, but having speed with no control can be painful. Leave the clipless pedals and shoes at the bike shop until you are at least halfway to Expert.”

“A lot of people ask how to get on the factory teams. The only thing you can do is race hard and show your skills at the nationals. When you show good results, the teams notice.”

“Seriously - learn everything in FLAT PEDALS first! Dont think you have to clip-in to your pedals rigt away.”

Don’t take it too serious - and always be a good sport, whether you win or lose!” PULL Magazine Special Eition









USA BMX and its membership congratulate the five USA BMX members who made Team USA’s Olympic team.




photo by gOrk * Phoenix,AZ


Gate #4 AGES & CLASSIFICATIONS: Riding a BMX track is super fun, no doubt. But racing BMX will get you PUMPED!

While at first you may just want to ride for fun, at some point—much sooner than later—you will feel the fire to race. Because let’s face it—there’s nothing more fun than winning! And that’s because winning doesn’t come easy, especially in a sport as challenging as BMX racing. It takes skill. Real skill. Which is why it’s not unusual to see a younger expert rider racing away from an older novice rider. Don’t be discouraged if this happens to you. Just keep working at it and you too will soon be schooling the older “novies”! Until then, the good news is that you won’t have to race that expert kid as the USA BMX/BMX Canada competition structure fairly matches riders of the same age and proficiency level. From 2 years old to the over 60 set—from Novice, to Intermediate, to Expert, to Pro—there is an AGE & SKILL CLASS for everyone! In short, USA BMX/BMX Canada uses 4 criteria to determine a racer’s classification for competition—age, gender, proficiency (skill level) and wheel size. Times may exist, however, when there aren’t enough entrants to form your skill or age level. To address this, USA BMX/BMX Canada rules for race or “moto” building are very specific to insure as fair a match up as possible of riders at a given event. Since every USA BMX and BMX Canada sanctioned racetrack utilizes the same software to build motos, we can insure fair competition across the “moto-board” and across the country—wherever you choose to race.

photo by Mike Carruth/


On your plate. On your USA BMX membership card. On your moto sheets. They’re everywhere. Digits. Dig it? For the fun of it, here are a few extra didg’s worthy of mention this month:


380 10 45 Number of USA BMX tracks all around the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.


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Dollars. That’s the cost cost of your annual USA BMX membership. For that cost, you get your PULL magazine every month, a membership card, and access to all 380+ USA BMX tracks around the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.


Let’s Start Where Everyone begins...

EXPERT: This is the ultimate amateur

NOVICE: Everyone—boys

and girls—begins here. In other words—this is the class for beginners. True beginners. We’re so strongly committed to protecting the Novice class, in fact, that a rider can never reclassify to Novice upon advancement. What’s it take to advance? Eight (8) wins. With that many first place trophies on your shelf, you can be sure that you’re clearly ready to move up.

GIRL: This is the highest

proficiency level in the sport for amateur girls. The reason is simple—there are just fewer girls competing. Although BMX racing, especially now that it is an Olympic Sport, has been attracting more and more girls to compete making the Girl classes the fastest growing in the sport.

INTERMEDIATE: This is the mid-level of com-

petition for the boys where riders really begin to develop their skills. The “Inter” classes are also usually big classes, and for good reason—while it’s not too difficult to progress up and into the class, it’s much harder to progress up and out of the class, with 25 additional wins required to finally earn your Expert card.


Number of USA BMX National events held all around the country beginning in January (usually in Reno, NV) and concluding at the Grandnationals in Tulsa, OK over Thanksgiving’s 4-Day weekend.

ranking for amateur boys racing BMX. Plain and simple, when you achieve this classification you’ve proven yourself on the racetrack, demonstrating through your speed and skill that you are truly an Expert BMX racer!

CRUISER: Finally, there are two bike

categories, based on wheel size/diameter—20” wheel BMX bikes called class bikes, and 24” wheel BMX bikes called cruiser bikes. The 20” bikes are the required size for all Novice, Intermediate, Girl and Expert competition, while the 24” bikes are the required size for all Cruiser competition. But while the cruiser classes, like the 20” classes, are age and gender based, they are not divided into the novice, intermediate or expert proficiency levels. In the 24” Cruiser classes, ages go all the way up to 61 & Over for the dads and 51 & Over for the moms. Even the grandparents are doing it! It’s very common these days to see original BMX racers from the 70’s and 80’s bringing their families to the races to enjoy the same sport they did as a kid. And, after watching their son or daughter race, it doesn’t take long before the parents “get the itch” to try BMX racing again.

PRO: Want to be THE BEST in BMX Racing?

Once you are 17 years old, and hold a expert ranking, boys and girls have the option to turn Professional. When you first turn pro, boys are called A-pros (also referred to as “single-A”). Once an A-pro has won $4,000 at USA BMX nationals, they will be moved up to the highest classification in our sport: AA-pro (also known as “double-A”). Becoming No.1 Pro in USA BMX is the ultimate of all Championships - and being a Top-10 AA-pro can earn you a pretty decent living, between winnings and sponsorship salaries.

75,000 4 60+ USA BMX members... and growing by the day.

total skill levels for BMX Racing - from Novice (Beginner) on up to Pro.

Approximate number of Redline Cup races held every year. Get in that first “best score” at a Redline Cup to chase down that No.1 plate and custom RL Cup jacket.

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AGES & CLASSIFICATIONS: STRIDER CLASSES: 24” CRUISER CLASSES: 2 year olds 3 year olds 4-5 year olds

20” BOYS AGE CLASSES: NOVICES 5 & Under Novice 6 Novice 7 Novice 8 Novice 9 Novice 10 Novice 11 Novice 12 Novice 13 Novice 14 Novice 15 Novice 16 Novice 17-18 Novice 19-27 Novice 28-35 Novice 36-40 Novice 41 & Over Novice

INTERMEDIATES 5 & Under Intermediate 6 Intermediate 7 Intermediate 8 Intermediate 9 Intermediate 10 Intermediate 11 Intermediate 12 Intermediate 13 Intermediate 14 Intermediate 15 Intermediate 16 Intermediate 17-18 Intermediate 19-27 Intermediate 28-35 Intermediate 36-40 Intermediate 41 & Over Intermediate

EXPERTS 5 & Under Expert 6 Expert 7 Expert 8 Expert 9 Expert 10 Expert 11 Expert 12 Expert 13 Expert 14 Expert 15 Expert 16 Expert 17-18 Expert 19-27 Expert 28-35 Expert 36-40 Expert 41 & Over Expert

20” GIRLS AGE CLASSES: 5 & Under Girls 6 Girls 7 Girls 8 Girls 9 Girls 10 Girls 11 Girls



12 Girls 13 Girls 14 Girls 15 Girls 16 Girls 17-27 Ladies 28 & Over Ladies

BOYS CRUISER 8 & Under Cruiser 9 Cruiser 10 Cruiser 11 Cruiser 12 Cruiser 13 Cruiser 14 Cruiser 15 Cruiser 16 Cruiser 17-20 Cruiser 21-25 Cruiser 26-30 Cruiser 31-35 Cruiser 36-40 Cruiser 41-45 Cruiser 46-50 Cruiser 51-55 Cruiser 56-60 Cruiser 61 & Over Cruiser

GIRLS CRUISER 10 & Under Girl Cruiser 11-12 Girl Cruiser 13-14 Girl Cruiser 15-16 Girl Cruiser 17-20 Ladies Cruiser 21-25 Ladies Cruiser 26-30 Ladies Cruiser 31-35 Ladies Cruiser 36-40 Ladies Cruiser 41-45 Ladies Cruiser 46-50 Ladies Cruiser 51 & Over Ladies Cruiser

PRO CLASSES: AA Pro A Pro Vet Pro Womens Pro

Gate #5


It’s race day - and one of the first things you’ll want to do before practicing is Sign Up to race!”

Signing up for a BMX race is easy. Here’s how:

Earlier, we described the “Sign-Ups” period as that practice time before the day’s race begins. But “SignUps” also refers to the track office where you need to check in upon arrival. It’s here where you can become a USA BMX/BMX Canada member or renew your membership, as well as register to practice and/or race.

GOOD ADVICE: Always sign-in before riding onto

the track; either for practice and/or race. If you hear the announcer say “Last Call” for sign-ups, or worse yet - “SignUps are closed” - and you haven’t taken care of business yet, you might not be able to compete! Nearly every USA BMX or BMX Canada track will use the same simple SIGNUP form on which you will fill out the following:


Where are you from?

CLASS: If you’re a beginner, write in “Novice.” Otherwise, you’ll write in “Intermediate”, “Expert”, “Girls”, “Cruiser” or “Girl Cruiser”

SERIAL NUMBER: If you haven’t received your membership card in the mail yet, write in NFM (which stands for “New Full Member”).

AGE: How old are you this day?

NAME: Simply write your name in the

slot. Feel free to include a cool “nickname” if you have one. If not, don’t worry—you’ll likely be given one soon by the announcer.


When were you born?


You can find this info on your USA BMX card. If you don’t have it, don’t fret.

SPONSOR: Don’t worry if you don’t have a sponsor yet. Almost everybody starts off riding for “Mom & Dad.” PULL Magazine Special Edition


Gate #6


When they announce “Motos are posted!” get ready for the BMX Stampede.

Once you’ve shuffled your way to the moto boards, let us explain what everthing means on the Moto Sheet: It’s the call from the announcer that everyone is waiting for, “Motos are posted!” Suddenly, everyone drops what they are doing and crowds around the moto boards to see when and who they will be racing. The moto sheets will also tell you how many riders are transferring to the main, and what gate positions you have. All of this is vital information that you’ll need to know - and we’re going to break it down for you, so you can read a moto sheet.

NAME/AGE-CLASS: In addition to your name

will be the names of all the riders you’ll be racing. Next to their names will be their age and skill level. Riders may also elect to list sponsors (if they have any) and their hometown.


This is the number of the moto you’ll be number of riders who, based competing in. The on finish position, will trans- day’s race will start fer out of each qualifying with Moto #1 and round to their quarterfinals, count up. semifinals or main event.

QUALIFIERS: This is the



SERIAL #: This is where

your official number is listed. Brand new riders who have not yet received their membership card will be listed as NFM (New Full Members). Always make sure this number is correct - to ensure you’ll get your points.



This is what age/class you will be competing in for the day. This is the If not enough riders are entered in your own age number of riders against whom you’ll be racing. In the case of 9 and class, you may be riders or more, there will be more competing against older or younger racers, than 1 group or moto for that or racers of a different age/class. proficiency, or both.


Make sure the number on your bike matches the Rider Number on the moto sheet.

GATE/LANE ASSIGNMENT: These 3 numbers represent which lane you will start from in each of your qualifying rounds.

What’s the ? Transfer System

How do Why am I racing ? hy ers? How do I mIatrkope IfnoItwhainve, wtohyradoceI older ridTotal Points? the Main?! my 2nd moto? What’s that mean?

you’ve got questions? we’ve got the answers right here. TRANSFER SYSTEM TOTAL POINTS RACE ORDER In BMX racing, the goal is to make it to the main event. That’s where the trophies are awarded and points earned. To get to the main event, you’ve got two or three chances to qualify. These rounds of qualifying are called “motos.” In sanctioned races, the method used in qualifying is called the “Transfer System.” It is designed to reward the winner (by transferring him/her to the main event) while giving the remaining racers an equal chance at winning the next moto. The simplest way to describe the Transfer System is that “one rider will not transfer.” (NOTE: In the case of more than 9 riders, more than one rider will not transfer.) Simply put, if there are 5 riders in the motos, one will not transfer and 4 will make it to the big show. When your race is posted, the “transfer” will be marked at the top of the moto sheet. Depending on how many kids you are racing, this could be anything from a 1-1-1 transfer to a 1-1-2, or 2-2-2. These numbers stand for “How many riders will go to the main from each qualifying round.”

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you have a 1-1-2 transfer. Count them up and that means four guys will be in the main. And as noted at the top of the moto sheets, your class has five riders. Remember 1-1-2: In the first round, one rider— the winner—will go straight to the main and not have to race any more qualifying rounds. You now have four riders that race in the second round of motos. Again, one rider (the winner of the second round) will go straight to the main. In the third and final round of qualifying, two riders will transfer. Whoever gets first and second qualifies and will meet the winners of the first and second rounds in the main event.

When there are only three riders in your moto, you’ll be racing under the “Total Points” system. While a number of tracks can and do run all of their races under the Total Points System, most tracks utilize this system for a three-rider only race—which at the same time is the fewest number of racers allowed to form a legal class. The way this works is; all three of your races count toward your overall finish. First place counts as one point, second place counts as two points and third counts as three points. After three rounds of motos, the rider with the least amount of points will get the overall win for the day.

Girls, Cruisers and Girl Cruisers—youngest to oldest—are almost always the first races of any given USA BMX or BMX Canada event, followed by all of the boy classes. But while many local tracks run their boy classes in the traditional age group by proficiency order—for example, 6 novice, followed by 6 Intermediate, followed by 6 expert—many tracks have recently begun to adopt the new national race order that is grouped by proficiency, then age order—first running all Novice classes, then all Intermediate classes, then all Expert classes, youngest to oldest.

TOTAL POINTS EXAMPLE: In the first moto, Juan Hander takes first place, Noah Footer gets second and you take third. In the second moto, Noah wins, you get second and Juan crashes and gets the third. In the third and final moto, you dice it out with Noah and take the win, while Juan takes another third. Let’s add up the points:

Moto 1 Moto 2 Moto 3






= 6 2nd





= 7 3rd





= 5 1st

It may seem like a lot to keep track of but don’t worry, you’ll pick it up in no time. And always an official “Stager” will be there to guide you or your rider into their assigned race and starting lane on the gate.

The first place trophy would go to Noah and you took second overall. In the case of a tie, the rider who did better in the third moto would get the better finish. At the majority of tracks and at all nationals, when you are racing under the “Total Points” system, you’ll race with the 1st and 2nd rounds of motos, skip the third round (if there is one), and race your third time during the main events.

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Gate #7 THE RACE

riderS READY? Watch the lights...

and get ready to have the time of your life!

While you can pick up a lot by simply riding and watching others, learning the proper techniques will help you in your quest to succeed. As previously discussed, there are many clinics and camp opportunities to help you along the way, but in hopes of getting you out of the gate with a little bit of a head start, here are a few key tips that will get you down the first straight in a hurry, over the jumps like a pro, and around your competition without them seeing you coming!

Anybody can learn to ride a bike. Learning to race BMX—now that takes REAL skill. COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS:

The fastest way around the track is not always catching big air over every obstacle. Most new riders think that skying every obstacle makes you the quickest; but the truth is - staying low and often rolling (or “manualing”) through a set of jumps will actually get you to the finishline faster.




About 90% of the time, a BMX race is won or lost at the start. Getting the “snap” or “holeshot” out of the gate is vital. Sure, there are plenty of races that see moves being made in the turns, or passes in the rhythm section - but if you get a great gate, then your chances of winning that race just drastically improved!

How-To Do it:


TARTS: The majority of the time, a race is won or lost by a good GATorEbadSstart. Snapping out of the gate ahead of everybody is called “getting

the holeshot” - and it’ll definitely increase your chances of winning. You won’t have anybody in your way when you’re out front, and as long as you can hold off the charge of your competition who are behind you, and race your own race - the sweet taste of victory can be all yours!

2-Foote: d Start Set ‘em up.. Rider’s ready?


Balancing in the gate like a Expert isn’t too hard, and you’ll likely get the hang of it in a week or two. Meanwhile, until you do - most first-timers will start off by doing the basic one-footed start. Here’s how to do it: Position your front wheel against the gate with your cranks a little above level. Place a foot on the forward pedal and your other foot on the ground near your rear wheel to balance the bike.

TIP: When the starting cadence begins, rock your weight toward the back of the bike, and then lunge forward as the gate is about to fall. As the gate is dropping, bring your back foot to the top pedal as quickly as possible and crank your brains out down the hill.


You’ll notice right away that most racers are balancing on both pedals in the starting gate. This is what we call a “two-footed start” and you can try to do it right away if you feel like you can. Eventually, everyone learns how to do two-footed

Random start... Beep, beep, beep ...

starts—the act of balancing on the gate with both feet on the pedals. The secret to balancing is keeping your cranks level and applying a bit more pressure on your forward foot. Also, use your arms to help keep your balance. You can practice balancing for two-footed starts by putting your front wheel up against a wall or planter. Soon, you’ll be able to relax and balance like a BMX pro.

Here’s how to do it: Balance in the

gate with both feet on the pedals. Set your cranks with the forward pedal one or two clicks of the freewheel up from the chainstay. PULL Magazine Special Edition


You Can Do It!


: s r e n r o C n I g n i s s Pa

Put it this way: Turns were created to make you go in a different direction. But BERMS were created to help you pass riders. The majority of good moves in BMX racing are made in the big, banked turns. Just don’t shut down too soon! Often, the difference between passing somebody in a turn is cranking all the way into it. Riders who shut down and coast too early, or stop pedaling too soon, risk getting passed by a rider who takes those extra one or two more cranks when entering the turn. Here are some basic passing moves to help you get the hang of modern-day Berm warfare:

SNAP! TIP #1: Use your arms to balance side-to-side and lean your weight back over the seat while you apply pressure on your forward foot. Timing is the key. When the gate begins to fall, thrust your hips toward your bars while pushing down on your forward pedal. TIP #2: During the thrust, your front wheel may leave the ground. You want to push forward and not pull up on the bars. A perfect start is when your front wheel is hovering over the gate as it hits the ground. Crank, crank, crank! Continue to lay down the power to grab the “holeshot” and sprint to the front of the pack!

Speed Jumping:

You’ve seen BMX on YouTube, right? You’re probably thinking every jump is there to catch huge air over. WRONG! The object in racing is to get from point-A to point-B the fastest, and often - getting big air actually slows you down. And, believe it or not, it takes much more skill to pedal over the jumps than to catch air. Start off speed jumping the smaller jumps and as you improve, build up to the big ones.



The more cranks you can get in entering a turn, and the sooner you can begin pedaling out of a corner, the better!

Here’s how to do it: The idea is to never stop pedaling and keep the rubber to the ground. Coming up to the jump, pull up on the bars—getting your front wheel off the ground and over the first peak of the jump. TIP: As soon as your front wheel clears the peak of the jump, shift your weight back towards the rear wheel to absorb the jump. Body and arm position is key. Use them like a shock absorber as the bike comes up to your stomach, and keep on crankin’!

ve:on owyouDareiright High-LWhen

the back knobbies of the rider in front of you, you can sometimes set them up for a high-low pass. Enter the berm high on the outside. If the rider knows you are there, he/she will likely go high as well to avoid getting passed. As soon as they do, make the pass by carving the turn sharply and diving low to the inside. If done right, they won’t even know what happened.

[LEFT] Battle of the ‘bows ... Elbows, that is. If you can get an elbow in front of the rider you’re passing, often times they’ll back off and you’ve now got the lead!

: p o o w S e d GOOD OL’ DEPENDABLE LOW-HIGH: nsi on the situation, THE IDepending if you’re close enough to a rider when entering the corner, you have a few choices. Sometimes a rider will “leave the door open”—which refers to taking the turn wide (or high); leaving a big opening for you to make a pass. When you see the “open door” opportunity, take advantage of the other rider’s mistake. Enter the turn on the inside and the other rider will be “hung out” on the outside / top of the turn. Upon exiting, don’t leave an opening for the guy to pass you back (see “HIGH-LOW DIVE”). Shut down their line by riding to the outside, stopping any chance of them passing you back.

: l i a R e d i s Out This is usually

performed in wide-open turns. The secret to railing the outside line is keeping your momentum. When possible, keep cranking around the outside line of the turn. When done properly, you’ll exit the turn out front.

[LEFT] On tracks with big berms, there is no single-file line. Going up high is railing it, while hangin’ low to the inside of the cones is “swooping.”

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Gate #8 CLIMBING THE LADDER: Can you make it to the The Top?

Make your Main Event at any USA BMX/BMX Canada race event and finish on the podium—usually top 3—and you’ll win more than a sense of pride in what you’ve accomplished; you’ll not only win an award in the form of a trophy, prize or BMX Saver Stamps, but you’ll also earn something


Earned points will go towards your year-end ranking and determine your “earned number” for the next BMX racing season. Because in BMX racing, the ultimate achievement isn’t the bike you ride or the uniform you wear, it’s honor and prestige of running the No.1 plate. You can be No.1 in many levels - your district, your state, your region, your national age group (NAG), or even No.1 in the entire nation! As you can surely imagine, becoming a #1 rider is an incredibly tough climb, one that only a handful of BMX racers will eventually make. But for those that do, they began their journey like everyone else— running their USA BMX assigned number. One of the easiest ways to put the levels of competition into perspective is to imagine a 6-step staircase. We call it the

Stairway to Success.




But only few succeed becoming the very best in BMX.

It takes years of dedication and a ton of desire.

Do you have what it takes to be No.1?


Every year, USA BMX (formerly ABA) hands out seven individual National No.1 Titles. They are: q No.1 AMATEUR BOYS q No.1 AMATEUR GIRLS q No.1 AMATEUR CRUISER q No.1 AMATEUR GIRLS CRUISER q No.1 PRO q No.1 WOMAN PRO q No.1 VET PRO Additionally, USA BMX awards three National No.1 Team Titles for the following: q No.1 FACTORY TEAM q No.1 BIKE SHOP TEAM q No.1 TROPHY TEAM

When you first start off racing BMX, you are at the very bottom step of the BMX ladder. Yet, with a lot of hard work, practice and eventual wins, anybody can climb to the top!

But we’ve got to warn you--it may be very difficult to climb. Each year, only 8 BMX racers make it all the way to the top. About 60 riders in the nation make it to rung 5, while hundreds manage to reach the 4th step. Thousands of

kids make it to rungs 1, 2 or 3.

How high can you climb?

Be The Besrt in you State!

est Be TheRB ion! g e r u o in y The Beest in th Nation!


As the name implies - this 9-month series is brought to you by Redline Bicycles; the only specifically bike-branded race series in our sport. originally called the Gold Cup, it’s also one of the longest lasting. To a Redline Cup plate, you must first race at a Redline Cup race. Then you’ve got to attend your designated Redline Cup Finals (East, Central or West). Redline Cup plates are awarded to the top 3 riders in each age group and proficiency. For the novice and intermediate rider, this regional series is one of your best shots at winning a No.1 or series plate!


Every track in your state/province will hold a State/Provincial Championship Race (SCR or Be PCR). To become State/Provincial Champion, e Best h T the Sanction counts your top 3 SCR or PCR in your finishes, plus the State/Provincial ChampionArea! ship Final. Finish ahead of the competition and you could call yourself State/Provincial Champ! The next step up the “Stairway to Success” Special District plates for the top 3 riders in is to earn a low District Number. Becomeach state are awarded for each age group, ing “District No.1” in your area is a major although not proficiency. accomplishment. District No.1 plates are awarded to the rider in each District with the most points at season end on December 15th—including the District No.1 Boy, Girl, Cruiser and Girl Cruiser.

These are the most prestigious titles in BMX racing; awarded to seven champion riders each year both in the U.S. and Canada. They are the National No.1 Amateur Boy, Girl, Cruiser, Girl Cruiser, Pro, ladies Pro and Vet Pro. Taking home one of these championships insures your name will be forever etched in the history of the sport! A good example of how good you need to be to win this plate, three of the 5 members of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team held one or two National No.1 titles as Amateurs.


USA Cycling’s U.S. National Champion

Once a year, USA Cycling - our country’s NGB, joins together with USA BMX to hold their “National Championships.” While Amateurs are awarded medals (gold, silver & bronze), Elite winners are allowed to wear the U.S. flag on the sleeve of their jersey. This is not a “plated” category - but it does automatically qualify riders to be able to race at the UCi Worlds (see below).



The coveted red background of a ROC plate is won in Tulsa, Oklahoma - in November, at the pre-race to the USA BMX Grands. Though first, you must qualify for the Race of Champions (ROC) by competing in the State/Provincial Championship Series. Then, you must win the ROC to earn the honor of running the red No.1 plate. ROC plates are awarded to the winner of every age group and proficiency.

The Besrt in you



If you’re not able to get National No.1 Amateur, you might still be able to nab No.1 out of all the kids your same age, in the entire nation. “NAG” plates are awarded annually to the top 10 riders for each age.


NON-USA BMX TITLES: UCi WORLD CHAMPION The UCi is the “global” body for all of cycling, recognized by the Olympic committee - and once a year, in a far-off land, they hold the UCi BMX World Championships. Held in a different country each year, winning the Worlds is a huge honor for Amateurs of all ages; but even more meaningful to the Elite Pro men and women. If you see a “W” in front of a number, it signifies that rider’s World Ranking (examples: W-1 means that rider won the Worlds, while W-5 says that they are No.5 in the World and placed 5th in the Worlds main). In all realms of cycling, World Champions are easy to spot with their “UCi Rainbow Stripes”on their white jersey. Former UCi World Champs are allowed to run the rainbow stripes on their cuffs or collar of their jersey for life.

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NAG Champs m u i d o p

HOMETURF: California SPONSOR: J&R Bicycles BIO: A second generation BMXer, Betts has been practically unbeatable on both his class & cruiser bike, and has all of the makings of a future National No.1 Amateur.


HOMETURF: Grand Junction, Colorado SPONSOR: Redman~Rockstar BIO: While Reid may be mellow and quiet off the track, he lets his stylish and super smooth riding do all the talking for him ON the track.


HOMETURF: Lancaster, California SPONSOR: Redman~Rockstar BIO: Throughout the years, there have been only a handfull of girl racers with as much (if not more) style than the fastest guys ... and Carlie is one of those. Pulling sweet whips or classic X-ups over the doubles as she whups up on her competition is a common sight. She’s definitely future No1 Elite Woman material.


HOMETURF: California SPONSOR: Vendetta~Form~Elite Bike Shop BIO: Grigsby has been rippin’ it up in the younger class lately. At 6 years young, he’s already won himself a NAG and World Championship.


HOMETURF: Simi Valley, California SPONSOR: Simi Bike Works BIO: Way back in 2006, BMX dad Chris Verhagen won his first No.1 Cruiser title. With it, also came the NAG No.1 plate. Soon after, a serious crash put him back a few steps and it wasn’t until 2011 that he was able to recapture both his National and NAG No.1 plates.











Who’s THE BEST BMXers in their Age Group? Here are just a few Heroes to look up to...


HOMETURF: Florida SPONSOR: S-squaared Bikes BIO: Throughout his still fairly-young career, Florida’s Byndloss has racked up plenty of NBL titles and amateur World Championships, along with his ABA National Age Group No.1 titles. With incredible power, he’s definitely a future Pro contender in a few years.

HOMETURF: Missouri SPONSOR: Answer~TroyLee~Ssquared BIO: The 2011 Grandnationals were very good to Jamie. First off, she scored the victory in the 13 girls main, which secured her a NAG No.1 plate on her 20” bike. Soon after, she did the same on her Cruiser, passing the defending No.1 Champ down the last straightaway. That win not only gave her the NAG No.1 plate, but also made her National Champ.



HOMETURF: Simi Valley, California SPONSOR: Intense Bicycles BIO: An honor roll student, Madelynn has only been racing for a couple of years, training 4 to 5 days a week at Sycamore BMX has helped take her to the top of her class. She loves jumping, almost as much as she loves beating the boys on the track.




girl cruiser


HOMETURF: Utah SPONSOR: Performance Bike Center (PBC) BIO: As one half of the ultra fast Allred sisters, Heather has been racing (and winning) since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. Still today, in her mid-20’s, she continues to dominate her cruiser class.


NAG NO.1 9 CRUISER: Aidan Grecht

BIO: Whether it’s on a 20” or a 24” HOMETURF: BC SPONSOR: Formula - Aiden Grecht. His rack of wins last year earned him the honor of being a NAG No.1 rider in Canada.


NAG NO.1 12-BOYS: KEVIN PAULS HOMETURF: California SPONSOR: Intense Bicycles BIO: Kevin Pauls is big for his age, and uses that to his advantage. Whether he’s racing locals, State race, Redline Cup’s or at a USA BMX National, this kid is easy to find -- just look out front. What’s his secret to success? Interestingly, Kevin tell us “I have never gone to a track on race night and only practiced. I always go to race. When you first get in to BMX, plan on having more fun than you’ve ever known,” he says.

HOMETURF: Westbank, BC SPONSOR: Redman~Rockstar BIO: Nicknamed “Nat-zilla,” Schmidt has ruled her Girls classes both north and south of the 49th line. We bet that there are plenty more Championships and No.1 plates in her future.


HOMETURF: Pitt Meadows, BC SPONSOR: Factory Yess BIO: In Canada, the Tougas Brothers are a force to be reckoned with - and the “force” is mighty in this young jedi. Ryan Tougas, equipped with his Yess frame and Leatt brace, has climbed his way to the top of the Canadian charts. PULL Magazine Special Edition


ER NAT M M U S S L A N IO T A N G IN S U.S. NA L A N IO T A N R O WINTER NATIONALS SPR T A G S L NATIONA R A L L O D R E V IL S S L A N ATIONALS N ATIO R E M M ST Nthe U S S MIDWEIt’s L A N IO T A PRING N ultimate BMX experience. S NEW E S S L A N IO T A N R O T WINTER NATIONAL A G S L NATIONA R A L L O D R E V IL S S L A S COR L A N IO T A N D N A L IE MIDWEST NATION IX D NATIONALS . .S U S L A N IO T A N NALS IO T A N Y IT C IC S U M GREAT NORTHWEST S L A R NATION E P U S A MOST EPIC EXPERIENCE IN BMX S L ALS A N IO NATIONAL PRACTICE: T A N S A G E V S A L BLUEGRASS NATION S L time at nationals are different from TIONA Practice NAyou S E IP R T S & S R A local BMX track practices. While practice LS T S S L Now that you’re hooked on this great sport called BMX, are A N IO T A N TIOoneNA E Aplace T N A T T S S at your local track usually take A R O C T S QUAKE ready for the ultimate road trip?! Imagine A E S L A N TIO of or two hours before racing begins, National K NAversion JtheACBMX K C A L B S L A N IO T A N ST 500. The BMX equivalent of the World Series, GREAT practice NATIObyNtheALS LAKareE determined SOUTHW SThereAofareLtheTschedules size race. theEDaytona “B” Practice times for the big S L N A IO T A N or Super Bowl ... it’s a USA BMX /BMX Canada National races, and then “A” Practice schedules for P U C DISNEY the BIGGER events. Schedules for each


Simply put, a USA BMX/BMX Canada national is the ultimate BMX experience. It gets the largest turnout—anywhere from 150 to 300 motos or more (compared to the average 20 or 30 motos at the local level, single-point race). You’ll not only compete against the best riders in the Country, but occasionally get some super fast International riders to race. To make it out of your moto at a national is an awesome accomplishment, while getting to the main event is the ultimate bragging right to take back home to your local track. Best of all, if you win your class at a national, you’ll take home the largest trophy you’ve ever seen! But the “experience” doesn’t stop there. The arena atmosphere of a national makes it even greater. Some are held indoors and are buitl just for that race, while the outdoor nationals are chosen for their incredible tracks and facilities. Along with rows and rows of motor homes, trucks and trailers, there are bike shop vendors with all the latest products for sale. At most nationals there is “Factory Row”, with lines of factory rigs, box vans and team tents. Practically every major BMX manufacturer sets up displays and hands out catalogs and stickers, while their star pros sign autographs on posters, t-shirts or number plates. The pit area at a BMX national is pretty incredible as well. Thousands of bikes are all lined up, while hundreds of quick-paced races are going on, nonstop throughout the day. On average, 30 nationals each year are held from January to November, all across the USA and Canada. There are age/classes for all three divisions: Novice, Intermediate and Expert, as well as Girls, Cruiser and Girl Cruiser divisions. You’ll also get a chance to see some of the fastest riders on the planet in the Pro Class - many of them Olympic hopefuls or finalists. Just think - these Elite superstars were once in your shoes attending their first national. You just never know where BMX will take you!

event can be found on the web or in Pull magazine. Printed practice schedules are also handed out at the race and will be posted around the race facility for your convenience.

SIGN-UPS If you’re already a USA BMX/BMX Canada

member but new to the national circuit, bring your membership card to the USA BMX/BMX Canada sign-up truck or the event’s registration office. Once there, you can register for the weekend’s national event. ...but we’ve got to warn you: big races like these usually have a LONG sign-up line. If you don’t want to waste time standing in a Disney-like line, we highly recommend that you Pre-Register over the USABMX or BMX Canada websites. If you are a brand new rider, the sign-up truck is where you can become a full USA BMX/BMX Canada member and then register for the day’s race. You’ll need mom or dad’s signature for the membership application if you’re a minor and you’ll have to fill everything out before putting two wheels on the track. Once you join, the friendly person at sign-ups will give you a temporary slip as proof that you are a member. Hold on to that piece of paper until your USA BMX/ BMX Canada card comes in the mail. They’ll also give you a temporary bike number to run until your official bike number arrives.

BIKE INSPECTION Practice at national race requires a “bike 44


inspection sticker”. The bike inspection station is usually located at the bottom of the starting hill. Once you reach bike inspection, they will check for required safety features. Your BMX bike (either 20”


Nearly half of the USA BMX / BMXcanada series is held Indoors - in various arenas around the country. Every year, the Reno Livestock & Events Center kicks off the season with their large, dirt-floor arena. In Tulsa, come November - the National Series comes to a close for USA BMX, at the indoor QT Center, while the Canadian National series usually wraps up in Chiliwack, BC - indside the same arena it starts off in.

Reno,NV. The other half of each years’ National circuit is held at various top of the line BMX tracks - from Florida to California, Kentucky to Texas, Pennsylvania to Arizona, Illinois to Oregon ... and don’t forget Canada, eh?! The local tracks who get the honor of hosting a USA BMX or BMXcanada national are among the best around!



PULL Magazine Special Edition



Located inside the SouthPoint Casino - off the southern Vegas strip, the annual Las Vegas Nationals are one of the most fun races to hit on the circuit. Parents love the convienance of staying at the Casino/Resort, while the kids dig on the always thrilling short-track layout and fun activities located at the hotel, including a movie theatre and bowling alley. All of this makes it one of the biggest race of the season. or 24” cruiser) must be working in a proper and safe manner. All nuts and bolts tight, axles not sticking out more than a ¼ inch, proper bar ends (grip plugs) and working brakes. Three pads (crossbar, stem and frame top tube) are recommended. Once your BMX bike has passed inspection, an inspection sticker will be applied to your brake cable for all track officials to see. The inspection stickers are also color coordinated for each age group. If your bike has a kickstand, chain guard or reflector brackets, they will need to be removed for on-track safety purposes.

MOTOS POSTED What moto are you in? What gate do you have?

Who are you racing? These are the same questions you have at your local race and they’re not any different here at the nationals. The only difference—there’re just a lot more racers and a lot more motos. No problem! You remember the moto sheet and how to read it. There are, however, a few important differences between the way races are run at the nationals versus what you may have experienced at the local level. As previously described, national races are ran in this order—Pros, Opens, Girls, Cruisers, Girls Cruisers, Novice, Intermediate & Expert, youngest to oldest. Pay attention to this! You’ve come a long way to test yourself against the best. Be on time for your race and be ready. At the nationals, the races are ran very quickly.




1/8ths, 1/4’s and Semis Because of the potential for a large

number of riders in your class—not just your moto—at the national level, you might be faced with the challenge of racing eighths, quarters or semis. This is, after all, what you came to the nationals for—to have more competition and more fun! The breakdown is pretty simple: If your class has 5 groups or more you will have a quarter or possibly an eighth. If your class has 3 groups you will have a semi. If your class has 2 groups or less you will qualify straight to a main. Check your Moto sheet for all the particulars!

Corrections Immediately check your moto once they have

been posted. If you notice that there is a problem with your moto (i.e. your bike number is wrong, serial number incorrect or you’re not listed on the sheet at all), go back to signups and make a USA BMX/BMX Canada staff member aware of the situation. If there is a valid problem, the moto will be corrected and announced during the “riders meeting” over the microphone. Corrections will not be written on the moto sheets.

Main event A few key things to know about how the

Main Event is run at the nationals: //////Main sheets are not posted at USA BMX/ BMX Canada Nationals (with the exception of the Grand Nationals). //////All main events are run in the same order as the qualifying motos (Pros, opens, girls, cruisers, girls cruisers, novice, intermediate, expert—youngest to oldest). //////Main lanes are given in staging as well as chute number prior to your moto.

The Greatest Race on Earth!


How BMXers spend their Thanksgiving Weekends. It’s HUGE. The building itself is 1/4 mile long, and the track is built with more dirt than any other BMX track on Earth. The moto count ranges between 550 and 610. Racing goes on over four days, and Sunday’s main events decide the No.1 title holders for the year - almost always in climatic, edge-of-your-seat action.

FINISH LINE //////The announcer will call out the riders that

have qualified by last name or by plate number. //////If you feel you have qualified and did not hear your name or number announced, go back to the finish line and check with the scorer to verify your finish. //////Video review. USA BMX/BMX Canada uses a video camera to capture all finishes. You may go back and dispute a finish within 10 motos of your race. //////Trophy slips – If you qualify through the motos or through a semi to the main event you will receive an award. When you cross the line in the main event you will be handed a trophy slip that has your finish on it. Take this trophy slip to the appropriate location to either receive a trophy or USA BMX/BMX Canada Saver Stamps.


No.1 PRO

To become No.1 Pro in USA BMX is the crown achievement in BMX. It’s not a 1-lap win like the Olympics or World Champs. It’s accumulated over 11 months, with consistency in main events and multiple wins counting toward your best 10 scores. It’s no wonder riders from all over the World come to America to chase the Cup. Australia’s Sam Willoughby and New Zealand’s Marc Willers have been crowned No.1 Pro for the past couple of years.


Take all of the fastest BMX racers in the entire country - from 5 year novices up to 20-something experts; and who do you think is THE BEST? Since 1977, every Amateur Boy in America has been chasing the illustrious No.1 Amateur Cup. Based on points earned throughout the year - getting additional points for having the most competition in your class, the No.1 Am title is the most prestigious accomplishment in amateur racing. In 2010 and 2011, Washington’s JOSH KLATMAN won the silver Cup for being our sport’s No.1 Amateur.

ficials call fouls as they happen. Officials will have the authority to call fouls and levee a disqualification without the need for a protest being lodged by any rider. //////Officials look for the intention of any circumstance on the track. Situations deemed under malicious intent may result in disqualification. //////Any rider lodging a protest about a particular race must present his/her case to the head official within 10 motos after the race in question. After this time frame, a protest may not be lodged. That about does it! We wish you the best of luck at your first National event. Enjoy!


If you were to take every single Girl BMX racer - of all ages, and add up their best 10 National finishes - against the most riders in their classes, it’d determine who the No.1 Girl is. ....which is what USA BMX (formerly ABA) has done for the past 34 years. To be National No.1 Girl is by far the biggest accomplishment an amateur girl racer can get!

PULL Magazine Special Edition


The BMX Canada National Series features some awesome races at some of the most picturesque locations in Canada. Enjoy a great weekend of moderate temperatures on Vancouver Island or head up to wine country in the Okanagan Valley! With the races being smaller in size than a typical national down in the states, families have time to go enjoy themselves after the events – and Canada has some of the most beautiful places to hike and explore in all of North America. In 2012, BMX Canada added a stop in Ontario for riders in the northeast. Since all riders can earn USA BMX national points while competing at BMX Canada Nationals, many of the US NAG riders head north of the border to try to test their skills against the Canadians. As a result, the Canadian riders are getting to race against top riders without having to travel far to do it, which is increasing the talent level in Canada exponentially. Now, it is very common to see some of the top Canadian riders heading down to US nationals to beat the Americans. If you’ve never been to a BMX Canada national weekend, do yourself a favor and plan a trip. Getting a passport is easier than you might think and you can’t help but love the vibe at those events…

CANADIAN NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PRACTICE SCHEDULE C Friday Class Saturday 2:00-2:30pm 13 & Under 2:30-3:00pm 14 & Over 3:00-3:30pm 13 & Under 8:30-9:00am 3:30-4:00pm 14 & Over 9:00-9:30am 4:00-4:30pm 13 & Under 9:30-10:00am 4:30-5:00pm 14 & Over 10:00-10:30am 5:00-5:30pm Pro Practice 10:30-11:00am (UCI Cadence) Special Schedule for Canadian Nationals/ Canadian Grands


Friday Double Points Registration Registration: 2:00-5:00pm for Friday, Saturday & Sunday Sign-ups for Friday’s race close at 5:00pm NO EXCEPTIONS / Race Time: 6:00pm National Registration Friday Night Registration: For Saturday & Sunday, 2:00-5:00pm National Registration Saturday Registration: For Saturday & Sunday, 8:30-10:00am Saturday’s sign-ups close at 10:00am NO EXCEPTIONS / Race Time: 11:30am Sunday Schedule: Gates open: 8:00am, No practice Sunday morning Corrections 8:00-8:30am only! / Race time: 9:00am ATTENTION!!! NO REGISTRATION OR PRACTICE ON SUNDAY

Canadian National Series Details Canadian National Series will run according to the “C Schedule”/ with the exception of the Canadian Nationals & Canadian Grands, which will have an alternative practice schedule. Each National event is open to all USA BMX & BMX Canada members. Canadian Riders will receive National points for both the USA BMX National Series and the BMX Canada National Series per the 2012 BMX Canada rulebook. Only Canadian riders will earn Canadian National Points and subsequent rankings.


Awarded to the top 10 for each Age category for amateurs.



Awarded to the top 10% (maximum of 50) for each category for amateurs and 1-10 for Pro Classes!

U.S. Riders will receive National points for the USA BMX National Series only. Each National Event will offer triple district points for all participants. USA BMX District points will be awarded to every USA BMX member at each National Event (triple) and the Canadian Grand National (quadruple). There will be only one Pro class available-PRO. Only A Pros may compete, but only Canadian Pro’s are eligible to receive a Canadian Pro Ranking (Pro points based on A Pro points table). National Team Competition available: Trophy, Bike Shop & Factory (Payout in Canadian dollars. Seven teams required for all payout. Less than seven teams equals 50% payout.)


Both U.S. and Canadian currency will be accepted.

topTEAMS: While one of the best qualities of BMX Racing is that it is a Individual sport (it’s just YOU out there racing), that doesn’t mean we don’t have teams, teammates and team competition. Some of the most fun to be had in BMX is being a part of a BMX team - whether it’s a “family” team at the local track or a bike shop team that travels around the state, there is always fun to be had in numbers. If you are REALLY good at BMX, then the ultimate dream is to become a member of a Factory team! To be “factory sponsored” by a BMX manufactuer often means they pay your entry fees, give you free bikes and parts, and even pay for you travel expenses and entry fees. Here on this page, we’d like to introduce you to some of the best teams in BMX.


When and IF you get good enough, maybe you’ll ride for one of these Teams!

GT BICYCLES [above] has a long history of winning No.1 Championships, and has won more No.1 Factory Team titles than any other team in our sport. Led by BMX legend and BMX Hall of Famer Eric Rupe, GT’s latest amateur squad hopres to recapture that GT Winning reputation. ANSWER~RENNEN [right] is always one team that you never under estimate. Scientifically assembled with riders from all across the country, they can win any team sheet, any day.

From the Great White North comes the YESS FACTORY squad [above]. The are made up of the fastest riders Canada has to offer, and usually rule the BMXcanada National circuit. There’s a reason most of them have a No.1 plate on their bars. The PHOENIX factory team [left] is rising. Consisting mostly of Oregon’s best BMXers, the Phoenix team not only looks super fast but they also get the job done on the track!

TEAM INTENSE [above] has a huge collection of National No.1 Factory team cups since the turn of the millenium, and knows how to put together a winning team and team sheet. For the past decade, they have been the ones to beat.

CRUPI PARTS ~ RHYTHM [above] came out on the top of the Factory team heap in 2011, and is always a threat in team competition - with some of the most up and coming BMX racers in the country; from Colorado to Nevada, Texas to Washington. The REDMAN~ROCKSTAR tribe [right] have been described as the “Bad News Bears” of BMX; with some of the most talented racing renegades around. On the West national circuit,

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>>>> REWARDS >>>> >> >> > AWARDS: & >>>> > >>>> >>>> >>>> > > >>>> >>> >>>> > > >>>>>> >>>> >>>>> > > >>>> THE WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & WHY OF EARNING A USA BMX NUMBER:

Want to know “the Big Picture”? There is a lot to take in, with so many types of No.1 plates and Championships up for grabs in our sport. The chart below provides you a good summation of all given and earned numbers, meaning of colored plate backgrounds, how many points they are worth, and how they can be earned. Are you guys ready for a lesson on Local, State, Regional and National racing?

Let’s begin.

...and yes, class. You WILL be tested on this at the end (of the year).

- - - - -- - - - - - --- - ---- ---- --- - - -

Types of Races in 2012:

DISTRICT Points Available

STATE SERIES Points Available

REDLINE CUP Regional Series Points Available

Local Races


Earned Doubles


Race for Life Single (RFL)


Race for Life Double (RFL)


Bob Warnicke Scholarship


State Race Double (SCR)



State Race Triple (SCR)



State Finals Pre-Race


State Finals (SCF)


Race of Champs / President’s Cup


Redline Cup Regional Races



Redline Cup Regional Finals (East/Central/West)



National Pre-Race




Eastern Divisional Final Western Divisional Final

3x 3x 4x


District Points are unlimted; counting your total accumulative points from January 1 to December 15th.

Awards Given:

The top 10% (with a maximum of 10 riders) in each District in each classification receives a custom District Jacket. District ranking are based on all ages combined (in Amateur, Girls, Cruiser and Girl Cruiser) categories.

Earned # Plate/Color:



>> >> >> > 1x 1x 1x 2x

We will count your best SCR scores plus your SCFfinish. The number of SCR’s is based on the number of tracks in your State. See the USA BMX Rulebook for details.

We will count your best score at any Redline Cup local, plus your Saturday and Sunday scores at your designated Regional Redline Cup Final.

We will count your best 6 scores from any of the 28 National events plus your Grands finish. National rankings combine all ages and proficiency in to one points pool.

The State Champion from each Age receives a custom backpack.

The No.1 rider in each age and proficiency (Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Girls, Cruiser, Girl Cruiser and Opens) receives a custom RL CUP jacket. And the top-3 finishers are awarded a #1, #2 or #3 RL Cup plate.

National No.1 Champions (in Boys, Girls, Cruiser, Girls Cruiser, Elite Mens, Elite Women, Vet , Pro, and Factory, Bike Shop and Trophy Teams) are given the coveted Silver Cup. Pros and Teams receive an additional Cash Bonus.

>>>> >>> >>> >> >


NATIONAL Points Available


**Up to the Top-10 in each State’s division are awarded a State numberplate - to run their earned District number on--distinguishable with a smaller State # at the top corner.



The Presidents Cup is a State-vs-State event, held during the Race of Champions (on Friday, before the Grands). Every competitor at the ROC is representing their own State--and we will take/count the best 10 scores from every main event to determine the winning State.

USA BMX DIVISIONAL Series Points Available

NATIONAL AGE GROUP (NAG) Series Points Available

STATE/PROVINCIAL Series Points Available

The Disney Cup is a 3-Day National event held in October, in Orlando, Florida. We will count your cumalative three (3) scores from Friday, Saturday and Sunday to determine the overall Disney Cup winner in each age class and proficiency (including Opens).



Approx # of Events 2012

>>>>> >>>>> > >>>> >>>> >>> > >>>> > >>>> > > >>>> 14,000

(earned) 350

(earned) 350

1 per State 1 per state 49 49 1

approx. 25 per Region approx. 25 per Region 3

1x 1x




1x 1x

1x 1x

1 1


NEW for 2012: We will take your best 6 scores from any prior National event in the season plus your finishes from all three days of the Divisional Final of your choice.

Divisional Championship is given out to each Age & Profiecency. Divsional Champions will earn Eastern or Western No.1 Jersey.

**This is not a plated class.

We will count your best 6 scores from any of the 28 National events plus your Grands finish. NAG rankings sor the national points pool by Age.


The Top-10 of each State and State Cup series (age & proficiency) will be invited to compete at the Race of Champions/Presidents Cup - held the Friday before The Grands.

Bonus District Points earned at Nationals are accumulated sepearately from Distict and National points. These points are then given to the rider’s District points total at the rate of 10% per local race entered.

The Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Program is a special scholarship race where the proceeds benefit a scholarship fund for BMXers entering are already in college.

Details of State/ Provincial Cup Series will be detemined by the individual State Associations.

Winners of each class will be awarded the Race of Champions No.1 plate -distinguishable by it’s red background. This plate can be ran all year long.

**See District Points. You must race 10 local events to have 100% of these Bonus Points added to your District points.

All riders receive certificates of participation and double District Points.

**Top-10 NAG riders are ineligible to earn District ranking & awards.

NAG plates are awarded to the #1 thru #10 riders in each age group. NAG #1 receives a custom jacket.


Details of State/ Provincial Cup Series will be detemined by the individual State Associations.

>>>> >>>> >>>> PULL Magazine Special Edition



Okay riders.

Random start. Riders ready... We love dirt, and so do you; right?



we’ve got Drivel, Innuendo, Rumors and Trash right here...Enjoy.

Turning your bars downward, you’ll score extra points from your fans the more flatter you can lay down the bike. Inspired by Motocross, this is probably the msot popular style today.

Layin’ it flat as a pancake... or a table. Hard to do with clipless pedals/shoes.



Remember earlier when we said that in racing, staying low and not catchin’ big air is often the quicker way to winning? Well ... while that is true, there are times when you just can’t help yourself. Stylin’ for the crowd, friends and family (or just trying to impress that hot babe in the bleachers) just can’t be avoided sometimes. Here are some good examples of “style.”

A good form of style for the beginner rider. Turn the bars a full 180 degrees.

Leave this one for the Pros ...or Cru Jones! The backflip takes years of experience and practice in foam pits. DO NOT try this at home! A little bit “old school” for some riders - but still pretty cool no matter what. Can you guess why they call it the “Can Can” ?



Same jump, but way different styles. In BMX, there is rarely a destinct “right” or “wrong” way to take an obstacle. These riders are all fast in their own right, yet as you can see, they each have their A French rider keeps the bike own “style” on how to attack it. level with a slight whip for control. Notice where his weight is: directly USABMX.COMH NEW RIDER’S above USABMX.COM MANUALthe seat.


“Affro Bob” DeWilde goes for the divebomb tuck, to catch a smooth backside landing. Just don’t come up short on this, or you’ll nose-bonk.

A New Zealand racer goes for Here, Crupi’s Tyler Brown does the the “Greg Hill” tuck - with a classic “Hannah” technique - with the front wheel high, rear-wheel low. slight whip to the left. Again, his weight is center over the seat.




As the name implies - to be a “Top Gun” in BMX, is like being an ace fighter pilot. It’s takes some serious speed, a ton of dedication and some heavy duty dog-fighting out there on the USA BMX National circuit. To become a TOP GUN jacket, a rider must: n Win 7 main events in (20”) Class, n Win 7 main events in (24”) Cruiser, and n Win 7 main events in Opens. It’s no easy task ...and these “Bomber-like” jackets are, for obvious reasons, worn with a whole LOT of pride.


As you may have read earlier - there is an “OPEN” class in BMX racing. It’s called that because it is “open” to multiple ages. For example - 9-10 Open would consist of the top 9 and 10 year olds, racing against eachother. Other than giving a racer one more chance to race, it’s often used to judge a younger rider’s skills and speeds against his older rivals, in preparation for an upcoming birthday. At the Nationals, they even hold a “Mixed Open” - which is open to Novices, Intermediate and Girls. At USA BMX Nationals, there is another good reason to race Opens - and that is making your Open main seven time throughout a season, to earn yourself the prestigious OPEN Jacket! Another cool bonus of earning an Open jacket is earning the discount-

ed-fee / Scholarship to attend the fun-packed extreme Summer Camp at OHIO DREAMS (in Ohio, of course).

20,000 CLUB

To earn 20k or more in USA BMX points is quite a feat and only 10 to 25 riders a year are able to accumulate so many. Which is why USA BMX recognizes those individuals with a limited edition “20,000 CLUB” jacket and tracks all 20k members on our USABMX website.


USA BMX is proud to announce the contuniation of the Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Application. The Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Fund was created by the NBL to assist BMXer students and their families in meeting the costs of undergraduate college education, trade school, etc. USA BMX members who have a current USA BMX and/or BMX Canada license or Track Operators/Officials who participate in BMX racing events sanctioned by USA BMX/BMX Canada are eligible to apply. Scholarship applications must be post-marked by April 1st of each year, to be considered. [Check website for exact deadline.] The Scholarship Committee will review the application materials and select who they feel are the most deserving applicants. The awards will be announced via the USA BMX website and in PULL magazine. A formal application can be obtained by writing to: The Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Fund, USA BMX/BMX Canada, 1645 W. Sunrise Blvd., Gilbert, AZ 85233 or download the application from usabmx. This Scholarship Program preserves Bob Warnicke’s legacy of love by contributing to the futures of deserving USA BMX members in their quest for a better education.


The majority of BMX track operators all got in to doing what they do the same way - they were BMX parents or riders who answered the call. When you get bit by the BMX bug, sometimes you REALLY get bit hard. With a newfound love for BMX, many parents decide to get involved with their local track - either helping officiate, or pitching in at sign-ups. Other will go the distance, and look in to opening their own track closer to home. USA BMX / BMX Canada welcomes these excited BMX enthusiasts - and is always looking for new track operators and facilties. If you feel the urge to heed the call - contact Nick Adams (head of New Track Development) for details and more information:

Originally called the “Reader’s Choice” Awards - the annual GOLDEN CRANK AWARDS is voted on by YOU; the USA BMX membership. Any member can vote for their favorites in four categories: l PRO of the YEAR l ROOKIE PRO of the YEAR l BIKE of the YEAR l TEAM of the YEAR Online Voting begins each summer and the Golden Cranks are awarded in Tulsa, OK during the USA BMX Grandnational.

BMX APP-ENS! Wipe your screen for fresh content >>


Check out the ALL NEW Website!


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learn how to speak BMX:

GLOSSARY A PRO: Entry level of Professional competition. You stay “single-A” until you’ve earned enough money to move up to...

FINISH POINTS: District or national points NATIONAL EVENT: Any race offering earned for respective finishes in any main national points. event. NATIONAL POINTS: Earned at nationals FOUL: Any flagrant or malicious move dur- towards national rankings in age and ing competition resulting in a disqualifica- overall categories. tion. NATIONAL STANDING: National points GIRL CRUISER: Girl racers competing on ranking of all ages together. cruiser bicycles. NOVICE: New rider to the sport - boy GRAND NATIONAL (aka “GRANDS): Finale or girl. to the national series held every year on Thanksgiving weekend. NUMBER PLATE: Displays riders earned or temporary number for identification purposes. HELMET: Important item necessary for head protection. OPEN: Non-points class available to any rider regardless of amateur skill level. HOLESHOT: Term used to describe rider that jumps to an early lead at the beginning of a race. OUT OF CLASS: Any rider not competing in his/her correct class. INTERMEDIATE: Class for riders to hone their skills before turning expert. PRO-AM OPEN: An open class combining Pro riders and amateurs. LANE: Position 1 thru 8 on the starting gate. PRO (short for “PROFESSIONAL”): Any rider who competes for a cash LOCAL RACE: Any single points race at any prize. sanctioned track. PRO PURSE: Pro prize money for the day. MAIN EVENT: Final class race, after all qualifying has taken place, to determine class placing. PROTEST: Complaint lodged with any official regarding an alleged violation in MEMEBERSHIP RECEIPT: Returned por- a specific race. tion of a membership form providing proof of membership. QUALIFYING SYSTEM: The method by which riders are transferred from motos into the main event. MIXED OPEN: An open class that will consist of only Novice, Intermediate and Girl riders. QUARTER MAIN: An additional qualifying race for classes with multiple MOTO: a) One complete round of qualifiers. groups. b) Any rider’s specific race. RANDOM START: The modern type of starting cadence that will drop the MOTO NUMBER: Number corresponding gate randomly each time; at any time with any specific race (moto). between 1 to 5 seconds.

SANDBAGGING: Intentionally allowing other rider(s) to pass during a main event or within any round of a total points race so as not to gain wins towards classification advancement.

MOTO SHEET: Paperwork displaying the day’s races in moto number order.

EARNED NUMBER: The ranking within a given class and/or district at the end of the points season.

RECLASSIFICATION: Moving a rider back in classification (such as from Expert down Intermediate, or Pro down MOTO BOARD: Where the moto sheets are to Expert). posted for viewing by the racers.

TRACK OFFICIAL: The designated Official at the races who watches for rules infractions and has the power to DQ riders for illegal action on the track.

ENTRY FEE: Paid to register for any sanctioned USA BMX race.

MULTI-POINT RACE: Any race offering more than single district points.

TRACK OPERATOR: Independent owner or co-owner/operator of a USA BMX/ BMX Canada sanctioned racetrack.

EXPERT: Highest level of amateur competition.

NAG (aka NATIONAL AGE GROUP): National points ranking by a specific age only.

SANDBAGGER: Nickname for a rider who is obviously holding back from winning, in order to not move up to the next skill class.

AA PRO: The highest level of Professional BMX competition. AMATEUR: Any non-Pro rider. An amateur rider may not compete for a cash award. BALANCE BICYCLE: No pedal, two wheeled bicycle. BONUS POINTS: District points available at national events from quarter, semi and main events. CHUTES: At bigger races and some tracks, there are 10 chutes in staging. The last number of your moto deteremines what Chute you go in to (example: Motos No.3, 13 and 23 go in to Chute 3). CLASSIFICATION: Skill level at which a rider competes. CRUISER: Any bicycle with at least 24” wheel diameters. DQ’d (DISQUALIFIED): To officially move a rider to last as a result of any rule infraction. DISTRICT: Geographic region where riders reside and compete locally for ranking. DISTRICT POINTS: Earned at all races with the purpose of ranking riders in each district. DNR: Designation on a motosheet that a rider “did not race” in any particular event. DNS: Designation on a motosheet that a rider “did not start” in any particular moto or main.



SAVER STAMPS: Alternative track award having cash value towards items at redemption centers. SEMI MAIN: An additional qualifying race for classes with multiple groups, (follows quarters.) SERIAL NUMBER: Located at the bottom left of a membership card and is that riders official identification. SINGLE POINTS RACE: Local race in which single points are awarded. STAGING AREA: Where motos (races) are called to the starting hill. STARTING GATE: Platformed area with a hinged portion, which drops to begin each race. STATE CHAMPIONSHIP RACE (SCR): Required event within each State Championship Series. STATE POINTS: Points earned towards an overall state championship series title. TABLETOP: a) A type of obstacle on the track, which is flat on the top. b) A jumping style, where you lay the bike flat in the air. c) Surface of a table. TOTAL POINTS: The type of race system where riders compete in all three rounds and add up their finishes to determine the overall results. TRACK DIRECTOR: Fulltime USA BMX/ BMX Canada staff member who is the contact for track operators and agents.

TRANSFER: The type of race system where riders qualify out straight to the main.






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