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Charting a Course Toward

College Completion For All Scholars 2011-2012 Annual Report

The Public Prep Network

Public Prep is a nonprofit organization that develops

Spring (2011)

August (2011) 570 home visits conducted for every enrolled scholar at Public Prep.

Every Public Prep seat is filled for the 201112 school year, with waiting lists at every grade level and campus.

For well over 2,000 years, navigators have used the North Star to chart their course. At all schools in the Public Prep Network, we are supporting each and every one of our scholars in navigating their life’s journey by establishing college completion as the North Star. Public Prep served approximately 570 scholars throughout New York City in kindergarten through 7th grade in the 2011-2012 year. Comprised of 125 staff members amongst the three schools— the flagship Girls Prep Lower East Side Elementary, Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School, and Girls Prep Bronx Elementary— Public Prep is offering young women (and young men starting with Boys Prep Elementary in 2014) from throughout New York City a singlegender, public education focused on college completion and the character traits to support that goal.

October (2011) Commitment to College Completion Certificates are signed by 100% of parents, students, and staff to formally commit to a path toward college completion.

single-sex elementary and middle public schools that pursue excellence through continuous learning and data-driven instruction. Our model is designed to empower each scholar to build strong character, demonstrate critical thinking, possess a core body of knowledge and be on a predictive path to earn a degree from a four-year university.

April (2012) Public Prep scholars participate in New York State Assessments, out-performing their district peers in most grade levels and content areas.

May (2012)

June (2012)

529 Day—Parents from throughout the network participate in financial literacy training and NY’s 529 College Savings Account* planning through a partnership with Barclays.

Girls Prep Middle School scholars are chosen for Public Prep’s inaugural partnership with Cornell University. Ten Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School scholars are selected to attend a week-long session at Cornell University and take courses with college professors in science and fiction.

* The New York State 529 College Savings Plan enables families to save in a high-yield, tax deductible account with flexible usage for postsecondary expenses.


| 2011-2012 annual report

Our Scholars

African-American, Latina, or Multiracial

eligible for free/ reduced price meals

receive special education services

Average Attendance


Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

Public Prep is proud to share the progress of our schools, Girls Prep Lower East Side currently serving K-8 and Girls Prep Bronx Elementary School currently serving grades K-5, with this 20112012 Annual Report. For the fourth consecutive year, our flagship school Girls Prep Lower East Side, the first all-girls charter school in New York City, continued to outperform the district, city, state, and charter school averages on the New York State English Language Arts, Math and Science exams. This solid foundation is being strengthened with refinement of academic, character development, and college knowledge programming in every grade.

It seems like just yesterday I was walking into first grade not knowing where to sit. Time flies so fast, and now I’m in 8th grade preparing to attend high school.

This progress only makes us more committed to put each Girls Prep scholar on the path to our North Star of college completion, regardless of any disadvantages created by socio-economic, racial or educational background. We know we also have to develop our students as individuals with a strong sense of self and commitment to our core values of merit, scholarship, responsibility and sisterhood/community. Moreover, researchers have found that student performance — especially in vocabulary acquisition, background knowledge, reading, and writing— can reliably predict high school and college graduation outcomes as early as third grade. This importance of college completion, coupled with the inextricable need to build strong literacy skills in early childhood, form the core of Public Prep’s most fundamental beliefs: in order to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty, we must start early, and with the end in mind. Thank you for joining us on this journey and taking the time to learn more about Public Prep. Sincerely,

There are so many opportunities that I have been afforded by Girls Prep: ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange, playing basketball at Madison Square Garden, and visiting Harvard University and Wellesley College. At the summer leadership program at Stephens College, I stayed in a dorm room, took college courses, worked at a food pantry, and met important leaders from the community. As part of the Girls Prep family, I met some young women that will always be a part of my life and a group of parents that nurtured and cared for me like I was their own. I have a group of amazing teachers who have always stood by me during the educational process and have always been there to support me in every aspect of my education. Having grown up as the only child without extended family living nearby, the Girls Prep community has really filled a void for me. As I look forward to graduation this June, I promise to always make myself available to my little sisters to come. Sincerely,

Egypt Sykes Eighth Grade, Judith Jamison Class Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School

Student Performance Data Reveals the Value-Add of Public Prep

Ian Rowe CEO, Public Prep Network

Disaggregation of scholar performance data reveals the value-add of a Public Prep education on standardized assessments. Scholars enrolled in Girls Prep LES for 6-7 years score significantly higher on state assessments than their peers who have been at Girls Prep LES a shorter time. 2011-2012 annual report



At Public Prep, we are determined to graduate 8th grade students who are ready to be accepted into high performing public and private high schools. This positions scholars to ultimately complete a postsecondary degree from an institution that best fits their aspirations and enables them to realize their dreams. Two important studies —the Bridgespan American Dream Study and the KIPP College Completion Report— have analyzed drivers and obstacles to college completion in students who graduated from college and those who did not. This information is now helping us to backwards map our K-8 curriculum from what we know a postsecondary graduate must know and be able to do. Below are the five primary drivers/obstacles as laid out in the Bridgespan American Dream study:

The Five Drivers of College Access and Completion: Public Prep Response To Bridgespan Analysis Academic Preparation

Content-Rich, Interdisciplinary Academic Preparation:


Rigorous, content-rich curriculum delivered through extended instructional time and robust individualized support


Supports That Address The Issue of College Affordability:

Information and Awareness Culture and Social Support

Fiscal literacy training for families and students, matching incentives for NY’s 529 College Savings Accounts, partnerships with universities and foundations to allocate funding for Public Prep graduates to attend college

Expectations About College Attendance: Annual college visits, scholar analysis of career paths, and immersion in collegegraduation culture

Information About College and The Requirements Scholars Must Satisfy: Explicit college knowledge curriculum and workshops for students and their families, support applying to university summer programs, high school support from placement through completion

Social Support: Mentorship from college-bound high school students (such as The Brearley School), partnerships with high schools that prepare and expect all graduates to attend and complete college, high school placement services, university-sponsored summer programs, planned scholar support and facilitation of networking amongst Public Prep alumni 3

| 2011-2012 annual report

Charting our Course

It has never been more critical for a network of schools like Public Prep to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty by preparing students for college graduation. The data from 2011-2012 shows that we have more work to do to realize our mission of preparing each and every Public Prep scholar to graduate from college. As we seek to continuously improve, Public Prep is using this data to inform key organizational levers that will guide all Public Prep scholars to college completion:

The data from 2011-2012 shows we have more work to do to prepare every Public Prep scholar to graduate from college.

• Development/adoption of rigorous network-wide curriculum that is coherent, vertically aligned, content-rich, multidisciplinary and backward-mapped from learning required to graduate from a four-year university • Integration of real-time, predictive assessment measures – provided by the Achievement Network and Scholastic– that drive instruction, curriculum, staff coaching, and evaluation • Network-wide metrics backward-mapped into each staff member’s individual annual performance evaluation rubric with individualized, cohort-based, and network-wide support and training for each staff member to meet and exceed their individual goals • Creation of a network dashboard of metrics for every level of the organization that allows teams to work synergistically toward transformative instructional delivery • Meaningful incentives aligned to each staff member’s performance evaluation rubric, which will build leadership capacity and increase staff retention and satisfaction

Ranking of New York City charter schools on the 2011-2012 New York State Assessments.

Stephens College, the second-oldest women’s college in the country, announced that for the first time in its 179-year history it will offer a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to a scholar from Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School. This unprecedented announcement was coupled with the news that Stephens College will offer an exclusive, week-long summer Leadership Academy for up to 10 rising seventh- and eighth-graders from Girls Prep.

2011-2012 annual report



School s are more than

“college-prep� schools. Every scholar will be prepared not just to be eligible for college, but to graduate with a post-secondary degree. To that end, we have aligned organizational priorities to our North Star of college completion, providing the means to measure our progress and guide our organizational measures of effectiveness.

Character Development

College Knowledge

Organizational Stability

Academic Achievement

Family & Scholar Satisfaction and Engagement

Character Development As critical as early literacy skills and vocabulary acquisition are, they are but two rungs on the ladder to college completion. They are necessary but not sufficient alone in ensuring students ultimately enroll in and graduate from college. Research indicates that other factors, such as non-cognitive, characterbased strengths, also help students persevere to and through college despite its inevitable and considerable challenges. Thus, Public Prep has taken deliberate steps to strengthen its character development program and to ensure our students live by our core values of merit, sisterhood, responsibility and scholarship. Character development at Public Prep is comprised of: • Developmentally-aligned, values-based, positive behavior support systems, which include formal data tracking on character for each scholar. • Scholar-led, semi-monthly Unity Meetings, which give every class opportunities throughout the year to lead the whole school, parents, and community members in the study and practice of a specific value, as well as celebrate and recognize students who are exemplars of school values. • Developmentally appropriate character curriculum designed in each grade. This instruction is part of a synergistic approach to character education that includes authentic integration of values into content and curriculum, frequent celebrations of character achievements, and investigation of values at work through service learning.

In the 2011-2012 school year, Public Prep made the following strides in strengthening the character development aspect of its programming: • Launch and implementation of “Campus Cards” at Girls Prep LES Middle School that provide weekly feedback to parents, students, and staff on each scholar’s character growth, as well as a means to formally track and use character development data • Integration of seven highly-predictive character strengths—zest, grit, self-control, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism, curiosity—into character curriculum and positive behavior support systems • Service learning projects for every scholar in every scholar in each grade, including cheering for participants of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, raising money through Pennies for Patients, a letter-writing campaign to state legislators about the plight of Sudan, a holiday gift drive, and many others • Launch of 3-Cs initiative, which positions Character education, transitioning to Common Core standards, and College Readiness as a school-wide focus through monthly parent workshops and tools

• Collaborative service learning projects that empower cohorts of students to effect positive change in their communities.

Public Prep Values



“I learn new things every day.”

“The harder I try, the more I achieve.”

Sisterhood/ Community “I support my sisters and they support me.”

Responsibility “I choose to do the right thing (even when no one is watching).”

2011-2012 annual report



Academic Achievement

Girls Prep Lower East Side (“GP LES”) was opened in 2005,

• 2011-12 Results Opened in 2005 Served grades K-7 460 students Lower East Side, District 1

adding one grade annually to be a fully-grown K-8 in the 2012-13 school year. Grades K-4 are housed at the elementary campus and grades 5-8 are housed at the middle school campus. The first all-girls charter school in New York City, GP LES’s elementary campus is located near the Baruch Housing Projects in Community District 1, where the high school graduation rate is 63% and the achievement gap is significant: 88% of Caucasian students graduate from high school, compared to 57% of African-American students and 58% of Hispanic students. Seven years since its doors opened, GP LES is changing the educational landscape in this community by enrolling a higher than average percentage of students who qualify for free/reduced price lunch and out-performing peers across the city. In fact, GP LES earned an “A” for student performance on the New York City Progress Report by out-performing peer schools— those New York City public schools with a student population most like this school’s population.

Performance Over Time GP LES continues to improve in a number of measures including scholar performance and school environment, increasing their score on the New York City Progress Report to an overall grade of “B.”

New York City Progress Report Percentile Rank of Overall GP LES Progress Report Score



23 14




The Progress Report, conducted by the New York State Department of Education, is a one-year snapshot of a school’s performance, which evolves in response to school and community feedback, changes in state policy, and higher standards.


| 2011-2012 annual report


Girls Prep Lower East Side

Elementary School • 2011-12 Results


eligible for free/ reduced price meals

receive special education services

46% AfricanAmerican 50% Latina 2% Caucasian 3% Other

78% Yes 23% No

15% Yes 85% No

% of Passing Scholars (Scored 3/4)



65% 61% 58% 51%


English Language Arts


New York State Assessments Grades 3-4

Fourth Grade 96% of fourth graders at GP LES Elementary School earned a 3 or 4 on the New York State Elementary Level Science Test, Notably 71% of our scholars earned 4s, which is the highest score possible on the exam.

Girls Prep Lower East Side


Middle School • 2011-12 Results


eligible for free/ reduced price meals

receive special education services

78% Yes 23% No

15% Yes 85% No

46% AfricanAmerican 46% Latina 5% Multiracial 3% Other

% of Passing Scholars (Scored 3/4)

66% 62%



55% 52% 47%

English Language Arts


New York State Assessments Grades 5-7

founding class 100% of students in our middle school’s founding class earned a 3 or a 4 on the state Math test last year, with 68% earning the highest score possible. 2011-2012 annual report



Academic Achievement Girls Prep Bronx (“GP Bronx”) administered the New York State assessments in ELA and Math for the first time to its first class of 3rd graders in spring of 2012. Although GP Bronx scholars outperformed District 8 in math, city and state averages were higher. GP Bronx is already on-track for increased scholar performance with the implementation of strategic interventions, such as real-time data tools and more reliable assessments.

• 2011-12 Results Opened 2009 Served grades K-3 299 students South Bronx, District 8

The majority of GP Bronx scholars met and exceeded their individualized reading growth goals on the Fountas and Pinnell (“F&P”) interim tests in 201112, with as many as 82% exceeding their goal in third grade. While F&P proved instructive, more frequent and reliable data, such as Achievement Network (“ANet”) assessments, will drive increased growth in reading. In addition to its planned interventions, GP Bronx has strong family and staff support; in fact, GP Bronx earned an “A” for School Environment on the New York City Progress Report. 100% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their scholars are learning what they need to succeed after graduation and were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of teachers and education their scholar received. 100% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that they work together to increase instructional practice, use data to improve deficiencies, and feel that the principal is personally invested in their professional growth.


race/ethnicity 46% AfricanAmerican 50% Latina 2% Caucasian 3% Other

eligible for free/ reduced price meals

receive special education services

78% Yes 23% No

15% Yes 85% No

% of Passing Scholars (Scored 3/4)



57% 50%

39% 31%

English Language Arts

New York State Assessments Grade 3 9

| 2011-2012 annual report



Looking Forward Public Prep and GP Bronx staff reviewed the data from the school year to create a plan to increase scholar performance and have implemented the following fail-safes: • For the first time ever, quarterly ANet benchmark assessments, found to have the greatest predictive reliability, have been administered network-wide in both Math and ELA. • A network-wide, “real-time” predictive performance dashboard has been developed to provide data for the scholar, class, school, and network level that is used to drive instruction and support for students and teachers.

• An assessment calendar that includes designated time for data analysis and a re-teaching cycle has been integrated across the network. • The schedule has been revamped, to include explicit differentiated skill-building blocks, which provides customized instruction to “on-the-cusp” students.

Family & Scholar Satisfaction and Engagement More than forty years of research on parent involvement in schooling has proven an inarguable fact: parent satisfaction and engagement are critical to the success of students. It is with this in mind that Public Prep has positioned family satisfaction and engagement as a “point” on our North Star. The model is built on codified norms around frequent family communication (including annual home visits for all scholars and access to staff 7 days a week), designated family-support staff at each campus, and myriad opportunities for meaningful family participation (including parent representatives on the board of directors and attendance at Unity Meetings). Public Prep is making great strides toward establishing meaningful, lasting, family engagement and satisfaction in a public school.

Parents at Girls Prep Bronx: satisfied or very satisfied with the 100 % were education their child received this year and the quality of their child’s teacher for the year

99 % 99 %

were satisfied or very satisfied with the level of assistance provided when their child needed extra help with classwork and/or homework agreed or strongly agreed that the school clearly communicated its expectations for learning to parents and students, keeping parents informed of academic progress

the school is safe, clean, and 100 % felt welcoming to parents


| 2011-2012 annual report

In fact, satisfaction scores from all three schools on the 20112012 parent survey exceeded averages from throughout the city on all survey points. Parent participation in the survey at the LES campus was 88% and at the Bronx campus was 83%, compared to the city-wide parent participation average of 53%.

Parents at Girls Prep Lower East Side: or strongly agreed that the school 98 % agreed had high expectations for their child


were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of their child’s teacher and the education their child received this year


agreed or strongly agreed that they were satisfied by the school’s responses to concerns and questions, and agreed or strongly agreed that the school keeps them informed about their child’s academic progress

99 % felt welcome at the school

“Throughout the years at Girls Prep I have been fortunate to learn more than the average students in New York City public schools. The core values remind me to keep striving and to not give up. Through hard work I have achieved higher grades every year and am proud of what I have accomplished. I thank all of my teachers for not giving up on me; I hope that one day they realize how much they’ve affected our lives.” Tyler F. 8th Grade Scholar, Hillary Rodham Clinton Class Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School

In the New York City Department of Education annual school survey, an increasing number of Public Prep Middle School scholars said they are satisfied with their education and feel safe and supported at school.

95 % Scholars know they need to work hard to get good grades at Public Prep

90 % Scholars know there is a person or program to help them resolve conflict

94 % Scholars know their teachers expect them to continue their education after high school

87% Scholars said their teachers encourage them to succeed

2011-2012 annual report



College Knowledge Public Prep’s commitment to college graduation for every scholar goes beyond a caring, supportive school environment and rigorous academic preparation: Girls Prep schools are preparing scholars, starting in kindergarten, with the skills and knowledge they must have to chart a course for college completion. The College Knowledge regimen includes explicit coursework to build the skills a college graduate needs, as well as experiences and opportunities that ensure scholars have a self-expectation of college completion that includes a demystified understanding of what will be required of them when applying and attending college.

Public Prep’s Commitment to College Graduation College Experiences

Starting in kindergarten, every Girls Prep scholar visits a college campus annually, with visits throughout New York City and the greater northeast region. An annual College and Career Week provides intensive focus on college experiences from families, staff, and volunteers who mentor all scholars through thinking about college. Partnerships with summer programs at universities provide Girls Prep scholars access to rigorous programming with other college-bound peers while living and learning on college campuses. Stephens College Leadership Academy and Cornell University Summer Academy were specifically designed to offer Girls Prep scholars STEM, creative writing and leadership programming.


| 2011-2012 annual report



Public Prep contributes $25 for every elementary school scholar and $50 for every middle school scholar toward a college savings account through the NY 529 program.

College Knowledge curriculum at all grade levels (even kindergarten!) provides students with information and strategies necessary to plan for college by building time management, goalsetting, decision-making, and other skills critical to success.

Financial literacy workshops for students and families were led by Barclays throughout the school year to address saving strategies, loans, scholarships, grants, financial aid guidelines, and other elements of financial literacy critical for college-bound scholars.

Middle school students prepare in weekly College Knowledge classes that provide more in-depth preparation for the path to college graduation, including practice with interviewing, resumebuilding workshops, essay writing, and other requisite skills. School-wide celebration of achievements and character traits critical for college graduation are a regular part of the school calendar, and College Knowledge curriculum clearly aligns these achievements to scholar goals. Students, families, and school leaders sign “Commitment to College Completion” forms outlining their respective pledges toward this goal.


Students participate in visits to elite private high schools for student-led tours, panel discussions, classroom observations, and informal interaction on campus with high school students. Each scholar and her family receive close coaching and support as they navigate the high school application and admissions process, including guided research on high school options, school visits, and scholarship application support.

In addition to annual college visits, Public Prep scholars are learning in and about universities across the country through enrichment and summer programming. Here are just a few of the highly-selective programs Public Prep scholars participated in last year: TEAK Fellowship:

Bard College Math Institute:

Prep for Prep:

CCNY ExxonMobile Science Experience:

Cornell Summer Academy:

Ed Alliance SPARC:

Stephens College Leadership Academy:

Barclays Leadership Mentoring Program:

1 Scholar

Organizational Stability Research shows (and our experience confirms!) that the most crucial factor in successful schools and students is teacher quality. With this in mind, Public Prep has positioned staff growth and development as a critical element to organizational stability. Recruiting and selecting the best teachers, and then developing and supporting them to grow professionally, has enhanced Public Prep’s ability to realize its mission. To this end, we created several network-wide consistencies over the past year: • Individualized professional development plans (with PD stipends) for each staff member to meet staff where they are and help them attain their goals • Goal-setting by teacher, class, and cohort to drive coaching and PD • Internally developed leadership pipeline that enables our most successful teachers to influence success in classes throughout their schools • Protocols for collaboration that support horizontal and vertical teaming across campuses • Network-based curricular and instructional support to complement the expertise at each school site

Applicants for each available position in the 11-12 year


| 2011-2012 annual report

Staff Support By The Numbers:

5 Average number of years a Public Prep teacher has been teaching

86% Percentage of Public Prep teachers who have taught for 3 years or more

$1,500 Amount reimbursed per teacher for professional development annually outside of regularly scheduled school site and network PD

Staff members promoted in the 11-12 year

Public Prep’s stability was reiterated with a one million dollar grant from The Carson Family Foundation. The Carsons have committed to fulfill this grant over the next five years, ensuring that Public Prep’s mission and vision are carried out.

Organizational Stability FY 2012 The following tables summarize the financials of each of the three existing Public Prep entities: Girls Prep Bronx, Girls Prep Lower East Side, and the Charter Management Organization, Public Prep Network. Each of the three entities had a clean audit in FY 2012 and the totals below reflect highlights from those audited financials.

Total Network Revenue Revenue Public Prep, Inc. Girls Prep, Bronx

Expenditure Detail for LES and Bronx School Sites

7,372,977 $




Public Prep CMO Summary Revenue Management fees Contributions (In-Kind and Cash)


Government Grants/Insurances Total 98% Public 2% Private < 1% Other

88% Programing 12% Management & General

< 1% Fundraising

2,488,568 4,751,995

Girls Prep, LES Total

Revenue Sources for LES and Bronx School Sites


136,332 $




Expenses Programming Management and General







* Total revenue and expenses include in-kind pro bono legal services from Mayer Brown LLP that were recorded for audit purposes at the market value for services rendered.




$1.2 million RAISED in FY2012

of board members pledge their support to the network through an annual donation of cash and/or in-kind support

spent on programming dedicated to educating the whole child (yoga, music, art, and more)

spent across the network on professional development and teacher support足

Public Prep benefits from the efforts of the Public Prep Leadership Council, a group of young professionals who contribute to Public Prep development initiatives by leveraging a greater network on behalf of our scholars. In FY 2012, for example, the Leadership Council organized support to build and expand the GP LES Middle School library. 17

| 2011-2012 annual report

Our Supporters Friends of Public Prep have provided our scholars with support because they believe in a single-gender approach to public education that will enable each scholar to graduate from college and because our fiscal model for each school at capacity is sustainable on public funding alone. Namesake Circle $100,000 and above Barclays Carson Family Foundation Joan Ganz Cooney & Peter G. Peterson The Curry Family The Lawrence Family The Leslie and Daniel Ziff Foundation Tiger Foundation

Unity Circle $10,000-$49,999 Andrew & Ann Tisch Brian & Lauren Frank Deborah Colson & Mark Diker Dominique C. Schulte & Darren C. Seirer Eileen Baiera Harman Family Foundation John & Karen Petry Mayer Brown LLP Michael Karangelen Paul & Robin Vermylen Reiss Family Foundation The Senator Foundation Viacom International WellMet Foundation

Patrons $1,000-$9,999 Alan & Susan Patricof Alex Robertson Barbara C. Brody Beth Kojima Bonnie Englebardt Lautenberg Brett Janecek Brian Jozwiak Carol Saper Cecily M. Carson Cheyne Munk Beys Christopher James Citybridge Foundation Daniel & Alison Neuwirth Dewey Shay Donald Felix Durre Nabi Eric Grannis Francie Alexander George & Charlotte Shultz Haley Satnick Home Box Office, Inc. Joshua & Sara Slocum K&J Charitable Gift Fund, Kay Miller Kamila Islam Katherine Murtha Ken & Agnes Jacobs Kim Jennifer Cook L. Diane Sawyer

Laura Weil Lauren Lieberman Leila Straus Marc Lackritz Marilyn Alper Charitable Fund Marjorie Mayer Marsal Alvarez Mary Curtis Mary Mitchell Melanie Munk Mengel Metzer & Barr Mona Brown Richard Canning Ros L’Esperance Sally Phipps Sandra Landau Rippe Sarah Bennison Machiels Scholastic Inc. Select Equity Group Shiva Farouki The MCJ Amelior Foundation The Shilling Family Foundation Verdon Perry Vincent A. & Anne Mai Vivian Hummler

Supporters $500- $999 Abby Levy Abigail Johnson Adriana Solmson Alexandra Shuman Brenda Berkman Brian R. Carr Caroline Greenwald Charles Fagan Claire Ross Dana Wallach Jones Edith Bartley Elaine A. Austin Elizabeth McNamara Elizabeth P. Right Elizabeth T. Peabody Emily Cassaro EMWIGA Foundation Erica Desai Evertt Wallace Faye Wattleton First Republic Bank Francine Taylor George S. Tsandikos Henry & Erica Babcock Henry A. Kissinger Henry Myerberg Jacueline Hayot James Formisano Joan Jakobson Joshua & Dawn Alper Julia Pershan Kimberly Tabet Linda Rice Lynn Y.S. Lin Mario Palumbo Mary Claire Ryan New Leaders for New Schools Nina Garcia Conrod

Paulina Mejia Robert & Barbara Holland Robert Lynch Sarah Schimmel Selma Bornstein Sharon D. Zambrelli Stephen & Anna Lynne Oppenheimer The Edward & Carol Goldberg Family Foundation The Happy Elephant Foundation Zibby Right

Friends $1- $499 Abby Weisman Adriana Clancy Adriana Diaz Alden Wood Alex Beinstein Alexander Acquavella Allison Dobson Amalia Konstantinou Amanda Waldron Amanda Willinger Amandine Freidman Ameya Bijoor Amy Korpus Amy Rubenstein Andie Kully Andrea Tese Anjie Antommarchi Ansley Kreitler Ari House Arlene Markowitz Art & Nancy Dobson Ashley Beverage Audrey Francis Barbara Bennett Benjamin Levy Benjamin Nesches Blake Heston Brian Hamden Murphy Brooke Toomey Busayo Olupova Carol Shurman Carolyn Lanzetta Catherine Buell Chaitanya Mehra Charlotte Druckman Christopher Bledsoe Christopher Sailer Clarita Fodor Coralie Charriol Paul Cynthia Weber Daisy Prince Dale Sudakoff Danielle Englebardt Katzoff David & Jocelynn Cheng David & Julia Popowitz David Cohen David Cooke David Rimoch David Smith David Wassong Dominick Maggio Earl Gordon

Eden Abrahams Elisabeth Saint-Amand Elizabeth Bonner Elizabeth C. Everett Elizabeth Ross Elizabeth Scharpf Emily George Emily L. Milligan Emma Bloomberg Erica Samuels Felicia Gordon Froso Beys George Cominskie Glen Surnamer Glenn Guszkowski Harry & Marry Ann Charlston Heather Gray Heather Mcauliffe Helaine Herman Helena Comfort Henry Shapiro Ian Roncoroni Ian Schwartz James & Anne Obstinik Jasmin Farhangan Jean Jacques Rameckers & Daisy A. Vazquez Jeannemarie O’Brien Jeannie D. Burky Jeff & Amy Tarr Jeffrey Boxer Jenifer Marsh Jennell Joseph Jennifer Haythe Jennifer Joel Jennifer Peng Jeremy Joyce Jerome Caulfield Jessica Chestman Jessica Feinman Jessica Pantzer JKS Events Joan Lieberman Joanna Wald Jodi Press Jody Candrian Joel Richard John Graham John R. Jakobson Jon Fish Jonathon Moon Jordan Vogel Joseph Tringali Joshua & Tiffany Liston Julie Frank Julie Keersmaekers Kara Dennis Katherine Barnett Katie Grafstein Katie Joyce Katie Murtha Kerry McIlroy Kimberly Hutfilz Kimberly Jennifer Cook Kimberly Kravis Schulhof Kimberly McGreal & Joseph Daprocida Kirk Materne

Kristen Di Certo Kristen Mitchell Kristi Rockwell Lauren Braun Costello Lauren Breslow Lauren Levy Lauren Mason Lauren Peters Leah Fischman Lee Sudakoff Leonardo Trivigro Leonora Shalet Leslie Beinstein Leslie Hermanson Linda Joyce Hodge Linda Mitchell Lindsay Shurman Lindsay Tomenson Lisa Alpert Majorie Ives Marcie Pantzer Mark Zancolli Mary Cannon Mary Carouba & Susan Hagen Mary Curtis Mary Hood Matthew Dunn May Ellen Miller Megan Roberts Meredith Hanley Michael & Anne Horowitz Michael Abbate Michael Grimstad Michelle Crowley Michelle Vespa Miles Kronby Monica Bitar Nadia Johnson Natalie Glasser Nicholas Cohen Nicholas Griffin Nick Katsanos Nicole Cooper Baker Nicole Greene Nicole Sayfie & Marcello Porcelli Nina Munk Odulia Jacott Olga Votis Pamela Smith Parul Bharadwaj Patricia Carriero Patricia Newfield Patrick Reuter

Paula Campbell Peter Brown Pouya Lavian Rachel Jacoby Raj Thakkar Richard A. Anderman Richard Fitzgerald Robert Gould Robert Long Rohan Patel Rosamund M. Else-Mitchell Sally Rosenthal Samantha Beinstein Sari Lamb Sebastain Echavarria Shannon Liston Encina Sir Martin & Lady Cristiana Sorrell Stephanie Dobson Steven Spektor Susan Roth Katzke Susanna Berger Sydney Viehman Sylvia Lin Tara Hurley Thomas & Joan Mitchell Thomas Shpetner Timothy Slattery United Way of New York City Victoria Pettibone Whytne J.V. Brooks Zoe Bernstein

Partners The Brearley School Chapin School Cornell University Go Project Make It Better New York City Charter School Center NY’s 529 College Savings Program Riverdale Country Day School Sesame Workshop Special Education Collaborative Stephens College The Educational Alliance Young Women’s Leadership Network

Special thanks to Barclays and the Tiger Foundation for their continued annual support of the scholars and families of Public Prep with gifts of $150,000 and $175,000 annually (respectively).

2011-2012 annual report



Exceptional expectations lead to exceptional achievement.

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Public Prep 2011-12 Annual Report  

Charting a Course Toward College Completion for All Scholars